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The Written Truth

Chapter 3: Stacy’s New Home and the Enchanted Items

Author’s Note:


Stacy becomes a permanent fixture at the frat house as Barbie. Meanwhile, Joe makes a few discoveries of his own back at home.

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Laura watched in horror as her roommate Stacy frantically packed her clothes away in her pink suitcase.

“Stacy why are you moving out? I can’t afford this rent by myself.” Laura pleaded.

Stacy packed as she spoke, “I’m still going to pay rent and the room is still mine, but I will be living full time at the frat.”

Stacy didn’t want this and she watched helplessly as she packed her life away. Her body was on autopilot and following the orders given to her by the frat leaders. She tried to resist but she had to obey them because through her logic she was their property.

Laura shook Stacy to gain her attention. “You need to snap out of this.”

Stacy pushed Laura away and started piling clothes into a cardboard box.

“What happened to you?” Laura asked stunned.

“Don’t ever get into hypnosis.” Stacy replied as she bended over and put the last of her clothing into the cardboard box. She marked the box with the word donation.

“You’re giving away your clothes.” Laura asked.

“I am only allowed to wear this.” Stacy motioned down to her outfit, which includes a tight pink tank top and short pink skirt with matching pink heels.

Stacy headed towards the door but used the last ounce of freewill to send Laura for help. The Frat boys may had her compromised, but if there is anyone that can help, it’s the one who started this whole mess.

Stacy gripped Laura’s shoulders tightly, “Listen to me carefully, Laura. You need to go to my brother and tell him what’s happened. His command will override theirs.”

“What are you talking about?” Laura responded even more confused.

A honk is heard outside.

“Find Joe.” Is all Stacy can muster as she exited the apartment.

Stacy approached the car and noticed that the car was full. The trunk popped as Zack got out of the passenger seat.

“Objects in the trunk.” Zack motioned her to the trunk.

Stacy walked around and saw what you’d expect in a frat trunk: sports equipment, gym bags and the odd packsack. The smell was overwhelming. Stacy was trying to figure out how she would even fit as it barely looked like enough room for another bag, let alone a person. However Zack moved things around like a game of Tetris and made enough room.

“All right, get in there.”

Stacy jumped in without protest.

“Where are we going?” Stacy asked as she adjusted her position.

“I’m sorry, but I think you misunderstand your role here. You are being placed in the back of a trunk of a fraternity car filled with sports equipment and tools.” Zack replied impatiently.

Stacy tried to follow the logic.

“What does that make you?” Zack followed up.

“Just another piece of equipment or tool?” Stacy said as the logic turned into reality the moment it escaped her lips.

Zack smiled. “Exactly. And what do equipment and tools do?”

Stacy froze in place. Zack watched as her mind realized that she should remain still until told otherwise. Zack pushed her over and she fell on to the rest of the items. Zack closed the trunk engulfing her in darkness.

Stacy stared blankly ahead as she stood naked with her back arched accenting her perfect figure. A tattoo artist sat beside her as he worked away at the small of her back.

Zack and Jeff examined Stacy carefully, groping her body and feeling the softness of her skin. Stacy took care of her body and her skin and it showed on display.

Zack took the weight of each tit in his hand, “We’re going to need a fundraiser to get these a bit bigger.”

Jeff nodded in approval as he stared at Stacy’s blank face. He would be having a staring contest if Stacy was present, but because she isn’t he would eventually lose.

Zack took a step back to get a better view of the beautiful blond before them, “So are we going for a sex doll look, because she’s almost there.”

Jeff ignored Zack. He’s too busy staring into her eyes. The mystery of how someone can leave their own body to the will of others left Zack curious for answers. He waved his hand in front of her but there was no reaction, as Stacy’s blank face didn’t even flinch.

Jeff stepped back but remained directly in front of Stacy.

He deepened his usual voice to a more dominating tone, “You may become Stacy, but remain frozen in position.”

Stacy’s awareness came back and was met with a sharp needle digging into her back causing her to scream out in pain. Not because the tattooing itself was painful, but because the context of not knowing what was going while being unable to move.

“You cannot feel the pain.” Zack said to the stop the screaming.

The pain disappeared and Stacy tried to orientate herself the best she could under the current circumstances. She felt her body in the revealing position and the feeling of something such as a felt marker being dragged along her back, but she couldn’t move at all.

“Why can’t I move?” Stacy said as she struggled to gain control of her body.

“We need you to stay still for the time being.” Jeff said as he made firm eye contact with Stacy.

Stacy looked around the room and saw the wall covered in paintings. The smell of cigarettes and the buzzing of the tattoo machine caused her to panic.

“No, stop. What are you putting on my body.” Stacy said as she tried desperately to move.

“I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” Jeff said as he flashed her a mischievous grin.

Tears streamed down Stacy’s face as she realized the implications.

“Please don’t do this. I want my life back.” She begged.

Zack felt sympathy for her, but Jeff stepped forward and grabbed Stacy by the back of her head. “This is your life now. Just a pathetic sex toy for a group of horny men.”

Jeff let go of her head and stepped back with a smile still on his face. “Look at it this way, you’re going to help a lot of young men relieve some stress after a long day. We may even see an increase in grades across the board”

Stacy realized he is right, but also knew there was hope. They hadn’t completely erased her personality or her will to escape. One day she knew she would get away.

She spitted on Zack and smiled. “You’re not going to get away with this. I will escape and you will pay.”

Zack walked up to Stacy’s face, enjoying the fight more than the emotional response. “That’s what I like to see. Some feistiness. How are you going to win when I own you?”

Jeff didn’t let her answer as he kissed her on the lips. “I think you’ll enjoy your new modifications. Now be blank and frozen.”

Stacy’s mind went blank as she retreated back in to her mind. With not outside window to the real world, Stacy felt alone and afraid. Her body is under their complete control and she can only wince at the horrible things they could do to it before she is allowed to resurface.

“Smile like you just wont the lottery.” Jeff said to give the motionless girl more life.

Stacy’s smile formed into the biggest grin. The kind of grin you try to hide but the reason behind it won’t let you.

“Much better.” Jeff stared and admired his property as the tattoo artist finished the artwork on her back.

Frat House

All the frat members sat around the room anxiously awaiting the big surprise promised by the seniors. In the middle of the room was a human shaped figure with a blanket over it. The older frat boys knew not to peak and the younger frat boys barely contained their curiosity.

Sitting off to the side of the group was one of the more reserved members of the frat, who recently moved from far away. His quietness left little to be desired on first meet, but once he had you one on one, his whole personality and likability increased by the hour.

Zack, Jeff and a few other senior members entered the room in their fraternity shirts.

Everyone quieted down as Jeff stepped ahead. “Brothers. We have gathered you here to introduce you to the newest addition to our fraternity. No more messes. No more sexual frustration. No more worrying. I introduce you to…”

Jeff grabbed the sheet off revealing a platinum blond Stacy standing with the familiar lottery smile and wearing a hot pink bra, garters, panties and heels with her makeup done up like a perfect doll. The boys cheered and clapped as they all thought about the possibilities with this new addition.

Jeff smiled at his creation. He turned to the group. “I’ll let Stacy showcase her functions. Stacy, take it away.”

Stacy came to life, always maintaining her smile.

“Hello boys, I am Barbie the fucktoy. I will be your new sex toy and maid.” Stacy said as she addressed everyone across the room.

Stacy turned around and arched her back to reveal the tattoo, Property of Alpha Omega, on the small of her back.

“This tattoo signifies that I am owned by this fraternity. Any member may command me and I will obey.”

Stacy stood up straight at attention and then lifted her hair to reveal a box with the word Stacy next to it.

“If you want me as my default personality, Stacy. Just check the box.”

Stacy turned around and pushed her tits together.

“There will be a vote and fundraiser to decide how big to get these.” Stacy jiggled them and then let go. She put her hands on her hips and stood still.

“Now master Jeff will demonstrate my triggers.” Stacy said as she returned to being a doll.

Jeff stepped forward on cue. “Barbie has 4 main triggers, each one cancelled after saying the phrase Barbie mode. Barbie’s first trigger is Bimbo.”

The boys watched as Stacy became noticeably more vacant. Her smile transitioned from respectable to happy. Her panties showed a wet spot indicating her extreme arousal.

“Barbie?” Jeff asked.

Stacy giggled.

“Like yah?”

Jeff turned back to the boys. “If you’re into really dumb chicks, this trigger is for you. Barbie mode.”

Stacy straightened back up to her former mode.

“The next trigger is sex doll.” Jeff said watching Stacy transform before his eyes.

Stacy’s mouth went wide and she spread her arms out. Jeff walked over and stuck his finger in and out of her mouth.

“This mode is pretty obvious. Barbie mode.” Jeff said as he wiped his wet finger on Stacy’s top.

Stacy reverted to normal.

“The third trigger is maid mode.”

Stacy stood up straight at attention, her smile formed into a serious stare.

“What are my orders, master?” Stacy said in her normal voice.

“Strip for us.” One of the frat members yelled from the crowd.

“Yes master.” Stacy replied, happy to oblige.

The frat members realized the instructions needed to be specific as Stacy nonchalantly took her clothes off instead of seductively removing them. She stood back at attention as the last piece of clothing was removed.

“Obviously more of a cleaner mode. Someone’s got to do the work. Barbie mode.” Jeff said.

Stacy put her hands on her hips and smiled.

“The fourth trigger and my own personal idea is Gullible” Jeff said with a proud smile.

There were no noticeable difference in Stacy, but the trigger had taken affect.

“Now as you know, writing on her makes anything on her true. However we really don’t want you marking her up that much. So this trigger allows you to say anything and she will believe it.” Jeff explained.

Jeff turned to Stacy. “Barbie, you are a fraternity trophy.”

Stacy nodded to confirm she has received the command. She walked over to the floor-to-ceiling trophy case and opened it. She stood in the empty spot with her hands on her hips.

“Now there is a fifth trigger, but none of you are allowed to use it, so none of you get to know what it is.” Jeff said drawing the crowd’s attention back to him.

Zack put up a large calendar behind Jeff.

“You will have Barbie all to yourself for only one night. You may each select a night, and please pick in order of seniority.” Jeff gestured to the calendar.

Zack put up two more charts with the headings “Suggestions” and Triggers”.

“We also want your feedback so any suggestions of body modifications for Barbie or any trigger suggestions will go here.” Zack explained.

The boys looked like a hungry pack of wolves as they glanced over at their new trophy.

“For now, Barbie will be on maid duty during the morning and evening. Does everyone understand?” Jeff raised his voice to get everyone’s attention.

The reserved kid off to the side raised his hand high so Jeff could see. Jeff pointed at the kid allowing him to speak.

“Why is she doing this?” the kid asked intrigued by the sudden appearance of someone who appeared to be doing things against her will.

“Hypnosis.” Jeff reassured him.

“Really?” the kid responded, not buying it.

“That’s the only explanation we’ve got. But hey we’ll take it.” Jeff responded with the tone that sounded truthful.

The reserved kid stood up so Jeff can hear him better.

“It can’t be just hypnosis. Hypnosis only requires them to want it but it also rejects anything too severe. Something else is at work here, probably related to the brain.” The reserved kid sounded as smart as he looked.

“I drive a car, I don’t care how it works.” Zack chimed in causing the crowd to laugh.

“What’s your point?” Jeff asked.

“If we figure out how it works, we can do it again. And I know one place I’d like to unleash it.” The reserved kid smiled for the first time.

Jeff had never noticed this kid before, but he took an immediate liking to him for not only voicing his opinion, but also offering to help figure out the mystery.

“What’s your name?” Jeff asked as he approached.

“Phil.” Phil said as he extended his hand.

The two men shook hands.

“Why don’t you come with us Phil? See if we can brainstorm a bit more.” Jeff said as he ended the handshake.

Phil followed Jeff to the exit. Jeff looked back at the rest of the boys.

“Barbie you are a sex toy for the fraternity to use how they desire.” He said before leaving.

Stacy walked out of the display case and lied down in front of everyone ready to be used.


Jeff, Phil, Zack and the few other seniors left room. Stacy was immediately groped and fondled as the boys used her.

Laura knocked on the large wooden door with the absence of a doorbell. After a few moments, Becky opened the door with a warm smile. She was wearing a maid uniform that was showing off her figure well.

“Can I help you?” Becky asked politely.

“Hi, I am Stacy’s roommate, Laura.” Laura said.

“Oh welcome, we weren’t expecting a visit. Where’s Stacy?” Becky said with a more welcoming tone as she opened the door wider.

“She’s kind of busy. I actually came to speak to Joe.” Laura said not wanting to stay any longer than she had to especially knowing what Joe did to his sister.

“Oh, well come on in.” Becky said and motioned Laura in.

Laura took note of the spotless house, as if someone was dedicated to cleaning it. “I’m just making cookies for Joe right now. Do you mind sitting in the living room.” Becky directed Laura to the left of the entrance.

Laura sat down in the living room and saw Phil, Joe’s dad, working away on something at the kitchen table in the other room.

Nerves took over Laura as she questioned everything she was seeing; especially the maid uniform Stacy’s mom was wearing,

“All right, Joe is ready for you.” Becky said giving Laura a scare.

Becky led Laura upstairs and opened Joe’s door.

Joe ignored the intrusion in his room as he sat at his computer playing video games.

Kneeling down beside him was an older woman in her 30’s with black hair tied into a ponytail, large firm breasts and a tanned curvy body. Around her neck was a high-tech black collar and around her finger was a giant diamond wedding ring. The former teacher waited patiently for her owner to need her services.

In the corner of the room to the right of Joe was a tanned teenage blond-haired girl standing naked with her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face. Gold bracelets up her arms and gold bands around her legs highlighted her body in a majestic way.

Joe paused his game and turned around to greet his guests.

“My mother tells me you are Stacy’s roommate.” Joe said casually as if everything was normal.

“Yes and she’s in a big trouble. A fraternity learned about the whole writing thing and she’s basically their sex slave. I didn’t believe her at first, but she’s living with them now.” Laura blurted out. The faster she could get out, the better.

“That’s not what I intended.” Joe brushed his face thinking.

“You need to help her.” Laura added.

Joe signaled for a cookie and his naked slave handed him a piece of cookie.

“Oh, don’t worry. Those frat boys messed with the wrong family.” Joe said menacingly.

Laura turned to leave, but Becky shut the door and stood in the way.

“Leaving already?” Joe asked.

Laura turned around scared, but annoyed that she was being held captive.

“Look I came to tell you about your sister, now you need to let me go or I will call the cops.”

Laura reached down to pull her phone out of her pocket, but she couldn’t find it. She patted down her pants and checked in her bra, but the phone ass nowhere to be found.

“Looking for this?” Joe said as he held up her phone.

Laura ran at him and grabbed it out of his hands. As she attempted to phone the police, Joe held up a ruby red brooch necklace.

“Stop.” Joe said activating the brooch causing it to light up red.

Laura heard the command and stopped trying to dial.

“Put your phone on the ground and break it.” Joe said.

Laura dropped her phone on the ground and stomped on it. The first few stomps broke the screen until finally the phone broke into two. Becky couldn’t ignore the mess as she immediately entered cleaning mode and took care of it.

Laura stood helplessly staring at Joe. She was still alert and aware of what was going on.

“How are you doing this?” Laura said desperately trying to move and get away.

“After I corrupted Stacy, I thought to myself, there’s no way that it was just hypnosis.” Joe said as he puts earphones on the desk.

“Then I realized my father was a scientist. A top-secret scientist. The headphones my sister used to listen to that first file were developed specifically for brainwashing. As it turns out, she took them from his office without asking after she broke hers.”

“So you found a way to brainwash everyone.” Laura said. Her mind wandered to Stacy and how little control she had. Would she suffer the same fate?

“Not exactly. It turns out the brainwashing headphones weren’t the only thing in his office. I waited until my parents went away for a weekend and I found all the enchanted items.” Joe said using air quotes to emphasize enchanted.

“This is my teacher Mrs. Jones.” Joe petted his teacher beside him.

Joe grabbed her hand to show the diamond ring off.

“She’s recently married, but using the collar that turns the person into a pet slave, she’s all mine now. We use her husband for financial support, but she lives here now.” Joe dropped her hand and petted Mrs. Jones as she smiled at the attention.

Joe turned to admire the blond in the corner.

“That’s the hottest girl in my school Jessica. Usually guys like to take a memento like her underwear to signify their conquest.” Joe smiled at Jessica. “Well I decided to just keep her instead.”

Joe walked over to Jessica and lovingly strokes her body as he looked up at her.

“What are you, Jessica?” Joe asked.

“I am Joe’s trophy. I am put on display to signify the conquest of Joe over me. “ Jessica said in a cheery tone, smiling throughout.

Joe picked up Jessica’s hand, which has a gold bracelet around the wrist.

“A gold bracelet, which turns the wearer into a trophy.” Joe dropped the hand.

“So she just stands there all day. Doesn’t her family.” Laura said, but Joe put his hand up to cut her off.

“Her family is fine with it. I made sure of that. As far as they know she’s off traveling the world.” Joe smiled as he walks back over to Laura.

Laura began panicking internally. She never fully believed Stacy was completely helpless, but seeing Becky, Jessica, Mrs. Jones and now herself under Joe’s control was more than enough proof. Becky accidentally bumped Laura as she stood up from cleaning the last of the phone off the ground.

“I’ve made her my maid using those enchanted gloves. Her sole purpose is to make sure everything is done for me. Isn’t that right maid?” Joe said stroking Becky’s face.

“Yes master.” Becky responded.

Becky is wearing a very sexy maid outfit complete with gloves, and smiling lovingly at her son. She’s an attractive older woman, but looks like she has been through a lot of stressful work through the years.

“She recently retired from a hectic job. She was ready to enjoy retirement, but I tried the gloves out on her and hey, I got used to the service.” Joe said.

“Don’t you feel bad? She shouldn’t be waiting on you hand and foot. Hasn’t she done enough?” Laura tried to get sympathy from Joe.

Joe looked at his mother Becky. She did a wonderful job raising him, but the power over her has corrupted him. Seeing her smiling convinced him that she is happy.

“This isn’t about her. It’s about me. And right now, I don’t want to cook or clean.” Joe said.

Joe took a good look at Laura. He paced around her and groped her sensitive areas.

“Take your clothes off.” Joe said.

Laura immediately complied and began taking her clothes off.

“If you wondering how I am doing this, the brooch you saw earlier is a mind control brooch. It makes anyone in the holders vicinity compliant and obedient.” Joe said as he rubbed the brooch.

As Laura slipped her thong down her legs and stepped out, Joe opened his desk drawer and grabbed another item from it. Joe grabbed Laura’s hand and led her to beside Jessica. He placed Laura directly beside Jessica and pushed her so her back was almost touching the wall.

“What are you doing? Please, I want to go home. I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” Laura tried to plead.

“Give me your best Wonder Woman pose.” Joe said from a distance so he can observe.

Laura puts her hands on her hips and smiled. Joe nodded in approval as he walked over and put a gold bracelet on Laura’s wrist.

Laura felt the bracelet power take over her body. Unlike the brooch that left her aware and alert, the bracelet took over every aspect of her. She wanted to be put on display and enjoyed, that was now her purpose. Since Joe put it on her, she had an emotional attachment to Joe, belonging to him as if she was a prize.

“Your my trophy for now. I’ll decide what I want to do later.”

Laura’s mind went blank as she smiled. Both trophies remained frozen on the pedestal as Joe sat back down at his computer.

He opened up the web browser and cracked his knuckles.

“Let’s see what kind of frat boys I’m dealing with.” Joe said as he typed away at his keyboard.