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The Written Truth

Chapter 4

Authors note:


Stacy gets stuck in the mall with disastrous consequences. Joe begins his trek to find Jeff and free his sister. Veronica prepares her sorority for the annual beer pong tournament against the frat, but Jeff is hiding a secret weapon.

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Stacy finally had a day to herself outside the fraternity. The only issue was she still had to follow any commands given to her and still had to wear her pink outfit. She spent the day at the mall, not because she wanted to, but because they told her to go do something at the mall. The command was pretty open, so she did have some freedom, but only at the mall until told otherwise.

As Stacy finished up her meal, a high school boy approached her.

“Excuse me, you’re really hot.” The bold high schooler said.

Stacy blushed at the compliment, but before she could talk, the boy continued.

“My friends and I are trying to buy a video game, but its rated R. Can you buy it for us?” the boy asked.

It wasn’t a command, which Stacy was thankful for.

“No, sorry.” Stacy said trying to say no nicely.

Another boy, the leader, approached her.

“Just buy us the game, it will only take two seconds.” Kevin said.

There it was. The thing that Stacy dreaded. Her demeanor changed entirely and it was towards Kevin only.

“Okay. I’ll buy it.” Stacy said staring at Kevin.

Kevin was expecting a fight, and was taken back by her compliance. He tried pushing it further.

“Okay, well let’s go.” Kevin said.

Stacy left her meal and followed the boys. She tried to think of how to get out of this situation with the minimal damage as possible.

The boys walked into the video game store and started looking around. They knew what game they wanted, but there was always the enjoyment of looking at other games. The store wasn’t the biggest, so there weren’t that many games, but that didn’t stop Stacy from getting agitated at waiting. She stayed close behind Kevin as she waited to buy the game for them.

“Can we hurry up, I don’t have all day.” Stacy said using a voice that threatened she might leave.

Kevin turned around and studied her. He wasn’t sure why she was being complacent, but any normal person would have left already. He decided to push more to see if she would budge.

“Go stand in the corner until we need you.” Kevin said.

Stacy immediately turned around and walked over to the corner. She stood and stared at Kevin waiting to be called. Kevin couldn’t believe it. An attractive college girl was not only willing to buy him and his friends a game, but not putting up any fight being treated like a child.

Stacy stood in the corner and watched the high school boy talk to his friends and discuss the different games. Kevin gave an occasional glance to the corner to make sure Stacy was still there. Finally the time came to buy the game and Kevin waved Stacy over to the counter. The clerk had seen Kevin bossing her around and was unsure what exactly the scenario was.

“This is my sister, she lost a bet, so she’s buying a game for us.” Kevin said as Stacy made her way to the counter.

Stacy turned around to face the boys.

“I’m not paying for this.”

“Use your credit card.” Kevin ordered.

Stacy’s face showed defeat and she turned around and paid for the purchase.

The boys and Stacy walked outside and before Stacy could get away, Kevin called her back over.

“Can you buy us alcohol too?.” Kevin asked.

“A game is one thing, but I’m not buying you alcohol, that’s ilegal”

Kevin stared at Stacy.

“Buy us alcohol.”

The same defeated face flashed on Stacy’s face.

“Fine.” She muttered under hear breath.

Stacy handed the bag of beer to Kevin and looked down in shame. She was hoping this was the end of it, but she knew that was wishful thinking. She did whatever they said so far and it was only a matter of time before they figured it out. It never took long.

“Get on your hands and knees and kiss my shoe.”

Stacy slowly dropped to the ground. Her mind trying hard to fight the command but something inside constantly overriding her. She put her hands on either side of Kevin’s feet and kissed his shoe. A smile spread from ear to ear on Kevin’s face.

“Stand up.”

Stacy stood up, her face and body betraying her thoughts of defeat. She wanted to hide, get away, but she couldn’t. She was now at his beck and call.

“Why are you listening to everything I say?” Kevin asked. All the boys listened intently for an answer as if the answer to all their female problems would be solved with what she said.

Stacy told them everything. The hypnosis file. Her brother. The frat that made her their human sex toy. And finally how she was left at the mall because they wanted her out of the house for a bit. Stacy felt relieved to finally be able to tell someone, but she knew it would be short lived. She at least was familiar with the sexual appetite of a frat boy. She had no idea what senior high school kids were like now. She watched as Kevin stared her up and down and pondered to what to do next. The grin never left his face.

“Well another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Kevin finally said. “We’re all going to university next year and I can’t think of a better way to master the art of pleasing a woman.”

Stacy did not like where this was going.

“Stacy, you no longer have to serve the frat because you’re going to be our personal sex doll.”

The rewiring started immediately. It was a command. The frat’s power slowly started to fade, held only by the tattoo on her back. She knew her purpose was to now serve the boys sexual needs however they see fit. Kevin saw her wrestling internally and left her a moment to let it sink in. He talked with his friends about the logistics and how exactly they planned to use her. Once they finished Kevin put his hand on Stacy’s shoulder.

“Now there’s a few things we need here before we go to your new home.”

Stacy and Kevin walked into the tattoo parlor. Stacy asked to have the fraternity symbol and all other writing on her body removed. She then asked for Property of Kevin to be placed on her right ass cheek. As the tattoo artist did his work, Stacy’s mind did the same. The tattoo artist removed all the smaller writing first, giving Stacy’s mind time to eliminate the secondary commands first. Removing the need to follow the frat’s command was gone immediately once the tattoo was removed. It was like a weight was lifted off her shoulder. She felt what it was like to have free will again and to think her own thoughts. But it was short lived as the property of Kevin was quickly placed on her ass cheek. Stacy felt it sink in. It was more powerful than the frat tattoo because it was more direct. There was only one person she belonged to and that was Kevin. She was his property now. She had to obey him at all times because property is owned and whatever the owner instructs, the property must carry out. Stacy looked at Kevin who was enjoying the entire process as he watched Stacy go through the stages of slavery, free will and then back to slavery. The tattoo artist finished up and Stacy paid for the purchase, thanking the tattoo parlor for a wonderful job. In a way she was grateful as it had eliminated a lot of triggers on her, but on the other hand it didn’t solve her problem, it only cast it in a different light.

Kevin stopped Stacy a few shops down to start testing his limits.

“So what are you now?” Kevin asked

“I’m your property. I and everything I own, belong to you.” Stacy said in a depressing voice.

Kevin wasn’t pleased with her demeanor. He wanted someone more happy.


Stacy perked up and smiled.

“You actually enjoy being property. You know that you were meant to be owned and controlled. That body doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to me.” Kevin said.

Stacy’s mind hesitated at first, but soon the feeling washed over her as the rewriting began. She was glad that she was owned by Kevin. She knew she was attractive and most people would only see her blonde hair, cute face, breasts and ass. But these didn’t belong to her, they belonged to Kevin and it was privilege to be allowed to show off his property. Stacy relaxed and Kevin noticed her demeanor change. He grabbed Stacy’s hand and Stacy grabbed his back. It was only appropriate to be lead around by him as he was in charge.

Kevin lead Stacy to Victoria’s secret for more purchases she would no doubt be putting on her card. Or his card she thought to herself, as everything that was once the fraternities is now his. Stacy and Kevin shopped for an hour, picking out the sluttiest outfits and making sure Stacy tried on each one.

After they were done at Victoria’s secret, they met up with the other boys at Connor’s car. The boys couldn’t believe their eyes as Stacy walked out with only a skimpy coat covering her body which was clad in new lingerie. Not only was she walking with confidence, but she was smiling as if she enjoyed the attention. Kevin could see his friends happy with their new friend.

“Gentlemen, the new and approved Stacy. Or should we give her a new name?” Kevin asked.

“She’ll let you do that?” Connor asked.

Kevin turned to Stacy. “Stacy, you no longer have a name as you are property and don’t deserve a proper name. Instead you’ll be referred to as a sex doll. Is that understood?”

Stacy’s mind accepted the command and carried out the necessary thoughts. The name Stacy was removed from her past and present. She didn’t have a name, she had always been a sex doll. She used to be owned by the frat and now she was owned by Kevin. Her only purpose was to be used by whoever owned her for sex. Stacy nodded at Kevin’s command.

“What’s your name?” Kevin asked.

There was no response from Stacy.

“What are you?” Kevin followed up.

“A sex doll.” Stacy said.

The rest of the boys couldn’t believe that Kevin was able to have the former college student at his beck and call. After a few more minutes of inspecting their new sex doll, Kevin told them it was time to devise how to keep her a secret from their family. Since there were only five boys and five seats, Kevin put his new sex doll in the back of the trunk along with the rest of her outfits. Stacy was starting to get used to riding in the trunk since that was usually how she rode with the Frat. In this case it felt even more fitting after being stripped completely of a name and only holding onto the identity of a sex doll. She felt in the right place amongst the various outfits for her which she would no doubt wear in the future whenever Kevin decided.


The doorbell rang beckoning the maid to disrupt her duties. She cheerfully greeted an older couple and a young female cop. The older couple were well dressed with tight fitting clothes and an air of superiority. The wife was beautiful for her age at 45 with long blond hair and big blue eyes. She was a typical trophy wife complete with a pearly white smile and tanned skin. The cop was a mixed ethnicity of Caucasian and Hispanic, with her darker skin indicating Hispanic was the stronger gene. Standing at 5′5, she was a petite woman, but being an officer, packed on a lot of muscle underneath. Her black hair was tied in a pony tail that just reached the back of her neck.

“I’m looking for Joe. Does he live here?” the officer, asked the maid.

“Oh one moment please.” Becky responded and left to retrieve Joe.

“What the hell do you want.” Joe said as he walked down the stairs minutes later.

“This is the kid that kidnapped my daughter.” The wife said grabbing the officer’s arm and pointing to Joe.

The officer wrestled her arm free and leaned in to look around the inside of the entrance.

“Sir, do you mind if I search your home?” she asked.

Joe sighed and pulled out his pendant.

“Yes I do mind. Everyone remain frozen.” Joe said showing everyone the pendant.

The officer and the couple remained frozen in the entrance way.

“Yes I have your daughter and no I’m not giving her back. I like having nice decorations in my room.” Joe pointed to the husband. “You. Go back home and carry on like usual. Your wife and daughter are on vacation.”

The father turned around and returned to his car.

“I think it’s time to give my mother a break.” Joe pointed to the wife.“You. Go into the kitchen.”

The wife complied.

Joe turned his attention towards the young officer and walked around to inspect her, feeling her tight body up without retaliation.

“My own personal cop, how nice. Stand at attention.” Joe commanded.

The officer stood at attention.

“Salute me.” Joe said as he enjoyed playing with her.

The officer saluted.

“What’s your name?” Joe asked.

“Alisha Collins.”

“When I ask you something, you will address me as sir. Do you understand?” Joe said taking on the demeanor of a drill sergeant.

“Yes sir.” Alisha said.

“Good, now wait here in that position.” Joe said and turned towards the kitchen.

“Yes sir.” He heard Alisha echo behind him

Joe entered the kitchen and saw his mother hard at work cleaning and cooking. Lacey, Jessica’s mother, stood idly in the corner waiting for further instructions.

“Maid you can stop cleaning.” Joe said and watched as his mother stopped what she was doing and turned to face him.

“From now on, you are no longer the maid, but the house supervisor. Your job is to make sure the new maid, Blondie, does everything that was previously assigned to you. Please take off that outfit and hand it to the new maid.” Joe instructed. He wasn’t sure what her name was, but she was blond, so Blondie did the trick.

He looked at Lacey. “Your name is now Blondie. Take off your clothes and put them in the garbage. You may keep your jewelry on.” Joe instructed.

Both women stripped down naked. Blondie put her expensive clothes in the garbage and started putting on the maid clothes that Becky had left on the table. As Blondie put on her new uniform, Joe pulled his mother aside.

“When you are not supervising, you may relax and watch television or read. You will still follow all my commands and when I need something, you will drop what you are doing and attend to it.” Joe looked at the new maid getting ready and a grin crossed his face. “Also when the new maid has no tasks, she is to kneel in front of my statue upstairs and worship it. Is that understood?”

Becky nodded. She turned to give Blondie a run down of her new tasks once she was dressed.

Joe went back into the living room where he left the cop standing at attention.

“Well, you’re timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was just about to go on a road trip and would love some extra company.” Joe said with a smile.

Joe sat with Alisha and Laura at the diner. From an outsiders perspective they looked like a happy family with both Laura and Alisha forced to smile. The hot young waitress walked over to take their order. She was dressed in a short skirt with brown curly hair cascading down one side of her head and resting on her plaid top that showed plenty of cleavage.

“Can I start y’all of with some drinks?” the waitress said smiling.

Joe stared at the waitress as Laura and Alisha looked on in horror expecting the worse for the cute waitress.

“We’ll have just water, thanks.” Joe said calmly.

The waitress nodded and walked away.

“You two can talk, but remember what happens if you step out of line.” Joe said.

The smiles disappeared.

“How are you doing this?” Alisha said.

Joe pointed to the pendant. “Mind control pendant.”

“What do you want from me?” Alisha asked.

“You’re a cop. Makes things easier for me if I get into trouble. I’m not going to use this power if I don’t have to. Plus you’re really attractive.” Joe said with a grin making sure she knew he was actively checking her out.

Alisha leaned forward to grab the pendant.


Alisha froze with her hands inches away from the pendant.

The waitress brought a tray of water over and saw the frozen Alisha.

“Is she all right.” The waitress asked.

“Put the tray down and stand their quietly.” Joe ordered the waitress.

The waitress did as she was told, still watching the scene unfold, but unable to do anything.

“You shouldn’t have pushed your luck, Alisha.” Joe said angrily. “ You are to obey me without question. No more free will from you. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.” Alisha said.

“Good, now lower your hands to your side and sit up straight.” Joe commanded.

Alisha obeyed and sat perfectly straight and still. Joe grabbed a marker from the waitress and handed it to Laura.

“Laura, I want you to draw vulgar things and words all over Alisha. No place is off limits.” Joe ordered.

Laura scooted over next to Alisa and spelled the words SLUT on her forehead. Alisha stared blankly ahead. She was aware of everything going on, but hopeless to stop it.

Joe turned to the waitress.

“I’m ready to order.” Joe said with a smile.

The waitress snapped back to life and held up her notepad.

“What will it be?” she asked.

“I’ll have a naked Rachel, all wet and ready to go.” Joe said.

Rachel wrote it down on her notepad.

“All right, I’ll put in your order.” Rachel said and walked away.

Joe looked back at Alisha who now had INSERT COCK with arrows pointed to her mouth on her left cheek. Joe looked back towards the kitchen and saw Rachel stripping. She had a cook help her masturbate to make sure she was all wet and ready to go. Once she was horny enough, she walked out towards Joe’s table and sat in front of him.

“One Rachel, all wet and ready to go.” She said and then went silent.

Joe went to work eating her out. She remained in position the whole time as Joe worked his tongue in and out. Laura didn’t pay any attention as she pulled off Alisha’s shirt and starting writing “whore” on Alisha’s chest.

After Joe was done, he stood up and looked around. Everyone was staring at them and with good reason. Joe smiled and rubbed the pendant.

“Don’t pay any attention to us, this is normal.” Joe said and then turned back to Rachel.

Everyone went back to their personal business.

“Rachel stand up and bend over the table.” Joe commanded.

Rachel did as she was told, her head now right in front of Alisha. Joe walked up and entered her from behind. He stared at Alisha as he fucked the waitress.

“Enjoy the show, Alisha. Smile for me.” Joe said with a sadistic grin.

Alisha’s mouth grew wide as she smiled.

“Rachel look up at Alisha and smile back.” Joe said, more focused on commanding the girls than fucking Rachel.

Rachel popped her head up and smiled at Alisha. Both girls stared at each other smiling, but deep down they could not control themselves. They were aware, but were merely passengers in their own bodies. As Joe finally finished, he pulled out and aimed at Alisha, unloading on her still smiling face.

“Stand up Rachel.” Joe commanded.

Rachel stood up still trying to catch her breath from all the pleasure.

“How long have you worked here?” Joe said taking a look at the girl.

“1 month, I just started after I graduated high school.” She answered.

“And what do you want to be.” Joe asked.

“I always wanted to model, but my parents think that’s just a pipe dream.” She responded truthfully.

“Hmm. Well that’s not right.” Joe said.

“What’s not right?” Rachel responded, genuinely curious.

“You didn’t always want to be a model. You wanted to be a urinal.” Joe said, making it the truth.

Rachel thought about it as the ideas melded together. She wanted to be a model because she enjoyed the attention of others. She knew she was attractive and wanted the opportunity to get into fashion and build herself into a brand. No wait. She wanted to be a urinal because she enjoyed the attention of others. That’s right. Objectification was her passion and in this case, being a urinal for others to use and enjoy was her dream.

“Of course. I just want to be on my knees all day letting men relieve themselves inside my mouth. It’s an important role for society.” Rachel explained.

“It is. And you know what, there’s a position like that available in this very restaurant. Do you want it?” Joe asked.

Rachel’s eyes lit up. Her dream job, in the very restaurant she was working. She put her hands together.

“Oh please, I want it more than anything.” Rachel begged.

“You got it kid. You can start now.” Joe said.

Rachel shook his hand and went off the bathroom.

Rachel opened the door to the male bathroom. It was a smaller sized washroom with two stalls and two urinals. There used to be a third urinal in between the other two, but it had been removed due to damage and draining issues. It was the perfect spot. Rachel knelt between and opened her mouth. Her dream had finally came true.

Joe saw a rich looking family sitting in the corner and decided to meet to them. Usually he didn’t bother with other people, but the way this family was dressed in relation to the other customers caught his attention. The wife looked up at him with an air of superiority. She was wearing a large diamond ring and looked like she never worked a day in her life. She was a typical blond milf with a tight body and hints of her former beauty could still be seen in her face.

“Excuse me, can we help you?” she said to Joe.

“Yes, yes you can. Give me that ring.” Joe said.

The woman, Lilly, was horrified as she took of the ring and handed it to Joe.

“No one speak or move.” Joe said as he sensed incoming objections from everyone.

“What are your names?” Joe asked pointing around the table.

“Lily.” Said the mother.

“Frank” said the father.

“Serena” said the daughter.

“Caleb” said the son.

“Good. Lily stand up.” Joe commanded.

Lily stood up.

“I want you to take this ring and place it on Serena’s finger making her the new trophy wife for you husband.” Joe commanded.

Serena was shocked. She couldn’t move or speak, but she didn’t want this to happen. Serena was twenty years old and in the middle of college. To suddenly drop out and be a trophy wife for her father made her angry. But as Lily grabbed her hand and placed the large diamond ring on, she started to see the bright side. She didn’t need college if she was already looked after. She enjoyed having the role of housewife and always being ready for her husband. She stared at the diamond ring and then moved closer to her husband. Frank responded in kind and held her tight.

“Lily go throw those clothes out and put on Rachel’s waitress uniform in the kitchen. You are now the waitress and you can serve this table first.” Joe said and left.

Lily stripped naked in the kitchen and found Rachel’s uniform. The clothes were all too tight, but she had no choice. She put on the uniform and went out to take orders.

The first table had a small family, an older husband with a younger woman and son. Lily stared a the woman’s hand, jealous of the huge diamond ring. What a lucky women to have everything taken care of for her. Lily smiled.

“What can I get you?” She asked.

Joe went back to his table and saw the smiling Alisha with dirty words all over her body and the fresh cum slowly dripping down her face.

“Stop writing on her Laura.” Joe commanded and Laura stopped immediately.

“Alisha get dressed.” Joe said.

Alisha put her shirt back and pulled her pants up. Once Alisha was dressed, Joe headed for the door.

“Follow me.” Joe commanded and the two females followed behind him.

Joe let Laura ride in the passenger seat and put Alisha in the trunk. He looked down at her smiling face with the word SLUT written across the forehead.

“Enjoy the ride, slut.” Joe said as she slammed the trunk tight.


Veronica carefully painted her lips to perfection as she bent over the sink to get a better view of herself. Veronica was the head of the sorority and with good reason, she was ruthless when it came to dealing with people which earned respect from all her sisters. They knew if they needed something, she would make things happen. But the girls didn’t always get along with Veronica, despite being respected, she could also strike the wrong nerve and made several enemies because of it. Veronica was a slender woman with a curvy body, large breasts and an ass she worked hard in the gym to attain. Her long black hair, tanned skin and lush lips caught the attention of every man when she walked into a room.

Something tickled her barefoot and she ignored it. There were cords and hair everywhere, sometimes it was bound to brush up against her. She pressed her lips together and admired her work. She felt another brush against her foot, however this time the feeling lingered. Veronica broke the gaze she held with herself and looked down. Staring back up at her was a male rat. Veronica paused in complete shock and then let out an ear piercing scream that was heard in every room of the house.

Veronica stood with her hands on her hips flustered from her traumatic experience. She was speaking to a man wearing a bio hazard suit going through the appropriate paperwork. Veronica gave the man a look over and rolled her eyes. Balding hair and short, the man reminded Veronica of that rat and she felt a shiver run up her spine.

“We’ll have the rats out in no time.” The exterminator said as they finished up their conversation.

He signaled his crew to follow him. Veronica watched as they went in one by one under the cover of the now quarantined house.

Veronica’s best friend Amy joined her side. Amy was a small brunette with a petite frame and large DD breasts which she proudly displayed with plenty of cleavage.

“This is like such bull shit. Rats. Ew. How does that even happen.” Amy complained.

“I told you all to keep the door shut.” Veronica yelled at Amy.

Amy knew Veronica was the only one to come into direct contact with a rat, so everything she said was filtered through her traumatic experience and Amy accepted the berating.

“So like how long did they say it would take?” Amy asked.

“We should be able to move back in like two days.” Veronica said trying to remember what the exterminator said.

Jeff walked up to Veronica and laughed as he saw the state of their sorority house.

“Someone try cooking in there?” Jeff joked knowing none of them knew how to cook a decent meal.

“What’s one more rat on our property.” Veronica said with dry humor.

“Go away Jeff, it’s a minor inconvenience and it’s not going to interrupt any plans.” Amy said.

“Oh you mean our annual beer pong challenge, where the loser does the others bidding for a weekend? Is that what you’re talking about?” Jeff said with a smirk. “ Cuz you know as the hosts, if you can’t have it, it is an automatic forfeit.”

Veronica stepped in front of Amy.

“I know the rules, I created them. Now run along Jeffy, before I throw you in there with the rats.” Veronica said.

Jeff hated Veronica. He’d still fuck her if given the chance, but that didn’t take away from how much he wanted to see her humiliated. The Sorority was a pain in the Frats side. In fact the house the Sorority currently lived in used to be the Frat house. Jeff underestimated the girls and overestimated his frat’s ability at a beer pong tournament a couple years ago. It’s not that the girls were inherently better or that the guys sucked, it was the consistent practice Veronica drilled into her Sorority in a dictator like fashion that ensured they were at peak performance once the tournament came. Jeff and the guys, on the other hand, treated it like any other weekend night with drinking games. They never stood a chance and once it was all said and down, they had to switch houses. To add to the humiliation, the Frat had to maintain the same decorations for a month before they were allowed to change it. This did not sit well with Jeff and he had been looking for a way to get revenge ever since. The most recent years of beer pong tournaments had been tame with the losing team only offering a handful of members as servants for the winning team. The Frat came up short every year since the house swap, but always figured one year would eventually be theirs. Pledges were always given as the servants and the Sorority took no prisoners as each pledge was fully dressed up as a woman and sodomized by every Sorority member over the course of a week. Other humiliations included also pleasuring Sorority members boyfriends and serving at formal parties. Jeff felt bad for the pledges as it was his job to humiliate them and initiate them into his club, not sacrifice them to another group. All that was going to change. Jeff had a plan and it would only be a matter of time before it was put into motion.

Veronica paced behind her sisters as two teams of two were playing beer pong in a small apartment with two tables taking up most of the room. Amy sunk the first shot and her partner Candace, a skinny blond, missed her shot.

“Candace. What the hell was that. You didn’t even aim.” Veronica yelled.

This was a common occurrence leading up to their tournament. Veronica demanded perfection. And it wasn’t hypocritical either as Veronica made 90% of her shots. No one in the sorority came close to her shooting percentage. And very few in the frat came close to her girls shooting percentage.

“Shoot it again and this time like you mean it.” Veronica said whipping a ping pong ball at Candace.

Candace grabbed another ball from the water cup and stepped up to the table. She took two deep breaths and gently rocked her shooting hand forward and backwards. On the third rock forward, she released the ball and it went in the same cup as Amy. The two girls high fived and Veronica smiled, but it quickly disappeared.

“If I ever see lazy shot like that again, you will be off this team.” Veronica said.

Candace nodded.

Veronica’s phone rang and she answered it.


Veronica smiled at the news.

“We can move back in.” Veronica excitedly told the group.

The girls wasted no time in getting back into their routine. Veronica also started regular beer pong practices, introducing cash prizes for the winners of the small tournaments. She always won with her partner Melissa, a Kardashian clone with jet black hair and blue eyes, so there was never any money given away. But it did give the other girls a reason to be competitive. If they could beat Veronica, they’d earn her respect.

Before long the day finally came. Veronica and her team marched into the Sorority rec room dressed to impress. Not only did they like beating the Frat, they liked beating the Frat dressed as sexy as possible. Part of it was distraction but the other part was humiliating them. They’d be losing to girls that looked nothing like drinkers or much competition. It was the ultimate humiliation and Veronica enjoyed every minute of it.

Jeff, Phil and Zack lined up at the front of the room waiting for Veronica, Amy and Melissa. Phil had to actively concentrate on not staring at the three rockets approaching them. Veronica wore a black cocktail dress that outlined every curve and brought attention to her chest. Melissa wore a matching black dress and looked just as stunning, especially with her fake plastic tits poking out. Amy wore a red dress that matched her red lipstick. Her tiny frame only exaggerated the stunning rack she proudly displayed with her low cleavage. Most guys liked playing her because she purposely bent over for maximum exposure. When Candace was on her game, there were plenty of bounce shots successfully used as Amy distracted the boys.

Veronica finally came face to face with Jeff.

“Well Jeffy, you might as well name your servants now because there’s no way your winning this year.” Veronica taunted.

Jeff grinned.

“There isn’t going to be a competition, at least not against you.” Jeff said still grinning.

“Of course you’d chicken out, or pull some shit like this. I don’t even know why we humor you pity attempt at competition. We’re out of here ladies.” Veronica said.

“No one’s going anywhere. In fact none of you move from your spot.” Jeff commanded so everyone could here.

The girls tried to walk, but they couldn’t move their legs. Veronica turned and slapped Jeff across the face.

“How the hell are you doing this?” Veronica said as she struggled to move.

“It’s called mind control, you dumb bitch. We planted the rats not to sabotage your house, but to plant a device.” Jeff said motioning to Phil.

Phil stepped forward to explain.

“We planted speakers throughout every room of the house playing a subliminal hypnosis file. Although you couldn’t hear it consciously, using an enhanced mind control device, we were able to amplify its power for maximum effect.” Phil said.

“Basically you’ll be our bitches now.” Zack said to clarify.

Jeff stepped in front of Veronica and gloated.

“I’ve waited so long for this. Turn and face your sisters.” Jeff said, moving so he could watch her reaction.

Veronica turned and faced her sorority sisters. She was one of the most respected women on campus due to her nature of never giving in.

“You all think Veronica is so strong willed, but even she can’t fight this.”

“Screw you, Jeff. Don’t listen to him girls.” Veronica said reassuringly.

“Veronica, I want you to stick your tongue out with a goofy smile and cross your eyes.”

Veronica immediately made the aheago face. Her sisters gasped in fear at their leader looking so helpless and humiliated especially being dressed to the nines in her figure hugging black dress and sparkling jewelry.

“We call this the derp face, and that’s how your face is going to be stuck.” Jeff laughed. The other boys laughed at the scene playing out in front of them.

“Sting a finger in your nose while you’re at it.” Zack added.

Veronica put her ring finger up her nose with her diamond ring touching the tip of her nostril.

“Now walk along your sisters and show them how weak you are. You are allowed to speak if you desire.”

Veronica began walking with the derp face and the finger up her nose. She tried to speak, but the way her tongue was, all she could say was “derp.” Eventually she realized it was hopeless and continued on in silence, making eye contact with each sister with her face stuck.

“Now make your way to the trophy case.” Jeff yelled.

Veronica turned and walked toward the trophy case until she was standing in front. She saw the empty platform and feared the worst.

“Turn around.” Jeff commanded.

Veronica turned around and faced her sisters.

“I give you our latest trophy” Jeff said as he put a sign in Veronica’s free hand to hold.

The sign read “ Veronica: The Fraternity Slut.”

The men cheered and the women gasped in horror.

“Now take your place.”

Veronica walked inside the trophy case and stood on the platform.

“Veronica you now belong to the fraternity as a trophy reminding your sisters who’s really in charge. You’re going to enjoy being our trophy so much that you do not feel complete without it. Now tell everyone how wonderful the opportunity to serve us is.” Jeff commanded.

Veronica’s face went normal for a moment. Her demeanor changed to relaxed and she smiled with a vacant look behind her eyes. The girls couldn’t believe their eyes seeing their leader so compromised and obeying their enemy.

“I love being a trophy for the Frat and I never want to leave. We should all give ourselves to use in whatever capacity they desire.” Veronica said cheerfully.

Zack enjoyed watching Veronica humiliate herself. He knew deep down she was still aware of what was going on but unable to do anything. Veronica stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes as she returned to being a frozen display.

“Now, let’s decide where the rest of you are going.” Jeff announced to the rest of the girls.