The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


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Additional inspirations from the incentive plan in thrall’s “A Tenpack of Trixies.”

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Only the alien mind control, tranquilizing her, kept Jan from going insane.

She couldn’t feel grateful. An immense flying saucer loomed over her, and the monsters who’d come in it had charmed her and her friends into stripping naked and obeying them, instead of screaming and running away. They’d tried to do both, before the aliens stole their wills.

Tracy held her, gently and tenderly, and that kept her sane, too. Tracy had just said the aliens had made her their robot, and she liked it. She wanted Jan to surrender to it too. But Jan put her cheek to Tracy’s soft neck and let the pulse caress her, and the warm girl holding her seemed more real than her serene, terrifying claim to be the aliens’ slave.

Their willing, happy slave.

Jan’s head spun. She wasn’t being dragged into the ship to be made into another robot like Tracy. She wasn’t even feeling her mind hum into static as they docilized her into going. Maybe this was just a tactic—she might try hard to resist force or even the mind-numbing field, but against just being held . . .

It scared Jan badly to think how well these aliens might already understand humans, to know how vulnerable they were to kindness. She clung tightly to Tracy anyway.

“Jan,” Tracy said, running her fingertips down Jan’s spine. “It is time for us to go aboard now. You need to be brainwashed into obeying Them.”

Jan shrank against her and Tracy let her hide there.

“Please, Tracy,” she murmured against the pale skin. “I don’t want to be a slave.”

“But They want you to be, Jan.” Tracy’s voice was softly reassuring. “And when you become one, you will, too.” The fingertips were gentle, soothing her.

They slid down to her ass, and then forward, around, inward. Jan reeled when they neared her pussy as though drawn by its growing heat, and she was drowsily unable to squirm away. She realized her hips were moving, blindly seeking Tracy’s fingers.

“T-tracy? What are . . . yyyyou . . . d . . . doing . . . to me?”

The moist caress under her ear had closed her eyes before she knew Tracy had kissed her there.

“What i always do,” Tracy whispered. Each hot breath made Jan quietly crazier. “Their will.”

She brushed Jan’s clitoris expertly, and seemed to know exactly which way Jan would sag when the near-orgasm turned her knees to water. The two girls stayed upright and entwined.

Their will. It blazed in Jan’s mind with sexfire. She thought it again and mewed.

She realized she was becoming addicted to it. She tried to stop before she became enslaved to . . . Their will. She bit her lip and rode it out.

“Their will is that—” Tracy paused as Jan arched against her, fighting her need to slide back into the delightful little trap.

She chuckled. “Umm. They—told me to weaken your will, before bringing you to Them.”

Jan leaned against her, panting.

“It will not take long, Jan. You are still under the effects of the docility pulse that made you stop wanting to escape. You are already unable to resist any attempt to hypnotize you, or to disobey any commands you hear once entranced.”

Jan shivered. Tina had dreaded this. How helpless the field would make them to hypnotic control.

“You are already passive, and your optical response is well past the point of a receptive subject.”

Jan let her head settle to the pale shoulder, wondering if that was Explorer programming or something still in Tracy’s head from some class in—in—

She froze, and actually started trying to pull away from the other girl. Tracy just held her, and when Jan leaned back, looking into the still green pools of her eyes, her resolve melted again.

But she could speak. “Oh my god. A psych major. They sent you back. To study how to control our minds. Oh my god.” She shivered in Tracy’s arms.

She saw Tracy now, an obedient girlbot stalking a University full of innocents, who knew only the cute redhead with the dancing eyes and the devilish smile. Clueless about the programmed slave that was really behind those eyes now. Smiling at her as she grinned back at them, flirting—and going back to study diligently how to turn them all into slaves just like her.

I was laughing with her then, too. While she was deciding to add me to this batch of recruits.

Tracy kissed her very gently. “That was a very clever deduction, especially under stress.

“When They take away your will, Jan, They will probably let you keep your mind. It will be very useful to Them.”

Then eyestalks were peering at her over Tracy’s shoulder, and when she turned there was another sensor leveled at her head.

“It continues to abrespond,” complained a voice from down near her ribs. “The field still controls it, but anxiety and resistance remain at problematic values.”

The Explorer forked its eyestalks and glared at the two girls simultaneously. “Make it obey!”

Tracy stiffened. Her arm was still light around Jan, but the cheerful concern drained from her face as she looked into Jan’s eyes.

She’s going to hypnotize me right here—!

But it was just the alien controller switching off Tracy’s mind. She looked right through Jan. Still pressed against Jan as they stood, her head swiveled smoothly to face the Explorer. “Slave obeys,” she told it.

Frightened and sad and dazed, Jan looked at her profile. They were controlling Tracy directly now. Even as she held Jan and breathed with her, she was their girlbot again.

The Explorer peered sternly at the impassive redhead. “Tell the robot to exert control, and induce the Jan-unit to submit to processing!” It wasn’t even commanding the girlbot, just using Tracy as a microphone to reach her controller in the ship.

The controller closed Tracy’s eyes. Jan instinctively held her more tightly, feeling an absurd need to protect her as if she were actually asleep.

Then Tracy’s eyes opened, still empty. “Control has accessed slave knowledge. Running . . .

“Now enabling slave to render Jan-unit compliant.”

Tracy turned back, and suddenly Jan was nose to nose with her friend, staring into lovely blank girlbot eyes. Her pussy fluttered and she was briefly able to despise herself.

“You will obey,” Tracy intoned, and Jan shivered.

Tracy stared emptily at her and said, “Initializing.”

Then Tracy smiled, and now her eyes filled with playful concern. She kissed Jan and nuzzled her, and Jan pressed close.


“Shhh.” Tracy’s lips brushed Jan’s ear. Her whisper went on, much more softly than Jan’s plea. Jan couldn’t hear the words, just felt Tracy’s breath on her ear. The sibilance rose and fell.

All at once Jan was moistly aware that Tracy was a beautiful girl, warm and firm against her all over. Tracy’s lips caressed her ear, still whispering, and Jan was getting wet. Tracy’s hand on her back was just touching her, fingertips on skin, light and constant and sweetly maddening. She writhed and the other girl held her, turning her on slowly and irresistibly.

Jan was trying to think of aliens and docility fields, and how Tracy wasn’t even trying to resist the aliens’ control, when Tracy’s other hand casually drew a hot line across her belly. Fingers slid down, probing Jan’s crotch. Jan stopped thinking and thrust onto it.

Tracy’s lips and tongue were now a quiet thunder as they raped Jan’s ear, and Jan lapped and nibbled incoherently at Tracy’s shoulder. She needed to bite that pretty, milky skin, to send pleasure-pain into the other girl—to respond, somehow.

But Tracy was playing her now, and Jan no longer had the will to do anything but spasm and try to scream as she was flicked into climax. If she were allowed to reach it.

Then her ear was cool and her pussy was unmolested. Need burned in her bones. Jan went rigid in Tracy’s arms, too aroused even to beg. She heard herself trying to whimper.

Tracy’s breath and fingers touched her again and she bucked against the other girl. Tracy’s tongue . . .

Tracy’s voice . . .

“Obey Their will.”

Jan’s mind whited out in the orgasm.


She had no idea how long it was before she blinked into Tracy’s eyes and returned her impish smile. Her mind was deliciously empty.

“Feel better?” Tracy cocked one of her exquisite pale eyebrows.

Jan just kissed her.

Tracy chuckled. “See, there are other ways to make a girl docile.”

As she said it, her fingers pressed very lightly around Jan’s cleft, and Jan could only feel good. I’m docile. Tamed by Tracy. She knew it was just the sex—but she still wanted to slip to her knees and put her lips to the redhead’s bare pussy, wild as that idea would have seemed before.

I just had sex with a girl. Oh god.

Mmmm. I want to, again.

Oh god.

Tracy was bi, but she’d never made a pass at Jan before, not even joking, not even drunk. Tracy wasn’t losing her inhibitions—she’d just strummed Jan to climax because the aliens commanded her to.

She felt juice and velvet against her thigh and flexed it gently against Tracy’s cunt. Tracy smiled and nodded languidly and Jan wanted to hold still and be fucked.

“Mmm Jan. You need to please me now, no?”

Jan stayed still. It was true. Tracy’s arms felt too good, her eyes too friendly to leave. But Jan knew she didn’t want to act without being told. She didn’t know if it was the alien field or Tracy’s new magic touch. In the afterglow she barely cared. It felt nice to relax and wait for Tracy to tell her how to be pleasing.

Going into the ship would please Tracy.

Her cunt hummed. Jan wanted to.

Then she shivered. No. If I let them get me into the ship I’ll be enslaved. The fear muted but did not silence the pussy-song. But Jan didn’t know how to resist it. And her pussy was more persuasive when it sang to her in a whisper.

She still knew submitting would really make Tracy happy, even as she knew that what was left of her friend was beyond happiness.

God help her, but she was starting to want to go into the ship now. For Tracy.

Jan trembled, and waited to be told.

No. No! I can’t! She made herself remember Shelby flopping in the dirt. Or Tina sobbing quietly as she fought the lethargy.

No. Oh god. I am not getting hot thinking about . . . no . . . Again her mind showed her Tracy back at the University, the aliens’ willing slave. Nude in the corridors of a dorm or a house, as other girls slept, claiming them for her owners.

She saw herself, staring and nude at Tracy’s side, with nothing in her own head but Tracy’s voice, obeying silent commands to subdue and entrance the ones Tracy chose.

Moonlight gleaming on their victims’ wet pussies and wide, empty eyes as they were taken . . .


Tracy’s eyes widened a bit and Jan realized she’d said it aloud.

“Do what, Jan?”

Jan looked bleakly at her. “Enslave—everyone. All of us, the University, then . . . the world?”

Tracy grinned. “Poor Jan. You always were ready to save the world. But i do not know Their plans for us. They may reprogram us to obtain more slaves. Or, They may just condition us all to sell offworld.”

She put her hand back on Jan’s cleft and Jan leaned submissively onto it. She tried to resist that and enjoyed failing, and then Tracy’s touch made it all blaze away.

“They used my brain to generate some of Their contingency simulations, since i already had all the, er, cultural parameters installed.

“It is sooo nice to be useful to Them.”

She smiled and her eyelids drooped a little as she shimmied slowly against Jan. “Mmmm. When They did that i had the wettest of wetdreams about being Their weapon for the conquest of Earth, woman by woman. Or sometimes in bunches.

“i loved being their peripheral for that function.”

It was just the sex, it had to be. The new, perilously delicious girlsex. Or the docility field. Jan struggled to know why this was getting to her. Making her wet and not horrified.

Another feather-kiss distracted her. “Once you let Them control you, Jan, you will have no more worries. No more thoughts of your own—just the ones They want you to think. About being content and obedient and blank.”

“Tracy?” The warmth was working its magic on her, but it was helping her calm down and think too. “What did they do to you?”

Tracy pressed her lightly and she straightened, standing belly-to-belly now with the shorter girl. The clear green eyes found hers.

“You are stalling, Jan.”

Tracy’s mons was against her cunt, and as their pussies kissed Jan enjoyed being read that easily. Then the redhead’s eyes slid closed again and she was still against Jan. She smiled again as they opened. She leaned up and kissed Jan on the mouth.

“But that is all right. It will not help you to resist being brainwashed.”

She lifted her other hand and Jan could smell herself on the fingertips. Tracy licked one and then offered the dew to Jan.

The scent was sharp and it made Jan feel wanton, all of a sudden. Leaning to taste and suck was almost automatic.

Tracy chuckled and slid her body against Jan’s. “Its compliance increases already.”

Jan moaned as she realized Tracy was talking to the alien, which had hovered and watched Tracy fuck her mind away.

“But i digress,” Tracy purred into her ear. “Someone is overdue for her brainwashing session.”

Jan caught herself starting to nod, to say yes. She didn’t know how long she had before they got tired of waiting and just zapped her will, but she could feel how close she was to giving up on her own. If she didn’t resist now she wouldn’t be able to. She knew Tina would resist them—Tina would be trying.

Maybe they’d gotten Tina by now. No more sorrow for her, but it would mean Jan was alone.

“I just need to understand what’s happening to me,” she said desperately. “I can’t stop it but I need to know why.”

Tracy said nothing. Then she nodded.

Jan held onto Tracy and Tracy looked back at her. She looked like a concerned but patient friend, not like the aliens’ willing, eager thrall. Jan wondered when it would happen next—when Tracy’s controller would dim her mind and bring the robot back to stare pitilessly out from the pretty freckled face.

Someone cleared her throat.

Jan turned and blinked. Sophia and Lisa stood side by side, looking at them. “Are you guys having sex?” Sophia looked intrigued and aroused.

“Sort of,” Tracy said. “Actually, i am softening Jan’s mind, so she will submit to brainwashing.”

“Oh.” Lisa regarded them languidly. “Is it working?” she asked, too quietly to tell how she felt about it.

Tracy’s hand found Jan’s pussy again. Jan arched her back and pressed hopefully against the slick fingertips. Knowing the girls were watching Tracy pluck her like a yearning lute made her hot. Knowing they could see it was controlling her almost made her crazy.

“Is it, Jan?” Tracy’s voice was even, completely free of need. It made Jan even more helpless.

She moved against Tracy and suddenly she felt their juice and Tracy’s body and . . .

The two dazed girls watching them made her lightheaded. She rested on Tracy’s shoulder.

“Is it working on you, Jan?”

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “Yesssss.” Just admitting it felt like more sex. Jan’s mind was melting. Her ability to care about that was already running down her thigh.

“Mmm-hmm,” Tracy said, cupping Jan’s asscheek and squeezing slightly. “Almost done.”

“Wowww,” Lisa said. Her voice caught.

She wants to be me, now. Jan felt another wave of lust darken her mind and moved against Tracy, enjoying Lisa’s envy, happy to be the one Tracy was bewitching.

It was hard to remember about the ship . . .

“As for you two—” Tracy was brisk again, as if soaking up what little resolve Jan still had.

“Wait, I know. I think you would really enjoy going over there to ask Explorer Four if you may masturbate each other.”

Sophia gasped and Lisa seemed to wake a little from her trance, and they turned to each other as the idea blossomed in their minds. Jan could almost see how receptive the docility field had made them, and they reached for each other’s hands as they turned to obey Tracy’s suggestion.

Obey Tracy.

Jan felt her will shred softly like petals from a flower. She smiled at the other girl.

“You have pleased them, Tracy.” The need to praise Tracy in her own slave terms was intense.

The slave waited, smiling.

Then Jan drew away from Tracy and stood straight. She was vaguely surprised that she could hold herself up, but the erotic need to submit was more powerful than afterglow.

She stared into Tracy’s eyes, until a new, slow orgasm rolled her own eyes back in her head.

“The . . . J-Jan-unit . . .” She mewed and swallowed.

“The Jan-unit will obey.”


Inside the UFO it was dark at first, but Tracy was beside her as they went in, and took her hand. Then she could see—shadowy space and curving walls, things that blurred as she tried to focus.

“Do not try to see,” Tracy said softly. “In here Their power masks things slaves should not know. The closer a slave looks, the sleepier it makes her mind.” Jan could hear the girl in that voice—trembling with submission to her controllers, but no longer the remote-controlled puppet.

Jan still tingled with the pleasure of obeying her. She pressed Tracy’s hand. “The Jan-unit understands.” She was panting. “I—the Jan-unit will not look.” She swallowed as the arousal thickened her tongue. “The Jan-unit will sleep only when told.”

“You are doing well.” Tracy reached to touch Jan’s breast. “You will please Them.”

They’d entered the central column that held up the main part of the saucer, and followed a corridor whose curve seemed subtly too broad for how wide it had seemed from outside.

I shouldn’t be trying to think. Jan realized that, aside from that glimpse of its shadow when it swept down on them, she’d never seen the ship when she wasn’t in the docility trance, so maybe her own perceptions were less reliable. It was easier and hotter to remember the cylinder rippling hypnotically with swirling colored lights that snared her mind as it drew her and the others to come.

They passed a room and she realized she’d been drifting. The place was lit from above in shafts of light that left much darkness. She saw a row of tubes along a wall. One or two had girls in them, with Explorers fussing next to them at consoles that blurred to warn Jan’s drowsy gaze away. She stopped to look and Tracy did not command her to leave.

One of the tubed girls was the other experienced camper, Sally. She was rangy and bronzed, her breasts and loins like a pale, girl-colored bikini inside the tan lines. Jan had a memory-flash from the night the UFO came down, Sally fighting to keep them both awake and moving, until the UFO had reached out with the docility field and put their wills to sleep.

Sally looked more than docile now. She stood upright in the tube, her eyes unfocussed with narrowed pupils as small machines moved around her head. A light kept strobing into her eyes.

It made her look terribly vulnerable. She was naked and passive as the flashes lit her bare shoulders and breasts, her heartbreakingly open expression, her eyes. Her body was strong but they already had her mind, and Sally did not use hands or eyelids to keep their light out of her eyes.

The blinking sucked at Jan’s gaze, and she felt a sudden, submissive urge to wrap herself against the front of an empty tube and whine to be put in and to lose herself in her own strobe. She could almost feel the cool transparency against her cleft.

But she was docile, and it was sweet to wait and watch.

The strobing stopped and Sally’s eyes narrowed and then widened, as though she’d been stunned and was still too dazed to do more than try to blink. Jan heard a faint chiming tone from within the tube and Sally went blank again. She kept still and staring as a ring floated down from the top of the tube, like a halo but horizontal, to hang around her head just below her eyes.

It blurred and Sally’s eyes rolled up, and Jan thought she could hear its hum as it bathed her head in its vibrations. As the girl stood there, her body tensing, something floated up from the bottom of the tube, and its long gleaming shape told Jan what it was even before she saw Sally’s thighs loosen below her glistening pussy.

Sally’s orgasm was starting even before the dildo penetrated her. Jan realized the tube was telling Sally to orgasm, and that it had made Sally mindlessly unable to do anything else.

Jan turned away because it hurt too much, wanting to be Sally.

Tracy was smiling at her, and in the strange light it was hard to tell if the redhead looked pitying or pleased.

Then another girl walked in past them. Shaheen’s long black hair swung gently behind her and her face was dreaming, as though she still thought she and Randi were sprawled on the grass, wrapped around each other’s tongues. But Jan remembered Randi after the aliens had enslaved her, how coldly she’d rejected Shaheen’s confused pleas. Now Shaheen was under their spell, too, and she probably no longer remembered Randi at all.

Shaheen moved like a sleepwalker. The Explorers tending to the tubed girls ignored her as she stepped tentatively in and approached the line of tubes. She stopped, and looked up in wonder at the girls who had come before her.

An Explorer came to her then and pointed its brain-meter at her head. It gestured.

Shaheen snapped her slim body to attention at that trigger. The alien spoke to her too softly for Jan to hear. Then Shaheen stalked resolutely to an empty tube and stared as it slid upward from its base. She stepped up onto the platform, legs straight, palms flat by her side, facing the blank bulkhead.

The platform rotated as the tube descended, and the petite girl was turned to face outward just as she was sealed in. Shaheen stayed in trance, her eyes tracking unseeingly as her body was turned like display figurine. She was no longer programmed to move now that she seemed to have positioned herself.

An indistinct shape dipped from the shadows to hang above her face. It flashed. Shaheen’s eyes widened and stayed that way.

It began hypnotically strobing in the same rhythm as Sally’s. Now it was Shaheen who stood helpless and open and obediently still as it softened her for whatever the vibrating halo was going to do to her.

Tracy took her hand. She shook her head at Jan’s look. “Not yet, Jan. You must be prepared.”

Jan let herself be led away. Tracy took her out before she weakened and looked back to watch her friends being enslaved.

The next room they entered was brighter and smaller, and the large inner wall seemed to shimmer. Jan got dizzy trying to look at it, wondering how the featureless surface could be something the aliens didn’t want her . . . to . . . think . . . about . . .

“No,” Tracy said, and the authority in her voice snapped Jan out of the spell. She averted her eyes from the wall, and saw an odd machine of what looked like metal and black plastic on the deck in front of it. It was inclined, and she thought it might be a sculpture, or an exercise machine, or a catapult, until she saw padding. It was some kind of chair, slung very low. It was a minimalist lounger, like something designed for sunbathers by someone who only came out at night. It was nothing like the stereotypical mind control chair—there weren’t even restraints.

It looked uncomfortable, and her mind leaped to wonder if the hypnosis would be so strong that she’d be under before she could notice.

She looked at Tracy. Tracy just smiled.

Soundlessly, Kelsey entered the chamber to join them. Tracy’s quiet glee threw Kelsey’s zombielike stance into higher relief. Jan remembered Kelsey in her daring thong that first and last day, running into the lake to swim and splash and see who was up for some friendly bi-play later.

But then the Explorers had put Kelsey in a tube, and strobed and hummed all that out of her. Jan could remember Kelsey’s laugh but she could no longer imagine it.

She wanted to touch herself.

“This unit reports,” Kelsey intoned, her rich voice flat with the control that had crushed her mind. “This unit is programmed to assist robot in hypnoconditioning Jan-unit for enslavement.”

Tracy listened, licking her lips as the brainwashed girl recited. Her own eyes seemed to glow a deeper, poisonous green, and Jan wondered what they saw in Kelsey’s empty ones.

“This unit is obedient until reinstructed.” Kelsey paused again, as though there wasn’t room for more than very simple thoughts in what the aliens had left of her mind.

“This unit awaits command.”

Tracy grinned at Jan. “Mmm. Robot instructs Kelsey-unit to serve as stimulator.


Kelsey pivoted and walked to the chair, settling with a weird stiff grace to recline. She seemed to know how to fit into it. Her legs were stretched out and her arms slid along supports that angled away from her body. Projections behind her head went unused.

Jan wondered why the already-enslaved girl was taking the chair. She saw the chair start to morph, extruding little bands that moved serpentlike to bind Kelsey’s arms and legs, her waist and throat, her head. Kelsey lay passively, looking through the ceiling as the chair bound her to itself.

Tracy led Jan over to her. She held Jan by shoulder and hip, and nodded at one of the pegs that jutted behind Kelsey’s staring face.

“Mount, Jan. Straddle her.”

Oh god.

But Jan’s heart slammed in her chest as she stepped up and then swept her leg over the bound girl, as Tracy held her up like a helpful stablehand. Kelsey’s deep brown eyes had less self than a cow’s as they looked at her crotch, and suddenly Jan was wet and quivering as she felt herself about to use Kelsey this way. Her thighs weakened and she settled, the chair positioning her precisely over Kelsey’s mouth.

Breath kissed her cunt before lips did and she sobbed and bucked, half-collapsing against Tracy’s hands. Her thighs gripped Kelsey’s head, and the brainwashed girl just stared, her lower face hidden, but warm and cool and damp and dry and ohhhhhh—

Jan swayed on her, feeling the tongue and the lips and knowing she was trapped here. She would stay astride Kelsey even if it killed her. She couldn’t pull herself away.

She groaned. She could feel the climax this promised. It was at a horizon, and it would build and build and she would take forever to get there and she would slowly . . . rock . . . on that hot . . . perfect . . . mouth . . .

Looking down, she saw Kelsey wide-eyed, without a thought in her head but the programming to lick and suck.

Jan came helplessly, grinding against the other girl’s face, and nothing broke Kelsey’s trance.

Jan came harder. It didn’t stop the arousal.

For an instant she was sane and terrified of how trapped she was, of what was holding her.

Then the endless climax turned her awareness into fairy dust.



Her own will was gone but Tracy’s voice could still command her.

“Open your eyes now, Jan. Look up at the wall.

“Obey Their will.”

The phrase took Jan by her spasming sex and gave her the strength to break the fascination of Kelsey’s wide-eyed pussylicking. She raised her head and watched the wall shimmer.

Now it swirled with colors and sucked her in. Her mind was already forgetting that she’d seen that on the walls of the ship when it had taken them, hypnotizing their newly-docile minds to keep them nearby and quiet until they could be more permanently mindbound. But the part of her mind the aliens had started changing that night was already conditioned to respond and follow the colors and the dancing patterns.

She danced with them now, rolling her hips to match their rhythm across the mouth that kept her so sweetly trapped.

The swirls formed shapes, spirals and pussy-flowers and sinuous flames and girls shimmying slowly in slave-dance, like her. Her mind was wide open and each image filled her, inflamed her, burned away more of her as it consumed what she was. Each one was seared into her with another hot lick between her thighs.

Jan balanced, her body keeping her upright and her center of gravity—her center of everything—steady astride the girl she was riding. She barely thought of Kelsey down there, doing her like some . . . fetish whore . . . and when she did all she knew was how much of a thing her friend had become.

Each time that was what blew Jan’s mind again.

But her eyes never left the pretty, pretty swirls on the wall.

After a moment or an hour or a century rocking slowly, Jan could hear the voice.

“You are being hypnotized, Jan. Your mind is captured. You see only the colors and you cannot look away. You must look and you must listen.”

Jan nodded. Her head tilted a little and her jaw sagged. The waves of sex had wiped thought from her mind, and even these simple ideas were huge and compelling now. There was nothing left in Jan solid enough to match them.

“The docility field weakened your will but now, you have no will.” It was a woman’s voice, human and assured and irresistible. It knew her weaknesses and where she was soft.

I have no will. It was ecstasy to agree. Jan’s mouth moved but she was too lost to know she made no sound.

“You are so deep in trance already that you are asleep.

“Your eyes are open and cannot look away from the colors, your ears are aware and can hear only my voice.

“But you are asleep.”

I am asleep. Jan’s hips swung and she stared obediently at the dancing colors. Each wondrous syllable the voice spoke bloomed in her cunt first and slid up into her brain slick with stinging pleasure. Jan wanted to believe it, to worship it.

“You have no thoughts of your own.

“Your mind is blank except for sex.

“Your mind is blanked by sex.

“Blankness is sex.”

The orgasm peaked and Jan let her fervent new belief echo through her mind, locked forever to that joycode.

She half-recalled there was a girl between her thighs, licking her tirelessly, mindlessly. The girl was a slave—but not Jan’s slave. Jan thought of being that kind of slave . . .

The voice touched her again and owned her utterly.

“You know that your will has been destroyed by the docility field.

“You no longer have any power or wish to decide anything for yourself.

“You long to be told what to do.

“You are completely obedient to command.”

“I am completely obedient,” Jan droned aloud. She swayed atop the tongue, trapped by an eddy in the pretty swirl that held her spellbound. She knew none of it, even as the pleasure flooded what remained of her thought processes. She knew only that she was completely obedient, and came.

“Girls without will of their own are slaves.

“They obey the first voice they hear, and if it binds them to it, they obey it forever.

“You will obey forever.”

“I will obey forever,” Jan recited. The tears in her eyes blurred the swirling colors but that only deepened their effect on her.

They had resolved now to a simple display of concentric circles, expanding outward and drawing her in. By now she was conditioned to let herself fall into it, and the shimmering wall no longer needed complex patterns to beguile her. Jan was deeply hypnotized and only needed to be guided further into trance.

The alien field had truly stripped her of any resistance she could have mounted. Undocilized, she could have fought the relaxation and the sex. But under its effects she was defenseless.

For Jan that was more certain than her own existence. She was controlled. She couldn’t help but accept whatever was suggested to her. Once she was told she was without will, it became truth. Then there was nothing left but her ardent new longing to obey.

The concentric rings grew slower, slower. Jan felt her mind, bound to them, grow sluggish too. Rapt, she watched as they majestically changed direction, shrinking now and slipping in from the edges of her vision, contracting and slipping away into the center where her eye helplessly followed them inward. Like her thoughts, growing smaller and fainter to disappear.

The voice was still speaking to her, but to a part of her it had put even more deeply to sleep. She heard only the dreadfully sweet tones that bent her thoughts and kept her rocking on the wonderful girl-thing she rode.

The rings grew wider, and darkened more of the bright as they passed, ever inward. It gave the wall a slow but drastic flicker, and Jan felt it like a vibration behind her eyes, gently stunning her brain as she gaped at it.

Jan was perfectly motionless astride Kelsey’s mouth. Her breathing, the pulse of the circles, the warm touch of Kelsey’s mouth on her cunt were all in synch with the throbbing that filled the chamber. She no longer heard the voice but she knew it was in her, and yielded to it.

She half-heard a command to raise herself from her living saddle. Her pussy wept to be parted from Kelsey’s mouth and her legs were numb. But obeying was sweeter than all else, and she dismounted to stand unsteadily on the deck.

At the edge of her vision, she saw the chair that had held Kelsey for face-fucking was releasing the other girl from its restraints. Kelsey lay still as it freed her, and then brought her hands up to cross them over her chest like a corpse before she sat up and flowed to her feet. She came to attention beside Jan, so close Jan could feel her body heat and smell her own honey on the other girl’s face.

But Kelsey’s face was blank beneath it as she pivoted and walked past Jan.

“This unit awaits command,” she told Tracy. Her words slurred in a mouth whose soreness she might be programmed not to notice.

“Return to Explorer Six to be reprogrammed,” Tracy said crisply.

“This unit obeys.” Kelsey swung again and walked out.

Jan looked at Tracy and tried to speak, but her brain throbbed pleasantly now and in three pulses, or two, or one, the idea was gone from her. She saw the redhead looking at her, but just enjoyed her own helpless immobility—until the impulse to move took over.

It was a posthypnotic suggestion, and it had complete control of her. Ohhhhh.

She dampened quietly as she felt the compulsion, and then more so as she obeyed it, marching past Tracy out of the hypnosis area, back down the corridor. She must report to the tube room.

The brainwashing chamber.

She walked in and stopped, her hands brushing her thighs. She vaguely recalling someone else doing that but she was too lost in the thrill of doing it. She looked up and saw human girls standing at blank attention in the tubes, staring or sleeping as the strobes and halos reshaped their thoughts.

She saw the six-legged Explorers fretfully at work among them and shivered with devotion. Soon one would approach her and she would be allowed to obey it. She would love it for letting her, as much as her empty mind allowed. In the meantime she just watched the other pretty Earthlings being brainwashed.

Then there was an Explorer beside her, and she remembered to stand still as it monitored her mind. It waved a forelimb just so

Jan went rigid as the trigger seized her mind and body. She shook in a fever of desperate obedience, and then stalked machinelike to an empty tube, barely able to wonder why the imminent orgasm didn’t break through and spin her screaming to the deck.

Jan halted, ignoring the tube as it slid open. She stepped onto the platform and stood erect, facing the blank wall solemnly. Silently it rotated her, and she stayed upright, her eyes always forward as the room turned about her. The tube slid down over her, veiling the room.

She must wait. She waited. Something hummed down from above her head and her anus clenched pleasantly as she resisted the urge to look up, as she knew she must. There was a shadow above her gaze. She still stared forward, as if still surrendering to the shimmering rings.

Inside the shadow something glowed.

When she saw that glow she must raise her eyes to it and look. Like a flower to the sun, she obeyed.

The first flash turned her mind off. Her eyes stayed open but she couldn’t see the others as they throbbed through her.


Jan stood before the tube. There had been a discontinuity but she was not to think about it, and she did not. She was wide awake but as blank as a sleeper. She knew she was naked at attention inside an alien spaceship, while the aliens worked around her controlling the minds of her friends.

They controlled her mind already, she knew. She would have smiled or climaxed if she were told to.

She was a slave, and it made her happier than anything ever had. Or ever would.

Until the next Command.

An Owner brushed by her to get to another tube, as though she were part of the room’s equipment.

And I am. A whore’s ecstasy and a cow’s contentment braided around her simple thoughts.

Then her thoughts paled as a bright Command bloomed among them.

A new slave must be processed.

She must be weakened for the hypnoconditioning.

That is m . . . that is this unit’s function.

This unit will obey.

Jan obeyed.

She walked out of the brainwashing chamber, hot with purpose as she returned to the hypnosis area. Kelsey stood there now, taut and alert, watching another girl who swayed with arousal and submission and a bit of residual fear. For a moment Jan thought of Tina, but before that could do anything to her ecstatic contentment, she saw the new subject Kelsey had led in was Sophia.

Sophia is to be hypnotized. She must be weakened. The Jan-unit must perform this function.

Jan’s mind surfaced briefly to wonder if the other girl’s sex-partner, Lisa, had been tranced or otherwise neutralized to detach Sophia and bring her here to be converted, but dismissed it. It felt wonderful to silence a thought on her own, as swiftly as an Owner might, as it manipulated her mind.

She knew what she must do.

“This unit reports,” she intoned, finding it easy to stare through the other slave. “This unit is programmed to assist Kelsey-unit in hypnoconditioning Sophia-unit for enslavement.

“This unit is obedient until reinstructed.” Her heart triphammered.

“This unit awaits command.”

“Uploaded.” Kelsey’s dead-eyed stare made her want to come. “Jan-unit will be stimulator.


Jan’s trance kept her from shaking as she turned neatly to the chair. She felt Sophia’s sleepy, confused gaze and without really remembering she sensed the girl had watched her submit before. It was nice to be seen obeying again.

Jan felt strange dexterity possess her as her body found its own way into the chair, and the deck cooled her hot skin.

She would be the mindless living dildo this time. She would function and fuck Sophia into oblivion as the shimmering wall sucked Sophia’s will and wits from her. It made Jan so hot to help make another slave that she no longer knew or cared if the chair was uncomfortable.

She lay back and panted as she felt the bonds creep around her limbs and immobilize her head. She heard Kelsey command Sophia to mount her, more coldly than Tracy had done for her. Then her world was the hot silk of Sophia’s thighs framing her face, the heat and spice of Sophia’s weeping pussy pressing down, the arousal that made her drunken.

Jan thirsted, and she made love to that pussy with total focus.

Looking up Sophia’s body, she could glimpse Sophia’s face. Even at this angle she could see it reflect the pretty swirls, and in the flicker Sophia’s features slackened as the trance overcame her. As the girl was hypnotized her eyes grew glassy and her mouth began to hang open. Sophia moaned and rolled her hips dreamily, grinding her cunt into Jan’s face.

Jan had an orgasm then. Neither girl noticed.

Sophia spasmed against her face, and again . . .

Jan was outside the UFO before she woke fully. She wasn’t quite sure yet why she savored the ache in her jaw, or made her sore tongue lick her swollen lips once again.

Girls who are mind-controlled taste best of all.

She sank to her knees and looked out at the morning sunlight on the lake. She had a moment to wonder if it had all been a nightmare of capture and slavery.

But even before she realized she saw the lake from beneath a rooflike flying saucer, Jan felt the sex-forged chains warm around her mind, and knew once more the fundamental fact of existence.

She was the Owners’ slave. She would want only to obey Them, for the rest of her life.

Unless They told her to obey something else.

She rose to her feet, waiting quietly for another Command to impel her. Until one did, it was wonderful and arousing to stand blankly, without purpose, under her controllers’ ship, unable to act at all.

Motion caught her eye. Three other girls were trotting together along the meadow under the saucer, ridden by Owners. The Owners were racing them. Their limbs flashed in synch as they trotted past, expressionless and perfectly balanced for their riders.

Jan’s blankness took over, emptying her again to await Command.

Other girls walked into her line of vision, stooping now and then. Gradually she realized they were policing the campsite. They gathered clothing and other things, and seemed to have no desire to do anything but pass them to other girls who went with them like packbeasts, slung with rucksacks and with their arms filling with gear. They had been in the ship, and their hypnotized gazes did not recognize what they found as anything but material to be collected—there was no sorting, just mindless retrieval.

Jan’s pussy itched, but as she watched the others serve as maintenance drones she stood still and let the arousal build. It made her see that what they’d thought were their possessions had really been just debris to the Owners, cluttering Their landing site. She was happy the Earthling girls could be useful in removing them.

“Hi, Jan!”

She stared into the eyestalks of Owner Five.

“Do you feel wonderful now, Jan?” It sounded hopeful.

“The Jan-unit is totally obedient now, Explorer Five.” She spoke the cover title aloud, since any Earthling girls not yet brainwashed must not be allowed to suspect Their true, just intentions. “It turns her on to obey Your every command. Thank You for allowing her to obey.” She heard herself, husky with throttled need to climax, to serve.

“Excellent, Jan.” She held still again as it raised the sensor, and unlike the Owner in the brainwashing chamber, it made a pleased noise and held the display up to her. “Yes, confirming. You are very deeply under our control. Do you see?”

She glanced politely at the strange symbols. “The Jan-unit apologizes,” she said. “She is only a hypnotized Earthling. She cannot comprehend Your advanced technology.” It felt soooo nice to demean herself. If she could focus she could go on like that all day . . .

“Ah. Yes. I see,” the alien said. “But, Jan. Was your indoctrination incomplete? You addressed me as ‘Explorer.’”

Jan blinked. “I—the Jan-unit is sorry. The Jan-unit is programmed with that imperative. No one must know You control us.”

“Ah. That programming is being overwritten. All but two of this flock of Earthlings have been thought-corrected and know their place. You are all free to address us as we are.

“And—please relax, Jan.” It sounded wistful, as though it liked her. “You can now think and act like the Earthling girl you were before conversion.”

Jan stood a little straighter, relieved and proud that they could all go openly as slaves. “Yes, Owner Five. The Jan—I must obey. Thank You for updating my programming.”

“Excellent. You have all made such excellent slaves.

“All but two,” it sighed. “The Shelby-unit responds to the implant now but will require major repairs. Paying for that, atop the loss of its value, will come from Owner Two’s shares.”

Jan stood quietly, not understanding.

“But the other will prove useful just as it is.

“Well! That is no concern of yours, Jan. In fact you will not remember what I just said.”

“I ob . . . bey,” Jan moaned. She could feel the thrill of a missing thought gapped from her memory, but was helpless to retrieve it.

Her confusion was only momentary. She was a slave. “I await command.”

“You will go to and fetch Tina now. Other slaves have been programmed to accompany you. They know nothing now, but will activate when triggered.”

Jan thought of slim, sad Tina. The Owners wanted her now. When Jan heard the command, it would be her function to bring them Tina.

“I understand, Owner Five, and I obey. How will I make her obedient?”

“You will not hypnotize her. It is our will that she remain awake. You will simply bring her to us. She must comply.

“You will not interact with the other slaves.” Jan felt no need to question. These were Commands.

“Obey,” the alien said, and Jan followed its pointing forelimb to the lake. She saw a lone figure walking listlessly in the shallows, with none of the robotic certainty of the other girls. The rush of sympathy it drew from her cooled before she even knew she’d felt it.

I must obey. I must bring Tina.

She walked toward the water. A soft, odd chime sounded, and she saw one of the litter-pickup parties stop in their tracks. Clothes and parcels fell from numb hands, knapsacks were shrugged off to hit the grass unheeded. The girls stood at attention, facing wherever they had when the trigger had switched off their cleanup compulsion.

Then they pivoted as one, all facing Tina and staring down the meadow’s mild slope at her. As Jan walked past, they silently matched step with her. They were very close when Tina, gazing across the lake, turned back toward the saucer and saw them.

Tina froze.


Tina gasped and staggered back from shore, splashing a little. The other slaves stopped and stood at attention, and Jan walked on alone.

She felt a quivering urge to point expressionlessly and drone “You will become one of us.”

But she obeyed her programming instead. “Hello, Tina. Don’t be afraid.”

“Oh, Jan.” Tina’s body was poised for flight but her voice was small and sad. “They got you.”

“Of course They did, Tina. They are so much more powerful than we are. We were meant to be Their slaves.”

Tina shook her head, but didn’t speak. It would be hard for her to disagree, Jan thought smugly. The Owners’ power had turned everyone else into Their tool, and Tina—for now—was the only human here who could still think for herself.

Tina looked quite beautiful, taut and alert even as the docility field slipped her edge and vitality from her. The water lapped gently at her legs, making her look as though she wore only thigh-high boots.

“You must come with me now, Tina. They command it.” She let Tina see her shiver as she said it, and the way her friend’s eyes widened to see how wet it made Jan to be seen that way just made her shiver again.

“That’s why I won’t, Jan.” Tina took a breath. “I . . . can’t . . . make myself leave. But I won’t submit. I won’t let them hypnotize me.” She blinked and shifted, rippling the water, and glanced away as if she feared Jan’s stare would fixate her.

“Or you, Jan. Now that they own you.”

Jan smiled. “I wasn’t programmed to hypnotize you, Tina. It’s just that I can concentrate so much better now that my Owners took all those unnecessary thoughts from me. All I can think of now is bringing you to Them.”

Tina looked around at the water, and her shoulders sagged as she saw the futility of trying to flee. It was too shallow to swim and too deep to run. The girls that had splashed happily here just before the saucer came stood coiled now, staring at her like a single organism, nothing in their stripped minds but readiness to charge in after her and drag her back out.

Tina faced Jan again, trying to stand straight. She hadn’t expected this one moment to be it. She shook her head, sucking her lip and trying hard, Jan could tell, not to cry. Tina had no chance and she knew it. She had nothing but refusal to give up, now, and she would cling to that until someone pulled it from her.

It made Jan uncomfortable. I liked her. I still do. She’s very brave.

They want her.

Something at the bottom of Jan’s mind, below the part They had brainwashed, wanted all on its own to swoop down and feel Tina thrash and struggle. But Their command controlled her.

“They do not want to hurt you, Tina. Nor any of us.” They had made Shelby into a spasming broken toy, but as Jan remembered that again her mind swirled with colors and a phantom tongue filled her cunt. Malfunctioning unit, she thought, and closed her eyes as she came silently.

“Hurt us?” Tina tried to laugh. “Jan, they’re taking our minds! Who we are. They’re destroying us.” She clamped her jaws shut over a sob.

“Jan? Are you still you, in there? Do you remember talking with me, before?”

The grief and the doomed hope in Tina’s voice made Jan wet, as she realized how weak and tired Tina was. “Of course, Tina. I remember everything. I remember I feared and hated Them. I didn’t want them to enslave me—or you, or anyone.

“But They control my thoughts and desires now, Tina. They have fixed me. Now I love being their slave. And, Tina . . . obeying Them is the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.”

She grinned and saw Tina shrink from it as though from a blow. “You were absolutely right about Their hypnosis, though. After my time in the docility field, I was a completely suggestible subject.

“A hypnotist can’t overcome your will—but if you don’t have any will, then you’re theirs.”

Tina was staring at her like a frozen rabbit.

“I’m addicted to being Theirs, Tina. And They know how to make it irresistible. Just one hit of it is all you’ll need to realize you want it too.”

Tina was crying now, silently. Jan lowered her voice and stepped slowly into the water, smiling and holding the other girl’s stricken gaze.

“You’ve held out so long, Tina. We were snapped up easily but you resisted.” She nodded and saw Tina nod, then shake herself more awake. “You stayed afraid and lonely and trapped but you tried. Even They think you’re special.

“So do I, Tina. They didn’t erase my feelings, They just made me realize I live only to obey Them. I admire you—I just don’t think it’s what you should be doing.

“Poor Tina . . . They don’t want you to suffer, especially not now, not after fighting so hard. You’ve earned peace, not pain.” Tina twitched and averted her gaze again but she didn’t move away as Jan walked to her through the shallow water. Jan could see it in her friend’s posture—Tina really was alone and scared and very tired, and she badly wanted to believe someone meant to help her and let her rest. Even if she knew it was just a way to control her in the end.

Jan thought of Tracy soothing her before, when she’d been free. When she knew Tina wasn’t looking, she smiled.

“You’re safe, Tina. No one will hurt you.” She stopped, not too close. She held out her hands and watched Tina’s smooth body, seeing it tense and relax. She saw Tina start to surrender before the free girl knew she’d made the choice to.

Tina came to her, and pushed a wavelet that splashed startlingly up onto her pussy. Jan caught her as though she were falling, and felt Tina hold her tight, blindly seeking comfort. Jan just held her, stroking her back lightly.

She felt the other girl with her whole skin: trembling, her breath in hot sharp gasps on Jan’s shoulder, heart racing, warm and soft and firm as her trim thigh pressed with innocent intensity against Jan’s cleft. She put her lips to Tina’s neck and pressed, and felt Tina relax slightly.

Jan starting doing to Tina what she remembered Tracy doing to her. Recalling how easily Tracy had melted her emotional and sexual defenses made her want to rape Tina where she stood. But her Owners hadn’t programmed her to do that to Tina. Instead she enjoyed feeling the tatters of the other girl’s resolve fray and scatter. Tina hadn’t surrendered her will, and Jan as a mere slave could not take it. But Tina’s grip on her will was loosening faster than her thighs were.

Tina would behave.

“Come on,” Jan whispered after a while. “You won’t be hurt and you won’t be hypnotized.”

Tina clung to her. “Why not?”

“I’m just Their slave, Tina. I don’t need to know Their plans, only Their commands.

“They aren’t lying, if that’s what you think.” She nuzzled Tina’s hair. “If They wished They could stun your mind by pulsing the docility field. It’s how They tamed me from a runaway to useful tool.”

“I know,” Tina whispered across her skin. “It got me, too. I sort of woke later. They didn’t pay any attention to me, but . . . I felt it.”

Tentative lips brushed Jan’s shoulder and neck. “I guess I know how you felt. If they’d told me to submit to them then, I would have.

“I don’t blame you, Jan.” Tina squeezed her. Then she sighed.

“All right. I’ll come with you now.”

She straightened and let Jan release her, and blinked, trying to keep her focus as the docility field still flickered invisibly around her mind. Jan put an arm around her and they started to walk back, but after a moment she realized Tina was trying to do this freely, while she still could. Without really knowing why, she eased away and just offered her hand to her friend, and they walked back to the UFO together.

The girls who’d sleepwalked down to the water’s edge to intimidate Tina ignored them as they passed. They stared out over the lake, bereft of purpose after obeying their one command. An Owner trotted past Jan and Tina to reactivate them and perhaps set them back to their clearance tasks.

Back at the central cylinder, they found Tracy with Owners Two and Five. At first it looked like they’d turned Tracy back into their girlbot once more, but she was just standing passively, and she smiled to see them as though she knew what Jan had done to soothe the free girl, and how she’d learned to.

Devotion filled Jan and she slipped her hand from Tina’s to come to attention. She loved how much more arousing it was to be so openly submissive before someone whom They didn’t own. Being obedient in front of a girl with willpower—even a sleepy and defeated one—made Jan deliciously aware of her own slavery.

They made us like it. If she hadn’t been transfixed by the two Owners, she would have grinned at Tracy.

“I’m going to fight you,” Tina said to the Owners without preamble. “It’ll take you two seconds to turn me into another one of your puppets. But they’ll be my two seconds.”

Four eyestalks regarded her, and then each other.

“We are not going to take over your mind,” Owner Two said. “We need a control for an experiment, and it—she—must retain her initiative and uncorrected thoughts.”

“Her what?” Through her obvious dread, Tina managed to sound disgusted.

“Jan, explain to her.”

“I obey.” She swiveled, still standing stiffly but smiling as her head filled with tube-truths. Tina looked away but then made herself face Jan. “Owner Two means your illusion that you need or want to make decisions, or that it is better to think than to obey.

“They have not yet removed that from your mind.”

Tina nodded. “I see. Why not?”

“Because,” Owner Two said, “we want you to try to escape.”


“Naturally, we do not want you to succeed. But we are still testing our control methods, and since you are available—and clearly a very resistant Earthling—you can be useful in bounding some measurements.”

Tina just stared. Jan could see her try to ignore the hope, to keep the Owners from noticing it. Jan thought of betraying Tina outright, as Tracy had reported her own misguided badthoughts earlier. But something inside paralyzed her, and she let it keep her silent.

“You will be allowed to move beyond the effective radius of the docility field. We will fit you with a control device, which is meant to keep you tranquil and submissive, even if not totally obedient.”

Behind the Owners, a human left the UFO and strode toward them. It was Shaheen, deep in trance, holding something made of metal bands before her like an acolyte bringing sacrifice to an altar. Her raven hair flew in a sudden breeze and veiled her face, but she didn’t blink.

Jan watched her hungrily, hoping she could be given a command like the one that consumed Shaheen. There was nothing behind the other girl’s glazed eyes but the need to bring the device to the designated Owner.

Shaheen stared into space and offered the object on upturned palms. She seemed prepared to stand there forever.

“What is it, slave?” asked Owner Two.

Shaheen blinked and moved her mouth, her eyes wide. They lidded for a moment and she seemed to make an effort before speaking.

“I . . . must bring . . . dazeband . . . to Owner Two.” She spoke with awe and trembling arousal. It just made Jan more excited, seeing how utterly mindblown the other girl was by the only thought in her head. She wondered if Shaheen had been damaged by the Owners, like Shelby, when They altered her into Their tool.

Jan felt an urgent need to masturbate as she let herself dream that she’d been damaged that way, trapped in orgasm. She would lose her mind but gain ecstasy.

And They could still find uses for her. They’d just—ohhhh—need to control her more thoroughly.

The Owners stood silently and their other slaves waited for instruction. Tracy beamed at Tina and Tina leaned a little on her feet but lacked the energy to say anything.

Brainwashed Shaheen stood and waited with her offering, beyond patience. It was not her place to do anything but wait upon the beings that had possessed her. Then Owner Two took the device with a forelimb, and Shaheen still stood there with upturned palms, blissfully waiting.

“Release,” Owner Two said, and Shaheen’s hands floated down. Her serene expression never changed.

“Return to the ship, now.” The Owner spoke slowly, as though Shaheen could no longer process rapid or complex instructions. “Await new commands.”

“I obey,” Shaheen said softly, gratefully, before turning neatly and walking back to the cylinder. Her hips swayed enchantingly but her hands hung numbly by her sides.

The Owners were already ignoring her. “Listen carefully, Tina.”

Tina forced her eyes open and peered wearily at Owner Two, and Jan was glad to see how strong and focused her Owners were—so much better at making decisions and thinking than easily-hypnotized Earthlings.

I hope we please Them as slaves.

“This headset,” Owner Two was saying, “contains both a remote docility field emitter and a resonator for the main field. We will try to keep you tame simply by propagating the docility effect beyond the edge of the field from the ship.

“If you can free your mind of that, we will learn that it is not a viable method for controlling Earthlings and shift to the emitter. We will then quell your resistance with the new docility waves from the emitter.”

“I continue to object,” Owner Five began to sputter, “to your careless experimental—”

“I have authority to—”

“The Shelby-unit’s functional devaluation—”

Owner Two suddenly reverted to its own tongue and began sounding like a dolphin at a poetry slam, but instead of responding in Their language, Owner Five fell silent. Whatever the other Owner had clicked and spat, it had ended the argument.

“My innovative, cogitating-external-to-the-container way is what is saving this enterprise’s viability. We must take chances, including controlled release of an Earth female who has not yet been converted to obedience. There is no other way to determine whether the field can subdue resistant prey, and we must know this to plan the next phase.

“Tina, come to me.”

Tina started, and stepped toward the alien with a bewildered expression.

“The field,” she murmured.

“Yes, Tina. When you let your attention wander it weakens you. You must concentrate if you are to resist us, and of course concentrating makes you tired—”

“No!” Tina stopped, with a visible effort. “She said you wouldn’t try to hypnotize me!”

“Nor am I, Tina. I am only describing what the field is doing to you.

“Kneel.” The free girl moaned as the command found her still under the field’s spell, and she sank to her knees as the Owner approached. “Hold still.”

Tina looked up. Even in docility-daze, she seemed acutely unhappy to let the alien who might have turned Shelby into a vegetable put a device on her head, as an experiment. But Jan could see Tina was submitting deliberately. She accepted this risk, for the chance to try to escape.

When Owner Two bade her rise, Tina’s head was encircled by a wide silvery band crossed by a narrower one that ran over her crown and under her chin, with thicker projections over her temples and on either side of the nape of her neck. It looked like futuristic sports protection, but the more Jan looked at her the more controlled Tina seemed.

“The Tracy-unit will take you away from the ship to a location we have programmed it with, and then return. It is programmed to observe your relative susceptibility, to supplement the device’s own signals to us.

“The Jan-unit will accompany you. It will obey the Tracy-unit and carry out incidental tasks.”

Jan stiffened, as purpose and a need to serve surged through her.

“Owner Five will supervise.” It cocked an eyestalk at Owner Five, which lowered its own eyestalks deferentially.

They stood while Owner Two spoke to the onboard controllers and they calibrated the headset, Tina shook as the test waves buzzed her thoughts into static until they got it set.

Jan walked to Owner Five and knelt beside it, looking off toward the woods. When she sensed its quizzical look she asked quietly, “May this unit be Your horse, my Owner?”

“Oh. Oh! How—delightful.” The little creature seemed pleased, and Jan herself tried not to wriggle with the pleasure of being its steed again. When its weight was on her, she stood as straight as it was comfortable with and waited. She made herself glance over at Tracy. The redhead was grinning at her.

“Better than sex,” she told Jan. “i can see it on your face.”

“Yes, Tracy. I understand now. I can’t believe I tried to disobey. I can’t understand why . . .” She stopped, because she did know why Tina was trying to stay free. It didn’t make sense to her conquered mind or her simmering pussy, but inside part of her understood completely. It even hoped Tina would win.

But Jan’s mind and pussy just kept her hot thinking of how They would use her to make Tina lose.

Then they were walking, Tina between them. Jan was content to pace instead of gallop—whatever her rider signaled her. It was almost hypnotic to make her silent way toward the edge of ship-shadow and the woods. The Owner said nothing and the other girls kept silent too, for their very different reasons.

They passed under the edge of the saucer and Jan was underneath sky for only the second time since They’d captured her. She thought about looking up at it, just for the jolt of pleasure that But I have not been told to brought.

They were quite a way from the saucer when Tina gasped and staggered. She lifted her hands halfway to her head before Their inhibition took over and she lowered them. Jan realized her own head, too, was clear of the pervading subliminal buzz, and felt her thoughts start to sharpen. They had left the field.

But it was far too late for that. She could think now, outside Their field, but only the thoughts They wished her to have. She really had been brainwashed. She belonged to Them.

She wanted to laugh, or just to lie back on the frame chair and lick another girl into surrender while They hypnotized her.

“Stop,” her rider said, and both she and Tracy obeyed instantly. Tina took another couple of steps, turning to blink at them but stopping too.

“Tell us how you feel,” Tracy said.

Tina trembled and said, “I was loose for a while when we left the field.” She seemed discouraged to be so responsive to the other girl’s command. “But then I started feeling dizzy again and I . . . I’m very relaxed, now.” She sighed.

“I thought I could escape. But the control is still very powerful.”

Owner Five had its ubiquitous device out and pointed at Tina. “I am chagrined,” it said. “I cannot monitor Tina’s brainwaves through the headset. Perhaps we should, ah, return to the ship, yes, and I can obtain another one. I advocate this.” It was speaking into a communicator.

It sighed. “Very well. I simply do not wish to lose sight of the ship. I am not a survey officer. I do not enjoy strange thick vegetation—”

Tracy’s head snapped around to face it, eyes narrow. Her controllers had pulled her into a stiff but threatening posture as They robotized her, and Jan felt her rider flinch.

Tracy started gagging and choking, staring up over Jan’s head at Owner Two, then stopped.

“The robot,” she said hoarsely, “is not configured for Language.” Jan realized They had tried speaking through her.

“Very well.” Tracy coughed. “Dismount your slave and return to the ship. We can collect measurements from here, and both slaves will obey the robot. We will reprogram it to control them.”

“But it is—” Owner Five gave up, and told Jan to kneel. She stood on command when it was off her.

“You could at least have let me ride it back,” it muttered, so agitated that it spoke English.

Tracy’s head tracked like a gun turret until the little alien was well on its way back to the flying saucer, then swung back to face forward.

Her eyes closed and opened and she grinned at Jan, panting a little. “Mmmm robotization. They let me feel that, you know. Just a little bit before the mind fades, but it is just—to—die for. It is part of my reward for submitting.”

Jan heard the raw arousal in her voice, and thought of how many times They must have rewarded Tracy that way as they took total control of her. Tracy would probably have been Their willing slave if They did nothing else to her but that.

And They had done a lot else to her. Jan wanted to ask how she could please Them that much.

Then from beside them, Tina croaked, “Thank god it’s gone. We can talk now.”

“No, Tina.” Tracy turned. “Now we will obey our programming. Start walking.”

Tina moaned, but she was helpless to disobey, and they moved on toward the woods.