The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


The three girls had walked naked into the trees and found a shady path, and their mindless progress had soothed Jan into a trance. It took effort to rouse herself, but it was worth it to be aware enough to see Tina becoming equally mesmerized, even while she tried to keep focus.

And Tina looked very erotic in the control headset, especially when her slim body wore nothing else.

“Tell me what you are thinking, Tina.” Tracy’s assured voice woke them both without really freeing them from the reverie.

“AbouthowIcan—uhhhh!” Tina staggered, reaching for her head again. As before, the hypnotic block paused her hands before they could reach the headset.

“You must obey, Tina.” Tracy smiled but didn’t look at her. “Even when only i command you.”

“Nnno.” Tina panted. “You . . . can’t . . .”

“Unless you can hold out until the compulsion fades, yes. They programmed me with more powerful ways to compel you if i need to, Tina. You will not resist those.

“But it is not hard to infer your thoughts. You have always been a very focused girl, with goals. You are trying to think of how to get out of the headset that keeps you docile.”

Tina kept walking, letting her breathing slow down. “Jan,” she said, straining. “Can you hear me?”

Jan waited for Tracy to nod permission. “Of course I can hear you, Tina.”

“Jan, you have to fight what they’re doing to us. They’ve done something to Tracy but you can—”

“They did something to me, too, Tina.” Jan felt the air on her skin. “They enslaved me.”

“Jan is responding well to Their control,” Tracy confirmed.

“You mean they ‘corrected her thoughts’?” Tina was bitter but not convinced.

Tracy looked at Jan approvingly. “Well, we can hear one, and see how corrected it is.

“Jan, do you remember how They took control of you?”

Tina had asked her the same thing, up against her, warm and needing her. Jan knew what she’d said then, about remembering the raid and the terror, and it was still true, but in a flat, black and white, out of focus way.

Something better hummed into her head. Something that tasted like the pussy of a girl sleeping with her eyes open. Something They wanted her to think.

“Yes, Tracy. Of course I remember. You brought us here for Them to capture and control.”

Tina looked over at her sharply, despite what the headset must be doing to her ability to concentrate. “Yes. Yes! She tricked us into—”

“I remember very clearly,” Jan went on. “Back at school, you explained to us that some aliens from a UFO had robotized you, and then programmed you to select other girls for Them to enslave also.

“Some of us got very excited. I know I wanted to touch myself.” Jan gasped with the fictional heat. “And, when you told us that, it awakened our ancestral memory that we’re actually a slave species They’re coming back to reclaim and control. It explained the erotic submissive dreams that each of us suddenly remembered having, and we knew it was true. We realized that becoming Their livestock again was our destiny, and of course we agreed that you should bring us to our Owners.

“We are stray heifers, but They have herded us in now.”

She looked over at Tina, who was gaping at her, and then traded smiles with Tracy.

“Of course,” the redhead purred, “among all those panting heifers, not everyone had your self-control. Did they, Jan?”

Jan felt that trigger another non-memory. She could almost feel Their tube around her as she stood rigid, stupefied by the strobelights, while They poured Their lovely shimmering nonsense into her.

“No, Tracy. Just seeing them succumb to it almost had me doing it.” She let her voice drip with servile flattery. “That’s when you realized the whole bunch of us would probably be masturbating all the way here on the highway as we got closer to being taken.

“You told us it wouldn’t be fair to the girls driving, who couldn’t jill off. Even if we kept changing drivers it wouldn’t work. But you offered to hypnotize us all and keep us in trance until we got here. We all agreed that would be cool.

“You kept us hypnotized while we set up the campsite to your specs. Nothing like being a will-less submissive to make someone a great team player.” Jan giggled. “You woke us to undress and eat, and we just had sex together until dark.

“Then we built the fire, and knelt, and stared into the flame. And waited for Them to come for us.”

Her voice hushed, remembering the worshipping girls’ awe and the deeper arousal as the Owners’ ship had become a blacker, nearer sky over their heads and settled slowly down . . .

“No,” Tina said. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “That didn’t happen. None of that happened.”

“No, it did not.” Tracy turned where the path sloped downward. “And Jan knows that. But she knows, as i do, that They could replace her memory with that and remove what you are thinking of now.

“She would not fight Them if They told her They would do that.”

Tina was silent for a while. “Is that what your monsters are going to do to us? Brainwash us into believing this ‘slave-species’ crap and accepting their will?”

“They are experimenting with that, Tina. Some of you will receive that programming, and be content as nothing but Their livestock. Others will be allowed to remember what really happened. How you ran and screamed and tried to escape Their will. But the girls They select to remember that will want to, because it will be addictively erotic to relive their capture, over and over.”

She laughed. “That was my idea. i think.

“But They will compare how these affect your acceptance of Their ownership. Whichever mode makes a more devoted slavegirl will be what They standardize. Then, the other subjects will be brainwiped and reprogrammed with the more useful memories.”

Jan purred with the thought of it. “That’ll be so wonderful, Tracy. Whatever They tell us to think will be what makes us hottest. And most obedient.”

“Your thoughts are completely correct now, Jan.” Tracy’s approval was colder, but it felt even better.

Tina sobbed once.

Later she asked, “Why just girls, Tracy? Why not . . . breeding pairs? They’re not Martians. Who ‘needs women’ this time?”

Tracy laughed. “The Owners do not have gender. Poor Them, i suppose. i do not know if They are cloned; i think They are too complex to fission. Of course, i am ecstatic that They can somehow exist, so i can serve Them!

“Um.” She swallowed. “Anyways, They prefer female humans because we are both breeders and workers, and we are more suitable for mind-slavery.”

“What?” Jan was amazed that Tina’s beleaguered mind still had room for indignation about that. In a vague way she shared it. “Men resist mind control better?”

“Quite the opposite,” Tracy said, unperturbed. “They are much more susceptible, especially with sex. However, the Owners discovered males tend to focus entirely on sex. Too little of their awareness can be kept on-task.

“They still have, so to speak, one thing on their minds. But since it is what controls their minds, they just get overwhelmed. We can function while still under total control. Some males can, but not enough for Their purposes. And only Their purposes matter.”

No one said anything as they walked on. Jan realized she had no idea where they were going, or what Tracy would tell them to do when they got there. But her absolute lack of need to think about it—to do anything but obey Tracy’s commands—made her euphoric.

Still, she felt badly for Tina, still fighting the soft pressure of Their superior power and Their obvious right to erase her freedom. For a second she wondered if she could tempt Tina by showing how intensely her own obedience was turning her on.

Oh. I’m still trying to think for myself. Tracy will tell me what I must do. Jan relaxed and listened to Tina’s rapid breathing. The free girl was almost moaning.

“Tell me, Tina,” came Tracy’s quiet, compelling whisper, “what you are thinking this time.”

“I’m . . . wondering. What they did to you. To make you accept their ownership.” Tina seemed to perk up as she found a way to obey without revealing whatever she was trying to conceal. Jan thought again of betraying that to Tracy, but They hadn’t programmed her to monitor Tina’s obedience.

Besides which, Jan herself wanted to hear how They’d made Tracy Their slave. Although, unlike Tina, she’d listen with pure envy.

They walked for a while before Tracy said anything. “i have already been programmed to discuss that, actually. They determined it could demoralize or perhaps seduce a non-brainwashed Earthling girl.”

How had that gone? Had Tracy looked up from her Psych 301 text a year ago and called silently to Them through the implant They controlled her with, offering her masters a new idea? Or had They put it together from what They scooped from her and then grafted it into her thoughts?

Jan licked her lips, hoping Tracy would tell them that, too.

“They abducted you before, Tracy, didn’t they?” Tina seemed to be keeping the lethargy at bay, and Tracy was letting her. “Two years ago. That was what happened to you. And the other girls.”

“Yes, Tina. In another park.” Tracy sighed, but it was just as she got into the pace of the tale.

“They came while we were sleeping.

“Well, i was awake, actually. Off in the bushes peeing, when Their ship came down overhead.” She smiled crookedly, as if recounting an awkward date. “i remember i screamed.”

Her grin was chillingly natural. “Even then, i think it turned me on to be enslaved by something from a UFO. But i may just have been reprogrammed to think i remember getting hot for that. Mmm.

“They did not have the docility field that time, but They brought a paralyzing beam. kim and jessie and i just lay there. we could not even scream anymore.”

Tina made a sound like a sob. It was a few moments before she managed, “Tracy, did they hurt you?”

“Some.” Tracy kept smiling. “But They already knew about human bodies, so They had no need to probe too much. Mainly They wanted to know how to control human minds, and They were curious about hypnosis.

“They hypnotized each of us. we tried to resist.”

Without breaking step, Tracy reached down and touched herself. “Mmmm. Ohhhh. Oh.

“Fight—um. Fighting it was useless. Almost. They had ways to make us sleepy and less resistant. They did have a docility projector, not a field like now but just a narrowcast to subdue large thinking-species specimens. It usually just blunts aggression. They did not even use it during the hypnosis, at first.”

Her eyes lit up. “But human brains are wired differently. They found when They use it on humans, it makes us want to obey.”

They kept following the path’s curve through the trees, sloping up to a low, forest-roofed ridge.

“They learned that after one of us found a way to resist the hypnotic machine They were using, and she broke loose.”


Tracy grinned and tilted her head. “Well, actually, it was me. When ‘i’ am aware like this, They let me remember that i tried to get away from Them, because it turns me on so hard to know i failed.

“Anyways, They panicked with the beam and just meant to stun me . . . then, boing, i was willing to do whatever They wanted. They were just as surprised as i was.”

She chuckled. “Of course, i was also mindless and utterly open to suggestion.

“First i just felt—empty. i dropped the tool or pipe or whatever i had grabbed and was brandishing at Them, when i forgot why i had it. Ideas seemed just as hard to hold on to. Then, when They told me to, i went right back to the hypnotic machine and climbed in.”

Her voice caught. “my mind felt so—soft. So yielding. Suddenly i knew what it felt like to be putty in someone’s hands. Just giving up and walking back to let them dismantle my mind was . . . ohhhhh . . .

“Hooh! They were actually hesitant, because at first They did not get how really obedient They had made me. i was too dopey to notice, though—even Their tentative commands rang in my head like pealing cathedral bells. It felt soooo good to obey.

“They asked me how i had resisted Their machine, before, and of course i told Them.” She winked at Jan and waited until Tina had forced her gaze around before shaking her head.

“Hee. Made you look.

“No, Tina—i shan’t tell you how. It would not help you. They have learned how to hypnotize even a resistant girl.

“But, as i was lying there, staring up at Them, wondering why it was so hard to think, kim and jessie were trying to stop me. They kept us in little cages when we weren’t being tranced, and we could see and hear what They were doing to whichever of us They were working on.”

Jan thought about that. What could it be like to stand in a cage and watch Them brainwash another girl—but not want to be her?

“kim and jessie were screaming at me not to tell Them how i had resisted Their trance.” She laughed. “Poor things. they did not know my will had been turned off.

“But thennnn . . .” Tracy’s voice lowered. “Then my new Owners saw i was wet.

“That was the end of that. In no time i was Their slave, and They were hypnotizing me more and more deeply. By the time They took jessie from her cage, i helped Them subdue her until she was docilized. i wanted to because They told me to want to. i was Theirs.

“Then, i helped Them make jessie Theirs, too.” Tracy smiled nostalgically. “When she stopped fighting it, They used both of us to bring kim out. i get hot just thinking about it. All They did was stand there and give orders, and kim was crying and thrashing, and the only ones who actually did the work were jessie and i. Perfect slaves—until we got even better.”

Tracy stopped walking when they reached the ridgetop. Jan and Tina stopped too, losing even the impulse to move when she was no longer leading them.

“All three of us wanted to help Them after that. They didn’t need to lock us in the cages anymore, but They told us to stay there when They weren’t using us, to keep from taking up space.

“When we were allowed to be awake and serve Them, we were eager to help Them find better ways to keep us controlled. we got to pleasure and sex-triggers pretty quickly.”

“My god.” Tina held her arms across her chest. “Are those other two girls out entrapping others like us? Is that what you’re—they’re—going to program us to do?”

Tracy looked at her. “No, Tina. After They learned much about how to control us, They prepared us to serve Them while They went offworld. They could have brainwashed us with Their orders and our sole purpose in life would have been to carry them out, but They also wanted to use us as remote probe units, and update our programming. They had experimented with brain implants on captive humans, but They modified the design, based on what They learned from turning jessie and kim and me into Their creatures.”

She shrugged and put her palms up. “It did not quite work, at first. Or worked too well, maybe. kim’s implant just turned her into this, well, orgasm. With lips. There was a feedback effect They did not anticipate, and her mind just . . . melted. she was alive, but lost in an endless climax, useless to Them.

“jessie tried to snap out of it when she saw kim curled up, drooling and humming and twitching. she was still compelled to obey Them but she started hating Them.”

“What did you do, Tracy?” Tina asked. “When you saw that?”

“i came hard, Tina.

“Then, when They told me to, i submitted to implantation.”

“So you could die happy?” Tina roused herself with the anger and aimed it at Tracy.

“kim did not die, Tina. And i did not want to be lost in climax like her. i was Their slave, and ‘my’ pleasure matters only as a way to reward and control me more deeply. When kim became nonfunctional, i hoped They would succeed in controlling me, so i could serve Their purposes.

“They did. As Their robot, i carry out all remote commands perfectly. They can control my ‘conscious’ persona, too. Though They never really need to, now.

“It chained my mind to Them after They released me, even when They moved offworld.

“They programmed me to infiltrate humanity and learn whether and how we can be mass-enslaved. So it was natural to change majors when i returned.”

Tina blinked, as though she had a question, but when Tracy looked brightly at her, she shook her head. She kept looking at Tracy, almost unbelievingly, but the shorter girl just stood there, matter-of-fact and as real as the trees around them.

Jan let her eyes run lingeringly down Tracy’s sleek nudity. She was mildly startled to realize Tracy was shiny, her freckled curves glistening with sunscreen. At some point after seducing Jan into the ship, she’d been told to apply it—maybe with the instructed help of another of the entranced girls. Jan could not picture her doing it on her own. The Owners had already decided Tracy would travel out of the saucer’s shade.

They take care of Their livestock.

“i am glad They found my mind suitable for this mission,” Tracy affirmed. “It was a brilliant idea of Theirs, after They helped me think it. i am Their research tool, subject, laboratory, and lab slut, all in one remote unit.

“Hee. i am like one of those Mars rovers—but way more fun at parties.”

She grinned, gleefully but with a cold sparkle in her eye. “Speaking of which, one of my psych professors at the U saw me as lab slut material, too: new in the department, needing to make up credits. Eager to please.” Tracy’s nose crinkled adorably. “And, she had a thing for redheads.

“She had me help her research some innovative conditioning techniques. If she could have kept herself from trying to addict me to her, she might have noticed my responses were anomalous. i doubt she would have read them as ‘already-brainwashed alien slave,’ but at least she might not have been careless enough to fuck me so often.”

Jan watched her grin sharpen. “And leave herself so open for sexual imprinting while she did.

“Long story short, she changed careers. Her new one does not pay well, but that many small bills stuffed in her garter each night may feel like a lot to her. And i made sure she is not in it for the money.”

Jan felt a chill go up her spine—she’d thought the professor who’d quit to become a stripper was another urban legend—but it was a very nice sort of chill. She pictured the hapless woman swaying to the beat in a strobelit club, mesmerized and wet. Dreaming of Tracy as she writhed.

Tracy’s expression softened. “When They accessed me the next time, that pleased Them.”

She started walking again, and Jan and Tina found themselves borne along with her.

“But i got a lot done in the rest of my time.

“They have no idea at the U, but i have done research for the equivalent of two doctorates. All for my Owners to extract through the implant. i have no use for the credit—its only value is equipping Them to control us.” Tracy’s voice shook with quiet pride and conviction, and to a tiny part of Jan’s mind it was scarier than a fanatical scream. They had made Tracy believe.

“i am also used to process the data. Part of my value to Them as a collection unit is my human background. i am the lens They use to see human information, before They assess it Themselves.

“So much data, too! i was thrilled for Them, to see how thoroughly humans had already done the groundwork for their eventual subjugation. i read—everything. It gave me migraines until They told me to forget the pain.” She smiled happily. “Now They can use my brain and i feel nothing.

“i also carried out other experiments on suggestibility and behavior modification. i created a conditioning protocol that turned my RA into a dominatrix. That was fun. Version 1.0 of her was a real sweetheart, but 2.0 was blast to play with. Although i show bruises way too much—blamed a lot on my karate class.

“Then, after i moved out of the dorm, i hypnotized my housemates to ‘help them study.’”

Jan could see herself in a quiet room, surrendering to Tracy’s soft insistent voice, learning to like the blankness, the posthypnotic suggestions. Gradually losing awareness of the other girls nodding off around her. The unfamiliar but erotic joy at obeying Tracy’s instructions, agreeing with her ideas, pleasantly unable to remember . . .

“And . . . my landlady.” Tracy smiled. “Marlena. Rrr. She’s about twice my age, and way hot but completely unaware of it, which just makes her hotter. Enslaving her was a way to test some serial recruitment scenarios.”

Tina stared at her. “Have you just been creating slaves for them?” She swallowed. “Did you hypnotize me? Is that how you got us all to come with you?”

Tracy reached over and touched her forehead. Tina stood in a daze and just watched as she did. “No, Tina. i have some control over one or two of the girls here—study buddies who let me entrance them—but not you. Not before They came here and tranquilized you all.

“While They were offworld, They were using me to test what i was learning, not to recruit. They will not harvest humans in quantity until They can ensure we will obey. my purpose—really, my reason to breathe—is to help Them do that.”

Tracy looked so—normal as she said all this. Who I Enslaved On My Summer Vacation.

“Tracy.” Tina’s voice was tight. “You haven’t said what happened to your other—friend. Jessie.”

“True.” Jan watched how the sunlight dappled Tracy’s skin. “my obedience pleased the Owners, but They decided testing it further was more useful than an additional remote unit. They instructed me to kill jessie.”

Jan’s head spun, but her thighs loosened to think of Tracy, smiling and obedient, stepping remorselessly forward. Not even wanting to resist.

That pertly pretty face, the last thing Jessie ever saw.

Tina swayed and balled her fists, gaping at her. “Tracy? No . . .”

“she had to obey when They told her to hold still,” Tracy beamed. “And i lived to obey, when They told me to—”

Tina screamed.


The free girl bent at the waist and held her head. But as she straightened she was blinking.

“The headset uses feedback,” Tracy told her. “As your vestigial willpower tries to revive, the headset intensifies the soothing effect.

“The angrier you are, the more submissive you will become.”

Tina lowered her arms, looking at them in wonder. “No.” She looked up at Tracy. “No, it’s not. I can—” She blinked, and started breathing harder. “I can think!” She backed away a step and turned.

Jan knew the headset had failed. She waited for Tracy to instruct her.

Tina spun back to look at her. “Jan! Come with me! We can—” Then she just ran toward Jan, reaching for her. Jan clearly remembered Sally trying to drag her off the first night. But there was no docility field here to put them both into trance.

I must capture her for my Owners. Jan felt herself brace to hold Tina and bring them both down until Tracy commanded her—or the Owners turned Their girlbot back on.

Tina stopped and almost fell. She’d seen Jan’s eyes, and a small bark of dismay escaped her as she lunged out of reach and sprinted down the path, not looking back. Jan felt proud that her own obedience was so clear, but she was sorry it had frightened Tina away.

Even as part of her cheered to see the other girl run like hell.

Tracy stood still, smiling faintly. “Nice ass.”

“Tracy? She’s getting away.”

“She is running, Jan. Their control has malfunctioned. Howevvv—” The light went out of Tracy’s eyes and she stiffened. In the sunscreen she looked like a gleaming statue as They accessed her.

Her head rotated and her zombie stare impaled Jan’s gaze. Jan went taut, doubly aroused to respond to Their direct command and to the impassive redhead They were using.

“Robot and Jan-unit will await another slave,” the girlbot droned. Her eyes slid shut. “Robot being reprogrammed.”

Tracy opened her eyes. “Do not worry, Jan. They had me inject each of you with trackers while you were in trance. They will know where she goes.”

“She will try to get to the cars,” Jan said, enjoying the greasy feel of betraying the free girl.

“Of course she will,” Tracy said, but grinned. “Mmm. They brainwashed you well, Jan.

“Anyways, Tina may not be able to find the SUVs. And they are far, and she is barefoot.

“we are to wait here. i know what we must do.”

“We will obey,” Jan said fervently, and felt her pussy twitch.


The two nude girls stood quietly on the woodland path. It was arousing just to look at Tracy as she waited serenely, but Jan was becoming damply conscious of her own willing paralysis. Impulses to chase Tina, to go to Tracy and eat her out, just to move kept slipping down the sides of her mind, as she kept submitting, breath by breath, to the soft restraints she’d been brainwashed into accepting. She had no will, and it was easy and sexy to wait to obey.

She could speak, though. “Tracy?”

“Yes, Jan.”

“If you killed Jessie on Their command, and They had brainfried Kim, then—”

“—how did all three of us return?” Tracy smiled again. “Such an active mind.

“Well. That might have occurred to me, but i was under Their spell when i strangled her and incapable of thinking anything contrary to Their command. But They realized a death would complicate reinserting me as Their remote unit.

“So They put an implant into jessie and a new one into kim, and They were able to operate both girls on a vegetative level.”

Jan gasped. “They brought jessie back to life?”

“Not really. But They got her basic biofunctions working again, with her lower brain slaved to one of Their ancillary computers. i helped Them burn some basic behaviors into both girls, and They looped them into self-contained routines in the implants. Essentially They turned kim and jessie into cyborgs, very simple ones with limited repertoires.”

Zombies. For real. She considered something like Tracy in girlbot mode, but never waking from it to grin at her.

“After They finished my programming and released us, the humans who found us diagnosed them as catatonic.”

Tracy giggled. “i had a story ready of being attacked in our camp, fleeing through the forest—too lost and traumatized to know where we had been, so no one could go there to investigate and see the lack of evidence. Whenever they pressed me too hard i just fell apart on them. Actually, i think i did the crying part really well, although Tina screamed better just now than i ever managed to.

“The search, such as it was, was more limited since now it was for some badly-described felons. See, the authorities would have tried much harder, if they were looking for two lost coeds. It was good that They prepared the girls to send back with me.

“Sooo—the families wanted it hushed up, and while some rumors leaked out, overall no one heard the ‘real’ facts. Those who did were happy enough to leave us be.”

Tracy’s pink nipples arrowed out as she remembered. Jan thought about being helplessly submissive to someone who’d gotten wet obeying commands like that, and got wet herself.

“Everyone was so proud of how well i held up. Especially after kim drowned herself a few months later, and jessie’s heart just—stopped. their implants disposed of them, but quietly, and not mysteriously. The Owners were protected.”

Jan heard footsteps but felt no desire to turn away from Tracy to see who it was. Then she heard Tracy say, “Speaking of cyborgs, now . . .”

Shelby stepped into view, her strong horsewoman’s legs moving liquidly while her arms hung down and swung a little. Her eyes were unfocused. She was still nude, but wore one of the larger backpacks. As she moved, Jan could see a mechanical sameness in her step.stood at attention upon reaching Tracy, and realized They had put an implant into the other girl’s brain. She remembered Shelby spasming in her “mine” when Their docility effect overwhelmed her, and it loosened her thighs to see how easily They had found a way to make Shelby useful. She wondered if Shelby had died from what They and done to her, and was now a zombie like Tracy’s friends, but she realized it didn’t matter. Reanimated or simply plugged into Their systems, the girl was now like the horses she would never again ride—less than they, because she lived only to bear burdens now, and needed a command to spur her to move at all.

Cyborg-Shelby rotated her head to see Jan, but gave no sign of recognition. Unblinking, she swiveled toward Tracy, then stopped. Jan realized an Owner back at the ship was using Shelby’s senses to steer her. She wondered what it felt like, and then whether Shelby even felt anything. Tracy walked around the paused girlbot, who stood still, mouth slightly open, as Tracy opened the knapsack like a saddlebag. Jan saw two pairs of hiking boots emerge, and lock-top plastic bags with socks. She recognized her own boots, and Tracy, still unloading Shelby, caught her look.

“After the girls on cleanup were done, They questioned them about whose stuff was what—They knew this might happen.” She dropped her own boots to the ground and tossed Jan hers, with some socks. Before settling to don her own, she strapped on a fanny pack. “we will put these on and go to the SUVs, since even if Tina can find them she is on a longer route.”

Jan felt odd as she realized that Tina might actually make it, if she were faster and tougher and desperate enough. She remembered that Lisa had left her cell phone in the vehicle she’d ridden in. If Tina could use it to reach help . . .

Jan wondered if her own brainwashing was permanent. Or, if humans interfered and took her and the Owners’ other livestock from Them, could they take this blissful obedience away from her and make her think for herself again?

She looked at Tracy, hypercompetent and utterly Theirs until she died. She stopped worrying.

Shortly they were off along a narrower track. The Owner who was controlling Shelby turned her around, and at their next signal she slowly padded back to the ship unladen.

Ahead of her, Jan just watched the redhead’s lithe body as it moved. Wearing nothing but hiking boots and socks and the rakishly-slung pack made Tracy’s nudity even more erotic somehow. Seeing her legs flex and her back dimple as she started onto some rocks, Jan was still on smooth ground as she stumbled.

Tracy paused with one leg raised as if posing for a figure study. “All right?” Her eyes were full of knowing exactly what had distracted Jan.

Jan had no will to hide how hungrily she looked at the other girl’s delectable butt, and Tracy’s laugh felt good as Their senior slave turned away to continue doing Their will. Jan followed her, brainwashed by Them and mesmerized by Tracy’s lovely freckled ass.

Then, just before a clearing, the ass stopped its pert swaying and Tracy’s thighs came together as she stopped—robotized again. Jan stopped behind her, wondering if Tracy had any awareness left when They possessed her this way, and if she knew Jan was there, dutifully awaiting instructions.

She watched a droplet of sweat bead on the nape of Tracy’s neck and roll down her back, vanishing for a moment and then gleaming again at the top of her asscrack. She dreamed of kneeling to kiss it off with pursed lips and the tip of her tongue—and then succumbing to the need and sliding her mouth down to nose her way in toward Tracy’s rosebud.

The droplet vanished as Tracy turned to her, ending the little wetdream.

“The cleanup girls reported a compass was missing—one of the small ones. i wonder,” she smirked, “where clever Tina hid it.

“Too bad she could not ask you to tongue it out of her,” she went on, and they shared a smile at Jan’s new fixation. “But of course you would not.”

“No,” Jan breathed, staring into the green eyes. “I am Their slave.”

“Yes. You are. You told Them about Tina’s plan to take something from the campsite.” She nodded at Jan’s surprise. “You were not told to remember. It was just after you were hypnotized inside the saucer. You very cooperatively answered many questions. Everything They asked about Tina. Such a helpful slave.”

Jan shivered. She was still certain that if They’d taken Tina instead, Tina would have held out somehow and not given up all of Jan’s secrets. But the shame just made her feel softer and juicier to know how easily she’d been broken.

“Oh, yes, Jan. You are Their slave.”

Jan yielded to an impulse. “Tina is Their slave, too,” she declared. “Their slaves should not escape. Their slaves must obey.

“Tina—must obey.”

Tracy breathed deeply. “i know you want to kiss my ass, Jan. Among other things. And i would let you—if i had will.

“But first, right now, you look so perfectly Theirs that i would throw you down and fuck you silly.” Her breath was ragged and Jan trembled, wanting to ask if she could beg.

“But They want Tina now.”

Jan nodded. Obeying Them was better than orgasms.

They started walking again, on the heading the program in Tracy’s mind had given them.


Tracy’s breath was soft and warm and regular against Jan’s shoulderblade as they stood quietly beside the tree. Its leaves and a bush in front of it provided excellent cover, but even so Jan’s darker tan would be harder to see than Tracy’s defiant northern-European pallor, so she stood in front.

With hypnotized patience, the two girls watched the SUVs and waited for Tina to come out of the woods.

Jan had half-expected Them to put Tracy into robot mode now and then, but They had no need to issue progress reports. Jan stood a little straighter, as more tube-truths shimmered through her mind: she was just a slave, and had neither the right nor the slightest desire to expect updates or explanations. She was programmed. When situations triggered her, she would respond as instructed. If she was not programmed for one, she would relax into luxurious helplessness and wait for someone with will to tell her what to do. She must obey, and They had brainwashed her to make anything else impossible.

It made her clit hum.

The fanny pack They had sent to Tracy via pack-Shelby had yielded keys for the vehicles, and she and Jan already knew which one had been left with spare keys in the wheel well for an emergency. The task Tracy had given Jan then seemed odd, but that had only made Jan hotter to carry it out. She’d waited patiently afterward for orders until Tracy finished with her own work under the hood and led her off to hide.

Then, there was just waiting, and feeling the nearby body of the robotized girl who controlled her.


“Yes, Tracy?”

“What are we doing here?” Tracy wasn’t confused. She sounded like a teacher with a quiz, and Jan relaxed and answered.

“I don’t know, Tracy. I must obey you.”

“Very good, Jan.” The other slave cupped her asscheek and ran a finger inward. “But you may use your mind. What do you think my instructions are?”

“Um—to capture Tina, and return her to our Owners so They can destroy her will.”

Tracy’s hand was on her back now, soothing and possessive, and Jan just stood and stared forward until Tracy told her to do something else.

“How do you feel about that instruction, Jan?”

Jan sighed and leaned back onto the other girl’s hand. “I feel very happy, Tracy. I am Their slave and all I want to do is obey Their will. And I know Tina will love being Theirs too, after They make her obedient.” She moved against Tracy’s touch.

“It’s just as you said it would be, Tracy. Outside the ship, when you were weakening me and preparing me for Them. I’m so glad you helped make me Theirs.” She swallowed. “Thank you, Tracy. I’ve never felt this right before. It’s what I’ve been brainwashed to think, but it’s true.


There was something else, too, rising under her like a hot thick wave, and in the new joy of having no will, she let it wash her away.

“But—she will fight it.” Jan’s voice was strange to her, low and fierce. “She must be enslaved. Her resistance must be destroyed. She must obey. She must be mindstripped and made helpless. She—”

Jan stopped instantly at a small pressure from the other girl’s fingertips. Tracy let her be as she stopped shaking, the lust ebbing from her, only massaging her lightly like someone soothing a pet to remind her that she was one.

“That is a very good attitude, Jan. i did not know whether you would be this receptive to Their control. When They uploaded from my mind the girls i had selected as potential slaves, before i was instructed to bring you all here to Them, They saw that some of you might not be fully suitable. Some of you would make very intelligent slaves, but you might resist too intensely. Some of you might even have needed to be destroyed.”

Her hand moved up to Jan’s neck, holding it tenderly. “i am happy that They did not have to tell me to destroy you.”

Jan shivered at how close she’d come to being that terribly useless to Them.

“Of course, if They did, i would also have been very happy as i destroyed you.” Jan thought about dying under the hand that caressed her now, and moaned.

“You do not need to speak, Jan. i know how you feel.” Of course, that was because the Owners had probably downloaded into Tracy’s mind everything They had done to Jan’s, but to Jan it still sounded like empathy. Part of her conditioning was probably to fall into something like love with Their primary slave. It was an emotional shackle Tracy didn’t need, but Jan loved the way it made her feel.

They stood quietly for a while.

“Jan, i am going to program you now. There are some things i will need you to do when Tina arrives. Because i will be dealing with her, you will need to obey automatically.

“Turn, and look into my eyes.”

Jan pivoted to face the other girl. Her heart sped with the glimpse of Tracy’s lithe, still body before she fell again into Tracy’s unblinking green gaze, as instructed. Tracy could probably have tranced her with a word just as she’d stood. As Jan’s thoughts started slowing down into emerald stillness, one of the last was how nice Tracy was to let her feel the thrill of hypnotic submission.

Completely under the other girl’s control now, she opened her mind and listened to Tracy speak, each soft command becoming part of her thoughts. Jan stood and juiced and went blanker.

She was facing the clearing again when Tracy woke her.

I have just been programmed. Now I can obey without even knowing why.

Jan grunted as she came. Tracy might have laughed slightly, but Jan couldn’t be sure. Or make herself turn to find out.

Then Tina was there.

Tina moved well, and no rustling of leaves betrayed her. But across the clearing where the vehicles stood, even a tanned girl stood out against the woods in nothing but her skin. She seemed to realize that and rose from a useless crouch, but she only stepped a little way from the treeline like a fawn wary of wolves.

A hungry fawn, though, whose gaze was irresistibly drawn to the SUVs as though to food. Jan looked at her free friend’s face and tried to see her eyes. It might just be her imagination, but Tina seemed dazed. She wondered if the mindnumbing headset had come back on, leaving Tina to make her way here on sheer inertia, helplessly obeying her last imperative—her own inner I must reach the cars.

As if catching the same thought, Tina’s hand rose to one of the metal strips that bound her head but had failed to bind her will. She’d probably been trying to get it off, and already the fidgeting had become unconscious.

But Tina’s body language was alert, and she might only be stunned that she’d made it this far. She looked rapidly from SUV to SUV, and then darted for the larger one they’d all agreed on as the getaway car in case they had to flee survivalists or pot growers—oddly, no one had joked about meeting aliens—and lost their keys in the retreat.

They heard her little shriek when she tried the wrong wheel well, and then saw her sag with relief against the fender when she found the key caddy on the other side.

The woods seemed to swallow up the alarm chirp as she opened it and climbed in, slamming it shut behind her. She locked herself in.

The ignition’s empty mutter was louder and uglier in the clearing, and then there was a muted squawk from the horn. The windshield was a mirror from this angle, but Jan could imagine Tina smacking the wheel—possibly with her head—as the engine didn’t start.

Nothing else happened. Tina might have wondered if the problem was deliberate, and why any pursuers hadn’t just come after her. Jan did not know what she and Tracy were programmed to do if Tina just barricaded herself inside. But she didn’t need to.

The hood release popped. Then the door opened, and Tina’s long lovely legs slid out. Looking warily around, the free girl moved quickly to raise the hood. In her hand she clutched Lisa’s cell phone. She stepped up on the bumper to peer inside, looking artlessly sexy as she stretched and bent.

No wiser about the malfunction, she dropped down, and looked around. Feeling safer, she rested a hand on the fender and raised the phone to her ear. Jan felt a faint stirring. They knew this spot was covered by a tower in the system, and as she watched, the one Earthling girl who had not yet been taught to obey her true Owners was calling the Earthling authorities for help.

Then she saw Tina straighten, keeping the phone by her ear but letting her other hand fall from the side of the SUV to flop against her hip.

“Go to her,” Tracy said, and followed as Jan stepped obediently through the leaves.

Tina was facing them, and her body moved a little. She saw them, but dimly. Jan could see the free girl’s eyelids droop and then rise as they were forced open. Tina’s jaw was slack and even as she stood stiffly there was a looseness about her.

As she came nearer, Jan heard an oscillating tone. It must be even louder in Tina’s ear as the cell phone buzzed it into her head, and the other girl’s eyelids were starting to flutter in synch with its changes.

Jan remembered giving her own phone to the Owner who had asked for it, and watching Shelby surrender hers too. Her Owners had found a way to use even primitive Earthling technology to control Their errant livestock, and overridden the third phone with Their own tranquilizing signal.

She smiled, and wondered if Tina was aware enough now to see it. It was a cruel thrill to hope the other girl knew Jan was exulting that They had won.

Tracy came around them. She savored paralyzed Tina for a moment, and then glanced at Jan. “Do not worry, Jan. When They brainwashed you, They programmed you to resist the tone induction. Also, They used Their sensor readings to tailor this to Tina’s brainwaves.

“It would make any other Earthling girl tranquil and suggestible unless They had already corrected her thoughts. But it has opened the core of Tina’s mind like an oiled key in a soft wet lock. She would eventually awaken from its effects, if she were left alone for an hour or so.”

Tracy licked her lips. “But, of course, she has been left with us instead.”

Jan understood and kept smiling at Tina. They were will-less slaves, and she knew their Owners had prepared them to turn Tina into one of them.

Tina trembled. In what the signal had left of her thoughts, she knew it, too.


As Jan realized that, she felt things slide over each other in her head. It was a trigger Tracy had primed her with, and she was already responding mindlessly. She was Tracy’s automaton, and the helpless obedience was too strong to spare her an orgasm.

It was more erotic anyway.

Stand still and look at Tina. Look only at Tina and wait.

Jan straightened her hands by her sides. She looked only at Tina, and the free girl looked like a racy cell phone ad as she kept the unit by her head, letting the sound pulverize coherent thought. Her small breasts moved as she panted, wide-eyed as though the message on the phone shocked her.

Tracy watched Tina intently and then wrapped herself around the spellbound girl. She peered avidly at her slack features, then stroked Tina’s breasts and belly before sliding her hand across to cover the one holding the phone. Firmly but gently she forced it away from Tina’s ear, and as she extracted the phone Tina’s arm fell to her side. Tracy stepped away, and then turned off the phone.

Even now, Tina was fighting the mind control. She closed her eyes and opened them, and her breathing was faster. Jan knew Tina could probably free herself from the trance in less than the hour Tracy had allotted.

My friend’s will is so strong.

I must help destroy it now.

Hot and transfixed by the nude girl struggling to think, Jan waited to be told how she could help. But when Tracy spoke, it was to Tina.

“It is too late, Tina. You have heard Their beautiful slave-call and it is echoing in your mind. You hear it, you want it, you drip for it.”

Tina’s lips moved, reluctantly mouthing the words as Tracy’s voice drove them into her.

“Your mind is blank and soft and open to me, Tina. Open and willing to accept the power of my Owners’ truth.

“i do not resist Them. You cannot resist Them. You are in Their power and ready to be hypnotized.

“You will look now at Jan. She is your friend. She is a brainwashed slave.

“She belongs now to the Owners, and worships Them, and has no thought except to obey Them. Her mind and will are completely asleep.

“She is very happy, Tina. They have reprogrammed her and now she thinks only what They want her to think. Happy, erotic thoughts of mindless obedience and endless sex and doing as she is told.”

Tracy’s chant tightened Jan’s muscles as she hummed with the arousal of hearing the robot-girl say all that about her. She felt herself becoming more and more the perfect dronegirl Tracy was describing for Tina.

“You can share her bliss, Tina. You will keep staring at the beautiful brainwashed girl and as you do, becoming sleepy and aroused as you listen only to my voice, you will find yourself becoming more like her. More like Jan. More like brainwashed, obedient Jan-slave.”

Tina’s eyes widened and could not look away from Jan. As Tracy talked her deeper, the free girl’s world was shrinking to nothing but Jan, and Tracy was imprinting both of them with how much of a slave Jan was.

“Jan is hypnotized, Tina. She is so deeply hypnotized that her mind is no longer merely in a trance, but has been altered into something more, something better, something more controllable.”

Jan’s arousal was unbearable but that just increased it, as she felt herself becoming more of an object with each word their green-eyed hypnotist murmured to them. She was falling into Tina’s beginning surrender even as Tina was falling into Jan’s utter submission. The feedback was erasing both their wills as each girl saw the other one becoming emptier, stiffer, more controlled. Dead to anything but Tracy’s voice.

“She was hypnotized with the rest of you when They first drew you all to Their ship with those pretty swirling lights. Just remembering how they blinked and swirled makes you so sleepy, Tina.

“Yes, so sleepy.” Tracy purred with approval as Tina’s eyelids fluttered for a moment before rising again to resume her rapt stare at Jan. “But not asleep.

“Later, inside the ship, Jan was hypnotized even more deeply by Their irresistible trance machine, to open her mind completely to Their conditioning. Now that she is Their brainwashed slave, even i can put her into a submissive trance to receive specific orders. Jan obeys without thought.

“As you will obey, Tina.

“Look into Jan’s hypnotized eyes, Tina. They are blank and deep with the Owners’ power in her, and as you look into them you feel that power streaming into your eyes, Tina, drugging your mind and helping you, too, become sleepy and subservient and eager to accept Their will as your will.”

Tina slightly, almost invisibly, nodded. Her breathing was slow and regular. A breeze came up and spoke through the leaves above them. Jan barely heard it, and Tina seemed deaf to it entirely.

“You are becoming just like Jan-slave, Tina, with each soft breath you take. Your mind is draining of all thought and your body is relaxed and aroused as you feel your will weakening and your desire to submit becoming more a part of how you think.”

Tina blinked and nodded. Tracy’s words were so much clearer and stronger in her mind by now than anything else, and Jan felt the other girl’s avid, desperate stare all over her body. She could almost see herself reflected in her friend’s glassy eyes—her own brainwashed gaze, her blankly peaceful face, her long smooth limbs taut in attention to Their domination.

She had become all Tina knew. She went tauter and blanker, pulling Tina with her deeper into slavery. They listened to Tracy as the other slave delicately wound Their chains around Tina’s selfhood.

“There is nothing in your mind but my voice and the sight of this beautiful obedient slavegirl. Jan was resistant, as you used to be, but Jan submitted and became a very good girl.

“You are no longer resisting, Tina. You are still and attentive and focused on hearing and obeying me. You are a good girl now. You will do as you are told.”

Tina was succumbing. It was a quiet surrender, and Tina was so deep in trance now that even she didn’t know she was giving up her will. Jan, slightly more aware, realized again that Tracy had turned her into Tina’s hypnotic focus, a nude motionless slavegirl instead of a swinging bauble or a spiral.

She felt honored to be that sort of tool. In a way it was even better than having a girl ride her mouth as stimulator. Instead of making Jan need to come, it just sent her deeper. Tracy’s voice was a low music in her ears. She stopped thinking. Tina would see that and her own thoughts would fade.

Jan stared into Tina’s eyes, watching the light go out of them . . .

. . . Tracy kissed her awake, and she tasted the redhead’s tongue before her eyes focused.

Tina stood rigid, staring through her head. Jan leaned against Tracy and realized that Tina looked like Tracy did, when They tweaked the implant and turned Tracy into Their girlbot.

“Is she obedient?” she whispered.

“Obedient enough,” Tracy whispered back, amused. “The hypnosis will last well past the time it will take to return to Their ship and give her to Them for final brainwashing.

“She will not need anything like this anymore.” Before waking Jan, Tracy had taken the inoperative docility headset from Tina. She one-handedly folded it to store in the fanny pack.

Jan looked at the other girl, free no more. Tina might never even wake up again before They made her stare into the shimmering wall—if They even needed to, after Tracy’s induction, to make Tina receptive to her tube reprogramming. Jan felt a distant regret, as if she wished she’d said goodbye.

But she pressed closer to Tracy and knew that when Tina became functional as Their slave, she’d have so much more in common with Jan. With all of them. Mindless devotion to the Owners, willingness to obey, all the gifts Tracy had brought them here to receive. There was nothing to be sad about.

“I hope I was a useful hypnotic focus,” she murmured into Tracy’s hair.

The redhead eased her away and peered into her eyes. “Mmmm hypnotized groveling. i like it.

“So will the Owners, of course. i only speculated that you had an inner submissive—i had no idea she was this much of a suck-up.”

She tapped Jan’s nose. “i shan’t hold it against you, Jan. If it makes you more Their slave, then it is good. It fits the profile more closely—addiction to the pleasure of obedience itself, not just to carrying out certain commands.

“In the end it is just how you react to Their control. we are still human, and we adapt to losing our individuality in individual ways.” She smiled. “Yes, i can appreciate irony.

“Each of the other slaves has her own way of becoming Their creature. Kelsey became some fanatical amazon, and Shaheen is just a sweet little balloon blown this way and that upon the wind of Their purposes.

“You turned out to be an eager bitch on the leash.” She kissed Jan again, carefully. “Much more than that, obviously. But it makes you wet just to feel the leather along your back. And you lick the hand that fastens it.

“i do not know if i was like that before, or if it is part of what They did to me to make me Theirs. But i feel that way now. Oh, do i ever.” Tracy’s mouth quirked. “we are alike.

“Umm—you go, slavegirl!”

They laughed.

Before Jan could be surprised at herself, Tracy snapped her fingers and she was drifting again, attentive and calm. Everything was pleasantly unfocused but Tracy’s crisp commands. Lost in obeying them, she did not even register Tina’s travel-worn feet or the need to save them from further injury. She only knelt to let the other girl mount her piggyback, and then stood, balancing the heavier weight of an Earthling while Tracy softly instructed the newest slave how to hang on.

Carrying another girl was not like being an Owner’s responsive steed, but it felt good. So did Tina’s limp warmth and the firm grip of her arms, the startling heat and dampness of her pussy against Jan’s back between the cool sweeps of her inner thighs. By her ear, Tina began whispering an obedience mantra Tracy must have taught her. Jan could not make out the words, but the flawless repetition and Tina’s sleepy conviction soothed her into a walking rhythm.

She stared at Tracy’s ass as Tracy led them back to the flying saucer and their Owners, but part of her focused patiently on the pussy pressed into her back.

After only a very few steps, Jan was deep in trance again.