The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


Tracy had Tina dismount Jan when they could see the saucer looming over the trees. Jan straightened when she was told to. After Tracy spoke a few unheard words into her ear, Jan’s aches and fatigue left her.

Tracy guided Tina toward the ship and Jan followed, drawn to the center and symbol of her Owners’ power. She could almost feel Their domination close over her thoughts as they passed under the edge of the looming disk and into the shadow.

Halfway in, Tracy paused by a neat pile of camping gear and slipped off the boots and socks while Tina stayed motionless beside her, and Jan likewise took off the footwear. It felt better to be wholly naked in Their presence, and that had nothing to do with the cool grass under her feet.

They neared the cylinder at the center. Tracy suddenly changed her gait, her legs moved more mechanically, and her arms stiffened by her sides. She snapped a look at Jan, and then one hand moved jerkily toward Tina as the hypnotized captive walked on her other side. Tracy, Their girlbot once again, pushed Tina lightly aside and Tina responded, mindlessly turning in the new direction.

Jan had received no command, and the pull of Their ship still controlled her. She watched the robot lead the sleepwalker toward a pair of Owners who waited off to one side, and then her head swung forward again.

She saw the other girls now, lined up along an arc of the cylinder’s wall just over arm’s length from its surface. Each girl stood at attention, hands by her sides, facing the metal inches from her. This surface had shimmered with colors that first night, enticing the gazes of the docilized girls and pulling them in to sleep and be instructed. Now it was dark and blank, but Jan’s friends stood and stared into it anyway, as though transfixed.

Jan herself was transfixed at how hot it was to see them like that. Variously shaped and hued, many with tanlines, but all identically erect and posed. All staring intently at nothing.

She wondered what had been done to them. Maybe by now everyone had been in the enslaving chair and then in the conditioning tubes. They may just have been told to line up and stare and stop thinking of anything at all.

They looked so helpless. She thought of pulling one down and riding her mouth, turning to sixty-nine her victim after her first orgasm. It didn’t even make her feel odd to think that. She wanted to join them in oblivion and wait for someone to ravish her.

But they were owned, as she was. Not hers to take.

An Owner strode down the line, thrusting a thought-sensor at each girl’s head, none of them reacting. It murmured into another device after each one.

It paused in front of Sophia. Jan remembered looking up at the girl she’d helped to brainwash from between her thighs. Back then, she’d seen the flickering display hypnotize Sophia into deeper submission as her own cunnilingus had welded pleasure to that experience. Now Sophia had the fixed stare of a doll, and as the alien’s eyestalks examined her and its instrument waved in her face, she reacted to none of it.

A voice sounded. It almost sent Jan into trance just to hear it. It was the voice that had controlled her in the hypnoconditioning session, soothing her into surrendering to the rippling colors and Kelsey’s tireless mouth. Now she recognized it as Tracy’s—a younger Tracy’s.

“The Sophia-unit is no longer trapped in the wonder of nothingness.” As it spoke, Jan saw her move a little and then shake her head very slightly, starting to think again.

“The only thought the Sophia-unit can think now is to report at once to the brainwashing chamber for tube reinforcement.” Sophia stiffened again, as the new command possessed her before she’d fully awakened from the first one. Her eyes went dim as she pivoted out of line.

“Report at once to the brainwashing chamber,” the younger Tracy’s synthesized voice softly urged her again. At once, Sophia marched away from her spellbound sisters and past Jan without seeing her.

Report at once to the brainwashing chamber, the girl was mouthing silently as she obeyed. Soon she was inside the ship.

It was hard to think that Sophia, who seemed so perfectly empty, needed to be more fully mindbound. Jan felt a stirring of envy. If there was anything left of Sophia’s awareness by now, whatever They did to send her further into Their control would be well past orgasmic. Jan watched her go, but apparently every other girl’s brain was satisfactorily blank. No other slaves were summoned from the empty vigil to spend more time in a tube.

She went to the girl on the end of the line, whose slim body and heart-shaped ass were half-veiled by a fall of cornsilk hair. The blonde hair called up a memory of a quiet walk by the lake. The lovely ass had been moving, later, as the girl had grunted and moaned about the joy of being hypnotized into the aliens’ control.

“Erin?” She touched the other slave’s elbow.

Erin blinked but kept her focus on the hull of the cylinder.

Jan reached up and turned the blonde’s chin toward her. Erin’s eyes moved blankly as her head did, and for a moment Jan looked into their utter emptiness as into a bottomless pit.

She desperately wanted to leap in.

Then Erin focused on her. “Jan.”

“What’s happened, Erin?” She looked past Erin at the slightly-curved line of mesmerized girls, and her curiosity kept her from the temptation to let Erin swing back into the trance they shared.

“We were told to become as blank as the wall,” Erin droned. She stood straight, her head relaxed against Jan’s fingers but her body still oriented to the cylinder as she’d been commanded. “We obeyed. We are blank. I am blank. We are blank.”

“Are you all—” Jan swallowed. “Are you all Theirs now?”

“Yes, Jan.” Erin’s voice was soulless and thickly erotic at the same time. “We have all completed our brainwashing. All our wills have been destroyed. We obey only Them. We are blank.”

The tingling need for sex almost hurt Jan as it rippled through her. She realized that more than being fucked, she wanted to be back inside the flying saucer, in one of Their conversion tubes, letting Them turn her into another zombie who’d stand here beside Erin, rutting silently after blankness.

Even the last girl who broke on the licking saddle or under the merciless strobelight would not even have known what she was losing. They’d all been in trance since they were captured.

God . . .

“Erin? What will They make us do? What is our purpose?”

The mindless girl looked into her eyes for a while. “I do not know. I must wait and obey. I am blank.”

It called to Jan. She felt Erin passive under her fingertips, without even enough will to object to being distracted from her programmed task of staring. The Owners had made Erin and the others submissive to anything.

Soon They would do something like that to Jan. It was hard to imagine being more eager to obey Them than she felt now, but she looked at the line of her mindless friends and knew They could make her that way. Then she would be even more Their slave.


Suddenly she needed to plunge a command into the glistening wetness of Erin’s mind. She glared into the wide eyes. “You will remember what They commanded. You will tell me. Now.”

Erin clicked in her throat and moaned softly. Being commanded even by another slave, in this state, had made her come. Her lips closed and trembled and her eyes stayed fixed on Jan’s.

“Th-th-they . . . we are to be . . . selected . . . some to be . . . reprogrammed . . . others . . . hhhhh . . . oooohh, others taken . . .” Erin whimpered and her eyes rolled up, and then it passed, and she stared blankly again.

Jan thought of Tracy, and wondered if They had put implants into these girls while she and the robot had been fetching the runaway.

Suddenly she felt sacrilegious. Erin’s objection would mean nothing even if she were still capable, but the Owners had told her to be stupefied by the barren metal. Another of Their slaves had no right to play with her as she obeyed Them. She eased her hand from Erin’s chin, and the blonde’s head turned slowly back to face forward, ignoring the rest of existence to see a curve of alien material until she was told otherwise.

Erin sighed as her thoughts flatlined again. Jan leaned to her and licked her ear, but the other girl didn’t twitch, riveted by the deeper pleasure of doing Their will. In whatever was left of her mind, Jan did not exist.

Jan thought of coming to attention beside her and trying to lose herself in the same void, but the reverence for Their power kept her aware that only They could tell her to do that. Her mind was Theirs, and turning it off needed Their leave as much as using it did.

She forced herself away from Erin and then made herself look away from the seductive line of brainwashed, ecstatic Earthling girls. She saw Tracy and Tina still with the two Owners, and then spotted Owner Five.

My inner submissive is a suck-up. And it turns Tracy on.

She practically pranced over to the alien, and when its eyestalks shifted to sight on her she snapped to stand straight, and stared between them.

“Your robot easily recaptured the resistant slave, my Owner!” she announced.

“Yes, Jan. The robot reports that you performed well, also.”

Jan whimpered to know she’d pleased Them.

“All slaves have been brainwashed to obey You without question!” Jan realized the alien knew all this, but she couldn’t help herself. She had to let this out to someone who wasn’t more deeply in trance than she was.

She narrowed her eyes. “Error. The Tina-unit has not yet been brainwashed.” She swallowed hard as her heart galloped. “I volunteer to be stimulator when she is hypnoconditioned.” All she could think of was how Tina would taste, how she would look as she rode Jan’s tongue to the will-destroying orgasms They broke Their slaves with. When Tina was processed, she would love it too.

“Your slave-attitude is perfect, Jan. It is good that you believe resistant girls should be made obedient to us.”

“All must obey You, my Owner!” Jan remembered that echoing in her head as she stood in the tube, believing.

“Yes. However, the Tina-unit’s resistance has made her, it, of interest to us. Instead of imprinting her to infiltrate human defenses, we have decided to add her to the cargo we will take from here so we may study her later.

“But we will not convert her to slavery as we did with you and the others. She will not want to obey us. That would hamper our study.”

Jan stood still, trying to get past the denial of her chance to lick Tina into Their power. But she started to see Tina, eventually awakening from the layered hypnotic sleep. Maybe to a chamber full of eager Owner mind-controllers, eyestalks waving, some pushing questions at her in their own language.

Waking up utterly alone, an alien slave lightyears from home, without even Their programming in her head to bend her into happiness.


“Yes, my Owner. I . . .”

“Tell me what bothers you.”

“Tina will hurt,” she murmured, not even sure why that bothered her. “She will be afraid and alone.” For some reason, Jan thought of Tina lying in the bottom of a hole, twitching, and wanted to cry. That wasn’t Tina, but it had hurt, and . . . and . . .

“Please. Take me with her.” Jan warmed to the idea. “I am an obedient slave and I will stay with her. I can have sex with her and I can hold her when, when, if she starts to . . .”

Tina against her, soft and crying. So alone. Something in her eyes stung. She tried to blink it away. “When Tina needs . . .”

The eyestalks swung quizzically before her. “Ah. Even the Tina-unit submits to sex triggers. Regular sex may limit her abresponses and allow us better access. Yes.

“Excellent. There was similar input from the robot, accessing Tracy-unit memory.

“But your function to carry out our will is already planned, Jan. We will select another slave to realign as companion for Tina. Perhaps the Lisa-unit can be spared.”

Jan blinked, on the verge of “But” as her blunted thoughts veered away from disputing what her Owner said. Still, she saw Tina curled weeping in the arms of a zombie with Lisa’s face, that stroked her not for comfort but because that was its last command set—and kept trying to touch her pussy and distract lonely Tina with more orgasms.

Tina, eyes closed, knowing that her assigned lover was just a flesh-robot, but yielding to the caresses because they would be the only touch she’d feel.

“Jan.” Her Owner knew her thoughts. She waited quietly for instruction.

“Listen and obey, Jan. You think it is a better idea to let us select Tina’s companion. You have no role in that.”

Jan stared. Her Owner’s absolute rightness was like silk on the inside of her mind. “Yes, my Owner. I hear and obey. I am a slave and not qualified to make decisions.”

Pleasure coursed through her. The Owners would soon learn what They wished from Tina’s simple Earthling mind. Then they would probably enslave her after all, perhaps even before she started begging them to. The Tina-unit would be another blissful zombie, just like the Lisa-unit. They might no longer need sex to stay addicted to obedience, although the Owners might still want them to perform.

“Your will is supreme,” she whispered, but Owner Five had already set off toward the others, and gestured her to follow.

Tracy was still under Their direct control, and her gaze was inhumanly aware as it turned to Jan. Next to the ramrod-straight redhead, Tina looked softer, lost in a strange dream. Jan thought again of how Tracy had used her to lure Tina into that dream and seal her in.

Now the robot looked at her through unblinking green eyes.

“You still want to kiss my ass, Jan.”

She shivered. “Yes. Please.” That the girl she wanted to please was mindfrozen behind that sexy dead voice made no difference.

“Then you shall,” the robot told her.

“After you let yourself be robotized.”


Jan looked back at her. The tube truths filled her mind. They were her mind.

“I will submit at once to be robotized,” she said. Her need to please both Tracy and their Owners vibrated in her voice. “It will make me a more suitable slave to Their purposes.”

“Your thoughts are more useful to Them,” the robot said. “They have not mindlocked you as deeply as the other Earthling slaves.”

“I understand and obey,” Jan said into the pause, feeling even more honored than when she’d helped hypnotize Tina.

“Yes, slave. They value both. But you will be robotized with the others.”

A chime sounded and the line of girls along the hull right-faced and walked in step toward the door. Jan’s thoughts hummed on the lingering aftertone, and she was briskly following them before she even knew the compulsion had taken her. She knew only the erect form of the slavegirl before her as they passed into the flying saucer, and had no idea of their route inside until she found herself at the end of one of two rows of them.

She woke a little and saw the rest of them to her left, attentive and still, staring at another empty wall. She let her own gaze swing back to it.

The wall began to glow and pulse, like the hypnoconditioning room. It seemed different. It no longer needed to seduce the eyes of dazed free women—it danced its colors now before mindless slaves who were conditioned to open to it and accept.

“Relax now, slaves.” Tracy’s voice-over began. “Your minds are blank. Let them go blanker.” For a moment, Jan pictured the redheaded girlbot tirelessly reciting every word and phrase in her extensive vocabulary so Their machines could use her voice.

Then her mind was obediently going blanker.

“You have all been brainwashed. You have no purpose or desire but to obey our Owners. You await Their will, since you have none.”

They all sighed contentedly.

“The Owners have prepared each of you for her special tasks. Some of you will be livestock, allowed to forget your Earth lives and remain on the ship as cargo. The Owners will display you to show how healthy and obedient Earthslaves are.

“Others will be puppets, returned to do Their will on Earth, to recruit other slaves and to prepare for Their return, when all shall learn to obey Them.

“The sound of my voice will instruct you. While i instruct one group of slavegirls, the others will fall into a deep hypnotic sleep, seeing only the pretty colors and hearing nothing until the chime awakens you. You were all sorted and selected when you were first converted to slavegirls, so you are already programmed to respond in your correct group.”

Another bell sounded, but this one was inside Jan’s head, and she felt no concern as Tracy’s voice kept speaking but meaning leaked out of it.

The colors were so pretty, and Jan fell easily into the eyes-open sleep she’d been promised.

Then another chime surfaced her. There was a moment of seeing some of the slaves blinking awake with her, while others’ faces went blank as they took their turn in dreamland.

Listening to the synthesized Tracy-purr, Jan learned that since she was to serve Them as one of Their puppets on Earth, she would receive the device that would make her another of Their robots. There was more, and she listened raptly to it all.

Then the girls pivoted as one and found their unconscious way to the brainwashing chamber. They had divided into two lines, and Jan’s line strode to the back wall. She watched the others march to the row of tubes, each girl stopping to stand rigid before the one that would store her. Kelsey, Shaheen, Erin. Others. She saw Shelby already upright inside a tube, eyes closed. Even under Their direct control, she would be of little use back in Earthling society, and her brainwiped behavior would make discovery of the implant more of a risk. Her tube was unlit—with no input to her implant, there was nothing in Shelby to brainwash.

Jan stood motionless with the puppets, watching the rest of the livestock prepare itself for shipment. I’ll never see them again, she thought, and it swept her away with how powerful the aliens were.

Together, the girls They were keeping stepped into their tubes, and each rotated as the cover slid down, closing her off one last time. Jan saw her friends, expressionless and wide-eyed. There was no homesickness or fear in their minds, nothing but whatever secrets a machine with Tracy’s voice had whispered to them while her own group had slept.

As the strobes began flickering over their heads, Jan felt a twinge of envy. They’d spend a long time stored in those tubes, and the brainwashing would probably be endless. By the time their Owners took them out they’d be scrubbed clean of any bothersome memory of their studies, or their friends, or the lives they would never get to lead. There would be nothing in each slave’s head but the endless, erotic now of obedience and programmed triggers.

Jan felt herself turn, and stopped envying them. They would be perfectly-behaved pets. She was going to be turned into a tool. She realized she was already in the queue for the robotizer.

Like the chair They used for hypnoconditioning, the device was set low. It was a thick dark metal post on splayed mounting legs, with a phallic projection on top that reared up and over like a steel scorpion’s tail. As though it really were in inverted cock, a pair of spheres rode the top of the shaft at mid-length. Tracy’s voice had sleep-taught Jan and the other puppet girls how to submit to it. The implant went into the bottom of the slave’s brain through her soft palate, and then established itself. This device was designed to install it there in a willing, passive slave. The slave was only to present her mouth and wait.

Jan watched in dazed arousal as Sophia stepped to the device and knelt before it, looking up in wonder at the tip of the projection before leaning forward and putting her lips to it. It moved, easing her lips apart and sliding into her mouth, and her hands fell gently to her thighs. She grunted slightly, but her programmed need to fellate the implanter overrode her gag reflex.

The spheres atop the shaft, in front of her eyes, began to flicker and swirl. It made Jan dizzy to look at them and she heard others in the line gasp, but their curvature exposed only the girl being implanted to their full effect.

It hypnotized Sophia instantly. She was glassy-eyed as her lips worked the prehensile tube in her mouth eagerly, mindlessly. Her head bobbed forward and back while she sucked, as the robotizer located the proper spot on her palate and positioned her. In her trance, she barely twitched when the machine speared the implant through her flesh and up into her brain.

Slowly, Sophia stopped moving. She no longer needed to move, and when the spheres darkened, her eyes closed like a nursing baby’s. Sophia seemed almost to hang from the projecting machine. Her lips still worked.

Sophia held still as it withdrew from her mouth. Its surface flickered as something sterilized it for the next subject. Sophia still knelt, back arched, eyes closed, mouth open, hands limp by her hips. Sophia seemed to be dreaming that her implantation went on and on. Then she opened her eyes and came upright, closing her mouth and rising to her feet. She went to stand under a cylindrical housing that hung from the overhead, to stare expressionlessly.

Jan still remembered the other girl bucking against her mouth as They began her enslavement, and now she watched as the machine above Sophia’s head began to send its first commands to the tiny machine inside her head. She stiffened, but her eyes never blinked. Lights flashed above her, and her face seemed even blanker when they did. In the glare, her pussy shone with dew. At each flash, her nipples cast sharp shadows on her belly.

Then it stopped, and the new girlbot who had once been Sophia moved jerkily over to another wall.

Meanwhile, Randi was already twitching as she sucked off the robotizer.

By the time it was Jan’s turn to kneel to it, she was dripping from watching the others processed. A growing line of motionless puppet girls stood emptily after the overhead device had initialized their implants. It made Jan want to thrust her cunt against the alien machine and impale herself on its soul-stealing length.

But Jan was an obedient slave, and the commands in her mind were to kneel and suck and relax. She went to her knees and kissed the tip, taking it in as long as the machine let her stay awake.

Then the spheres lit up. Jan mewed once around the shaft in her mouth and fell into trance.


jan woke outside, and by now she was too much of a slave to question the change.

she had shadow-memories. Seeing everything through a dim pastel fog. Blankness. Feeling her body controlled by something outside. Worked like a clumsy automaton while she relaxed inside it without will to resist or submit.

The submission in jan was deeper. It pulsed orgasmically with each blur of the world.

she didn’t even wonder whether she was feeling robotic, or what that should feel like.

Other slaves stood quietly outside in random positions. Like jan, they would remain there until told to do something else.

The back of her mouth tingled pleasantly. Her mind felt very clear. She waited to obey someone.

Owner Five was yelling at Owner Two. “You knew we lacked capacity? You knew we could not control more than one robot?”

Owner Two’s eyestalks were turned disdainfully to the lake and it said nothing. Another Owner looked at both of them. “I do not understand. This should have become clear when we robotized the Shelby-unit after its malfunction.”

“It would have,” Owner Five said venomously. “However, this one made sure to leave the Tracy-unit offline and under the control of the slave-persona whenever making adjustments to the new robot.”

“Is this true?”

Owner Two deigned to answer the newcomer. “I preferred to present the group a solution instead of a problem, and I was working on one, but was limited by the available equipment. All the implant interfaces we brought to control the natives are defective, and we cannot fabricate replacements.”

Vague disappointment entered jan’s awareness. Something was wrong, and she would not be one of Their new girlbots soon after all.

The other Owner looked at jan and the rest of Their slaves. “Can we send one of our Earthlings to obtain suitable materials?” A drowsy eagerness to be useful quickly eclipsed jan’s disappointment.

“Their technology does not extend to this kind of device!” Owner Five snapped. “We must focus our eyestalks on reality—we have created a set of programmed drones, but we will only be able to control one at a time directly.

“We are no further than when we reinserted this one to gather data.” It slapped a forelimb against tracy’s hip, but she stayed at unblinking attention. her face was blissful and not blank—They hadn’t turned her back into Their robot. jan sensed she was getting hot at being discussed like an object.

“This is not catastrophic. We can adapt our plans.” The other Owner made a complex placatory gesture with three of its upper limbs, caressing tracy’s breast with the fourth like the seller of a racehorse. “This first slave performed superbly on its own, and managed several control sequences on others. It selected a very receptive batch of slave recruits for us, and they have all submitted to our brainwashing without any significant resistance.”

jan stood a little taller, proud to be such a useful slave and proud of tracy for serving Them so well.

“We can resolve the equipment problem back in civilization, but all the important installation has been done.” The Owner walked away from tracy and gently patted Randi on her head as she stared forward, uncommanded and passive. “The implants have been inserted and cued. We can activate any of these slaves without even landing, if we choose to, once we return with working interfaces.

“In the meantime, they will still obey, without thought or question. They only need something to command them.

“We can slave them all to the Tracy-unit. That will be less efficient on a gross scale than directing each one through its own brain simultaneously, and their implants cannot begin the cerebral and cerebellar restructure, but we have seen what a properly conditioned human slave can accomplish even on a linear program.

“And we can still control them closely, using this one to transmit our commands. They will obey it as they obey us.”

jan whined inside her head. The Owners were going to put them all under tracy’s control. they would be the puppets of a puppet. they would all obey the mindless girl who’d trapped them. The need between her thighs was delicious agony.

The other two Owners averted their eyestalks, but then looked at the entranced human girls standing submissively and seemed to agree.

jan was able to move her eyes a little, though her body waited for a stronger mind than her own to make it move. The other Earthling slaves’ eyes were like flat glass, empty as the minds behind them. Even if Their robotizing implants wouldn’t work, the girls had no wills, and they would do as the Owners told them.

she wondered if any of them were thinking that too, and getting as wet as she was just to know it, but the others looked out unseeingly, brainwashed into blankness. tracy had said They would let jan have more of her own mind than the other slavegirls. They were drones. Sophia swayed slightly but kept her balance and in a moment she was as still as the others, oblivious to her Owners until they bade her awake.

Then jan saw tracy’s eyes. Their emerald glitter was cold and aware, and it held her across the grass and the statue-garden of mindless slavegirls.

Until the aliens returned to turn off her brain, this gaze would rule her.

jan stared back and shivered and tried fruitlessly to orgasm.

The emeralds went dull, and robot-tracy broke pose and walked over to her.

“you will take the Tina-unit into the ship now. you have been programmed.” tracy snapped her fingers, and then jan did know what she must do.

“i obey,” she told whatever was operating tracy, and then turned crisply on the grass.

Tina stood alone, and jan guessed she’d just been left there, bound by the hypnosis tracy had used jan to induce. jan’s task gelled in her mind as she walked up to the last unconverted girl.

Tina’s eyelids went down and up, slowly. She was resisting by reflex, trying to stay as close to awake as she could. Part of her might even want to submit to them now.

“Tina,” she said softly. “i must bring you into the ship now.”

Tina peered at her, nodding slowly.

“our Owners have selected you as display stock. You will climb into a tube and be put to sleep until They need to use you.”

Tina closed her eyes. “So . . . hard . . . to . . . think . . . what about . . . you?”

jan smiled. “i will obey Them here on Earth. tracy will control me.”

Tina’s eyes opened. “J . . . Jan. Tracy . . .” She sighed. “Tracy—they made her . . . kill . . .”

“Yes,” jan said, licking her lips to recall how flushed the other slave had been, remembering her submission. “she is a perfectly obedient slave. she can train me to serve Them better.”

Tina looked at her in sleepy horror.

jan stared back at her, and by itself the stare robbed Tina of her awareness. In a few soft breaths the other girl’s eyes were vacant. She turned pliantly when jan took her hand and led her gently toward the flying saucer.

jan’s programming brought them to the brainwashing chamber, and to an empty tube that slid silently open when they approached as if inviting its hypnotized prey to enter. In the tube next to it, Lisa stood rigid, gaping up into strobelights, unaware of the other two girls or of anything. jan felt pleased at how the Owners had drained her of any concern for Tina’s new life by choosing Lisa to keep her company. Maybe that was what They were drumming into Lisa’s thoughts now—desire for Tina, skills to keep her aroused and distracted.

There was no reason to tell Tina that the other girl would be her lover when they were removed from the tubes. Both girls would open their eyes knowing whatever their Owners wanted to put into their minds during their long, programmable sleep.

But again Tina emerged from her hypnotic blankness and turned to gaze along the row of nude girls behind transparencies. Beyond Lisa, another girl’s face was obscured in the blur of a halo.

“Brainwashing,” Tina whispered, and her shiver against jan’s arm had none of the arousal the idea gave jan.

jan found herself turning Tina to face her, and looking close into her troubled eyes. she leaned in and kissed the hypnotized girl, and Tina pressed weakly against her, kissing her back needfully. she slid her pussy against Tina’s and moved, and felt Tina’s moan in her own mouth. In jan’s mind there was a spark of her old fleeting wish to be the one who was there to hold Tina.

her own brainwashing smoothly snuffed out the spark. she was Their slave. she remembered her only purpose, just now, was to soothe this slave for Them until she obeyed. she enjoyed the soft hot girl in her arms and tasted her mouth again.

As she pulled away she kept hold of Tina’s arms. “You are not to be brainwashed, Tina. It is Their will that you remain able to think for yourself. They will condition you a little while you sleep, but you will not be Their slave.”

Tina leaned against her again. “I won’t?” Her voice was high, her eyes round and trusting.

she smoothed Tina’s hair. “No, Tina.”

Tina bowed her head and rested it against jan’s chin. “But you’re their slave now, jan. I’m sorry.”

jan stroked her back. “Do not be, Tina. It is what i always wanted to be. It feels wonderful, and soon i will help tracy to make more slaves for Them.” she wanted faintly to kneel and put her mouth to Tina and lick her to orgasm, so Tina could know how slavery felt.

Instead, she stopped speaking and let Tina look into her eyes and entrance herself again. When the other girl was glassy-eyed jan ordered her to enter the tube, and Tina pivoted with robotic precision. She stepped onto the platform, and as jan watched she stayed erect and unblinking as the tube sealed her in.

When a slower flashing light had put Tina to sleep, jan let herself forgot the other slave and turned to obey her next compulsion.


“Umm—Jan? Hi.”

The other girl stepped hesitantly from the portico as jan walked into the evening out of Faughan Hall.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to . . .” She gestured back inside, where jan’s grief support group had met.

The puppet slaves They sent back had recited the story tracy had programmed them with. they’d littered the massive rockslide in the mountains the Owners’ weapons set off with the belongings of the livestock slaves They kept, to make the disaster look real. tracy’s lie was perfect. No one even talked about trying to recover the bodies.

“It’s all right.” jan smiled. “They tell us normal life helps.” she responded automatically. her first real thought was to assess the girl—small-breasted but nicely so, shapely in jeans. Pretty, anxious face.

“Oh. Cool.” The girl put hair behind her ear. “Oh, I’m, uh, Zoe.”

“Hi, Zoe.” jan reached out and shook her hand.

“I was sorry to hear. About your friends. That must have been so . . .”

jan nodded, finding the right expression without needing to try. At the funerals, jan had thought of the girls everyone was mourning, still alive but stiff and mindless in their tubes millions of miles away now. Emptied of any memory of or feeling for these weeping people. Closer to being in coffins than what their devastated families believed was left of them under the boulders.

she’d almost laughed, seeing the slaves’ loved ones so clueless. But she’d known she mustn’t break character, and her obedience was ingrained even without the luscious sessions with tracy. she’d actually been able to simulate hysterics, after tracy had told her how, but tracy only let her do it once.

“Everyone’s been great,” she said, holding Zoe’s gaze. “i didn’t think i could reconnect with people, so soon. But it’s . . . you know?”

Zoe nodded.

“You’re in my communications technology class,” jan observed, to help Zoe move away from the awkward part.

“Yes!” The quiet girl seized the lifeline. “I’m really, I guess, amazed at how you’re doing. I mean, coming into the department new, and all.”

jan smiled encouragingly. Like tracy on her first release, she’d returned with new priorities, eager to study another aspect of Earthling technology, and changed her major to suit Their needs. Abandoning international relations and her old, pointless dreams of conflict resolution had been a delicious surrender of self. If she hadn’t been deep in trance she might have masturbated with her free hand right there in front of the registrar.

“i needed to make a new start.” jan let a brave little quaver touch her voice, then smoothed it. i’m brave, but i won’t make a mess. “And it’s a wonderful field to lose myself in. There’s just no time to—you know.”

she waited patiently. she knew what shy little Zoe wanted to ask, and she wouldn’t risk frightening the girl off by seeming to anticipate her.

“Well, you’re always on top of the assignments, and in class you’re so clear.” Zoe sounded sincerely awed, not envious. “And for someone who’s—” seen a bunch of close friends crushed to death under a mountain “—so new to the concentration . . .”

jan nodded.

“I heard your roommate does hypnosis.” Zoe said it in an embarrassed rush. “For studying. Is that—? I don’t mean you’d need—”

jan shook her head and grinned. “No offense. And I really don’t know if I could carry this load without being able to use that for focus. And droning memorization.” Zoe grinned back as jan mimicked one of their more soporific instructors.

“Actually, tracy’s a housemate, not a roommate, but she did really show a knack for it in her psych classes. she’d get certified if she could find the time.”

“Housemate? You live off-campus?” Zoe feigned interest poorly, trying to change the subject.

“Zoe, i know if you need to try hypnosis for something, tracy can help. she knows what she’s doing.”

“It’s midterms and I’m getting desperate.” Zoe looked unused to being so blunt. jan sensed her vulnerability, and wished she could lick her lips.

Or Zoe’s lips. Either pair. Later. If tracy lets me.

“The Comm stuff I can handle, but I’ve been so boresighted on that I’ve let the other stuff go.” She swallowed. “I can’t pay a lot, but . . .”

jan shook her head. “tracy never charges fees. It’s homework for her, I think. And she likes it—says it relaxes her as much as her subjects.”

Zoe’s eyes lit up and she nearly hopped on her toes, looking even younger than she already did.

“Up for it now? i think tonight’s a slow night.”

They were already walking off as Zoe nodded.

“How did you hear about tracy hypnotizing people, Zoe?”

“Clarissa, from Tau Beta—I forget the third thing. The one they call the Beehive. She said tracy got her to stop biting her nails and forgetting where she put things. Raved about her.”

“OK, yeah. I remember her coming by.” jan had taken Clarissa’s breathless call yesterday, putting the other girl into trance before Clarissa could wonder why she was so eager to report. Clarissa had described Zoe’s interest and her need.

tracy had trained Clarissa, like some others, to spot indications of suggestibility and pass them on. That quest guided much of their social lives now—more each time they came to her to be deepened.

“Clarissa was a tough one, too. tracy said she tried too hard to relax.”

jan recalled tracy’s actual assessment. “Wet noodle,” the redhead had said aloud over the girl sprawled limply in the easy chair. “Not even al dente.” Then tracy had gone briskly to work on Clarissa’s mind.

“That’s Clarissa,” Zoe said. “Always the overachiever.”

jan looked forward to reporting Clarissa’s service in drawing this latest girl into tracy’s web. As tracy had observed, she did enjoy groveling, but as Their brainwashed slave her fawning was selfless. she loved seeing any slave obey commands well—especially a slave tracy had made—and she enjoyed seeing obedience reinforced. A rewarded girl was a more deeply enslaved one.

The Victorian where tracy, and now jan, lived wasn’t far off-campus, and their landlady, Marlena, was bustling around the foyer with new flowers. jan knew that under the slightly-short sundress Marlena was nude and damp, just as tracy liked her, but she knew Zoe saw only an attractive but maternal woman.

She greeted the shy girl warmly, and then looked grateful as jan said, “Zoe’s going to help me get my satellites sorted out.” Marlena wanted “her” girls to do well, even before tracy had spent time with her.

As they went up the stairs, Zoe whispered, “I—thanks for doing that, but—”

“It’s cool. No one needs to know you’re consulting tracy, unless you want them to.

“Besides,” she said on the landing, pausing to look into Zoe’s eyes, “we comm tech types have to look out for each other.”

tracy’s door was open and she smiled at them from her desk, pulling off headphones and closing a thick textbook with enough relief to convince Zoe without words that she was more a respite than an interruption. In a slightly-tight T-shirt and khaki short-shorts displaying her lithe, freckled thighs, tracy was unthreatening and casual, and without the heeled boots she often wore, she was disarmingly a head shorter than her victim.

Zoe looked around at the mild student clutter and the posters for NIN and an anonymous but beautiful surfer in a wetsuit grinning out at the Pacific, and her comfort level visibly increased.

Sometimes, jan would introduce a girl with a humorous reference to mind control, and tracy would widen her eyes and wave her fingers au Svengali, but now jan just said, “Zoe’s a friend of Clarissa’s.”

“Any friend of Clarissa’s,” tracy said, and jan actually felt the friendliness the other slave could project. They all sat, tracy settling at the foot of her own bed while Zoe and jan perched like cousins against the headboard. They talked about Clarissa in very general terms, and it let tracy discuss hypnosis without Zoe having to ask or mention that she sought it herself.

Zoe listened to tracy talk about consensuality and guided imagery and how hypnosis gave the subject more control over herself, not less. A couple of tentative questions drew forth specific examples of how Zoe could use hypnosis to get herself back up to speed in class, and how to rest afterward. jan relaxed and enjoyed tracy’s gentle seduction of the girl, until Zoe was ready to let tracy into her head.

tracy leaned forward, resting a protective hand on Zoe’s leg and smiling at jan. “i think we’re ready.”

jan nodded and squeezed Zoe’s arm, making her own face placid. she looked at tracy’s prey, in case Zoe was still worried and wanted a chaperone, despite her new trust of tracy. But Zoe just smiled back and mouthed “thanks” as jan slid off the bed and waved.

she closed the door quietly, already hearing tracy’s voice pitched low, soothing Zoe and enticing her to listen. On the little whiteboard at eye level, she used the dry-wipe to erase someone’s illegible “called” message and carefully rendered the necessary symbol. To most people it looked like a random scrawl that might have been a four-digit number. To a woman tracy had hypnotically conditioned—which by now was any resident of Marlena’s house—it said i’m enslaving someone. Do not disturb.

Smiling and imagining Zoe’s delicious submission to her hypnotist, she remembered an errand tracy had implanted in her earlier. Up on the third floor, she scanned the door of “her” room for the proper signals. jan usually slept in tracy’s bed, or with whomever tracy told her to reward or reinforce, but this was the room she showed company. Would have shown Zoe, if Zoe were really a guest.

That made it very handy as a brainwashing chamber.

The room’s light came from a TV pulsing with a spiral. Three girls, still wearing cheerleading miniskirts in University colors, knelt and stared into it. Their faces were blank and their eyes glazed, reflecting six tiny versions of the spiral that hypnotized them. Each played absently with her breasts in a slow rhythm perfectly synchronized with the spiral’s turn.

They’d come to tracy, hellbent on defying the bimbo-with-pompoms stereotype by acing their courses, and determined to add self-hypnosis to their arsenal. tracy had then conditioned them to lapse into trance as soon as they arrived here for tutoring. When she was done inducing Zoe, tracy would come by and change whatever indoctrination tape the girls were listening to, fulfilling her promise with an actual review session that would etch itself onto their utterly receptive minds.

Right now, they were utterly receptive to tracy’s voice softly, monotonously, endlessly reminding them of their submissiveness and their addiction to her hypnotic control.

Watching them, equally aroused by helplessly entranced girls and the clarity of tracy’s prowess as a slaver, jan felt her own trigger activate. she stepped inside and knelt by the boombox, slowly lowering the volume. she turned it off and ejected the deepening tape, glancing at the hypnotized cheerleaders, but they were still transfixed by the spiral and their breast-play, and one of them was mouthing the words tracy had been reciting. None of them broke trance.

jan loaded a new indoctrination tape and raised the volume. tracy segued from the obedience mantras she’d been training the girls with to the new, substantive lesson. jan watched the girls for any uncertainty, but tracy had been preparing them for weeks and all three submitted to the change without blinking.

jan had to smile. tracy hadn’t reoriented these girls, and while she’d turned their wills to warm pudding at least against her, she’d left their heterosexuality intact.

So tracy’s new commands to worship cock met less resistance.

jan smiled. The Owners had decided some male slaves might be useful after all, and tracy had determined that the selected boys would be more susceptible to being seduced into initial conditioning by the sort of girls they already obsessed over.

Once their basic programming was burned in, tracy’s little siren squad would learn how to hypnotize.

As jan watched, the cheerleaders gaped at the spiral and started moving their mouths.


Tiptoeing past them, jan undressed and put her clothes away. she listened to tracy’s commands, enjoying the subtle power and the degrading specifics. This sequence had no power over her, but jan knew her redheaded hypnotist could easily have her selling blowjobs in the student union with her rates markered onto her naked tits, and loving it.

she left the kneeling girls to their spiral and padded downstairs, stopping in the second-floor parlor. A couple of Marlena’s other tenants sat up straighter, both of them in their underwear. Debi, the senior on the diving team, sprawled on the sofa in something tiny and sheer and hot pink, while Celia, curled up on the windowseat, was in a sports bra and briefs that just set off how wonderfully petite she was.

In the corner, Gillian sat bare-breasted in the tiny cutoff jeans she wore most of the time, her eyes wide and hypnotized. Oblivious to jan and the others, she read aloud from her laptop screen into a pocket recorder. Her small nipples were taut without even a need to be played with. tracy had programmed Gillian to cover most of her classes this week while she finalized part of a larger project. she preferred to use Gillian’s excellent study habits and told the other girl to take notes, rather than just tape each instructor’s ramblings verbatim.

Gillian paused the tape without looking away from the screen, sipped water from the bottle by her on the floor, and then sucked on a throat lozenge until it was too small to obstruct her speech. She started the tape and went on.

Debi and Celia ignored her, knowing only that she served tracy this way. Their gazes locked onto jan, flicking from her eyes to her body but finally settling on her eyes—Debi sooner than Celia, who was less well-trained by now. But both girls’ gazes were getting dimmer, as they always would, here in the safety of tracy’s hive, in the presence of one of the Owners’ puppets.

“Wake,” jan told them, sweeping her hand as though wiping the incipient trance from them. They blinked and grinned at each other sheepishly.

jan was amused and not a little turned-on by their susceptibility to her. The women tracy had been hypnotizing treated jan and the others They Themselves had brainwashed as a sort of aristocracy. It was fun to watch women submit to her who had more free will than she would ever have again.

Debi or Celia or Gillian, or even the cheerleaders in her room, could be deprogrammed, if anyone had known what was being done to them. But jan, like tracy and sophia and the other puppet slaves, would be Their creature until she died.

she smiled. Like tracy, she still had a sense of irony.

“Does Mistress have any tasks for us?” Celia asked hopefully.

jan shook her head. “No. If i awaken to any i’ll pass them on.” she let them look at her nakedness for a while, a way of letting them see the Owners’ power over her even if these girls thought it was tracy’s alone.

The envy in their eyes was sweet.

she went to the ground floor, entering Marlena’s apartment. tracy had helped Marlena forget how to lock it, but she was used to being at their disposal at all times. tracy had trained everyone not to abuse that, although jan knew that Marlena dreamed sometimes of being ravished around the clock by each student she boarded.

The older woman wore only a thong and collar now. Marlena blushed and gasped, seeing jan nude, and the hope in her eyes was moving. jan went to her and kissed her, savoring the landlady’s soft skin and warmth as much as the urgent roll of her hips.

“i’m not programmed for you, sweetie,” she said, “not tonight. But tracy has something in mind.”

“I love that girl,” Marlena whispered, and jan submitted to a kiss she knew was meant for the slave they both obeyed.

jan led Marlena to her bed and they sat, still embracing. “I’m so glad she wasn’t with you when that awful thing happened, Jan.”

Looking into her eyes, jan saw complete belief. “Yes, Marlena, you’re so right. Seeing that cliffside just come down on top of them like that, and after her other two friends . . . it might have broken her. If she’d been with us.”

“No,” Marlena said, as her eyes lost focus. “Tracy has a very powerful will. She’s much too strong for that. Her . . . will . . .”

jan kissed her again and held her.

she’d been too focused on her specific tasks to consider larger issues, and her brainwashing left her no desire to. It was Their place, and tracy’s, to plan and think. But when she’d come back, she’d wondered how tracy would avoid scrutiny—or at least extreme curiosity—about being the Typhoid Mary on two catastrophic camping trips. That kind of investigation could interfere with Their plans or even reveal Their presence.

Then she heard herself giving detailed accounts that said nothing about tracy being with them. Even memories of the lakeside campsite faded behind new ones of a place in the mountains, where the cliff that would “haunt her dreams forever” was visible from where they’d parked. All the other puppets remembered to forget tracy was with them.

Before they’d left, while tracy was still selecting which friends to betray into alien slavery, she’d also prepared Marlena to do her specific bidding. Putting her enthralled landlady into a deep trance, she’d implanted triggers for other women she controlled, many of whom Marlena had given her access to. She’d programmed Marlena to activate and program them in turn.

When she did that, i was still a free woman. jan savored it.

While tracy was leading the girls through the trees into her Owners’ snare, Marlena’s friends and tracy’s classmates were being taught to recall her detailed doings with them back at the U. The alibi was too thorough and sincere even to ask about. No one had reason to think she’d been anywhere else.

jan and the others, of course, had had their memories bent while in the aliens’ conversion tubes.

Marlena’s needful writhing in her arms brought jan back to the present. she stroked the older woman and eased her down onto the bed, rubbing her belly and then sliding her hand down under the soaking thong to the cleft. Marlena mewed and melted under her touch. jan picked up the phone.

When Clarissa answered, and somewhat quizzically affirmed she was alone, jan triggered her.

“tracy is very pleased with little Zoe,” she purred, and Clarissa’s high gasp of delight joined Marlena’s in stereo. “You did very well, Clarissa. tracy says you must be rewarded.

“You do remember her beautiful, sexy landlady, don’t you, Clarissa?

“The one you fell deeply, helplessly in lust with when you came here to be hypnotized?”

Very shortly jan had Clarissa programmed to come over to spend the night here with Marlena. As she hung up, Marlena thrashed on the bedcovers, trying to keep her eyes on jan and to make her lips thank her.

jan’s finger found the older woman’s G-spot. Marlena bucked and keened and thrashed some more, and when she was still, gazing up adoringly at jan, her eyes were as wet as her pussy.

jan kissed her ear and then whispered a couple of Clarissa’s triggers and what they would do to the girl. Grinning, she watched that penetrate into Marlena’s climax-blitzed mind, and then spoke one of Marlena’s.

As Marlena succumbed to it, jan whispered, “You will forget how to control Clarissa’s will when the sun rises. Sleep.” she whispered more instructions that would have Marlena up and ready to meet Clarissa when the girl arrived. Then she rose and left the landlady sprawled on the bed for now.

Errands done, she padded back up Marlena’s staircase to tracy’s room. she stopped for a moment inside the door, taking in the sight of Zoe standing straight and relaxed, her back toward the door, while tracy held an instructive forefinger to the girl’s brow, looking curiously up into her face.

The girl was whispering, while tracy nodded at how well she repeated her lesson.

“One . . . two . . . three . . . f . . . f . . . for . . . for-got-ten . . .” Zoe sighed contentedly. “Must begin . . . again . . . fall deeper . . . one . . .”

jan beamed at tracy, loving to see her doing this. tracy grinned back and then, still keeping her hold on Zoe, raised her right hand and pointed directly between jan’s eyes. jan hissed with pleasure as it froze her for tracy’s use, and let her eyes adhere to the pointing finger.

tracy raised her finger delicately up and then down, as if waving, but jan’s body was already submitting to the implanted cue. Still on her feet, she felt her eyelids slide luxuriously closed and her head bowed. she could still hear, but she was empty of desire to do anything but stand and sleep.


The others whispered and it flowed over jan unheard.

Then, “Oh-oh.” A chuckle.

“What do—oh! Jan? Oh, sorry.” Zoe hushed herself. “Wow. Is she—did Jan really get hypnotized just now? Watching you do—um, with me?”

Zoe said nothing about jan’s nudity. jan wondered vaguely what tracy had told Zoe to see her wearing.

“It’s all right, Zoe. jan’s very receptive.” jan heard tracy pause it out. “Not quite as receptive as you are.”

Zoe said nothing, but she watched how easily jan had been caught in the trance, and heard the expert class her as even more susceptible. jan would have smiled, but it was nicer to stand still with her head down.

“she’s all right,” tracy said softly. “Wake her—go ahead.”

jan heard the other girl step to her, slowly, and inwardly melted at how gingerly Zoe’s hands took her upper arms. she smelled Zoe’s light perfume and then her shampoo as the girl leaned close to her. she felt Zoe’s breath on her cheek and then her ear.

“Jan?” The whisper made jan think of the pillow it might have crossed. Zoe’s gentleness was almost unbearable. “You can wake up now.”

jan raised her head slowly, blinking and smiling dreamily as Zoe’s pretty face receded just out of kissing range.

“Mmm.” she lifted her hands to hold Zoe’s elbows before Zoe stepped further away, and Zoe let her. “That was really nice.”

“Sorry,” Zoe said. Clarissa had said she was an apologetic sort of girl. Her diffidence had made her clay in tracy’s hands.

“Mmm, no, not your fault. i came back and tracy was working with you and the two of you were just radiating peace and serenity and . . . safe . . .” jan let her eyes widen and Zoe, inches away and staring carelessly right into them, began to lose expression. Her breathing slowed to match jan’s.

“But it’s all right.” As she spoke, jan saw Zoe blink and smile uncertainly, not even aware she’d slipped back under for a moment. Over Zoe’s shoulder, she saw tracy nod without smiling.

“i guess my own hypnosis sessions with tracy have just opened me to it.”

Zoe twitched a little, as this tripped more posthypnotic suggestions that she was just as helpless to resist. She started to look away, but just the sound of jan opening her lips to speak again drew the other girl’s eyes back to fall into her own.

“i think i’m sort of conditioned to go into trance whenever i hear tracy speak in that soothing, persuasive way.

“Whenever i hear tracy speak.

“Whenever i hear tracy speak . . .” Zoe didn’t even blink at the repetition. Her eyes widened. After jan said it again she saw Zoe’s lips moving soundlessly.

“Whenever i hear tracy speak it makes me drowsy and receptive to whatever she has to say. tracy can hypnotize me whenever she wants because it feels so good. tracy tells me what to think and i do and that feels nice too.” she smiled, seeing that sink into Zoe’s prepared thoughts like berries into muffin mix.

“One . . . two . . . three . . .”

Zoe counted with her, and then said, “Forgotten,” sighing deeper into sleep. It was all jan could do not to kiss the spellbound girl. she waited silently until tracy snapped her fingers, and then Zoe woke up, grinning.

“Thank you so much!” Impulsively she hugged jan, still compelled not to notice that she felt nothing but skin, and turned to tracy.

Already, deference to her hypnotist held her back from touching tracy unless bidden, but she wriggled like a puppy when tracy went to her and embraced her.

“That was soooo wonderful. May I—please—?”

“Of course. You’re lovely to work with,” tracy said, holding her eyes. “Such a responsive subject. Come tomorrow night, if you want.”

“I will!” Zoe skipped over to jan and hugged her again and then almost danced to the door. “Bye!”

When she was gone, tracy said, “i told her Marlena was wearing her dress, too. She’ll come out of it when she hears the front door close behind her.”

“How obedient is she?”

tracy smiled, and her voice had no sarcasm. “Zoe is one of those wonderful people who could really blossom under a firm, gentle mentor who cared for her. She’s weak and easily led, but she could grow into a leader herself. Someday.”

“But,” jan said, with a smoking glance at tracy, “right now you can mold her into an abject slave. Without even one of Their conversion tubes. The only lead she’ll know is the one that’s clipped to her collar.

“Will you keep her? She’d make a sweet little housepet.” jan saw Zoe crawling sinuously through the Victorian. Graceful as a cat but more submissive than any dog.

tracy licked her lips. “we’ll see what Zoe is good at. i might attach her to the pep squad upstairs—the cheerleaders could adopt her as a mascot, and she’d be a nice little contrast to them.”

jan nodded. Most of the girls and women tracy had snared here had no tasks, as they had no memory of her controlling them. It was practice for her and for those she was training to recruit, or testing for new techniques. Zoe might go free for months or more with no commands to obey, between tingling visits to this house to submerge in tracy’s green eyes and give more of herself away.

“It’s lovely to watch you with them,” she said, winning tracy’s interest. “Seeing you soften them, and seeing them so helpless at your feet.”

tracy smiled. “The old Jan would have hated that. She would have fought—dragged poor Zoe away and tried to awaken her.”

“The new jan is a brainwashed slave.” jan looked hungrily at the other girl, who watched her calmly. she relished how her need for tracy was making her act, and how the green eyes saw her as a lesser slave, needing more control.

she turned away, looking at the wetsuited surfer on the wall. Had tracy masturbated to see this girl, before the Owners had forever altered what gave tracy orgasms?

“Sometimes it frightens me,” she said. “Knowing that They will return, and this time They can activate all our implants, not just yours. That i can be robotized with no warning.”

“Frightens you, jan?”

“And turns me on like crazy,” she rasped, looking back at tracy.

“There’ll probably be warning.” The redhead let her simmer, and that was nice too. “When They first released me, it was decided that i be robotized on a nighttime schedule. i try to ensure i’m by myself, and They ping my brain first to verify it. Then They switch me off and the robot on.

“They’ll use me to give Them a peek around, to see whether robotizing the rest of you would be problematic.”

jan nodded. “They’re very careful.”

tracy shook her head. “That was actually my recommendation. They didn’t consider what it would be like having me turn into a droning zombie-girl in the middle of a class presentation or a bus ride.” she grinned. “Or changing lanes on a superhighway.”

jan thought about the hot, dreamy way being Their robot made her feel. Being like that, all her thoughts on pause until They started altering them, might be especially hot as she careened helplessly into an abutment.

tracy read her thoughts and smiled. “Tell me about what you’ve been doing with sally.”

jan stood straighter, more aroused by her role in Their plans than even sex with tracy. jan knew sally’s programming was related to her own—as jan studied electromagnetic transmissions from orbit, sally was learning about the platforms to do it. sally was now absorbing data on the Van Allen belts.

“she’s made a lot of progress. we can’t design a satellite that can broadcast a docility field from up there, yet, but by the end of the year we’ll have an idea what we need to know to do it.” she reached for her pussy and tracy didn’t tell her not to. “It feels good to help enslave everyone with our own technology.”

she didn’t mention the Owners’ inability to bring Their own here in quantity. Their actual abilities had nothing to do with how intensely she loved obeying Them.

“i even dream about it.”

“Tell me.” tracy unbuckled her shorts and shimmied out of them, painfully pretty in just her top, and for a moment there was nothing in jan’s mind but her pink, nude pussy and the need to lick it.

“i—uh—i . . . we’re . . . all of us, the ones They enslaved and the girls you’ve hypnotized, are here on campus. we’re all nude worker drones, building a huge tower and antenna on the quad. you’ve brainwashed the athletes into becoming fanatical guards to keep the Earthlings from trying to stop us, and they stand there in bikinis with rayguns, or patrol.” jan smiled, but the image was still in her mind, too erotic for her to mock.

“The rest of us are like robots. we just toil, with nothing in our minds but building the tower as you command. we come to you for direction and then march away to obey your orders.

“The Earthlings are whining and yelling outside the guard perimeter, telling us to stop before it’s too late.” she remembered tracy’s friends, still with free will but trapped in their storage cages, screaming at tracy not to help her Owners. tracy’s eyes sparkled, remembering too.

“None of us are programmed to respond, even when people who knew us call our names. Responding to Earthlings would consume project time. we hear nothing but your commands in our minds.

“Sometimes, someone comes too close. She’s trying to tell her sister or mother or best friend to resist the spell and wake the others. She feels the power, or she looks too long into the eyes of a drone.”

jan gasped. “Maybe my eyes.

“Then her face goes blank and she takes off her clothes and sleepwalks in past the guards. they’re programmed to sense when a mind is asleep and yielding and they let the new zombies through.

“Some of us are programmed to lead them to you, and after you enslave them they find a task and help us build the tower.

“Then we’re done and all the worker drones just stand there, empty, without any willpower. Suddenly i’m in a line of slaves at workstations, chanting out readings. At your command, another slave turns it on, and

“It’s a gigantic docility projector and it mindzaps everyone—the Earthlings outside, everyone else. People on the other side of the world drop what they’re doing and stand upright and wait to obey.” she closed her eyes and panted, imagining tanned Australian girls rigid beside forgotten surfboards, golden Thai women no longer hearing the wind in their gardens. Women of all hues in form-fitting silver up on an orbiting space station, floating wide-eyed in the freefall like levitated assistants of an invisible magician. All of them as tranquilized and ready for orders as she’d been, stunned under the saucer that night.

she opened her eyes to see tracy nude and wet.

“Then what happens, jan?”

“Then—” she swallowed. “Then you speak. your voice tells all those hypnotized minds that they are no longer free, and that from now on they live to obey.

“they . . . your voice . . .”

tracy stepped over to her, reaching out, and for a moment jan wondered if she’d be put to sleep again. But the other slave stroked her breast. “you dream that about me?”

jan couldn’t speak. she settled to her knees, smelling tracy’s cunt but looking only up at tracy’s face.


tracy put her hand on jan’s head.

“They made you fall in love with me,” she said quietly. “Even with your residual thought levels, it makes you easy for me to control.

“i’m not the mistress, jan. It’s simpler for some of the girls here to think i am, since it keeps their own obedience clear, and some of them might be frightened of aliens without the mind control to correct their beliefs.”

jan started to nod but relaxed under tracy’s hand. It felt good to know that she was different, and that the Owners had spayed her of any such defensive reactions.

“But i am just the first slave They used here. If our Owners return to claim the rest of Their Earthling slaves, i will not become Their viceroy like that. i am Their tool, not Their warrior.

“i am just an Earthling girl. my only purpose is to obey Them as They wish. When They assume control, i will forget anything but obeying Them and go to my place among the rest of Their mindless drones to await my tasks.”

jan could see tracy going blank at some signal from Them, drifting away from controls she no longer recognized. Suddenly as mindless as the others, her lovely pale body lost among the other bodies bending to Their will, waiting emptily for her new drone duties to be stamped onto her brain.

It aroused jan, and pierced her too, and she just looked up at the real girl. It was true—she was in love with tracy. That she knew she herself was just a slave, with no self to devote, made it no less true.

“i am Theirs,” she whispered, yearning to lean forward and whisper into tracy’s slick folds instead. “If i could save a busload of passengers but Owner Five wanted me to be a pony instead, i would kneel to be mounted. i would want to. i worship Them.

“But . . . tracy, oh, god . . . i—you—”


Just the order was a mercy; obeying it snapped jan out of the agony of thinking. tracy led her to the bed and lay down, smiling faintly and beckoning jan to settle on top of her. Trembling, jan obeyed that too. she slid along tracy’s cool curves and held herself close to the pale skin.

There was a knock at the door.

tracy’s arms stayed around jan as she called out, “Yes?”

The door opened and Gillian walked in, red-eyed and weary, with a handful of microcassettes.

“Mistress, I completed the transcription as you instructed.” Just being in tracy’s presence seemed to revive Gillian, and seeing another girl draped over her Mistress started her breathing faster.

“Bring them here.”

Gillian, voluptuous and tempting in her cutoffs, paced obediently to them and set the tapes down on the bedside table, straightening them before she rose. Her breasts had moved liquidly through all that. Coming erect, she looked down adoringly at tracy, then looked over at tracy’s dresser and pointed.

“Mistress? May I?” At tracy’s nod, she fetched the player and headphones and put them down beside the tapes where tracy might reach them without stirring from bed or dispatching her bedwarmer for them.

“Is there any other way I may serve you now, Mistress?” Gillian’s hunger was demurely muted but very evident.

tracy looked into jan’s eyes. jan looked back, hoping the threesome would allow her to please tracy as she needed to.

“No, slave. You have done well.” she paused as Gillian sighed. “Leave us.” Gillian bowed and turned to go.

“Slave? Gillian?”

Gillian turned, her body tense and ready to please. “Yes, Mistress?”

“Go find . . . mmm . . . Debi. i’ve prepared her. Tell her i want her to take care of you. Then do whatever she says.

“Obey me.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Gillian’s bouncy step belied her fatigue. jan knew she’d gotten nearly as little sleep as tracy herself had.

tracy stroked jan’s hair. “i’ve conditioned Debi as a reward slave, but i haven’t given her to anyone yet. When Gillian activates her, she’ll find herself with a really fit playmate who really wants to make her happy.

“Though i think the first thing Debi will do is take her to bed and put her to sleep. She won’t even need to hypnotize her.” tracy smiled.

jan pressed closer. “Thank you, tracy. i would have shared with her, but i’m glad not to.”

tracy rubbed her back pensively, and then kissed her suddenly and deeply. jan melted onto her and felt tracy’s arms tighten around her.

“you love me, and it’s another way i can control you,” tracy whispered. she seduced jan’s ear with her lips as she had outside Their ship, when she’d licked jan’s will away and led her tamely to be hypnoconditioned. “See, tenderness and exclusive time with me just suck you deeper in. your mind belongs to Them forever, but each time i treat you like a lover it binds your heart more tightly to me.

“i could make you beg for it, but there’s no reason to torment you. Holding you close will make you even more devoted to me than denial. Love is a thirst that quenching intensifies—and a thirsty jan is an obedient jan.”

her eyes narrowed as her smile widened.

“Anyways—you’re a prime piece of ass, and a terrific fuck in the bargain.”

jan looked at the impish grin and the soulless eyes, and smiled. Then, without being told, she leaned down and tasted the hollow of tracy’s throat, where freckles were sparse over smooth alabaster. she let tracy’s pulse tap her lips and then started to kiss her way down.

she meant to be slow but when she suckled and tracy cried out and her nipple rose to life against jan’s tongue, jan couldn’t help herself any longer. she slid down the lean wiry body and gripped tracy’s ass. tracy had let her kiss the rosebud within many times since jan had gotten the implant, but it was the larger, slicker flower she craved now.

tracy’s thighs were taut and smooth as she bent between them and put her mouth to the redhead’s cunt. she stayed on it while tracy writhed, practice and dedication keeping her lips and tongue where they needed to be to keep tracy insane. The sound and taste and buffeting of the other slave’s pleasure just looped jan into giving her more of it.

tracy was as fit as she was insatiable, and it was only after endless exertion that jan, in a wonderful trance, crawled back up her limp lover and nuzzled at her neck. tracy was shorter, but jan curved submissively in the afterglow. Later, tracy would please her, the cold green eyes watching her rut mindlessly against the pale hand or the coral lips, but for now this was perfect.

A fingertip down her back drew her lidded gaze up.

Even tracy’s eyes looked a bit spacey. The Owners’ primary slave was still focused on her quest to turn Earth into Their corral, but the human girl had just been thoroughly eaten out. her smile was silly.

jan slid up and kissed tracy. her mouth tingled with the redhead’s drowsy moan of pleasure, and it felt a little like swallowing Tina’s last sound when they’d kissed before she’d gone into the tube. she lingered in tracy’s mouth, sharing the other girl’s honey with her.

she reared up and smiled down at the girl who’d betrayed her, and helped enslave her, and whose personal lackey and henchwench and fucktoy it was now jan’s function in life to be.

The sheer love she felt made her dizzy.

she watched tracy lick her lips.

“i love the way girls taste,” she said, looking into tracy’s eyes as she quoted her. “And girls who are mind-controlled taste best of all . . .


tracy’s smile might have been contempt, or affection, or both. jan didn’t care.

“They got you, and then you got me,” she breathed. “Whom will we get next?”

tracy tried to raise her hand toward jan’s head, but sighed and let it flop back to the bed. “Get sleepy, slave,” she whispered with a cockeyed grin.

jan happily closed her eyes and sank down against her. tracy liked her this way when there was time for it, slowly and helplessly losing consciousness. As awareness ebbed, she heard tracy fumble on the table and slide in the first lecture cassette.

Just as jan drifted toward sleep, tracy pulled her closer and stroked her gently.

“i love you,” jan made herself whisper with the last of her energy.

“Of course you do.” tracy let jan’s lips close on her breast before she put jan all the way to sleep.