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X-tort — A Slaver’s Bay Story.

Karen cried in pain as she scratched herself on the bushes, plunging through them. Her naked body had numerous cuts and grazes.

But… no time for that now. She pushed on ahead. The sound of the quad-bike getting nearer.

“Please, I can’t go on!” Mary coughed, trying to catch her breath.

“Please, Mom” Karen extolled.

She turned to see her sister Linda. Linda was about fifty metres to their right. Linda stopped and looked at them, but then hearing the bike she took off into the shrubs.

“What the fuck!” Karen gasped seeing her sister run off leaving them

“Please, Mom” Karen said again, “We’ve got to go”

“I… I can’t” Mary gasped. She was down on her haunches, trying to catch her breath.

The hunter drew near. He dismounted the quad-bike and drew his rifle. He looked about, and listened.

He could hear voices.

“I’m going to die” Mary cried

“You’re not going to die” Karen said

The hunter stopped. He heard a twig nap. Then he turned and saw her. “Please, no!” Linda cried as she saw the hunter.

The hunter, in cammo, had orange googles, a face mask to protect him from breathing in dust, and a black cap. He smiled under his face mask and raised his gun, aiming at Linda’s naked torso.

“Please… don’t do this” she cried. Linda’s bowels opened up in fear, and she sank to her knees trembling. Her dusty face had two rivers of tears running down her cheeks.

He fired.

Linda felt the sharp sting of the needled-dart as it hit her mid-riff. She looked down at the wound. It was already black. The blackness spread.

“No! No! No!” she cried. She tried scratching at the blackness as if it would come off under her fingernails. “No… this can’t happen”

It didn’t come off. It spread.

“No, not this!” she cried.

Hidden, watching Karen held her breath, and physically held her hand over her mom’s mouth to suppress the sound of her panting.

“Noooo!” Linda cried again. Already the blackness covered her entire stomach and chest. Her breasts were now black too.

The nannies (microscopic robots) spread throughout her body. She felt cold.

“Please….” she cried again, and then it was too late.

Suddenly she stood up. From her neck down she appeared to be wearing a black PVC body-suit. It was a slave-skin. It was as if someone had sprayed jet back over all her body…

Her eyes were blank.

“I await command input, Master” she said in a monotone voice.

The hunter fist-pumped. He took a small box out of a pouch on his waist and went around behind Linda.

Linda stood there like a living doll.

He took a wire and plugging it into the box found a small aperture on the back of the slave-skin body-suit. He plugged it in, and flicked a switch.

“Downloading” Linda said

“Downloading” she repeated.

“Downloading” she said a third time

“Download complete, Master” she said. He unhooked the device from her.

A parlour lifted from her and she became more animate. “How may I serve you, Master”

“Help me find the others”

“Yes, Master”

“Karen, help me!” she cried out as if in pain, “Please, help me” She hoped to lure her sister to come out of hiding

Karen could not believe how easily her sister wanted to betray her. “Please, Mommy!” she cried out to Mary. “Please”

Karen looked at her mom. Neither of them responded to Linda

She waited a moment “It’s clear, he’s gone now” she said as he stood beside her turning 360° to check the area.

“I’m sorry, Master” she said

“You now have enhanced vision” he said, “Go to infra-red”

“Complying” she said. She began to look around

“There they are” she said, pointing to where her sister and mother lay hiding.

“Fuck!” Karen gasped.

“You have to run and leave me!” Mary said to her daughter

“Please, try and run…”

“I… I can’t…” Mary whimpered

Karen knew she must try and save herself.

The hunter and Linda approached where Mary lay in the bushes. The naked forty-two year old looked in fear at the masked hunter and the woman in body-clinging black that was her other daughter… only there wasn’t a sign of compassion or empathy from her.

“Here she is Master” Linda said

“Well done”

Linda smiled… she was pleased she had pleased her Master.

“Have mercy” Mary whimpered as the hunter pointed his gun at her. He smiled and drew his face-mask off.

“Brian?” Mary cried at the sight of her smiling son.

“Yes, Mom” he said and fired.

“Arrrhhhhh!” Mary screamed as the dart hit her in the stomach.

Karen stopped for a moment when she heard her mom’s screams. And then ran on, her naked body again being caught by thick cutting branches.

The microscopic robots infected her and the black slave-skin formed over her in less than a minute. Mary rose to her feet. Even though she was standing on broken twigs she no longer felt the cuts into her flesh.

Her eyes were blank.

“I await command input, Master” she said in a monotone voice.

Brian grinned as he looked her over. He took a small box out of a pouch on his waist and went around behind his mother.

Mary stood there like a living doll.

Brian took a wire and plugging it into the box found a small aperture on the back of the slave-skin body-suit. He plugged it in, and flicked a switch.

“Downloading” Mary said

“Downloading” she repeated.

“Downloading” she said a third time

“Download complete, Master” she said. He unhooked her.

“Who do you serve, mom?”

“I server you, Master” Mary said.

He looked at his sister and his mom, and he grew hard. He turned to Linda. “Can you see her trail?”

“I can smell her” Linda said

“Follow her”

“Yes, Master” Linda said and ran off after the scent trail


“Yes, Master?”

“Turn around and bend over”

“Yes, Master” Mary said.

The black slave-skin suit was already working on her flesh underneath. Her breasts were firmer, her tummy tighter.

She bent over exposing herself. She didn’t care. She had no mores but to obey.

He took his cock out, now rock hard. He pressed himself against his mom’s vagina and the suit ruptured there to allow him access inside her.

He pushed into her “Ohhhh” she gasped appreciatively… she was nice and moist already.

He drove in till his balls slapped her flesh.

“Oh, yessss” she moaned

“Fuck, mom, you’re tight” he said,

“Yes, Master”

“Call me son”

“Yes, son” she smiled, “Oh, fuck me son… fuck me”

Brian humped his mom’s warm pink hole

She bore down on his hard shaft, squeezing him

“Oh, fuck!” he gasped and suddenly lurched over her, coming.

He almost lay over her back, his whole weight supported by her as his cock erupted, spewing hot sperm into his mom’s pulsating pussy.

Finally he pulled out of her. She spun around immediately, and got onto her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck it clean. “Oh, wow!” he gasped, not expecting it… but it was part of her new life now—to anticipate his needs.

Finally he came down from his high. He looked down at his mom who now sat back on her heels, awaiting his next command. She lived now to fulfil his desires.

He took his cock and tucked it away. She handed him his face-mask. Just then his phone rang. He had almost forgotten he had it on him

“Sir?” came the voice


“May I remind you that the hunt only has half an hour to go”

“So soon?”

“You only booked the course for four hours, Sir” came the voice.

“Shit!” he said to himself.

The time had gone so fast.

He’d arranged the hunt of his mom and two sisters, paying an enormous amount to X-Tort… a division of Slaver’s Bay.

X-Tort offered a packaged holiday. Not only did you get a converted compliant female at the end, you got to track her down and hunt her. It added to the thrill… although most people thought it was an archaic activity—and really quite unnecessary when Slaver’s Bay could deliver you your sex-slave for you.

Back at the hotel that morning he’d looked out at the game park thinking about a moment like this…

“Can I pay for an extension?””

“But of course, Sir”

“Great” he smiled

“But, I must remind you that we have to have the payment before the end of the hunt, or it will be charged as a totally new hunt”

“I’ll get right on it” he said to the concierge

“Very well, Sir’

“Is everything alright, Son?” Mary asked getting to her feet.

“Yes, Mom” he said as he opened his on-line banking app.

He transferred another 10,000 credits to X-Tort’s account and then got a confirmation.

“Do you want to fuck me again, Son?” Mary asked

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, Son” she smiled, “You are a fantastic lover”

She seemed gentle with him, approaching him. They kissed. He was exhilarated that she was like this to him

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked again.

“Not now, Mom” he said, “I want you to track Karen”

“Yes, Son” Mary said. She looked around and could actually see the scent trail of Linda and Karen

“This way, Son” she said as she broke into a jog

Brian put his face mask on and began to follow Mary. She began to run. She was fast. Her new form had a stamina that was shocking to him. He almost lost her for a while She realised she was outpacing him and drew up.

Soon they saw Linda. Linda stood under a large tree. Linda heard them. “She’s up here, Master” Linda said

“Please, please…” Karen cried, “Leave me alone”

“It’s okay, honey” Mary said, “It will be over in a few minutes”

“No, please, mommy….” Karen whimpered

“We’ll be a family again soon enough” she said


Brian took his mask off.

“What the fuck?” Karen cried

“Brian, how could you…?” she continued

“I love you…” Brian said

“This… this isn’t love”

“It will be in a minute” he said

He took aim

“No, please, I beg you”

Suddenly the phone rang.

“Fuck!” Brian spat. He handed his gun to Linda.

“I paid you!” he spat, annoyed that X-Tort would interrupt his hunt again.

“What?” came Patrick’s voice

“Oh, sorry… Patrick?”

“Yes” Patrick said. Patrick was Karen’s husband.

“Look… what do you want?” Brian asked impatiently

“I… I’m worried about Karen” Patrick said


“Yeah, I mean, I haven’t heard from her in two days”

“Oh, that!” Brian said. Patrick had spoke to him the other day about his wife going missing. And, how he tried to call his mom-in-law, Mary—Brian’s mom. But, no answer from her, either.

“Look, I don’t know where she is… “Brian lied.

“Patrick?” Karen called out… “Is that you?”

“Who is that?” Patrick asked, hearing a cry in the background

Brian hung up.

He took his gun from his sister.

The phone rang again. Patrick was sure he’d heard his wife’s voice.

Brian ignored it.

It rang several more times. Then, he handed it to Karen.

“Hello?” she asked

“Karen?” Patrick gasped, “Karen, it’s you? Where have you been?”

“I have been trying to get my head together” she said in a monotone voice

“Karen…?” Patrick cried “Are you alright? You sound different?”

“I am fine” Karen said as her brother fondled her breasts through her slave-skin

“Are you with Brian?” Patrick asked, “He said he’d not seen you”

“I just found him” Karen said as she got to her knees.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I am f…” she began to say before her mouth was filled with cock.

Brian took the phone from her as his sister sucked him off

“Look, stop calling me” Brian said angrily

“Is my wife okay?” Patrick asked

“She’s fine” Brian grinned as he pushed in deep

“Where are you?”

“Fuck off and leave us alone” Brian said and hung up.

He looked over at his other sister, Linda. He handed her his gun. She and Mary stood there in a defensive position; they would give their lives for him—if necessary.

He took his sister’s head and held it as he began coming in Karen’s mouth.

Later they returned to the hunting lodge. As they did he saw a man he’d met earlier… Roger, going out with a gun. He’d already learned that Roger was hunting his daughter. He was going to turn her into his sex slave.

Brian waved and wished him good luck, and good hunting

“Thanks” Roger said as he mounted a quad-bike. He looked at the map and was given a general direction to where his daughter, now naked, was running.

Brian got up to his room and had his mom and sisters lie on the bed. They were all spread-eagled, playing with their pussies.

He made Karen and Mary grind against each other, and then, when he was hard, he got onto Linda and fucked her. She was appreciative, even though he came in her in two minutes.

This was the best money he’d ever spent. He filled out a small card, complimenting X-Tort on their services.


Back home, in the real world, Brian returned to the family home. His sisters and mom were now his lovers and they looked after him.

Patrick came to their door a few days later; after receiving a letter from Karen telling him she was divorcing him

Brian wouldn’t let him inside.

Patrick demanded. Brian ignored it.

The police were called.

They insisted in seeing Karen. Karen said she was perfectly happy where she was and had no desire to see Patrick

Patrick was told this information and in fury charged at the front door and almost kicked it in -leading to his arrest.

Brian fucked Karen’s ass as he watched the cops cart Patrick away.

Karen purred like a kitten as her anus was stretched open.

If only he could marry his mom and sister’s… ah well. Having them as his slaves would suffice.

In the end Patrick never contested the divorce. He never knew why his love had left him.

X-Tort were very discreet about their clientele

The End