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Caroline had finally managed to get a place of her own. After college, she had lived briefly with her parents and then lived in a series of apartments until she could save up enough money for a downpayment on a home of her own. Although it was small, the house was located in a nice neighborhood that becoming more and more popular with young professionals. Caroline also liked the fact that she could walk to her office, which was less than a mile away. As long as the weather was nice, she put on a pair of running shoes and got in some extra steps. Her normal route took her past several blocks of stores and boutiques, including a small drug store and a grocery store. She enjoyed the walk and looked forward to it each day. Her house was also near her boyfriend, Thad’s house.

Tucked in among the shops was a small ballet studio with a sign that read “Miss Ellington’s School of Dance.” The studio had a large plate glass window that was framed with light pink curtains so that it was difficult to see inside. Occasionally, Caroline would see women of different ages enter and leave the studio. Some of them wore leotards and tights and the ages ranged from high schoolers to women in their 20’s. Caroline had never taken dance lessons before, even when she was a girl and she sometimes wondered what she had missed. She dismissed the thought as silly. After all, she was an insurance broker now and she didn’t have time for things as frivolous as dance lessons.

In order to help offset some of the costs associated with having a new mortgage, Caroline had invited her friend, Monica, to move in with her and pay her rent. With Monica’s help, the monthly mortgage payment seemed more affordable without having to live on Raman noodles. Monica and Caroline had been friends in college and Monica had gotten a job in a physician’s office in the same building as Caroline’s firm. Depending on the day, Monica would sometimes join Caroline for her walks to and from the office.

On one occasion, Caroline was walking by herself on the way home. As she passed the dance studio, she noticed a woman in her late 30’s standing inside the studio next to the plate glass window. She was dressed in a white leotard, pale pink tights and a pink dance skirt. Her hair was pulled up in a bun. The woman saw Caroline, smiled and waved. Caroline smiled and waved back and continued on her way. A few days later, the same thing happened. As Caroline passed the studio, the woman smiled and waved. Caroline waved back, puzzled as to why the woman was so friendly. She did not want to seem rude. She noticed the woman had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. As Caroline slowed to wave, she could see inside the studio where a group of women dressed in leotards and tights seemed to be warming up for class. She thought to herself, maybe a dance class would be fun, but again dismissed the idea as silly. Her schedule was much too busy with work. Besides, she did her exercise in the morning by running or working out with weights at the gym. When she got home, Monica was cooking dinner. Monica was a great cook and having her as a roommate was a pleasure.

“Dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes,” Monica said.

“Thanks. Your spaghetti is always a treat,” Caroline said as she headed back into her bedroom to change clothes. “You know that little dance studio on North Sycamore Street next to the pharmacy?”

“Yeah, I know it.”

“The last few times I have walked by there is a lady there who smiles and waves at me. As far as I know, I have never met her before.”

“Probably just being polite,” Monica said nonchalantly as she drained the pasta.

“That’s what I figured, but it’s as if she is waiting for me to walk by.” Monica rolled her eyes.

“You sound a bit paranoid. Besides, you said yourself she doesn’t know you.” Caroline nodded. “I suspect she is probably the owner. One of the secretaries in my office starting taking lessons there and loves it. Remember Jane?”

“Jane is older than me. She must be almost 30,” Caroline said. Monica nodded.

* * *

Caroline’s walk home continued to take her past the dance studio. Six months had past since she first saw the woman in the window and she continued to see her once or twice a week. However, now when she passed, the woman seemed to be mouthing some words that Caroline could not make out. She just waved and walked on. She thought about stepping inside the studio to talk to the woman but decided against it. One afternoon, she slowed her walk in an attempt to figure out what the woman was saying. She looked at the woman’s face. Her eyes were were so beautiful, deep blue and for a second, Caroline’s gaze was lost in them. It felt so nice to look deeply into the woman’s eyes. They seemed so peaceful. She broke out of her daydream and continued walking. She wasn’t sure why, but just making eye contact with the woman had filled her with a sense of peace.

She finally confided in Thad and his reaction was similar to Monica’s, but he suggested that she take a different route home and avoid walking past the dance studio. Caroline agreed and walked a block out of way on her trip home. After a couple of weeks, she began to miss seeing the woman and even wondered if the whole thing was a figment of her imagination. Finally, she decided that avoiding the dance studio was ridiculous and she resolved to return to her original route home. She tried to enlist Monica to walk with her, but she had a late meeting and begged off. Caroline began to feel a sense of apprehension as she approached the block where the studio was located. She decided she was just going to walk by it and avoid any eye contact. Her plan proved to be an instant failure. As she began to pass the window, her gaze moved reflexively up and there was the woman, smiling and waving. Her eyes were so beautiful. She mouthed the same phrase that Caroline could not make out. Caroline had to know what she was saying. She pulled on the door to the studio and it swung open. She walked in and was met by the woman. She extended her hand and looked deep into Caroline’s eyes.

“I’m Sophie Ellington,” she said in a soft but firm voice. “You must be Caroline Martin.”

“Yes, I’m Caroline,” Caroline said in a whisper.

“You’re late for dance class,” she said with a smile. Caroline’s mind seemed to empty. All of the thoughts and fears she had only moments before evaporated. Caroline felt embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry Miss Ellington, I completely forgot.”

“It’s alright Caroline. Let’s get you changed into some proper dance clothes.” She took Caroline by the hand and led her toward a changing room. With practiced ease, Miss Ellington went to a cabinet and pulled out a pair of bright white tights and a light pink scoop neck leotard. From another drawer, she removed a new pair of pink ballet slippers. “Now dear, please remove your clothes.” Although Caroline was feeling a bit uneasy, her hands quickly worked to remove her blouse, her skirt, her bra and then her panties. In her mind, she knew that she had already imposed on Miss Ellington’s patience by being late, she was not about to add insult to injury by undressing too slowly. Caroline sat down and Miss Ellington handed her the tights. Caroline bunched them up and began to insert her first leg. No sooner had the fabric touched her leg then she felt a tingling sensation and then an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. She slid the tights into place. They fit perfectly. She then stepped into the leotard and pulled that up. It too fit perfectly and increased her sense of happiness. She sat down and Miss Ellington slipped her new ballet slippers onto her feet. “There now sweetie, you look more like the perfect ballerina.” Caroline smiled. Why had she not stopped in sooner. “Now, it’s time for you to learn how to dance,” Miss Ellington said smiling. She led Caroline to the studio where a group of other dance students were waiting. Caroline was surprised to see that several of them were men, but they too were dressed in leotards and tights. Miss Ellington clapped her hands.

“Now, class, we have a new student, Caroline Martin. We want Caroline to feel at home so we are going to start with the basics so she can learn her dance positions.” The students wasted no time in taking their positions along the barre. Miss Ellington started the music and then worked with each student to make sure that their legs and feet were positioned properly. By the end of the class, Caroline was exhausted, but gratified at having learned something new. Miss Ellington again clapped her hands. “Remember class, we will be meeting each day for the next two weeks to help Caroline feel comfortable with ballet.” She then led Caroline back to her office.

Caroline sat in a chair in Miss Ellington’s office, which was littered with framed photos of dancers and plaques. “I hope you enjoyed your first dance class Caroline?” Miss Ellington asked.

“Oh yes Ma’am, it was wonderful.” Miss Ellington took up a position behind Caroline and began to rub her shoulders.

“Dance is becoming a part of you now. Your tights and leotard are becoming your favorite clothes. They help your body and your mind respond to the music and to my commands.” Caroline could feel her eyes getting heavy. Miss Ellington’s voice was so soothing and the massage of her shoulders felt good. Miss Ellington moved up and began to rub her temples. “Just relax Caroline, just let your mind relax. Dancing is the most important thing to you now. You would rather be dancing than doing almost anything else, isn’t that right?” Caroline’s eyes gently closed.

“Yes, dancing is the most important thing.” Miss Ellington smiled.

“Listen to my voice Caroline. My voice is so important to you. Your mind is so empty and you want my voice to fill your mind, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, I want you voice to fill my mind,” Caroline echoed.

“Listen and obey.”

“Yes, listen and obey.” Caroline’s head slumped forward on her chest. She was very deep now. Miss Ellington moved down and began to massage Caroline’s tits.

“Feels so good Caroline. So wonderful to feel the fabric of your leotard and tights against your skin. It gives you so much pleasure. So much arousal.” Caroline moaned as Miss Ellington squeezed her nipples. “You love your leotard.”

“I love my leotard.”

“You love your tights.”

“I love my tights.” By this time, all the other students had filtered out of the dance studio. Miss Ellington left Caroline momentarily and locked the front door and turned down the lights. She returned to Caroline.

“The only thing better than wearing your leotard and tights is being naked. Don’t you agree? Being naked in my presence is perfectly normal and natural.”

“Yes, being naked is better.”

“Good girl. Please stand and remove your leotard and tights, so you can be naked.” Caroline stood and stepped out of her leotard and then removed her tights. Miss Ellington admired her body. She was in such good shape. “You love when I touch your body. My touch makes you feel such amazing pleasure. Such amazing arousal.”

“Your touch is wonderful.” Miss Ellington continued to massage Caroline’s tits and began to plant kisses at the base of her neck. Caroline moaned as the pleasure rolled through her body.

“Good girl. When you wear your leotard and tights, you feel my touch on your skin. My touch is so important to you. When I wake you shortly, you will feel so wonderful and content. You cannot wait for your next dance class and you will make it your personal mission to bring others to dance so that they can feel the pleasure and happiness you are feeling now.”

“Yes, so much pleasure.” Caroline’s pussy was so wet. If she had been wearing her tights, they would have been soaked. Miss Ellington woke her.

“You must have drifted off.” Caroline was embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again. Caroline did not even notice that she was naked. Being naked in front of Miss Ellington did not bother her in the least.

“Would you like to wear your leotard and tights home?”

“May I?”

“Of course. Go ahead and put them back on.” Miss Ellington handed her a wipe. “you may need to wipe your leg.” Caroline sopped up the pussy juice running down her leg. She then put her dance clothes back on with the exception of her slippers. Miss Ellington packed her regular clothes in a canvas bag imprinted “I LOVE DANCE!” She walked Caroline to the door and Caroline headed back home. She looked at her watch. Her next dance class was less than 24 hours away.