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Chapter 2

By the time that Caroline reached home, it was almost 8:00pm. She entered and put her things down on the dining room table as she always did, but she was met with an exasperated Monica, who had been freaking out because Caroline rarely deviated from her routine of arriving home by 6:00p.m. and, when she did, she gave Monica a heads up.

“Where the crap have you been?” Monica asked sounding like a mother hen. As Caroline removed her overcoat, Monica noticed that she was wearing a leotard and tights. “And what the fuck are you wearing?” Caroline smiled.

“I took my first ballet class at Miss Ellington’s.” Monica was not appeased.

“Let me get this straight. For the last however many weeks, you have been obsessing over this lady in the window of the dance studio staring at you and so you decided to go inside and sign up for lessons? Do I have that correct?” Caroline gave Monica an annoyed look. It was not as if Monica was her big sister.

“Yeah, I know. I was freaking out about Miss Ellington staring and waving at me. She was just trying to get me to stop in and talk to her. I wish that I had instead of changing my route home. She is a wonderfully nice person.” Caroline ran her hands over her leotard and tights. They felt so good against her skin. “I finally decided that the best thing to do was to go in and talk to her. After I had spoken to her for a little while I realized I was late for my dance class. All that time I had been trying to avoid her, I was missing my dance class.” Monica rolled her eyes.

“How can you miss a class you were not signed up for?”

“I missed out on so much by not going when she first waved to me months ago. I am such an idiot. Dance is so much fun and so fulfilling.”

“I’m glad you enjoy it, but you’ll never see me going to a dance class,” Monica said with a tone of sarcasm in her voice.

“You should give it a chance Monica, Miss Ellington is a wonderful teacher and its so relaxing. Once I put on my leotard and tights, I knew I as where I needed to be.” Caroline said running her hands back over her dance clothing. “Please consider coming with me tomorrow. If you talk to Miss Ellington and don’t want to attend, then you can leave.” Monica could see that she wasn’t going to win this argument. If she had learning anything from living with Caroline, it was that sometimes it was best simply to humor her.

“Okay. Fine. I will go with you tomorrow, but I’m not joining any dance class.” Caroline smiled. She knew that Miss Ellington could persuade even the most stubborn skeptics. Monica would not regret going to see Miss Ellington. Caroline finally decided that she had to take off her leotard and tights and go to bed. She reluctantly removed them and slipped into her nightgown. She carefully folded the leotard and tights and slipped them into her dance bag along with her ballet slippers and set them by the door. The next day at the office seemed to fly by. Caroline could not wait for dance class. About 4:00pm, she called Monica and told her they could meet by the main doors of the office building and walk together. Before she left, Caroline slipped into her leotard and tights. Putting them back on made her feel so wonderful, so content. Because it was chilly, she wore her overcoat and a pair of sweats. She met Monica and they headed toward the dance studio. Monica retained her skeptical attitude. She was dressed in her work clothes and a pair of flats.

“Can you slow down,” Monica said, “this is not a race.”

“I just want to get to dance class. I don’t want to be late.”

“It doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, how could you possible be late?” Caroline smiled.

“You just don’t understand, but you will.” As they turned the corner, the dance studio was ahead. Several other girls were entered and Caroline waved. They waved back.

“Who are they?” Monica asked in a sarcastic tone.

“That is Madelyn and Kate. They are both in my class along with their boyfriends, Carter and Phillip.”

“I’m sorry, there are boys in your ballet class?”

“Yes, they joined about a week ago after Madelyn and Kate introduced them to Miss Ellington. From what I can tell, they really enjoy ballet.” The whole situation was getting stranger and stranger from Monica’s standpoint. In her own mind, she had a bunch of questions to ask this mysterious Miss Ellington, not the least of which was how did she manage to change Caroline’s attitude from being creeped out by her to completely embracing dance. Caroline opened the door and led Monica inside. Monica was instantly struct by a sweet smell that reminded her of lilacs. In the background of the sound of recorded piano music to accompany dance class. To the left was a large room with mirrors and dance barres and, to the right a changing room and what she assumed was Miss Ellington’s office. The door was closed. Caroline told Monica to have a seat outside Miss Ellington’s office while she put away her coat and sweats and put on her ballet slippers. The office door opened and a woman dressed in pink leotard and tights exited. She was accompanied by another woman about Monica’s age, who was wearing a business suit. She had a look of complete bliss on her face.

“Lynn, I am so glad you are going to be joining us for ballet. It will help you relax and it’s wonderful exercise. Let’s get you changed into some proper dance clothing.” Miss Ellington waved to Kate. “Kate, would you be a dear and take Lynn back and get her changed into her leotard and tights and bring her back so I can get her fitted with her ballet slippers.” Kate curtsied.

“Yes, Miss Ellington.” She took Lynn by the hand and let her down the hall toward the changing room. Miss Ellington then turned her attention to Monica. She extended her hand.

“I am Sophie Ellington and you are?”

“Monica, Monica Williams. I’m Caroline’s roommate.” Miss Ellington smiled and extended her hand. Monica looked into her eyes. They were such a beautiful deep shade of blue.

“So very nice to meet you. Carolina has told me so much about you. I know that you had some reservations about her joining my dance class. I’m sure that if you and I talked a bit more, you would understand that I am doing what is best for Caroline.” About that time, Caroline walked up with a smile.

“Miss Ellington, I see that you have met Monica.” Miss Ellington smiled.

“Yes, my dear. Monica and I were just talking. I am certainly happy to answer any questions she might have. Why don’t the both of you step into my office so we can talk.” Monica was amazed at how nice Miss Ellington was. She radiated confidence as well as a sense of peace and contentment. You couldn’t help but like her. She led them into the office and closed the door behind them. Caroline sat in one of the chairs and Monica in the other. “Caroline, are you enjoying your ballet lessons sweetie?”

“More than anything Miss Ellington. I look forward to it every day.” Miss Ellington smiled.

“Has it helped you with the stress of your job, sweetie?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am. I feel so much better now. Dance helps me relax and feel content. Before I started dancing, my life was filled with so much stress.”

“And you would recommend it to others?”

“Absolutely. I have recommended it to Monica.” Miss Ellington smiled at Monica. Just listening to Miss Ellington had made Monica feel better. She was amazed at how relaxed it felt inside the dance studio. Also, Miss Ellington had a wonderful voice that made Monica feel good. She was beginning to see why Caroline liked being here.

“Now, Miss Monica, I believe you had some concerns about Caroline’s decision to join dance class?” As she asked the question, Miss Ellington stood and removed a VR headset from her desk and handed it to Monica. She placed a hand on Monica’s shoulder and Monica slipped on the headset. As soon as it was on her head it came to life. Monica could hear soft music playing and images of dancers. “Just relax Monica and listen. There is no reason to fight it.” Monica sighed and slumped in her chair. Miss Ellington walked behind Caroline and pulled her leotard down so that she could fondle her breasts. Caroline moaned in pleasure. Her toes curled in her ballet slippers. After about ten minutes, Miss Ellington whispered into Caroline’s ear. “Do you still have concerns about Miss Caroline joining my dance class?”

“Miss Ellington, I cannot think of any reason that Caroline’s decision was not a good one.” Miss Ellington smiled.

“Can you think of any reason why you would not benefit from joining my class?”

“No Ma’am. Dance is so relaxing.” Monica had the same dumb look on her face that Lynn had when she emerged from Miss Ellington’s office. It was a look of pure contentment unmolested by any critical thinking.

“Good. Miss Caroline, please help Miss Monica get dressed for dance class? Her clothing is completely unacceptable.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Caroline said. She took Monica’s hand and led her down the hall to the changing room. Monica was now happy to go drifting on a sea of obedience. Lynn was waiting for Miss Ellington. She was now wearing her leotard and tights and just waiting for Miss Ellington to fit her with new ballet slippers.

“Good girl. I know you feel much better in your new leotard and tights?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. They feels so good. I am so happy that you are allowing me to take dance lessons.” Miss Ellington smiled. Lynn had come to her because she owned a clothing store down the block and some of the dance students had been parking in her designated parking spots. After spending time in Miss Ellington’s office, Lynn realized that her complaints were ridiculous and that allowing Miss Ellington’s students to use her parking spaces was the only reasonable thing to do. She also pleaded with Miss Ellington to allow her to begin dance lessons, which Miss Ellington has graciously agreed to. Now that she was wearing her leotard and tights, she realized the incredible gift that Miss Ellington had given her. Miss Ellington opened a small cardboard box and removed a new pair of ballet slippers. Lynn sighed as she slipped them onto her feet. Waves of pleasure washed through her. Dance was so wonderful and she was ready to begin this new phase of her life.

In the changing room, Caroline helped Monica remove her clothing. Miss Ellington had provided a new pink leotard and white tights in Monica’s size. “You’re going to love your new dance clothes. They are so comfortable.” Once Monica was naked, she began to slip on the white tights. She pulled them up feeling more and more pleasure. They made her legs tingle and sent waves of pleasure through her pussy. Next the leotard. It extended the pleasure to her upper body. It was like nothing she had ever felt. She now understood why Caroline felt so good. “When you dance, they feel even better,” Caroline said with a smile. Monica nodded her head. Miss Ellington approached with a small cardboard box.

“Monica, these are your dance slippers. Miss Ellington eased the slippers onto Monica’s feet. They were so soft and pink and they felt really comfortable. Miss Ellington smiled. “How do they feel Monica?”

“They feel wonderful, Mistress.” Miss Ellington looked at her watch. “I know two young ladies that need to get themselves into the dance studio and up to the dance barre. You are both very late for dance class.” Monica blushed red and she and Caroline giggled like two school girls. Caroline took her hand and led her into the studio. Miss Ellington joined them a few minutes later and began helping them to stretch out and to learn their dance positions. Monica was so happy that she was now a dancer.

* * *

After class was over, Caroline and Monica headed home. Both of them were tired, but Monica continued to gush about how much she loved dance. “I told you how much fun it was,” Caroline said. As Miss Ellington locked the door after the last of her students had left, her cell phone rang. The number was familiar.

“I am so glad you called. I hope the students that I sold to you are living up to your expectations,” Miss Ellington said to the man on the other end of the line. “Wonderful. Classical ballet is good training, it gives both girls and boys proper poise and flexibility. The same qualities that make good strippers. They just need the proper conditioning.” Miss Ellington checked her investment account on the computer. A deposit of $50,000 had been made by EROS Investment Trust. Only six months ago, she wasn’t sure that her dance studio would survive. That had changed after she had agreed to work with EROS. It was a simple matter of survival. “I have a few new girls that should be ready in the next several weeks.”