The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3

About 100 miles to the south, a young woman named Addie is just finishing her midnight performance at Tony’s Gentlemen’s Club. She had been employed there less than three weeks, but she had become a favorite among the men who frequented the club. Addie loved dancing, even though her new job meant dancing with little or no clothing. She looked young for being almost 30 and most of the other girls were in the early 20’s. In truth she had only started dancing about six months before when she reluctantly visited Miss Ellington’s Dance Studio in Springfield. Her roommate, Nicole, had come back to their apartment one night gushing with enthusiasm about her new dance class. Addie had politely listened to Nicole, but she had little interest in dance. She was surprised by Nicole’s enthusiasm because she had never mentioned an interest in dance before stopping by Miss Ellington’s one afternoon.

Each evening when Nicole returned to their apartment, she continued to talk about how wonderful dance class was and to urge Addie to come join. Finally, Addie was tired of it and agreed just to get Nicole to shut up. She had arrived at Miss Ellington’s determined to hate it. Miss Ellington was very nice and she had invited Addie into her office for a chat. Before she knew it, Addie was wearing a VR set and learning about how wonderful dance was. Just watching filled her with pleasure and made her horny. It was also she could do not to rub her clit. When the program was completed, Addie found herself wishing it would last longer. Miss Ellington was waiting for with a smile and a fresh pink leotard and white tights. Once Addie slipped into her dance clothing, she felt wonderful and eagerly joined her other classmates learning ballet. There were even a couple guys in the class. After class, she and Nicole headed back to their apartment and stayed up several hours talking about how much they loved dance. Only then did Addie reluctantly slip out of her leotard and tights and go to bed.

Addie began regularly attending Miss Ellington’s ballet class once a week and before long was going three times a week. Her salary as a bookkeeper at a local insurance firm was meager, but Addie loved dance so much that she saved money everywhere she could to help pay for her lessons. Miss Ellington was so nice and encouraging and Addie wanted to dance as much as she could. Nicole felt the same way and both of them encouraged other women at work to give ballet a try. Several did and Miss Ellington’s studio began to grow. Less than a month earlier, she was worried that the studio might close for lack of students. It was at that point she received a visit from a representative of EROS. The representative told Miss Ellington that EROS had studied her business and felt like they could help boost her income by helping her recruit new dance students. Initially, Miss Ellington said that she really did not need marketing help, but the representative was persistent.

“We can guarantee you at least five new students a week along with a nice stipend for using our product.”

“What kind of a stipend?” Miss Ellington asked. The representative smiled knowing that he had her interest.

“Well, I have been working with another dance studio in Springfield and we just gave her a stipend of $35,000 once two of her students joined EROS.” Miss Ellington’s eyes grew wide. That was an enormous amount of money, which could save her studio. At best, she attracted only about two new students a month. Five each week would be amazing.

“What exactly is your product?” she asked suspiciously. The representative clicked open his brief case and produced a VR headset. It was quite high-tech looking with a digital screen on the front.

“This is the EROS 9000. If you agree to use it, it will be programmed to condition the wearer to love dance and to be totally submissive. The EROS 9000 uses hypnosis and binaural sound to condition the mind to obedience. Once the wearer slips it on, they are helpless to remove it. The set relaxes the wearer and then stimulates their mind to love dance and to obey you as their teacher. No one is immune. Once a student completes basic and intermediate ballet, they will be purchased by EROS.”

“Yes, purchased. As their owner, you will transfer ownership to EROS, which they will begin their new lives.

“What will they be doing?” Miss Ellington asked with a tinge of concern in her voice.

“Nothing that will concern you. Once ownership is transferred, your account in the EROS Investment Trust will be credited with your stipend, which can then be withdrawn by you to support your studio.”

“Suppose I decline?” The representative looked sternly at her.

“We would recommend that you do not. At present, your studio has weeks or perhaps a month from closing. All of your hard work will be lost and you will have to go back to working as a secretary in a boring office.” How did this guy know all of this? Losing the studio would be devastating. She had worked for five years to save up the money to open the studio and he was right, at this point, she was looking at closing her doors. She owed back rent and her credit cards were maxed out.

“Okay, I’ll take the deal.” The representative smiled. EROS prided itself on securing the best and most poised girls for its enterprise.

“You won’t regret it,” he said. “I will have two new EROS 9000 units here tomorrow. One of our employees will deliver them and show you how to use them.” He then produced a document. “If you would be so kind as to sign here confirming the arrangement.” Miss Ellington scribbled her signature. “Good. I think that our new partnership will make an enormous difference in the profitability of your studio. Here is a card with your new EROS Investment Trust account information. We have deposited $5000 as a bonus. You will receive an additional $10,000 bonus once the EROS 9000 units are online.” He extended his hand and Miss Ellington shook it. She somehow felt dirty, but sometimes you had to do distasteful things in business to survive. This was one of those times.

The next day, a young woman entered the studio. She carried a small suitcase with her. “Hi, Miss Ellington?”

“That’s me.”

“I’m sorry to intrude, but I have the new equipment from EROS.” Miss Ellington excused herself from her beginner class and had one of her older students take over. She led the woman into her office and closed the door. The woman opened the suitcase and produced two new EROS 9000 units identical to the one she had seen yesterday. “These are ready for use. They have been programmed to make the wearer absolutely passionate about dance. Once they are charged, each wearer will undergo an orientation session. This will condition them to love dance and to want to take dance lessons. Once they have had that session, they will be eager for dance, but will also want to spend more time with the EROS 9000. Each additional session will make the user more submissive and obedient. After two sessions, the changes are permanent and irreversible. Please make sure that all of your students undergo EROS conditioning, even if they are not new students.” Miss Ellington nodded her head. The woman smiled and finished setting up the charging stand and the adjusted the programming. “All set. I would suggest we test it. Is there someone here who can be a guinea pig?”

“Yes, my assistant, Andrea.”

“Please call her in.” Miss Ellington went to the door. Andrea was helping with the beginning students.

“Andrea, can we borrow you a minute?” Andrea smiled and came into the office. “We are testing a new VR system to help with new dance students. Would you be willing to give it a test drive? This is….” Miss Ellington realized she did not know the woman’s name.


“….Dominica. She is installing the new system.”

“Sure, sounds like fun.”

“Please have a seat.” Andrea sat down and Dominica slipped the VR headset over her head and adjusted it in place. She then flipped a button that locked the headset on. She then activated the program. Within 30 seconds, Andrea’s body relaxed in the chair. A small amount of drool began to drip from her lips. She began to moan softly.

“Dance is wonderful. Dance is beautiful. I must obey.” She continued this mantra softly. Her hand moved toward her pussy and she began to stroke it through her leotard. Miss Ellington could see that Andrea’s body was convulsing with pleasure. The program continued for what seemed like an hour, although it had been only about 20 minutes.

“That should do it,” Dominica said. She powered down the VR headset and removed it from Andrea’s head. Andrea had a dumb smile on her face.

“Dance is so wonderful. I love to dance,” she said, her speech slurring.

“Good girl,” Dominica said, “you may go back to work.” Andrea looked at Miss Ellington.

“Thank you for allowing me to feel the pleasure of dance.” Miss Ellington was blown away. It was clear that the EROS 9000 was a powerful device.

“I think my work here is done. Make sure that Andrea has her second conditioning session within the next 24 hours. That will make it permanent and she will be your slave. At that point, you can sell her to EROS.”

“But she is my friend,” Miss Ellington said.

“I’m afraid that some sacrifices must be made if you are to have a prosperous dance studio. You needn’t worry. If EROS purchases Andrea, she will be happy and her desire to be a dancer will be fulfilled.” With that, Dominica packed up and left. Miss Ellington was not sure that she would be able to master the system, but it was clear that EROS would not take “no” for an answer. The next day, Miss Ellington summoned Andrea for her second session. Andrea was only too happy to receive her next session and, as Dominica had predicted, her mind and body were enslaved. Miss Ellington next tried the EROS 9000 on one of her college age students and found that it achieved similar results. By the end of the session, the student was devoted to dance and completely submissive and obedient. After about two weeks, Miss Ellington had conditioned all of her adult students and began to move on to guests. Her students were bringing more and more prospective students, who, after receiving their first session of VR conditioning, were only too happy to join the ballet class. Miss Ellington nervously checked her EROS account and, to her delight, found a balance of $15,000. She registered each student into the EROS database, providing all the requested information along with a photo of each student.

Once the system had been in place for 60 days, Miss Ellington received an encrypted email from EROS offering to purchase three of her students, including her assistant, Andrea, and two other students, Addie and Nicole. The EROS 9000 had worked wonders and Miss Ellington’s studio was full of new dance students, who were devoted to her and to the pleasure of dance. She was reluctant to sign the transfer papers, but she knew that her students would be well cared for by EROS. She signed the papers electronically and EROS dispatched a van to pick up it’s new property. All of the girls were happy to go and thanked Miss Ellington for all that she had done for them. As the van drove away, Miss Ellington dabbed tears from her eyes.

* * *

Upon their arrival at the EROS training facility, the girls were processed and assigned sleeping quarters. Over the next week, they received training using a similar VR headset. This training introduced them to a new type of dance, called erotic dance and helped them to adjust to dancing either in the nude or with minimal clothing. As with the EROS 9000, the pleasure center of their brains was stimulated so that they enjoyed the new form of dance and were rewarded. They also spent part of the day practicing erotic dance on a stage in the presence of prospective buyers. Addie found that she loved erotic dance even more than ballet and loved showing off her body. She caught the eye of Rick Thomas, the owner of Tony’s Gentlemen’s Club and her purchased her for $25,000. It was a significant investment, but Rick was convinced that he would make his money back within the first month given the wealth of his clientele.

Three days later, Addie made her dancing debut at Tony’s to raucous applause and cat calls. She loved dance and the enthusiasm of the men in the club. It gave her incredible pleasure. She only hoped that Nicole and Andrea were having the same experience.