The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Youth of the Dark Lord

Chapter Six

by Jennifer Kohl

Maida trembled in her bonds as Tyryn entered the room. The words of the demon who held her captive echoed in her mind: he wanted to claim Tyryn, wanted her to corrupt him so that the demon could possess Tyryn and use him as a vessel.

“How are you feeling, Maida?” Tyryn asked softly. “Do you need anything?”

Yes, Maida thought. I need to be freed of this demon! But she didn’t dare say so. The shame and suffering she experienced now was bad enough—she didn’t dare imagine the punishment the demon would impose for defying him, or the humiliation of admitting to the entire village that her wanton lusts had brought a demon into their midst. And it would be telling the entire village—it was too small a place for word not to spread faster than pox.

Instead, she said simply, “You should stay away, Tyryn.” The demon might punish her for that if he heard, but at least it wouldn’t be as bad as if she revealed him.

But Tyryn didn’t listen. He sat on her bed and said kindly, “I’m not afraid. Whatever is causing these fits of yours, I’ll figure it out and find a cure. And if not, your father should be home in a matter of days. He’ll definitely know what’s wrong.”

Oh gods, he will, Maida thought. He’ll be no match for the demon... if he discovers it, it’ll destroy him! I can’t let that happen! “Kill me,” she said instead. “Please, Tyryn, it’s the only way. Just end this!“

“Maida!” he said, shocked. “Don’t be absurd. We’ll cure you soon, you’ll see.” He patted her belly, and tingles of pleasure rippled through her sensitive skin—but tied as she was, she couldn’t flinch away, and he didn’t seem to notice her expression.

He’s not going to give up... but he can’t cure this. And then... and then father comes home and figures it out, and if the shame doesn’t kill him, the demon will. There’s only one way father won’t find out... which means... I have no choice. “You’re right, Tyryn,” she said, voice husky. “You can make me feel... much better...“

“That’s the spirit!” He patted her again, and this time she let herself just enjoy it.

If I just give in to what my body wants, this’ll be over quickly... “I think we can solve this together,” she said. “You can give me exactly what I need...” She couldn’t help but imagine it. She’d never thought of him that way, but her body ached with need, and his touch felt so good. She imagined how good it would feel to have him inside her.

Tyryn grinned. “That’s a much better attitude! Don’t you worry, Maida, I’ll spend day and night in the library if that’s what it takes! We’ll fix this!”

Before she could say another word, he walked out of the room, leaving her to whimper in frustration.

* * *

As Tyryn walked out of the room, he focused on Maida. He’d used his power over her a little bit while in the room, just when he touched her, but now that he was away from her he could focus it fully without having to worry about his expression.

Desperate and needy already, I see, he thought gleefully, watching her pulling at her ropes as she squirmed with lust. As he walked to the kitchen, he inflamed that desire, building it up higher, reveling in the way her helpless struggles increased. He tormented her with pleasure and desire while he puttered around the kitchen, reducing her to a pleading mess by the time he returned.

“Tyryn...” she moaned as he entered the room with a bowl of broth. “Please... I... I need...”

“Shh,” he said gently, and laid a hand on her forehead. “Now Maida, if you can be a good girl and not have another fit or try to flee, I’ll unto you and you can feed yourself. Do you understand?”

Maida groaned. “Yes...”

“Good,” said Tyryn. He tamped down her need just a little bit while he untied her and then presented her with the bowl. “Eat up.”

Trembling, Maida reached for the bowl. She took it from Tyryn carefully, worried that if she so much as brushed his fingers with her own, she would lose the control she was struggling desperately to maintain. Cradling the bowl, she took a sip of the hot broth. “Thank you,” she managed. Fuck I need to fuck I need to fuck I need to...

Tyryn smiled. “That’s great! Now eat up, you need your strength.”

The hot soup helped calm Maida, though she could still feel that burning knot of need at the base of her stomach, the pulses that flowed out from it and down between her legs. “Tyryn...” she said after a while. “Have you ever...“

“What’s that, Maida?”

“Have you ever thought about... I mean, I see you looking at me sometimes, and...” Maida knew she was starting to blush.

“You, uh, you... noticed?” Tyryn was genuinely surprised. _Not oblivious, then. Deliberately pretending not to notice. Lying bitch.—

“I noticed,” Maida admitted. “I didn’t know what to do about it, but, well...” she looked up Tyryn. It’s working. I could get him to... to fuck me... I can’t believe I’m even considering this! Giving him up to the demon!

I can’t believe I’m actually going to do it...

“Maybe,” she finished, “the thing to do is, um... the obvious thing?”

Tyryn stared at her. “Maida, we—we can’t! I’m your father’s apprentice! It would be completely inappropriate!”

“You’re right,” said Maida, her blush deepening. I can’t do it. I need to... but I can’t. “I’m sorry, I... I’m not thinking straight. Please, though, don’t tie me up again!” I can’t bear just lying here until the demon comes to punish me for my failure.

“...Very well,” said Tyryn. “As long as I’m with you, you can stay untied. But I can’t just leave you by yourself. What if you have another fit, run away again?”

“Then... then let me come with you when you go back to the library!”

“Hmm,” Tyryn responded. “That... could work. Come with me and we’ll research this together!” If you can keep from throwing yourself at me, anyway. He could see the bubbling need within her, and slowly started tamping it up again. Soon you’ll be begging me to take you, he thought.

* * *

Maida stared at the page in the front of her. Candlelight flickered as she tried to focus on the description of an antidote for common aphrodisiacs, but she couldn’t. Her mind kept wandering as her eyes kept drifting up, to the neat red hair on top of Tyryn’s head, all she could really see with his head bowed over the page across the table from her.

She clenched her thighs together, trying to keep them from rubbing. She could feel the slickness between them, knew she was doubtless staining the shift she’d hastily put on before following Tyryn downstairs. Her treacherous body seemed determined to drag her to him, to force her to surrender to the desires the demon had put in her head.

This isn’t real, she told herself. I don’t really want him, that’s the demon. But she did want him, or at least want very badly to be fucked, badly enough that he’d do. It didn’t matter that the demon put the desire in her, it was a real desire. And anyway she couldn’t be sure, could she? How much was the demon creating, and how much was it just revealing?

She bit her lip as she looked at Tyryn. She imagined his slender fingers wrapping around her arms, pinning her down, his long, lean body above her. She imagined the feel of him between her legs. Would it feel like when the demon claimed her? Or different? Would he change while they fucked, consumed by the demon, or would it only happen after? And did it matter as long as something, someone filled the emptiness inside of her, even if just for a few minutes.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“Excuse me?” replied Tyryn, looking up at her, and it was only then that she realized she’d said it out loud.

But the floodgates were open. “Fuck me!” she repeated. “Please... please, I need it so bad, I know it’s wrong but I need you, Tyryn! Take me, use me, do whatever you want but just fuck me!”

He stumbled back from the table, almost knocking over his chair in his haste to get up. “Maida!” he said. “Is this another fit?”

Maida shook her head as she slid to the floor and began to crawl toward him. “No fit,” she said. “They were never fits, Tyryn, they’re... I just need you. Please, please Tyryn!”

She knelt before him, pawing at his legs desperately, but he back away another step. “Maida, this is insane. Stop this!”

“No, please... I know you want this too. It’s okay, Tyryn! We can do it! I want you to.”

He stepped forward again, grasped her shoulders, and pulled her to her feet. With a squeal of relief, she leaned forward and kissed him, but he pulled away again.

“Maida! No! That wasn’t—I’m just getting you on your feet! We’re going back to your room!”

Visions of her bed tumbled feverishly through Maida’s mind. That was where the demon had claimed her. That was where Tyryn was going to claim her. “Yes,” she said. “My room, yes, anything you want Tyryn, just please...”

He patted her head. “Yes, that’s right, your room... come on Maida, come with me...”

She kept pawing at him as they stumbled up the stairs. A couple of times she tried to kiss him, but he dodged. In her addled state, it never occurred to Maida why he was taking her to her room. Even when he pushed her firmly into the bed and began tying her down, she squirmed happily and smiled up at him. “Yes, tie me down if you want, Tyryn... I’m helpless either way. Fuck me, please fuck me...”

And then she was tied down, and he began backing away toward the door. “I’m sorry, Maida,” he said. “I’ll find a way to cure you, I swear it!”

It was only then that Maida understood what was happening. “No... no! Tyryn no, please,” she begged. “Please don’t leave me here, please, I’ll do anything, I just can’t take it, I need you—Tyryn!”

Her desperate shrieks followed him down the stairs. Oh, very soon, he thought. We are very, very close...

* * *

Maida struggled desperately in her bonds, long past nightfall. She couldn’t remember why she was struggling anymore, exactly; was it to get free and run away? To find Tyryn and beg him once again to fuck her? To escape before Karnath came and punished her? Or just to finger herself to the shattering orgasm she knew she needed so badly?

So engrossed was she in her struggles, she didn’t notice that someone else was in the room right away. She started violently when that sepulchral voice spoke in her ear: “Maida.”

“Please...” she whimpered.

“You have failed in your task, Maida.”

“No,” she pleaded. The demon’s voice vibrated through her body, raising her arousal, her need, still higher with every syllable. “No, please Master, give me another chance... I’ll do it, I promise!”

“I am not given to forgiveness,” he intoned. “Or second chances.”

“Please!” Maida sobbed. “Please, Master, please, I promise, I’ll do it, I promise! Just end this torture, please!”

A claw traced slowly downward from just below her navel, toward her hips. “Your torture will never end, mortal slut,” he said. “You are mine now. There will never be anything else for you. But if you seduce the boy to be my vessel, your torment will be shame and guilt, while your body will experience whatever pleasures I choose to take from it. If you fail me again, however, I will abandon you completely. You will spend the rest of your life like this, desperate for release but unable to achieve it.”

“No, Master,” Maida begged. “I’ll do it. I swear I’ll do it!”

“You have one day,” he said. “If the boy still has not fucked you by midnight tomorrow, then I shall move on to other prey and leave you abandoned in this state forever.”

“You won’t have to, Master! He’ll fuck me, I promise! I’ll make sure he’s yours!”

Karnath merely chuckled wickedly in response. And then, Maida was alone.

* * *