The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Youth of the Dark Lord

Chapter Seven

by Jennifer Kohl

Maida sat on the hillside, watching the sunset. Tyryn sat on one side of her, her father on the other.

“I’m glad that’s over,” she said. “Thank you both for saving me.”

“No, Maida,” said Tyryn. “Thank you.”

“Me?” she asked, surprised. The warm red glow of the sun touched the horizon and streamed toward them, across the village.

“Yes,” he said, his voice silky and laden with menace. “Thank you for showing me what you really are!” He stood over her, against the sun, and his shadow writhed and seethed. Maida shrank back in horror as his fingers lengthened into claws, his teeth into fangs. “You are mine, little girl,” he snarled in Karnath’s voice.

Maida screamed, clutching at her father, but he showed no sign of noticing. He hadn’t moved at all, in fact, and to her horror Maida realized that his skin was cold to the touch. His body flopped over, dead.

“You killed him!” she screamed at Karnath, who grinned broadly.

“His blood is on your hands,” he replied. “All their deaths are your fault.”

The warm red glow sweeping across the village wasn’t the sun anymore; she could hear the screams of the dying as the village burned.

Maida woke with a shriek. It was morning; she was tied to her bed; no one was burning, her father was alive, and Tyryn was not a demon.

For now... she thought. She remembered what she had promised. To seduce Tyryn, to make him express his lust and fall prey to the demon, becoming a vessel for him. My weakness, my perversion... I’m a disease infecting everyone around me. That’s what the dream was about. My wickedness will bring ruin to the whole village.

And she couldn’t fight against it. The demon had proven that last night; she would, sooner or later, cave to its desires. Worse still, it would feel good when she did.

I don’t have a choice, she thought. But that was a lie and she knew it. I do have a choice. I’m just too weak, too lustful, to make the right one.

* * *

“Maida?” Tyryn asked tentatively as he entered the room, carrying a tray. “How are you feeling?”

“Bet...better.” Maida couldn’t help but stumble over the words, the moment she laid eyes on Tyryn, her body ignited. She ached to be touched, filled, used as Karnath had used her. This is me, she told herself. The real me. Wicked and wanton.

“Are you sure?” he asked, setting down the tray. He touched a hand to her forehead, and it was all she could do not to moan.

“I’m sure,” she said. “I... I know I’ve been having strange fits, but I’m better now, really!” She struggled to retain her composure. He was so close, he was actually in her bed. Her moral concerns were a thing of the past, swept away by sheer need; only her fear of not getting what she wanted held her back now.

Just as Maida struggled not to show the intense desire she felt, Tyryn struggled to hide his triumphant glee. He could sense the flow of energy within Maida, play with it as he pleased. She was a puppet, a doll, a plaything, on fire with desires he’d induced, held back by fears he’d stoked, her morals decaying away as she surrendered to his power and fell for his lies. “Well... all right then,” he said. “I’ll untie your hands, so you can eat breakfast.”

As he untied her, he brushed “accidentally” against her breast. It was all he could do not to smirk when he felt the corresponding surge of energy through her body, not to mention the little lump formed in her shift as her nipple hardened in response.

Once she was untied, he handed her the tray, and she smiled at him, her doe eyes seeming huge as she looked up through her lashes.

Oh, very good, he thought. Still blatant, but compared to yesterday...

Maida scooped up a spoonful of porridge and put it in her mouth. She pulled the spoon out slowly, the cool metal feeling good against her sensitive, tingling lips. Maida luxuriated in the sensation, aware of Tyryn’s eyes on her. Yes please, she thought. Look at me. Look at what I’ve become. Want me... take me...

She ate her way slowly through the food, despite how hungry she was. She smiled at Tyryn as often as she good, trying to get him to see that she was better, that she could be released. He watched her closely the whole time. To see if I’m really better, no doubt, she thought. But every now and again she caught a flash of something else in his eyes, and she knew her corruption was creeping its way slowly into him.

Finally, she finished, and he sighed. “Very well, Maida. I’m going to untie your legs—but you need to promise me you won’t try anything!”

She shook her head. “I’ll do whatever you want,” she said breathily.

Yes, you will, Tyryn thought. But what he said was, “To recover, you mean?“

“Right!” Maida said, and smiled again, convincingly she hoped.

Tyryn untied her legs as well. His hands drifted up her legs just a little bit, from ankle to calf, as he did. It was a tiny gesture, not truly sexual, but Maida’s skin fizzed and she bit her lip, trying not to squirm or beg. Touch me touch me touch me... she thought. “See?” she said with a smile that she hoped was less strained than it felt. “I’m perfectly well.“

“We’ll see,” said Tyryn. “I need to examine you still.”

“Oh, of course!” Maida exclaimed a little too eagerly, and pulled her shift off over her head. She laid back, her slender body on display. “I told you, I’ll do anything...” She let that hang for a moment, before continuing, “ get better.”

“Um,” said Tyryn. “I... didn’t mean a... full-body examination.” But his eyes lingered on her breasts, her legs, the slight bulge of her tummy.

“Are you sure?” Maida asked. “Father always said there were many signs that could only be seen on a nude patient...” His eyes on her felt nearly as good as his touch, and she needed more of both.

“That’s true...” said Tyryn. Slowly, he reached for her, laying his hand below her navel. “Does this hurt?”

Maida’s eyes fluttered, but she managed to fight the urge to arch her back in response to the touch. “No...” she whispered.

Tyryn moved his hand higher, to her ribcage. “Here?”

“No,” she whispered, almost a whimper.

Tyryn waited, leaving his hand on her, sensing how her desire sparked and fizzed under the desperate attempts of her mind to hold it in check. Then he placed his hand on her breastbone, as if to feel her heartbeat. Maida sighed, trembling slightly.

“Maida...” Tyryn began.

“Shhh,” she replied. “I know. I know. But... I want you to touch me. Anywhere. Everywhere. Please...” She looked up at him, her eyes wide. Her tongue darted out to wet suddenly dry lips. “I told you, Tyryn... anything you want.”

Tyryn stifled a laugh. He had her right where he wanted her, and she had no idea. But he wanted to play the confused, innocent boy a little longer, to make Maida squirm that much more before he reeled her in. “I... Maida, we shouldn’t. We can’t...”

She took his hand in both of hers, and moved it to her left breast. “We can,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with it. I want it... you want it...”

“I...” he said. “I don’t...”

No, Maida thought desperately. No, please, please, I can’t fail now, I need this, need you, need—She moved one hand to his crotch, feeling his hardness through his clothed. “You do want it,” she said. Taking his hand, she moved it again, this time to feel her wetness. “I do too.“

“Maida...” he breathed, and then leaned forward and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him, pressed her naked body against his clothed one as their mouths and tongues tangled—and then he pulled away.

“No!” she moaned, but he was stepping back from the bed, his eyes wild with confusion, fear, guilt. “Tyryn, wait!” But he was gone.

Maida flipped over, burying herself face-first in her bed, and began to sob. She had failed. She would be tortured forever, cursed with this insatiable need that only Tyryn could free her from, all because she wasn’t strong enough to keep it together, to keep it slow enough not to scare him off. You’ve doomed yourself with your lust, she told herself. Again.

Safely in his own room, Tyryn leaned against the wall and began to laugh so hard he was soon sliding to the floor.

* * *

Maida lay in bed in despair, feeling every moment of her impending deadline. But what could she do? Chase after Tyryn? Throw herself at him, literally? Force herself on him? Would that even count?

Finally, with no idea what else to do, she sat up in bed. She walked, still naked, down to the little courtyard behind her father’s tower, where their well was. She drew up water and cleaned her face, her body. Then, shivering slightly despite the sun, she hurried back into the tower—only to almost crash into Tyryn in the hallway.

“Maida!” he said in surprise. “You’re—um, you’re...” he half-turned away, clearly embarrassed.

“Tyryn,” she said softly, and stepped closer. “It’s okay...”

He shook his head, but didn’t pull back. “I’m your father’s apprentice. This—this isn’t right... I shouldn’t be...”

She laid a hand on his shoulder. “Shouldn’t be what?”

Slowly he raised his eyes to hers. He seemed to be searching for something, though what it was, she couldn’t say.

“I shouldn’t be... thinking of you like...” Tyryn happily played the part of the embarrassed, shy, awkward boy with a crush, knowing his prize was almost in his grasp. “ this...”

Maida placed her other hand on his shoulder. “I want you to do more than think.” She leaned forward to kiss him, and he didn’t pull back. After a moment, he put his arms around her, and pulled her to him.

Yes! Maida and Tyryn both thought. This is it! I’ve done it!

Hesitantly at first, then with mounting confidence, Tyryn stroked her body, and Maida squirmed happily against him, awash in the pleasure she craved at last. He kissed her shoulder, her neck, nibbled at her ear, and laughed when she gasped. His hands found her breasts and stroked gently, almost teasingly, and he smiled boyishly when she moaned, like he’d discovered a wonderful new toy.

And in a sense, he had. Tyryn thrilled to finally be touching Maida as himself, not pretending to be something else. To finally claim her as his own property, his own toy. “Maida,” he breathed in her ear, his voice heated. “I want you.”

“Oh yes please,” she whimpered. “Please.”

“Not here,” he said.

Eagerly, not missing a beat, Maida took his hand in hers and practically sprinted to her room, pulling him along behind her. He laughed, and if there was a cruel edge to it, Maida didn’t notice in her eagerness. Once in her room, she pulled him to her once more, kissing him hungrily as she stepped backward toward her bed. As she did, she struggled to remove his clothes, so that by the time she lay back onto the blanket, he was as naked as she was.

He knelt on the bed over her, his cock long and hard as she gazed at it with desperate fervor. “Maida...” he said. “What’s happening to us?”

No no no, she thought. Not again, not when I’m so close! She reached out for his cock, stroked it gently as she said, “Does it matter when it feels this good?“

That’s right, Tyryn thought. Seal the deal. “But... I feel so strange...” he said. “Like something’s inside me... pushing me... I want this, but...“

“Shh,” said Maida, wrapping her arms around his neck and she spread her legs. “Just let it happen. Let go... I promise you it will feel so very good...” Just surrender, she thought. As I have...

Then he was in her, and it felt so right to feel so full, to clutch him to her as they both thrust against each other, to roll over and ride his hips while he held her waist. She watched as his face changed, his expression growing wilder, his thrusts harder, the grip of his hands tightening until it hurt.

She cried out in pain, and he came, and she came.

“Well done, slave,” said Karnath. And now, thought Tyryn, the next phase begins.

* * *