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Zaal the Breeder

“What kind of trauma?” Sgt Becker asked the doctor

“There’s tears and lesions throughout her cervix and into her uterus; the external os has been ruptured”

“I’m sorry, doctor, what is that?”

“There’s a division between the cervix and the uterus and this has been ruptured”


“Something very large and powerful has been forced into Catherine’s vagina with enough power to penetrate into her uterus…” Helen said, trembling, “And there is a substance—a liquid—that has been deposited in there”

“What kind of liquid?”

“Well on first sight I would have thought it was semen, but for the volume”


“Well, a man can ejaculate up to 5mls… but there’s at least 25mils that was collected from inside and around Catherine… I have sent samples to Mercy Hospital in Capital City for further analysis…”

“You can’t say what it is?”

“Not at this time” Helen lied.

Helen felt bad about lying to the police. She had already examined the matter… it was clearly semen. There were still active sperm in the sample she examined; only it wasn’t human. The idea that someone would have forced that amount of animal semen into young Catherine Jones was too deplorable.

Helen turned and looked back through the window into the room where Catherine lay unconscious.

It was four am. Dr. Helen Slater should have left work three hours ago. She was tired. “Will that be all, Sergeant?” she asked the police officer

“For now” he said. He took took a look in on Catherine. “What kind of sick mind could have done this to such a sweet young lady?” he muttered.

“I don’t know” Helen said

Helen did a hand-over to Dr. Bill Withers and then headed home. As she did she stopped her car and thought about it. “This is a bad idea” she said to herself aloud. But she turned the car about and headed back towards town. She took the Parsons Creek By-pass and drove on to the scene of Catherine’s crash.

Helen parked on the shoulder of the quiet road. She got out and looked about first—no one was about. She fingered her .38 in her purse to check to see if it was still there. She felt herself that being there alone at that time was not the wisest of things to do.

Very little remained. The car had been towed. There was still routines on the road from police marking it… the crime scene.

She had a flashlight on her but there was also a clear sky, and a full moon; moon bright.

She heard a twig snap. She spun around aiming the light

The pregnant woman she saw there shielded her eyes from the light.

“Fuck” Helen said, “You scared the shit out of me”

“Put the light down” the woman said

“Sorry” Helen said

In the dark light she could see the woman appeared very advanced in her pregnancy. The woman was pale, tall, well developed bust. She had long dead-straight dark hair, and almost colourless eyes.

“I’m Liz” the woman said

“Helen” Helen said, “Doctor Helen Slater”

“A doctor?” Liz said.


“What are you doing out here at this time?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing” Helen said

“I … we live here” she said pointing to a farmhouse down the road.

“You still haven’t said what YOU are doing here…” Liz added

“I’m just going over this crime scene”

“Crime scene?” Liz gasped, in obvious surprise

“Yes, a crime scene…” Helen said, she was perplexed as to why someone apparently so close would not have noticed all the vehicles that must have been here earlier; cop car, ambulance, even Catherine’s own wrecked car….”

“Oh, my” Liz said, “What happened?”

“Ah… I’m not really at liberty to say” Helen said

“Is it… is it bad?”

“There was an assault—on a young woman…”

“Oh my” Liz said again “Is she alright?”

“I can’t say at this time”

“Can, or won’t say?”

“Both” Helen said.

“I better be getting back then…” Liz said

“Mm” Helen mumbled as she wanted to continue looking about

“I…” Liz began. She waited to get Helen’s attention, “I would like to invite you back…” Liz said. Helen looked up at her “For a coffee?” Liz added

“Hmmm?” Helen said, “Ah, no. Thank you.”

“Just a small coffee…”

“Please, I would like to continue on here… for a little while”

“Ah… I see…” Liz said. Suddenly Liz grabbed her stomach “Ohhhh” she cried part doubling over

“Oh, are you alight?”

“Could I trouble you to help me home…?” Liz pleaded

“Sure…” Helen said, “Ah…. I’ll drive you back”

“I only just live here..”

“It’s better that you don’t walk”

“Okay, thank you” Liz smiled as she seemed to straighten up okay and walk to Helen’s car alright.

In the car Liz had to ask again “Can you tell me what happened?”

“Okay” Helen said as she backed the car down the road “As far as we can tell something or someone caused a young woman to crash her car… and then” she staid as she passed the driveway, stopped and put the car in drive “When she was in the accident, they assaulted her”

“Oh, my” Liz said as they drove up her driveway.

Helen got out and ran around and opened the door for Liz, and even helped her out of the car.

Liz smiled and thanked her

“So…?” Helen asked as they walked up to the back door, “How long have you been ‘with child’?”

Liz ignored her and opened the back door. It was no locked. She held it open and Helen walked in.

Liz flicked the lights on.

The house was two-storied and neat. With the light off it had been hard to see, though not far from the road.

Liz brushed past Helen and went to the kitchen. She came back moments later with coffee.

“Ah, no please…” Helen said, annoyed at being offered coffee despite what she said earlier. She now had the distinct impression that Liz had tricked her to coming in, anyway.

“Is everything alright?” Helen asked, “Is there anything you’d like to tell me… remember… I am a doctor”

“You’re a healthy young woman” Liz smiled


“I’m glad” Liz said, “My son wants to meet you”

“Your son?” Helen asked looking around.

Suddenly Liz groaned and clutched her stomach. She spread her legs. A pink-orange goo suddenly ran down her inner thigh dripping onto the carpet

“What the hell?” Helen said getting up off of the couch.

Liz gritted her teeth.

The green arm that emerged from under the hem of her dress made Helen start to retreat. A head, its eyes opening. Black eyes, looking directly at Helen.

The creature emerged from Liz. Helen leaped back. She ran to the back door. It was locked

“My son wants to meet you” Liz smiled as she straightened herself out.

“What the fuck is that?” Helen screamed.

The creature was small. It’s skin a slimy grey-green. It was bipedal, humanoid. Its face was like a baby’s. The rest of its body less so. It had a slit between its legs that now opened up. A phallus, impossibly large stared to emerge from that small body.

Helen screamed again “Let me out!” “Please” “Help me!”

A series of cries, to no avail. She pounded on the door

The creature approached

“This is my son… Bremk” Liz said

Helen turned around to confront the creature. She drew her gun out. She pointed it at the creature’s head. “Stay back” she yelled

Bremk looked at her. Helen was caught in the creature’s gaze. She suddenly felt a little sleepy. She could not focus on the creature. She clutched her head to snap herself out of it. It worked for only a moment.

The hand holding the gun… it grew immensely heavy and she lowered her arm. She grabbed herself and tried to hold her own arm up. It was heavy. Heavy.

She dropped the gun.

Bremk drew closer. Helen leant back against the door even as its long arms reached up and pulled at her jeans. She watched it and could not look away as her blue denims were drawn down to the ground. She stepped out of them.

It reached up again, taking hold of her red panties and pulled them free

She was wet.

“Please…” she tried one more time.

Her knees buckled and she slid down the door till her bare butt hit the wooden floor

“Help me” she whimpered. But she opened her legs.

The creature; Bremk moved between her knees. It started to push into her

Helen’s head tossed back in pain as she was torn open. She passed out.

Bremk l continued to push into her, ripping her open. Bremk put all sixteen inches into her and then ejaculated.

* * *

Helen woke up. She was naked in bed. She felt sore between her legs.

“You’re up?” Liz smiled, coming into the room. Liz was ‘pregnant’ again.

“Wha..?” Helen groaned, her head feeling like she’d had a hang-over, “What did you do to me?”

“My son wanted to meet you” she said, patting her stomach. “Oh, look…” she said as a young woman entered the room

Helen recognised her… it was Catherine Jones.

“I picked her up from hospital this morning” Liz smiled. She kissed the younger woman affectionately.

Catherine was just eighteen, but tall. She had a full bust. Her stomach was now swollen; pregnant.

“I believe you two have met”

“Only I was unconscious” Catherine laughed.

“What…? What’s going on?”

“Bremk has impregnated you… just as he did young Cathy here…”

“Impregnated?!” Helen gasped. She sat up. “Noooo!”

She was relieved to show no visible signs.

“In a day or two your son will be ready to hunt for himself”

“That reminds me” Catherine said, “My son is getting restless… I can tell he wants to start now”

“That’s good, Cathy” Liz said

“Can you drive me home?” Catherine said, “My sister is home now, and I’d like to see her bonded”

“Sure…” Liz said, “Helen’s been good enough to bring us her car”

“What?” Helen said, “No!” She started to get up. She felt the pain

She swooned. She fell back onto the bed as Catherine and Liz left

Helen lay there, even as she heard her car drive away. She struggled to get up.

It took some effort but she made it. She looked at her naked figure in a full-length mirror there. She noticed all her pubic hair was missing. Her breasts seemed to have swelled up. They felt heavy. She noticed a pulsating bump on her abdomen.

She turned side-on to view it in profile. The bulge grew out, even as she watched. She realised she too was carrying one of those creatures inside her. She found herself admiring her figure. She snapped out of it for a moment and cursed the fact that she was doing it; not fleeing.

But she stopped again and looked at her figure again. She admired it. She turned around. The bump was bigger now.

She felt it. It pleased her. “Nooooo!” she cried

But she did look nice… being a ‘mother’ suited her…

Helen felt like she needed to do something. Phone for help? No, that wasn’t it.

She turned and went back to bed; lying on her back with her head and shoulders propped up on pillows. She smiled as she watched her abdomen swell.

“My son…,” she smiled, “Yes, your name is Zaal”

The End