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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 10)

I had taken Debra to several different malls and various shoe stores trying to find the specific brand of hell heels that I had bought while in Hawaii. It took forever, but we eventually found them.

I drove Debra’s car into the garage and turned to stare at her. Debra refused to make eye contact and slouched down in the passenger’s seat, fearing what I was going to do or say next.

“Enjoy those new heels Debra, you earned them. It was really sexy when you held still and allowed my semen to drip down your body. I don’t want to have to order you to do every little thing, sometimes you should just take initiative or use common sense. When you do things that you know I’ll like, without being first ordered to do so, you will be rewarded.”

As we exited the car, I pulled Debra in close and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t kiss me back, she never does.

“Oh, that reminds me! From now on, you will freeze in place for 20 seconds every time I cum in you. Now, every time I pump some cream into you, you will be forced to show off just how nice and gooey I’ve made your insides!”

Debra rolled her eyes.

I removed Debra’s braless tits from her dress and began to squeeze and play with them.

Debra watched me casually play with her huge breasts and her face got red with anger. Debra was getting really tired of my shit.

“Come on Debra! Let’s go up to my room! We’ve been driving around and shopping all day! You’re going to take drugs with me, and then I will pound the shit out of you while we’re high.”

Debra gave a squeamish look.

“Can’t you just get high by yourself, and THEN rape me? There’s really no need for me to do any of that stuff. Plus, you’ll save money if only one person is doing drugs.” Debra said.

“Don’t be silly Debra! With your bank account? Please! Money’s no object!”

Debra clenched her fists and punched the side of her car.

Debra and John had spent their entire adult lives saving up money together. Now I came into the picture and decided to have a small spending spree with their hard earned cash. Debra really fucking hated the constant theft of her money. Who wouldn’t?

“Babe, your money should be the least of your concerns right now, okay? Look Debra, I’m just going to be honest with you; while we were shopping today, your ass was calling out to me. It deliciously bounced and swayed with every step you took. I’ve decided I’m raping your ass. You will not have your anal cherry for much longer.”

“No.” Debra whispered, as her eyes widened with fear.

“So, how do you want to lose this butt-cherry? I can rape your ass right here, right now, in this garage. Or do you want me to take you upstairs and pound the shit out of your pussy while you’re forced to do drugs? Your choice.” I said.

While Debra began to think, I roughly grabbed her by her shoulders and turned her so she was facing away from me. I then put my hands up Debra’s short-ass dress and began to aggressively grope her bare ass.

Once I put my finger inside her asshole, Debra began to cry.

She obviously didn’t want to choose between these two hated options, however Debra was starting to understand how my mind operated. She knew that if she didn’t make a decision between two different sexual acts; I would’ve had her do both.

“I NEVER want to have sex in the ass! I’d rather just go upstairs with you and do drugs!” Debra cried.

“Yeah that’s fine, we can go do that. However, please understand that you are GOING to be ass raped. You still have your ass cherry, Debra. That is unacceptable. Frankly, I’m fucking embarrased that my cumdumpster is freely walking around in my home with her butt-cherry intact. THANK GOD I get to take at least one cherry from you. Be aware that the ass raping will still be happening. I want that cherry.”

* * *

When I wasn’t busy raping my sex slaves you could expect to find me in my room. Doctor Martez and Debra had oh so generously given me an unlimited budget to build my dream room. Man cave? Fuck no. This was a man mansion. Yeah, my life is great. I now spent all my time playing video games, doing drugs, and having rawdog sex with women who wore super tight dresses and high heels. I didn’t have a job, and would never need to now that I invented the ISA.

I gave Debra the only seat in my room and walked alone to the kitchen to grab an extra chair.

John was sitting at the table by himself, in silence.

I had ordered John to return to the house immediately after he worked his double overtime. Now that he had just finished his long shift, he was ordered to come to my house and sit at the kitchen table. This way he would be able to hear his wife get railed by me. Once I was satisfied, I would send him back home to his kids.

“Sorry to keep you waiting so long, the shopping for your wife’s mandatory footwear took way longer than expected. But don’t worry, I’m about to bang the shit out of your wife soon. So make sure you listen up!” I said to John cockily.

“Please, please stop this. I’m begging you.” John said as tears began to stream down his face.

“You’re the only other man that’s been inside Debra. You of all people should understand why I’m never going to stop putting my cock in your wife.”

“She has a life! You’ve separated her from her children! Don’t keep doing this! Don’t do this to our family!” John weeped.

“I use Debra to sustain my comfortable life-style. You and Debra are what pay the bills around here. Debra being my sex slave is the only reason this whole operation is running as smoothly as it is. She’s simply become far too valuable of an asset. I couldn’t free Debra at this point even if I fucking wanted to.”

“Please, please free her! We’ll let you have access to all our money, and I’ll continue to work these long shifts and give you every paycheck! You can just order us to not tell anyone!” John begged.

“A tempting offer, but if I keep you guys enslaved I still get everything you just mentioned, plus unlimited sex! You’ve gotten to use Debra’s pussy for over six years, bro. It’s time to share.”

Now John was sobbing as well as crying.

I smiled at him, grabbed a chair from the kitchen and headed back to my room.

I could easily still hear John crying even after I left.

I returned to my room and sat at the table with Debra. The table was completely covered with various drugs, lighters, scissors, foil, straws, and pipes. Despite having thousands of dollars worth of stuff in my room, it had very little furniture, and no bed. I saw no reason to ever put a bed in my room.

Debra pouted while looking at the vast array of drugs that were scattered across the table.

“Please, I’ve never even smoked a cigarette before! I don’t want to put this stuff in my body!”

“Well it isn’t YOUR body anymore, remember?” I laughed.

I began scooping some crack-cocaine into the pipe with a plastic spoon. I made Debra a nice huge hit. It was bigger than the hits that even I normally took.

“Inhale through this pipe and don’t stop.” I ordered.

I lit the end of the pipe and slowly rotated it in her mouth as she inhaled. Debra inhaled on the pipe for a solid 15 seconds. I was actually a little jealous of how good her hit was.

“Ok, you can stop.” I said, pulling out the pipe from her mouth.

Debra exhaled and dramatically stood up from the chair and began slowly twirling in her brand new heels.

“Oh god… oh fuck… what the hell...” Debra panted.

Debra began sexily wobbling her curvy body and leaned up against the wall.

Debra’s lipstick had stained the entire end of my crack pipe red. I thought that was so sexy.

I then walked over to Debra and handed her 4 and a half ecstasy pills.

“Swallow all of these.” I ordered.

I then reached into my pocket and pulled out the poppers that I had just bought while shopping with Debra. I opened it and covered one of Debra’s nostrils and put it up her nose.

“Breathe.” I ordered as I pumped it into her nose. sniff

“Again.” sniff

“Again.” sniff

“Poppers?! Oh my god! I know… what you’re doing.” Debra whined.

Debra reached for her crotch and began to play with her pussy but then quickly stopped herself when she realized I was watching her.

I made Debra sit back down and continue to smoke more crack-cocaine and waited until the ecstasy began to kick in. I did a lot of drugs as well, but I made sure Debra did a lot more than me.

“Holy fuck…” Debra groaned after she took her sixth gigantic hit of crack-cocaine.

“I need to take a break.” Debra groaned as she massaged her temples.

Debra once again stood up from her chair. Her lack of panties and overlubricating pussy made it so she left a huge, noticeable wet spot on the seat.

“Horny yet?” I asked Debra.

“You’re hilarious,” Debra spat.

This time Debra didn’t care that I was watching and shoved her fingers in her pussy again.

“You are no longer allowed to masturbate, or in any way attempt to make yourself climax.” I quickly ordered.

“No… Oh fuck...” Debra groaned after the ISA made her immediately rip her fingers out of her cunt.

“I know what you’re doing… I know what you’re doing…” Debra groaned as she walked over to me.

“This may be working, but I just want you to know that you aren’t smart... or clever!” Debra pouted.

Debra grit her teeth and shook her head in shame as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.

Debra shivered with disgust as she saw me creepily lick my lips.

“I find you creepy, disturbing, morally reprehensible, and repulsive. I may be having ‘consenual’ sex with you, but just know that if I didn’t have the ISA inside my body you would never even be allowed come near me,” Debra spat,

Debra shook her head in shame once more as she reached beneath my underwear, and squeezed my cock.

I cocked a smile.

“What the fuck did you do to me!?!” Debra croaked in a weird voice.

Debra whined in frustration as she struggled to remove the jeans from my stationary body.

“Master, can you please stand up and get naked?” Debra asked.

Debra had seemingly decided that her primal urges outweighed her pride.

“Only if you get naked as well.” I said, “But keep the heels of course.”

Debra was only wearing a way-too-small, tubeless pink dress; since the cumdumpster was forbidden from wearing bras, panties, or any extra clothing. Debra quickly got out of the dress and was naked within a few seconds.

“You think you’re so goddamn clever, huh?” Debra asked angrily as she watched me undress with a huge smile on my face.

“I’m not stupid! I know you’re only doing this because you want me to have more consesual sex with you!” Debra yelled.

Debra saw that I was only semi-erect, so she gave me a brief handjob. When I was fully erect, she got on her hands and knees, facing away from me.

“I know what you want.” Debra repeated once again.

“Then give me what I want.” I replied.

“Take me master! Have your way with me! Pound the fucking shit out of me! You have my consent! You hear that? Are you happy now? I consent! You have this suburban mother’s consent! Does that tickle your fancy, you fucking weirdo? I’m consenting! I want you to rawdog me! Use my body! Plow my cunt! NOW!” Debra screamed.

These hard drugs were really ravaging Debra’s mind. She seemed to be physically incapable of stopping my plan; even though she saw right through it from the beginning. The horny bitch needed relief so badly, and the only thing in the world right now that could relieve Debra was my penis. So fucking hot.

“I’m kind of tired.” I said with a smile.

“Stop fucking playing around and pound me! NOW!” Debra screamed.

“Okay-okay! I guess I can give you some cock, babe.”

Debra arched her back and moaned once I pushed my dick into her.

“Yes!” Debra cried out, “Yes! Fuck me daddy!”

She was clearly high out of her mind and seem to truly be happy that I was having sex with her. She hated me, but loved the relief I gave her. Poor John, those drugs made his wife want to get stuffed with her kidnapper’s man meat; and he had to hear every word of this.

Once Debra and I got into a really good rhythm. I gave about a dozen strokes more and then suddenly pulled out.

“Why’d you stop?! I know you didn’t cum yet, I would’ve felt it! What’s wrong?!” Debra asked feverishly.

“I will continue to have this consenual sex with you, but only if you keep begging for it. I want your husband in the kitchen to keep hearing you scream for me. He needs to know just how badly you want my cock.” .

“No! Please! Come on, just fuck me!” Debra cried as she turned around on her knees to face my direction.

Debra cupped her enormous breasts and looked up at me with watery eyes.

“Is this what you want? You have me on my hands and knees, literally BEGGING for you to have sex with me! I don’t even care that you want to put your disgusting cum in me! I just want to be pounded! I need cock in me! Fuck me! Please!” Debra cried.

Debra then stood up and tried to grab my cock but I stiff armed her.

“What the hell do you want from me?!” Debra screamed.

“I want you to keep begging.” I said calmly.

Debra got down on all fours again, facing away from me.

“You don’t want to keep waiting to put your dick in this chunky ass body of mine, do you daddy?” Debra said sexily.

“Remember when you raped me in that public dressing room, daddy? Because we were in public you had to keep your moaning quiet and I had to muffle my whimpering when you creamed me! Remember how you mercilessly raped me on the pavement of a parking garage, even while I was crying that I was in pain and being scratched up? Remember how you made me lick up every last drop of your semen that leaked out of my pussy and spilled on the couch while making eye contact?!” Debra cried out.

All the memories flashed vividly in my mind. Debra bringing all these moments up successfully achieved their goal of getting me horny as shit.

Debra was sopping wet. She scooped up some of her massive amounts of excess vaginal fluid and began glistening her lower and inner thigh with it.

“You’re making me so wet daddy! Just look at this shit! I’ll even smear my pussy juice on my thighs for you daddy! Doesn’t it remind you of how I let your semen drip out of me, master?” Debra moaned.

“Mmmm… remember how your semen dripped down my thigh?” Debra moaned as she smeared more of her juices down her thigh in roughly the same pattern that my semen had dripped down them yesterday.

“Just like this… your semen dripped down my thigh… just like this.” Debra moaned as she coated herself in her juices.

Wow, that was clever! Holy shit Debra was good.

“Sorry Debby-bun! I want to fuck you, I really do, but I’m not yet convinced.” I said with a grin.

“I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Debra screamed crazily.

Debra stood up, turned around, and tackled me.

I was surprised the ISA even allowed her to do that. But the ISA knew Debra’s intentions. It knew that she was attempting to tackle me for sex. Since she had no intentions of violence, it allowed her to do it.

Me being a skinny guy came to bite me in the ass, as Debra used her far greater weight to help pin me to the ground. As I opened my mouth to give an order, she filled up my mouth with her thick, warm tongue.

Debra knew that if I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t give orders. It was that simple.

Debra had my wrists pinned to the ground, the element of surprise helping her greatly. I struggled, but gravity being on her side gave her the edge.

Since Debra’s arms were both occupied with pinning mine, she couldn’t grab my cock. Debra wasn’t even facing the right way, so she really struggled for some time trying to blindly align herself. However, because my cock was rock hard, Debra eventually managed to impale herself on my cock and began to fuck herself with it.

Debra and I made eye contact. I read her eyes. They were full of desperation. Those drugs were fucking with her head more than I thought.

Debra didn’t dare to release her pin on me as she began to fuck the living shit out of herself with my cock.

Debra managed to find an angle that forced me deep inside her. She began letting out several high pitched moans that echoed inside my throat.

The weight of this fat bitch was crushing me. My chest was in extreme pain.

I tried to communicate that I was being crushed; with the thought that maybe if Debra realized my extreme disapproval of her actions, the ISA would make her stop, or at least make her ease off of me a little.

It was pointless as Debra wasn’t even remotely paying attention to me. Her eyes had promptly rolled to the back of her head. Debra then gave a loud, deep groan that echoed inside my throat as she came.

That was the first orgasm that Debra ever had while having sex with me.

I don’t give a fuck about my slaves’ sexual pleasure, esspecially Debra’s. That animalistic groan that Debra had made in my throat portrayed just how successful I had been at depriving Debra of satisfactory sexual experiences.

That was one of things I was very proud of when I had hijacked Debra's life. I had forced her to go from having a healthy and happy sex life, to having over an entire month of unsatisfactory, orgasmless, one-sided intercourse with the likes of me.

I had never even attempted to make Debra cum before. Why? Because it felt super dominant to know that I had been forcibily maniupluating Debra’s flesh, raping her, and using her orifices, body, and juices to get me off, while never giving her an orgasm of her own. Orgasms weren’t meant for cumdumpsters, they were meant for me.

Up until now, I had a perfect streak going. A flawless record of cumming inside Debra without letting her orgasm. Now my perfect streak was ruined.

The orgasm had left Debra far too weak to keep me pinned any longer. I quickly escaped then pin that my wrists were in. With my arms now free I could pretty much do anything now, but instead of stopping any of this, I continued it.

Now that Debra had finally relieved herself, she tried to get off of me. HA! Stupid Debra! Did she really think that she was going to get to have sex with me without taking my seed?

I took advantage of the regained access to my arms. I grabbed onto Debra and held her in place. I was so mad that I had been careless enough to allow Debra to cum! I couldn’t change what had just happened, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t at least make her take a load from the man she hated.

Debra was no longer interested. Now that she came back down to earth and regained her senses, she REALLY didn’t want to have sex with me. I could literally feel the hatred that emanated from her very essence as my cock pounded the entire depths of her vagaina.

Debra’s juices worked to make my cock super slick and Debra’s pussy began to fiercely clench it.

I moaned loudly as I began pumping the red-headed mother full of cum.

Debra did not even attempt to struggle, probably due to the fact that she feared she was about to be harshly punished and wanted leniency. My suburban sex slave held herself in place and allowed for that magical pussy of hers to take pump after pump of warm semen.

I saw the color drain from Debra’s face as I filled her with seed. When I was finished nutting in her, I wondered why Debra didn’t get off of me, then I remembered the new 20 second rule I implemented.

I used the extra time to tongue wrestle with Debra. Debra smartly took the initiative. She began to suck on my tongue. Debra allowed my tongue to explore the depths of her mouth. She also softly licked above and underneath my tongue. Debra and I repeatedly took turns sliding our tongues underneath each other’s.

When she could finally move again, she rolled off of me and laid by my side. We were both super sweaty, out of breath, and both smelled like Debra’s vagina juices that she had smeared on herself.

The first thing I did when I had my mouth again was take rapid breaths of air.

“Those drugs were super strong. I’m really sorry for what I did, but I literally could NOT wait any longer. Are you going to punish me?” Debra gasped.

“I should, but you put up no resistance as I came in you, even though I could tell you really hated it. Then you began to tongue wrestle with me without being ordered to. Since you showed some initiative again, I’ll let this one slide.”

“Thank you, Master.” Debra said quietly.

“I’d tread on thin ice if I were you Debra. I am VERY upset that you got to cum.”

“What? Why?” Debra asked.

“You aren’t supposed to cum when I have sex with you. You aren’t supposed to receive pleasure during intercourse with me, you are supposed to suffer. Haven’t you noticed that I’ve never let you cum once? Even though I’ve been raping you hudreds of times for over a month?”

“Well of course I’ve noticed that! I just assumed you were REALLY bad at sex.” Debra said.

I chuckled.

“I’m just here to use you Debra. I will use you without morality, empathy, consideration, or even the slightest hint of remorse. I take advantage of your wet, clenching pussy and chunky body to get ME off. Me and only me. I’ll severely punish you if you EVER have the audacity to cum while having sex with me again. Understand?”

“GOD I HATE YOU! You don’t even want me to cum?! Are you fucking serious?! You have no problem happily spending up my money John and I have worked for! You’ve desecrated my body with unwanted pregnancies and tattoos! You keep me alive so that you can USE me for sex again and again as much as you please! And NOW you’re telling me that I’ll be severly punished if I cum while we have sex!?!” Debra cried.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much the gist of what’s happening here.” I said smugly.

Debra looked up at me with cold eyes.

“You know, I REALLY hate that you force me to keep having sex with you.” Debra said.

“I’m sure that you do, Debby-bun.”

“No, no, you don’t understand. It’s not in the same way a normal rape victim hates it. This is far worse than rape. You’ve taken over my entire life. I can’t even attempt to describe how much hate I have for you. You’re playing a really dangerous game, buddy. The FIRST time you slip up… the FIRST chance I get... the FIRST opportunity I see… I’m going to kill you. I know you’ll slip up eventually. You’ll eventually make a silly little mistake or a small error when ordering all of us around. I will find a loophole, and I will kill you. Count on that.” Debra said darkly.

“That’s nice Debra. Now suck me until I’m hard again.” I ordered, “Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping tonight. That little speech of yours just earned you an entire night’s worth of rape.”

* * *

With the help of drugs I retained the stamina to continously have missionary sex with Debra’s worn out body throughout the entire night.

Debra had come down off her drugs long ago, but because she didn’t constantly re-up on drugs like I did, she was utterly worn out. She kept begging for breaks and sleep but I showed her no mercy. I told her that this was her punishment for saying she wanted to kill me. Mid-way through the night she had completely given up. She quit begging for breaks and mercy entirely and remained quiet while I just kept having sex with her again and again and again.

The only thing Debra did for the rest of the night, was squeeze her thick thighs around me and hold me tightly in place whenever she could sense that I was about to cum in her pussy. That was the only thing she was ordered to do during missionary sex, and she did that job very well. Debra remained a good little cum receptacle for me. She was obviously praying that I’d eventually wear myself out.

I eventually did, but not nearly as quickly as she probably hoped I would.

After about 5 straight hours of sex I ordered Debra to take a break and cuddle with me because my balls ached so badly. I felt super dominant resting in the arms of the bitch that had been involuntarily draining my balls all night. We eventually ended up falling asleep on the floor.

I woke up in the early morning. I blindly felt the ground next to me to see if Debra was still there, she wasn’t. She probably just went back to the living room to sleep on her typical spot on the couch. Debra must’ve woken up before me; and then carefully separated herself from my unconscious body, as not to wake me up.

She must’ve been nervous as hell while she tried not to wake me. Debra knew that if she woke me up while we were butt-naked and she was in nothing but her high heels, I was just going to rape her again.

I went to the living room. I planned to roughly shake Debra awake and demand more sex, but she wasn’t there either. I figured she was probably just in the bathroom washing out all the cum I had implanted in her body last night.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

“I know hearing us in that room must be so hard… Please John, just ignore what you hear in there, ok?” I heard Debra say.

John was still in his place in the kitchen. He was forced to listen to the two of us staying up all night having sex! I totally forgot about him. I was so busy raping Debra that I had forgotton to send John home to his kids and rest up for work.

Panic filled me as I realized I had also forgotten to order Debra and John not to touch each other! Goddamn it! They could be having sex! I didn’t want any other man penetrating my slaves, especially that snivelling Johnathan. The idea of that pathetic John once again plowing my Deb, and then pumping a batch into that wonderful pussy of hers made my blood boil with anger.

I flicked on the lights and they both fearfully looked up at me. Poor John was showered in tears and was rubbing Debra’s utterly destroyed feet. Debra was wearing the nicer, bigger sized hell heels we bought, but her feet had yet to recover from the abuse I put them through. John was attempting to massage her feet while she still wore the heels because Debra couldn’t take them off. How much he was actually soothing her feet was questionable at best.

I breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief, “Thank God! I thought you two were fucking in here! I would surely hate the thought of my cumdumpster cheating on me!”

They both looked at me with hatred and disgust. I honestly couldn’t tell you which one of them hated me more.

“No, of course I wasn’t having sex with her! I’m pretty sure the LAST thing Debra is in the mood for right now is sex! Unlike you, I actually care about Debra’s feelings!” John said angrily.

“Didn’t you hear what was going on in my room? I was raping your wife all night long! So, I care about Debra’s feelings too! Like the FEELINGS of her clenching, warm pussy for example! I care about that a fuck ton!” I laughed.

“Hey Debby, remember how you said you never technically cheated on your husband because I’ve been repeatedly raping you? Well, now that you and I have been having all this consesual sex, doesn’t that mean that you’ve cheated on John?” I said with a laugh.

“I do not consider anything Debra has done to be cheating! I heard what Debra said, and she’s right. If it weren’t for the ISA she never would’ve had sex with you. So saying that she’s having ‘conseual sex’ with you is plain stupid. We all know you’re just raping her.” John said.

“Yes, but we—” I started.

“No matter what you do, I will always love her, and she will always love me! Your stupid ISA can’t stop that and you know it! We will always have feelings for eachother, and that, you can never take away!” John yelled.

His words surprisingly stung a little. I deeply hated the fact that I couldn’t just force the real Debra or Kim to fall in love with me. John forced me to face that fact directly.

God I hated that prick Johnathan.

“Isn’t that cute. Well, I don’t care about having any love in my life, as long as I get to have lots of awesome sex.” I lied.

John looked up at Debra who was leaning on the kitchen counter while he was sitting on the kitchen chair. He was holding her right foot in both of his hands.

“Sweetie, I know he’s forcing you to do all of this. But last night, did you really HAVE to smear your pussy juice all over your thighs and then moan like a pornstar for him?”

Debra angrily jerked her foot back out of John’s hands and stood up quickly. She was mad, yes, but more than that. She was hurt.

“You’re judging me aren’t you!?! He forced me to take drugs! I wasn’t even in my right state of mind! And even if I was, how DARE you judge me?! You think YOU have it bad!?! Do you have ANY idea the absolute HELL I’ve been through!?! You’re so fucking inconsiderate!” Debra ran out of the kitchen and began crying up a storm.

“I know that MY Debra was always faithful, and has always loved me, and always will!” John said to me loudly.

He said that sentence really loud on purpose so that Debra could overhear. He was attempting to save himself from his royally bad fuckup with his wife.

“Is that so John? Well, MY Debra is an insatiable whore with a never-ending hunger for being creampied. In fact, I feel like making you watch me fill your wife up with some hot jizz right now! Get over here Debra!” I yelled.

Debra mechanically walked back to the kitchen. Her hell heels made loud scraping noises on the kitchen tile a little as she tried with all her might not to keep her feet planted on the ground and to not continue the walk towards me.

“Your pick. Which of her holes do you want me to plow and cream while you watch, Johnny-boy?”

“I’m not going to play your sick games.” John answered.

Debra’s eyes widened when she saw the huge smile that appeared on my face.

“John, NO!” Debra screamed.

“GREAT! I’ve been looking forward to taking her ass cherry anyways! All three holes it is then!” I yelled.

“John… you fucking IDIOT!” Debra screamed.

“Wait!” John cried. “I didn’t know! I’m sorry! Mouth! I choose her mouth!”

“So all three holes and then an additional blowjob as well? Deal!” I laughed.

“NO! I meant a blowjob INSTEAD!” John whined.

“Ok, so now it’s all three of her holes and TWO additional blowjobs! Deal!”

“But—” John started.


* * *

I was falling in love with these tight tubeless dresses Debra now wore! Her ass cheeks, pussy, and asshole were on full display whenever I bent her over. With all the changes I was doing; between her high heels, piercings, and tight dresses, I was super proud of myself for single-handedly making this obese mother go from average to sexy.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Debra had already washed herself completely clean, redid all of her hair and make-up, and put on a fresh dress.

Meanwhile I still smelled of Debra’s day-old pussy juice and had morning breath.

“NO! He’s gonna rape my asshole! God dammit John! Why! WHY?! Look what you’ve done!”

I had just nutted in Debra’s pussy while she was on all fours. Then I made her suck me off with the aid of her vibrating tongue piercing. I made her gargle my cum in front of John, swish it in her mouth and then spit it on him. We had just checked off one pussy-creaming and one blowjob from the list. Now I was preparing to take her virgin asshole.

“Are you ready for this, Debby-bun?” I asked excitedly.

I had Debra bent over the table in front of me. I kept her waiting in anticipation and dread for about an entire two minutes now. I would never get to take another one of Debra’s cherries ever again for as long as I lived. I’d be an idiot not to savour this moment.

“Please can we work out some sort of deal? I don’t want to have anal sex…” Debra sniffled.

“I’m not going to agree to any deal that involves you keeping this butt-cherry, Debra. It’s not too often I get to steal one from someone. I’ve been looking forward to this! Popping your cherry is so special to me! Think about it, I will never get to take your mouth cherry, OR your pussy cherry. So now I just HAVE to take your ass cherry, it’s all I will ever get from you Debby-bun!”

“What about FOURTEEN consenual fucks!?!” Debra begged.


“TWENTY-TWO!” Debra screamed.


Realizing she was backed into a corner, Debra cried out in frustration and began pounding the table with her fists. She then let out an enraged scream. It was a delicious blend of both extreme anger, and intense fear.

“Not even my husband has ever touched me back there! My doctor hasn’t even felt me back there! Hell, I don’t even touch myself back there! What gives YOU the right? You have NO RIGHT to do this to me! NO RIGHT! NO RIGHT! NO RIGHT!” Debra screamed.

I was as hard as a rock after hearing the absolute hatred and pure terror in Debra’s voice. It was time.

“Remember Debby-bun, do NOT resist. Keep your ass cheeks nice and loose for daddy. Just allow my cock to enter your asshole. Well, unless you want it to end up like Kim’s.”

I gave my head of my cock just a tiny bit of lube and then pushed myself into Debra’s virgin ass. I felt a wave of dopamine rush to my brain as I knew how dominant it was to forcibly take someone’s ass cherry. Unless you’re a male in prison, it’s not a thing that typically happens in life.

I grabbed Debra by her wide hips and began pushing myself in as she held herself up on the kitchen table for support.

It was very tight on the way in, but once I got past Debra’s ass cheeks the rest of my cock slid inside.

“See? This isn’t so bad! You’re doing good Debby-bun, just relax. You can thank your idiot husband for all of this.”

My balls and groin made a heavenly clapping sound against her ass cheeks as I began to pound her asshole.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry Debby! He tricked me! I didn’t know! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” John whined.

“Don’t resist me Debby-bun… DO NOT clench your cheeks... yeah that’s right… just like that. Just relax... allow this cock in your ass... yeah... just take it… you have such a great ass… yeah… take it… stay loose… yeah… stay loose for me Debby-bun… yeah… yeah... you’re doing great Debby-bun… just let this happen... just let this happen... just let this happen… yeah… yeah… just let this happen… yeah… yeah… resist the urge to clench your cheeks… don’t clench… please don’t make me hurt you… you better stay loose… I’ll really hurt you if you resist… I’ll hurt you so badly… stay loose… stay loose… yeah… yeah… take my fucking cock bitch.”

To her credit, Debra was following all of my advice as I plowed her ass. If she were stupid enough to resist, I’d have to brutally force my cock inside her. Perhaps Kim’s horror story about how evil I can be when it comes to having anal sex scared Deb enough to keep her in line.

“Don’t fight this Debby-bun… I know you’re scared… I know you’re nervous... I know you hate me… just don’t fucking struggle… yeah… don’t resist… just let me in your ass… yeah… now bend over further… yeah… keep that position Debby-bun… oh yes Debby-bun! YES! Hold that position for daddy… yes Debby-bun… bend over just a little more… YES! Perfect! Don’t move! Stay just like that… let me drill you… YES! Oh yes… YES! GOD! YES!”

Debra whimpered beautifully as I picked up the pace and began forcefully pounding the shit out of her tight asshole. I adored the way this suburban mom’s ass cheeks rippled with each thrust in her ass.

“Oh Debby-bun… I love this… I’m so happy… I’m really happy… I’m so happy I got to take a cherry from you… so glad… so glad… so fucking glad I got a cherry from you… it means a lot Debby-bun… it means SO much to me… it really does.” I said while pounding her.

“I’m so sorry Debra!” John whined. He was snivelling and snotting all over himself like an infant.


“You’re tighter back here than I thought… yeah… keep giving me that ass… yeah bitch… give me your body… right in front of your husband… I love raping you… now arc your back even more… MORE… MORE BITCH! Yes… yes Debby-bun… yeah… just like that… let daddy drill you… fuck yes… fuck yes… GOD this feels great… your ass is fucking amazing... “

“Lord, please forgive my wife for her sinful act of sodomy!” John cried out.

Debra glanced over at John with pure hatred in her red, teary eyes. In less than a week he had compared her to a prostitute, unsympathetically judged her for her drug-induced actions, and sentenced the poor woman to lose her ass virginity. Now he was passive-aggressively praying. Treating her like an unholy person for a sexual act that was complete beyond her control. Needless to say, she was pretty pissed at him.

“Shut. Up. John.” Debra grated through her teeth ice-coldly; with pure hatred in her voice as I continued drilling her ass.

“But Debra I—” John started.

“I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Debra screamed.

My heart skipped a beat with happiness as I realized Debra might be falling out of love with John after all.

I readjusted my grip on Debra’s large, wide hips and increased both the strength and tempo of the butt rape.

“Ungh… Oh, my sweet Debby-bun... YES!” I screamed.

“UUNNGGHH… Oh god Debby-bun! Fuck-yes! FUCK-YES!” I cried.

I could feel my balls brushing up against Debra’s cunt as I fucked her in the ass. I was in heaven.

Debra whimpered as she felt my pre-cum enter her body.

“Clench your ass cheeks tight as you can!” I yelled in Debra’s ear.

The ISA forced Debra to squeeze her ass cheeks as tight as she possibly could. The way her ass squeezed and pinched the hell out of my cock was simply amazing.

“YESSS Debby-bun! Take… take this nut... inside your FAT. FUCKING. ASS!”

She tried to pull away from me, but because she was ordered to clench her cheeks as tightly as she could, Debra had no choice but to help ensure that my cock remained wedged firmly in her asshole. Her attempts to pull away did nothing but result in adding even MORE nice-feeling friction!

I maintained my hold on Debra’s wide hips and pulled her towards me with all my strength as I released my contents into Debra’s no-longer-virgin ass.

“OH GOD! YES DEBRA! Yesss… Take it… take it… take it… take it… take it… take it… take it… take it.” I moaned as I filled her rectum nice and full. (Every ‘take it’ that I moaned was another pump of semen in her ass.)

As I began to pull out of her, Debra continued to clench her ass cheeks as ordered, which had the wonderful effect of squeegeeing my cock as I slowly pulled it out.

“You don’t have to clench your ass cheeks anymore, Debra.” I ordered, “Give your ass cheeks a break, they’ve done their fair share of work today, trust me.” I laughed.

Debra followed the new orders to stay frozen. She held her position, remaining bent over the table. Her body held firm, allowing me to observe my larger-than-normal load leak from her asshole and run down her inner thigh.

I smiled widely as I realized that Deb would be holding herself in place like this every single time I came in her from now on. It just may be one of the best orders I’ve ever made.

I took another ecstasy pill while I stared lustfully at Debra’s leaking asshole.

“No one can ever erase what I just did to you! You must now live the rest of your life with the knowledge that I have taken your ass cherry from you. Nothing in the universe can EVER change that fact. I don’t think you understand how much this moment means to me Debra!”

Debra didn’t make a sound. She was still flowing tears, but she remained quiet while bent over the table.

“HAHA! I even just love saying it! Your cherry is GONE! I’m so happy you got to share this moment with me Debra! God yes! This upper-class mother of two has just lost her anal virginity… to the likes of ME!”

“You’re sick in the head! You need therapy…” Debra whined while frozen in place and bent over the table.

“Oh, and I’m sure you don’t care but I’ll tell you anyways; it felt FANTASTIC to cream your butt.”

I bent down over her frozen body and slowly licked the bulge in her neck where the ISA was.

“I don’t blame you for being suicidal, Debra.” I said as I began playing with Debra’s hair, “I will keep this up for years and years. Don’t think for a second that I’ll ever get bored! By the time I give you the keys to your life back, I will have done so much damage to your life, family, body, and bank account that you won’t even care about it anymore.”

My heart began beating faster as I moved in closer to Debra. The 20 seconds were up and she was no longer frozen in place. Debra stood up straight. The cum was no longer leaking, but still perfectly visible in her ass.

“I hate John. I hate your husband. I hate him so much. You know why? It’s because his dick has been inside you for years. His slimy penis was digging around… spewing its contents inside MY PROPERTY! He’s creamed you countless times and got you pregnant twice. There’s nothing I can do to change those facts. It frustrates me. Because of that… I need to FUCK the memory of John out of you!”

“What the hell do you even mean by that? You’re scaring me.” Debra cried.

The nervous suburban mom attempted to walk away from me, but I grabbed her by the wrist. I pulled her in close and deeply kissed her.

“Oh and I’ve got some BAD news Debra; I REALLY enjoyed having butt sex with you.” I said darkly, “Anal sex will become a regular occurence.”

“Dear god… NO! Aren’t I already doing enough for you? You can’t do this to me! YOU CAN’T!” Debra cried.

“I can, and I will. It’s a miracle! You see, the only glaring weakness you had was your lack of tight holes to pump seed in! But now that I know how tight your asshole is, and just how incredibly strong your butt muscles are; I’m just going to plow your rear end whenever I want some tightness!”

“This is sick! You can’t just constantly rape me all the time! I’m terrified.”

“Good. I want you to spend every moment of your life scared, miserable, and filled with my cum. Maybe if I rape you hard and often enough, I can FUCK the memory of John out of you. You were supposed to be MY wife, not his.” I said darkly.

Debra darted her eyes over towards John, pleading for help.

“You’re doing too many drugs. You’re somehow jealous of the fact that I’ve been having sex with my HUSBAND! You have no right to be jealous over who I have sex with, or who I am in love with! But the fact that you are; is deeply worrying. I can now see that you TRULY believe in your heart that I am your property. It scares the hell out of me.” Debra said while sexily shaking with fear.

I widened my eyes, super impressed. Debra read me like a book.

“You’re right. I do TRULY believe that you are my property. Wow. So you and Kim are both kind of smart, huh? Well that’s good. I want the women baring my children to have good genes, so I guess I’m glad that the two of you aren’t dumbasses.”

“Your form of jealousy is insane. It’s super weird. You built the ISA in four years, but only stalked Kimberly for the past two. Which means that you started building these things long before you met any of us.” Debra said quietly.

“Great detective work, Sherlock.” I said sarcastically.

“As soon as you enslaved Kimberly, you moved in with her. That kind of makes some sense. I mean, she owns a huge 3 story house and you lived in an apartment at the time. But then you MARRIED the poor woman! Why? There was no reason for you to do that. However, because you are a sad, lonely fuck with no family that kind of makes perfect sense too.” Debra’s eyes widened, “Why, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you only invented the ISA to—”

“SHUT UP!” I screamed, “Whatever! I’m an aging man and the clock is ticking. Sue me. Yeah, you figured me out. I decided too late in life that I wanted a family. So now I’m going to use my technology to get one.”

John began laughing.

“Wait, so THAT’S why you hate me so much? Because I have a real family with Debra, and you have to force her into having one with you? God, you’re pathetic!” John yelled.

I whipped around to stare at John with fury in my eyes. John had just struck my sensitive spot. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, Debra screamed.

“Master, wait!” Debra cried.

“Not now, Debra!” I spat.

“I know my idiot husband was super disrespectful but please don’t punish him!” Debra begged.

“I appreciate your concern my sweet cumdumpster, but did you hear what he just said? This motherfucker just called me pathetic. What kind of slavemaster would allow something as blatantly disrespectful as that to slide? I HAVE to punish him severely.”

“Punish me instead!” Debra begged.

“Aren’t you mad at John right now? Why on earth would you want me to punish you instead?”

I intended for the real Debra to answer, but the ISA treated that as a direct line of questioning and answered for her.

“A punishment for me would most likey mean another rape, but a punishment for my husband would likely mean physical harm, or create distatserous rules that he’d have to follow for the rest of his life. I’ve become skilled at letting my body bounce around and wiggle as you pound me. I’ve learned exactly what gets you to cum quickly, so that the overall time of my suffering is minimized. A punishment for me is simply far less severe than a punishment would be for him.” Debra said robotically.

The ISA usually doesn’t make Debra speak for that long. Debra had clearly put a lot of time and effort into playing off of my weaknesses and desires.

“Wow, you really are smart Debby-bun! I’m impressed!” I laughed, “With the two of us as parents, our child will be smart for sure.”

Debra grabbed a napkin and began wiping my cum from her ass, which by this point had just become a semi-dried, sticky mess of gunk that was in her asshole.

“God, I can’t believe this is really happening. Was it REALLY necessary to get me pregnant?” Debra asked.

“Yes. Even though it’s a rape baby and you want it aborted. Once you give birth, I promise that when you see it’s little face, arms, and legs, you will love our child. I created it with you, so in a way, you will love me too. I WILL eventually get legitimate love from you and Kimberly, through your maternal instincts.”

Debra stared at me blankly.

“You really do need therapy.” Debra said.

I chuckled. “This whole ISA project IS my therapy. For the first time in my life, I’m truly happy. You have to play your role Debra, it has to be you.”

“Your treatment of Carly is so delicate that I don’t even think she should even be referred to as a slave anymore. And you rape and torture me at such a disproportionately higher rate than Kim. Why do you focus on me specifically? There’s got to be something else going on here that you’re not telling me.” Debra said.

“Fine I’ll tell you. You walked into Kim’s salon just as I had finally launched the ISA. I saw that you were chubby, around my age, and moderately attractive. Not out of my league. When Kimberly told me about your stuck-up attitude, I assumed you were single. I decided I was going to ask you out. I decided I was going to give a real relationship one final shot before I went down this dark path. But as soon as I walked up to you, I saw your wedding ring, and lost my last shred of hope. That was a sign. A sign that this was what I was to become. Debra, to me, you are the very representation of everything I now can’t have. Constantly raping and torturing that representation has been very therapudic for me.”

“THAT’S why my life is being destroyed?! John was right, you really are pathetic!” Debra yelled.

“That may be true. But now you understand why I hate John. I would trade the ISA technology in a heartbeat if it meant having a real family. The only reason why I made the ISA was because I wanted to imitate having a family.”

“Is that an offer?” Debra asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“If you free Kimberly and John, you can move into my home. I don’t care what you do to Carly, but free that innocent salon owner and my husband! If you agree, you can take John’s place as my husband and I will have this baby with you. We can be a family.” Debra said shakily.

“DEBRA NO!” John screamed.

Debra looked at John sadly, tears began to stream down her face.

“I will legally divorce John and marry you. You can conceive multiple children with me and you can have the family you always wanted.” Debra said as tears now endlessly gushed.

“And you will be ok if I kicked your kids out to live elsewhere? You will agree to only raise the children that are mine?” I asked.

Debra swallowed, and then said a croaky, “Yes.”

I began to think it over.

“Put your arms at your sides and stand up straight Debra.” I ordered.

I began to walk in circles around her and checked her body out.

“What the fuck are you doing!?! You think you have the right to try and evaluate if she’s attractive enough for you?!” John demanded.

“SHUT UP JOHN!” Deb and I screamed at the same time.

“So I would move into your home and take you as my wife? And you’ll willingly create the family for me that I’ve always wanted.”

“I will.” Debra choked.

“And if I accept this deal and free everyone I enslaved, will you change your last name to mine and live the rest of your life as my timid, subservient housewife?”

“I will.” Debra said in a cracked voice.

“And you will cook and clean and never ever deny sex with me? You will make me feel like a king and you will never try to resist my sperm-creamings ever again?”

“Yes. The house will be spotless and I will always hold still as you put your loads in me.” Debra said as the tears continued to flow.

“Then we have a deal if you can just answer one final question. Do you think you could ever love me?” I asked.

Debra’s lips vibrated as she desperately wanted to lie. She knew if she could just correctly answer this question then we’d have a deal and she could and save her husband’s life. But the ISA made her answer, “No, I could never love you.”

“Well then I have to decline your offer. We were so close to a deal, but I only would’ve only accepted this deal if I had even the possibility of the real you loving me. If I can’t have you as part of a loving family; and you’re just going through the motions, then what’s the point in freeing everyone? I could make you divorce John and change your name now if I wanted to.”

I felt my heart grow even darker. I was to never find love. I would only be able to obtain a family through enslavement. It was my fate. I accepted it.

“If I can’t have a true family with you, then I’ll just force you into having one. Now, you still need to give me two more blowjobs Debby-bun. Don’t think I forgot.”

She reached for my cock, then hesitated. I knew what she was thinking about.

“Your cock was just in my butt…” Debra whined, “Even though I just took a shower that’s still really gross.”

I pushed down on Debra’s shoulders until she got on her knees. I then grabbed Debra roughly by her red hair and pulled her towards my cock.

“Open.” I ordered.

Debra mechanically opened her mouth, her red lipstick matching her red hair.

“Turn on your vibrating tongue piercing.” I ordered.

Debra then began to slowly suck on my shaft. She was ordered not to give quick blowjobs. I prefer slower blowjobs, especially since she’s my sex slave. I want to take my time feeling, and enjoying, every inch of Debra’s stolen, captive body. I spent the past 4 years of my life saving up the money for these damn things. Ever since I put that super expensive ISA in her body, every orifice of Debra’s now belonged to me, it’s what I paid for.

These ISA’s were super goddamn costly to make. And because John forced me into wasting my last emergency one, I had to dig into Debra’s bank account to cover the cost of an additional emergency ISA. Debra’s money IS my money, so even though she paid for the extra ISA in full, I still considered it to be an additional cost of mine.

That meant that I now expected Debra to have enough sex to not only cover the price of not just the one inside her, but the one in John as well. So I’ll be damned if I don’t explore every inch of Debra’s body. I wanted to savour the feeling of Debra’s stolen lips and her enslaved tongue. I get so horny knowing how much she suffers when she is forced to take her time smelling, touching, and tasting my cock. Debra’s hatred and pain fueled me.

Debra began gagging on my cock a lot more than usual, probably because of the taste of her asshole.

“You better swallow every last drop, or I swear to god I’ll make John do something that gets him thrown in prison for life.” I threatened as Debra blew me.

I could’ve just simply ordered her to swallow every drop, but I wanted her to actively and consciously swallow all off it. To get the feeling of dominance that I craved, I knew that she had to be the one to do it, not the ISA.

Debra’s tongue piercing helped her tongue massage the base and head of my cock really well. I grabbed handfuls of Debra’s hair in both hands as I came.

Debra’s throat bulged six distinct, separate times as she pulled off six consecutive suck-and-swallows from my penis as I began cumming in her mouth.

“You acted like you couldn’t do it. But once given the proper incentive, you swallowed every goddamn drop. That’s what I fucking thought.” I spat.

Debra gave a sigh and sat on her bare ass once she swallowed all my seed.

I slammed down another ecstasy pill and chugged an entire water bottle.

“We’re replacing that other blowjob you owe me with a pussy-pounding. I’ve decided that you’re gonna let me rail that nice cunt of yours again.”

“Can we start in a few minutes, Master?” Debra asked politely.

“No. You seem really worn out. I really like to have sex with you when you’re physically drained. When you’re tired, you don’t resist my ejaculations as much as you normally do.”

Debra stood up, grabbed my hand, and stared at me in my eyes.

She whispered my name and said, “I really think you need some rest.”

“I really think I need your clenching pussy.” I countered.

Debra and John both stared at me. I was breathing really, really hard and fast. My hands were shaking and I kept taking rapid glances at Debra’s pussy lips.

“I’m so scared of you right now. So fucking scared...” Debra cried, “I think you’re going to really, really hurt me if I don’t ‘milk’ you.”

“Oh, I will.” I said calmly, “I am so fucking horny for a milking, and so fucking high. If your pussy doesn’t milk my cock I’ll beat you to near death. Look into my eyes, Debra. That’s not a threat. I mean that.”

John started shaking and crying like crazy at the sound of that threat to his wife.

“If you get some rest, I’ll have sex with you as soon as you wake up! I won’t struggle or squirm I swear! I’ll hold nice and still for you while you cum in me! Just please, let these drugs wear off, master.” Debra pleaded.

“I want your pussy now. And if I want you, then I will have you. That’s how this works.”

Debra tightened her grip on my hand, “Please,” she whispered, “I’m so scared… get some rest.”

I forcefully yanked back the arm that she was holding. The motion made her fall forward, with her catching herself on her hands and knees. I quickly moved in behind her, Debra didn’t even try to fight it anymore, she knew I was just going to take her at this point.

“I want this pussy again, so that means I’m going to take it. I’m tired of being told no.” I grunted in Debra’s ear as I pushed inside her.

“If you ever try to deny sexual intercourse with me again, I’ll make John murder your children. Understand?” I asked while slowly pounding Debra from the back.

“Yes, Master. It will never happen again, I promise.” Debra said politely.

John obviously wanted to say something, but after noticing how high I was, he kept his mouth shut.

“You don’t have to love me, Debra... I don’t give a shit... I’m over it. But he doesn’t get to also get to have this pussy of yours! He doesn’t deserve it!”

I began pounding into Debra’s amazing cunt much faster and harder than normal. I loved that Debra had no choice but to just sit there on all fours in front of her husband and take it.

“He’s the one who deserves my body… not you!” Debra screamed as I raped her.

“I will never share you! Not with him, or anyone else!” I yelled.

“I’m not YOURS to share!” Debra scream-cried.

I grabbed Debra by her nipple bar piercings and forcefully yanked her tits out of her skimpy little dress.

“OW!” Debra yelped in pain, “What the hell?!”

“Quit lying you fat bitch! You ARE mine!”

I readjusted myself to stroke Debra even deeper.

“Now temporarily ignore the yelling restrictions in your brain.”

I gasped as the milking started.

“Scream… ‘I’M YOURS’ As loud... as you possibly can… I want the whole... neighborhood... to hear you…”

“I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS!” Debra screamed at the top of her lungs. Finally being able to yell at the full volume of her voice for the first time ever.

“Fuck…” I moaned.

Once Debra felt my pre-cum she tried to crawl away. I pulled Debra back towards me and successfully kept my cock inside her as I began to fill the bitch up good. I really enjoyed the feeling of creaming Debra while she was on her hands and knees. This might be one of my new favorite positions for fat women.

I didn’t bother grunting or shit-talking in her ear while I came this time. There was no way she could’ve heard me over her own whaling.


“That’s enough Debby-bun…” I ordered as I finished nutting in silence and then pulled out of her, leaving a small trail of my man goo running from Debra’s pussy.

“DIE AND GO TO HELL!” John screamed at me as he watched my cum leaking from his wife’s pussy with tears pouring down his face.

I absolutely loved how Debra held her position on all fours. Seeing Debra just letting my cum drip from her vagina while on her hands and knees was a thing of beauty.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Debra spat as I stared at her freshly fucked pussy for the full 20 seconds.

As soon as the 20 seconds were over and Debra shakily stood up. She then looked at me with pure hatred in her eyes.

“You two are never allowed to touch each other,” I said to Deb and John, “Oh, and new rule; John cannot eat a meal unless he’s personally seen me cum on or in you that hour.”

John and Debra looked at each other, mortified. They realized that not only would that mean that Debra had to be raped before John’s every meal, but he’d have to watch me do it. Assuming that John was eating three meals a day; during the decade or so I planned on keeping Debra enslaved, that added up to a lot of rape.

“Kimberly already left to take Carly to campus already, and since you kept John here to watch this rape, I need to take the kids to school.” Debra said.

“Ugh, with these drugs in my system I’ve still got a few more rounds of sex in me. Can’t John just take the kids to school before work?” I asked.

“I have to leave very soon. You ordered me to go in to work early now, as well as to stay late. You’re forcing me to earn more money to support your lifestyle, remember?” John asked sarcastically.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.” I chuckled.

“God, you’re so uncoordinated. You’re GOING to slip up.” Debra said darkly.

“You just can’t shut that fat mouth of yours, huh? How about you get on your knees again and make that mouth useful for a change?”

“We don’t have time for- ugh, fine.” Debra said, realizing I was just going to increase my demands if she complained or tried to get out of it.

Debra glanced at the oven clock, turned on her tongue piercing, and hastily put my dick in her mouth.

“Yeah… yeah bitch... slurp me! Tighten your lips! Use lots of tongue. You’ve always got so much shit to say! I like your mouth a lot better with my cock in it! Yeah... yeah… yeah bitch...” I moaned.

I grabbed Debra’s head and forced her deeper onto my cock. I loved the fact that not only did the tongue piercing vibrate my cock, but it forced the rest of her tongue to increase in vibration as well. Debra made very loud slurping sounds as she sucked my cock.

Drool escaped the corners of her mouth as tightened my grip on her hair and began to fuck her face.

I pushed in deep and came in the back of her throat.

Debra resisted and tried to pull her mouth off my dick but I held it in her throat until I finished cumming. When I finally let her break free, she choked and began violently coughing up all my seed.

“You know good and damn well that doesn’t count! Do you want me to give you a beating, or do you want to give that blow job another try?” I asked.

Debra looked up with hatred, and then her eyes turned to sadness.

“Let me try that again.” Debra said quietly looking at the ground.

“Speak properly, bitch.”.

“I want you to fuck my face again and have you spew your man seed in my throat, again. This time, I’ll be sure to swallow it. Let this redheaded mother be a good suburban-whore for your cock, daddy.” Deb said, clenching her fists.

Debra glanced at the clock again as I lifted Debra’s head up to my slowly re-hardening cock.

“Please, the kids will tardy if we don’t leave right now!” Debra begged.

“You have obligations to take care of here first. You cannot leave yet because you have not satisfied my needs. Your kids will come secondary. I am your priority.” I said, preparing to put my dick in her mouth.

“My KIDS are my priority!” Debra yelled instinctively.

I slapped Debra across the face with all my strength.


I stood up, “You know what? You want to have your kids dealt with so bad? I’ll fucking deal with them! Come with me now!” I ordered.

* * *

“Where have you been mommy?” Her daughter whined.

“Yeah we haven’t seen you in over a month, and daddy was gone yesterday too!” Her son whined.

“Mommy was just a little busy.” Deb answered robotically.

Debra was ordered silent. I had only given her the most basic of cues. As I pulled into Debra’s mother-in-law’s driveway Debra stared at me with cold eyes and mouthed the words, ‘Don’t do this’.

I reached under Debra’s inappropriately-short dress and stuck a finger in her vagina. That was her cue.

“Come on kids, mommy needs you to stay with grandma for a bit.” Deb said to her children robotically.

Debra rang the doorbell with her kids right behind her. I stayed in Debra’s car.

“Deb? How are you?” John’s mother asked.

“It’s an emergency. John and I need you to watch the kids for a bit.” Debra said robotially.

“Of course.” Debra’s mother-in-law replied, eyeing Debra’s short dress, super tall heels, and shoulder tattoo.

Debra led the kids inside their grandmother’s house and waited for her to close the door before she turned to walk towards me. I suspect she did this to avoid showing off the SLUT tattoo that was on her back.

I licked my lips as I admired the swaying hips and bouncing tits of my redheaded suburban gal as she clicked the pavement of the driveway in her heels and returned to the passenger’s seat of her car.

“As soon as we return home you will give her a phone call. You will tell her that you and John are addicted to drugs and that you don’t feel comfortable raising your children anymore.” I ordered.

Debra’s face was blazing red and her eyes were streaming tears.

I drove a few blocks down and parked in an empty lot.

“You’re pretty mad, huh? I order you to freeze in place as well as continuing to be silent. You seem pretty ticked. I love taking you out to humiliate you in public and I REALLY don’t want to leave visible scars and bruises on your pretty face once I beat the everloving shit out of you if you say ANY of the shit that’s going through your head right now.”

No response from Debra, obviously. She just glanced away, refusing to make eye contact.

“You’re nothing but a cum-slut whore now. I know that I am both an evil bastard and a rapist, but harming children is where I draw the line. I absolutely will not allow those little kids to see you and your husband reduced to this state. The kids shouldn’t see any of this. Surely you must agree that your kids are much better off without their mom in their life if she’s been turned into a sex slave.”

My dick became erect when I saw the seething hatred in Debra’s eyes.

“That doesn’t make you feel any better, huh? Well, if I can’t have love, then why should I have morals? I can just have sex with you whenever I want! In fact, you know what? I mean, since you’re just sitting right there...”

Debra closed her eyes tightly as I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

I unbuckled Debra’s seat belt and pulled the lever on the passenger’s seat, forcing the frozen Debra to lie all the way on her back. Debra quickly looked back at me with her now-red eyes and stared into my soul. I’ve never seen Debra with so much hate in her eyes. My cock was now super rock hard.

“Look at how evil I’ve become! All I ever wanted was a family!” I yelled.

I pulled out my dick and crawled on top of her.

“And you’re gonna give me one.” I said darkly.

Debra tightly closed her eyes again when I said that.

“What I’m doing may be evil, and even a little risky, but I can make it work…” I mumbled in Debra’s ear and then kissed her on her lips.

Debra could only re-open her eyes and continue to stare at me with hate-filled eyes to show her disapproval as her body was frozen in place.

“Oh yeah… with this body of yours? Your clenching pussy, tight asshole, warm tongue and huge tits? And unlimited access to ALL of your money? Oh yeah… I can make this work...” I grumbled.

Debra narrowed her eyes.

“Your nipples are getting so hard! They harden straight through the bar piercings when you’re angry, huh? And all you can do is lie here on your back in your own car and take yet another helping of my rapist jizz in your guts!”

I threw Debra’s right heel over my left shoulder. Once Debra’s legs were in position for car sex, her small, tubeless dress retreated and completely revealed her pussy to me.

I pushed myself in deep and began agressively having sex with Debra’s frozen body. I pounded pussy to my heart’s content, her hatred fueling me as always. Her right heel repeatedly smacked against the passenger window of Debra’s car while my balls repeatedly smacked Debra’s flesh.

I loved the feeling of our skin slapping together. The feeling felt so natural. Sex was natural. Because I had been so lonely for so long, I was denied this feeling. No one should be denied the amazing feeling of slapping skin during sex. It felt so nice, so satisfying, and so pure. Every human deserves this feeling. I deserve this feeling.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Your body makes me feel such pleasure, Debby-bun.” I whispered in Debra’s ear.

The frozen and silent Debra could only move her eyeballs. She refused to look at me during the rape. She instead decided to look away, towards nothing in particular. Her eyes blazed with hatred and began flooding with tears.

I erupted in laughter.

“So, how suicidal are you NOW Debby-bun?”