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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 12)

Welp, a deal’s a deal.

I finally got around to letting the cow buy her brand new bed, as well as move completely into the basement. Debra now had an entire floor of the house to herself, and I even took time out of my day to completely assemble the bed frame for her!

Yeah, I may be evil, but I always keep my word.

I took Debra to her old house while John was at work. Debra cried as soon as we walked inside her old home. It was obvious that being reminded of everything she lost was still far too painful for her.

I made Debra get naked and lie on her old bed. While I was raping Debra in her old house, I made sure that it was ordinary, basic, missionary sex. Why? Because while I was raping Debra I mentally pretended that I was just some normal, plain, everyday suburban man having sex with his wife.

Debra was right. I really did need therapy.

After raping her in her old bedroom, I told Debra that she could keep anything out of her old home that she wanted to take with her. I figured she might want to take some things with her so she could at least have some of her own stuff in what would be her new permanent home. Surely Debra was absolutely thrilled that she’d be forced to live out the next ten years of her life in her rapist’s basement.

While I looked around Debra’s old house for the first time, I saw all the photos hanging on the wall. It was a painful reminder of what I’d never have, and it made me physically ill. I made Debra shred all of her and John’s wedding pictures, and while I was at it, I ordered a super teary Debra to shred all of her and John’s family pictures, her children’s pictures, and every single baby photo of their children that they had.

I’m such a dick.

I then planned to have Debra ceremoniously burn all of her old clothes that she currently owned, but would no longer be allowed to wear. Because of my super strict clothing rules and this conservative woman’s style, it basically meant that she would have to burn every single piece of clothing that she had in her home! However, when Debra asked if she could simply donate all of her old clothes instead, I allowed it.

* * *

“That’s the last of it.” I said with an exhale as I placed Debra’s very last box on the basement floor.

“And now Debra, it’s time for my reward for helping you move down here! Get naked. But leave on those super-stupid, but extremely-sexy, stripper heels.” I ordered.

Debra removed her tubeless dress and stood in front of me naked. She had nothing but contempt in her eyes.

“This is quite a nice bed you paid for, Debby-bun! Oh yeah… I think I’m gonna break it in with you!” I said happily.

I moved in close, rudely grabbed a hold of Debra’s huge breasts, and began to suck on one of Debra’s pierced nipples.

“I’m not the least bit surprised.” Debra said, looking down at me with hatred as I casually sucked on her nipple like a jackass.

Debra let out a huge sigh and asked, “Can you take my nipple out of your mouth and speak to me like I’m a human being for five seconds?!”

I spat out Debra’s tit and looked her directly in her judgmental, frustrated eyes.

“Sure, cumdumpster. What’s up?” I asked.

“Listen. If I’m going to be living here permanently now, I would really appreciate it if I got to have at least one place in the house where I’m not treated like I’m a goddamn cum-sock! I’ll promise I’ll give you a lot consenual sex, complete with moaning and begging, if you promise to not to do your raping here, in my new room.”

I burst out with laughter.

“What’s so fucking funny?!” Debra asked angrily.

“Well, you probably won’t laugh, but it IS funny, really! So, while I was helping you out today, I was thinking about us and what we’ve been doing... and I realized just how fucking stupid I am!”

“What are you talking about?” Debra asked.

“Making deals with my SEX SLAVE was just plain fucking stupid on my part! Yeah, I can’t make you scream and beg for me, Debra. But I can still MAKE you scream and beg for me.” I laughed.

“What do you mean?” Debra asked.

“Beatings, Debra. I mean beatings. No one wants to be savagely beaten! There’s going to be a few rule changes, cow. From this point on, anytime I hear back talk; you will be beaten. Any time you don’t agressively beg me for sex; you will be beaten. Any time I judge that you didn’t talk sexily enough; you will be beaten. Any time you complain; you will be beaten. So let’s try this out, Debra! This isn’t an order, but a mere request. I request that you agressively beg for me to have sex with you.”

“Yeah, fucking right! If you think I’m just going to—” Debra started.

I grabbed Debra’s arm, pulled her in close, and kneed her in the stomach as hard as I could. I then punched her in the face three times and roughly threw her onto the ground. I then mounted her and rained down brutal punches about a dozen more times.

“STOP!” Debra cried in a cracked voice.

I got off of her and extended my hand. I helped the fat bitch stand back up.

“You are GOING to beg for me. Your real voice is what I want to hear. Now please, I request that you begin begging me for sex.” I said calmly.

“I can’t just do that for you while getting nothing in return! I can’t just beg for free! This is the only type of leverage that I will probably ever get to have over you! If you want me to beg, you must grant me some kind of concession first! I can’t just—”

I kneed Debra in the stomach again and punched her square in the jaw.

Debra shrieked as I grabbed her in a tight chokehold and slammed her against the basement wall.

I then gave Debra a brutal slap, then a rough backhand, then a brutal slap again.

I threw Debra on the hard basement floor, pinned her, and began to swing my fist into the side of her head multiple times.

When Debra tried to get up from the ground, I began choking her once more. I then threw Debra back on the ground, kicked her, and punched her six more times as hard as I could.

“YOU WIN! YOU WIN!” Debra cried, “I’ll beg… I’ll beg for you! Just stop beating me!”

Debra wiped her now bloody nose, shakily stood up, and stared at me in pure disgust.

“How could you beat a fucking pregnant woman? You are the literal scum of the earth! You are—”

I punched Debra in the jaw again and began choking her with both hands.

I slammed Debra down onto the basement floor once more and began swinging on her face again and again and again.

“NO MORE! NO MORE!” Debra scream-cried.

“You don’t get to speak to me like that anymore, Debra! You’re gonna start submitting! You’re gonna start giving me respect!” I shouted.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Debra screamed, covering her face with her hands.

“Oh and one more thing. You’re allowed to lie to me now, but only for sexual purposes. You can now say things like, ‘I enjoy having sex with you’ or, ‘I want you to have sex with me’ even though we both know that’s an obvious lie.”

“Understood, daddy.”

“What do you want to do now, Debra?” I asked.

“I… I want to have sex with you.” Debra choked.

“You can talk sexier than that! God-fucking-damn-it Debra! I’M NOT PLAYING GAMES ANYMORE!” I roared.

I brutally slapped her and gave her 8 more rapid punches to the face.

Debra lip was now busted and blood was streaming from both of her nostrils. It was obvious that her right cheek was going to be swollen soon, and she was more than likely going to be forming a black eye as well.

I was annoyed. Now I wouldn’t be able to take Debra in public without people (rightfully) assuming that she was being beaten. However, being forced to hide my Debra from public view for a little while was a very small price to pay for her total submission. I wanted, no, needed Debra to submit to me.

“What do you want to do now, Debra?” I asked again.

“I… I… I…” Debra stammered, shaking.

As Debra stammered, I prepared to punch her again. Debra widened her eyes in fear as she stared at my raised fist.

“I want to be POUNDED! I want to be CREAMED! I want to have sex with you!” Debra yelled.

Debra breathed a sigh of relief as I lowered my fist. I extended my hand and helped her stand up once more.

“Really?! I want to have sex with you too! Wow, that’s super convenient! Which of your holes do you think could best be used to satisfy me right now, Debra?” I asked.

“My mouth is very good. It would satisfy you very, very well.” Debra said.

I raised my fist again.

“I… I mean… I want you to cream my pussy.” Debra said.

“Ok, that can be arranged!” I said, “And then?”

“And then... I’ll suck you off?” Debra said stupidly.

Debra knew better. She was being willfully ignorant.

I grabbed Debra by her hair and threw her into her shelf, knocking it over. Debra tried to quickly crawl away but I easily caught up to her and began to mercilessly beat her. I gave her about two dozen additional punches to the face and an elbow to the throat.

It was undeniable that I was going to have to hide my enslaved suburban fatty from both her family, and public view for quite some time. Oh well.

“What do you want to do now, Debra?” I asked a third time, with the exact same voice inflection as the previous times.

HA! It was like training a dog!

Debra began shaking with anger and breathing very hard. She gritted her teeth and stared directly at me in the eyes without speaking a word.

What. The. Fuck.

Even I would’ve just given in by now! She truly was a fighter!

I kicked her in the stomach 4 times, kicked her once in the face, and slapped her again. I then punched two more times and gave Debra a brutal knee to the face as she tried to stand up.

“What do you want to do now, Debra?” I asked yet again.

“I want to have sex with you… and… and I will beg. I will milk your cock until you pump your warm cum inside my body. And… And… And… And… And then... when you’re done with that... I’m… I’m… I’m... going to flip over... and beg you... to fuck me in my... asshole... as well.” Debra said in a soft, shaky voice.

I helped Debra stand up once more.

“Sounds like a plan! Let’s start with some missionary in the new bed, babe.”

Debra began slowly walking to her new mattress.

I grabbed Debra by the shoulders, turned her around to face me, and brutally slapped her across the face.

“I’ve let you become way too casual with me. No more of that. You need to make sure you always respond when I say something to you, bitch.”

“Alright.” Debra said quietly.

I brutally slapped her again.

“I suggest that you speak with phrases such as, ‘Yes master’, or ‘Yes daddy’, that sort of stuff. Oh, and just another rule of thumb; if I hear the ISA’s robot voice, that means you aren’t trying hard enough for me. So if I hear it speaking for you; you will be beaten.” I said calmly.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said.

I stared intently at Debra’s jiggling butt cheeks as she walked in her hell heels and approached her new mattress. When she reached it, she stopped and turned to me.

“Should I put the bed sheets on first?” Debra asked.

I slapped her again.

“The proper way to say that sentence is, ‘Should I put the bed sheets on first, daddy?’ Make sure you are always speaking to me properly.”

“Should I put the bed sheets on first, daddy?” Debra asked.

“No. I don’t want any bedlinings or sheets on the new mattress. I want the brand new mattress that you just paid for to have my cumstains all over it. We can put sheets on it later, after it’s been broken in.”

I winded up my hand and brutally slapped Debra across the face again.

“Remember to respond!” I shouted.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said, now beginning to cry.

I stripped naked, casually throwing all my clothes on the floor beside the bed.

“I like the sound of your voice when you say that, Debra. It’s fucking beautiful!”

“Thanks, daddy.” Debra said.

I shoved Debra.

She lost balance in her stripper heels and fell face-up onto the bed. Debra simply sighed and spread her legs apart.

“Come give me some cock, daddy! Let me milk you, please!” Debra begged, sounding sincere.

Blood slowly seeped from both of Debra’s nostrils. Debra stared at me with angry, watery eyes as I creepily licked my lips and crawled onto the bed.

Debra let out a small whine as I happily mounted her.

I grinned widely while I began to massage Debra’s inner thighs.

I then pushed my cock inside of Debra and began to slowly pump my sex slave’s quickly lubricating pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Pound me good! I fucking HATE- er, LOVE having sex with you!” Debra cried.

“HAHAHA! Nice save Debra!” I cried out happily.

“Pump me daddy! Yeah... that’s right! Pump this cunt!” Debra yelled, twisting her face in revulsion as I spat on both her tits.

“You’re pussy is so nice... and it gets so slick...” I moaned as I stroked my cock inside Debra’s rapidly dampening vagina.

“You know it daddy! And it’s all yours! You own me now!” Debra screamed.

Debra and I then made direct eye contact. I stared straight into her soul. There was nothing but agony and hate left inside this woman. Beautiful.

“Stroke me daddy! Yes! Yes! Fuck the shit out of me! Yes!” Debra screamed as her tears began to fall.

“Fuck yeah, Debra! Sing it!” I cried with glee.

“Yes daddy! RAIL ME! I fucking love this! I love being fucked you!” Debra screamed loudly.

“Yeah bitch… I know you do…” I grunted.

“Yes! Keep it up daddy! Keep pounding me! Pound this cunt daddy! Pound your fat bitch! I love when daddy pounds me! I love being a sex slave!” Debra screamed.

“You’re an angel Debra...” I moaned as Debra’s pussy began clenching me.

“You like that, daddy?” Debra asked, trying unsuccessfully to suppress a sob.

Debra followed her missionary sex orders and clamped me with her fat thighs, sexily squeezing the hell out of me as she sensed my orgasm approaching.

Debra fought desperately with herself to hold back her additional, brutal sob, but failed.

She sobbed a third time when she heard my breaths becoming super short and quick. It was loud, horrible, and disgusting. That’s what made it perfect.

“Yes daddy! Cream me! Nut inside me! Yes daddy! Yes daddy! YES DADDY!” Debra screamed over her own sobbing.

While Debra acted as well as she could; her true emotions were obviously visible. She still needed a lot more work.

Debra’s tears continued to fall, and it began to mix with the blood on her face.

“YES BABY, YES! TAKE IT DEBBY!” I screamed as I began cumming inside of Debra.

I made sure every last drop went inside Debra’s chunky body before I dared to pull my cock out.

“I absolutely adore raw-dogging you, bitch!” I yelled.

As soon as Debra caught her breath, she slowly flipped around and got on all fours on the bed.

“Would… would you like my ass now too, daddy?” Debra asked.

After presenting her asshole to me, Debra was unable to prevent herself from breaking down completely.

I gave an exaggerated throat-clearing sound and pointed at my semi-hard penis.

Debra began excessively sobbing when she slowly reached behind herself and stroked my cock hard.

FUCK YEAH! Now this was more like it.

Was I really slowly breaking Debra? Could she really be broken? One could only hope.

“You want me to take your asshole, Debra?! Wow! Such a generous offer! Don’t mind if I do!”

I ran my fingers underneath Debra’s bloody nostrils and began smearing it all over my cock now that Debra had rehardened it.

“Are… Are you—” Debra started.

“Using the blood from your nose as lube for your ass rape? Yeah, I am! Doesn’t get much more evil than that, does it Debra?” I laughed.

Debra got completely silent. She had to think I was the literal devil himself.

“I’m not sure why you stopped begging, Debra. I really can’t seem to remember when I asked for you to stop.” I said sarcastically.

Debra swallowed and took a deep breath.

“That’s a great idea, daddy! Fuck me in my tight asshole with my own blood! I love… I love… I love… I… I CAN’T DO THIS!” Debra screamed.

“Failure to do any task for your master will not be tolerated.” I said sternly.

I dragged Debra off the mattress by her hair.

“WAIT!” Debra screamed.

I held Debra in place by keeping a tight grip on Debra’s red hair. I began repeatedly and excessively striking her face. My hands were getting fucked up because of Debra’s piercings. My fingers and knuckles were in a shit ton of pain, but it was worth it. Debra needed to learn.

I then threw Debra on the ground, kneeing her in the stomach on the way down.

I grabbed Debra by her hair again while she attempted to crawl away; and began punching her several more times.

“Lift up your head Debra.” I ordered.

I then kneed her in the face once again.

I felt my knee chip one of Debra’s teeth. So for those of you keeping track, that makes two.

Yeah, I know, I know; your protagonist is a fucking bastard. But I had to break Debra. I just had to!

“What do you want to do now, Debra?” I asked for an additional time after her beating.

“I… I want to have anal sex... while using my own blood as… as lube!” Debra sobbed.

I snapped my fingers and gave a quick, high-pitched whistle, while simeltaneously pointing to the bed as if Debra was a fucking dog.

Debra crawled onto her bed and shakily got on all fours.

“By the way, I’m no longer wasting time by giving you silly little orders anymore, bitch! You should already KNOW to clench your cheeks when you feel me cumming in your ass. I’m also removing the order for you to freeze for 20 seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I still want you to hold yourself still while you’re dripping, but I want you to consciously hold still for daddy, not to simply be frozen!” I yelled.

“Yes, daddy.”

“Oh, and another thing! No more trying to move away from me when I start cumming inside you! It was cute at first, but now that shit is getting annoying as fuck! You should be thrilled that an absolute god like me is pumping his cream into a fatty like you!”

“Understood, Master.”

“Mess anything up; and you will be beaten.”

“Understood, Master.” Debra said quietly as she tightly clenched her fists and began crying once more.

“Your form sucks, Debra. I suggest you bend over a little more for me, bitch!”

Debra bent over further, but she forgot to respond.

I roughly yanked her hair.

“OW!” Debra screamed.

I yanked again.

“OW! What is it, daddy!?!”

I yanked again.

“Just tell me what you fucking want!” Debra cried.

“You forgot to respond, cumdumpster.” I said smugly.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra blubbered, now aggressively crying.

I yanked again, as hard as I could.

“WHY!?!” Debra blubbered.

“Too much crying. I don’t give a fuck if you want to cry, I actually think it’s a little sexy. The problem is, it’s causing you to slur your words, Debby-bun. You have a beautiful voice, and I want to fucking hear it. Speak clearly for me; or you will be beaten again.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra blubbered again, even worse than before.

I gave a slow, loud, heavy sigh.

Debra watched with pure terror as I stood up from the bed and began wiping the blood off my knuckles with one of Debra’s towels.

“NO! NO MORE! NO MORE! I swear on my FUCKING LIFE that I’m trying! I really am! I’m trying so hard for you daddy! I just can’t stop crying!” Debra blubbered while shaking.

“It’s ok, Debra. I’m not mad at you. Sometimes people just need a lot of training. Requiring a lot of practice to be good at something is perfectly normal.” I said as I put the towel down and charged Debra at full speed.

“WAIT! NONONONO!” Debra screamed as I ran over to her.

I grabbed Debra’s hair with my non-dominant hand and held her in place while I beat the shit out of her.

Honestly, I was very sad. I was literally destroying Debra’s face, but it had to be done. I mean, Debra’s face would eventually heal. And any permanent scars that were left could be easily covered up with Debra’s super expensive make-up collection.

If I didn’t do this... if I didn’t train her properly... Debra would not become the optimal slave I wanted her to be. Debra was to serve me for the next decade, so she needed to be taught correctly very early on. Who cares about a couple months of face healing; compared to the years and years of ideal slavehood Debra would give me? I needed to break her. Debra had to be broken.

Debra’s septum, nose, and eyebrow piercings had all stratched and scraped the hell out of my knuckles and fingers whenever they made contact, but I pushed through the pain and kept going.

“No… more… please...” Debra groaned as I released her hair.

I again gave a snap with a quick, high-pitched whistle while pointing my finger at the bed.

Debra crawled back onto the bed. Blood began to drip from her face and then seep into the brand new mattress, ruining it.

“Wow, and you consensually fucked me for this bed!” I laughed.

I glanced at the stripper heels Debra was wearing as she got into position for anal sex.

“You also had consenual sex with me just for the priveldge of being able to wear 10 inch stripper heels for me! And now you’ll be stuck wearing them for the rest of your life! HAHAHA! You’re a fucking idiot, Debra!”

“Rest of my life? You mean, until I’m freed? Right daddy?” Debra asked.

“Nah. Your fat, chunky body is only acceptable in tight dresses and stripper heels, remember? You’ll always be in uniform. Even after I free you. Panties? Bras? Pants? Shoes? Never again. When you’re an 80 year-old woman, you’ll still be wearing stripper heels and tubeless dresses!” I laughed.

“What you’re doing... is so wrong.” Debra said in a cracked voice.

“I know, that’s part of what makes it so much fun! And now Debra, I request that you resume the begging of me to rape your ass.”

Who the hell needs orders anymore? Making Debra do it herself was so much more fun!

“What are you waiting for?! Fuck my ass daddy! I want you to pound my asshole! I need it!” Debra said convincingly.

Her voice acting was good, but her form was absolutely terrible. Her back was literally parallel with the mattress. I stared at her horrible crawling position and gave a heavy frown.

Oh my fucking god, this woman I enslaved was such an ametuer.

“Hey Debra, I suggest that you bend over a LOT further. You need to make sure that your belly and breasts are TOUCHING the mattress. Really give me that ass, Debra!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra dramatically lowered itself.

I watched in pure delight as I saw Debra’s asshole slightly open itself up for me.

“Remember to keep these strong butt muscles of yours completely loose Debra!” I yelled.

Debra held still as I began pushing my cock inside her ass.

“I appreciate the sheer strength of your booty muscles Debra, but don’t use your strength until it’s time!”

I grunted like an animal as I began to fuck her asshole.

Debra gave no resistance. She allowed my cock to slide past her ass cheeks and squeeze itself right inside her tight asshole.

“Yes Debra… your asshole is so tight…” I moaned.

“You like my ass, daddy? THEN FUCKING POUND IT! Pound it daddy!”

“Now you’re learning!” I yelled happily.

“Yes daddy! Drill my ass! DRILL IT! FUCKING DRILL IT!” Debra screamed.

“Yes Debra! You’re doing perfect! Excellent begging! Keep it up!” I yelled.

“I love this! Destroy my asshole daddy! You own this ass now!”

“You’re… you’re goddamn right!” I grunted.

“Take my ass! Ream your cock in me! Make it sore daddy, PLEASE!”

I grabbed Debra by her shoulders and plowed her tight ass even harder.


“Yes daddy! Cream my ass! Cream my ass! CREAM IT! NOW!” Debra screamed in a cracked voice.

Even someone as evil and dickish as me wasn’t going to beat Debra for that one. Her voice only cracked because she was trying with all her might to hold back another brutal sob. Feeling my cock begin to swell in her asshole had to be very emotionally taxing for this conservative mother.

“Yes… Yes… Oh god Debra… YES! YES!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs as Debra tightly clenched her ass cheeks.

Debra strained herself. She didn’t want me to not be satisfied and beat her again. She clenched herself, tightening her asshole and showing off the pure strength of her cheek muscles as I began to cum.

She remembered!

I was absolutely terrified that Debra wasn’t going to do it for me.

As I came inside Debra’s ass, I tightened my gripped Debra’s shoulders.

In fact, I gripped and twisted this poor woman’s shoulders so forcefully that I left huge indian burns on both of her shoulders as I filled her with butt-nut.

“Yeah… that’s right Debra... Ahhh you’re such a good little butt-slut…” I moaned as I creamed her ass.

“Yes. Yes I am, daddy.” Debra said quietly, wincing at the pain in her shoulders.

Debra knew that she was to continue to hold her cheeks tightly wedged like a vice as I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass.

“Yeah, bitch! You’re my personal human squeegee! I absolutely love how you just ring daddy dry!”

“Gl-Gl-Glad I could be of service, Master.”

I looked down at Debra once I was finished. Now that I had pulled my cock outside of her, Debra released all the tension in her butt muscles. At this point, she was currently holding herself perfectly still so I could observe my fresh semen leaking out of her. Wonderful.

“You did really good, slave.”

“Thanks, daddy.” Debra said softly.

“I really, really enjoyed plowing your ass. Now, would you like to cuddle with me while we nap together?” I asked Debra.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said quietly.

Debra closed her eyes and began to cry once more.

“Oh god…” Debra whispered, “Oh god…”

“I suggest that you go to the sink first and wash your face as best you can.” I said, eyeing Debra’s gross ass face.

She was bleeding a lot, mostly from her nose. And now she was even beginning to snot from her constant crying. Ew.

“Just a face-washing, daddy?” Debra asked.

“I know that you’re eager to hop in that shower, but I want cuddles. There’s no rush, babe. Just let your asshole be sticky! I know how much you love that.” I said with a wink.

“Understood, M-M-Master.” Debra said as she stood up.

Debra’s ass sexily jiggled as she clicked toward the basement staircase in her 10 inch stripper heels. She walked perfectly straight! Not a wobble in sight! Not even a hesitant step! Debra was definitely a fucking pro at walking in them now.

“You look so goddamn sexy, babe.” I sighed happily.

“Thanks, daddy.” Debra said, wiping her bloody nose with the back of her hand.

I eyed the two huge indian burns on Debra’s shoulders. Both her shoulders had nice bright red spots. I couldn’t believe that I gripped her shoulders THAT hard while cumming in her asshole! Debra was a natural.

I don’t think a single person on earth could blame this poor woman for being suicidal.

“I don’t even have the decency to let you see your children!” I yelled, before she got completely up the stairs, “You must REALLY enjoy being my sex slave, don’t you Ms. Debra?”

She stopped walking up the stairs and turned to look at me. Even from a distance I could see Debra’s throat visibly tighten. Her face got red and her eyes narrowed. Debra began breathing super hard, quick, and heavy while staring directly at me. Her hatred was palpable.

“I love... every... second... of it... Master.” Debra said through gritted teeth.

“Hurry up and wash your nasty-ass face, bitch. You have exactly one minute.” I spat.

I loved torturing Debra. She wasn’t even allowed to own a cellphone, contact her own children, or even control what she ate. I’ve stripped this woman of literally everything that made life worth living.

I wondered what else I could take away from Debra that could be important to her. Did this miserable woman even have anything left that I could take from her? I had to be forgetting something. Something obvious.

I hopped out of her blood and cumstained bed as soon as I heard the bathroom door close.

I went over to Debra’s purse. It was the exact same purse she was carrying the day I first enslaved her. Ah, memories.

I unzipped Debra’s large black purse and began rummaging through it.

Debra returned down the stairs just as I had finally found her diamond wedding ring that was hidden away at the bottom of her purse.

“NO! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!” Debra cried as she fell to the ground, crying.

I just laughed a cruel laugh.

“Can I please keep it, daddy?” Debra asked sadly.

“No fucking way! I hate the fact that you married John! Plus, I can get a lot of money out of this! This must be such an expensive ring! It appears that you’ve lost all of your negotiating powers at the worst possible time, huh Debby-bun?” I chuckled.

“Please! Please… daddy.“ Debra whispered.

“Maybe if the ISA materials weren’t so goddamn expensive, I would’ve thrown you a bone. You’re using your own womb to have babies for me, and your husband is supporting my very lifestyle! I CAN NOT stress enough how much I appreciate all that you’re doing for me, Debra. I WISH I could spare this ring, just to show you how grateful I am to have you as my sex slave. You’ve earned the right to keep your wedding ring in my opinion. Truly, you have. But unfortunately, I will be selling this ring and using the money for more ISA funding. You’re right, it’s not fair. I agree with you Debra.”

Debra quickly stood up and her eyes began blazing with pure hatred as I walked over to her. I grabbed the back of Debra’s head with both of my hands and pulled her to me.

“Brace yourself Debra. And open your mouth. I’m about to be really gross.” I mumbled.

I stuck my tongue deep inside Debra’s mouth, giving her a tremendously-long, ultra-gross, super-wet, super-sloppy, face-sucking.

Debra tried to pull away once she began to realize the full extent of how gross this was going to be, but I held the back of Debra’s head very tightly in place during our makeout session.

Debra repeatedly gave muffled grunts of revulsion and dissatisfaction. She was disgusted with how sloppy my kissing was. Her extreme disapproval would be obvious to even a blind man.

Luckily for both of our sakes, Debra was still smart enough to be an active participant. She actively tongue-wrestled with me inside her mouth and licked my tongue whenever I pushed it in her mouth.

Debra was mortified. I was making out with her like a goddamn animal. She whined and whimpered the entire time I sloppily made out with her.

My excess slobber began to seep from out of her mouth. Debra now had deep pools of drool all over her chin, neck, and breasts.

After about 14 straight minutes of the extra disgusting face-sucking with Debra, I finally broke it off.

Debra was visibly relieved that I was finally satisfied with her tongue work.

Debra rapidly gasped for air when she was finally allowed to break free.

“What the HELL was that?! That was DISGUSTING!” Debra screamed.

I grabbed the small hand towel from earlier and wiped myself off. I then handed it to Debra.

“Here, clean the drool off with this.” I said handing her the towel that was soaked in blood.

“Can I grab a fresh towel from upstairs, daddy?” Debra asked.

“Debra… I SUGGEST that you use this one..” I said coldly, showing her my knuckles.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said fearfully.

She quickly grabbed the used towel from me and used it to clean off the drool.

“Go grab a bed lining, a blanket, and two pillows from upstairs! RUN!” I ordered.

“Yes, daddy!” Debra said.

Debra quickly and effortlessly sprinted across the length of the entire basement, and then bolted up the stairs, skipping every other stair as she did so.

I let out an impressed whistle.

GODDAMN! Debra was fucking amazing in those heels! So graceful! She truly did deserve to be wearing those hell heels until the day that she died.

Debra quickly returned with the bed items, effortlessly running in her 10 inch abominations without a care in the world, or even a second thought.

Debra and I dressed the bed. While I immediately hopped in, Debra had to first take her stripper heels off.

I could see on Debra’s face the sheer relief she felt from finally being allowed to take the hell heels off. Just because she knew how to walk in them, didn’t mean that she liked to.

Once Debra removed her magnificent 10 inch stripper heels, she placed them neatly beside the bed. Once Debra got into bed with me, I snuggled with her.

“Chubby girls are great for cuddling! Chubby girls cuddle better than anyone.” I said happily.

“Yes, yes they do, daddy.”

“So Debra, now you are going to pillow talk with me. The rules of pillow talking are simple: You can’t be punished for what you say here. I promise that I won’t beat you for anything you admit, and I will never use anything that you say here against you. During pillow talks you have complete and total amnesty. The only condition is that you must tell me what you are thinking. I want to promote honest and open communication with you since I don’t allow you to talk with anyone else.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Now tell me, what would you do if you were to be freed right now?” I asked.

Debra’s eyes teared up at just the mere thought of having her freedom back.

“Well, the very first thing I would do is abort the baby you impregnated me with, obviously. And I definitely would move back in with John and reclaim our kids, of course. I would then go beg my old boss for my job back. Also, I would probably just wear some comfortable panties and sweatpants every single day for a very long time. I hate wearing these super tight dresses and stupid stripper heels all the goddamn time!” Debra cried.

“Oh yeah, I bet.” I chuckled.

“I would certainly get these two awful tattoos removed or covered up. God. I hate that you had the audacity to tattoo me! It was such a violation! It was so inconsiderate!” Debra screamed at me angrily.

“Yeah, I’m the best!” I laughed.

“And I wouldn’t wear tall heels ever again. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even wear small-sized heels ever again; at least not for a super long time. You’ve ruined them for me. Oh, and doggie style. I’d immediately tell my husband to never fuck me in that way ever again; you’ve ruined that for me too.”

I smiled.

“I simply love railing you from the back, Debra! Doggystyle is so much fun with you! That’s why I am always going to keep you fat, thick, and chunky. I’m going to use my mind control to make you become disgustingly big! I’m going to make you so fucking THICK Debra! Your fat body just jiggles so much while I pound you! I fucking love it!” I said happily.

Debra closed her eyes tightly.

“This isn’t right! YOU CAN’T JUST—” Debra started.

“I can’t just what?” I interrupted, grazing Debra’s cheek with my knuckles, “That’s not a complaint I’m hearing, is it?”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t beat me for what I say during these pillow talks!” Debra whined.

“That’s true, and I won’t. But I’ll still beat you if you complain about all the horrible things that I’m doing to you. Complaining is still against the rules, Debra. And I will still beat you for breaking the rules.”

“Understood, Master.”

“Pillow talks are simply a chance for you to come clean. They’re here so that you have a safe place to admit anything to me. During a pillow talk you can admit things that, if I were to find out on my own, you’d be severely punished for.”

“Oh... I see.” Debra said, darting her eyes back and forth, refusing to look me in the eyes.

“Debra… is there something you want to tell me?” I asked sternly.

Debra took a deep breath.

“Well... once you made me weigh myself and I found out you made me jump all the way up to a weight of 295... I secretly asked John to sneak some dumbbells into the house. I’ve been secretly working out all the time since then, trying my absolute hardest to lose weight.”

My fists tightened. And as soon Debra saw the enraged look on my face, she became immediately engrossed in terror.

“You mean to tell me that you tried to undo my work?! You tried to make yourself LESS JIGGLY for me!?! You worked to make your belly, ass, arms, and legs… RIPPLE LESS for me?! You attempted to make your body have LESS meat?! You tried to make yourself LESS chunky?!”

I separated myself from Debra’s cuddling body, removed the covers from both Debra and I, and stood up on my knees in the bed. I looked down at Debra who was still laying down. I raised my fist with absolute fury in my eyes.

“This is pillow talk! I’m coming clean! You-said-you-wouldn’t-beat-me! You-said-you-wouldn’t-beat-me! You-said-you-wouldn’t-beat-me! You-said-you-wouldn’t-beat-me!” Debra screamed as loud as the ISA allowed.

I slowly inhaled, mentally counted to ten, and swallowed my rage.

If I were to betray Debra’s trust now, that meant over the next decade, my word would end up meaning nothing to her.

“I may be evil, but I don’t go back on my word. Because you came clean, I won’t beat or punish you for this Debra, I promise.”

Debra breathed a sigh of relief.

“I can’t fucking believe this Debra! I didn’t choose to enslave your fat ass for nothing! You will never work out or attempt to lose weight through any kind of means, ever again!” I ordered.

“Understood, daddy. Thank you for not beating me. Thank you for keeping your word.” Debra said softly.

“Of course, my sweet cumdumpster! Now I suggest that you show your gratitude by putting your stripper heels back on. Then I suggest that you bend over the bed so I can doggie you.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said as she stood up.

I stroked my hard cock and hungrily watched Debra as she nervously put her hell heels back on.

“Is… is this a punishment, daddy? I thought you said I wouldn’t be punished.” Debra whined.

“This isn’t a punishment. I’m just having sex with you. Are you such a snooty bitch that you consider sex with me to be a punishment, Debra?”

“No. Of course I love having sex with you.” Debra grumbled as she bent over the bed.

I walked behind Debra and yanked her hair.

“I love having sex with you, daddy!” Debra yelled.

“One word, Debra. I want you to focus on one word. Jiggle.” I said as I roughly kicked Debra’s legs apart.

“I’m about to show you the reason why I got so upset. Someone like you... trying to lose some of your excess fat… it’s an ABOMINATION! I’m going to show you why I go out of my way to make you gain meat on your bones. Focus on the word Debra. Jiggle. Jiggle. Jiggle. Let yourself Jiggle Debra. I want your body shaking. It’s impossible for you to overdo it. There’s no such thing as too much.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I remember you saying that you’ve gotten really skilled at letting your body bounce for me to get me to nut quickly?”

“I have, daddy.”

“GREAT! Then do it! If you fail to satisfy me with sufficient jiggling; you will be—”

“I know!” Debra interrupted, shaking with anger, “Just fucking rape me and get this over with!”

I licked my lips as I began caressing Debra’s hips, thighs, lower back, and buttocks.

I slowly pushed my cock inside Debra’s vagina.

Sure, Debra wasn’t the tightest woman in the world, but her pussy lips and vaginal walls still gave me more than enough friction to make up for it.

I grabbed Debra’s hips and began fucking my sexy cumdumpster.

“Yes daddy! Make me jiggle!” Debra cried.

Debra’s tits, arms, ass cheeks, and stomach all began simultaneously bouncing as I pounded her from the back.

“See this fucking shit?!” I yelled, “THIS is what I want from you, bitch! I want THIS!”

“Debra loves to bounce! Debra loves to jiggle for daddy!” Debra screamed, trying her best to be as convincing as possible.

I loved the way Debra couldn’t prevent her body from bouncing with every single stroke. Debra’s large breasts and ass sexily wiggled and jiggled freely as I raped her over the new bed.

“Yes, daddy! Yes, daddy! Make your fat bitch bounce for you!” Debra cried.

“Jiggle for me baby! Jiggle for me baby! Jiggle for me baby! Jiggle for me baby! Jiggle for me baby! Jiggle for me baby!” I panted happily as I pounded Debra’s fat body.

I pushed my cock deep into Debra’s pussy when I felt it clenching me. I grasped Debra’s wide hips and moaned in pure ecstasy.

“Your body was made for this, Debra!” I screamed as I began filling Debra’s pussy with my semen.

“Yes, yes it was, daddy.” Debra said softly.

I collapsed onto the bed and stared up at Debra who was still bent over.

“I appreciate that you’re following instructions Debra, good job. But I don’t need to see my semen leaking out of your pussy right now. You can come lie back down in bed now.”

“You came inside me, daddy. Can I go clean first?” Debra asked.

I pointed to the used, drool and blood soaked towel.

“You can wipe your cunt with that if you want, but don’t touch your ass. Make sure that your asshole remains sticky and gross.”

Debra scrunched her face and quickly wiped her vagina with the towel. Then Debra returned to bed and removed stripper heels, placing them down neatly like she always does.

I snuggled up with Debra’s warm, naked body.

“Let’s take a little midday nap together, cumdumpster.” I said softly.

“Yes, daddy.”

I gave Debra a quick kiss on her lips. She didn’t kiss me back.

“I suggest you start kissing me back, Debra. If you don’t; you—”

“Will be beaten.” Debra said, finishing my sentence.

“That’s my girl…” I purred.

I gave Debra a kiss on the lips again. This time she kissed me back.

I began to grope Debra and then crawled on top of her. I kicked her legs apart, slid mine in between, rested my penis on her body.

“Your skin is so smooth, and your chubby body is so soft…” I purred, “I think I’m going to use you as my full-body human pillow from now on.”

Debra’s breasts, stomach, and chest quickly rose up and down and she began to cry herself to sleep while I slept on top of her large tits like a baby.

* * *

Debra and I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing.

I woke up on top of Debra. Debra’s smooth legs were tangled up with mine and her fat belly felt very soft and very warm on my chest and groin.

My cock got rock solid as I began to think about how this innocent, peaceful, conservative suburban mother had to let my semen dry inside her asshole... again. All while being used as a pillow by the likes of me.

Using Debra’s body in any way I wanted made me feel so goddamn dominant.

As soon as Debra woke up, the ISA automatically assumed control and began piloting Debra’s now-conscious body.

Debra could only watch with helpless eyes as she was turned into a puppet. She had absolutely no control. Her body immediately separated itself from my cuddling, stood itself up off the bed, and mechanically put on her black 10-inch stripper heels. Once the hell heels were placed back on her feet I could see Debra physically relieved to have control over herself again.

Debra’s body does that every single time she wakes up without her hell heels on, but she always seems to somehow be surprised by it. It seemed like she would never get used to having 0% control over her muscle functions. She always looks scared out of her mind, even if she knew that the total loss of her body control was only temporary.

“Do you enjoy it when I force you to sleep in bum-cum, Debby?” I asked, stretching my arms and rubbing my eyes awake.

“Of course, daddy.”

Debra’s face got much worse while we slept. Both her cheeks were swollen, her skin was starting to turn purple in various places, and I was pretty sure that within a couple weeks Debra would be developing an ugly black eye.

My phone was still ringing in my front jeans pocket. It had been discarded on the floor when I got naked helping Debra move downstairs this morning.

“What the hell are you waiting for?! Are you stupid?! Get my phone, bitch! And bend over and wiggle your ass while you do it.” I ordered.

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra bent over in front of me to dig my phone out of the jeans pocket. When she began to jiggle her ass for me, I reached over and gave her a few rapid ass-slaps to assist with her booty-jiggling because I’m such a helpful guy.

Debra handed me my ringing phone. It said ‘Slave #3’, which was Carly. Definitely not who I would’ve expected to be calling me. Then again, I had no real friends or family, so who the hell else would be calling me early-afternoon? (Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a total loser before all this.)

“Hey Carly, what’s up?”

“I need you here! RIGHT NOW! Come pick me up from class! Please!” Carly said, crying.

“Ok, Carly I’ll be there!”

I turned to Debra.

“Hair. Make-up. Clothes. You know how I like it. Cover your hideous face with as much make-up as you like. You’re allowed to shower as well. Just make sure you’re fuckable when I get back.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said.

I punched Debra square in the jaw.

“I’ll get dolled up you can rail me again! I want you to enjoy yourself as you pump me full your hot seed! This cunt and ass only exist so that you can pound them without mercy!” Debra said, holding back tears.

“How fucking hard was that?! Just speak sexily to me the first time! Next time I’m just beating your face in! You can do so much better, Debra. I’m getting really sick of your shit.”

“Understood, daddy! I’m nothing but your jiggly cumslut whore! I need to understand that my only role in life is to take your hot, creamy loads again and again and again.” Debra said, suppressing her obvious desire to cry in order to ensure that she spoke clearly.

I quickly got dressed in this morning’s discarded clothes that were on the floor beside Debra’s bed.

I then gave Debra a sloppy goodbye kiss, grabbed her keys from her purse, and flew out the door.