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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 13)

I sped down the highway in Debra’s car as I made my way to Carly’s college campus.

When I arrived at our usual pick-up spot, Carly’s face was red and her eyeliner was hideously ruined. As soon as I put the car in park, Carly quickly got into the passenger’s seat, not wanting any of her peers to see her in this state.

“Carly, what the hell happened!?!” I asked.

“I tried to have sex with my professor and now I’m pretty sure I’m getting kicked out of school!” Carly cried.

“What the hell, Carly!?!” I yelled in shock.

Carly grabbed some napkins from Debra’s glovebox and blew her nose.

“She… she always called me her favorite student! She was always being so overly nice to me! When I stayed after class today, she told me in private she was a lesbian. I thought that the reason she was telling me that was because... I just… I thought she wanted to… LISTEN! I need your help ok!?! You have got to help me!” Carly cried.

“What the fuck do you want ME to do?!” I asked.

“Enslave her! Please! If you make her a sex slave you can order her to not tell anyone what I did today!” Carly begged.

I tightened my grip on Debra’s foam steering wheel and let out a large exhale.

Did I want to expand my empire? Well yes, of course. But super reckless and rapid expansion was the exact type of thing that could lead to my demise!

“Please! Hurry! She’s probably about to report me right now! Her last class of the day just ended about 5 minutes ago. You have to get to her before she leaves her classroom!” Carly whined.

“These ISA’s don’t grow on trees ya know, Carly.” I said with a sigh.

“Please-please-please! I’m gonna get in sooo much trouble! I CAN’T get kicked out of college! Burnham Hall! Room 306! HURRY!”

“Goddamn it Carly…” I grumbled as I put Debra’s car in drive.

* * *

“Do you have any idea how quickly someone can type a fucking email?! GODDAMN IT, HURRY!” Carly screamed as she broke into a full-on sprint.

I picked up my speed and kept pace with Carly.

I would’ve beaten Debra to hell and back if she EVER barked demands to me like that. However, Carly was panicking at the moment, also, I had a very soft spot in my heart for her, so I let it slide.

Carly and I reached Room 306 and crouched down below the window of the door.

“So how are we going to do this?” Carly asked me in a loud whisper.

“HOW?! I don’t even know if I WANT to do this.” I replied.

“Come on! Don’t let me get kicked out of school!” Carly begged.

“Okay-okay fine! Sheesh. As for a plan, I don’t have one. This is, how you say, kind of short notice. We kind of just have to wing it. Just don’t let her have any clue as to what’s happening. As soon as we enter, you begin talking to her. While you fake-apologize, I’ll move in close to her and do my thing. Oh, and be sure to watch the door.”

“Got it.” Carly replied with a nod.

My heart rocketed in my chest as Carly quickly opened the door.

The professor looked up from her computer screen and stared at Carly with disgust in her eyes.

“Professor Jackson! I—” Carly started.

“Don’t start Carly! I knew you’d be back. Don’t even try to weasel out of this. I want you out. NOW.” Professor Jackson snapped.

“And who are you?” The professor asked, looking at me as I began approaching her desk.

“I’m Carly’s business partner. I’m here to do whatever is necessary to make sure she is not expelled from college. So, what do we need to do to make this problem go away?” I asked.

The professor rolled her eyes.

“I don’t want to hear it. I’m literally filing her Sexual Misconduct Report as we speak.”

The professor then turned away from me to stare at Carly once more.

“I’m very disgusted, as well as disappointed in you, Carly. You and your friend need to leave. Right. Now.” The annoyed professor said flatly.

“What if we bribed you? Can your silence be bought?” I asked.

“Are you actually being serious right now?! Get the hell out of my classroom! Both of you!” Jackson yelled.

Carly opened her mouth, but I quickly spoke instead, believing that my improvised plan was better than whatever Carly was thinking of saying.

“This is worth two-hundred-thousand dollars.” I said, revealing my emergency ISA to Professor Jackson.

Thank god it didn’t actually cost that much. I’d still be stalking Kimberly for at least another 10 years trying to save up money if that truly were the case.

The professor’s stern face instantly softened when she heard me say the made up number.

“What exactly is that thing?” She asked, studying the metallic device.

“It’s hard to explain, it’ll be quicker and easier if I show you myself.”

I put the ISA to the professor’s arm and used my hand to make sure it kept skin contact.

I caught a glimpse of Carly holding her breath at the doorway. She had a lot riding on this.

“Can’t you just tell me what it does? What’s it called? And why the hell is this small piece of junk worth two-hundred grand? Why are you placing it on my arm?” Jackson said.

“You’re asking way too many questions. Just sit back and let me show you.” I said calmly.

“It’s not doing anything.” She said after staring at the device on her arm for a few seconds.

“You just have to give it a second. It can display your thoughts in a visual medium to students and in presentations. Kind of like a projector or a smartboard for your mind. You can even write or draw anything you want telepathically. This is one of the first working prototypes and we’ve received licensing and funding from the government. So believe me, each one of these is worth a lot of money. Just let it boot up.” I said talking slowly, stalling.

After a few more additional seconds of waiting in silence, Carly’s professor looked me in the eyes and said, “Look I’m sure this thing is very cool and interesting, but it still doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I really don’t have time for this. I’m very busy and- WHAT THE HELL?! It just went under my skin!” The professor screamed.

“Calm down! Calm down! It’s supposed to do that.” I said, trying my best to quiet her down.

“I don’t care what this is, or how much it’s worth! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!” She screamed.

Carly and I both exchanged looks and cringed. She was being WAY too fucking loud.

“Quiet!” I hissed, “I’m going to remove it now ok?”

“Just tell me how to remove it! Stay away from me! Get back! Someone please come in here! HELP! HELP!” She yelled.

I tackled the small blonde woman to the ground.

“SOMEONE HEL—” The professor managed to scream before I covered her mouth again while she fought me.

“Don’t you dare let anyone through that door, Carly!” I yelled while wrestling the professor.

Despite being a small and skinny guy myself, the petite professor was so small, short, and light, that I was able to keep her mouth covered with one hand, even while I was wrestling her.

Carly’s professor managed to bite the hand that was covering her mouth. The feisty cunt pulled hard with her teeth in one swift motion and tore the skin on my hand, causing it to bleed.

“ARRGGGH! FUCKING BITCH!” I screamed in pain.

I punched her in the side of the head as hard as I could.

The small professor reeled from the hit. Just as I was beginning to feel confident however, she quickly flipped over, escaping my grip. As I quickly approached her, she lunged forward in one quick motion, and kneed me square in the balls.

I instinctively covered my groin with both hands and doubled over as I groaned in pain.

Jackson somersaulted away from me, leaving behind one of her pink flip flops in the process. She then bounced up from the ground and quickly ran away from me, smiling as she looked back and saw the immense pain I was in.

The professor ran straight past her desk and barreled straight towards the only exit, the door.

Carly lounged and tackled her. Then managed to cover her mouth before she could scream again.


Carly was always my favorite. But after that miracle save of hers, she now certainly was.

I was out of breath. But more importantly my testicles were in pain and my now-bleeding right hand hurt really badly.

Now that the ISA had finally connected to the professor’s brain, she just lied still on the ground.

“HELP!” She screamed again, now unable to move.

“You can no longer speak, professor.” I ordered quickly.

Carly and I both used the time to catch our breath and assess the situation.

“Fuck! She really made us work for it, huh?” Carly chuckled, attempting to lighten the mood.

“You can say that again! Jesus Christ!” I gasped, examining my bleeding hand.

“Hey bitch, going for the balls is not cool! You’re going to pay for that one!” I growled.

Carly then ran past the professor and I and sat at the professor’s computer chair. She happily deleted the half-finished Sexual Misconduct Report that was being written about her.

“Alright, I deleted it. Now let’s get the hell outta here.” Carly said.

“Stand up bitch.” I ordered, looking at the professor.

Carly sitting in the computer chair, and the professor lying on the ground, both robotically stood up in unison.

Carly and I looked at each other and exchanged a quick giggle.

“Well, that could be a problem! Yeah, I guess I just have to be specific about who I’m ordering around.” I said with a laugh.

“Professor, you must honestly answer any question I ask of you. You will never attempt to hurt me, Carly, yourself, or anyone else. You will never try to run away from me. You can never go to another location without my or Carly’s approval, and you will inform me of any loopholes you discover in your programming as soon as you discover them.” I ordered.

The cute professor stared at me with watery blue eyes.

She was a short, petite little thing. She had blonde curly hair, a super soft quiet voice, and was only about 5 feet tall. The small thing probably weighed less than 100 pounds.

“First things first, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Amanda.” She said robotically.

“Well Amanda, walk with Carly and I to the car.” I ordered Amanda.

“So what are we going to do with her now?” Carly asked me.

We? WE? Since when did this whole operation become a ‘we’ thing? I didn’t know. But I will say that I definitely loved where Carly was going with this.

I cocked an eyebrow toward Carly. She looked into my eyes and met my stare with a knowing, confident smirk.

“So let me get this straight. You wanted to have sex with this woman, but she harshly turned you down and then on top of that, almost reported you, right?” I asked Carly.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” Carly replied, as she closed the classroom door as the three of us exited.

“Interesting.” I said as the three of us walked down the hallway and made it to the stairs.

Carly looked into my eyes, guessing what I was thinking. She saw her opportunity, and went for it.

“Let me be your partner.” Carly said, turning her head, blatantly checking out Amanda’s small, shivering body, “I want her.”

I saw the hungriest look in Carly’s eyes. I recognized the type of excitement and insane rush of adrenaline that was going through her right now. I knew exactly the type of rush she was feeling.

It was the type of excitement you have when you realize that someone who was once a mere fantasy of yours, has the potential of not only becoming your sex object, but an actual slave that is yours to command. It was the exact type of hunger I had felt every single day during the two-year period I was stalking and masturbating to Kimberly.

I saw no downside. A partner would be nice. Besides, I’ve become drastically outnumbered at the house anyways.

“I’d love to have you as a member of the team, Carly.” I said with a smile.

“Oh my god, really?! Thank you SO much! I’m more excited than I’ve ever been in my entire life!” Carly squealed.

“As my partner in crime you will get quite a few perks. Hell, I’m excited FOR you. You now get to experience the thrill and dominance that the ISA lets someone have. And, just as a little welcoming present, this one is all yours. This slave completely belongs to you, Carly. You now get to use this woman’s to your heart’s content. But I want to watch you two cute girls go at it sometimes, of course.”

Carly’s eyes lit up. She immediately stuck one hand down Amanda’s pants and cupped her ass cheek. She then gave her left nipple a quick pinch through her shirt with the other. Carly then stared in Amanda’s eyes and flashed an evil, hungry grin.

“At least wait until we’re not in public, Carly!” I said with a chuckle.

Amanda’s eyes began watering and her lip quivered.

“You’re never allowed to cry in public.” I ordered quickly.

“I almost forgot that one.” I said to Carly with a chuckle.

Amanda began violently shaking her head as we left the building and made our way to the car.

We all got into Debra’s car, with Carly and Amanda getting in the backseat together.

Carly’s eyes narrowed as she looked her professor right in her scared, blue eyes.

“You almost got me kicked out of school. You utterly scared the shit out of me and your harsh rejection made me feel like such garbage. I really hope you enjoy eating lots of pussy and ass, bitch. I’m going to really enjoy this.” Carly said darkly.

* * *

As we left Carly’s campus, Carly displayed her obvious impatience. I looked back to see the eager girl’s hands already underneath Amanda’s clothes.

“Excited, huh?” I chuckled.

“Understatement of the century! God… I just can’t wait for my revenge.” Carky sighed happily.

Carly pinched Amanda’s nipple again.

Amanda whimpered and tried to squirm away.

“Do not resist Carly’s advances for the rest of the car ride, Amanda.” I ordered.

Carly just laughed and kept pinching and groping her. I still hadn’t given Amanda permission to speak yet.

I adjusted Debra’s rearview mirror so I could watch the show while I drove.

“What’s the matter bitch? Am I PINCHING your nipples too hard?” Carly yelled sadistically.

I looked back to see that Carly had freed Amanda’s breasts from her bra and shirt and was excessively pinching and pulling the tiny girl’s nipples.

“You don’t like your nipples being PINCHED? Do you want me to stop PINCHING them bitch?!” Carly yelled at her teacher.

Everytime Carly emphasized the word ‘pinch’ I could see how forcefully she tugged and pulled on Amanda’s poor nipples. Carly had long, black-painted fingernails and didn’t show the slightest bit of mercy or remorse. That HAD to hurt.

“Do you want me to stop PINCHING? Huh? Is that what you want?! Well I wanted you to not report me, so I guess we don’t always get what we want huh?” Carly said angrily.

“I kind of like PINCHING your nipples. They get so stiff when they’re PINCHED. I’m gonna make sure to get you nipple clamps so you can be PINCHED all the time.”

When we pulled up into the garage, Carly leaned in from the backseat to look at me in the driver’s seat.

“She will be living with me in my room from now on, right?” Carly asked with a huge grin.

“Of course! You two will be sharing a bed, or make her sleep outside for all I care. She’s yours to command. Forever.” I adjusted myself in the driver’s seat, awkwardly maneuvering my legs due to the hard-on that I had recieved from watching Carly torture Amanda’s nipples with pain.

Amanda began shaking her head.

Carly sarcastically mimicked Amanda by nodding hers.

We pulled into the garage. Carly opened the car door on Amanda’s side and roughly shoved her out of it, causing her to fall to the ground with a thud.

“Get moving, bitch!” Carly yelled.

Carly aggressively slapped Amanda’s ass as she stood up.

The three of us entered through the garage door.

“FRESH MEAT!” I yelled, as the 3 of us entered the house.

Kimberly was the first to see us. She was in the kitchen, already starting on making dinner. She made eye contact with Amanda and gave her a sympathetic look. Kim didn’t even seem to react to the fact that both her tits were exposed.

“You’re happy about this?” She asked confused, eyeing Carly’s cocky smile.

“Well, she should be,” I answered, “This one here? She’s Carly’s slave, not mine.”

Kim’s eyes widened with shock, realization, and pure hatred.

“You’re… you’re helping him?” Kimberly asked in disbelief.

Carly just nodded, still smiling. Then pinched Amanda’s exposed nipple again to further illustrate the point.

“Wow. You’re about the furthest thing from that sweet little nice girl I saw you as. I can’t believe I misjudged you so severely. Hiring you to work for me was the biggest mistake of my life.” Kim said.

“Nah, you opening your locked salon door to hand me my phone was the biggest mistake of your life.” I chuckled.

The silent Amanda looked at Kim and I, clearly confused.

“It’s a long story.” I said to the petite professor.

When the three of us entered Carly’s room she immediately began to get naked.

I watched Carly take off her yoga pants and slide out of her black panties. I was as hard as a brick. My head was immediately filled with the memories of pounding this skinny, dark-haired, college bitch and forcing her to have her pussy get filled up with my cum.

I mentally slapped myself across the face. Carly was the closest thing I had to a friend right now! She was now my partner in crime, not a slave. I shouldn’t be thinking about her in that way.

My only regret was not savoring the one time that I had sex with her. I knew I should’ve raped her more. I never would’ve thought my first time with her would end up being my only time.

“Amanda, you must follow anything Carly says that doesn’t go against my ground rules. In addition to following my rules, you will now also obey anything that Carly orders you to do.” I ordered.

Now that we weren’t in public, the tears began to freely fall down Amanda’s face.

“You can speak now, Amanda. But no screaming.” Carly ordered.

“Carly, please don’t do this to me!” Amanda begged.

Carly scoffed and slapped her professor across the face.

“You’re joking, right? Get naked. NOW.” Carly ordered.

Amanda began sniffling and crying like an infant as she stripped.

I walked to the empty corner of Carly’s room and sat on the stool that was there. I leaned against the wall and put my hands behind my head.

Carly walked over and opened her bottom drawer and shook her head in disappointment.

“We’re definitely going to have to go shopping later, slave. I wasn’t expecting to suddenly be gifted with a sex slave.” Carly said, winking at me, “My collection is pitiful.”

Carly sat down on her bed and spread her legs apart.

“Eat me, slave.” Carly ordered.

Amanda quietly shrieked as her body began walking towards Carly and plopped down on its knees.

“Is this about me reporting you? Can we just talk abo-mufl.”

Amanda got cut off as her body mechanically buried itself into Carly’s cunt.

“Yesss. Ah, fuuuuuck. God yes.” Carly moaned as she ran her fingers through Amanda’s curly blonde hair.

Amanda gave a muffled whimper as she ate Carly.

“Flick my clit with your tongue!” Carly ordered.

“OH FUCK!” Carly gasped.


“Fuck…” Carly whispered.


Carly clamped her thighs around the blonde’s head, tilted back and gave a loud moan.

“S-s-spin your tongue in circles around m-m-my…”

I guess Amanda had already started doing it, because Carly never finished giving her order, but had already began panting.

“Oh fuck. Yes! K-k-keep c-c-circling! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Carly cried.

Carly grit her teeth and gripped her professor with her other hand. She held Amanda’s head tightly with the full strength of both of her arms as Amanda struggled to come up for air.

“You deaf bitch!?! I said don’t s-s-stop! Ungh! Ungh! If you w-w-want air, then y-you better m-m-m-make me- I’M CUMMING!” Carly screamed.

“Ungh! Ungh! Yes, Amanda! YES!” Carly cried.

Carly released her grip on Amanda’s head.

Amanda fell back on the ground, and Carly leaned back onto her bed with her legs dangling off the bed.

Both girls lied on their backs and took rapid gasps of air.

Carly took several deep gulps from her red water bottle and then offered some to Amanda, but the teacher didn’t even acknowledge the gesture.

Carly shrugged.

“Suit yourself. Be biiter. We can make this as hard as it needs to be.” Carly said flatly.

Carly then got on all fours.

“Your tongue-work is stellar, Amanda. I’m really tired of kissing your ass for good grades. How about you get over here and eat mine.” Carly said.

Amanda began to cry and shook her head.

“EAT MY ASS!” Carly ordered.

Now beginning to sob, Amanda crawled over, licked her lips and planted her face inbetween Carly’s asscheeks.

Carly lowered herself to the ground, curving her back, allowing her ass to be easily eaten.

See? Everyone knows to do that! Debra’s just a fucking ametuer is all. But that’s ok.

“Yes bitch! I haven’t had my asshole eaten in forever! Eat it! Fuck! Fuck this so hot! Eat it!” Carly yelled.

I saw all I needed to see. I had more than enough sexy mental images burned into my mind and wasn’t sure if my new partner would be comfortable with me masturbating in front of her just yet. She’ll warm up eventually. Baby steps.

“Finger me while you eat my ass, slave!” Carly ordered.

I got up and headed to the door, smiling and nodding to Carly on the way out of her room.

“Thank you, thank you for everything.” Carly said, moaning and rolling her eyes in the back of her head as Amanda began pumping her cunt with two fingers.

“Don’t mention it. Partner.” I said with a smile.

* * *

Watching that skinny black-haired bitch just absolutely use her professor for her own pleasure made so goddamn horny.

I rushed down to the basement, excited to have an enslaved woman like Debra who I knew would always be there to empty my ballsack.

She truly was the perfect cumdumpster. Debra had large breasts, and a tongue that was soft, yet strong. She had a brutally-tight asshole, which coupled extremely well with her strong glute muscles. Not to mention she was blessed with an overlubricating pussy. As well as a body that jiggles while I have sex with her. To sweeten the pot, she came complete with involuntary vaginal clenching, as was an absolute joy to cum in.

I love the fact that I kidnapped this bitch from her family and now got to have sex with this suburban, angel-of-a-woman at any time at all! Which gave me an additional feeling of dominace that added to the joy of raping Debra even more!

A genius like me deserves nothing less.

As I began walking down the stairs I saw Debra sitting down on her bed. Debra had on red finger and toenail polish, and a matching red tubeless dress on. Debra had her hair worn down just the way I liked it, and her make-up done the way I had told her I preferred. She had light-blue eyeshadow and had shaved her eyebrows off just to draw them back on. They were in a dramatic, raised, angled design. A couple days ago I showed her the picture of the eyebrows I found on google. I told her that when she did make-up, she would draw her eyebrows exactly like those in order to please me. Debra was to draw them on her face perfectly; which she did.

Debra had told me that she didn’t like this particular look, but I think you readers can already guess just how many fucks I gave.

Luckily Debra was smart enough to lay her foundation on heavy. I told her to be fuckable when I got back, and thankfully, for both of our sakes, she was. She covered up the bruises and discolored skin very, very well.

The plus-sized mother was clearly suffering from a deep depression and was obviously bored out of her mind. She had no electronics, and I allowed her to have no hobbies. I told her that cumdumpsters had no need for hobbies, and their feelings of boredom are irrelevant.

Debra knew better than to even ask for anything.

A couple days ago, before she lived in the basement, when Debra asked if she could at least have a deck of cards, a notebook, or literally anything at all to pass the time with, I simply beat and raped her. I raped her missionary-style on the kitchen floor, and gave her a large hickey and she involuntairly milked me with her pussy. Then I made her give a heartfelt apology and a sloppy blowjob in order to beg for my forgiveness for her ignorance.

Why on earth should my cumdumpster be given anything, beyond the minimal requirements necessary to survive?

Cumdumpsters have one purpose in life, and that is -you guessed it- being a dumpster for cum.

The poor woman didn’t even have anyone to talk to. Well, besides her rapist of course.

I left Debra’s room a mess while raping and beating her and throwing her body around the room before Carly called me on my cellphone. Now, it was all completely cleaned up, and then some. The basement was now spotless as a result of Debra’s utter boredom. The cow was just sitting there on her bed, LITERALLY twiddling her thumbs!

“Oh, why hello my sweet cumdumpster!” I said to Debra as I walked down the basement stairs.

“Welcome home, daddy.” Debra said.

I displayed the angriest-looking face I possibly could.

“No! HELL NO,” I screamed angrily, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

I charged down the stairs, raised my fist, and ran straight at Debra.

Debra hopped off the bed and fell to her knees.

“Welcome home, daddy! Your cumslut whore has been waiting for you all day! Please fill up this jiggly-bitch with another helping of warm seed! Your fat sex toy needs your penis! Cumdumpster needs to be bred! Please breed me more, daddy! Breed my holes! BREED ME! Please!” Debra screamed, freeing her tits from her comically small dress and cupping her breasts.

“Absolute LAST warning, bitch. I mean it.” I warned, lowering my fist.

“Yes daddy! You’ve trained me well! Let me show you how well I can take a brutal cock-pounding! I only exist to serve you, Master!”

I snapped my fingers and whistled while pointing at the bed she had just sprung off of.

Debra quickly hopped off the floor and crawled back onto her bed, not bothering to even attempt to conceal her large breasts that were now bouncing free.

I can’t believe Debra spent many years wearing bras and panties before becoming enslaved by me. What a horrid injustice!

“Which of my holes are you in the mood to plant your seed in today, Master? Do you want to plant your seed in my moist, clenching pussy? Or would you rather plant seed in my nice, tight asshole?” Debra said, shivering as the words exited her mouth.

“You’re improving, Debra.” I said calmly, disguising how ecstatic I truly was at this revelation.

“I’ll serve you until you have the mercy to free me, daddy! Until then, whatever you desire, is exactly what my body will give! I’m here to be fucked by you, and to take your loads! I am at your service, Master.” Debra said, sounding sincere; although she was clenching her fists as she spoke.

Now, THIS is more like it! I could get used to this.

“Oh, my sweet little cum-receptacle, let’s see… I’m in the mood for doing some... BUTT-STUFF today! Now, would you be so kind as to let me inside that tight ass of yours?”

“Why of course, daddy.”

Debra reached for the bottle of lube that was sitting on her dresser beside the bed. She opened the cap and began pouring some into her first 3 fingers. However, when I saw the large amount that she was pouring in her fingers, I angrily snatched the bottle from her. Debra’s eyes became watery as she watched in horror as I poured a very tiny amount into just my first finger.

Debra turned around and presented her ass to me without a hint or cue.

I then slowly rubbed my very conservatively-lubed finger in circles inside her asshole. As I did so, Debra quickly wiped off her hand with her lubed fingers on her blanket, while using her dry hand to reach backwards behind herself to slowly jerk my cock hard, again without hint or cue.

I was extremely happy that she was doing all this automatically. I briefly thought about giving her a small reward for all of that, but decided against it. That’s what she was SUPPOSED to do. These types of automatic actions are what a slave owner like me should be EXPECTING. I shouldn’t reward her for doing the basics, I didn’t want to send the wrong kind of message.

Once I withdrew my finger from her asshole, Debra stopped jerking me.

Debra brought her arm back in front of her, and was in a horrible crawling position, again. But just before I said anything, Debra remembered. She dramatically lowered herself, and even perked her ass up for me more than normal. She was learning.

“Pound my ass, daddy!” Debra yelled.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! FUCK YES! I knew it was correct to train Debra so harshly!

I slapped Debra’s right ass cheek as hard as I could. I then lined myself up and pushed into Debra’s asshole. I wasted no time at all, and instantly began pounding away.

“Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Urmph!” Debra grunted as I forced myself deep inside her and had my way with her tight asshole.

Hearing Debra’s grunts as I pounded her ass was a heavenly sound.

“Yeah bitch…” I moaned.

“Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Urmph!” Debra grunted.

I yanked Debra’s hair. She knew what she was doing wrong.

“Yes, daddy! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Pound my ass! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Yeah! Urmph! Pound it!” Debra cried.

Much better.

I paid good money for this constant access to her body, so she had better be using that sexy voice of hers to beg as well. (Debra was actually a huge profit, but that doesn’t mean she gets any liencey at all during sex. HA!)

I reached for Debra’s shoulders and tightly gripped them. I began plowing Debra’s rear with even more force.

“Yes! Urmph! Pound me! Urmph! Fuck-yes! Urmph! Pound it daddy! Urmph! Pound my ass! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Pound it!” Debra cried.

“Yes Debra… Oh god yes...” I moaned, “I’m so glad I enslaved you!”

“Pound me! Urmph! Yes! Urmph! Yes-daddy! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Yes! Urmph! Pound my ass! Urmph! YES! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! Pound it!”

“Be more creative Debra! Open that thesaurus!”

Listening to Debra grunting and wheezing in response to her anal-assault? I could do that all day! However, I didn’t want to just hear the bitch say ‘pound it’ on a repeated loop forever. (Not that I minded hearing her demand to be pounded!)

“Ream my ass! Urmph! Fuck me! Urmph! Yeah-daddy! Urmph! Drill me! Urmph! Yeah-daddy! Urmph! Rail me! Urmph! Yeah-daddy! Urmph! More! Urmph! Piston this ass! Urmph! Yeah-daddy! Urmph! I love this!”

I could listen to Debra grunt all day long. I wanted to make it my ringtone.

I moved my hands from Debra’s shoulders and grabbed her around her waist while I ass-fucked her.

“Yes-daddy! URMPH! Pound me! URMPH! Ow!”

Debra began crying.

“Daddy! URMPH! It hurts! URMPH! It hurts! URMPH! Daddy stop! URMPH! Please stop! URMPH! At least slow down!”

“What the hell are you doing!?!” I roared in anger, “Less whining, more begging!”

I stared down at Debra’s body as I pounded her. Debra had planted her face in her pillow, but left her head tilted slightly so the pillow wouldn’t smoother her mouth. Debra knew how angry I’d get if I didn’t hear her speaking clearly.

I knew what Debra’s cheeks were capable of, which is why it was so nice to feel the complete lack of tension in Debra’s ass. She knew to keep her glutes relaxed so I could easily ass-pound her. Debra’s relaxed glutes was just another form of her complete submission to me, which I of course found sexy. She and I both knew she had immense glute strength, but she had to keep herself completely relaxed and submit to the penetrating cock that caused her so much pain!

It was nice to know that she had to resist the urge to fight my intruding cock by using her powerfully strong cheek muscles. I knew she must’ve wanted to clench them more than anything. I could easily just order her not to clench her cheeks, but it’s more fun to simply threaten her with punishment instead. This way, I know that she has to fight against her natural impulses to clench and allow my cock to roughly penetrate her.

Debra held her body in an elevated position, and kept her legs, hips, and back very firm so that I could easily continue drilling her elevated asshole. I loved knowing that this suburban mother had never been in these types of sexual positions before she met me.

“Drill me! Urmph! Pound my asshole! Urmph! Pound it good! Urmph! Drill it daddy! Urmph! Rape my asshole! Urmph! Yes, rape it daddy! Urmph! Pump me good! Urmph! Yes-daddy!”

I especially loved knowing that Debra had never given her asshole to any other man. I owned Debra’s ass. Well, I mean, I owned all of Debra, of course. But I had a special feeling of ownership over Debra’s tight asshole. She had never experienced anyone inside her asshole prior to me, and due to my mind control, I know that even if I were to die tomorrow, she never would experience anyone else in the future. That meant that I was 100% responsible for shaping the entirty of this woman’s anal experiences. I, and I alone got to soley determine how Debra experienced anal sex.

“Beg for more! Convince me you love this!” I screamed.

“More! URMPH! Give me your cock! URMPH!”

Not good enough. I KNEW she could do better. It was just about finding a way to unlock her true potential.

“Convince me right now, or I’m getting you another tattoo!” I screamed.

Debra took a very slow, deep breath and quickly prepared her lines.

‘Come on, Debra.’ I mentally willed, ‘I know you can do it. I KNOW you can! I believe in you, Debra! Make daddy proud!’

“Pound-my-mother-fucking-ass! Urmph! Fucking pound it! Urmph! Pound it harder! Urmph! Pound it harder! Urmph! HARDER! Urmph! HARDER! Urmph! GOD-DAMMIT-HARDER! Urmph! I SAID HARDER! Urmph! I SAID HARDER! URMPH! I-FUCKING-SAID-HARDER! URMPH! Yes! URMPH! Yes! URMPH! POUND IT! URMPH! YES-DADDY!”

I let out a high-pitched moan.

“YES! Cream it! Cream my ass! Yes! Plant your seed in me!”

I always loved when Debra got to take my cream.

“Ah-yes! I can feel it! I can really feel it! Oh daddy, I can feel you creaming me! Yes daddy… Yes daddy… Yes daddy… Yes daddy… Yes daddy… Yes daddy...” Debra moaned, finally using the full strength of her clenching ass-cheeks that she had resisted the urge to use for so long..

Debra began sobbing after I finished cumming in her.

I pulled out slowly, savoring the squeegee effect I’ve become accustomed to. It was the cherry on top.

She balled her hands into fists and shivered in disgust as she felt completely pull my cock out of her ass.

“Boy, I sure do love tenderizing your meat, Debra!” I said with a laugh.

Debra turned her head around to look at me, still keeping her body still, and her ass elevated.

She held her body still, as I requested her to do after sex.

“I HOPE GOD LETS ME WATCH SATAN TORTURE YOU!” Debra screamed as she stared at me with teary, hate-filled, puffy, red eyes.

Debra kept her ass in the air, holding still so that I could observe my semen leaking from her body.

Good news and bad news.

The bad news? I couldn’t really see my cum leaking out of Debra.

The good news? The reason I couldn’t see it, was because I came deep in her rectum and her elevated ass was angled upwards. So even though I couldn’t see most of it, I knew that Debra could feel almost all of it inside of her.

“Fuck Debra… that was amazing!” I said staring at Debra’s freshly fucked asshole.

“Why…” Debra sobbed, “If I told you that I was hurting… and you knew I was in pain… and that you were hurting me… why did you keep going?! Why!?!”

“Because it felt good to me still! Your feelings mean nothing, remember? I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this, Debra.”

“It hurts… my ass hurts so bad... so fucking bad.” Debra sobbed.

“I don’t remember asking.” I said heartlessly.

I wasn’t keeping track, but I guess Debra had hit her time. She moved from her awkward, yet sexy, anal-sex position, lowered her elevated ass, and sat on the bed next to me.

“You aren’t really going to keep this up for years, are you daddy?” Debra asked quietly.

Before I answered her question, I pointed to my spent cock in my lap. Debra reached over and began giving it a slow, steady stroking.

“What, did it not sound like I was being serious to you or something?! Have I ever given you a reason to believe I was kidding?! Does that EVEN sound like the sort of thing that ANYONE would ever joke about?!” I asked.

“No, no it doesn’t daddy.” Debra replied sadly while stroking my cock.

“God, you’re such a stupid bitch!” I yelled, turning slightly and slapping her across the face.

Debra let go of my cock as she rebounded from the slap. She hastily gripped it again and continued to stroke my cock. I was almost fully erect again by this point, but Debra knew to keep stroking until I said otherwise.

I then realized Debra never responded to my stupid bitch comment. I yanked her hair.

“OW!” Debra yelped, “Yes daddy?”

I yanked again.

“I’ll do anything. Just stop yanking my hair, daddy. Please.” Debra begged.

“Follow instructions and I won’t have to.” I said with another yank.

“URMPH! Did I do something to displease you, daddy?” Debra asked with a wavering voice.

“Yes.” I said smugly with another yank.

“Please tell me what I did, daddy.” Debra begged, now crying again.

“You didn’t respond when I called you a ‘stupid bitch’ and slapped you.”

Debra rolled her eyes. Admittedly, I was being unreasonably difficult.

“Yes, I’m a stupid bitch, daddy.” Debra said with an obvious rising anger in her voice.

“You can hit the showers now Debra. Oh, and great anal work today!”

“Thanks, daddy.”

She began to slowly roll off the bed, wincing at the pain in her ass.

Debra began slowly walking to the bathroom. While she was slowly walking, she took short, staggered steps.

Wow. I had just fucked Debra’s asshole so hard that I made her walk funny. The level of dominance that Debra manages to make me feel over her is absolutely insane!

“Wait Debra, come back to the bed.” I ordered as soon as she got to the basement bathroom door at the other end of the room.

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said with a heavy sigh, and started her slow, painful, yet amazingly sexy walk back to her bed.

I waited until Debra made her way back to me, as soon as she did, I spoke again.

“Actually, you know what, you’ve suffered enough. I put you through hell, and I know how much you love to shower after I dump a nice batch of cum in you. Especially when it’s in your ass. You can go clean now.” I said.

“Thanks, daddy.” Debra slowly turned around and resumed her sexy, pain-stricken walk.

I suppressed a chuckle as Debra turned away from me, painfully stepping while wearing her stripper heels.

“Actually, you know what? The way you screamed at me to drill you harder and harder and harder? That was so sexy and I want more. Get back over here, bitch.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Now Debra was gritting her teeth. She was in so much pain from walking. Debra clutched her left ass-cheek with her left hand while she walked. I really tenderized her meat. And apparently I tenderized it very, very well.

As soon as Debra approached me I looked her in the eyes and smiled.

“Actually—” I started.

“STOP!” Debra yelled, watching me jerk my cock, “Does making me walk back and forth with a severely hurt asshole somehow turn you on?! You’re such a fucking monster!”

I quickly stood up from the bed. I snapped and whistled and pointed to the spot on the ground by my feet.

Debra quickly ran over, got on her knees, and dropped on the floor like the trained animal she was.

“Well Debra, if you don’t want me to jerk off while watching you walk with your tenderized asshole, how about I just pound it again instead! That sounds like fun, huh?! You can scream for me to go harder and harder and harder, and, I will. How do you feel about that, bitch?”

“No, I’m not doing that. Ever again. I can’t believe you made me scream to pound my ass harder while I was ALREADY in agonizing pain. You’re going to have to get that robot voice to do it for you, cause I’m not doing it!” Debra yelled.

I raised my fist.

“What the fuck did you just say to me, bitch?!” I roared.

“You heard me! I said—” Debra started.

I sucker punched Debra with my full strength, sending her sprawling back on the basement floor.

Debra just chuckled. Definitely not the response I was expecting.

“You wanted to break me?! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m broken. Beat me to a pulp. Beat me to near death! Tattoo swastikas on me from head to toe! I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! I’m not doing that ever again! You can force me to do whatever. But you are NOT just going to keep using my consensual real voice to have me beg, just so that you receive additional, heightened pleasure at my expense. FUCK. YOU!” Debra screamed.

I narrowed my eyes.

I paused, and considered my words. Then a lightbulb went off in my head.

“Everytime you get an idea of something that you think that I will like, you will do it. No matter what it is.” I ordered.

Debra thought for a second.

“Wait, so even if I think of something crazy or stupid, I have to act on those thoughts?” Debra asked.

“If your brain believes that I would enjoy said action, then yes.” I answered.

Debra looked terrified. If she had a nightmare or even a random daydream at any point, and her brain figured that I might actually enjoy it, then she would have to do it.

“Wait a second. I don’t fully understand. What if I—” Debra started.

“If you don’t want this new order to be a problem, that’s easy! Just don’t think about any actions that I would actually enjoy you doing, Debra.” I interrupted.

I laughed, knowing that if you specifically tell someone not to think about a certain thing, then that’s exactly what they’ll do; whether they want to or not.

Debra then immediately crawled onto her bed. She then perked up and wiggled her ass.

I guess Debra’s brain figured that offering her asshole for another anal-pounding is something that I might like. Unfortunately for her, she was dead right.

“Oh, and the new order applies to speech as well! You will now say whatever you think I would like to hear you say as well.”

“Hey daddy! Do you want a round 2?!” Debra asked in a higher than normal tone.

“Hey, don’t mind if I do!” I said, happily approaching Debra.

“Yay! This jiggly-wiggly cumslut loves serving you, daddy!” Debra yelled, immediately following the new order.

Wait, if Debra was being forced to say all these things, why wasn’t she using her robot voice?

The answer hit me as soon as I formed the question.

Debra was ordered to do and say what she thought would be pleasing to ME. Inside Debra’s brain she knew I wanted to hear her real voice, and so that’s what she used.

I found the ultimate cheat code!

I reached for the bottle of lube on Debra’s dresser, but Debra then dramatically jumped in front of me and smacked it off the dresser.

The bottle of lube flew across the basement.

Debra’s eyes widened, staring at her own hand in shock.

Debra’s lips vibrated as she fought against the ISA controlling her mouth.

“Lube? LUBE?! Don’t be silly, daddy!”

Debra got on her knees and grasped my cock.

“I’ll slick you up, daddy! Then, you can have round two in this tight ass.” Debra said seductively, her eyes welling up with tears as her mouth betrayed her with its words.

She knew all too well where my cock had just been, and on top of that, she would then have to be brutally ass-pounded again.

To make matters worse, Debra had the knowledge that I wasn’t even going to make her suck me this time! In fact, I was in the process of reaching for the bottle of lube!

But this new order? It made her do it.

Now she was about to give a blowjob that she didn’t even owe me.

“Kill me.” Debra gasped right before her body greedily engulfed my cock.

* * *

“Come on Carly! I know you’ve got this!” I yelled, spectating from the street.

After 3 successful attempts in a row, Carly ruined the streak by smacking a cone. I walked over to reset it while Carly dove back into the starting position.

“Yeah, that was just a little hiccup, but I know I’ve got this license in the bag!” Carly said from the driver’s seat of Debra’s car.

Carly blew through the written portion of the a week ago. She cheated her ass off. She passed the neighborhood and street driving sections too, but failed on the cones. That forced her to wait another week to retake it. Now, all that separated Carly from her license was these damn cones.

After a few more hours of practice, Carly had about a 75% success rate with the cones. I guess that’s about as good as we could’ve hoped for at this point.

Carly and I drove down to the DMV and waited on the chairs. It was super crowded and very loud.

“Number 27!” I heard one of the middle-aged women call out.

I glanced at Carly’s ticket number. Ticket 48. I groaned.

I seemed super out-of-place. It was just a bunch of 16 year olds taking their license test. I looked more like some of the parents here than the teenagers. Ugh.

“I can’t believe I have to wait at a goddamn DMV the same day I just got my brand new slave!” Carly pouted.

I chuckled.

“You’ll have years to explore every inch of her, don’t worry Carly.”

“I’m really nervous. I can’t believe I failed the first time. Fuck those cones!” Caly said.

“Hey don’t stress about it! Almost everyone I know fails the test at least once. Plus you’ve already passed everything else. You’re already 2/3rds of the way there!” I said, trying to reassure her.

Carly looked up at me.

“You know, you could’ve just had Kim take me, or Amanda, or even Debra. But you helped me practice and even came here to support me. I really appreciate all that you’re doing for me. We’re both terrible, evil people. So I guess we’re in this together. We’re all eachother has. We’ll see this crazy emperiment through to the end.” Carly said, smiling.

“You got that right.” I said.

“Number 28!”

Carly and I both glanced at her ticket again and simultaneously sighed.

After about an hour of additional waiting they finally called Carly’s number.

I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw baby pictures from two different people.

I smiled to myself as I realized that I knocked up Kim and Deb at around the same times.

I jerked in surprise when I heard Carly yelling.

“I passed! I fucking passed!” Carly screamed, handing me her review paper while jumping up and down, causing about a dozen heads to turn.

It took about another hour to get Carly’s license made. I couldn’t have been happier to finally walk out of there.

As soon as we got back inside Debra’s car, Carly took a picture of her new license with her phone and was almost certainly posting about it on social media.

“Being the one in my friend group without a license was honestly embarrassing. I STILL wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for you, thank you.Thank you so much.” Carly said sweetly.

A wave of guilt flushed me.

“Don’t thank me, Carly.” I said a little sadly, remembering how Carly cried and sobbed while I raped her.

Why was I just now capable of feeling empathy for Carly, but not the slightest bit for Kim or Deb?

With the first part of her sentence, Carly seemingly answered the question for me.

“Because I’m your partner now,” Carly said looking me in the eyes, “That makes me just as morally bankrupt as you. I truly forgive you for what you did to me. If we’re being honest here, after give me a place to crash-rent free, no bills, helping me get my license, bailing me out of a Sexual Misconduct Report, and giving me my own sex slave… I’d say you’ve paid me back for raping me. Ten-fold.”

Carly and I drove and we spoke about a few different things.

We talked about new rules we could introduce to the slaves, but I didn’t tell her about the most recent rule I placed in Debra’s head. I wanted Carly to be able to do a little experimenting on her own first before I gave her the idea for an order so strong.

We talked about things we can do, organization in the house, ways to get more money, potential new slaves, etc.

I got to talk with Carly as a true friend, despite being older than her. I hadn’t gotten to talk to someone like this in years.

I know that I’m a sad, lonely, pathetic fuck. But I truly feel that ever since this project started, I’m becoming less of one every single day.

When we got back to the house Carly looked at me and said, “I’ll take the car. Now that I can drive, I’m going to the sex shop downtown. I have a few things I want to buy.”

I laughed and shook my head.

“You’re such a rookie, Carly! We slave-owners don’t have to spend OUR own money anymore! Just go take your sex slave’s debit card to pay for the all things that you want to buy!” i said with a chuckle.

Carly slapped her forehead.

“Oh right! DUH!” She laughed.

Knowing that Carly would be immediately driving the car again soon, I didn’t bother bringing the car into the garage and left it parked on the street.

Carly and I parted ways in the hallway, I was to continue down the length and go downstairs with my new-and-improved Debra, and she was to go into her room to have fun with hers. Well, after she took Amanda’s debit card and bought her new sex toys, of course.

“Have fun down there!” Carly said with a wink, “Sometimes my slave and I can hear you down there… and it’s AWESOME! I hate Debra so much! I LOVE what you’re doing, and the pain you’re causing her! Keep pounding her ass… HARD!”

I felt another small wave of guilt as I wanted to admit to Carly that Debra wasn’t the bitch she thought of her as. That I had purposely been manipulating the situation to get them to fight, because at the time it’s what I needed to consolidate control.

Now that I’ve gotten all the loopholes and kinks ironed out, it wasn’t needed anymore. Divide and conquer isn’t really needed if they’re already conquered.

That poor woman is only hated by Carly and Kim because her bitchy attitude was a side effect of the weight-conscious girl practically starving herself.

Should I tell Carly the truth?

I internally smiled to myself. Nah, that’ll be my little secret. Cumdumpsters don’t get friends, or even sister-slaves.

“Oh I will, don’t you worry Carly! Debra is SUCH a bitch, am I right?! We all know that she fucking deserves this!” I exclaimed.

God, I’m such a filthy liar, but what Carly didn’t know won’t hurt her. And it would certainly be beneficial if Carly’s heart stayed hardened towards my main sex slave. I really liked her new role and wanted her to stay my partner.

It certainly gave her more purpose in the house than her previous role of just being a little mouse that stole my food and made occasional snarky comments.

“Oh and just keep Debra’s car, it’s yours now Carly!” I said loudly, ensuring Debra heard me from downstairs, “Debra doesn’t work so she has no reason to drive. John will be getting me a new car soon anyways, so I’ll just drive my old one for now.”

“Oh my god really!?! THANK-YOU-THANK-YOU-THANK-YOU!” Carly squealed.

I smiled. Now I was certain that Carly’s loyalty was secured.

* * *

When I made my way downstairs, I saw Debra standing on top of her dresser. The bitch had a rope tied around her neck, and the other end tied to the metal light fixture on the basement ceiling.

It was the same rope that Kim tried to hang herself with when all this first started. Wow, what a strange story that piece of rope had to tell.

Debra had tears of frustration in her eyes and sweat dotting her forehead as her legs viciously wobbled on the dresser as she resisted the ISA inside her brainstem with all her might. Yeah, the ISA may have allowed her to set all of this up and climb on top of the dresser; but no way in hell it was just going to allow her to jump from it and hang herself. It didn’t matter how strong of a fighter Debra was, or how strong of a resistance she could muster, it wasn’t going to happen.

“Awwww! You don’t like being my enthusiastic, devoted, sex slave, Debby-bun?” I asked in a high-pitched, mocking tone.

“I’d rather spend eternity in a coffin… then to be taken against my will by your rapist cock for one more day! I can’t live like this!” Debra cried out, “I’d rather not live at all!”

“Stop resisting the ISA, Debra. It’s pointless. I’m going to cream your fat body for years and years. I can even use my mind control to make sure that YOU are the one begging me to do it! AHAHA!” I laughed.

I abruptly cut off my laughter and narrowed my eyes.

“Quit fucking around! I’ve got more of your ass to pound! Now hop down from there.” I ordered.

A wicked smile appeared on Debra’s face as she took advantage of my horrible choice of words. She immediately jumped off her dresser and hung herself.

I screamed out in terror, and frantically looked for something to cut the rope with. Luckily after a few seconds, the light fixture ended up giving way, and broke off the ceiling. Debra groaned on the ground, partly from the fall, and partly from the fixture had smacked her in the head on its way down.

I burst out with laughter.

“Holy shit! Oh fuck! Good-god! That was fucking hilarious, Debra!” I laughed.

“So close… so fucking close!” Debra cried on the ground, “A girl from my highschool hung herself the same way! That should’ve worked!”

“Yeah, but how much did that girl at your school weigh?” I asked with a chuckle.

Debra’s face tightened with embarrassment. I walked over and untied the rope off from around Debra’s neck.

“I’m sorry it has to be this way, Debra. I need your heart of yours to stay pumpin’ baby! You can’t suck me off, squeeze my cock with your strong ass-cheeks, or milk me with your over-lubricating pussy if you’re a corpse. Nothing personal, just business. You understand, right?”

“Y-y-yes, daddy.” Debra said, lying on the ground and quivering her lips.

“Playtime’s over. You have a job to do. This new order of yours is fucking AMAZING, and it’s making you a MUCH better slave. Who would’ve guessed that your OWN mind would be your worst enemy! Do whatever you think I’d like for you to do most. THINK Debra, THINK!” I said, leaning over Debra, testing out the new order.

Debra tightened her eyes and began mumbling to herself.

“Don’t let him use your own brain against you, Debra.” She mumbled to herself.

“Don’t think about it. Think about math, Debra.” She mumbled to herself out loud, “One-squared is one. Two-squared is four. Three-squared is nine. Four-squared is—”

“I want to pound you Debra!” I yelled loudly into her ear, “Help me pound you! Think about what I would like! Think about our sex! Think about our sex! THINK. SEX. THINK. SEX.”

Debra immediately stood up, ran over to the dresser and bent over.

“What the hell are you doing over there, daddy?! Get over here! Come pound my ass!” Debra yelled.

Debra covered her own mouth, but her head turned away from her hand and faced towards me.

“Hey daddy, I have a little surprise for you! My asshole is now swollen from our playtime earlier! Do you know what that means, daddy?! It means my already-tight asshole will be EVEN TIGHTER! Come on, fuck me in the ass some more, daddy! I want you to see for yourself! It’s soooo tight and swollen!” Debra yelled.

Debra rapidly punched the side of her dresser in anger from what the new orders of the ISA had just forced her to say.

“Oh my god, please remove this order!” Debra begged.

I unzipped and removed my pants and boxers. I stood directly behind her as Debra faced away, bent over, and in the perfect position for more anal.

There was just one problem.

I gave an exaggerated throat clearing sound.

“Oh my god! Forgive me daddy! Jiggly-wiggly bitch is so dumb! One second Master, I’ll take care of you! You don’t have to worry about a thing, Master! Your personal cumdumpster will ALWAYS be here to give you a good lube-up!” Debra yelled.

Debra dropped to her knees and looked up at my cock.

“Holy fuck… for the love of god… PLEASE turn off this new order.” Debra begged.

“NEVER! You’ve never been this sexy before! That means you’ve been holding back!” I said, narrowing my eyes.

Debra opened her mouth to respond, but her body forced her to begin aggressively sucking on my cock. She spared no expense, playing an intense game of tonsil hockey with herself. She was deep-throating and even intentionally gagging herself. Debra kept severely choking herself repeatedly with my cock, making her eyes water and her face turn red. This had the added bonus of producing more saliva. When she finally pulled my cock out of her throat, Debra tilted her head back. She then licked my balls and began massaging the head of my dick with her lips, letting my now-wet shaft and balls slide back and forth across Debra’s neck, soaking her neck and breasts with her own saliva. Finally, she sexily kissed the head of my dick.

Debra stood up. Then she winked and puckered her lips at me.

Debra quickly shook her head back and forth as she regained control of herself. She sniffled as she wiped some of the saliva from her lips, neck, and chin with the back of her hand, but couldn’t possibly get it all.

“So THIS is what you’re capable of?! You’ve been holding back THIS much?! Good to know. I’ll be using your body for sex a LOT more, if that’s even possible.” I said happily.

When she heard me say that, Debra glanced at the broken light fixture on the ground; probably mentally cursing it a million times over for not being strong enough to kill her.

“Think Debra, think! What would I want now?” I said with a huge grin.

Debra quickly removed her skimpy dress and re-assumed her position; bending over the dresser now wearing nothing but her stripper heels, and wiggled her ass.

“Pound me, daddy! It’s so nice and swollen for you! It’s SUPER tight right now, I promise!” Debra cried.

I quickly and excitedly got behind this new-and-improved Debra, and pushed my cock inside her. The intrusion into her swollen asshole was met with a heavy grunt from my redhead.

“You weren’t kidding!” I gasped.

“Only the best for my master!” Debra yelled as loud as the ISA would let her.

It was a tight squeeze, plus Debra’s saliva wasn’t as slick as lube. But I eventually forced my cock all the way inside her now-swollen asshole.

Once I was inside, I happily began pounding away.

“Urmph! Urmph! Urmph! Turn it off! Urmph! Turn off this order!” Debra begged.

Not a chance in hell.

“Think Debra!” I said laughing evilly.

Debra then adjusted her stance, bent over further, and perked out her ass more, allowing me to go a bit deeper, although Debra’s ass-swelling made it a VERY tight squeeze..

“Urmph! Yeah! Urmph! Come-on! Urmph! Come-on daddy! Urmph! Pound me!”

I laughed maniacally. Life didn’t seem like it could get better than this.

This was truly amazing! Could this even get any better?

Fuck it! Might as well try, right? I mean, there’s no reason not to!

“What else would I like!?! THINK DEBRA, THINK!” I said, laughing more.

Debra then kicked off her stripper heels to get a more steady, solid stance while she leaned even further onto the dresser and presented her ass even more. She normally wouldn’t have even been allowed to just take off her heels like that; but since she believed I would like this, not only was she allowed to do this, she was obligated to.

And she was right. Her more steady stance and even further-elevated ass allowed me to plow her even harder without fear of knocking the dresser over. I DID like it, in fact, I loved it.

This new order was the key to unlocking Debra’s true potential.

But just when I thought Debra was reaching her full potential, the sexy bitch pleasantly surprised me by even going so far as to taunt me during sex.

“Urmph! Pound my ass daddy! Urmph! Pound it! Urmph! You call- Urmph! This- Urmph! A pounding?! Urmph!” Debra taunted.

“Fucking drill my ass! Urmph! More! Urmph! Harder!”

I guess Debra must’ve remembered how much I said that I loved it when she begged for me to go harder. The ISA seized that information that was stored in her memory. Now Debra was becoming a more perfect slave than I could’ve ever dreamed of.

“HARDER! URMPH! Don’t let me walk! URMPH! Make it hurt! URMPH! Harder! URMPH! HARDER! URMPH! OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD! URMPH! Do you EVEN know- URMPH! What harder means!?!”

“Holy shit! I love you, Debra.” I said, meaning that statement a little more than I care to admit.

“Cumdumpster- URMPH! Loves you too! URMPH!”

Debra’s ass could seemingly just absorb everything I threw at it. Apparently Debra could just TAKE and TAKE and TAKE these brutal ass-poundings all day long. She might be a little sore, and maybe even a little swollen, sure. But she always seemed to just bounce back from every ass-fucking and was always ready to go again! Her relentless, swollen asshole was really wearing me out, and my pace and strength of my thrusts were getting weaker and slower because of it.

Even though I had only slowed my strength and tempo by just a bit, the new-and-improved Debra wasn’t going to stand for it.

“What the fuck?! Urmph! What a rip-off! Urmph! You separated an entire family- Urmph! FOR THIS!?! Urmph! Fucking drill me! Urmph! DRILL ME! Urmph! Are you fucking DEAF!?! Urmph! OH-MY-GOD, DRILL ME! Urmph!”

My guess? Somewhere deep in Debra’s consciousness, or maybe even subconsciousness, she KNEW that I wanted to go harder in her ass.

However, I was simply exhausted.

So what was she to do, besides taunt me. Taunt me and get me to push further and really give her a strong, deep, brutal ass-pounding despite her swollen ass and my exhaustion.

She thought that it was what I truly wanted.

And she was right.

I reached down inside myself, summoned strength from nowhere that I never even knew I had, and began to pound the shit out of Debra’s ass.

“Yes! URMPH! Yes! URMPH! Just like that! URMPH! There you go daddy! URMPH! Rail my ass! URMPH! Yeah daddy! URMPH! Rail it! URMPH! YES! URMPH! Pound me! URMPH! AND-DON’T-YOU-FUCKING-STOP! URMPH! Keep it up daddy! URMPH! Pound me! URMPH!”

I caught the faintest glimpse of Debra’s face in between my thrusts. Her face had completely been transformed into a horrid shade of dark red, her eyes were tightly shut, and she was absolutely showered in her pouring tears as her mouth that she could no longer control continuously egged me on.

“Tenderize me! URMPH! Own me! URMPH! I’m so tight! URMPH! Pound this ass!”

This new order was destroying any of the last microscopic remnants of pride and dignity that the real Debra might have had stored deep in her soul.

“BEST. ORDER. EVER!” I screamed, “What else?! Think Debra, THINK!”

The real Debra began violently shaking her head.

“I tried- URMPH! To kill myself! URMPH! Aren’t you gonna- URMPH! Punish me?! URMPH!”

Debra did have a point. The new order was making her taunt me by saying these things. She probably thought that encouraging my wrath and taunting me to be more aggressive towards her was something I would like. Unfortunately for her, she was really starting to get a grasp on how my mind operated. She was right. Oh boy, was she right.

“Are you too- URMPH! Much of a- URMPH! Pussy- URMPH! To punish me?! URMPH! Is that it?! URMPH! Huh daddy?! URMPH! You’re just a bitch! URMPH!” Debra screamed.

“What a bitch! Urmph! You let your slaves- Urmph! Attempt suicde?! Urmph! I OBVIOUSLY don’t respect you! Urmph! I know how you feel- Urmph! About suicide- Urmph! BUT I ATTEMPTED IT ANYWAYS! Urmph!”

Debra let out an ugly sounding sob at what she was being forced to say. The LAST thing in the universe that she wanted was for an unstable guy like me to take his anger out on her asshole; but her brain knew that I would love it.

“I don’t respect you! Urmph! I don’t respect you! Urmph! I don’t respect you! Urmph! YOU’RE A BITCH! Urmph! You won’t fucking punish me! Urmph!”

“LIKE HELL I WILL!” I roared.

Now I was actually mad. I guess her plan worked. Congrats Debra.

I grabbed Debra by her ass cheeks and pounded with all my strength. My back, groin, thighs, and especially cock were all very sore and tired as hell, but I kept going; encouraged by my pride if nothing else.

My entire body was now becoming drenched in sweat as I plowed Debra’s ass with everything I had.

“If you were a good- URMPH! Master! URMPH! You’d make me- URMPH! Too scared- URMPH! Try this suicide- URMPH! Ever again!”

“You disrespectful cunt! I DON’T WANT YOU WALKING!” I roared at the top of my lungs.

I felt my blood vessels pop. I knew that they were visible at the moment. I inhaled a sharp breath and pounded the daylights out of Debra.


Debra couldn’t beg or taunt in between her grunts anymore. I was going way too hard in her ass for her to try to speak.


“Trying to kill yourself!?! This is what happens! This is what happens! This is what happens!” I roared.


“I’m going to pass out!” Debra managed to exhale.

I began to ease off. Hell, I was so exhausted that even I wanted to. But then the new-and-improved Debra began to speak again.

“WOW! Urmph! WHAT A BITCH! Urmph! You’re actually going easy on me?! Urmph!”

I was now beginning to truly understand why Debra hated this new order so much.

I began to brutally pound Debra’s swollen asshole once more.

“Yeah! URMPH! Maybe next time- URMPH! When I want to think about- URMPH! Disrespecting you- URMPH! I’ll remember this! URMPH!”

Debra truly was the perfect slave, hands down.

“Make me fear you daddy! URMPH! Punish me! URMPH! Scare me! URMPH! Give—”

Debra collapsed onto the dresser. She passed out from the pain in her ass.

Me, being the absolute spawn of Satan that I was, continued to pound her unconscious body.

I slowed down my pace dramatically and went slower, now encouraged to give myself pleasure, and not just to give Debra pain.

I went for about a two-dozen more strokes before finally creaming her swollen ass.

“I was cheated out of squeegee because you’re unconscious.” I said to Debra’s body.

“So if you think about it, I’M the victim here!” I said chuckling, knowing that she wasn’t even able to hear my sarcasm or bad jokes.

* * *

“You have to remove this order, it’s dangerous.” Debra said, now awake and sitting at the dinner table.

“No fucking way, this is the best order I’ve ever come up with! It’s turning you into the woman of my dreams! As well as turning you super-obedient in a way my constant beatings never could.”

“It makes me taunt you. It makes me urge you to harm me. It’s not safe. You have to remove the order!”

“Will you ever attempt suicide again?” I asked Debra.

Debra’s face instantly went pale and her eyes went wide.

“Never.” She whispered.

“Your reaction right there should be all the explanation you need, Debra. It’s been half a day, and this new order is so good that I already don’t have to worry about losing you to suicide EVER again.” I said happily.

“But—” Debra started.

“It pushes me, Debra. It pushes me to make myself experience pleasures that even I’M too timid to pursue. It pushes me to be the best rapist and torturer that I can possibly be. We will get to experience this together, Debra.”

Debra began to tear up.

“I NEVER would’ve ever thought in a million years that a married, plus-sized, suburban woman with 2 children would become my dream woman. But here you are.” I said happily.

I grabbed Debra’s outstretched hand and placed it underneath my boxers.

“Feel that throbbing, Debra? That’s boner blood. I’m getting hard just thinking about what we’re going to do after dinner.” I said, smiling, “And you’ll always do anything I ask you too! You’re my dream girl!”

“Oh my god… stop putting that thing in my body!” Debra cried, trying to pull her hand from inside my underwear without success.

Kimberly’s food smelled delicious. After hours and hours of vigorously pounding Debra, I was more than ready to eat the dinner that Kim made.

Kimberly watched Debra as she sat on her chair in her knees like a fucking weirdo.

A wave of sympathy flushed Kim’s face as she had to go throw almost the exact same thing on our honeymoon. The two weren’t close, but Kim definitely felt a hell of a lot closer to Deb now than ever before.

“Debra-sweetie. Are you ok?” Kim asked, refusing to make eye contact with me.

“Ok? I’m more than ok! I got to give daddy pleasure for hours today! What greater honor could a worthless fatty like me have, than to be the temporary receptacle of Master’s cum!”

Kimberly’s eyes widened, curious of what exactly had happened to Debra down there, but what smart enough to drop it.

“No, I mean your ass. Is your ass feeling ok?” Kim asked sadly.

Debra blew a raspberry.

“Oh this! Please! What’s a few days of pain, compared to a few minutes of orgasmic pleasure from Master! Just a single second of his pleasure if worth more than a thousand lifetimes of pain from worthless slaves like us! Who the hell cares if I’m alright?” Debra laughed.

“Yeah, I’m never removing this order.” I said, leaning over and planting a kiss on Debra’s cheek.

“You know what, you can pound my ass again right now!” Debra yelled, “We have time! I KNOW I can get you to bust a nut in me before dinner starts, daddy!”

I chuckled. Debra’s thoughts had obviously betrayed her yet again, and her brain thought that I would like a quickie.

“A tempting offer Debby-bun, but you need to eat up.” I said, pinching her stomach.

“Oh right, duh! I’m not your jiggly-wiggly cumslut for nothing! This bitch has to EAT!” Debra yelled, “THREE-OH-OH, here I come!”

Just then John walked through the door.

He immediately looked at the super-weird way his wife was sitting in her chair and feared the worst.

I was just about to say something like, ‘Hey Debra, think about what I want you to tell John.’ But Debra’s thoughts had obviously beat me to the punch.

“Hey John! Master ass-pounded me until I lost consciousness today! He pounded my ass for SO long, and SO hard, that I ended up PASSING OUT from the pain of it all! Because YOU were unable to save me, this is my daily life now!”

John quickly ran out of the kitchen and closed the bathroom door. The 3 of us in the kitchen got silent as we heard John’s heavy crying and sobbing.

When John finally returned, I angrily looked at the oven clock.

“John, what the hell are you doing here anyways!?! You should be staying late! My new car isn’t gonna pay for itself!” I yelled.

“Today was inventory day. Everyone worked a half-day.” John said, clenching his fists, teeth, and throat while staring at me.

“You’ll find some way to make up those hours.” I ordered.

John nodded.

“Sorry, I snapped at you John. I would’ve got your text that you left the premises, but I was, uh, PREOCCUPIED, with your wife.”

John began breathing hard.

“Her asshole is swollen because I pound it so hard, Johnny-boy. But don’t think for a second that it slows me down! In fact, I prefer her rectum to be swollen! It makes for an even tighter hole to drill!”

John’s chest began heaving as tears streamed his red face.

“If you can get me that new car by the end of the month, I might CONSIDER letting my sweet, sweet Debra have medicine while she’s giving birth to my baby.” I said smugly.

John tightened his fists and began walking towards me.

“Are you fucking stupid!?! Now’s not the time to try to be a big man! I don’t want to have to give a fucking NATURAL BIRTH because of your toxic masculinity! Now be polite, shut up, and SIT DOWN!” Debra screamed.

“I’ll talk to my boss about getting even more hours. I’ll get you that car as soon as possible… sir.” John said as he sat down.

John’s penis had to have shrunk at least 2 inches.

If I were to free Debra right at this moment, I think the two would still stay married, but there would definitely be lifelong, irreparable damage in their marriage. And I know for a fact that Debra would never look at him the same way ever again.

Dinner time was in two minutes now.

Amanda entered the kitchen, crawling. The small girl was completely naked, wearing nipple clamps, and had a spiked leash around her neck. Her body was completely unharmed, except for her back; which had at least 40 red slashes all over it.

I looked up at Carly who was wearing a dominatrix uniform and was carrying a whip.

“Help me! Someone, do something!” Amanda begged, “She’s a monster!”

“And NOW the dildo will be TWELVE inches long. You KNOW how I feel about you talking out of turn.” Carly said, shaking her head.

She brought down the whip and cracked Amanda’s back. The sound made everyone in the kitchen flinch, including me.

“I LOVE YOU CARLY!” Amanda yelled.

“You seem pretty busy, Carly.” I laughed, “Family meals aren’t mandatory for you anymore, we’ll save you two some leftovers, don’t worry.”

“Ok good, I have to make a trip to the sex shop again anyways. My slave will now have to buy herself a bigger dildo because SOMEONE can’t keep her mouth shut.”

Carly cracked the short girl’s back with her whip again and Amanda screamed in pain.

“I LOVE YOU CARLY!” Amanda yelled.

“It didn’t have to come to this, Amanda.”

Carly cracked her whip on her professor’s back.


“But I’m so, SO happy it did.” Carly said, looking down at her teacher with a chuckle.

Carly gave Amanda’s leash with a quick double-tug, and the two left the kitchen, with Amanda leading the way back to Carly’s room on all fours.

“Well... that just happened.” I said, staring at the others who were just as wide-eyed as me, “So, who’s hungry?”