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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 15)

I was sound asleep, snoring loudly.

I always made sure to always sleep on my side, facing towards Debra. She had trouble sleeping because of my snoring, and it was just a way of further torturing her.

I was awakened when I felt something soft and smooth rub up against my body. And because I always slept naked, I could easily feel everything that touched my skin.

Because I was still half-asleep, I subconsciously ignored the feeling on my body, and was back asleep again, within mere seconds.

But then, I felt it again. This time, the feeling was much more distinct.

I could tell that it was someone’s skin. More specifically, it was Debra’s freshly-waxed limbs. She was purposely rubbing her arms and legs across my body to wake me up.

Last night, I had given Debra a couple of orders. One of which, was to wake me up in this way.

In accordance with my last night’s request, Debra executed the other order I gave last night. The suburban mother reached down and grabbed my flaccid penis. Debra started whimpering as she began stroking my cock with one of her hands and softly squeezing my ballsack with the other.

I was extremely happy with my past-self for requesting that Debra woke me up this way.

“Daddy… daddy… Oh, daddy. Wake up.” Debra whispered sexily into my ear while rubbing her freshly-waxed legs on me and stroking life into my cock.

Boner-blood quickly began rushing into my cock.

My eyes fluttered open, and I stared directly into Debra’s hate-filled pupils as she jerked me off.

There was blazing-hate in the kidnapped mother’s eyes.

Her eyes were on fire. It actually spooked me out a little. It seemed like Debra was staring directly into my soul.

Debra’s uber-hateful stare had confirmed what I already knew. I could never slip up. Ever. All it would take was one malfunction from the ISA, or one careless loophole in any order I gave; and Debra would not hesitate to kill me.

I dramatically yanked the blanket off of Debra and I.

“Yeah... Stroke my cock, Debby! You know you love this penis!”

When Debra heard me say that, she then directed her hateful glance away from my eyes, and towards my cock.

The way that Debra hatefully stared at my cock while she stroked it… was so… intense! I could tell that she just wanted to rip my poor cock right off of my body!

I then motioned with my hand for Debra to stop. I wanted her to be doing more than that. If having my cock jerked was all that I wanted, I could’ve done that by myself!

“Listen, woman. I didn’t just enslave your body. I enslaved your brain too. So, use that pretty voice of yours.” I said.

Debra rolled her eyes and took in a deep breath.

“Glad you’re awake, daddy! I just got finished getting ready for you! I’m make-upped, enema’d, freshly waxed, and ready to be stuffed with your man-meat!” Debra choked.

“Mmmmm. That’s my girl...” I purred, petting her red hair, “I love hearing your suburban-ass speak to me like a whore.”

Debra was wearing a bright yellow dress today, with her finger and toenails painted in an equally bright, matching yellow.

I quickly freed Debra’s left tit from her bright-yellow, tubeless dress and pinched her pierced nipple.

“Hey, cow! You’ve REALLY got a nice-ass pair of jugs! Ya’ know that?” I said to Debra.

Debra took in a large, shaky breath as I pinched, tugged, and twisted on her nipple.

“Oh man, I’m so glad I’ve successfully captured one of you!” I licked my lips and ran my hands down Debra’s sides, lower back, and ass, “I may be just poor, bottom-of-the-barrel, drug-addicted, white trash; but thankfully my genius-brain has allowed me to escape my old, miserable life!”

I then freed Debra’s other tit and aggressively squished her cleavage in my hands.

“Not to mention, it allows me to get revenge on the group of people that looked down on my class of people the most; suburbanites. I can’t get revenge on all of them, obviously. But I CAN get revenge on ONE. Debra, you’re acting as the sole representative of the entire suburban, upper-middle-class. And me? I’m acting as the sole representative of the ‘white-trash’ community. And as you know, you suburbanites have not treated my class of people very well. That’s why I enjoy fucking the SHIT out of you. And THAT’S why I enjoy doing this to you so much.”

Debra’s eyes pooled up with tears, but she successfully resisted her urge to cry.

“That’s right, hold in the tears! Be a good little slave...” I purred.

I had requested (but not directly ordered) that Debra not cry during the mornings anymore. She could still cry, but she’d be punished if she did so.

While I could’ve easily given Debra a direct order not to cry, this was my way of training the REAL Debra. I wanted Debra to consciously hold back her own tears.

I didn’t mind if Debra cried in the afternoon and night time; but early in the day, after I just woke up? I didn’t want to hear that shit.

I huffed an animalistic grunt as I rolled on top of Debra. I pinned the bitch by her shoulders, and kicked her legs apart.

“C’mon, you suburban-bitch. It’s time to breed.” I said dryly.

“OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD! Somebody KILL ME!” Debra scream-cried.

I pulled up Debra’s stupidly-small yellow dress with one of my hands and grabbed my erect cock with the other.

“Someone. Anyone. Kill me.” Debra whispered while staring at the ceiling.

I put my finger over Debra’s lips. I wanted silence from her. I wanted to hear the distilled, unfiltered sound of our flesh slapping together.

I grabbed Debra roughly by the hips and shoved my erect penis inside her vagina.

Debra tightly scrunched her face as I forced my way inside her. I wasted no time. I immediately began pounding her stiff pussy. She barely even got a chance to get wet.

I thrusted myself into Debra’s semi-dry cunt. I fucked her without the slightest care of how she felt. Besides, I knew that with an over-lubricating, juicy cunt like Debra’s, she’d probably end up getting wet anyways.

Debra whimpered as I mated with her.

Of course I didn’t care. I just wanted to hear my balls slapping against Debra’s flesh.

I tightened my grip on the chubby-suburbanite and maintained a solid rhythm, plowing her pussy with a steady beat.

I could hear my balls slapping Debra’s taint. The sound echoed throughout the basement. It was beautiful!

I further-tightened my grip on Debra as I drilled the shit out of her. I pumped this mom’s pussy relentlessly. The overweight mother was shown no mercy.

Debra let out a loud grunt, followed by yet another whimper.

“Hush, babe!” I hissed, “I want to hear my balls slapping!”

My body quickly began feeling tired as I fucked Debra hard and deep. But I didn’t let up. I wanted Debra’s vagina and taint to hurt when this was over.

It pleased me to know that this christian-mother was going to be sore from having her pussy railed.

I inhaled a deep breath, adjusted my position, tightened my grip, and plowed the christian mom-of-two with all my strength.

Debra’s face turned red with anger as she grit her teeth.

She had no choice but to take it, and take it, and take it.

Eventually, the determined strokes of my invading penis caused Debra to get wet. Not as wet as she normally got, but wet enough to make it a lot more comfortable for me.

“It hurts…” Debra whined.

Feeling Debra’s vaginal juices lubricating my cock, even if I knew it was involuntary, was a dominating sensation for me, both physically, and mentally.

Knowing that this married woman was now my fucktoy made me feel powerful.

Tears streamed down Debra’s cheeks as I stroked into her cunt as hard as I could.

“It hurts!”

I had no idea if Debra was referring to her vagina, or her taint. Maybe both. Hopefully both.

“It hurts!”

I grabbed Debra by her red hair and roughly yanked it, messing up her hair in the process as I continued drilling her.

“It hurts!”

“Say it again and I’m beating the fuck out of you.” I spat.

I yanked her hair again and Debra whimpered.

‘Who cares if I hurt her?’ I thought to myself, ‘She’s just property.’

I yanked again.

Debra’s pussy-wetness heightened my sensations. I could now easily feel the warm folds of her pussy sliding against the groves of my cock.

“You’re amazing, Debby-bun!” I groaned loudly, “Don’t resist! Just let me wreck your guts!”

I groaned again as I gave a few more hard thrusts.

Debra’s pussy was so nice. So warm. So mine.

“Yes! Oh yes, Ms. Debra! Yes! Ungh! Let me bust this warm nut in ‘ya! Ungh!”

Debra tightly closed her eyes.

“YES! Breed with me, Debby! YES! Breed with your master! Ungh! Yes, baby! UNGH! YES... MISS... DEBRA!” I groaned in Debra’s ear while I came inside her, “Brrreeeeeed!”

Once my shaft was emptied, I let out an exhale.

“Hey, Debra? I just want to thank you for letting me borrow your vagina again. I really appreciate it!”

“No problem, daddy.” Debra said, rolling her eyes.

“Quit with all the eye-rolling, bitch! You’re nothing but a slab of fuck-meat!” I yelled.

“I know, daddy.” Debra said quietly.

I left my spent penis inside of Debra as I lazily laid on top of her chest; crushing this mother’s stomach and breasts as I caught my breath.

“Ya’ know what I’ve just realized about you, Debra? You aren’t NEARLY as talkative once I bust my nut in you! It seems like having a cunt full of cum is very humbling to you rich gals!”

As if to illustrate my point, Debra didn’t respond.

I gestured to the high-def cameras that I recently added to the basement.

“That sex we just had? It’s all on tape! How do you like being on camera, Debra? Now I can upload you to Pornhub! Now, the whole world can watch you take cock, Ms. Horton.”

“The whole world?” Debra repeated, sadly.

“Yeah, sorry babe. Pornhub isn’t the small site it used to be. It has gotten really, really big over the years. But hey, don’t you worry! I promise you Debra, only our BEST videos will be uploaded!”

“Don’t do this to me, daddy!” Debra begged.

“Debra, I just want to share your beauty with the world! Let’s not be selfish, okay? I know that there are tens of thousands who would LOVE to watch a video titled, ‘Fat Rich White Mom Gets Railed’.”

“Please don’t upload it.” Debra whined.

“Eh, I probably won’t upload this one. No offense Deb, but you don’t really seem like a missionary-style porn girl. But I do know that people would DEFINITELY be interested in some of your anal videos! And I’ll be using your real name!”

“NO! My extended family and children might find it one day if you do that!”

“Of course they might, dumbass. That’s the whole point!”

I adjusted my weight so I could crush Debra more.

Debra began laboring to breathe.

I knew that I should get off of her and let the poor woman breathe, but I didn’t want to pull out of her body just yet. I really enjoyed feeling the warm, gooey, sticky mess that had been produced in Debra’s hole.

“DEBRA! Ask me if I would like another round with your body!” I yelled.

“Would… would… would…” Debra trailed off attempting to utter the words.

“ASK ME!” I roared.

“Would you like to go another round, daddy?” Debra asked in a cracked voice.

“Ask me again, but refer to yourself as, ‘obese, slab of fuck-meat’.”

“Would you like to go another round with this obese, slab of fuck-meat, daddy?”

“Thanks for asking! You’re so kind, Debby-bun! Yeah, I would!” I said as fake-sweetly as possible.

Amazing. This was the life I wanted. The life I deserved. The life I earned.

“Please get off of me! I can’t breathe!” Debra pouted.

I rolled off of Debra.

My slimy cock got yanked out of her even-more-slimy coochie as I rolled off of her.

“MAN, your pussy is GREAT!” I exclaimed, “Just keep giving me this body of yours, Ms. Debra!”

“How can anyone be expected to live like this!?!” Debra shouted.

I placed my hand on Debra’s stomach, I then softly squished and kissed it.

“I don’t know how you do it, Debra. I certainly couldn’t!” I said with a laugh.

“As if all this wasn’t bad enough, you’re forcing me to have children!” Debra yelled.

“Yeah. But you see Deb, you have to! With Kim acting as a trophy-wife and cover-story for me; I only want her to have a couple of my children. But you? You’ll be my prime child-rearer. I’ll make as many with you as I possibly can! I’m hoping for double-digits. Do you think you’ll be able to pull that off for me, baby?”

I then planted a soft, warm, wet kiss just above Debra’s belly button and smiled warmly at her.

“Do you have ANY idea how much I hate you?” Debra asked.

“Oh, I can only imagine!” I chuckled.

“Please don’t turn me into some weird octo-mom! The rape is bad enough!” Debra begged in a cracked voice.

“And let your hundreds of eggs and perfectly-healthy womb go to waste?! HELL NO! I’m going to get you pregnant as many times as I can!”

“NO.” Debra said.

“YES.” I said in a similar tone, mocking her.

Debra’s bottom lip began to quiver.

“WHOA! Don’t cry, Debby-bun! It’s still morning!” I warned, “Don’t make me kick your ass!”

Debra took a deep breath and successfully held back her tears.

“Excellent! You know Debra, I’m pretty lenient on your crying and sobbing. I just don’t want it during the mornings anymore. I want you taking my morning semen-deposits with the utmost subservience and grace!” I raised my fist to Debra’s face, “Do I make myself clear!?!”

“Crystal, daddy.” Debra choked.

My angry expression instantly evaporated off my face.

I displayed a huge smile, wrapped my arms around Debra, pulled her in close, and gave her a deep kiss on the lips.

“You’re learning! I’m so proud of you! You’re becoming SUCH a good slave, baby! It took a little while, but now you’re beginning to excel in your training!”

I began rubbing my hands along her body.

“Hey, Debby-bun? Some of my semen is dripping from your coochie. I don’t like it when you waste perfectly-good seed. Do daddy a favor. Scoop it up with your fingers and eat it. Please and thank you.”

Very quickly, Debra scooped up my leaking semen, put it in her mouth, and swallowed it. She shivered as it slid down her throat.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you just did, bitch! I’ll let it slide this time; but in the future, don’t swallow it so fast. Next time, let it slowly glide across your tongue and suck on it. I want you constantly experiencing the taste of my baby-batter, Debra.”

Debra was so angry that her face and neck were red, and her entire body was physically shaking!

“I’ve been with people in the past who are more attractive than you, Debra. But you’re the partner I’ve ever had. By MILES.”

“I don’t know how that is.” Debra spat.

“Your weight makes you extremely sturdy. Your vaginal lubrication is stellar, and your anal muscles are superb. This heavy-set body of yours allows for rough-poundings and heavy-thrustings from cock.”

“Don’t… don’t talk about me like that! I’m a fucking human-being!” Debra cried.

“Yeah? Well you’re a human-being with an extremely nice pair of holes!” I laughed, “Especially that ass of yours! I LOVE pounding that thing!”

“At least ease off on the constant anal-sex! I think that you’re injuring me! I can’t sit down properly anymore!”

My cock throbbed as soon as Debra spoke that last sentence.

“I was very clear about what was in store for your anus, Debra. I try not to sugarcoat the truth around you.”

“My butt muscles are in pain all the time, and I have to sit down at weird angles when I sit down to pee!” Debra cried, “I’m not being dramatic! You’re really, really hurting me back there!”

“Not my problem.” I spat.

Debra looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Please.” Debra whispered, “There has to be SOME humanity left in you.”

“You don’t think that I KNEW that this exact conversation was going to come up? Do you have ANY idea how much work it’ll take to permanently loosen up someone’s asshole?! This is going to be a long and arduous process, Debra. It’s a process that involves physically tearing skin, and permanently loosening-up muscle tissue. So yeah, your asshole is going to hurt. Deal with it.”

“This is ridiculous! You can’t just keep doing this to me!” Debra shouted.

“Oh, but I will.” I said, meaning it.

There was a long, eerie silence in the basement.

Debra’s eyes turned cold and her face went hard.

After a long while, Debra spoke.

“I can’t believe this! Are you really just going to squander this potentially-world-altering technology?! You’re only using this god-like technology to get one family’s 50K bank account and force some random, heavy-set mom from the suburbs to have sex with you?!” Debra demanded, “What a waste!”

“HEY!” I shouted, slightly offended, “In my defense, I’ve also got a 12-hour-a-day factory worker that feeds me all of his paychecks, a Hawaiian doctor who flys in to bang me, a hot wife, and no need to ever get a job again! Plus I’ve got TWO houses, since I effectively own yours as well!”

I smiled at Debra.

“Oh, and I have YOU. You’re not just some ‘random mother’, Debra. You’re my high-heeled, skimpy-dressed, tattooed-n’—pierced, cock-whore! I’ve turned you into one FINE piece of ass! When you started off, you were rigid, callow, inexperienced, and bland. But all I had to do was isolate you, give you a uniform, tweak your brain a little, and beat you into submission. Then I could just sit back and let your magnificent body do the rest!”

“I just want to raise my kids!” Debra begged.

“Well, I want you in my basement. I want you sleeping next to me and getting repeatedly pregnant with my children. I want you as my sex slave. Our desires appear to be incompatible, Debra.”

Debra tightened her fists.

“Now please, hurry up and go wash your coochie. When you’re done cleaning, I’m gonna pound your asshole! I’m in the mood to put my cock into your pale, white tooshie and give it a good ream-n’—cream!”

“Yes… yes, daddy.” Debra said in a voice that was filled to the brim with hate.

Debra stood up from the bed, wincing at the pain in her crotch.

“Your crotch hurts, doesn’t it babe?”

“It does, daddy.”

I sighed happily, “You make me feel so damn dominant all the time, Debra! Hijacking your brain is quite possibly the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

“Well, it’s definitely the worst thing to happen in mine.” Debra said.

She turned to face me.

“You keep me wearing this stupid hooker-outfit. You keep me trapped in this basement and force me to have sex with your trashy, drug-riddled ass. I’m miserable! I don’t even FEEL like I’m an upper-middle class woman anymore! Was that your goal? Is your mission accomplished? Do you feel good about yourself?”

“I don’t want to bring you down to my trashy level, Debra. I want to raise myself up to yours. I don’t hate your suburban life; I envy it. I want us to indulge in that lifestyle, together. The only thing is, I want it to be ME that’s railing you, not John. And I want you birthing MY children, not his.”

“Just listening to the creepy way in which you talk... I can tell how much you’re obsessed with me. You’re going to make us get a divorce, aren’t you?” Debra asked sadly.

“You’re still worried about that?! Wow. That meaningless, socially-constructed title of partnership really means a lot to you rich-folk, huh?” I chuckled, “Don’t worry Deb, I’ll let you two keep your meaningless title. As long as I’m the one that’s banging you, I really don’t care what you two are called. Having Kim as my ‘wife’ is a very good cover story for me anyways. Plus, having you and John legally split would only draw needless attention, and possibly suspicion.”

“Okay.” Debra said softly.

I gave Debra a hard slap on the ass as she bent down and put her heels on.

“Okay, DADDY.” Debra corrected.

Debra huffed angrily and began a steady click-click-clicking in her heels as she made her way to the basement bathroom.

“I messed up your hair when I yanked it. So while you’re in there, do your hair for me again, slave.” I added.

“I literally just did it, though. And I do it every single day as part of my morning routine.” Debra said.

“I didn’t ask you when the last time you did it was. Just do it again!”

“Yes, daddy.”

* * *

I heard the sink water turn off and Debra angrily slam her comb onto the bathroom counter.

I sat up on the bed and stroked my cock while staring at Debra as she approached me.

Debra looked disgusted and turned away, but continued to walk towards me. Even after all the sex we’ve had, her conservative impulses still made her instinctively shy away whenever I did something as brazen as stroking my cock.

Debra sat next to me on the edge of our bed without looking at me. She took off her stripper heels, and placed her heels neatly beside the bed.

I pulled the mom in close, and began to slowly kiss Debra on the lips. Then I kissed them again. And again. And again. And again. I kiss Debra on the lips at least 100 times a day, minimum. I just really enjoyed the simple fact that this wasn’t an order. And that Debra had to kiss me back with her own free will.

Eh, ‘free will’ is a bit of a stretch, but you guys know what I meant!

When we stopped kissing, I looked directly into Debra’s hate-filled eyes.

“I know this makes me a basic-bitch, but I really do love red-heads!” I chuckled.

“Thanks, da—” Debra started.

“I want to drill your ass! HARD!” I interrupted.

Debra closed her eyes tightly and shook her head.

“Debra. You KNOW how much I love reaming your poor, abused, little asshole.” I said, rubbing my hands along Debra’s lower back and ass-cheeks, “Try to get used to this. Seriously Debra, TRY. I’m never going to quit pounding your magnificent asshole.”

“Why do you even want to rape someone in their FUCKING ASS!?!” Debra pouted, “You men are so gross!”

“Oh my goodness, Debra.” I sighed heavily, annoyed at Debra’s ultra-conservative attitude, “Traditional, close-minded, suburbanite women like you don’t give out their asses. You wouldn’t even give your butt to your own fucking husband! Had I never kidnapped you, you would’ve died an anal-virgin!”

I planted a kiss on Debra’s upper butt-cheek.

“And just think, Debra… Even after multiple months of forcing you to TAKE IT in your ass… You’re still SO fucking tight! In fact, you still feel just as tight as when I first kidnapped you! I feel like I’ve barely made a dent! Jeez, Debra! How many years of ass-pounding do you think it’ll take for me to loosen that puppy up?! Two years? Three? Five!?!”

“I… I don’t want to talk about it.” Debra said, her voice cracking very badly.

“You know what? You’re absolutely right! Why are we wasting time TALKING about it?! Present that tight booty to me! Let me plow shit out of it! No pun intended! HA!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra stood up, bent over the bed, and perked her ass up.

“Nuh-uh. Not on the bed. I want us to be in a good angle for the camera! On your hands and knees. Get on the ground right in front of the camera, babe.” I said.

Debra looked toward the camera. Then to me. Her eyes got watery.


“GET-ON-THE-FUCKING-FLOOR!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my face bright-red with anger.

“Yes, daddy!” Debra yelled in a frightened voice.

Debra got down on the rough, cement basement floor. I saw how uncomfortable she looked on her hands and knees.

“I am SO SICK of your shit, Debra! I’ve worked my ass off for four goddamn years to build these damn ISA’s! Now that I’ve FINALLY got them, I’m gonna fucking ENJOY myself! I am SO. FUCKING. TIRED of all this hesitation and back-talk from you! You are here to serve ME. Not the other way around!”

“I understand, Master.” Debra said, still a little shaken from my outburst of anger.

“Debra, I’m not going to go out of my way to hurt you; I have no reason to. However, I won’t be taking it easy on you, either. I’m just going to fuck you, record you, and bust-a-nut inside of your rectum. If you feel nice and comfortable, cool! If you’re in pain, cool! I don’t care either way.”

“Understood, Master.” Debra said, staring blankly in front of her, toward nothing in particular.

Debra was just zoning out. Trying to put herself in a different place, mentally.

“Debra, you know exactly what I want. As long as you beg for cock, pretend that you like this, and clench your ass-cheeks at the appropriate time, we’re going to get along just fine.”

“Yes, Master.” Debra said through angry, clenched teeth.

I got into position behind Debra, turned to wink at the camera, and casually squirted a little lube directly into her ass crack and began fingering her lubed-asshole with my first two fingers.

Once Debra felt my fingers violate her crack she started to whimper. Then she tightened her fists, and her shoulders scrunched up.

“Oh, no-no-no-no-no! Absolutely not!”

I yanked my fingers out of Debra’s butt.

“That won’t do. Relax, Debra. We’re on film. We have an audience now! I know you hate this, but you can not just tense up your body like that! We both know that you’re screaming on the inside right now. That’s fine. You can scream internally all you fucking like; but you will NOT tighten these muscles of yours. Now relax, Debra. Relax.”

“Understood, Master.” Debra said as she let out a shaky exhale.

Debra looked sexy as I watched her reluctantly relax her back and shoulders.

“I said relax, Debra. Unclench your fists too. C’mon baby-doll! Relax.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said as she opened her palms.

Tears began to pour down Debra’s face.

“Don’t cry. It’s still morning. Do you want MORE broken teeth?! You have 10 seconds until I kick your ass.” I said calmly, “9… 8… 7…”

Debra stopped crying and quickly wiped her face dry.

“I’ll edit this part out. Now, I want you to compose yourself. Then, I want you to smile, look confident, and turn to the camera. You will excitedly tell the audience your real name and what you’re about to do.”

Debra kept her body facing away, but awkwardly turned her head to look at the camera.

“Hi everyone! My name… is Debra Renée Horton… and I’m… I’m about to take it in the ass!”

Debra then faced forward again, seemingly trying to ignore that the camera was there.

“Now Debra... I understand that I told you to get on your hands and knees. But, why the hell are you in that awful crawling position again?! I HATE seeing your back parallel with the floor! YOU KNOW BETTER! Put your chest, breast, and stomach on the ground completely! And perk your ass up more. WAY more!”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra lowered her body to the floor completely while raising her ass.

“Yeah… I love seeing your asshole open up for me, babe.” I said happily.

“Thank you for correcting my positioning, daddy. Please, take my asshole. Use it as you see fit.” Debra said sadly.

I smiled ear to ear. I LOVED when Debra had the maturity to completely toss aside her pride and fully submit to me.

However, with a fighter like Debra, it was never that simple. No, with her there always had to be some ulterior motive. If I had to guess, I’d say that this was her way of silently asking me for more lubrication.

Hey, whatever it takes to get her to degrade herself on camera! Am I right?

“That little speech of yours just earned your asshole some extra lube, baby! Now let daddy give you your reward! Spread ’em.”

I began squirting a generous amount of lube in Debra’s asshole while she pried her ass-cheeks apart with her long, yellow-painted fingernails.

“Thank you so much for that, daddy. I really, really appreciate when you go heavy on the lube.” Debra said sincerely.

“I know! Why do you think I use it so sparingly?! You’re like a damn dog! I have to train you with treats!” I said condescendingly.

Debra scoffed.

I smiled while looking at Debra’s pale, white ass-cheeks.

“Pry your cheeks apart with your fingernails again. I like the way it looked when you did that. I’m sure the audience will, too.”

Debra pried her ass-cheeks apart with her long, yellow fingernails.

“Now say that you love spreading your ass-cheeks for cock.”

“I love spreading my ass-cheeks for cock, daddy.” Debra said as she held her ass-cheeks pried apart.

I shoved my erect cock inside Debra’s lubed asshole.

“Yeah…” I groaned as I slowly shoved myself inside her inch by inch, “That’s it! Hold your ass open. Hold it open for me! Keep yourself spread, baby.”

“Mmmmm…” Debra fake-moaned.

Ugh. Her begging was good. But her acting and fake-moaning still needed work.

Inch by inch, I slowly buried my entire shaft inside Debra’s ass. I really did like the feeling of Debra’s heavily-lubed, tight asshole. Warm, slick, and tight. Perfect.

Then, I happily began drilling the christian-mother’s tight ass.

Debra gasped and grunted. She was not expecting me to start aggressively drilling her ass, because I had initially pushed my cock into her so slowly.

“Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! YEAH! Take it in your ass! You upper-class bitch! Fuck you! Fuck you! Who’s... better... NOW?! Who’s... better... NOW?!” I yelled as I roughly pounded her heavily lubed ass.

“You are, daddy! Oh god, how you are! I’m nothing! I’m nothing!” Debra cried.

“Beg for me! Beg for my cock, you bitch!” I yelled while thrusting in Debra’s ass.

“Yes daddy! Yes! Pound my ass! Pound. My. Suburban. Asshole!” Debra yelled.

“Gladly!” I yelled.

I sodomized Debra with glee. Debra groaned in agony as I repeatedly thrusted into Debra’s perfect asshole with strength and determination.

“Talk about how tight you are!” I yelled.

“Pound my tight asshole, daddy! Yes! My asshole is so tight! Goddamn, I’m tight! I’m so tight! I’m so fucking tight! Pound me!”

“Fuck-yes! Fuck-yes, Debra.” I groaned.

“This ass is yours, daddy! Ugh! Yes! I need cock in this asshole! Drill me daddy! Fuck-I’m-tight! Fuck-I’m-tight! Fuck-I’m-tight!”

“You ain’t kidding!” I said happily.

I had my way with her tight, slick asshole. I loved every second.

“Feel that, daddy? Oh, fuck! Fuck my ass is so tight! Pound my ass, daddy! I need cock in this ass! I need it so bad!”

“Yes… yes, you do.” I grunted.

“Goddamn! Goddamn, daddy! I need cock! Ugh, give me cock!”

“YES! Yes, Debra! MORE! MORE!” I roared.

“I… ungh… need my… ungh... asshole… UNGH... stretched! It’s so tight! Stretch me out, daddy! Stretch me out!”

Debra kept her asshole loose and gave absolutely zero resistance as I reamed her asshole with force. Debra used her larger size to her advantage as she held herself still and firm, and just took the super-aggressive ass-reaming like a champ. This was amazing. She was amazing.

“Drill this mother’s asshole! Make it sore! Make this… UNGH... sheltered mother… UNGH... take cream… UNGH... in her ass!”

Debra could probably feel how sweaty my arms and chest were already becoming. Debra was a shitty actor, but she was a natural at begging, especially during anal sex.

“Holy shit… Oh, Debra. You’re so... so fucking good.” I groaned, “I’m drenched… I’m sweating like a pig! I love fucking you in the ass!”

Now that she knew how close I was, it gave Debra the encouragement she needed to beg even harder and finish the job. Once I allowed myself to get this close, Debra never let me bubble back down.

“Don’t slow down! Don’t catch your breath! Don’t think! Just grab me by the love-handles and DRILL ME!” Debra yelled.

I happily complied and drilled Debra, her elevated ass giving me the perfect angle with her being on the floor.

“Yeah daddy! Pound this ass! Pound this ass!” Debra yelled convincingly.

Debra was really smart by telling me not to think or catch my breath. I was done for.

Once I let out my involuntary high-pitched moan, Debra pinched the life out of my cock with her impressively-strong sphincter.

“Here it comes!” I wheezed.

“Fill my ass-cheeks! Fill my ass-cheeks!” Debra panted.

I savoured the feeling of Debra’s butt-muscles as I erupted inside this kidnapped woman’s asshole.

“UNGH! Take it, Debra! I want you to TAKE IT! Take it in your asshole! TAKE. IT. ALL!” I grunted loudly as I came.

Debra fake-moaned as she felt her ass being filled with seed.

“Yeah Debby-baby! Feel it in your ass!”

I quickly pulled my cock out of Debra’s ass. I quickly looked behind me to make sure that the camera got a good view of everything that just happened.

I leaned forward, grabbed hold of Debra’s breasts with both of my hands, and leaned my face into her ear.

I began to squeeze, jiggle, and play Debra’s tits as I put my mouth to her ear.

“You like this?” I said in Debra’s ear as I jiggled her large tits in my hands, “You like this, bitch?! HUH?! You like this?! HUH!?! Do you like what I’ve turned you into?! You’re doing porn now! Do you like what I’ve made you?! This is your new life!”

“My… my ass… My ass!” Debra whined, holding her ass-cheeks.

“Your asshole hurts, doesn’t it? I can’t tell you how dominant it feels to make a suburban woman bend over for me… and then give her asshole a hard pounding.”

“You’re hurting me! Please stop going in my ass SO hard! I’m begging! I’m begging you for mercy.” Debra whispered.

“That lube WAS your mercy. Now shut up and support my weight.”

I collapsed onto Debra, pinning her to the floor. Debra didn’t do her usual whimpering or pouting as I laid on top of her body. We both just laid there and caught our breath.

“Holy fuck…” I groaned, “Goddamn, this asshole is good!”

I sniffed Debra’s freshly conditioned hair and said, “Rest up, Debra. This asshole was good and I’m not finished with it yet. In about 10 minutes I’m gonna rail your ass on camera again. Less lube this time. And I’m going to be pounding you EVEN harder.”

I saw a single tear fall from Debra’s eye. She quickly wiped it before I could say anything, and replied, “Y-yes, daddy.”

* * *

“Please… I don’t want to do this!” Debra begged, “I’m pregnant! I’m a fucking pregnant woman!”

“Well then you better hold your arm still or I’ll be kicking your pregnant-ass!” I spat.

Debra watched in horror as I lined up my heroin needle with her arm.

“At least don’t make us share needles!” Debra cried.

“Oh, please! After all the shit I’ve done to you?! If I had any diseases I would’ve given them to you by now, trust me.”

“Don’t do this…” Debra whispered.

“I really want to see your suburban-ass getting addicted to drugs. You’ll love getting high, trust me.” I smiled, “I found the vein. Now hold still, babe.”

Debra took a deep breath and closed her eyes as I injected heroin into her bloodstream.

“Shhhhiiiiiiiiiitttt…” Debra moaned.

“Good hit, huh?” I chuckled.

“Holy fuck. I’m so… high. And that was just one injection.” Debra said.

“You really are suburban!” I chuckled, “It’s called a ‘hit’, babe. An injection is referred to as a hit.”

“Well whatever you want to call it, that shit is really strong! I don’t want to do this anymore! Plus, I hate needles.” Debra pouted.

“Yeah, heroin is pretty strong. But also, that was your very first hit. You haven’t built up a tolerance yet. Plus I didn’t get the cheap shit. Now that I’m controlling YOUR body, and YOUR bank account, we can get the good stuff.”

“Wha—? H-huh?” Debra stammered, massaging her temples, and wiping sweat from her face.

“Whoa, that was fast! Oh man, you really are gone!” I laughed, “But as I was saying; I meant that as long as I’m in control of your body, I get to access all of your funds. That means I don’t have to deal with the sketchy drug dealers that I used to have to fuck around with. With YOUR money I can get stuff that I KNOW is good. Not cheap shit that’s cut with soap and is half laundry-detergent or some shit.”

“Cut with soap? What does that even mean? And did you say laundry detergent? Why… Why would you buy laundry detergent with your drugs?” Debra asked, genuinely confused.

“Nevermind,” I sighed, “Your snow-white, suburban-ass wouldn’t understand. Just enjoy your high, baby. Want another hit?”

“Dear god, no. I can barely handle this one.” Debra whispered.

“Alright babe! One even-bigger-hit coming right up!” I said happily.

“N-n-no.” Was all Debra managed to speak.

I smiled at her while I reloaded the syringe.

“Hand me your arm.” I said to Debra.

“I’m plenty-high already, I promise!” Debra pouted.

I snatched Debra’s arm and laid it flat on the table, “It’s not that I don’t believe you,” I said, searching for Debra’s vein again, “It’s just that I want your innocent body filled to the brim with this crap.”

* * *

Debra and I were both naked, on Kim’s 180 degree living room couch.

Debra was in my lap as I awkwardly handled my laptop at the same time.

“I never thought editing a video could be so much fun!” I said to Debra.

“I thought you wanted to keep what you’re doing to me a secret!” Debra pouted, “This is the exact opposite of secret!”

“You’re asking for sound logic, and a consistent ideology from me. I’m clearly a psychopath, Debra.”

“Good point.” Debra nodded.

“You know? I kind of like having you naked and in my lap, fatty. Wiggle your ass into my crotch.”

“Like this, daddy?” Debra asked as she began a light ass-wiggle.

“Perfect.” I said, planting a kiss on Debra’s soft back.

A tear ran down Debra’s cheek as she watched me type the words, ‘Starring the Proud Mother, Debra Renée Horton’ in the video description.

Then, a few more fell from her face once I clicked upload.

“Holy-shit! Hey babe, LOOK! 11 views ALREADY! It hasn’t even been 11 SECONDS yet! HA!”

I opened a new tab and went to Facebook.

Debra’s eyes filled with hate as she noticed I was logging into her account, and not mine.

“I HATE that you know all of my passwords now.” Debra spat.

Debra’s eyes widened as she saw me go to her church’s Facebook group.

“What are you…?” Debra asked.

Debra gasped when she saw me go back to my previous tab, and copy the link to her video.

“Let me gargle and choke on your cock, daddy!” Debra begged, increasing the speed and strength for her ass-wiggling in my lap, “Or make me take it in the ass again! Anything! Anything but that!”

I posted the link in the Facebook group. Then quickly typed in the comments underneath, ‘NO! THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO DELETE THIS POST!’ And instantly reported my own post.

Thankfully Facebook allows you to see the exact moment when certain people view your post in a private groups. I knew that 8 different people saw the post before it got deleted and Debra’s account was banned from the group.

“Well babe, eight people saw!” I said, squishing Debra’s flabby stomach, “Eight people is enough to start a nice gossip-flow, wouldn’t you say?”

“I’m GOING to escape from you. One day.” Debra said.

“I REALLY hope you’re wrong about that. But, JUST in case you’re right; it really, really would be stupid of me not to enjoy your suburban body while I have it! Right?!”

I place the laptop down on the couch.

“If you DO find a way to defeat me someday; I’ll NEVER have this body ever again.” I said, rubbing my hands along Debra’s sides, “But right NOW? You’re under MY control. You’re MY whore. So I’m gonna USE you while I know I still can.”

Debra curled her lips and narrowed her eyes.

“Turn around and straddle me.” I ordered, “I’m going to get as much enjoyment out of you as possible, Debra.”

“Yes, daddy.”

I noticed both of Debra’s feet vibrating. Her bright-yellow toenails were shaking back and forth in a blur.

“Debra, what are you doing?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I’m… I’m resisting your mind control!” Debra said.

Not even two seconds later, Debra was forced into straddling my cock with her warm vagina.

“Well, you’re doing a pretty shit job at that!” I laughed.

“One day… One day I will be free...” Debra whispered as she began impaling herself.

“Even if that’s true, no one can ever erase these memories we now share.” I said, “And you can never, ever, be un-raped.”

Debra and fucked me cow-girl style on the couch. She fucked herself with my cock for about three minutes in total silence.

Neither of us said anything. The only sound was from the out-of-shape Debra, huffing and puffing as she fucked herself with my cock.

“Yeah, Debra…”

Tears streamed Debra’s face again.

“Yeah, Debra…” I groaned, “Yeah… Hump that cock… Hump that cock... Yeah…”

I titled my head back and stared at the overweight, rich lady humping my meat.

I tightened my grip and dug my fingernails into Debra’s squishy skin.

“Yeah, Debra… I’m close... I’m close... Don’t stop… Don’t stop… Yeeeeaaaahhhh…”

Debra held herself in place, knowing I wanted every drop to go inside her.

I’ve trained her well.

I gave Debra a quick pat after I came inside her, “Alright, I’m done with ya’. Whore.”

As soon as Debra stood up, my semen leaked out of her pussy.

I snapped my fingers, pointed to her crotch, and whistled.

Debra scooped it with her first two fingers, put it in her mouth, and slowly sucked on it. She held it in her mouth for a while, before eventually swallowing it.

“One day, I will be free.” Debra said as she put her dress and heels back on, “And I’ll make you pay for this!”