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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 8)

“Ah, yes perfect. THIS is the look. You’re going to buy one of every single color they have of this dress!” I said with enthusiasm.

“You’re kidding right?” Deb said as she exited the dressing room.

The tubeless dress I made Debra try on was so small and tight that it barely covered her crotch. The especially sexy part, was that dress was only able to cover her nipples. The entirety of her massive tits were on full display for anyone in the world. I made Debra model the dress and walk around for me. The dress was so obscenely short, that if you were to look hard enough, you could barely see the faintest part of her pussy lips with every step she took.

“I have to take small steps to avoid showing my pussy. I can’t wear this! You can’t be serious!” Debra whined.

“Yeah, I am serious. That dress is so small that I can do THIS to you without you even needing to pull your dress up or bother getting undressed.” I said walking closer.

“Do what?” Debra asked. Then her eyes widened as I moved towards her.

“God no! Stop! Please! Not here!” Debra begged.

She pushed her hands against my chest, trying to keep me outside. I successfully pushed her back inside the dressing room and closed the door behind us both.

Because I won that little battle and was now inside, she didn’t even bother to make me have to give the next order. Debra just heavily sighed and placed her hands on the small dressing room bench and bent over. I unzipped and pulled down my pants and boxers to where they were only hanging on one of my legs. Debra adjusted her back and made sure to plant her hell heels firmly on the ground. She didn’t want to be caught trying to balance on her toes again.

As much as I loved groaning and moaning in my girls’ ears as I rape them, I knew I had to be very quiet. I doubt we’d get in too much trouble, but we’d certainly get kicked out of the store. I really wanted my Debra to be able to buy all those sexy tubeless dresses.

The dress was so short that when Debra bent over, the entirety of both her ass cheeks were exposed to me. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful red hair with my left hand as I fucked her, while I used my right to maintain balance and support. I really wanted to slam her face into the dressing room wall and make her my bitch for trying to keep me outside; but I had to be quiet, unfortunately.

I loved the stupid look on her face; this blank open mouthed gape she was forced to display; a result of not even being able to scream or cry in public.

I hadn’t even gotten a good rhythm yet. But Debra’s amazing pussy didn’t care, as it was already milking.

I held out as long as I could, giving Debra about a dozen deep, slow, forceful strokes and making sure to bury myself deep. I hoped my nut would be fat, so when I came in her she could have it run down her legs later while we shopped. I was determined to make Debra feel as used as possible today. I wanted her to feel like the cumdumpster I saw her ass.

“Fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk… that’s right Debra… yeah… be a good cumpdumpster...”

I pushed in as far as I could as I pumped my seed in Debra. I smiled as I could feel the heaviness of my load as it left my shaft.

When I pulled out of Deb, I dried off my dick by rubbing it in between Debra’s ass cheeks. Debra stood up without a word. She pulled her dress back down and tried to cover her ass cheeks all she could. Debra calmly stood up straight. I was waiting for something more, but all she did was give one depressed-sounding sniffle.

“That’s it?” I said to Debra.

Debra shrugged. “What do you expect? You… you just... keep.... raping me… again and again and again. I hate it, but do you think I’m just going to have a mental breakdown and sob on the floor every time you put your dick in me? Get over yourself.”

“I see. I get it. I’m wearing you down. Your brain and body are slowly getting used to my constant and consistent rapes.” I said calmly.

“Oh, but do you know what else you should get used to?”

Debra sighed, “Ok, I’ll bite, what?”

“You should get used to walking around while dripping with my cum. It’s one of my kinks to have an unwilling woman walk around with my cum between her legs. An oddly specific fantasy of mine that I never thought I’d be able to live out until I invented the ISA and took your body over.” I said as we left the dressing room.

My heart leaped as just when I said that, I saw my cum begin to run down her thigh. Debra would’ve probably paid anything to be able to wear panties at this moment. Debra now understood what I meant. The fact that Debra was ordered to be repulsed by cum just made the whole situation that much sweeter for me.

I saw her gag a little and she made a disgusted face. Debra then reached her hand to her crotch.

“Don’t you dare wipe that!” I ordered.

“Let it drip Debra… let it drip.”

“God… you’re so gross!” Debra whined.

“You know what I’m going to force you to do now, right? You’re going to show off my dripping cum to everyone as we walk around the store!”

Debra looked disgusted as I made her walk around both floors of the store several times, even after we found all the clothes we wanted to buy. She knew I was getting off on this, which I think made her hate the whole thing even more.

“Moments like these are why I’m glad you aren’t allowed to wear panties.” I laughed.

We kept walking and I was loving every second of it.

“Squat.” I whispered in Debra’s ear as soon as we were in an empty corner of the store.

Debra squatted and I slowly walked circles around her.

“Please, it hurts.” Debra whined after about thirty seconds.

“I’ll bet it does, fatass. It’s probably the first form of exercise your body’s had in 20 years. Human knees weren’t meant to support this kind of strain. You can stand up now.”

Debra understood the point of the squatting as now my cum now ran all the way down the length of her thigh.

“Good slave,” I purred, “I just had to get it to leak a little further before it dried in place. Now let’s walk around some more.”

Debra walked around miserable, her hell heels loudly clicking as she walked on the store’s tile, making sure everyone turned to look at us as we walked past.

“Oh by god Debby, my cum is running down your leg!” I fake-giggled as we walked past an older woman who wasn’t paying attention to us.

She made eye contact with Debra and Debra quickly turned red as we rounded the corner.

Debra got snapped out of her revulsion and embarrassment when she noticed a happy couple. A chubby white girl and taller white guy. They were laughing and goofing around a few aisles down. Debra stopped walking. She just watched them with sad eyes and began clenching her throat. I saw an opportunity to hurt her emotionally since she was apparently starting to become numb to my constant rapes.

“Reminds you of you and John, huh? In the life you USED to have. See how happy they look? You will never be like those two. Ever again. Say goodbye John, who had all the love in the world for you. You lost him to a rapist who makes you walk around with his cum dripping down your leg!” I laughed as I reached down to hold her hand, interlocking her fingers.

It had the intended effect as the fat bitch sat down very suddenly by the shoe bench that we were right next to. She quickly broke free of my hand. Debra wasn’t allowed to cry, but we just waited quietly for a few moments as she sat in silence while she kept her face buried in her palms.

She began to take deep breaths while sitting down, while I just stood there, looking at her. I tried to give her time to compose herself, but I was getting impatient.

“Are you good now, Debra? Or do I need to beat and rape you again?” I asked after a little while.

“That’s not necessary! I’m good. I’m good.” Debra said quickly as she stood up.

“You sure? Cause I’m more than happy to rape and beat you again if you need it.” I said coldly.

Debra tugged on her dress, “Yeah I’m fine. It’s just that… Maybe just… Nevermind.”

“Tell me what you were going to say.” I ordered.

“I was going to ask for you to let me have just one size bigger. But then I realized that you weren’t even going to do that. That’s why I just needed a moment to sit down. I lost my loving husband, and now I’m having a baby with a man that won’t even do one small favor for me.” Deb answered.

“Look at you Debra! You’re starting to learn!” I said with a smile, “If you WERE to ask that, I would’ve made it one size smaller.”

Deb went to buy the dresses, including the one she was wearing.

“That dress looks ready to fucking rip apart.” I said to Deb as we exited the store.

“On the bright side, once I make you gain all your weight back, I don’t think you’ll be able to wear these dresses anymore.” I chuckled as I pinched her stomach.

* * *

Debra and I walked into the same tattoo shop, and saw the same guy before.

“Hey, welcome back!” the man said, recognizing us.

“Yeah, I thought you’d remember us! If you thought we were wild before, wait until you hear this.” I said.

That was Debra’s cue. “I want the word ‘SLUT’ in all capital letters on the back of my neck!”

“Gracious…” the man mumbled.

“Oh yeah, and don’t worry, she’s sure about it!” I added.

“You are?” the man asked, double checking.

“Trust me, I’m so sure I want to do this!” Debra exclaimed.

Wait, wasn’t that the same line from before? Oh my god, I never deprogrammed about the tattoo orders from before! Hopefully that won’t lead to any problems. Debra held up the sketch we made at the house and held it up to her own neck. He made the outline on Debra’s neck and she examined it using the double-mirror trick.

Wait a minute. If she was never deprogrammed from earlier, then that means…

“Bigger.” Debra said.

“You don’t exactly have a lot of neck left,” the man chuckled, “How about we move it to your shoulders instead?”

That was a question I didn’t have a pre-set answer for. That means Debra would just remain silent. I had to step in.

“Oh yeah, that’ll be even better Debby!” I said out loud.

He made another sketch, this one much bigger than the one I had intended to punish her with, and the one I intended for her was already fucking huge.

“Bigger.” Deb said again.

Fear flashed Debra’s eyes as she said the words. Finally coming to the same conclusion I did.

The artist’s final sketch was humongous. Absolutely gargantuan. The center top of the capital S was on her left shoulder blade, and the center-top of the T was on her right. With the letters extending all the way down her back, ending right where her way-to-small tubeless dress started.

Debra’s lips quivered, as she tried to resist her next line. “Yes, this perfect.” Debra said robotically after analyzing it.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

* * *

The artist finished the tattoo and bandaged Debra’s back.

“Just keep it covered up for a few days, and use this tattoo-goo twice a day.” the artist said.

“Ok, thank you!” Debra said.

“Your total is $850.”

Deb mechanically opened her purse.

“Absolutely lovely,” I said, “We’ll be back soon to mark her up some more.”

We left the tattoo place and headed to the car. But as soon as I turned my back, facing the car, Debra took off sprinting as fast as she could. By the time I realized what had happened, she was already across the street; but she couldn’t get out of earshot of me trying to run in those awful hell heels.

“Debra, come back here, NOW!” I ordered.

“Dammit!” Debra yelled in frustration as her legs mechanically stopped running and turned her around.

When Debra returned, I made sure no one was watching and gave her a slap across the face as hard as could. I then kneed her in the stomach, causing her to buckle. Debra held herself up against the car for support.

“You will never try to run away from me, ever again.” I ordered.

“You’re beating me while I’m pregnant!” Debra cried.

“Thank you for informing me.” I said sarcastically.

The slaves manage to find a weird loophole every once in a while. I was actually a little glad she tried to run away, good to crush all those small errors in my programming now. As we entered the car Debra slumped in the passenger’s seat. She looked down at her awful heels on her feet and pouted.

“I was thinking the same thing.” I said to Deb, “You probably could’ve gotten out of ear shot from me if it weren’t for those awful heels. Good thing you can never take them off!” I laughed.

“You know, what just happened right then was a perfect example of your slavehood. You see, some part of you will always resist me, but the ISA will always stay in charge. As long as it is in control of that fat body of yours; it will make you wear awful heels, force you take my loads as I raw-dog you, and follow my every order, no matter how arbitrary.”

I grabbed Debra’s head and turned her away from me. I then licked and kissed the ISA that was inside Debra. It was slightly bulging from the back of Debra’s neck. The bulge of the ISA was obvious and clearly visible; but it was still small enough that a random person wouldn’t notice unless they were specifically looking for it.

“I can’t let you be free Debra,” I said nibbling on her ear, “You’re fat, and your pussy isn’t even tight, but you’re a good fuck. For that reason alone, I absolutely cannot lose this 24/7 access to your body. You have a very important job, you’re my cum dumpster.”

“I miss my family...” Debra choked as she stared out the car window.

* * *

It was time to check off the next item of Debra’s torture list. I took Debra to get her piercings.

As we got to the mall, I went to the parking garage. There was still lots of room to park on the very first floor, as a result, absolutely no one was parked on the second floor. Makes sense, why walk extra when you don’t have to? I drove to the second floor. As Debra and I got out of the car, I could tell what she was thinking. Something along the lines of, ‘Did you not see the open parking spots you drove past, dumbass?’ But didn’t dare to say anything.

“On your hands and knees, cum dumpster.” I ordered calmly.

“Ah, I knew there had to be a reason.” Debra said, making a sarcastic laugh that she involuntarily turned into a sob as she got on all fours.

So, Debra wasn’t as unphased from this constant raping as she pretended to be. Good to know.

“Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that you’re OH SO willing to walk around dripping with my cum, but I want my batches that you walk around with to be as fresh as possible.” I laughed.

I fucked Debra on her knees while we were on the pavement of the parking garage. I didn’t go out of my way to hurt her, but I wasn’t the least bit considerate either.

“A month ago… you were a happy… upper class… suburban mom… now you’re getting… RAW-DOGGED… in a parking garage!”

Debra began to cry. Music to my ears. It didn’t feel like true fun unless my cumdumpster was sobbing and crying. Being reminded of the life she once had was too much for her.

I freed Debra’s braless tits from her tubeless dress as I mercilessly fucked her pantiless crotch.

Small tubeless dress? No bras or panties? I began to truly realize for the first time how little clothing she was actually wearing. So fucking hot.

“Ow my knees! You’re scraping them!” Debra yelled as loud as the ISA allowed her to.

“I don’t give a fuck. You tried to run from me!” I grunted.

I pinched her nipples.

“Fuck your knees. In a few moments… these will hurt a lot more.”

I leaned all my weight into Debra and pushed in as deep as I could once I felt her pussy clench me.

“Yes… GOD... it’s so... easy... to cum in you…” I moaned as I creampied my captive fat bitch.

As I stood up I quickly ordered, “Don’t touch your body. Don’t dust yourself off. Don’t wipe off my cum. Nothing. You will enter the mall exactly how you are.”

Debra had gray-black knees and pits of gravel stuck to her palms. She closed her eyes tightly. She looked like the bottom-of-the-barrel street trash she used to scoff at, and she knew it.

* * *

I got Debra nipple bar piercings as they were the biggest thing they had. I also made her get a septum piercing, nose piercings, eyebrow piercings, and a small vibrating tongue piercing. I took her to the bathroom once we were done. I wanted to test out how good that vibrating tongue piercing would make her blowjobs. The answer was very, as I got a little too carried away and moaned just a little too loud.

Some dumb, good for nothing had snitched on us. When we got kicked out I said loudly to the security, “Sorry, she’s cheating on her husband. We needed a place to fuck!”

Debra’s face turned bright red as the bathroom was directly next to the food court. Both customers and employees began staring at her, with people looking mostly at her blackened knees; with only a select few noticing the real prize that was left on dripping down her thighs.

Everyone began laughing and whispering as we were escorted out of the mall.

A lot of people were only gawking at how small her dress was. God, I’m so evil.

* * *

It was night time at this point. I went to open Kim’s bedroom door. Locked.

“Open up Kim.” I ordered.

Kim opened the door.

“Welcome home rapist.” She spat.

“You know, if Deb said something like that to me, I would’ve beaten her and possibly gotten another tattoo for her. You are my wife however, and can say just about whatever you want, I don’t give a shit. You just can’t attempt to deny me sex is all. As long as I get the last laugh and get to bust a nut in your tight pussy, I don’t care what you say. You may not be treated as well as Carly, but just thank god you’re not the cow. She’ll tell you; I’ve put her through hell these past few days.”

Debra heard what I said, and glared at me through Kim’s open door. Then I heard her heels clicking as she shook her head and walked away. I didn’t even know she was right outside in the hallway, honest. But at least maybe the cow would learn her place. They all had their jobs to do. Debra continuously resisted her fate. She was my personal cum dumpster and the lightning rod for whenever I want to torture someone. The worst role of the three girls by far. She definitely pulled the short straw, and that was obvious to everyone. As a result, she was the one who struggled to accept her fate the most.

“It’s been a long and fun day. I’ve been playing with the cum dumpster so much I’ve been neglecting my wife. Don’t worry, I’m here now to put my dick in you. I’m sure you’re relieved to hear that.” I laughed.

“Now come here.”

I began to make out with Kim, with tons of tongue as always.

“Put on your slave uniform,” I ordered, “I love the way you girls struggle walking in hell heels.”

Kim began getting dressed. My wife didn’t have to wear her uniform and heels 24/7, that prize was reserved for the cow. As Kim got dressed, I got undressed. I began slowly stroking my uncleaned cock.

“Walk around the room, but always keep that cute ass facing me.” I ordered.

Kim’s legs wobbled as she walked. When she got to the end of the room, she began walking backwards to keep her ass facing me. Wow what a sight. She struggled a shit ton more while attempting to walk backwards. Her legs aggressively wobbled and basically made Kim do a small twerk for me.

“Ah, that’s nice. Now bend over my dresser.” I ordered.

“My dresser.” Kim corrected as she bent over the dresser.

“What did you say?” I asked, already knowing.

“MY dresser. MY dead parents left ME this house and everything inside it; not some evil rapist bastard they never even met. It’s MY dresser and MY house, not yours!”

Kim’s heels were planted firmly on the ground. It was a tactic Kim and Deb used to make fucking in those hell heels at least somewhat tolerable.

“Balance on your toes.” I ordered.

Kim groaned. As if the hell heels weren’t bad enough, they also had an INCREDIBLY small base at the toes. She was basically only balancing on her two biggest toes, wobbling like crazy as she struggled to maintain balance.

I pushed myself into Kim, she wasn’t as wet as Debra, but still more than serviceable.

“Raping Debra is great and all, but no man will never get tired of the feeling of a tight pussy.” I said while thrusting into her.

“The entire time we fuck, repeat the phrase, ‘My parents left me nothing... because the house is yours’.” I ordered.

“My parents left me nothing… because the house is yours. My parents left me nothing… because the house is yours. My parents left me nothing… because the house is yours.” Kim chanted.

“Deny it all you want Kimberly… but we both know that I am the owner of this house now.” I said overtop Kim’s chanting.

I began to rapidly pound her. The chants were really seeming to get to Kim. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but apparently it was; as she gritted her teeth while being forced to chant.

I’m sure it’s only because this house was all they had left to give to Kim. Her parent’s death was obviously traumatic for her. It’s just too bad I decided to barge into her life, forcibly marry her, and steal the house though… HA!

“My parents left me nothing… because the house is yours.”

“YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS BITCH!” I yelled loudly in her ear, startling Kim to the point where she almost lost balance.

I busted a load deep inside my wife.

“Yes Kimberly! Yes! Yes!” I cried.

Kimberly wasted no time, as soon as I pulled out she had immediately stopped balancing on her toes.

“As punishment for your disrespectful attitude, you aren’t allowed to use any electronics for the rest of the day, and you will be going to bed early tonight. Oh, and just so you know, I fucked Deb at a clothing store, parking garage, and the piercing place and haven’t washed since then. That’s an entire days’ worth Debra’s semi-dried pussy juice that’s swishing around in your guts right now.” I laughed.

Kim kicked off her hell heels and ran to the shower as I laughed at her, Kimberly’s face tightening with disgust.

* * *

“Hey Debby-bun.” I said, spooning her as I crawled onto the 180 degree couch with her.

“What the hell do you want now?!” Debra asked, super annoyed.

“Well obviously I’m here because I want to rape you some, silly!”

“GOD… haven’t you done enough today?!” Debra screamed, her body literally vibrating with anger just due to my mere presence. Debra hated me so much. Lovely.

“I’m determined to eventually last for a long time in you, Debra. You’re going to help train me tonight, whether you want to or not. Every time we fuck, I nut in you SUPER fast. When I’m raw-dogging your guts, I want it to last longer. More fun for me, plus, they will be more torturous for you.”

“I’m glad you showered and cleaned yourself up, I made you pretty gross today. Now I get to make you gross all over again!”

I began grinding my naked body on Debra.

“The dresses are nice... but I want you to get naked, you fat bitch...” I whispered in her ear.

I loved the way Debra struggled to remove the small dress. I was just about to get started, but then I realized something was missing.

Because Debra was about to go to sleep, the ISA allowed her to take her hell heels off.

“Hell heels, bitch. Put them back on. You aren’t sleeping yet.” I ordered.

Once she did I ordered her to lie back down on the couch and spoon with me. I unceremoniously kicked Debra’s legs apart and slid mine in between. I pulled out my dick and tried to find her hole, but in the dark I was really struggling to do so.

“I can’t find your loose-ass pussy! Make yourself useful bitch! Grab my cock and shove it inside you!” I ordered.

My heart began racing with excitement as I felt Debra’s hand slowly snake down, quickly find my cock, and grasp it. I especially loved the way I could feel her hand vibrating on my cock as she resisted the ISA’s control. Debra began to cry as she was forced to push my cock inside her hole.

“Your bank account has tens of thousands of dollars in it… but you fuck with all the enthusiam of a prostitue and live on pennies a day…” I groaned in Debra’s ear.

We were both lying on our sides as we fucked, the first time I’ve ever fucked this way. Like a machine, Debby’s pussy betrayed her yet again.

“Your magical pussy is the reason I rape you so much.” I said to Deb.

“I know…” Debra sobbed.

I grabbed Debra by her chubby stomach and used her for support as I thrusted further into her.

“You aren’t tight, and you’re a fat fuck. Luckily your pussy saves this shit show you call a body.” I said in Deb’s ear.

“Otherwise you’d be purposeless. You would’ve never been my cumdumpster! I would’ve probably just raped you once, robbed you and then sent you on your way.” I said to Debra as I found a nice angle and went deeper in her.

“Cause you’re the ugliest…”

“You’re the fattest…”

“And your pussy is the loosest thing I’ve ever felt in my life!”

“STOP!” Debra cried, “You’ve got my pussy ok!?! So stop being so mean!”

I was going to improvise some clever comeback, but I moaned as Debby’s pussy continuing working it’s magic; and immediately stopped thrusting as I felt the urge to cum. Debra, realizing what was going on, began grinding herself deeper onto my cock, trying to get me to cum and to get this over with.

“Freeze Debby-bun,” I ordered, “Oldest trick in the rape victim book.” I laughed.

I waited until my bubbling settled down and then began stroking her insides once again. Debra let out a small wine.

“I know you hate this, Debby-bun. I know you want this over with. But the longer I last, the more you are forced to milk me, cow. Why would I ever want you to stop doing that?”

Once I got a rhythm going again, Debra sobbed. She absolutely hated how much pleasure she was involuntarily giving a bastard like me.

“Kill me! Or let me kill myself! PLEASE! You’ve taken everything from me! I have nothing left to live for!” Debra cried out as I sped up my thrusting.

I knew she meant that too, since Kim had tried killing herself once before.

“Nah... if you’re dead... I can’t—” I stopped talking and stroking as I felt myself bubbling up again.

“Just cum already!” Deb yelled out in frustration.

Once I settled down, I started pumping yet again.

“Your feelings mean nothing, I’m only here for your body remember? I’m gonna take my time with the nice pussy of yours. And… oh… oh fuck!” I wanted to stop thrusting again, but I literally couldn’t. It felt so good. I needed this.

Even though Debra followed her orders to freeze, the ISA didn’t apply to involuntary muscle movement like Debra’s clenching pussy. I couldn’t stand her warm, sloppy, milking pussy any longer. I was going to cum no matter what.

“If you want this to be over, beg me to cum. With enthusiasm.” I ordered.

“Cum in this magical pussy! It exists to serve you! I need your warm jizz! Soak my insides! Fill me up with your hot—”

“UUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!! Oh fuck! YES! That’s right bitch... take it! Take every last drop of my semen you FAT. FUCKING. COW!”

I held onto Debra as tightly as I could while I came. I didn’t want her trying to squirm away. I really needed her to feel me inside her while I pumped my warm goo in her. Despite a whole day of sex, that still managed to be one of the biggest loads I ever dropped in my life. I believe that it had something to do with hearing Debra’s real voice begging me to nut. Not the monotone robot voice of the ISA, but her real voice. I knew she only begged like that because she wanted this to be over with; but it satisfied something deep in my brain; allowing me to produce such a big load.

When I released my grip, Debra scooted away as expected, and a bunch of my semen leaked out of Debra’s pussy and dripped onto the couch.

“FUCK! That was amazing! You can clean yourself up, slave. But I want you to clean up the couch first! This couch is worth more to me than you, so it gets cleaned first.”

Debra stood up with her tall heels and looked down at me; her fat ass jiggling as she stood up.

“You care about some stupid two-thousand dollar couch more than me? Even though I’m going to be the mother of your child?” Debra demanded.

“Yep.” I replied.

“You say you don’t care, but if you really care about me so little, then why in the FUCK did you go through all the trouble to ruin my marriage AND get me pregnant?!” Deb demanded, her tits flopping as she pointed angrily.

“I did go out of my way to get you pregnant; but I didn’t ruin your marriage, YOU did. You were the one who admitted it. I didn’t plan on having you stay here, especially not tonight. That amazing sex we just had? It never would’ve been possible. You shouldn’t even be here right now. You could’ve been sleeping next to your husband tonight. It didn’t have to be this way.” I said.

“You made me stay here! I could’ve gotten a hotel, in fact I even planned to! Then you stepped in.” Debra pouted.

“Yeah, well you don’t control your life decisions anymore. But I will say, I really like having your husband out of the picture so I can get that pussy to milk me more.” I replied.

“So you admit it. You DO care. I have this pussy you love! Even if you’re just using me for sex, you admit that you do still care!”

Now I saw clearly what Debra wanted me to say.

With her husband disgusted with her, and her kids most likely to grow up hating her, Debra had no one. Hell, not even her sister slaves liked her. She wanted to know that at least one person on earth cared whether she lived or died. She didn’t even care about HERSELF living anymore. I had completely isolated this fat bitch from her friends and family. We humans are social creatures, and I’ve forced Deb to have no one.

Deb was so desperate for some human connection that she was reaching out to the rapist who enslaved her in the first place. Now THAT’S sad. Probably some minor version of stockholm syndrome. But me, being the bastard I am, refused to give her even the shred of happiness she was searching for.

“No, I don’t care about you. Not one bit. There’s tons of people I could enslave that are WAY hotter than you. If you died tomorrow I wouldn’t give one fuck. In fact, I’d be a little happy since I could then take back that super-expensive ISA out of your corpse! Plus, with you living on the couch, you kind of ruin the whole feeling of the living room. I would also be able to focus on my wife more without your sloppy pussy distracting me all the time. Know your place Debra, you mean absolutely nothing to me you fatass bitch!”

“Then let me kill myself then!” Deb yelled as loud as allowed.

“FOR THE LAST TIME NO! Now clean up this goddamn couch NOW!” I ordered.

Debra sniffled as she retrieved some paper towels from the bathroom. Debra satisfied me so well that I was going to go to sleep and let her be done for the night, I truly was. But while lying on the couch, I saw the way her huge ass and hips dramatically swayed with every step the fat girl took in those hell heels.

I licked my lips while staring at her chunky ass; the caveman in me wanted even more.

“What do you need those for?” I asked when she returned with the paper towels.

“To clean up the couch.” Debra replied.

“Is there something wrong with your tongue?” I asked sarcastically.

Debra gritted her teeth, balled her fists, and got down on her knees.

“Slowly. Very, VERY slowly. Yeah… lap up my seed... You’re so fat that you even enjoy eating your rapist’s baby batter, huh? You’re doing good Debra… Just tap it with your tongue a little and slowly lick it up. And don’t you dare break eye contact with me while you do so, you fat cunt!”

Debra stared at me with her watery eyes as she slowly licked up and my semen that spilled from her pussy to the leather couch.

“Slower. Really take your time licking this up.” I said stroking my dick as Debra slowly began licking and swallowing all the cum.

“I CAN and WILL make you do all kinds of disgusting things for me.” I said, my cock now all the way hard.

Debra slowly licked up every drop that was spilled from her sweet cunt. When she swallowed the last of it, she shivered.

“You’re so meaty that when you attempted to walk in those heels, you turned me on again. These hell heels give your ass JUST the right amount of jiggle. Your fat, warm body combined with your wet, loose pussy are great for casual sex. You serve your purpose as a cum dumpster very well. Now get on the floor, you’re not done for the night. I’ve decided you’re about to take even MORE cock.”

“God… no more… just let me kill myself!” Debra begged.

I slapped her ass to make it ripple again.

Debra let out a disgusting wail as I moved behind her.

“On all fours.” I ordered calmly.

“I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!” Debra screamed as she got on her hands and knees.

“Oh but you will…” I said darkly as I shoved myself into her once more, her pleading and crying working to get me horny, restoring all of my lost stamina.

“You already know why I can’t let you die Debra,” I said with a smile. “With you alive you can live your life as my meaty-ass cum dumpster!”

Her arms and legs wobbled as I pounded Debra while she was on all fours.

But the question was, what was the context of her jiggling body?

Was she jiggling because she was resisting the ISA, or was it just the motion of her fat body swaying back and forth due to the sheer force of my poundings?

As I felt another warm nut bubbling up, I realized I didn’t care.