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The Adventures of Eggy Remixed — Book 5 — Annette’s Harem

by Otrebanks

Added 21 July 2018

Updated 04 August 2018

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Annette moves to LA to try her luck in Hollywood. Swimming pools. Movie stars. Liberated but lost thralls imprinting themselves on her. Magic leashes. Power lunches. But first the whole gang take a trip to NYC for a wild party celebrating the best-seller status of Sam and Annette’s book. Then three female PIs are hired to dig out Annette and her friends’ secrets. Do they succeed? Sorry Charlie.

Chapter Length Added
E1 — 13 Months After Eggy’s Hatching 7981 words 21 Jul 2018
E2 — Troy And The Four-Headed Woman 5488 words 21 Jul 2018
E3 — Lulu Has A Doozy 10637 words 28 Jul 2018
E4 — Recent Additions 10891 words 04 Aug 2018