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The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Blair casts a lust spell at a kink party.

Chapter 2: The earrings of lust

Blair was exhausted from a month spent solving crime as Sultry Girl. She was beginning to earn a name for herself on the Metro city streets, and her body was developing some muscles from all that chasing and fighting. The vigilante lifestyle was fun, but Blair was so incredibly tired from the constant action. She didn’t want to even think about fighting crime today. Instead she planned to spend the entire day relaxing and pampering herself, then go out for an evening of kinky fun.

The day went by in a lazy blur. She slowly sipped her coffee and nibbled on her breakfast as she lounged and read a romance novel full of magic and mystery. Then it was time for a long hot shower. The heat relaxed her muscles as the droplets massaged her naked body and washed away all her stress. She looked down at her perky hormone-induced breasts, marveling at how large they had become. Sure, they were barely C-cups and looked small on her large frame, but she’d come a long way from the flat chest she had a few years ago.

After her shower Blair ate a delicious and nutritious strawberry bacon salad. It was just enough to leave her feeling full and satisfied, giving her the energy she needed for the night’s activities. She spent the rest of the day binge watching TV as she slowly and precisely painted her nails a fiery red. She sank into her comfy leather couch and watched as Buffy, Willow, and the rest of the Scoobies slayed vampires and other demons. Her mind and body felt completely relaxed as sun began to set.

Blair reluctantly pried her lazy ass from the couch, and started preparing for an evening at ‘The Dungeon’. The first thing she put on was her new coral earrings. They were enchanted with a lust spell that she intended to test out at the party tonight. Now to find an outfit to match. She tried on several dresses, heels, skirts, and tops, and rejected most of them outright. Too baggy, too colorful, too revealing, too tight, not revealing enough. The Dungeon is an anything goes club. She could literally show up naked without anyone batting an eye, but she wanted something classy that said ‘look at my sexy body’. Hmm, this one looks promising.

Blair stood in front of the mirror, and scrutinized her latest outfit. The green and black dress she was wearing had a low cut neck line that put her perky breasts on display. Her nipples were covered, for now, but later at the party she could free them with a flick of the wrist. The soft fabric of her dress stopped inches below her ass. If she bent over just a little she’d show off her red lace panties to anyone behind her. A pair of ruby red heals accentuated her smooth shapely legs. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. That was before activating the spell that enhanced all feelings of lust and passion in everyone who saw her.

Blair ran her fingers through her long brown hair, enhancing its volume. You look stunning babe, she thought to herself, now it’s time to go. The party started 15 minutes ago.

* * *

She arrived at the plain brick building. A bouncer stood outside the door, below a sign that read “The Dungeon”. He wasn’t looking for regular ID. His job was to turn away normies who thought this was some kind of kink themed nightclub. She showed him her Metro city kinkster card, paid the cover charge, and walked inside.

Blair darling, I’m so glad you could make it. “ Johnny greeted her when she entered.

I’m happy to be here Mr. Baiter” Blair replied, leaning in and giving him a nice big hug. “You throw the most amazing parties.

The theme for tonight’s party is hypnosis. “ Johnny said excitedly, as they embraced. ”You are of course welcome to engage in any kind of play so long as it’s safe and consensual.

What a wonderful theme. “ Blair responded, ending the hug. ”I’m sure were both going to have a blast. You’ll be happy to hear that I brought a delicious offering, homemade honey cakes.

I look forward to trying one. “ Johnny replied. ”You can set them on the buffet table in the kitchen.

Blair casually strolled through the dungeon, and said hello to her friends and acquaintances. The party was just getting started. Not everyone had arrived yet, and most of them were just standing around gossiping. Later in the evening there would be naked people spanking, fucking, hypnotizing, and tying each other up in every room of the dungeon. At the moment there were only two active scenes.

In one of the small rooms a naked man was down on his knees staring into a swirling spiral. A woman was standing above him, whispering into his ears. His cock twitched uncontrollably every time she spoke. Blair didn’t stick around long enough to hear what she was saying.

In the main room, a dainty young lady was bent over a spanking bench. Her wrists and ankles were locked in place by a set of leather cuffs. She was naked except for a pair of pink panties that had been pulled down to her knees. Her cute little ass was bared for all to see. A larger woman, in a sexy leather outfit, was teasing her captive with a bamboo cane. She caressed the bound girl’s body with the tip of her cane, pausing periodically to give a swift strike to the ass or inner thigh. Meanwhile she described in agonizing detail all the naughty things that she was going to do to her helpless tied up submissive.

Blair made her way up to the balcony to watch from above. There were several other voyeurs here, some quietly chatting and others masturbating as they watched the scene unfold. There was also a familiar face, one that Blair would never have expected to see at the dungeon.

Martha. “ She said quietly, waving at the redhead beauty queen. ”It’s good to see you again. I love that little black dress you’re wearing.

I’m sorry. “ Martha replied, looking genuinely confused. ”Who are you? This is my first time here. I don’t recognize your face, but your outfit looks absolutely stunning.

You were probably too hypnotized to remember. “ Blair explained ”We met at the bank and took a ride together in Dr. Sonic’s car.

A look of dawning comprehension spread over Martha’s face. Her hazel eyes flashed with fear for a moment, then her featured settled into a coy smile. They talked for a while about that day, and shared their feelings about being hypnotized against their will. Martha explained that the police released her after confirming that she was innocent victim. Blair explained how lucky she felt to have survived being thrown from the car. She told Martha that she was a witch, and that a she cast a protection spell to save her life. She left out the part about being the superhero who showed up to save the day. No need to give away Sultry Girl’s secret identity just yet.

The thing that frightens me most,” Martha explained “is how much I enjoyed the experience. I hate Dr. Sonic, and I’ll never forgive him for the awful things he made me do. But I absolutely loved the feeling of thoughtless surrender. That’s why I’m here actually, to find someone I trust to practice hypnosis with. It’s got to be someone I find attractive, someone who I want to surrender my body and mind to. Preferably a brown haired babe with a magnificent cock and sparkling green eyes that match her sexy satin dress.

You have some very specific preferences. “ Blair replied ”It’s a good thing I came to this party. I came here to test out a spell that could give you exactly what you want. It works by enhancing feelings, sensations, and desires. In your case, because you want to be hypnotized by me, it would enhance that desire until all you can think about is obeying me. It would also enhance the sensation of everything you allow me to do to you while hypnotized. Does that sound like something you want to try?

Martha was too excited for words, so she just nodded enthusiastically. She wasn’t sure whether she believed that Blair was actually a witch. It really didn’t matter though, this was a win-win situation. If Blair was the real deal, then she was in for a mind blowing experience. If the spell wasn’t real then she could just pretend to be hypnotized and enjoy some kinky sex.

We’re going to have to talk about limits and desires before we begin. Try to be thorough when you tell me what you want. When I cast my spell you’ll become so mindlessly horny that you won’t be able to say no. That’s why I will only make you do things that you specifically consent to beforehand.

They looked down at the scene below them one last time before leaving the balcony. The girl on the spanking bench had a bright red ass and several red lines running down the back of her legs. The girl in leather was putting on a large purple strap-on. The voyeurs up above were so entranced by the display and that they hardly noticed as the two girls slipped away.

Blair and Martha found a quiet room to plan their scene. They sat down on a bed and discussed Martha’s likes, dislikes, and limits. They opted to leave the door open inviting other kinksters to sit down on the couch and watch. It would have been prudent to close that door, but Blair was no prude. In a week or two she would regret that decision, then later she would recognize it as a fortunate mistake.

How about you start by telling me what turns you on? “ Blair suggested.

Right now, what’s turning me on is the thought of being controlled by you. “ Martha quickly replied. She realized that her reply didn’t answer the intended question, and thought for a moment before continuing. ”Oh, and I absolutely love having my breasts and nipples played with. You can squeeze, pinch, lick, bite, or even fuck them. There’s something about breast play that just makes me so mindlessly horny. Just don’t bite or pinch too hard.

An ebony skinned woman in a crimson latex dress walked in while Martha was talking and exchanged a glance with Blair. The look in her sharp brown eyes told Blair that she wanted to watch. The smile on Blair’s face told her that both girls would appreciate having an audience. They didn’t need words to convey this, and neither of them wanted to interrupt the scene.

And what about the rest of your body? “ Blair inquired, returning her attention to Martha. ”Are there any other areas that need my attention? Is there any part of you that you don’t want me to touch?

You can touch any part of my body, so long as you aren’t too rough.” Martha explained. “I’m not really into pain. Also, I’d rather not have any penetrative sex tonight. Maybe we can try that another day, but I don’t know you well enough yet. You can finger me or lick me and you can make me suck or stroke you.

One last question. “ Said Blair. ”How do you feel about facials?

I love being covered in cum. “ Martha answered. ”There’s just something so incredibly sexy about being covered in a hot and sticky mess that I know I helped create.

Martha blushed a little when she finished talking. She realized that she was giving a relative stranger intimate details about her body, and permission to control her. Blair just stared lustily into her eyes without saying a word. Martha felt like she could lose herself, staring into those deep green eyes. She wondered briefly if that’s how Blair intended to hypnotize her.

So um, “ Martha began, breaking the silence. She was suddenly having trouble formulating coherent sentences. ”About this spell. The one that’s, you know.

You want to know how I’m going to hypnotize you. “ Blair inferred. She spoke loud enough for lady in red to hear as well. ”The earrings I’m wearing are magical. When I activate the spell it will amplify all feelings of lust and sensations of passion and pleasure in Everyone who sees me. Your desire to be hypnotized and controlled by me will grow into an aching need that can only be satisfied by obeying. The pleasure of my touch will overwhelm your mind. The smallest caress will send shivers down your spine and leave you begging for more. You will submit to the pleasure of my power and I will turn you into a thoughtless obedient slut. Now. Are you ready to fall deep into my spell?

Yes please” Martha replied excitedly.

Very well” Blair answered. Then she spoke with mystical intensity “I dedicate this evening, to love, to lust, to passion, to the goddess Aphrodite, and to all things sexy wild and free.

Blair’s earrings began to glow with a soft red light. Martha couldn’t help but stare at the pretty pieces of coral as they swayed back and forth below Blair’s ears. They looked so small and delicate, and yet simultaneously powerful and imposing. Moments ago they were lifeless stones, but now they were alive with sexual energy. Martha embraced the sensation as that energy radiated outwards. It covered her body in warm tingling pleasure, and blanketed her mind in lusty thoughts.

Martha stared, entranced by the shiny red stones. Her mind was already succumbing to the power of the spell. All she could do was wait passively as Blair unzipped her dress and dropped it to the floor. She gasped in pleasure as Blair’s hands cupped her large plump breasts. Every squeeze and every pinch made her flesh come to life with incredible sensation. She moaned and gasped and focused on the feeling, never wanting it to stop. Then suddenly those wonderful hands were gone, and Oh My Goddess, Blair’s lips found the tip of her nipple and gently sucked. Blair’s tongue flicked back and forth eliciting moans and cries of pleasure.

You like when I play with your breasts like that, don’t you? “ Blair inquired. She could see the answer written plainly on the pleasure in Martha’s face, but she wanted to hear her naughty slut speak.

Oooh Yes. “ Martha moaned out, barely able to think, let alone speak.

Good girl. “ Blair purred, wrapping her hands behind Martha’s head. ”Now suck!

Martha opened her mouth as her head was pulled towards Blair’s chest. She moaned out in ecstasy as her lips met Blair’s nipple. She kissed then licked and sucked, enjoying the taste and the feel of Blair’s perfectly perky teat. She barely registered the motion as Blair reached down and slid her panties to the floor. She knew that her mouth was pleasing Blair’s breast. She knew that her naked body was pleasing Blair’s eyes. All she could think about was pleasing this mysteriously magical woman.

Martha whimpered in desire and tried to hold on when her head was pulled back. Then she smiled in understanding as Blair presented her other breast to be sucked. She focused on her task, licking and sucking with renewed intensity. Blair began to speak again, but she was too preoccupied to think about the words she was hearing. She didn’t need to think about them. Her subconscious mind could absorb those words without ever needing to think about it.

You want to feel my power overwhelm your mind. You want to give in to the pleasure and fall into thoughtless obedience, hearing my words as commands and knowing that the only response you need is yes Mistress. Isn’t that right?

Yes Mistress. “ Martha replied. The words felt so wonderful on her lips. Her entire body lit up with pleasure as she surrendered her mind to Blair’s control.

Good girl. Now lay back and enjoy.

Blair gently pushed Martha backwards onto the bed then paused for a moment to look at all the beautiful curves of her naked body. She was thick and curvaceous, with luscious thighs that Blair just wanted to squeeze and bite. Her ivory skin looked soft and beautiful in the dimly lit room. She had large round hips and a freshly waxed crotch. The vacant look on her pretty face was incredibly arousing, but the thing that called out to Blair the most was her massive and inviting breasts.

Blair left her own clothes on. She hiked up her dress and pulled down her panties, letting her erection spring free. Her perky breasts jiggled as she straddled Martha’s chest and positioned her rock hard cock between Martha’s soft round tits. She reached back and teased Martha with her fingertip, tracing lazy spirals on Martha’s stomach as she moved slowly but inevitably downwards.

Squeeze those tits together slut. “ Blair demanded. ”Then tell me what you want me to do.

She complied without needing to think about it. Blair’s desires were perfectly clear to her in this moment, and she wanted nothing more than to submit to those desires. She was single-mindedly focused on pleasing her Mistress.

Please Mistress. “ She begged, squeezing her breasts together into a soft fuckable passage. ”Fuck my tits, finger my pussy. I’m your thoughtless obedient slut and all I want to do is obey.

Good girl. “ Blair replied, giving Martha everything she wanted.

Blair pressed her hips forward and slid her cock between Martha’s breasts. She simultaneously slipped a finger into Martha’s slit and pressed her thumb firmly against Martha’s clit. Her entire body moved in a single slow and steady rhythm: hips rocking back and forth, fingers thrusting in and out, thumb rubbing round and round. She could tell that the naughty slut below her had surrendered completely to the pleasure of her spell. She was incredibly turned on by that surrender and wanted to show Martha the ultimate pleasure of absolute submission.

Martha could do nothing but moan out in pleasure. Her mind had given in completely and her body was moving on its own. Her chest rocked back and forth as Blair’s cock slid between her tits. Her hips thrust up and down, matching each thrust of Blair’s finger and grinding her clit against Blair’s thumb. Every thrust felt deeper and more pleasurable than the last. A powerful orgasm was growing beneath the surface as she surrendered to the pleasure.

You want to cum, don’t you slut. “ Blair stated, easily reading her expression. ”I’m going to give you what you want, but first you’re going to beg and plead and tell me that you belong to me.

Please Mistress. Oh please can I cum? “ Martha begged. ”I’m your obedient slut. My body belongs to you. Oh please can I cum for you Mistress?

I like the way you beg and plead. “ Said Blair ”If you keep doing it I might just let you cum.

Blair locked eyes with the mindlessly horny slut who was literally begging to be controlled. She increased the rhythm and intensity of her thrusts and felt the orgasm growing in her thoughtless obedient pet. It was coming, very soon, but not quite yet. She needed to time these next words perfectly to make it feel like Martha’s body was obeying her commands. Her stare grew more intense as she waited for that perfect moment. Now.

Cum for me slut. “ Blair Commanded

Martha shook and shivered as all that built up pleasure released at once in a moment of pure orgasmic bliss. Her Mistress wanted her to cum and she could do nothing but obey. She twitched and spasmed feeling the pleasure grow stronger as Blair continued to fuck her senseless. ”Oh yes Mistress! I’m your obedient slut! My body belongs to you! “ She cried out over and over until the pleasure overwhelmed her mind and her mouth could no longer form coherent words.

Just when the pleasure seemed to be subsiding she felt Blair’s cock throbbing and twitching. Blair thrust so deep between her tits that the tip of her cock poked out the other side. A hot and sticky stream of semen shot out and landed on her cheek. She felt a second orgasm building, just from the pleasure of knowing she had made her mistress cum. A second stream shot forth and landed in a line between her forehead and her nose. The sensation of the milky fluid flowing onto her face pushed her over the edge. Her muscles clenched and tightened as a second orgasm overpowered her mind. A third stream landed on her other cheek. It stretched over her lips and all the way down to her chin.

Martha felt like she was floating an endless sea of ecstasy. Her hips bucked up and down as Blair’s fingers dove deeper and deeper. She moaned and cried as waves of pleasure rolled over her body, each one more powerful than the last. The overwhelming pleasure deepened her submission to her Mistress, and the deeper submission caused even greater pleasure. That greater pleasure deepened her submission further in an infinite cycle that continued until she knew nothing but endless pleasure through mindless submission. Her moans and screams grew louder as her orgasm stretched on for what felt like an eternity.

Several minutes later Blair slowed down her thrusting fingers as Martha’s orgasm slowly subsided. She slid off of the exhausted slut and cuddled up next to Martha on the bed. She gently stroked and ran her fingers through Martha’s hair.

I’m going to end my spell in a minute. “ She whispered into Martha’s ear. ”Just take it slow and give your mind the time as it needs to wake up. You can lay here with me for as long as you like, and when you’re ready we’ll rejoin the party.

Blair paused for a moment, then spoke with mystical intensity ”Let the spell be ended.

The glow around Blair’s earrings faded away and they looked like normal stones again. The woman in the crimson dress got up from the couch and walked over to the bed. She had watched the scene with wonder and excitement. Blair’s spell had affected her in a very different way, enhancing her own secret desires. She whispered sweetly into Blair’s ear.

You’re magic is most impressive. When I see something I want, I use my power to take it. I’m going to make you mine, Sultry Girl.

The woman walked away and disappeared into the crowd of kinksters. Blair didn’t see her again at that party, but she had a uneasy feeling that they would meet again soon.