The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Sultry Girl fights a slime monster.

Trance Advisory: This story is designed to pull you into trance and make you feel the things the character experience. In this chapter that includes being dissolved into liquid pleasure in the belly of a slime girl.

Chapter 7: Vored by the Slime Girl

The following day was slow for business at Sultry Girl and Lustry Lass headquarters, which left them with plenty of time for training. Their routine consisted of jogging and core exercises in the morning, followed by magical sparring matches in the afternoon. Martha would invoke a shield spell, and then tap out when the shell was close to breaking. Blair would cast her fire spell and coat her fists in a thin layer of flames. From time to time they would use the Lust spell to rejuvenate one another.

Martha felt excited as she prepared for the magical duel. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the ward around her neck, taking a few deep breaths and opening her mind to the magic. Several seconds passed as she relaxed into a receptive state of calm. Then her world was lit up by a brilliant colorful display. It looked like a night sky filled with neon colored stars that sparkled all around her. She was used to the lights by now, but they still took her breath away every single time.

Hey Blair,” She inquired, having noticed something intriguing. “Your corral earrings are glowing a different color today. Usually they’re a pleasant shade of reddish pink, but today they look absolutely crimson.

What do you mean glowing?” Blair replied with a look of confusion. She had never seen her jewelry glow, but she had a fairly good idea how that particular pair turned crimson. “Can you see magic?

I, um, I guess so,” Martha replied, unsure of herself. “To be honest I don’t know what I’m seeing. These colorful lights just appear sometimes when I close my eyes during training.

You’re a seer!” Blair declared excitedly. “That’s incredible. Let’s cut our sparring time in half for now and spend some time experimenting.

The two girls spent the better part of a week exploring Martha’s power. They discovered that she could only do it when her mind was relaxed and receptive to the magic all around her. It was easiest when she closed her eyes and tuned out all distractions. That’s when her second sight would kick in, revealing a luminous world of magic.

She could see these featureless balls of glowing energy pulsing and radiating in a myriad of magnificent colors. Most of them were dim, while others glowed quite bright. Some of them were nearby, clearly belonging to people and objects in the room. Others were farther away, shining through walls that did not block her magical sight.

At first Martha thought they were stars. On closer inspection she decided that they were blurry shapes. Blair thought about it and realized that the lights were out of focus. The clever witch helped Martha shape her magical energy into a lens. Looking through this lens allowed her to zoom in on specific lights or clusters of lights, bringing them into focus. They became people, animals, plants, and anything else that was alive or imbued with magic.

Creating and manipulating a magical lens was incredibly exhausting, especially when she focused on large clusters and seeing long distances away. Blair was able to rejuvenate her and replenish her magical energy, but the mental strain was mind numbing. By the end of each day she could hardly think straight. She felt so exhausted that she’d fall fast asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. Then the next day they would wake up and do it all over again.

The intensive training quickly paid off. By the end of the week Martha was ready for her first mission. She wasn’t quite ready for combat, but she had an important supporting role to play.

No training today,” Blair explained on Friday morning. “We need all of our strength for later tonight.

Wait what?” Martha asked, looking rather concerned. “The only big case we’ve got is the slime monster that’s been consuming people and leaving bones behind. You’re not actually considering fighting that creature? Are you?

Of course I am.” Blair replied. “All reports said that the slime melts when exposed to flames. I’m the perfect hero for the job. I promise not to put you in any danger. Under no circumstances will you to join this battle. Your role is to locate the beast then watch the fight from afar. If I get into trouble, you call for help. Do you understand?

Yes Ma’am.” Martha replied in a submissive tone.

Good girl,” said Blair. “Now what should we do with our day off?

Martha calmed down considerably after that, but she still wasn’t thrilled about her partner fighting alone against a deadly foe. Blair’s confidence and dominant attitude eventually won her over. She let go of all her worries and doubts, focusing instead on being the best sidekick she could be. During the day she focused on relaxing and enjoying some free time with her lover. During the night she used her magic to focus on the colorful lights.

Try to scout as efficiently as possible,” Blair instructed as they stepped onto a rooftop. “This creature could be anywhere in the neighborhood.

Leave it to me.” Martha replied as she closed her eyes and opened her second sight. She zoomed in on the only bright light in the region. It was a man cloaked in swirling red light, next to a kitten that glowed in the exact same shade. He seemed to be searching for something, or someone.

Martha opened up her eyes and noticed something curious. The cat was clearly visible in the building across the street, but the man was nowhere to be seen. She asked Blair about as they walked to the next rooftop. They determined that it might be Cheshire, and that he could be a helpful ally if the fight got too dicey.

Three rooftops later Martha was feeling dazed and dizzy. Her head was spinning and she was just about ready to throw in the towel. Then she noticed something bright and green. She focused her hazy mind and made the green light take a globular humanoid shape. It appeared to be absorbing a much dimmer human.

I found them!” Martha declared “In the parking garage across the road. You need to get there quick. I think it’s eating someone.

Blair rushed down the fire escape, chanting her incantation along the way. ”Feel the fire, embrace the flame. Oh Hestia I call your name. Eternal hearth burning so bright, grant me your sacred fiery might.” She unleashed the energy of the hearth goddess as she charged across the street. Then she coated her body in flames as she ascended to the second story. She arrived just in time to watch a young man get engulfed by a woman made of translucent green slime.

The slime girl was completely naked. She had the largest breasts and cock that Blair had ever seen. The look on her face was pleasantly satisfied, like she was savoring a particularly tasty meal. There was a man in her stomach, next to a tattered dress. He was neck deep in ooze, and slowly sinking deeper down. The look on his face spoke of absolute ecstasy as his head sank all the way down into her soft and squishy breasts.

Spit him out!” the fiery heroine demanded as she dropped into a fighting stance.

No!” The living ooze declared as she turned to regard the stranger who had interrupted her meal. Her entire body jiggled seductively as she slowly lumbered forwards. Then she smiled with a monstrous look of confident superiority and asked. “How about you join him for dinner instead?

Sultry Girl paused with indecision. She studied the slime, trying to determine how to rescue the man without killing him or getting herself trapped. His body looked intact, but it was slowly dissolving into nothingness. If she didn’t act soon there would be nothing left to save. She gathered a small ball of fire in her hands and threw it at the slime girl, testing the effectiveness of her flames.

The living ooze tried to dodge, but her reflexes were slow. The fire caught her between the eyes and melted the smug look off her face. “That was effective,” thought Blair, “but I’ll need a lot of fire to free this man. " She started gathering a massive ball of flames between her hands, but never got the chance to finish her attack.

The slime girl reabsorbed the puddle of green liquid through her feet. Her face reformed into an angry glower as she stormed across the room. Then she stretched out her arms, punching at the fiery witch. Her attacks were slow and easily dodged, but dangerous nonetheless. A glancing blow was all she needed to trap her prey in a sticky situation. She slowly and methodically backed Blair into a corner with a series of precise and calculated strikes.

Sultry Girl felt like a fly, caught in the spiders web. She slowly backed into the corner, trying to focus on gathering her fire. Twice she tried to break for the other side of the garage. Both times she was stopped short by a sticky fist. Both times she was forced back towards the corner, and forced to waste her flames escaping the adhesive slime. She knew she was in trouble when she felt the rough concrete wall against her back. Her fireball wasn’t finished, but she didn’t have a choice. She flung it with all her might and hoped that it was big enough.

The explosion liquefied the upper half of the slime girl, giving Blair the opportunity she needed. She charged forward and leapt over the ooze, grabbing the man midair and pulling him out of the puddle. Her plan worked fairly well, except for one critical detail. A thick strand of slime clung to the man as she dragged him to safety. It detached from him and wrapped around her leg, tripping her just when she thought she’d escaped.

The fiery witch focused her flames and melted away the slime, but it was too late to escape. The malleable monster quickly reformed and aimed a sticky punch. The clingy liquid wrapped around Blair’s knees as she struggled to her feet. A second punch caught her in the chest as she turned to face her opponent. Then she felt a tug on her breasts and she stumbled to the ground.

The gooey green monster was on her in an instant, pinning her to the floor and ensnaring her in a syrupy embrace. She tried to crawl away, but she could barely move at all. Every motion seemed to make things worse as she struggled in vain to escape. An undeniable pull drew her deeper into the ooze. She tried to conjure more flames to melt her way out of this mess. Then the slime soaked through her clothes and she felt the most incredible sensation.

It was a warm tingling vibration that coated her skin and sent waves of pleasure crashing through her mind. The slime was like a liquid aphrodisiac that excited every nerve with a sensation so sensual and seductive that she couldn’t think straight. She was completely overwhelmed by the sudden and absolute ecstasy as her entire body melted into blissful oblivion. She knew she was being consumed, but she didn’t want it to stop. Why does this feel so good? How does this feel so good?

Sultry Girl tried to keep fighting. She tried to reignite her fire, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it felt to just melt. Her body was coated in pleasure so intense that it was impossible to focus of anything else except how wonderful it felt to be engulfed. She felt like an insatiable slut, discovering a wonderful new kink that could instantly reduce her mind into a puddle of submissive bliss. All she wanted was more. More. MORE.

That’s it,” the slime girl cooed, gently caressing Blair’s face. “Embrace the sensation and give in to your fate. Surrender to my power and feel never ending pleasure for the rest of your life.

Panic set in as she heard those words and understood the implication. Her body was slowly dissolving and her mind was giving in. This could be the way she died, eaten by a ravenous slime girl. She’d tried to fight. She’d tried to flee. Now all she could do was FREEZE with fear at the thought of her impending doom. Her mind withdrew from her body as she contemplated her seemingly inevitable death.

Then the pleasure wiped those thoughts from her mind as her body dissolved into a heavenly orgasm. She knew that she could just relax and enjoy the incredible sensation, letting every inch of her skin become an erogenous zone as she melted into pure orgasmic bliss. Doing so would mean certain death in the slime girl’s stomach, but that didn’t matter right now.

She couldn’t care about anything else except the waves of pleasure that were washing over her body as she sank deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast. Her brain was shutting down, paralyzed by pleasure as she slowly dissolved into a puddle of bliss. It felt so incredible that she almost forgot about her imminent disintegration.

Whenever she remembered her impending doom it filled her with mind numbing fear. She knew that she was being consumed. She knew that it was impossible to resist because it felt so good to give in. Those thoughts made her FREEZE up in terror. The cognitive sections of her brain shut down and her animalistic instinct took over.

Then a wave of pleasure washed her worries away as she remembered how good it felt to let the slime girl ravish her needy body. Her eyes rolled back as she felt a thousand orgasms crashing through her body at once. Every inch of her skin lit up with rapturous ecstasy. She barely even noticed as her head sank all the way down into the slimy puddle of bliss.

A tiny voice in her mind kept crying out, resist. That voice was drowned out by the paralyzing cycles of pleasure and fear. Eventually that resistant voice grew stronger, but it took several minutes for her mentally clarity to return. She blinked her eyes open and saw the world through a hazy green lens. Her mind woke up, and she found herself in a sticky situation.

She could barely move a muscle as she floated in the gelatinous green goo. It took incredible focus to resist falling back into a pleasure trance as she slowly fell to pieces in the pool of liquid bliss. Her fire spell was still active, but her flames were completely smothered. With tremendous force of will she managed to conjure more magical fire.

The flames dissipated immediately, but she kept channeling her magic. She used every ounce of energy, heating up her liquid prison in a desperate attempt to break free. A searing pain blocked out the pleasure as the temperature began to rise. Her magical flames would never burn her, but she had no such protection against the scalding slime. Could her body could withstand the heat long enough to break free?

Fortunately she never had to answer that question. A swirling spiral of magical colors appeared before the slime girls face. Then a faint and muffled but familiar voice said ”Becky, no. Spit her out!” Cheshire was here, and he appeared to have some influence over this slimy monstrosity. For a moment nothing happened. The slime girl, Becky, seemed to be having some internal debate. Eventually the swirling colors won her over and she dropped her dinner on the floor.

Blair just laid there for a several minutes, unable to move a muscle as the adrenaline slowly faded. Her body was exhausted and her mind felt weak and rattled. She took some deep breaths and focused on the fact that she was safe. The danger was passed. She’d survived.

Meanwhile, Becky transformed before her eyes. The outer layer of slime thickened into skin and changed from green to tan. Her motions became less fluid and more human as her insides reformed into bones, muscles, organs, and other important features.

What happened?” Cheshire asked, when her transformation was complete. “You haven’t had an incident in years.

The last thing I remember was watching this commercial for primal cola,” Becky explained. “There was this strange ticking noise and then a deep voice told me ‘release your inner beast’. I blacked out after that. Slime Monster has had control ever since.

What’s going on here?” Blair asked when she regained her senses.” You know this girl?

I keep tabs on a few local monsters,” Cheshire explained. “That’s actually how I found you in the first place. I watched you beat the crap out of Steve.

Steve?” asked Blair, feeling rather confused.

You know, tall guy, black hair, tentacles for fingers. That’s Steve.” Becky explained.

Blair just glowered angrily as she remembered that night. Steve had tried to rape her with his tentacles, and he almost killed Martha by throwing her into the air. She felt betrayed that Cheshire was friends with that beast.

This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to ask,” Cheshire continued. “When are you going to stop trusting the system? You turned Dr Sonic over to the cops and then he was released into the employ of the most crooked politician in town. Now he’s making hypnotic re-election ads and commercials that make monsters lose control. Then you got Steve arrested and if I hadn’t broke him free he’d be in a research facility being studied and weaponized.

You broke that monster free?!” Blair angrily yelled. “He deserves to be rotting in a cell or dissected in a lab.

I know you’re upset,” Cheshire replied. “But Steve is just a man with a terrible affliction. The tentacle monster is a completely different personality. He needs to be treated, not thrown in a cell, and if the wrong people got their hands on him they could make dozens, no hundreds of similar mon-

Blair cut him off mid sentence by getting up and storming off into the night. She was tired, she was angry, and she had heard enough of his excuses for these monsters. In time she would accept what Cheshire told her, but it was hard for her to sympathize with monsters after almost being eaten alive.

Martha was waiting outside, and the two of them went home to recuperate. Blair told her what happened as they laid in each other’s arms. Martha tried her best to be comforting and reassuring as she listened and held her partner tight. She gently ran her fingers through Blair’s hair, caressing the worries away.

I’m sorry,” Blair cried. “I should have listened to you. I’m such an idiot. I almost died tonight and it’s my fault for -

Martha silenced her wordlessly with a kiss. The kiss told her that everything was okay, that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself, and that Martha had already forgiven her. Blair collapsed into that kiss. She felt safe and warm in Martha’s embrace as she drifted off to sleep. She slept in late the next day, taking all the time she needed to wake up and recover.