The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 7

The Ring (No, not THAT one)

The sun was shining high over the horizon as Alan navigated his mom’s Volvo through the streets of Manhattan. They had come over the Triboro bridge and Alan elected to head downtown through the streets instead of taking the FDR Drive. At the corner of Second Avenue and 79th Street he made a right turn and aimed the car towards Central Park, turning north on Madison Avenue. He found a spot on East 81st Street, less than a half a block for the museum.

They met Nina and baby Shara in the Stanhope Hotel, where they were going to have lunch. The hotel is directly opposite the Met, and Nina and the baby were waiting in the lobby for them. After a pleasant lunch they crossed to the other side of Fifth Avenue and entered the museum. Alan’s mom was keen to see a visiting exhibition of the works of the 19th Century British photographer Benjamin Brecknell Turner, and they started out in that gallery. Alan had been to the Met a number of times over the years, and remembered that they had an Assyrian collection, so he excused himself from his mom and Cousin Nina, and told them he’d catch up with them later. Both he and his mom carried cell phones, and they would be able to remain in contact.

Alan went to the second floor, and headed over to the south wing. There were a number of enormous stone tablets depicting Assyrian battle scenes, but looking at the dates on the labels Alan saw that they were dated much to early to be related to the Seed of Paishiya’uvada. In the next room Alan peered into the various glass display cases. One of the objects caught him up short. There was a ring, and Alan thought it was glowing. Funny, the guy standing next to him didn’t seem to see the glow. Alan asked him about it, and the guy gave him a funny look. Alan really wanted to see this ring, to touch it, maybe even slip it over his finger. He summoned a guard over to the case and asked him to open the case, but the guard didn’t have the key. That made sense; what kind of a museum give out master keys to security guards? The guard told him that he would have to speak to someone in the curatorial staff to get the case open, and helpfully, he spoke into his radio and asked his dispatcher to get someone from the Near East department to come meet Alan in the gallery.

Alan walked around the rest of the other cases in the gallery, peering into them intently. No other object seemed to give off a glow, and he hastened back to have another look at the ring. He read the label next to it. In his first look he had missed it, distracted by the glow. The ring, according to the label, was a sixth century B.C.E. signet ring belonging to the prime minister in the court of Darius the Second. Shortly a man from the curator’s office arrived, from the Near East Division. He introduced himself as Dr. Neil Swindon-Smythe. About thirty years old, and speaking with a British accent he explained that the ring used to have two parts, and that the seal had never been found. Evidently, all orders and official documents of the empire were affixed with the courtly seal, which had been attached to the ring, the prime minister dripping a bit of hot wax on the parchments and then pressing the seal to it. It was found in a crypt, and markings etched into the wall of the cave indicated that the occupant was the vizier of Darius the Second, a man called Kanteer.

“Ko’un-Zir,” Alan thought to himself, “That’s Ko’un-Zir’s ring.” Alan asked how the museum acquired it.

“Well, it’s not particularly valuable. The ring was found during a dig in what is now Iraq. It was an international expedition undertaken in the 1940s, and I believe that the team that unearthed the grave was led by a Swiss archeologist named Jean-Pierre Massimo. He was a famous researcher, and we have a number of his finds in our collection. This ring was found by him on one of his earliest expeditions, before he really made a name for himself. Because this museum was one of the underwriters of the dig we were allocated a share of the finds. The Kanteer Ring is not considered a very important piece. If it had been found intact that would make it a completely different story. Most of the time we don’t even display it. It is one of the many Assyrian pieces put out in rotation to fill the cases.”

Alan sent him a mental command, and he unlocked the case and handed him the ring. In his hand the ring seemed to vibrate, and the glowing became more pronounced. Alan and the man walked back to his office, and Alan ordered the man to delete all references to the Ring of Kanteer from the inventory databases. As he was walking out Dr. Swindon-Smythe came up to him and presented Alan with a business card. Alan considered slipping the ring on his finger right then and there, but because of the trance he had fallen into in his room last weekend he figured it would be better to wait until he was home. Slipping it into his pocket he was surprised that it continued to vibrate gently against his thigh.

He met up with his mother, and then drove her, Nina, and the baby to Nina’s apartment on the Upper West Side. He parked the car in a garage and headed for the nearest subway station, catching an uptown local at Broadway and 72nd Street. Ten minutes and six stops later got out at 116th Street, and once he reached the top of the stairs he found himself just outside the gates of the university. He presented himself at the admissions office, and was delighted to find that a tour of the campus was set to begin in less than a half an hour. He had taken this tour last fall, but now that he was admitted he paid closer attention. They hit the major highlights, the library and some of the academic buildings, plus a look inside one of the dorms. When it was over Alan asked the guide where the bookstore was. He wanted to buy a sweatshirt, and he also needed some books.

Twenty minutes later Alan walked back to the subway, carrying his bundles. In one bag was the sweatshirt and one of those rear-windshield stickers for his car. In the other bag was a hardback copy of the complete stories of Jorge Luis Borges, and a few books on the Ancient Near East.

* * *

He headed over to Nina and her husband’s apartment. He had called his mom before descending into the subway, and she told him that dad was still busy at work, and they would meet up with him some time after seven. Alan and his mom decided to have the dinner at El Faro, an old Spanish restaurant in Greenwich Village that was a family favorite. Nina and her husband Jack joined them. Jack and his dad worked at the same firm; Jack was a fresh-out-of-law-school associate when Alan’s dad introduced him to his niece Nina, and they had married less than a year later. All through dinner the ring vibrated in Alan’s pocket.

When he got home he was hesitant about putting it on. Perhaps it would be a mistake. Better first to read more about the Ancient Near East in the books he had bought.

* * *

Alan slept late the next day, not rising until well after ten o’clock. He had stayed up very late reading his new books. The Borges story, “Tlon Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” was interesting but not terribly informative to his situation. It centered on the discovery by Borges and his friend Adolfo Bioy Casares of a magical land. They never actually visited this place, but rather read about it in books. It turned out in the end that he whole thing was a fraud devised by a vast conspiracy. Smerdis was mentioned, though only in passing, and the imprint of the conspirators was called Orbis Tertius.

In his other books Alan read that there was a rebellion against the rule of Cambyses II and that his brother Smerdis had crowned himself in his place. Later Smerdis was killed by a detachment of seven Persian men. Smerdis was killed in secret, and no one outside the palace knew the rebel king was dead. When Cambyses II left to put down a disturbance in Egypt, a pretender who claimed to be Smerdis, a man named Gaumata, seized the vacant throne. Cambyses II died in his travels and was succeeded in election by Darius II, son of Hystaspes, also known as Devaryesh, and the new king had Gaumata and his Magian followers put to the sword. They day of the slaughter was known as Magophonia, from the Greek magosphonos, or “Magi Slaughter.”

Alan thought about the ring, but left it in his desk drawer. He could swear he could hear it buzzing in the drawer all the way over on the other side of the room.

* * *

Around Tuesday in the late morning Kate watched from the front window as Chad pulled out and drove off; as he made the turn out of the driveway he thrust his arm out the window and waved. They had just had an argument about Alan; Kate denied that she and Alan had something going on. Chad, after a long round of convincing, sort of believed her, and they kissed and made up. The past couple of days, since the big party, Kate spent some time thinking about her “relationship” with Alan, and she had come to some conclusions.

Alan made her feel good, made her engines roar. She didn’t want to be his girlfriend, she just wanted him to touch her. She certainly wasn’t in love with him, he was just the most amazing fuck any girl could hope for. She also knew she wasn’t in love with Chad, but he was good “arm candy,” that is to say that he was the proper kind of guy for a girl like her to have as a boyfriend. Kate was considered one of the prettiest girls in school, if not the most pretty, and it just seemed to be proper for the prettiest girl to date the football captain. They were the favorites to be chosen the king and queen of the senior prom. She didn’t want to walk down the halls of the high school holding hands with Alan Marshall, not because she didn’t like him, but rather that she would rather just fuck him.

Alan wasn’t a geek or anything, and many of her friends thought he was very good-looking, but he wasn’t a member of the high school elite, and they disdained him. He was on the school newspaper all of his four years in high school, and that crowd had never been considered among the coolest. His famly didn’t have less money than hers, but he didn’t live on the Hill, and he didn’t drive a fancy car. (Chad had a BMW.) He wasn’t on student council, nor did he play any sports. On top of all that he was a relative newcomer to the town. Sure, he had lived here since he was ten years old, but many in the in-crowd had been in school together since kindergarten.

“Still,” Kate thought as she watched Chad’s car move off in the distance, “he can do things to my body that no one else can.” So it was decided: she would keep dating Chad, and keep fucking Alan. She would even fuck Chad once in a while to placate him, though she imagined that she would have to keep her eyes closed and her mind focused on Alan to even hope to have an orgasm with Chad. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she went into the house and dialed Alan’s cell phone.

Alan told her to come on over to his house, as his mom was going out to a garden club meeting, and his dad wasn’t going to be home for hours. “I have a surprise for you when you get here slut.’ She almost bolted out the door.

* * *

In the car on the way over her cell phone rang and she reached to the dash to key the phone which was lodged in the hands-free unit. It was her friend Suzy Cormier, and she was calling about Alan and Chad. Suzy was a insidious gossip, and had known that Chad was going over to her house that morning to confront her about Alan.

“So Kate, you and Chad bust up?”

“No. Where did you hear that one?”

“I heard he was pissed off about you hanging out with Alan Marshall. What is up between the two of you? You drove up to Geoff Sherman’s in his car, and a couple of weeks ago we saw you two together at the mall.”

“Suzy, it’s nothing. Really. Nothing. My mom and dad made me go to the mall with Alan. He and Pauline were going together, and I wanted to go in my own car, but my folks insisted Alan drive me because I fainted the day before. And the other day, you know, at the party, I didn’t want to drive because of the beer, and Chad had gone over early to help Geoff set up. So when Alan offered Pauline a ride I asked if I could tag along.”

“So you’re not fucking Alan? ‘Cause that’s what we all think.”

“No. No, I’m with Chad,” she responed vehemently.

“Well, if you were fucking Alan I couldn’t blame you. He may not be ‘one of us,’ but he’s kinda cute. I wonder if he’s seeing anyone? I wouldn’t kick his tight body outta my bed, huh?”

“I, uh, I think he and Pauline are getting back together.” Kate did not want Suzy anywhere near Alan. Though Suzy was her friend she was also a tramp; Suzy was known to put out on the first date, often. “Ah, the perils of not being as pretty as me,” Kate thought to herself. Though Suzy was pretty, she wasn’t nearly as good-looking as Kate or her kid sister. It’s not that she would be jealous if Suzy made a play for Alan, but she didn’t want him to have any distractions. She needed Alan to be there for her, and it was better to have Suzy think that Alan was dating Pauline than to have her on the prowl for him. “Anyway, Pauline’s a virgin, so Alan would have plenty of energy left to satisfy me after their dates,” Kate thought. “I’m going to encourage both of them to start dating again.” She had no way of knowing that Alan and her sister already had planned a date for that night.

* * *

She ended her conversation with Suzy as she pulled up to Alan’s house, pleased with her scheming. Mrs. Marshall was pulling out as she parked on the road, and they waved at each other as Alan’s mom drove off. Alan was waiting for her on the front porch, and she threw herself at him. Embracing him around his torso she rubbed her body up and down against his. “You seem happy, slut,” he said to her.

“Yes Alan, I’m your slut,” she panted back. He pulled her into the house, and led her to his bedroom. Sitting down on his bed she picked up the book next to her. “Hmm, doing a little light reading? The book was titled, “Assyrian Origins: Discoveries at Ashur on the Tigris.”

“Recently I’ve become very interested in ancient Babylonia. You know, their fertility rites were very complex.”

“You’ll have to tell your slut all about them. But later.” Kate was peeling off her clothes as she answered him, and by the time she had finished she was sitting on his bed clad only in a pair of skimpy black bikini panties. Alan approached her and cupped her breasts, his fingertips stroking her ringed nipples. Kate purred and leaned back, lying flat against his bed, her head propped up on his pillows. Alan hooked his thumbs under the strings at the sides of her panties. Kate liked this part best—when Alan first touched her. Just the feel of his hands on her body made her somewhat light-headed, and she felt as if Alan was taking possession of her. As he eased her panties down Kate’s breath caught in her throat, and she looked up at him with awe in her eyes.

“My, my, my. I see a little growth on the field,” he said apprising her now exposed pubis. “Do you think we should do something about it right off the bat, or wait until later?”

Kate’s breathing increased, and she couldn’t answer. She knew that by not responding Alan would decide for her, and she wanted that. Better to leave all decisions to him; it was better for her that way, and it increased her feelings of submission. Submitting to Alan was a big part of the turn-on, she was coming to understand.

Alan returned with a towel and a sleep mask. He blindfolded Kate and put the towel under her ass. He cupped her mound with his hand and began to rub it vigorously, and the short hairs on Kate’s pussy began to fall out where he touched her. His hands were all over her body from the neck down. Everywhere he touched he used the Seed to kill the hair follicles under her skin. Soon he had finished her legs and underarms, and he turned her over to complete the task. He also made her more responsive, but only to his touch. He dipped his fingers into her mouth, butt, and pussy, and then used the Seed to implant within her a command to orgasm whenever her came in any of her orifices.

He was about to remove the blindfold when he remembered the purchase he had made at the sex shop. Opening his armoire he pulled the brown paper bag from the top shelf. He removed one of the three butt plugs from the bag and went into the bathroom to get some vaseline. Kate hadn’t moved an inch since he had gotten off the bed. He could see that she was very aroused, moisture visible on her labia. Her legs were spread in a V and her butt was arched upwards, her tits mashed into the mattress. “Are you ready for the surprise?” he asked, and Kate whimpered in response. Alan sat next to her supine form and placed the tip of his index finger against her tight rosebud. Greased with vaseline it almost slipped in right away, but he held it steady, wanting to tease her.

“Do you know what a dildo is, slut?”

“Yes,” she whispered in her little-girl tone of voice.

“Have you ever heard of a butt plug?” She hadn’t, but she could use her imagination. She just nodded.

“I have a butt plug for you, and it had some amazing abilities, but I’ll let you discover most of them on your own. First things first. If you agree, I am going to place the plug into you soon. You are not to remove except under the following conditions. When you need to go to the toilet you must first be sitting on the seat before you take it out. You have one hour to put it back in, so you can have it out for gym class and the shower afterward. You must sleep with it every night, and in the morning you can take it out before you shower to wash it. If you break these rules you will suffer the consequences, but I wont tell you what they are. I will only insert the plug if you agree, and if you don’t want it, don’t worry. The decision is solely in your hands. I’m going to go downstairs now for five minutes to give you time to think.” He shut the door behind him and went to the kitchen table, grabbing a soda on the way.

* * *

Kate’s purse was in the kitchen, and he opened it and took out her cell phone. Scrolling through the entries in her cell phone’s phone book he selected Chad’s home number and called him.

“Chad, Alan Marshall here,” he began after Chad’s mom had called Kate’s boyfriend to the phone, “I understand you are mad at me because of Kate Van Devanter. I think we should talk about it. I want to explain to you what is going on between me and her.”

“Look Alan, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. You know me, I’m pretty laid back for a football jock, but something about you, and especially the idea of you near my girlfriend, pisses me off. We’ve always got along. Remember last year when we were chem lab partners? We never once got on each other’s nerves, but something about this is different.”

“Yeah, Chad, I understand. But if you come over to my house right now I’ll make it so you understand about me and Kate. See, dude, I’m not trying to steal your girlfriend. I’m just trying to help her with some things. Come on over. I’ll show you. She’s here right now.”

“She is?” Chad was angry. They had fought that morning about her spending time with Alan, and here it was not even lunchtime yet and she was already at his house! Chad wasn’t a particularly violent person, but his juices were boiling at the thought of Alan Marshall and Kate alone together. “I’ll be right over.” His voice had hardened, but Alan foresaw no problems in keeping him under his control using the power.

Chad lived only a few minutes away by car, five by Alan’s estimation, but he wasn’t surprised to hear a knock on the front door in less than three. As he opened up he placed Chad in a kind of waking trance. Chad would remember everything he was to see today, but he wouldn’t be allowed to make any movements or speak aloud, or even tell anyone anything about what he was about to wittness. “Welcome. Kate’s upstairs in my bedroom waiting for us. Follow me.”

* * *

Chad’s eyes almost popped out of his skull when he saw Kate lying naked and facedown on Alan’s bed, her eyes covered. Alan led Chad to the desk, and had him sit quietly in the chair. He put a finger up to his own pursed lips and smiled at Chad, though even without seeing this cue Chad would have been unable to make a sound.

“So slut, the five minutes are up. Have you reached a decision?” Actually, more than five minutes had elapsed since Alan went downstairs, but a blinded Kate had no way of knowing it. Each minute had seemed like an eternity to her because she had come to her decision immediately. She wanted the plug, and had known so even before Alan had closed the door behind him. Her anticipation was killing her, and the wait had seemed like forever. She lifted her head off the bed and nodded.

“You may speak. Do you want the plug and the responsibilities entailed with it?”

“Yes Alan. Please put your plug in my ass.”

“Why, slut? Why should you have my special toy. Now you must convince me.”

“You know why,” she whispered.

“That’s not very convincing. You’re on the debating team, aren’t you? Give me some reasons to bless your body with my toy.”

“I need it Alan. Please! I-I-I’m your slut. My b-b-body belongs to you. All my pleasure is y-y-yours to give. I need your toy in me. I am your toy—a toy for you to play with. Please! Give your sex toy slut a toy for her ass. I need it. PLEASE!” Her body was shaking as she degraded herself verbally. Like all of the degradations she took from Alan, having to beg for the butt plug was causing her to become aroused.

Alan took the plug out of his pocket and rubbed it with some vaseline. He inserted it slowly, and Kate gasped at the penetration. Just as he let go of it it began to vibrate. It wasn’t a vibrating model, but Alan had modified it with is power to animate it whenever her wanted to. Quickly he increased the frequency of the vibration, and Kate began to approach climax within a minute of insertion. He reached under her to get at her clit, sending a mental command for her to orgasm when he touched it.

“Yesssss,” she hissed. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for giving me your toy. I love it Alan, I love when you play with me, when you touch my slutty body.” Alan turned her over and laid her down on her back. He disrobed facing Chad so he could see his long cock. Chad’s eyes widened even farther upon seeing it, and he was amazed at the power of Kate’s orgasm, never before seeing her in such ecstasy. Alan got between her legs and drove his dick up her pussy in one fast stroke. Kate began to moan uncontrollably as he fucked her, and Chad couldn’t take his eyes off of them, stunned by the sight of her jerking body, and transfixed by the rings in her nipples.

“Ohmigod, I’m coming again!” Kate screamed, and Alan pulled out, placing the head of his penis against her lips. She took the head into her mouth, sucking him in and running her tongue around the shaft. Alan shot his load into her mouth and throat, and Kate smacked her lips with relish, savoring his taste. When he turned to look at Chad he could see him staring at her pussy, astounded that she was now hairless.

Alan got off the bed, and told Kate not to move. He pulled on a pair of pants and a shirt, and then walked Chad downstairs. “So Chad, do you understand why I need to help Kate?”

He allowed Chad to speak. “Bastard! I don’t understand what the hell is going on, but I’m going to rip you a new one right now.”

“No you’re not Chad. Listen to me. Kate needs me to fuck her because you can’t make her come. Get this straight: you are no longer allowed to have sex with her. Only I can touch her in that way.” Chad nodded, not knowing why he was agreeing to this. “You will continue to be her boyfriend, but you will bring her to me when I want her. You will tell no one of this arrangement. Now we’re going back upstairs. You will take off Kate’s blindfold and explain to her how things are going to be. Ready?”

Chad wanted to beat the shit out of Alan, but for some reason he silently

followed him back up the stairs, seething. He walked over to Kate, admiring her body. She looked so fucking hot. Those nipple rings were really sexy, and the shaved pussy was a major turn on. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do.

“JESUS! Chad! What are you doing here?” She could see Alan standing behind him, but her brain couldn’t process the situation. Her boyfriend had just caught her naked in another person’s bed, and he seemed carefree. She had no idea that Chad was boiling beneath his calm exterior, and was only composed because of Alan’s power. Chad took her hand in his and spoke.

“Uh, Kate, I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but Alan and I have been talking.”

“W-w-what have you been talking about?” She was frightened beyond belief.

“Alan, uh, told me that you’ve been having trouble, well, uh, orgasming, and he’s been, uh, helping you. Is this true?”

“Yes, honey. Alan’s been helping me with, eh, ah, that problem.” She began to cry softy

“So you’ve never had an orgasm with me?” he asked resignedly.

“No,” she sobbed, “Never.”

“And you want to keep on fucking Alan?” he asked with a hint of bitterness creeping into his tone.

“Yes,” she sobbed harder, “Yes, I need him to touch me. He makes come every time he touches me. He make me feel so good. It’s like a drug. I’m addicted to the orgasms, and I can’t give them up.

“OK, then,” Chad replied. “Do you want to break up with me? You don’t have to, you know. Alan told me it was OK with him if we kept dating, and I promise not to tell anyone about the two of you, and nothing about your nipples and shaving.”

Kate gasped in relief. “No,” she whispered, “I still want to date you as long as I can have sex with Alan.”

Chad leaned over to kiss her, but reared back when he remembered he wasn’t allowed to do that. “OK, babe. I guess I’ll call you tonight. Bye.” He let himself out of the room and left the house, thoughts of violence bubbling In his brain, but knowing that he would never get to act on them.

* * *

“What the fuck just happened?” Kate asked Alan, looking up at him from the bed. The door had just closed behind Chad, and she was more puzzled than she had ever been in her life.

“You know, that Chad’s such an understanding fellow. I called him on the phone so we could iron out any problems I was causing in your relationship. I merely explained to him that you needed to be with me to orgasm, and he took the news like a trooper.”

“I, uh, I don’t know what to say Alan.”

“You could thank me.” Alan was undressing as he answered her, and she was spellbound by the vision of his naked figure.

“Thank you,” she mumbled as if in a stupor. “Ohmigod, thankyou thankyou thankyou,” she moaned as he pushed his cock back into her spasming cunt. After fucking her hard to two tremendous climaxes he reached down between them and twisted the butt plug, and she began screeching, her pussy walls clamping down on his invading shaft with great pressure, her head tilted back against the bed, and her eyes rolled up to the back of her skull. She passed out.

* * *

Leila was in heaven, and she could tell by just looking that Megan felt the same way. The double-ended dildo, an eighteen inch monster was completely buried between them. She had nine inches and Megan had the same, and their pussy lips were pressed together tightly. Megan’s feet were in her line of vision, and she reached for her ankle, and brought her toes to her lips. Megan gasped when Leila began sucking on her toes, and in response she put her hand on Leila’s ass and slowly began working a saliva-soaked finger up her neighbor’s butt. To tell the truth, they were less neighbors than roommates. Since that night a couple of weeks ago they had shared Megan’s bed every evening.

“Oh God!” Leila cried, “I’m Coming!” Her boy convulsed and bucked, and she lightly bit down on Megan’s big toe. When she calmed down a bit she began to shift her hips while holding the dildo tightly in her pussy. Megan’s end came out a few inches, and then Leila would slam it back in hard. Megan soon had a shrieking orgasm of her own.

Alan was watching from the doorway, and his applause distracted Leila as she weakly moved away from Megan, freeing herself from her end of the dildo, but leaving Megan’s half fully embedded. He went to the bed, stripping off his clothes along the way. Leila pulled herself up on her knees and hugged him around his torso, her tongue furiously licking at his nipples. Alan dropped his arms and cupped her ass, getting a pleasant coo in response. He could feel her rock-hard nipples pressed into his stomach, and he brought his hands up to toy with them.

“Miss me?” he asked her.

“Mmmm,” she answered, her mouth too busy around his nipples to give a response.

“What about you?” he said, addressing Megan.

“Always, lover,” she purred as she slowly worked the dildo in and out of her wet channel.

Alan broke away from Leila’s attentions and laid down on the bed. Leila immediately started to get to work on his nipples again, but he turned her over and positioned her over him, facing away. He lined up her rosebud over the head of his cock and held her still. “Megan, I need you to get my cock wet so I can take Leila’s ass.” Megan turned over, pulled the dildo out of her hot pussy, and crawled across the bed to lick up and down Alan’s cock, and soon he was pushing slowly into Leila ass. Megan switched her attentions to Leila’s pussy, driving her tongue up Leila’s cunt as far as she could, and paying particular attention to her clit. She propped herself up by placing her left palm flat on the bedspread, and used the other the masturbate. Leila came almost at once, her tight ass compressing and releasing around its hot invader, and her frantic screams echoing off the bedroom walls.

“So good. So FUCKING GOOD. Take me Alan. Use me. Use My Hot Ass! Your cock feels sooooo big. Uh uh uh uh yes, so good. Lick me, baby. Lick my wet cunt. Lick me. LICK ME! So big in my ass, so big! Feels so good. Yes yes YES YES. I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! COMING COMING COMING! COMING!” She was bouncing up and down like a rag doll, and when she reached her peak she passed out. This was the second person that day who lost consciousness while being fucked by Alan, and it made him feel good about himself. As he let go of Leila her body fell back against his, and he gently rolled off of him and onto the bed. She curled up and began to suck her thumb, just like after the first time he had fucked her senseless.

Megan’s whole body was trembling with desire, and both of her hands were furiously working at her pussy, one pinching her clit, and the other driving two fingers into her cunt like the pistons on a steam engine. “Need some help there, Megan?” Alan asked, and she groaned as she pounced on him, rapidly straddling him and placing the head of his dick against her hot and slimy petals. She moaned even louder as she descended, his still hard cock piercing the center of her being. As she vigorously bounced up and down Alan grabbed her nipples and began twisting them gently, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Megan came energetically but never slowed her pace, riding through another blistering and mind-meltingly good climax.

Alan rolled over and fell to the side of him. He positioned her on his hands and knees and jammed his cock in her ass, pushing half his length in on the first thrust. Megan yelped but instantly began to push her ass back to him, eager for more his is dick in her tight hole. She was panting loudly, and when Alan snaked an arm around her hip and started to finger her clit she orgasmed again, with much more intensity than she had in the first two he had blessed her with. She lowered her head to the blanket and arranged it so she could look back at him. He shot her a debonair smile, and she began to laugh, her cackles frequently interrupted by gasps and groans, and less frequently by full-blown mind-shattering orgasms. Soon she could no longer laugh, the moaning constant. When Alan came in her ass she had one of her biggest climax yet, and her pussy actually spat juices, soaking Alan’s hand. Like Kate and Leila before her, Megan’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out. He reached over and rubbed the moisture into Leila’s face, and she whimpered slightly through her sleep.

Alan chuckled and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He was drenched in sweat.

* * *

It was getting dark out and he didn’t want to be late for his date with Pauline Van Devanter, but before he left Megan’s he had some business to attend to. Both of the women were face down on the bed, their knees tucked under and their asses in the air. First he worked the lubed butt plug into Megan’s ass, and then into Leila’s. The rules were slightly different for them. Like Kate, neither could remove the plug, but they could remove the other’s, as long as it was replaced before they went to sleep. Aside from that, the restrictions were similar. As he left them he saw that neither had shifted body position, but each had begun to twist and tug at the other’s new toy. As he was pulling his car out of his parking spot he caused the plugs to start vibrating, and he could have sworn he heard passionate screams come from the upstairs bedroom. It was probably his imagination, he was too far away and his car filtered out too much of the noise, but up in the bedroom the women did in fact start screaming at the erotic sensations.