The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Babysitter

CHAPTER 5 : A Potent Technique


Mark’s grandparents picked up his baby brother just before Kristen’s best friend Tory stopped by. Kristen told Tory about the video and that she would seek hypnotherapy for help. Tory revealed she had her own trigger, something she got years ago from Brad in exchange for sex and her own hypnotic leash. She then proceeded to use her trigger on Kristen, unaware that Mark was home. She gave Kristen instructions to prepare for a special night and left.

Mark snapped his fingers. As commanded, Kristen awoke from her trance. She blinked her eyes.

“Are you okay? Are you . . . YOU again?” Mark asked.

Kristen didn’t answer at first, but looked around. “Tory? What happened to . . . " Kristen stopped mid sentence and sat up. “How did I end up on this couch? And where did these under garments come from?” Kristen asked.

“Tory used a trigger on you,” Mark replied.

“What?! Another fucking trigger!” Kristen said.

“What do you remember?” Mark asked.

Kristen thought for a second. “She said something about making a deal with Brad. Said she would wipe the expression off my face. Next thing I know you are standing above me and I’m wearing lingerie.”

Mark clarified, “Brad made a proposition. If Tory slept with him and allowed him to hypnotize her, he would give her a trigger she could use to control you. Sounds like she accepted the deal and has been controlling you ever since.”

“Tory . . . Tory is controlling me?” Kristen said. Her voice drifted off. She laid back down on the couch as though she had lost the strength to sit up. “Tory is my best friend. Why? Why would she do this to me? What have I done to her?!”

“She seems obsessed to me. She mentioned using the trigger to sabotage your relationships. She was hoping you would turn to her for comfort and maybe something more.”

“I can’t believe this is happening. This can’t be happening,” Kristen said.

“There’s more,” Mark said. “With graduation approaching, she said she plans to force you to love her. Sounds like she plans on doing it tonight.”

Kristen remained quiet for some time, apparently lost in thought.

“Are you okay?” Mark asked.

“What do you think?” Kristen replied, “Do you think Tory can really do it?”

“If you are not a lesbian, then . . . probably not,” Mark said hesitantly.

“You sound unsure,” Kristen noticed.

“These triggers may be based on something more complex than simple hypnosis. From what I know, hypnosis can’t do the kind of things Tory talked about. It also has me wondering how valid my tests were last night. I’ve been assuming normal hypnosis, something you could resist. But maybe there is more to these triggers than meets the eye,” Mark said.

“Well, if the triggers are that powerful, couldn’t you use them to reveal Brad’s technique?” Kristen suggested.

“Hmm. I hadn’t really thought about that. I suppose I could,” Mark replied as if a light-bulb had just turned on.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kristen said.

Mark spoke up, “I dream of fuck toy always bringing suck joy.”

* * *

Kristen awoke once again. This time she was wearing sweat pants and a tea shirt. It was a nice gesture, even if she could still feel the lingerie beneath. Mark sat in the love seat staring at the floor.

“Did you learn anything?” Kristen asked.

Mark didn’t immediately respond

“Are you okay?” Kristen asked.

Mark took a deep breath and looked at Kristen, “You want the long version, or the short version?” he asked.

“Let’s start with the short version,” Kristen replied.

“Brad used a combination of unethical techniques and drugs to effectively enslave you. I don’t think the resulting triggers are normal,” Mark replied.

“What kind of techniques? I thought you said hypnosis was more or less safe,” Kristen said.

“I’ve read about unethical methods in the darker corners of the Web. I don’t know if they work on just anyone, but they definitely CAN work. Especially if the subject is in a vulnerable mental state,” Mark replied.

“What kind of method did Brad use?” Kristen prodded.

“Basically it involved creating a split personality. Starts with creating amnesia by replayed your life in reverse. Having you forget all the details along the way. Then the void is filled with a new blindly obedient personality. Someone raised from birth with no boundaries, ethics or morals. Someone who has no notion of what a choice is. Someone trained to keep their mind blank and only think when necessary to obey commands. Then make the obedient personality the alpha. That is, make it aware of and give it control over the real personality,” Mark replied.

Kristen spoke up, “Wait, if you knew about these techniques, why didn’t you mention them before? Don’t tell me it just slipped your mind.”

“I did consider the possibility. But hypnosis triggers lose potency over time, regardless of the technique. You probably can’t remember what you ate three weeks ago, but you remember what you ate yesterday. Triggers work the same way. The more time that passes, the less potent they become because our minds forget them. So even if he used an unethical technique to enslave you, the triggers would have to be re-enforced every week to maintain their potency. After five years, it would put you in a light trance at best”

“You mentioned drugs. What kind of drugs?” Kristen asked.

“Once under hypnosis, Brad used a drug called Flunitrazepam, more commonly known as the forget me drug. And that is where this technique is particularly sinister. He waited until the drug took effect before creating the split personality and the triggers.”

“How do you know this? More importantly, how did I know this?” Kristen asked.

“You couldn’t recall what he did to you. But you were present when he used the same technique on Tory. In fact he had you give Tory the pills.” Mark replied.

“Bastard probably got off on watching me do it,” Kristen offered.

Mark continued, “I have never read anything about hypnosis in conjunction with drugs like this. But I can only assume the drug is the key to the triggers power and longevity. Maybe it amplifies the effect. Or maybe since the drug blocks the chemical connections to the memory, it makes it more like an instinct. Impossible to resist or forget. Or possibly both. Either way, it seems it worked.”

“So what now?” Kristen said with an air of desperation.

“I removed the triggers,” Mark said standing up, “You’re free. When Tory arrives, you can confront her without fear. I also released you from my control. I had no right to enslave you. I thought you wanted me to, but . . . I just hope you can forgive me.” After a brief silence, Mark continued, “Tory will be here soon. I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

Kristen grabbed Mark’s hand as he began to walk away. She stood up and directed him to face her. She leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. “Please stay. I don’t want to do this alone.”

“If that is what you want,” Mark said reassuringly.

Kristen still wasn’t sure if her feelings were genuine or not, but at that moment she felt her heart swell. She leaned in once more and gave Mark a kiss. She felt his hands wrap around her waste as he embraced her. They climbed up and down her back and finally began to dive below her waist.

Kristen pulled away, squeezing his hand reassuringly, “Look, I’m still trying to get a handle on everything. Please understand, I need some time to think.”

Mark nodded.

* * *

Four beeps came from the front door. A moment later the dead-bolt began to turn counter-clockwise as a small electric motor buzzed to life. There was a loud click and the door opened. Tory stepped inside. She sat her overnight bag down and removed her trench coat revealing black lace lingerie.

She immediately made her way to the living room. She was disappointed when she didn’t find Kristen panting. She turned to check the kitchen and jumped when she noticed Kristen and a young man standing in the archway.

“What? Who are you?” she said talking to the young man.

There was no answer.

“Tory, we need to talk,” Kristen said, looking concerned.

Tory stood in silence trying to assess the situation. Kristen wasn’t entranced or touching herself. The young man must have released her. She knew she could control Kristen, but the young man was a different issue. She still had an advantage though. Tory was wearing her sexiest lingerie and looked her best. Meanwhile, Kristen looked like sporty spice in a baggy shirt.

Tory looked around and then directed her gaze to the couch, “Fine, lets talk.”

Tory made her way around and sat in the love seat. Kristen sat on the couch while the young man stood next to her. He was looking at Tory with that all too familiar dog in heat look. Tory smiled at him and allowed her knees to remain ever so slightly parted

Kristen spoke up, “I apologize, but I lied to you. The boy I told you about that gave me the cell phone, Mark, he didn’t actually leave. He was delayed.”

Tory looked Mark over. “Doesn’t look like a boy to me. Nice to meet you Mark,” she said with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Kristen continued, “He was upstairs when you arrived and overheard all the things you said. Both before and after you used that trigger on me”

Tory looked back at Kristen. “Upstairs huh? Sounds like you were keeping someone from me. I wonder why. Are you guys a duet? Maybe we could make it a trio?”

“Shut up!” Kristen declared. “This is about you and me and what you have been doing to me!”

Tory interrupted, “You think this is the first time you have discovered that trigger? At least once a year, something happens where I come clean with you about Brad and what I did. Sometimes it’s guilt, sometimes it’s anger, and sometimes I just feel like fucking with you. And it always ends the same. So despite what you think, this is actually about me and Mark and how he wants tonight to play out.”

“I’m right here!” Kristen said, now visibly angry. “And no, you can’t ignore me this time because the triggers have been removed.”

“Oh have they now?” Tory said with a smile. “And who removed them?”

“Mark did,” Kristen said.

“I see. A true hero. Must have told you that no trigger or phrase would ever affect you again before waking you with a princely kiss. Sound about right? And how did he test the removal? Did he put on a dirty blond wig to try and look like me before using the trigger?” Tory said still smiling.

Tory watched Kristen’s confidence crumble. As Kristen turned towards Mark for support, Tory pounced at the opportunity. In an instant, she stood and closed the distance with Kristen. By the time Kristen looked back, Tory was already in front of her. She pushed her index finger into the center of Kristen’s forehead. “Goodnight my sweet cunt.”

Kristen pulled away violently. She held a hand to her forehead as if Tory had branded her.

“What the F . . . ”

Kristen stopped mid sentence. Her arms fell to her sides and her pupils disappeared into the top of her head. When they returned they were glazed and empty.

Kristen sat up slowly to recompose herself, staring off into space at nothing. “I exist to obey,” the body said.

* * *

“Now it is just you and me,” Tory said looking at Mark seductively.

“I don’t understand,” Mark said confused. “I removed the triggers.”

“Silly boy, these aren’t normal hypnosis triggers. They’re permanent,” she said with a smug look. “Now we need to discuss how this evening is going to pan out. This can go down one of two ways. Option one, we have a night of fun with the understanding that you move on and forget about Me and Kristen. Don’t worry, I love Kristen and I plan on taking care of her. In trade you can do whatever you want with us tonight. Kristen, strip.”

Mark noticed Kristen stand and begin removing her clothing. Tory walked over to Mark and pressed her chest into him. She places her finger on her chest and traced the curve of her body down towards to her thigh, “Been a while since I’ve been with a man. But we’ll both behave, I promise.”

Tory looked up at Kristen, “Oh, she’s wearing the lingerie. Excellent. Kristen, leave the lingerie on.”

If Mark was the hero in some fictional story, the right answer would have been obvious. But such stories normally leave out details like the smell of perfume, the heat caused when two bodies make contact or the arousal one feels when two lingerie clad models are trying to seduce you.

“And my other option?” Mark asked.

Tory stopped pecking at his neck and pulled away irritated. “Kristen goes to the cops, tells them how you raped her and you go to jail.”

Mark looked at Tory in horrified shock.

Tory smiled and turned towards Kristen, “I feel confident if the cops search her body for your . . . DNA, they will find evidence.” Tory looked back to Mark. “What you have to understand is that Kristen will believe or do anything I say. She will genuinely think you raped her and she will genuinely hate you.”

They stood in silence for a moment and then Tory spoke up. “Kristen, seduce Mark. Get him aroused and then remove his clothes”

Kristen turned towards Mark. A smirk came across her face as she began walking towards him to obey. She stepped behind him and began licking and caressing Mark’s neck.

Tory stepped forward and straddled Mark’s leg. All at once her face went from serious to sensual. She leaned in and kissed Mark while rubbing her groin against his leg.

“Lets not ruin the mood with any more of that kind of talk.” Tory said with a seductive smile.

Mark’s features suddenly hardened and he pushed Tory away. “You forgot about my last option.”

Tory looked at him puzzled.

“Maybe I can’t remove Kristen’s triggers, but I can make you forget about them. And while I’m in that pretty head of yours, who knows what other fun I might have as punishment”

“Make me forget? And how would you . . . .” Tory stopped, her eyes grew wide.

“Had an interesting talk with Kristen while she was under. Asked about that night with Brad. She had a lot to say. Even remembered a certain someone’s trigger phrase.”

Tory panicked, “No wait, we can . . . ”

“Mean girls make mad muff,” Mark said with a smile.

All at once, Tory’s features relaxed. Her eyes went from wide eyed panic to placid. Her mouth remained open, unable to finish whatever thought she had before her thoughts were taken away. Her arms slowly lowered and rested against her sides. It was as though her brain had been turned off. Finally, she knelt down and assumed what was apparently Brad’s favorite position: Kneeling with both knees spread, back slightly arched, pushing her shoulders back and her chest forward. Her head looked strait ahead at nothing.

Kristen continued to kiss and caressed Mark’s neck, completely oblivious to the fate of her mistress. Mark knew he needed to free her of Tory’s control, but he could wait another ten minutes.