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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

Introductory Comments: This story is inspired by Tabico, 321, Trillby Else, Iago and others I have read on this site for over 10 years. Also inspired by 50s 60s and 70s Sci-Fi movies

The Bank

Best Laid Plans


The Mistresses had over 50 Robots and dozens of Slaves, ten Sex Slaves and a few Roboslaves—women who were robotized but were more Slave then Robot as they could act on their own to serve their Mistresses. Slaves could act on their own to serve their Mistresses. Robots only did what they were told and could not act on their own. Slaves aged normally whole Robots no longer aged.

Robotize vb (tr)
  1. to cause (a person) to be or become mechanical and lifeless, like a robot.
  2. to turn into a robot.

Stella and Alexandra used their Slaves and Robots for a variety of duties including Assassinations of rivals, threats, robberies, abductions, and contracts. Criminal organizations or wealthy individuals wanting their rivals eliminated. The price was 1 million Dollars a contract. Most were killed to fulfill the contracts but under the terms of the contract, “ELIMINATE TARGET/REMOVE RIVAL OR THREAT” Stella did not waste suitable females and instead of killing them they were enslaved or robotized.

Those who paid for the contracts were discreet and never considered betraying Stella and Alexandra. The price was too high. One person did and he was killed but not before his children were killed and his wife robotized as an example to others.

The contracts were done in such a way the two parties could do so anonymously and avoid being captured by the Police and Interpol, although they tried.

Stella rarely risked Slaves for contracts unless it required some form of undercover work. The Robots were used 99% of the time.

One contract was to eliminate a troublesome Senate candidate who threatened to expose a corrupt business.

The woman was young and idealistic and naive. She was at her home when two Robots were dispatched to complete the contract.

Robot #3 and Robot #25 were sent to the house. They quietly broke in and went upstairs to the sleeping senate candidate. Robot #25/Melanie covered her mouth as the two robots held her the robots had 12″ dildos telescope out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK. They were the other end of the dildo in each woman’s vagina. As they held her #25 held her head uncovered her mouth, “No help me……help Mmpppppfffff!!!!” as the robotized Melanie slid the dildo forcibly into her mouth. She struggled and as it ejaculated/injected cum-like foam down her throat the woman gagged and struggled but then as she swallowed it she slowly stopped resisting. Within ten seconds she was eagerly sucking, her face had a strange mindless look.

After two minutes #25 removed the dildo from her mouth and she just laid there. The woman stared mindlessly ahead.


“BEGINNING LEVEL ONE” as #25/Melanie had her gloved hands on the woman’s head #3/Jessica began fucking her with her dildo.

Two hours later the robots departed and in the morning the senate candidate resigned.

She was not seen in public again.

But at the mansion of Stella Herrin, the former Senate candidate reported to Stella, “Mistress thank you for allowing me to serve you. Here is your tea’

“Thank you Slave, you serve me well, resume duties”

The Slave bowed fully then went out.

Had she been male, she would have been killed.

The robots had numerous contracts and usually certain Robots were used.

#3/Jessica was used on 20 contracts. Half of which were assassinations.

#25/Melanie was used in 45 contracts, 30 were assassinations.

#27/Tiffany was used in 90 contracts, 75 were assassinations.


Tiffany was used more often because she appeared less of a threat.

A porn star was taken and Robotized into Robot #61. The robots had partially failed. They took the beautiful porn star as ordered but they failed to eliminate witnesses. Her boyfriend Mark and sister Lisa were witness to her abduction and were not converted or killed as is protocol.

They were trying to go to the police so after the fact the new Robot #51/Aria and #3/Jessica, #25/Melanie and #27/Tiffany were sent to deal with them.

They were in her house waiting for the Police.

The robots walked in and Aria’s sister saw the four woman clad in shiny black latex or PVC outfits from head to toe. Their expressions—blank, emotionless, their eyes fixed and glazed, they walked smoothly but mechanically. Their lips and eyelids were coated with light silver. The squeaking of their latex outfits as they walked, the clicking of the stiletto 8″ heels of the platform boots they wore added 6″ to their height. They wore low cut front bustier thong bottom leotards over massive 38DD breasts and pulled tightly giving them camel toes.

“Aria? What has happened to you we saw you go with them?”

“Baby it’s me? Why do you act like you know me?” Mark, her boyfriend of three years said.


“Yes. We were worried about you, they will be here anytime” Lisa said with a concerned look on her face. Mark was silent as he had a gun in his face from a robotized Melanie.


“Yes how do you know that? The Police will be here and we will help you Aria” Lisa said.


“Loose ends? Are you going to kill us? What has happened to you?”

“YOU WILL NOT BE KILLED” Aria/#61 said to her sister who felt relieved.

“BUT YOU WILL BE” Melanie/#25 said to Mark.

“What are you going to shoot me?” he said to Melanie/#25.

“NO” the robotized Melanie said as the robotized Aria went to hold him and kiss him and he said, “Honey? Are you alright? Mmmmmpppffff” as they kissed she squeezed him tight crushing him and breaking his back. She let him go and he crashed to the floor.

“OMG Aria! You killed him!” her sister said.


“So what are you going to do to me? You said you aren’t going to kill me? A-are you going to make me like you?” Lisa said as she saw Melanie turn Mark into raw materials. She was terrified now.


“My own sister? You are going to do this to me?” Lisa said as she realized this was NOT her sister any longer. The way she killed a man she planned to marry like he was nothing, like he was an insect to crush under her boots. Whoever did this to these women cared nothing about their lives and turned them into killers. “What has been done to you? Tell me if I am going to be one of you?”

“WE HAVE BEEN ROBOTIZED. WE SERVE THE MISTRESSES. PRESENT YOURSELF TO ME” Aria/#61 said as she rubbed her crotch and a 12″ dildo telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK.

“A dildo? No Aria you are my sister? Please no!” as the robotized Aria walked her dildo into her sister, who moaned loudly then went silent.

The other Robots were cleaning up the area ensuring no evidence of their presence was detected. They collected valuables as directed and within three minutes

The robotized Aria withdrew her dildo wiping it off of cum and foam with her right gloved hands and she stroked it spurting some of the cum-like foam on her naked sister’s back. The dildo then retracted with a POP.

Lisa stood naked at attention as an outfit began to form on her beginning from the feet first. Her feet raised on their toes as thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels and 2″ bottoms formed on her legs. Then her leotard with dildos for the openings— anal and vaginal began forming, all from “Raw materials”……………..

Soon Lisa was clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to her height, low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face now emotionless and blank like her sister, but her eyelids and lips were not silverized and her breasts were not yet enlarged.

The five Robots then went out to a waiting black van and in the van Lisa was placed in the Robotizer.

Five minutes later the hood raised up and Lisa was fully robotized like the other women—like her sister. Lisa now had 38DD chests and her eyelids and lips silverized, her hair down.

The robotized Lisa staring blankly ahead said in a monotone voice;





The two sisters would serve together now forever and a problem averted.

The news was on the television;

“…….News today in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox arrested on kidnapping, murder and racketeering charges…………….”

“Turn off the news……….” As Liz Atkins was busy having sex with her new husband. She climbed on top of him and kissed him and said, “Pay attention to me you jerk!” as she playfully smacked him and they had intercourse as the news continued in the background.

“….no sign of the alleged victims, women who according to the witnesses were turned into killing robots and SexBots”

“Oh-h-h-h-h fuck……….Liz……….I love you……….”

“I love you too………..” as Liz on top of him was blank faced as she acted to have an orgasm. She was a very good actress. She had been programmed to be the best. She really believed she was Liz Atkins due to her programming and the

Artificial personality creator used on her. The blonde dyed brunette Liz was in fact Melanie Johnson/Robot #25.

Her loving husband continued working at her until she had another orgasm, this time a real one. As Liz orgasmed she had a flash of memory

Melanie was sitting in the Robotizer with the hood being lowered over her head. She was clad in shiny black PVC……………..

Then the memory changed………Melanie was naked as she knelt before a latex rubber clad Stella lowered herself and her arms went around Stella’s hips, and she slid her tongue into a slit on the pussy area of the shiny black latex low cut leotard she tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Melanie’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. Stella came in her face and she lapped up all the nectar.

She blinked and then forgot as the orgasm faded and she returned to her programming.

She got up and turned the news off.

“Hey honey I was watching that, at least listening to it?”

“You don’t need to listen to that trash”

“Those women deserve to fry”

“If they are found guilty…….”

“They are guilty, whoever could do that to women……… when are we going to talk about babies?”

“We just got married besides remember I told you I am sterile—I can’t have children”


“Well at least that’s what the doctor told me I think………..I remember hearing….’they can’t get pregnant when robotized it makes them incapable of getting pregnant’……..yes I remember they said incapable of getting pregnant”

“Well maybe we could go to a specialist?”

“No we…….of fine. I’ll try to find one and get an appointment okay?”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

After her husband went to work, Liz was alone and she said, “Happy 3 weeks anniversary to me”

Then her phone rang “UNKNOWN CALLER”, “Hello I said you people need to………Yes I will obey”

She and her Robot sisters were either in hiding or were sent out to act on their Mistresses behalf;

“Fuck! The Robots failed us! Two witnesses have come forward and according to our Agent Officer Smith the Police are planning a raid on this mansion. We must put Project Chameleon into effect now. There is no time to test it!”

“The artificial personality creator is not full proof! We can’t use it on 70 Robots?”

“No you fool, we will place most Slaves and Robots into hiding in the subterranean levels. They can never gain access there and they can never detect them, the design is my own and used in Germany in……..never mind. We will only use it on a select group of Robots to serve as our Agents to work on freeing us and clearing our names and eliminating threats. Get Robots #3, 25, 27, 61, 62,” as a handful of Robots were placed in the Robotizer and given new personalities. Slave personalities with no connection to their previous lives.

When the Police arrested Stella and Alexandra, the house was empty except for them. No trace of the equipment, devices, vans, Robots, Slaves—nothing was found to indicate anything had been going on. Everything had either been moved to another location or was deep underground.

Their lawyer, was the woman they robotized weeks earlier, designed to appear normal in public. She would defend them in court.

The two Madams met with their lawyer in the Jail holding room. And by law it was not monitored.

“Report #41”

“Yes Mistress. The two witnesses have changed their stories. They now claim the Police coerced them. They took and passed lie detector tests and the case will be easily dismissed Mistresses”

“Excellent! But the publicity has been terrible for us, for business. These weeks we have been in here, the Robots………”

“This Robot is aware the Robots have all obeyed their Controllers Mistress. Those of us still active have made no mistakes. The witnesses were converted into Slaves easily which is how they passed their lie detectors”

“Yes no one can resist our brainwashing processes. How was it done?”

“A squad of Robots overcame the Police watching them and then used their phalluses on them Mistress”

“Excellent and they are fully programmed?”

“Yes Mistress they exist to serve your will now”

“Excellent! Our time is limited here. I want the Police women, the news women and any others involved in this case who might continue even if dismissed enslaved. Then once we are out we will determine who will be robotized”

“Yes Mistress”

“Okay time up, time for you Madams haha to go back to your cells” the

Corrections Officer said syndly.

“You should be more respectful to us” Stella said to her.

“Get moving! Now” she said.

“You WILL be more respectful to me……” Stella said laughing inside as she went to her cell.


She hung up and drove off in her Mercedes to her “home”.

The next day the officer who was disrespectful to Stella was bringing her Dinner as they were on isolation.

“Okay Madame’s here’s your dinner”

As she placed the tray Stella stared intently at her and said, “You must be very lonely now?”


“Your husband left you, for another woman…….how bad you must feel”

“W-what? You don’t know me! Just eat your food”

“Wait……..please I know you think we are just dumb prisoners but let me help you………let me talk with you…………” Stella said her eyes never leaving the Officers and hers never leaving Stella’s.

Alexandra smiled as she ate.

“Yes that’s it now let me help you……..don’t you want that?”

“Yes………I want you to help me”

The female Officer returned with three others to shower the inmates. “I see you are working late Officer?”

“Yes Madam I volunteered for overtime”

“Good. It’s good to see a kind face”

“Thank you Madam”

In the shower area there were no cameras, no microphones and female officers were not watched like the males were in the female Jail.

Stella stood naked as the female Officer serviced her pussy licking and lapping as she gushed in her face the Officer lapped it up then quickly got back out of the shower as Stella turned it on.

Stella questioned her new Slave, “Thank you my dear your skill is very good”

“Thank you Madam”

“Now tell me I know there are no cameras or mics in here, what about our cell?”

“Yes Madam. There is one camera and two microphones. They can listen but it is not monitored 24/7”

“Good. Are there any other female Guards you think would benefit from serving me?”

“Yes Madam. I ca bring them here”

“No too risky. I will have you meet with my Associates after work. They will instruct you further”

“Yes Madam thank you”

Stella knew hypnosis alone was not strong enough to hold this female officer.

As she left work she drove to a nearby house and went inside. She emerged in the morning ready for work with a few new outfit additions. The big chested officer was now bigger, her breasts 38DD but she wrapped them to make them flatter for her uniform. Her silver eyelids and lips were disguised with makeup and lipstick.

In her crotch her dildo panties or Sex Control buzzed and fucked her constantly.

Her boots were now stiletto heeled platform boots.

When she delivered the breakfast trays in the morning Stella and Alexandra smiled and both said, “Oh good morning officer, did you have a good night?”

“YES. Thank you Madam” as she handed them their trays which she snuck some of their drug to use on women/Guards they needed to.

“Thank you Officer I’m so glad you at least show us respect in here”

“You are welcome Madam. All Officers should do this Madam. Please tell me anyone who does not and they will be reported/disciplined”

“Thank you Officer………?”

“#67 Madam”

“Oh excellent! Thank you”

The robotized Officer blended in although she acted much more ‘wooden’

When alone with Stella and Alexandra she served them and serviced them. A coworker, another male officer questioned her after work. “Allison you are acting funny? Are you switching sides? For the other team?” (Not implying becoming a criminal but becoming a lesbian)

“No come to my place for dinner and say nothing to anyone else and I’ll show you”

“Hell yeah!” Officer John Metcalfe said as he had been trying to go out with Jane since her husband left her for a “sexier” woman.

“John did you tell anyone you were coming over here tonight?”

“No you told me not to. I didn’t want to screw it up”

“Did anyone see you come in?”

“No Jane what are you worried……..” as she kissed him and began taking his clothes off. They made their way to the bedroom and began having hard sex.

Sex like John had never had before.

“Oh fuck……fuck………..yes…………Jane…………what the?” CRACK as she snapped his neck during Sex killing him instantly as he convulsed still inside her.

She got off of him and put on a pair of familiar PVC gloves. As she motioned he glowed and vanished and was sucked up at the molecular or atomic level. Even his clothes and any body fluids. The robotized Jane purged her vagina and washed it out before replacing her Sex Control panties. Jane then called and said, “ROBOT #67 ONE THREAT ELIMINATED READY FOR ORDERS……….UNDERSTOOD”

The next day John failed to show up for work.

“Hey Jane have you seen him?”

“No not since yesterday. It’s like he vanished” she said knowing what she said was the truth.

As instructed Jane/#67 replaced one of her coworkers, Officer Allison Flannery’s water bottles. This coworker was to work Stella’s and Alexandra’s cell area. Jane made sure she was well primed.

The next day in the shower area Allison was kneeling before Stella serviced her pussy licking and lapping as she gushed in her face the Officer lapped it up then quickly got back out of the shower as Stella turned it on.

Stella questioned her new Slave, “Thank you my dear, you obeyed perfectly as instructed”

“Thank you Madam”

“You must drink the water my dear. Officer Jane will take you to a place where you can join her in our service”

“Yes Madam. I want to serve you both more than anything”

“Good very good. And any you think would make good servants for us coordinate with Officer Jane”

“Yes Madam”

With work from other Robots, Officer John Metcalfe was made to look as if he had tangled with mobsters by transferring posthumously bank money to bookies and known mobsters. That took the investigation away from the Jail.

Officer Allison went with Officer Jane to the house nearby and went inside. Both emerged in the morning ready for work and Allison had a few new outfit additions. The big chested officer was now bigger, her breasts 38DD but she wrapped them like Jane to make them flatter for her uniform. Her silver eyelids and lips were disguised with makeup and lipstick.

In her crotch her dildo panties or Sex Control buzzed and fucked her constantly.

Her boots were now stiletto heeled platform boots.

Both Officers delivered the breakfast trays in the morning Stella and Alexandra smiled and both said, “Oh good morning officers I see you both had a good night?”

“Yes. Thank you Madams”

Allison added “I am #69”

“Oh how appropriate” as Allison was a lovely redhead. Stella knew she would serve her well for many years.

Liz and new her husband Paul had Sex often but Liz rarely had an orgasm. She most of the time had to fake it. Liz believed it was due to some trauma she had. She was half right—it was the trauma of being raped by another woman with a dildo. A robotized woman with a phallus who like her had the same thing done to her. Raped by the woman and robotized and her former life was stolen from her forever. Not that she had much of a life at that point after meeting Stella Herrin. And even as this Liz fabrication, the only way she could have pleasure during sex or any kind of sexual pleasure was obeying her Mistress—Obedience is pleasure. Purpose is Bliss. Liz/#25/Melanie had been ruined for sex with men. She was a lesbian;

“OMG I had so much fun Tiffany thank you!”

“Me too Mel! There were so many pretty girls there. I can’t believe it took you breaking up with that asshole for us to realize we both like girls”

“Yes we are lesbians……… we had a night of fun—drinking, one night stands with beautiful women, and now we need to get rest and go to work Monday”

“I’m thirsty I want some water”

“Here I have two bottles……….oh one I guess?”

“I have the other Mel” the one she was going to send for analysis and try to find out what was going on. Instead they both guzzled them as instructed. The two held hands “I have had a secret crush on you forever. I didn’t tell you because you had a boyfriend Mel”

“I guess I knew somehow Tiffany………we can see where it goes………….”

When they arrived at Melanie’s apartment the two had a night of intimate, lesbian sex. In the morning the two showered together and Tiffany went home and Melanie laid down with her dildo as instructed. She then dreamed of Stella.

Tiffany went home thinking of her new lover Melanie.

Melanie’s ex-boyfriend was stalking her and trying to figure out what was going on. She was sitting in his car outside Melanie’s apartment having followed her all night. He was convinced he was right and she was having an affair with a woman. As he watched the apartment a woman in shiny black PVC approached the driver’s side of his car and he looked over to see a woman, a brunette wearing shiny black latex rubbery PVC. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, 38DD breasts squeezed in a low cut front bustier leotard with thong bottom pulled tightly giving her a camel toe. Her face emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized.

His window was down because it was warm, and he looked over to see this stunning woman and wondered why she was dressed like that and why she was there but he didn’t have long to wonder because she reached in with both gloved hands and with one quick jerk of his head all the way to the left snapped his neck killing him instantly.

Liz had tried to orgasm with her husband, she was tired of faking it, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

They were having sex before bed and she was trying to think of things to make her orgasm. He was really getting into it but she was not. Paul had left the TV on again and she heard in the background,

“…….Hearing tomorrow in the Crime Madams case, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox arrested on kidnapping, murder and racketeering charges…………….”

Liz thought about those names, Stella Herrin and Alexandra Knox………she knew those names………they had been threatened before……….she remembered;

Liz was having sex with a wealthy man, a rival to her Mistresses. Robot #25 had been ordered to seduce then eliminate the rival and set him up. Liz was in her shiny black latex rubbery PVC uniform. The man thought she was just being kinky. “I love the outfit, so fucking hot! Like you are……..Tina is it?” “YES” He started to take her outfit off and she said, “NO. LEAVE IT ON. IT’S KINKIER THIS WAY” He liked this and she was behind him rubbing her outfit on him, the Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, her 38DD breasts in his back. He was naked and aroused. He said, “I fucking love this!” “THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS LOVER…….” as her 12″ dildo telescoped out of a slit which was in the thong bottom over the pussy area with a BOINK.

She rammed it into his ass and he cried out in wild orgasm “Fuck yes!!!”

And just at the peak of his orgasm she grabbed his head with her right gloved hand and put her left gloved hand over his mouth and with a quick jerk snapped his neck. She had obeyed her Mistresses.

“Oh fuck………..” as Liz orgasmed hard, cumming with her husband the two moaned loudly. Good thing their neighbors were far away and unable to hear them.

“Fuck baby……that was great let’s go again, I love you……

“I love you too” as Liz kissed her husband as she tried to bring back the memory……’why was?’………

Her face emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized, she showed no emotion for the murder she just commited. She coldly removed her dildo from the dead man, and coldly pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number in her mind, IT IS DONE MISTRESS…….YES I FILMED THE ENTIRE EVENT FOR YOU” “Excellent #25 destroy the evidence and return to me” “YES MISTRESS” “I am VERY pleased with you”

She “vacuumed up” the evidence, washed the sheets and picked up her black PVC purse which had a camera lens in the side of it facing the bed. The words reverberated in her mind “I am VERY pleased with you”

“Ahhhhh fuck……yes……..” as she came harder this time, as they both came together. Then laid there in each other’s arms. Liz wondered where this dreams or whatever they were came from but she was grateful they helped her please her husband and herself. She tried to remember more but the memory quickly faded.

End Part Six

(To be Continued……….)