The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 10

Author — Sidia

Jason swallowed, excitement and nerves making it seem like there was an immovable lump in his throat. He was seated on the couch, in the dark, looking down into the upturned face of his mother as she knelt before him. Her lips were parted, and the flush in her cheeks made her seem younger than she was. Her hands were resting on his knees, lightly grasping, and she was meeting his gaze with an intensity that felt like it was burning him.

Helen gently applied pressure to her son’s legs, encouraging him to open them for her, which exposed the hard bulge that threatened to tear right through his pants. Once they were spread, his mother settled herself between his legs, an obscenely intimate position for her to be in. She flicked her eyes down to Jason’s crotch, and then bit her bottom lip; a youthful expression of desire that Jason would never have thought he would get to see on his mother’s beautiful face.

“Jason …” Helen breathed out, her voice low and husky. “Is that for me?”

Jason nodded dumbly, unable to speak. He was wide-eyed, staring down at the picture before him. Never in his wildest dreams—even after the Rings had come to him—had he ever imagined that his mother would be crouched before him like this; desire and need—and love—stamped all over her features.

“Well then, sweetie,” His mother smiled, reaching out for the front of his pants. “I better unwrap it then.”

Helen placed her palms over the bulge of her son’s erect cock, and gently, sensually, explored what she found. Jason’s breath caught in his throat as his mother ran her hands over the rigid shape of his penis, gently squeezing him through his pants. She gripped the zipper and slowly dragged it open, every click of the zip coming undone sounding thunderous to his ears. Once open, she started exploring again, but this time only the thin fabric of his underwear acting as a barrier.

“Oh my …” Helen said, almost to herself. She gripped the top of his underwear, along with his pants, and very slowly began to pull them down.

Jason raised his hips off of the couch to help his mother, unable to look away from her. Helen was staring at her son’s crotch, her breathing speeding up as his cock was on the verge of being revealed. Finally, his hardon escaped the confines of his pants, springing up proudly right in front of his mothers face. She froze then; unmoving, as she took in the sight of her son’s erect cock only inches away from her. Then she looked up at Jason, smiled her usual gentle and loving smile, and continued to undress him.

Once she had completely stripped him below the waist, she placed both of her hands on top of his bare thighs, tantalisingly close to his cock. She caressed his skin softly, seemingly hypnotised by what was before her.

Without another word to her son, she leant forward; the small distance she had to travel seemed glacially slow to Jason, as he watched her with his heart in his mouth. When he first felt the warmth of her breath against his cock, a guttural groan escaped him. He watched his mother’s soft lips curve up in a pleased and secret smile at his reaction, and then they parted, and her mouth slid over the head of his dick, and enveloped him.

Helen lovingly sucked her son’s cock, gentle and slow in the attention she gave him. Jason sat in the dark as if in a daze, watching his mother’s head bobbing up and down in front of him. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be concentrating intently on what she was doing. Her mouth was hot and wet, and she slid her lips down over half of his length, taking him as deeply as she could.

Jason didn’t know how long she worked on him—he was barely aware of where he was at this point—but she eventually pulled her mouth off of him, settling back on her heels and looking up into her son’s face. She gripped his shaft with both hands, wrapping her delicate fingers around his width, and smiled up at him.

“Are you enjoying this sweetie?” She asked, teasing him.

“Yes …” Jason groaned, finally finding his voice. He reached out a trembling hand towards his mother, and she leant into his palm, nuzzling his hand affectionately. “Please …”

“Please?” Helen asked softly, her voice low. While maintaining eye contact with him, she extended her pink tongue and licked the head of his cock.

“Don’t stop!” Jason gasped out.

Helen’s eyes unfocused for a moment, and she ceased her motions. Too late, Jason realised that he had given her an order, but before he could do anything about it, she acted upon it.

Still holding his shaft with both of her hands, his mother leant forward and once again took him into her mouth. She began to slide her mouth up and down his cock, faster this time—more insistent. Her shoulders were hunched, and her head was bowed, so that Jason couldn’t see her face. He moaned in pleasure at what she was doing to him—he would never have thought his lovely mother would be so good at giving head.

Jason placed his hands on her head as she blew him, resting his palms on her smooth tied-back hair. Helen was being almost mechanical in her movements, not stopping or pausing, taking his order seriously. In the throes of passion as she gave him a blowjob, Jason had no time for guilt, or second guessing the morality of ordering his mother—something he had told himself he wouldn’t do.

“Faster.” He grunted.

His mother obeyed, bobbing her head up and down his shaft ever faster. Jason reached behind her head and gripped her pony-tail; he wasn’t forcing her, merely holding on. He groaned out another direction for her to go faster, the sheer perversion of the situation getting beyond his control. And then he heard it.

Jason’s eyes grew wide as he heard a soft gagging noise escape his mother as she followed his direction for more speed. The control in her movements was beginning to lessen as she continued, and she occasionally took more of his shaft than she could handle. It was so perverse, his mother making those noises as she blew him, and Jason couldn’t bring himself to let her slow down.

He sat there, holding her head, as his mother slid her mouth up and down his cock, coughing and gagging occasionally—but never stopping. He felt like he was floating above, watching the tableau happen off somewhere before him, distant and remote. Only the feeling of his climax slowly rising within him began to bring him back to himself. He felt his balls clench, and he flung his head back as he felt himself begin to cum.

“Oh fuck—take it! Take it all!” He cried out hoarsely, not even paying attention to what he was saying; just riding out his climax.

Helen buried her face in her son’s crotch, taking as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could manage. Her shoulder’s shook as she coughed, trying to keep the length of his cock down. She worked her throat, swallowed each spurt of cum that Jason unloaded into her mouth. She was thorough—none escaped her.

Jason finished and, panting, looked down. Helen still knelt before her son, looking up at him while trying to catch her breathe. Her beautiful face was a mess—her eyes were tinged red, watery, and wide. There was traces of drool at the corner of her lips, and her skin was flushed red from her exertions. No one looking at her would confuse it for anything other than the result of a vigorous blowjob.

For all that though, she smiled up at him; a touch hesitantly, but still loving and tender. It was such a contrast, that it immediately cut through Jason’s post-orgasmic bliss.

He had just forced her to do something.

Jason felt sick at what he had done, and even worse that the memory of it aroused him even now. He hadn’t meant to—but he hadn’t stopped either.

“How was that honey?” Helen asked him warmly, a slight roughness to her voice.

It was that catch her in voice—what he had done to her—that was the nail in the coffin for Jason, regardless of how okay she was with what had just happened between them.

“Jason?” She asked, an unsure and worried tone entering her voice when he didn’t answer. “Did—did you not like it?”

What a ridiculous question—the amount of cum he had shot down her throat was testament to how much he enjoyed it! But she was reacting to him within the bindings of the Ring she wore.

“Yeah mom.” Jason said softly. “It … you were amazing.”

“Aren’t you sweet.” His mother said coyly, getting to her feet gracefully.

She stood between his legs, his softening cock before her, and placed her hands on his shoulders. She shifted, rubbing her thighs together, and dug her fingers in where they gripped him. Helen clearly had more in mind—perhaps this being just the beginning of the evening—but even though he could begin to feel himself starting to become aroused, Jason felt heartsick. He wanted … but he had forced her.

Before he could give in and take all that was before him, Jason spoke—giving his mother the last order for the night.

“Go and get cleaned up.” Jason said heavily, slumping back on the lounge and putting an arm over his eyes. “Go to bed and sleep well until morning.”

With his eyes covered, Jason sensed his mother pausing as the commands hit, and then the sounds as she began to move.

“Okay sweetie, I’m going to turn in for the night.” She leant forward and kissed his forehead, her lips feeling scalding hot on his skin. She continued, her voice soft and low—full of promise. “I had fun spending time with you this evening. I’m looking forward to our next movie night.”

Jason tensed, on the verge of telling her to stop, but he held his tongue—hearing his mother make her way up the stairs and into the bathroom. As soon as she was done, and her heard the door to her bedroom click shut, he got up and trudged his way up the stairs to his own room.

He wondered at himself—was he feeling guilty at what he had done, or was it guilt that he didn’t feel bad? Could normal morality even hold sway in the kind of situation he found himself in? It seemed like every step of the way with his mother was accidental or unintentional. Did that absolve him somewhat?

Jason remembered her frantic efforts as she sucked his dick, and the sounds she made when he ordered her to go faster, and felt his cock begin to harden.

He was such a hypocrite.

It was with mixed, and dark emotions that he made his way into his bed, slumping down onto the mattress. He would have sworn that he would lay awake all night, but the after effects of his pleasurable day kicked in, no matter what he was wrestling with his conscience, and he dropped off to a deep sleep.

At what time, he had no idea, Jason awake groggily to a pleasing sensation going on under his sheets. He blinked blearily, and tried to work out what was happening. He had been dreaming about his mother, about what had happened before he had gone to bed, and then …

Jason felt a small hand on his cock, stroking him stealthily, and he flung back his sheet to see what was going on. In the gloom of his room, he thought for a moment that his mother was in his bed, masturbating him while he had been asleep, before he realised it was his aunt instead.

Sarah was curled up beside him in his bed, completely nude. He had no idea how she had managed to slip in beside him without waking him. She looked at him with a half fearful, half defiant expression, but didn’t stop her gentle stroking of his cock.

“What the hell?” Jason hissed quietly.

“I—I—I came in to see you.” Sarah stuttered, before saying softly. “You were making noises in your sleep. And —” Even in the dark, Jason could see her flush. “You were hard. And you relaxed when I started touching you.”

Jason didn’t know how to deal with this. It almost sounded like she was trying to comfort him. Either that or she was just horny. Now that was she was awake and exposed, he could see a tremble to her limbs that she was trying to conceal. He wondered at what was going on in her head, being frightened of getting into bed with him uninvited, but still being drawn to do so.

“It’s okay.” Jason said gruffly. He had to admit, it was hard to be annoyed when she was still playing with him so skilfully.

He eyed her naked body, all the curves and smooth skin on display. He reached out with an arm and pulled her further up the bed towards him. Jason ignored her stiffening of surprise as he held her tight to him, cuddling into her. He pressed himself against her soft body and sighed contentedly. He realised to some surprise that this was the first time he had a woman in his bed with him.

It was nice.

In the dark everything was easier, and it wasn’t obvious that it was his aunt laying next to him. She smelt great, and her hair tickled his face as he held her. Jason felt relaxed and at ease, completely at odds to how he was when he had gone to bed. It made him realise that this was part of the appeal of being with someone—not just sex and pleasure—being close with a woman also had it’s own charms.

With this realisation, came the thought that he didn’t actually know much about what he was doing. He had stumbled into every encounter so far, most of the time taking charge of what was happening even though he was woefully inexperienced. Jason looked down at the woman in his arms, trembling and unsure at what she should be doing, and decided it was maybe time to learn a few things.

“Sarah.” He said softly, getting her attention.

“Mmmhmm?” She said, lifting her face away from where it had been pressed into his chest and looking at him.

“Show me how to please you.”

“Jason?” His aunt asked, her confusion evident.

She hesitantly took his hand, and placed it upon one of her breasts. It was a startling reminder of one of their first interactions, and when his aunt squeezed his hand onto the soft orb of her breast, Jason couldn’t help but be distracted. He groped her, handling her tit roughly, and was rewarded by the quiet gasps of arousal from his aunt as she buried her face back against his chest.

“No!” He said finally, pushing her away from him. This way was easy—he wanted to actually learn. She yelped in shock at this sudden treatment. He continued, softer this time. “Show me how to go down on you, how to make you cum.”

It came to him that he quite liked the idea of knowing his way around a woman’s body. Not everyone girl would be like his aunt—bound to be full of lust for whatever he did to her. Even his mother … even his mother was only bound by love. Did that even mean that she would get pleasure from what he did? He imagined his mother in bed with him and shivered pleasurably. He wanted to be able to make sure she enjoyed herself, if it came to that. When it came to that.

Sarah looked at him a long moment, her expression shrouded, before slowly unfurling herself from him and scooting back so she was half sitting up against the headboard of the bed. She parted her lithe thighs, spreading her legs wide. Jason shifted back halfway down the bed so that he could see better. In the dark, his face was wreathed in shadow—as was hers. His aunt was still trembling intermittently, and Jason realised that this was an unexplored element of the Fear binding—instead of blundering around and shouting at her, the act of vulnerably exposing herself to him was more than enough. It was an extension of what he had with her that morning—treating her body like it was his by right.

Sarah reached between her legs, and spread the pink folds of her vagina. In a hesitant voice that cracked occasionally with her nervousness, his aunt instructed Jason about the different parts of her, and what felt good, and what didn’t. He noted that some of the things that she said didn’t feel good he had actually done to her—and she had loved it—but he supposed that it wasn’t a good indicator of what worked generally.

Jason paid attention to what she was saying closely, moving nearer to her body as she spoke. He enjoyed the nervousness she displayed as he got closer, but refraining from touching her. Once he felt like he had absorbed enough, he decided to try it out. In the midst of her still talking, Jason settled himself between her legs, gripping his aunts smooth thighs and holding them apart when she would have instinctively closed them.

He kissed his way along her inner thigh, trailing his mouth on her skin on his way towards her pussy. Sarah had gone rigid with surprise at this unannounced end to her lecture, and gripped his head, entwining her fingers in his hair. She didn’t try to stop his progress, simply holding on.

He breathed on her lips, feeling her shiver, and then lightly ran his tongue along the folds of her pussy. Then, making sure to follow what she had said, he began to eat his aunt out.

He lost himself in the act, working his lips and tongue over her pussy and clitoris, determined to do it right. It was a slower build up than what he was used to with Sarah—instead of almost instantly getting worked up into a frenzy, it was slower and far more gradual. He found it rewarding though—every gasp and moan that he drew out of her was one that was earned. Her growing arousal made everything slick and slippery, and when he inserted a finger to her vagina, it slipped in easily.

She tasted good, he decided with some surprise, as he worked on her. She was gently thrusting up into his face, small rolling movements of her hips that were in time with the sharp gasps she was making. She was pulling on his hair now, firmly and on the verge of being painful.

When she came, she wrapped her thighs around his head, pulling him into her roughly. She started to keen loudly, before Jason managed to get an arm up and covered her mouth with his hand. Her muffled cries as she came made him grin in triumph as she humped her crotch into his face.

She finished, flopping onto the bed with arms and legs all akimbo. Jason, now released from the grip she had on him, sat back on his heels as he looked at his aunt’s naked body laying before him. Her chest heaved with her heavy breathing, capped by her firm breasts. He eyed her appreciatively, a feeling of pride swelling up within him.

Jason flopped back down beside his aunt, and she immediately curled herself around him—throwing and arm and a leg over his body. She panted into his ear, still shivering with the aftereffects of her orgasm. She was holding him close to her, and her nude form felt great against him.

Jason had intended to have his own fun next, but it felt so nice laying next to her like this. This, in addition to the fact that he had actually cum quite a few times in the last 24 hours, meant that he soon drifted off to sleep once more. This time though it was a relaxed and languid slumber, with a beautiful and sexy woman at his side