The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 11

Author — Sidia

Jason awoke to find that he had reversed the position that they had gone to sleep in; he was laying on his side and had thrown an arm over his aunt, holding her close to him. Her bare skin was soft and pleasant against his own and he tightened his arm around her, holding her even closer. He groggily shook his head, and squinted over at the clock on the wall to see what time it was. It was still early—hours before he had to get up.

He looked down at his aunt, barely being able to make out her face in the dim light of the pre-dawn. She was also laying on her side with her face near his chest. Jason frowned when he saw her expression; Sarah had a look of discomfort plastered on her face, and he became aware that her body was rigid—she seemed to be expending considerable effort in holding herself motionless.

Jason rolled himself away from her so that he could see more clearly what the matter with her was. She glanced up at him, her lips forming a tight line; she looked very uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jason asked, his voice pitched low in the early morning quiet.

Sarah didn’t reply; she just cast another quick look towards her nephew, and then shrugged.

Jason took a covert look at the ring he wore on his finger to see if he could get a clue as to what was going on. Her gems were the same as they were from the moment that they had changed to appear as normal bright gemstones. One brilliant green emerald, and a more muted black stone. He realised they hadn’t changed at all ever since his aunt had proclaimed that she was his.

“Did you sleep alright?” Jason asked, somewhat redundantly. He could now make out the dark circles that rimmed his aunt’s eyes.

She shrugged at him again, her body language was almost petulant.

This managed to annoy Jason; after all he had been through with her, he had no patience whatsoever for any return to her old behaviour. He reached out and gripped her shoulder firmly—digging his fingers into her hard—and shook her once. Sarah gave a squeak of surprise and her expression changed into one more apprehensive. She flicked her gaze once more to his face before looking away hurriedly. Strangely enough though she appeared to relax; her limbs losing the rigidity she had held them in, and she even inched closer to his body.

“I woke up hours ago, and couldn’t get back to sleep.” Sarah said quietly. Jason could feel her breath puffing gently on the skin of his chest as she spoke. “Something felt weird.”

Jason took in her rapid change of behaviour, thinking quickly about the implications.

“Why didn’t you leave then?” He asked, curious. After all, she had invited herself into his room—why didn’t she leave it if she wanted to?

“You were … holding me to you.” His aunt said, squirming slightly; the look of discomfit briefly flashing once more over her face.


“You were holding me.” Sarah repeated.

“But—you didn’t like that?” Jason asked. He didn’t understand—why couldn’t she have just moved his arm if she wanted to leave?

Sarah didn’t answer again, looking confused. She opened her mouth a few times as if to speak, but closed it again as though the words she was searching for escaped her.

Jason lay on his back, considering it all thoughtfully. He thought about what he had done with his aunt last night … and suddenly it came to him. He hadn’t exactly been interacting with her within the parameters of the Bindings. In fact, he had almost been … tender towards his aunt.

He grimaced uncomfortably. He had been channeling his feelings about his mother—all his conflicted emotions—onto Sarah. Sure, she had responded to him while he had gone down on her, but afterwards they had cuddled! It wasn’t post-fucking, or anything controlling or perverse—even though all he had wanted to do was practice, last night had all been about him making her feel good—and then they had fallen asleep in each others arms.

Not exactly something to engender Fear in someone.

And then she had woken up and—without any interactions that highlighted Fear or Lust—she had been enough like her old self that she had wanted to leave her nephew’s bed. But, in his sleep, he had wrapped an arm around her. There must have been enough base training of the Fear attribute that she wouldn’t go against his will, even though he had been asleep and unaware of what he was doing.

He pictured his aunt—rigid and uncomfortable, but unable to break his unwitting hold on her. No wonder she looked tired if she had been up all night.

Jason looked his aunt over. She was looking fixedly at his chest once more, and couldn’t see him running his eyes over her naked body. Laying on her side like she was, her breasts were pressed together and looked larger than usual. Her form was a beguiling rise and fall of lush curves, and he felt arousal beginning toswell within him.

He no longer felt any great sense of disgust at himself for acting in such a tender manner towards his aunt, but at the same time he saw no value in continuing to behave that way towards her either. Especially if it meant the risk of backsliding in her attitude and behaviour. In fact he was almost doing her a favour if he acted coldly and callously towards her; she had instantly relaxed when he got physical with her—mild though it had been.

Jason grabbed a fistful of her hair and, ignoring her faint cry of shock, pulled her bodily downwards towards his crotch. He held her face down by his half-hard cock, forcing her to stare at it.

“Get me hard.” He ordered her roughly, shaking her head slightly.

Jason felt her fearful exhalation of breath against his hips, before his aunt practically attacked his cock, taking the entire shaft inside her mouth. It was still somewhat soft, so she initially had no trouble with this—running her tongue back and forth over the head and sucking steadily. He soon hardened fully though, and Sarah began to bob her head up and down over her nephew’s lap—taking as much of his dick inside her mouth as she could manage.

Jason watched her blowing him and got a vivid reminder of his mother doing the same thing only last night. Excited, he maintained his firm grip on her hair and started thrusting up into her mouth with short vicious strokes. Sarah coughed and spluttered at this sudden change of pace, but she didn’t try and pull away. Jason continued this for a short while, enjoying the unintended noises of distress that escaped from his aunt lips.

He eventually pulled her off of his cock and Sarah sunk back onto her haunches with her head bowed, trying to catch her breath. Her nipples were standing proudly at attention on her breasts, and she was absently stroking a hand over her belly and thighs. He nodded to himself in satisfaction—this was the way to act around her. He waited until she looked up at him before speaking.

“Ride me bitch.” Jason ordered her coldly.

Sarah blinked at her nephew before shakily nodding her head. She crawled over to him and swung a leg over his lap, straddling him. She balanced on her balls of her feet, her thighs spread wide, and supported herself with a hand on Jason’s chest. His aunt hovered herself over his erect cock and, while reaching between them to grip his dick gingerly in her hand, guided him to her opening and lowered herself until he was buried up to the hilt inside of her.

She was wet and ready, and soft moans were already escaping from her lips. Impatient, Jason reach out and grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed the soft orb roughly, drawing out a cry from her that was a mix of desire and alarm.

“I said ride me!”

Sarah started to fuck him and Jason sunk back onto his pillow, watching his aunt lower and raise herself on his cock. Her belly was taut, and he could see the muscles underneath her skin tightening with her efforts. He reached out and lightly stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs that were spread wide. Both of her hands were on her chest to steady herself, and soon the air was filled with her panted moans and the soft squeak of his bed-springs.

Jason looked down between them, enjoying the view of his cock—slick with his aunt’s juices and arousal—sliding in and out of her tight opening. His breathing was starting to grow laboured and he began to near his climax absurdly quickly; but as the signs of his orgasm neared, a strange look began to grow on Sarah’s face.

His attention diverted, Jason looked up at his aunt, trying to decipher her expression. She looked almost worried—scared even—all of it mixed together with her obvious arousal. Her mouth opened and she began to say something, but then she stopped and closed her eyes tightly.

She didn’t stop in her motions though, and so the next time she bottomed out on him, Jason gripped her around her waist and held her down—firm and immobile.

“What’s the matter?” He asked her.

Sarah didn’t answer immediately, instead squirming around in agitation. He felt her pussy clench down on his cock that was buried inside of her, and resisted the urge to thrust up into her twitching depths. He tightened his grip on her waist, digging his fingers into her sides, rewarded once more with a gasp and more squirming from her.

He asked her again.

“ … I didn’t take my birth control yesterday …” His aunt said in a small and quiet voice. She was glancing around everywhere in the room except at him.

Jason went blank for a moment, taking this information in. He hadn’t even considered …

He caught his aunt’s darting eyes, locking them in place with his own. Her eyes were wide and apprehensive, clearly concerned. At the same time though she rocked her hips slightly, and bit her bottom lip. Her pussy tightened around his cock once more—she was obviously aroused at the same time.

Jason watched the riot of emotions cross Sarah’s face and felt … powerful. The real world consequences and how they affected him didn’t seem readily important right at the moment. What was far more pressing was how this situation was affecting his aunt. She was scared and turned on in equal measure; unable to put a stop to something that she was worried about.

He let go of the grip he had around her waist that was keeping her immobile. Jason watched in fascination as his aunt very slowly raised herself off of his cock so that the head was barely still inside of her. Then, trembling all over, she lowered herself down—taking every inch of his shaft until he was all the way inside of her once more. He waited until she was on the way up again before talking.

“Could you get pregnant?” Jason asked her quietly. He didn’t really know how bad missing one pill was.

Sarah fumbled, almost falling forward onto him before catching herself.

“… maybe.” She told him in a small voice. She gave a deep and shuddering breath, and then lowered herself onto him again.

Jason watched his aunt fuck herself onto his cock with increasing abandon. She was groaning heavily now, and her breasts were bouncing on her chest with the force of her motions. He was massively turned on, and also burning with curiosity as to what was going through her head.

“Do you want to?” He asked her softly. He reached up and hefted her breasts, cupping the orbs and pinching her nipples.

“No!” His aunt gasped out, unshed tears welling in her eyes—whether from the situation or from his harsh treatment of her tits he didn’t know. She didn’t stop fucking him though. “It would ruin my life!”

Jason watched her ride him; watched the conflicting emotions crowding her face. He imagined his aunt riding him like this, but with a swollen belly—pregnant with his child …

He had never once thought about anything even close to that before, but he found it surprisingly hot. And her reaction to the possibility—fearful and aroused in equal measure but unable to do anything to stop herself was also … interesting.

“No more birth control.” Jason grunted out, feeling his aunts pussy clench on his cock at his order. He didn’t necessarily want to get his aunt pregnant—he was of the same mindset as her that it would ruin his life—but he liked the idea of her worrying about it. “Not unless I say so.”

“But …” She began to protest desperately.

“Shut up.” Jason said, reaching down and spanking her once on her ass.

Sarah looked shocked and trapped, her eyes darting around once more as if looking for an escape. But there was nothing she could do—all she could do was continue to fuck herself on her nephew’s hard shaft. A shiver would periodically run over her body, and she lowered her head and hunched her shoulders; her body language lost, she humped her hips up and down on him with her moans growing ever more louder as time went on.

Jason wanted more from his aunt—she looked so defeated and aroused, he wanted to revel in this situation as much as he could. The risk of getting her pregnant didn’t concern him that much in the heat of the moment; rather, he wanted to torture her with it.

“Ask me.” He said abruptly, and she met his gaze with heavily lidded eyes.

“Ask what?” She said, with a long drawn out groan.

“Ask me to cum inside you.”

His aunt gave a strangled gasp, catching her bottom lip in her teeth. She didn’t say anything, but trembled once more and quickened her pace, bouncing up and down on him forcefully.

Jason spanked her rear once more, but harder this time—the sound of the slap echoing in the room.

“Ask me!” He growled.

“… cum in me …” Sarah said, her voice small and quiet—barely audible.

“Say ‘please’.” Jason said sadistically.

“… please.” His aunt said hoarsely. She said no more until Jason spanked her again in warning. “Ah! Please—please cum in me!”

She was now rolling her hips sinuously in time with her humping motions; her breathing growing ragged, and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Jason reached up and gripped her bouncing breasts in both times. He squeezed them roughly; making Sarah throw her head back and cry out in a breathy moan.

“Beg me to fill your pussy with my cum.” Jason said, giving her a shake.

“Please …” His aunt groaned out, her voice husky with desire. “Fuck me, fill me up. Cum in me!”

She was bouncing up and down on him passionately now, her worries and fears taking a second place to her arousal. She babbled out entreaties and cries of encouragement—working herself into a frenzy from her own perverted words. Jason lay there and took it, letting his aunt do all the work—content to enjoy and reap the benefits of her work. He placed his hands on her hips—not helping her—just holding on as she rode him.

With all her dirty talk, it wasn’t long until he reached his climax and, with a grunt and a curse, he began to shoot thick ropes of cum inside of her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah wailed, as she felt him begin to cum inside her. “That’s it—fill me me up! Give it all to me!”

She shuddered, her eyes rolling back in her head until Jason could only see the whites of her eyes. She then fell forward onto his chest, twitching and shuddering as she came, clutching at him as the last few spurts of his semen shot into her. Her shoulders shook as she lay there, and she seemed to be trying to get as close to him as she could.

Jason was content to lay there with her for a short time while he recovered from his orgasm, but he had learned his lesson by now. As soon as he had caught his breath, he unceremoniously pushed his aunt off of him—letting her flop to one side in a tangle of limbs, a surprised and shocked expression on her face.

She watched him with wide eyes, but he ignored her—instead thinking about the repercussions of what he had learnt. He wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about the possibility of getting his aunt pregnant—but he had to admit it was exciting and arousing. At the very least, toying with her fears and worries could be very … rewarding.

While he thought, Jason reached out and casually groped his aunt—fondling one of her breasts absently. Sarah—after a brief moment—arched her back, thrusting her chest out and pushing her breast firmly into his hand.

Jason realised with a start that time had got away from him—if he didn’t get moving now, he would be rushing to make it to school on time. He had never felt less like getting out of bed than he did at that moment—he rolled his aunt’s crinkled nipple between his fingers, hearing her gasp with pleasure—but after all, he did have big plans for tonight … even if their importance seemed somehow lessened in light of his current situation.

Tonight he had a date with Emma, something he had barely even let himself hope would happen. It was strange though—Jason thought he should be excited, but didn’t actually feel excited. He looked at the ring on his finger—at the catalyst for all that had happened to him—deep in contemplation. For a brief moment he wondered where it would take him …

“Jason?” His aunt said hesitantly, breaking his train of thought.

Jason looked over at her, almost surprised that she was still there; even though he was still fondling her naked body. Her face was flushed and aroused—he had barely noticed that he had been groping her, but she was feeling the effects nonetheless. He continued to look around them both and grimaced to himself wryly. His bed was a mess; the sheets stained and strewn around, and the entire room reeked of sex.

He swung himself out of his bed and stretched, feeling his joints crack pleasurably. He turned around and looked back at the bed and at his aunt. Sarah had fallen into the hollow where he had lain, and was looking up at him through her lashes. She slowly rubbed her thighs together enticingly, before opening them to him in invitation.

“You’ve made quite a mess here.” Jason said, ignoring her attempts to seduce him. “Clean this place up today—run all the sheets through the laundry.”

“W-what?” Sarah said, shocked; sitting up and looking at her nephew in surprise.

“Clean the house while you’re at it too.” He continued casually. He found a pair of shorts on the floor, and slipped them on. “It’s about time you began helping out around here.”

“But—I mean, wha —” His aunt spluttered, uncertainty clear in her voice. There was the beginnings of indignation there as well; just a faint touch, and only noticed because Jason was listening for it.

He walked back to the bed and twined his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back. He leant forward and spoke quietly, his face very close to hers.

“You liked me cumming inside you, didn’t you?” Jason said softly.

Sarah blinked in surprise, his change in topic confusing her. She flushed and then gulped—her throat working hard with her neck stretched backwards and taut.

“T-thats not … “ She began, flushing brighter, but Jason cut her off.

“Do you think you might get pregnant?”

His aunt gaped at him, and her body trembled once more. She shook her head as much as she could under his grip; more in denial than anything else.

“Do what I say.” Jason said, slowly and deliberately. “And I might not fill your pussy with my cum next time.”

Sarah looked lost and scared, her eyes tracking wildly over his face. She made a few abortive movements, before eventually nodding her acceptance. Jason let go of her and stood up—his aunt sunk back down on to bed, drawing her knees up to her chest and breathing heavily. She rubbed her thighs together and looked up at her nephew—she seemed like she was trying to avoid his notice and draw his attention all at the same time.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” Jason announced, rummaging around his room for his clothes. “Once you have the house to yourself, get cleaned up and start tidying.”

Then, without taking another look at his naked aunt curled up on his bed, Jason walked out of his bedroom.