The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 12

Author — Sidia

After he had finished with his shower, Jason made his way downstairs to the kitchen; feeling very relaxed and content for once. It was amazing how confidence boosting it had been to control his aunt like that—not to mention have his way with her however he had wanted! He had learnt a lot from her last night as well and he figured he wouldn’t embarrass himself in the future. He wasn’t sure what was going to occur tonight with Emma, but he had hidden hopes of what might happen between them.

As he approached the kitchen, Helen was there as per usual. He hadn’t heard her get up this morning, but then again he had been a bit preoccupied. His mother had her back turned to him as he stopped in the entrance to the room, unaware that he was there. Jason took the opportunity to watch her for a bit. He ran his eyes over her sexy body, remembering what it was like to have her pressed against him.

He still felt a twinge of shame at how he had ordered her around last night; using the binding of Obedience to get her to do exactly what he wanted. At the same time though, the memory of how she had bobbed her head as fast as she could up and down on his cock aroused him greatly. How could it not? The sheer perversion of his beautiful mother sucking his cock like a desperate whore was just too much to contemplate.

In fact, he realised that the source of his shame wasn’t that it had happened—it was that he had treated her far less than she deserved. He didn’t want to treat her the same way he had her younger sister. She was far too important; far too precious. He wasn’t sure of what exactly he wanted with his mother—he had been stumbling into one situation after another for so long that he was all mixed up.

That was why the thought of doing something so normal as going on a date with a girl his own age was so appealing to him; it was Emma and that was exciting in it’s own way, but there was no control—no temptation to take advantage of her. It was a normalcy that was comforting in its own way—it grounded him. But then again, Emma always made him feel better.

Jason wasn’t sure how long he stood there, lost in his own thoughts, but eventually Helen became aware that her son was in the room. She jumped a bit—startled—but then smiled at him in greeting.

“Morning sweetie.” Helen said, her smile growing in radiance as she looked at Jason. “Sleep well?”

“Morning.” Jason said quietly. “I did. How about you?”

“Oh yes, I had a fantastic nights sleep!” Helen said, stretching her arms above her head. Her chest thrust outwards as she did, and Jason couldn’t help but look at her large breasts as they fought the confines of her tank top. “Something we did last night must have relaxed me.”

Helen smiled impishly at her son, conveying a lot in that single glance.

“Oh yeah?” Jason said, his voice breaking on the last syllable.

“Mmhmm.” Helen murmured, walking forward a few paces until she was right in front of Jason. She stood there before him, her hands at her side, bouncing a little on the soles of her feet. She gave off an oddly charming girlish-vibe. “In fact, I was hoping we could see if it works again tonight.”

Jason looked down into the smiling face of his mother, feeling his cock harden in his pants. This flirtatious behaviour from her was really getting to him. For a moment all he could think about was getting home and having another night on the couch with his mother … but then, almost regretfully, he remembered about Emma.

“I-I can’t tonight.” Jason said, his disappointment obvious in his voice.

“Sure you can, Jason.” Helen said, placing a hand lingeringly on his chest. She leant forward, standing on her toes so she could whisper near his ear. “I won’t bite. Promise.”

“I, umm, have a date tonight.” Jason gulped, clenching his fists at his side.

Helen froze, staring into Jason’s face with a blank expression. He felt her fingers lightly press into his chest before she let her hand slip away back to her side. She cocked her head, regarding him.

“A date?” She asked him, her tone almost hurt. “With who?”

“Umm … with Emma?” Jason said, a bit confused by what was going on.

“You’re going on a date with Emma?” Helen repeated. She sounded strange—almost jealous to Jason’s ears.

“Umm … yeah.” Jason said carefully. “You told me I should ask her out. Remember?”

“I did?” His mother said, sounding confused. “I … did.”

Emotions flickered over Helen’s face faster than Jason could identify them. It seemed as though she hadn’t remembered her talk with him only the other day. Or rather, it had become unimportant to her to the point where she hadn’t considered it.

“That’s … good, honey.” Helen said slowly. She looked down for a moment before returning her gaze to his face. She was staring into his face intently, and there was a smouldering intensity in her regard. “I just want what’s best for you.”

“T-thanks.” Jason said uncomfortably.

“Whatever makes you happy, honey.” Helen said, her voice going very soft.

She took half-step closer to him, and Jason was acutely aware of her body. Any closer and she would be touching him. Helen tilted her face invitingly towards her son, looking at him with heavily lidded eyes. Jason watched her soft lips part; the pink tip of her tongue darted out to moisten them, and he couldn’t help himself. He took her invitation and leant forward to capture her mouth with his own.

Helen moaned encouragingly into her son’s mouth as he kissed her, stepping into him so that her breasts brushed on his chest. Jason groaned in response as his mother’s lips worked on his own. He could feel his rock-hard cock pressing into her belly, and every single thought and consideration flew out of his head; the only thing he could concentrate on was his mother.

Helen reached for her son’s arms, taking his hands in her own. Jason felt her move his arms, drawing them behind her, and then placing his hands onto her ass. Jason’s eyes flew open as he suddenly found himself with both hands full of his mother’s delicious rear end. He looked into her face, still in the midst of kissing her; Helen’s eyes were closed, screwed up in concentration. She squeezed his hands encouragingly, manipulating his fingers into groping her buttocks. Then she left him to his own devices, snaking her arms back around his neck as she continued to kiss him.

Jason needed no more encouragement, groping and fondling his mother’s ass as he kissed her in the kitchen. He dug his fingers hard into the firm flesh of her rear and Helen moaned once again into his mouth. He felt his mother press her hips into him in a little thrust and almost lost control right then and there. It was as though every fantasy and desire he had ever had for his mother was all coming true. School, Emma, everything—it all vanished and all he could think of was finally having her.

Before he could do anything serious though, Helen let go of him—taking her arms from around his neck and placing her palms on his chest. She broke their kiss and pulled her head back, directing a warm smile at Jason that contrasted greatly with her flushed cheeks and rapid breathing. With gentle pressure on his chest, she pushed him away, taking a small step backwards so there was some distance between them.

Jason stood there in front of her; his mouth agape, and his arms outstretched comically from where they had been resting on his mothers ass. He was so surprised he couldn’t manage a single word.

“I’ll miss our little movie night.” Helen said softly, running her eyes up and down her son. “I hope you enjoy your date instead.”

She gracefully stepped back into the circle of his arms, and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek. Before he could touch her, she lithely stepped out of his grasp, smiling playfully up at him. She made a quick excuse that she had to leave or she would be late for her class and walked past him out of the kitchen, making sure to brush her hip against his frozen body. Jason turned on the spot to watch his mother leave, completely confused to the point that he didn’t even consider telling her to stop. He stared into space long after she had left his sight; out of his depth and unsure what exactly had just happened.

Most of what happened at school was a complete blur to Jason that day. He was so lost in replaying that morning in his mind that he didn’t even remember his journey to school. He knew he was being strange—something that Emma commented on when he saw her, but luckily she mistook it as a result of their upcoming date. Emma herself was acting differently than she normally did—at turns being demure and embarrassed and then being bold and daring with him. She obviously didn’t know how they should behave towards each other, so it masked the real reason why he was being so distant.

It felt like he was being unfaithful to Emma, thinking about what had happened with his mother that morning rather than being excited for that night, but he just couldn’t get it out of his head. What exactly had she been trying to do? He was sure he hadn’t imagined the touch of jealousy to her voice when he had told her about his date with Emma. And if that was true, did that mean the rest of what she had been doing was to try and entice him to spend the night with her instead? Or maybe to try and ensure that he wouldn’t forget about her.

As if that was possible!

Emma looked as lovely as she ever did; fresh, young and beautiful—but instead of admiring and desiring his friend, all he could think about was how his mother had teased him that morning. Was it a side effect of the Love binding he had given her? Jason supposed that jealousy wouldn’t be that strange of a result to telling someone in love with you that you were going on a date with another woman. Sure, he hadn’t originally intended the Love binding to be that literal, but here he was.

Helen hadn’t acted any differently about whatever she thought was going on between her son and her younger sister, but then again Jason had given her a direction to not worry about it.

Eventually Jason decided to try and put it all out of his head—at least until he next saw his mother. He could try and figure out what was happening later. He wasn’t being fair to Emma, and besides; it wasn’t that hard to focus on his best friend and their upcoming date that evening. It took him most of the day to get the residual pangs of arousal out of his system, but he managed it.

Jason walked home with Emma after school, genuine excitement finally beginning to build within him. They shyly said goodbye to each other at the point where they had to part on their walk home; Jason was going to pick her up later on and then they were going to go see a movie.

By he got home, Jason was full of anticipation about the coming night. He entered his house, barely even registering his aunt as she waited demurely by the front door. He lightly slapped her ass as he walked past, telling her that he was going to take her car that evening; he didn’t wait for a reply, instead breezing past her on his way up the stairs to his room.

As he got ready, he had to admit that his aunt had done a decent job in tidying his room. There was fresh sheets on his neatly made bed, and his room was far cleaner than he normally kept it. He idly made a mental note to tell her that she had done well.

The intervening time before he had to leave to pick up Emma went by extremely slowly, and also swiftly, by turns. Jason sat on his bed, jigging his knees incessantly as he thought about the date. The closer it got, the more excited he became. It was easier to ignore to some extent—all that had happened as a result of finding the Rings. Emma had been such an important part of his life for so long, that it wasn’t that odd that all he could concentrate on was her.

The instant the alarm he had set on his watch went off, Jason sprang to his feet; heading down the stairs on autopilot to his aunt’s car to go and pick up Emma.

Jason pulled up in his aunt’s car at Emma’s house and parked just outside it. He didn’t even have time to get out of the car before Emma came bounding out of her house. She must have been waiting by the door for him to arrive. Jason eyed his friend as she neared the car appreciatively.

Emma was wearing a stylish green dress that offset her figure perfectly. It hugged her torso tightly, accentuating her rounded breasts and pushing them together to show more cleavage than he was used to seeing on her. The bottom of the dress hung to just below her knees, and enough of her creamy pale skin was on display that it immediately piqued Jason’s interest. She had dressed her outfit down with a more casual jacket over the top, and it made her seem more accessible. She had done something to her hair as well, and it hung in waves—framing her lovely face in red curls.

In short, Jason goggled at how lovely she looked—a fact that Emma took note of and appreciated—judging from the pleased smile she wore.

“Wow, how’d you score your aunt’s car?” Emma asked him, as she opened the passenger door and slid gracefully into the seat. Jason couldn’t help but notice how the bottom of her dress rode up as she sat, revealing the smooth skin of her lower thigh to him.

“I didn’t exactly ask her for it.” Jason bluffed, tearing his gaze from her legs to her face. There was an amused expression that graced her lovely features.

“My hero.” Emma teased him gently. “So brave to face the wrath of the queen bitch.”

“That’s me.” Jason grinned. It was nice not having to worry about his aunt tormenting him anymore, even if Emma wasn’t aware of it yet. He pulled out from the curb and began to make his way towards their destination. “You look really nice by the way.”

“Thanks.” Emma said, a pleased blush coloring her cheeks. “You do too.”

“Not in comparison!” Jason laughed. He had dressed as nicely as he could, but he felt very underwhelming compared to Emma.

“You clean up all right.” Emma said, briefly touching his arm before flushing and taking it away.

For the rest of the trip to the cinema, Jason knew he had a stupid grin on his face, but he couldn’t seem to do anything about it. Not that he really wanted to. Joking and laughing with Emma soothed his soul, and he felt relaxed and happy in her company. After they had parked and began the short walk to the movies, Jason noted that all the guys that they passed looked on enviously. He didn’t blame them at all—Emma looked stunning tonight. He kept eyeing her out of the corner of his vision, unable to stop his admiring glances.

As she walked, the bottom of her dress bounced and swayed, and every glimpse of her thighs that he got made his cock lurch in appreciation. He had the strongest urge to reach out and rest his hand on her ass as she walked beside him. He had become so accustomed to be able to touch his aunt—and now even his mother—whenever he wanted to, that it was worryingly hard to resist. It didn’t help that Emma kept darting smiling glances his way either.

They purchased tickets—some generic action comedy—and made their way into the cinema, snagging two seats towards the back. They settled down to watch the movie, softly and sweetly whispering to each other so as not to disturb anyone else who was there to actually watch the movie.

In fact, Jason became acutely aware of how close their faces were as they talked. Every time they leant down to whisper to one another in the dark, he could feel puffs of her breath as she spoke on his face. Her hair tickled his skin when he leant in too close, and his nose filled with her sweet scent.

He was making excuses to lean in and talk to Emma, not really saying anything in particular—just enjoying the thrill of their faces being so close and intimate to one another.

Eventually though, it happened. He didn’t plan it, but they both leant in to say something at the same time, and their lips brushed softly together.

Jason froze and Emma did as well. Her lips were resting gently against his own, and Jason’s heart was hammering in his chest. It was a moment that seemed to drag on forever. He hesitantly moved his lips slightly on hers, and to his relief she reciprocated.

It was gradual and it was sweet, but soon Jason found himself making out with Emma; her soft lips enveloping his own, kissing her for the first time. He reached out and cupped her cheek, cradling her face close. He felt more than heard her sharp, indrawn breath as she allowed herself to be drawn closer to him.

Jason didn’t know how long they kissed for, but the spell was broken when they heard a muttered comment about them from somewhere behind, followed by a snigger. They pulled apart, smiling and embarrassed; blushing in the dark. Jason lifted the armrest between them and wordlessly lifted his arm in invitation. With barely any hesitation, Emma settled herself against him and they cuddled comfortably together.

Jason felt like he was the king of the world as he held Emma by his side. She felt small and soft as she settled under his arm; perfect and lovely. He was acutely aware of every soft curve of her body that he could feel and he was torn between arousal, desire and more tender emotions. Jason reached down and gently took her hand in his. Emma linked her small fingers in his own, squeezing his hand gently and they finished off the rest of the movie in this manner.

Eventually though, the movie came to an end and people started filing out of the cinema. Jason and Emma sat together; comfortably not saying anything, until the lights came on. They then exchanged shy smiles and got up and began to follow every one else as they exited.

As they walked back to the car, it seemed very natural to Jason to slip his arm around Emma’s waist. He rested his palm on her flank just above her hip and he could feel the heat from her body through the thin fabric of her dress. Emma smiled up at him, and allowed herself to be drawn close to his side as they proceeded back to the car. It was awkward—they jostled together occasionally as they walked—but neither of them pulled away.

The drive back to Emma’s house was far too quick for Jason’s liking. He wasn’t sure what they could do, but all he knew was that he didn’t want the night to end just yet. He jumped out of the car as soon as he had parked—walking quickly around to the passenger side to faux-gallantly open the door for her. Emma smiled appreciatively at his antics, and allowed him to take her hand and help her out of the car.

It was a mild night, so they aimlessly walked up and down her street; walking closely together and talking softly. When they fetched up outside her house for the fourth time, Jason couldn’t help himself any longer—he took Emma’s hand in his own, and drew her to him.

All of the experience he had garnered recently came to his aid, and Jason smoothly slipped an arm around Emma’s waist; using his other hand to tilt her head up towards his own. He kissed her deeply and Emma seemed to melt against him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, craning upwards, and kissing him back passionately. Jason felt her tongue dart against his own, and his cock—which had been at half-mast all night—lurched into a full erection.

Jason pulled Emma tightly into him, and she stiffened momentarily when she felt his obvious erection poking her. Jason barely noticed; he had began to run his hands up and down her back as they kissed. Her breasts were pressed hard against his chest; soft orbs that tantalised him.

It felt so surreal—having Emma in his arms right outside her house while he kissed her. It felt so right.

Her soft body and scent was beginning to drive him crazy with desire and he wanted so much more from her. He wanted to explore her body; to get his hands on every part of her. He wanted to slip her dress off of her; to see Emma in all her naked glory.

Jason slid his hands further down as he massaged her slender back; finishing with his palms on her buttocks. He felt Emma stiffen in surprise as he gripped her ass firmly, and he felt light-headed with anticipation. He remembered what it was like the first time he had taken liberties with Sarah and how she had surrendered to him after her initial shock. The thought of doing that with Emma almost made him groan audibly in desire.

Emma’s ass was both soft and firm, and he pressed his hands lightly into the flesh of her rear, the light fabric of her dress being all that stood between him and her bare ass. He dug his fingers into the cleft between her cheeks, getting a good handful and pulling her tightly into him. Emma made a soft mewling noise into his mouth, and Jason was filled with arousal and desire.

That’s it. He thought excitedly. That’s what Emma sounds like when she’s horny.

All of a sudden though, Emma pulled away from him and shoved him away from her. Jason took a stumbling step back, looking at her in surprise. His stomach dropped when he saw her face; she looked confused, upset and angry.

“What are you doing?” Emma asked him, folding her arms protectively across her chest.

“I-I …” Jason began, stuttering.

“Look, I get it.” Emma said, looking down at the ground. “Just—that was going a bit fast. Okay?”

Jason gaped for a moment, before closing his mouth with a click before she saw it. They had just been making out hadn’t they?

“I’m … sorry?” He said eventually, knowing that he had paused too long. Emma glanced up and he could tell she wasn’t satisfied with his answer.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, Jace.” She said, shifting uncomfortably. “But—let’s not jump into anything. I don’t want to ruin anything by going too fast.”

Emma’s voice was small, and he could tell she was genuinely upset. He felt bad for potentially ruining their night—but he was feeling frustrated too. It had all been going so well!

Jason stepped forward and gingerly took Emma back into his arms. She stiffened at first, but relaxed when all he did was hold her carefully.

“I’m sorry, Em.” Jason said softly, consoling her. He genuinely wanted to comfort her, and focused on that instead of the part of him that was shouting in disappointment and frustration. He had been so close! “I jumped the gun a bit there.”

“Just a little!” Emma laughed lightly as she leant against him.

“In my defense though, you’ve been driving me crazy all night.” Jason joked.

“Is that right?” She said, looking up at him. It seemed like the moment had passed safely—Emma no longer looked upset.

“Yeah.” Jason said quietly.

He leant down slowly—ready to pull back if she didn’t want to—and gently pressed his mouth to hers. He felt her lips curl upwards in a small smile, before they kissed softly. There was no passion this time though—Jason could tell the difference with the girl in his arms—this was a goodnight kiss.

Jason took it as gracefully as he could, smiling at Emma wryly when her mother called out from inside the house. They leant in for another quick peck on the lips, before Emma smiled and turned to head into the house. They waved to each other before she entered her home; Jason plastering a smile on his face that faded as soon as she exited from view.

Jason stumped back to his car and drove home—mixed feelings raging throughout him. On one hand it had been an almost perfect night! On the other, his balls were aching with frustration. Emma had felt so good under his hands and he had wanted so much more than what had happened.

Jason walked through the front door: dejection written all over him. His eyes were on the ground and he didn’t initially see his mother sitting down on the couch waiting for him. He’d had some time to think things through on his way home—what should have been a perfect night had almost been ruined because he had become so accustomed in such a short time to getting his own way with women. He realised now that he had been approaching his night with Emma with unrealistic expectations.

He just hoped he hadn’t ruined things between them.

“How was your night, sweetie?” Helen called from the living room, drawing his attention to her presence. She gestured him closer, ushering him to sit on the couch next to her. “Did you have a good time?”

Jason shrugged, not in the mood to talk about it. He walked over and slumped onto the couch.

“Jason?” His mother asked, concern furrowing her brow. “Is everything okay?”

“It was … fine.” Jason said eventually.

“Only fine?”

“—didn’t go as I expected.” Jason said, shrugging again.

“Oh.” Helen said. “Didn’t Emma enjoy herself?”

Jason flushed, looking at his mother in surprise.

“I think she did.” He said slowly. This was a very strange conversation. “But then … she didn’t.”

“She wasn’t ready for more—was that it?” Helen said, making a shrewd guess and smiling at him gently.

“Umm—I guess not?” Jason said, squirming uncomfortably.

“Oh sweetie, that’s normal.” Helen said warmly to her son, placing a hand casually on his knee. “It’s because she’s only a girl still. Not a woman.”

Jason stared at his mother’s hand on his knee. She moved it slowly up his leg, lightly tailing her fingers and coming to a stop on his upper thigh. His cock twitched in his pants and he saw his mother glance down at his crotch.

Jason stood up abruptly. He was more upset about tonight than he had first realised and his mother acting seductive as she consoled him about his date jarred him somehow.

“I’m going to grab a shower.” Jason said, not looking his mother in the eye. He saw a flash of disappointment on her face before she concealed it.

“Of course, Jason.” She said, smiling sweetly at her son as he turned and trudged up the stairs to the bathroom.

Jason stood in the shower with his forehead on the tiled wall, letting the water cascade over his head. He groaned in frustration. Why was everything so complicated? He had begun to take the Rings and their power for granted; just accepting them as his new reality, but he was still letting them affect his life—reacting to them instead of taking the lead.

He looked at the heavy pewter hand on his finger and tugged at it futilely. Maybe he was making things more complicated than they actually were. Did he really have to be feeling so messed up all the time?

He heard the door to the bathroom creak open and then close with a loud click. Jason looked up through the fogged glass and could just make out the blurred outline of a figure standing in the bathroom.

“Sarah?” He called hesitantly.

“I’m just checking that you’re alright, Jason.” His mother’s voice answered him.

Jason jumped at hearing her voice. He was naked in the shower, and the habits of a lifetime meant that he initially felt embarrassed. His mother had never seen anything wrong with getting something from the bathroom while he was in the shower—chiding him with gentle amusement at his protestations of needing privacy. Of course it was all very different now.

“Can I get you anything?” She asked him.

Jason was silent for a long moment; staring at her hazy image through the glass. Then, amazed at his own daring, he pushed the door open and waited.

He looked at his mother through the glass of the shower; his heart hammering and a low pit of excitement and anticipation filling his belly. He watched her fuzzy image as it began to strip out of her clothes; pulling her shirt up and over her head and letting her pants fall to the ground. Jason gripped his hard cock as he looked at the outline of her nude body.

Helen moved around the corner to stand at the entrance to the shower. She smiled at her son, unashamed at her naked glory. Jason looked; goggling at his mother’s nude body for the first time in his life. Her breasts hung large and heavy on her chest; capped by hard little nipples that stood erect and proud. Her curves were mouth-watering, and he traced the lines of her narrow waist down to the flare of her hips; focusing his gaze on what he could see of her crotch. She was all he had ever dreamt of and more. He had never given enough credit to how truly gorgeous and perfect she was.

Helen stepped gracefully into the shower with her son, standing very close to him.

“Care to share some of the hot water, honey?” She asked him, her voice low and purring.

Jason moved aside; his mouth dry with desire. He watched as his mother stepped under the water—her breasts brushing against his arm as she did. Helen ducked her head under the falling water, running her fingers through her hair and leaning her face back with her eyes closed in enjoyment. It struck him as one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. She shifted, cocking her hips so that her ass rubbed on his painfully hard cock.

“Would you wash my back for me, Jason?” His mother asked him gently.

Jason fumbled for the shower gel, unable to take his eyes off of his mother’s naked perfection. He squirted far too much into his hands before pressing it onto her soft skin. Helen gave a surprised laugh at the sensation, and he self-deprecatingly did as well.

Jason began soaping up his mother body, entranced by having his hands on her naked flesh finally. Helen let her son explore her body as much as he liked, turning helpfully in place so that he could get his hands on all of her. She lifted her arms gracefully over her head; letting Jason get under her arms and flank, before then swaying back into him so that he almost had no choice but to cup her breasts in his hands.

Jason hefted and squeezed her soft orbs, feeling her hard nipples on the palm of his hands. Helen shimmied back against her son, rubbing her buttocks on his hips and crotch. She purred happily under his ministrations, gasping out occasionally as he fondled her chest.

Helen turned within his arms; pressing her soap-slick breasts tightly against his chest. She put her arms around his waist, holding herself close to him. She craned her head upwards, her lips parted, as she looked into his face—desire and love written all over her features. Jason pressed his fingers into her back, running them up and down her spine; caressing her soft skin.

“Oh, Jason.” Helen breathed out. “That feels so good baby.”

She stood on the tips of her toes and leant up to him; pressing her mouth to his. Jason wrapped his arms tightly around his mother, crushing her to him as they began to kiss passionately. She moaned into his mouth and he groaned in answer. His cock was pressed firmly into her belly—it was painfully hard.

Jason gripped his mother by her ass, digging his fingers into her buttocks and pulling her up to him. Helen flung her arms around his neck, whimpering in pleasure as she assisted him in lifting her upwards. She wrapped a leg around her son’s waist, clinging to him tightly. With a small jump, she leapt fully into his arms; supporting herself with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Jason stood there in the shower, holding his mother off the ground as they kissed. He took a step forward—bracing her body against the wall—hearing her exhale in shock as the cool tiles pressed into her skin. Water was cascading over both their bodies and they were both panting with need.

Helen shifted her hips; searching for and finding the tip of her son’s hard shaft. Jason felt the head of his cock settle at the entrance to his mother’s pussy and groaned audibly. She caught his bottom lip in her teeth; nipping him lightly.

“Oh, Jason.” She panted in her arms. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Jason gasped.

He felt a shiver run through his mother and she kissed him hard and passionately. She pressed her forehead to his so that they were both staring intensely into one another’s eyes. Jason felt her rock her hips back and forth and suddenly he felt his cock begin to sink inside of her.

“Oh fuck.” Jason groaned, tightening his grip on her ass. He was inside her—he was actually inside her! Really, finally fucking her!

He couldn’t hold off any longer; not being content with this slow pace. Driven by lust, he thrust his hips upwards into her—sinking the entire length of his cock deep inside her pussy. His mother gasped and began to desperately rain kisses all over his face.

“Jason …” She groaned.

He began to harshly thrust in and out; trying to drive himself as deep as he could inside of her each time. Helen buried her face into her son’s neck; biting his shoulder to keep from crying out.

Jason felt his mother begin to rock her hips in time with his thrusts; helping him as he took her in the shower. Her nipples felt like diamonds pressing into his chest and he could feel her wet, ragged, breathing on his neck, coupled with her nipping the skin along his shoulder every time he bottomed out in her pussy.

The shower began to lose its heat as the hot water ran out. Jason didn’t notice or care. He was finally fucking her, and he never wanted it to end.

There was no sense of gradual impending orgasm; just pure unadulterated pleasure. He felt as though he could do this forever—thrusting into his mother as she clung to him tightly. But then …

“Oh, Jason.” His mother breathed into his ear, catching his lobe in her lips and sucking wetly on it. “Fuck me, baby.”

Jason began cumming instantly; shuddering as he began spurting thick ropes of cum inside of her. Helen groaned as she felt her son spurting into her depths, shivering as she began her own climax. Jason felt her pussy clamp down onto his shaft as they both gasped through their orgasms.

They sunk down to the floor of the shower; totally spent and letting the cold water cascade all over them—a tangle of limbs and bare skin. Jason held his mother tightly as she shivered and twitched against him—riding out the last throes of her climax. With a supreme effort, he managed to reach up and turn off the water and then slipped back to the tiled floor with a sigh.

He felt his mother snuggle into him; pressing her face into his chest as she murmured happily. He felt a wide and almost savage grin spread across his face. He couldn’t believe he had waited so long for this.