The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 13

Author — Sidia

Dawn arrived to find Jason long awake; he had been laying rigid in bed while staring sightlessly up at the ceiling—still full of complete and utter disbelief at what had happened. Although he was also full of happy triumph as well.

He was in his mother’s bed, and everything—the sheets, the pillows, and the blankets—were all impregnated with her sweet scent. Jason could barely remember what had happened after he had fucked his mother in the shower last night; while they were both still naked, she had coaxed him down the hall towards her room; holding his hand in hers and gently pulling him through the door to her bedroom. He had approached her large bed with a hollow feeling of excitement in his belly, slipping under the sheets with his nude and beautiful mother as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Helen had cuddled up contentedly next to her son, pressing her breasts against his chest and murmuring happy little nothings as she drifted off to sleep.

In the early light of the new day Jason could finally see his mother properly; not just the curvaceous shadow that had lain next to him hidden in the dark. Helen was now sleeping on her back with one arm strewn languidly above her head and the other resting lightly upon her stomach. Her face was turned away from Jason, and he could hear her soft and steady breathing as she slept. Her torso was covered only with a thin sheet, and it rose and fell with her breathing in a tantalising fashion. Jason studied the elegant curve of her neck, tracing the lines of her body until they disappeared under the covers. He could see the full orbs of his mother’s large breasts that were only barely hidden from his gaze, and he licked his lips.

He couldn’t believe he was here like this in her bed. He could barely believe that he’d had sex with her! And that was with their encounter in the shower vividly and forever engraved into his mind. She was utterly beautiful and (he thought, somewhat wildly) she was utterly his.

Jason stealthily lifted his hand so as not to wake his mother, raising it before his face so that he could see the ring that he wore. The Love gem was understandably shining bright, but he was relieved to see that the Obedience gem looked dull in comparison. They hadn’t reached the same stage as his aunt’s gems; they didn’t appear as otherwise normal—if bright—gemstones. But he hadn’t pushed his mother like he had with her younger sister.

As he looked at his mother’s sleeping form, Jason wanted so much more. His cock stiffened to half-mast as he stared hungrily at the faint outlines of her nipples through the thin sheet. He reached out with a trembling hand and gripped the sheet carefully. He stealthily pulled it down, slowly revealing his mother’s breasts inch by glorious inch.

She slept on and—even after having had sex with her the night before -the act of stripping the sheets off of her unconscious body gave him an excited swooping feeling in the pit of his stomach. Jason watched as the top of her areolas came into view, and then her nipples; they crinkled and stiffened as they were exposed to the cooler air. He swallowed as he continued pulling on the sheet until it reached the bottom curve of her heavy breasts … and then it dropped off them to her belly—and then his mother’s bare chest was there in all of it’s glory.

It was at this point that his mother began to wake up. She murmured sleepily, and shifted on the bed. Jason watched as she slowly opened her eyes and stretched languidly—then focusing her gaze on her son, smiling warmly at him.

“Mmmm … morning, Jason.” Helen said quietly into the still morning air.

“Morning.” He softly replied.

She looked down at her exposed breasts and raised an eyebrow at him playfully. His mother re-arranged the sheet but didn’t actually cover herself up, rather bunching it up under her breasts, contriving to pull them up higher as if to more prominently display them to him. A faint flush colored her cheeks as she did this.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Kind of.” Jason said—distracted by her display.

“I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie.” She said, her voice low and amused. “I have to say I slept very well. You really tired me out.”

Jason blushed, but was pleased at her praise.

She casually took his arm and held it close to her chest; pressing it between her breasts as she rolled onto her side to face him. Jason drank in the lines of her body in this new position—covered by the sheet, her waist dipped down in a smooth curve that rose mouthwateringly up to meet her hip. Her lovely and angelic face was a sharp contrast to her body—a body that seemed designed to inspire decadent, depraved, and sinful thoughts.

“Last night was very special to me.” Helen said softly, pulling his arm even tighter to her.

“It was to me as well.” Jason said.

Helen lifted her arm and ran her fingers affectionally through his hair.

“It wasn’t just that—it was incredible as well, Jason.” She said, in a sultry voice. “It’s been quite a while since I was … well, with someone in that way.”

“Yeah?” Jason said hoarsely. His mother gently playing with his hair in an intimate way while she slowly rubbed her nude body against his own was intoxicatingly sexy.

“Mmhmm.” Helen purred. She raised a leg and placed her thigh over his hips. “But I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked quite like that before.”

Jason couldn’t seem to muster any words in the face of his mother being so forward. He swallowed in excitement as Helen shifted even closer to him, pressing her entire body alongside his own.

“What about you?” She said gently right by his ear, her lips brushing softly against his skin. “Was it … good for you?”

“You were amazing!” Jason blurted out. “You’re perfect.”

“That’s what a woman wants to hear.” His mother said happily, kissing his neck lingeringly. “God, I love you so much—I just can’t seem to stop myself.”

“I love you too.” Jason said, sliding an arm under her and holding her to him. He felt her body shiver and respond to his words.

His mother trailed her hand over his chest before taking hold of him by the shoulder. She started pulling him gently to her and, as Jason rolled under her direction, she kept up her encouraging pressure until he found himself resting on top of her. He looked down into his mothers gorgeous face—alight with love, desire, and playfulness—and felt himself harden fully.

As his cock stiffened into erectness against her belly, Jason watched as his mother licked her lips. He was resting on his elbows, and her body seemed so small beneath his. Helen put her hands on his flanks, lightly trailing her nails up and down his sides.

“That’s better.” She breathed out, wriggling her body underneath her son. “Sorry Jason, I just wanted to feel you on top of me.”

Jason could feel the tips of her nipples scrape against his chest as she moved, and his cock throbbed in anticipation. His sensed his mother spread her legs beneath him, parting her thighs wide to let him settle between them. He started breathing heavily as he felt the sensation of the silky skin of her legs slide around his waist.

“Tell me what else you want.” He said hoarsely. His mother talking kinky to him was something he had never dared dream of.

Too late he saw the brief moment of blankness cross her face, and he realised he had given her an order. Before he could do anything about it though, it passed and she looked up at him with intense and sultry eyes.

“What I want …” She said throatily. “I want so many things, love. So many …”

Helen dug her fingers harder into his side, and pressed her hips up into him in a shallow thrust.

“For starters I want you to kiss me Jason.” His mother said, looking up at him intently. He could feel her breath hot on his face.

Jason obliged her, leaning down and pressing his lips to hers, locking them together in a slow and sensuous kiss. He felt her tongue slide between his lips and meet his own in a fierce dance. He kissed his mother with growing passion, grinding his hips down into her own. They broke for air; both breathing hard.

“Good boy.” His mother said, kissing his jawline. “Next, I want to feel you on me. Don’t hold yourself up—I want to feel your weight on top of me sweetie.”

“Are you sure —” Jason began to say, lowering himself onto her soft body but not all the way.

“I’m sure.” Helen groaned as she felt her son’s body begin to rest upon hers. She leant up and nipped his ear with her teeth before whispering, “I won’t break, baby.”

Jason groaned as his mother whispered in his ear, and lowering himself fully onto her. Helen sighed happily as her son lay upon her, wrapping her legs fully around his waist and linking her heels together. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers so that she could kiss him again.

“Mmmm, thats nice.” His mother said as she held him tightly to her. “Now the next thing I want …”

“… yeah?” Jason said roughly.

“… I want your cock inside me, Jason.” Helen breathed out, blushing slightly; the need throbbing in her voice.

“Fuck …” Jason groaned.

“Yes, baby—that’s right.” His mother said, grinding her hips up into his. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel that wonderful dick of yours inside me again!”

Jason groaned again; horny beyond words. He shifted his body, searching for his mother’s opening. He felt the head of his cock catch at the arousal-slick entrance to her pussy, and pressed forward—sinking the first inch of his erection inside his mother.

“Yes …” Helen hissed as she felt him slip inside her. “That’s it, baby—I want you all the way in me!”

Jason obliged, thrusting forward and burying the remaining length inside her tight channel, hearing her gasp in pleasure. He held himself like this, breathing raggedly—aroused beyond all measure. He felt his mothers small hands move off his shoulders, down his sides, to rest on his hips. She held him tightly; pulling and encouraging—trying to get him to start moving. Her scent surrounded and enveloped him, and his cock pulsed inside of her at the perversity of fucking his mother in her own bed. Jason pulled back so that his cock was almost all the way out, before sliding it smoothly all the way back inside of her.

“That’s it.” Helen cooed encouragement into her son’s ear as he fucked her. “Just like that, baby. That’s how I want it.”

Jason set a steady rhythm; thrusting in and out of his mother, feeling her body shift and writhe beneath him. Helen undulated her body upwards to meet her son, pulling him into her by her hold on his hips. Jason closed his eyes, experiencing his mother by all his other senses, taking everything in. Far more than anything he had experienced with his aunt, he wanted to make his mother his. He wanted to hear her say it—just like Sarah had.

“Mom, I love you.” Jason groaned as he fucked her. He had been playing on Sarah’s bindings that time that she had given herself to him, and he figured it would work with his mother too. Any compunctions he’d once had were all gone now—he was lost in the sensation of her body.

Helen groaned at her son’s words, and he felt her shiver against him. Her pussy clenched around his thrusting cock deliciously.

“I love you too.” His mother gasped back.

Jason pulled back and thrust into her, speaking in time with his bottoming out in her pussy.

“I love you.”

Helen groaned again, louder this time, and her pussy clenched once more.

“I love you.” Jason said again, his voice rough. Every time he said it, his mother moaned and shivered—tightening her pussy around his shaft.

He thrust away, growing ever faster; repeating the words as if they were a mantra—encouraged by each response her body was giving him. She didn’t reply anymore, wordlessly crying out in pleasure every time he said it.

Jason hunched his back, fucking into her with short and sharp thrusts—breathing raggedly and no longer having the breath to talk continuously. Helen was keening softly as her son shoved his cock in and out of her—running her hands all over his body and trying to touch as much of him as she could.

“Do you love me, mom?” Jason gasped as he felt his climax nearing.

“More than anything!” Helen sobbed, sinking her teeth into his shoulder to try and stop herself from crying out too loudly.

“Do you love me enough to give yourself to me?”

“In any way you want!” His mother shuddered, trailing her lips all over his chest.

“I want all of you—in every way—whenever I want!” Jason groaned, arousal making his voice harsh.

“You have it!” Helen shuddered, undulating and writhing as she began to cum. “I’m yours, baby!”

Jason felt his mother spasm underneath him, and began to cum himself—grunting as he thrust inside her tightening pussy. Just as it had been with his aunt, his mother twitched senselessly as he fucked her—insensible amidst the throes of what was happening to her. Jason finished, resting above his mother and breathing heavily as he recovered from his climax. He flopped to one side of the bed, watching while the shuddering and twitching began to slow.

He pulled his mother to him, holding her close and stroking the silky skin of her back as she slowly came back to herself. Because he had been through the same thing with Sarah he wasn’t unduly worried, but he welcomed the spark of life returning to his mother’s eyes.

He cradled her body in his arms, resting comfortably and feeling her rapid heartbeat begin to slow. As soon Jason felt her arms begin to encircle him, he sighed happily and cuddled his mother tightly and let sleep take him.

The weekend passed by and Jason didn’t leave the house, look at his phone, or do anything really. He spent almost all of his time with his mother in her bedroom. When he wasn’t having sex with her, they were cuddled up on the bed sleeping in each others arms. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her body; it was as though she was tailor-made for sex.

And she was so loving and considerate with him. At the slightest hint that he wanted her—a warm smile would cross her face and she would oblige him; crooning happy encouragement as he thrust away inside her.

Jason didn’t know what his aunt was doing—she didn’t even cross his mind. He ate his meals up in his mother’s bedroom (she was happy to bring them up for him), and apart from visiting the bathroom, he didn’t venture anywhere else in the house.

By trial and error Jason had learnt to phrase himself carefully around her. He had found that if what he said wasn’t phrased as a direct order she didn’t take it as such. Especially not after the Ring had been set.

Just as it had with Sarah’s Ring, his mother’s gems had changed. No longer varying and fluid levels of brightness, they now appeared as vibrant gemstones. The Love gem was a brilliant ruby in colour, while the Obedience gem was a somewhat cloudy sapphire. This was to be expected after all of the influence he had placed on Love while being light on Obedience. Because of this, his mother didn’t mindlessly take any casual comment that could be taken either way as an order.

It was the same way that Sarah was not driven too heavily by fear. She reacted to it, sure—but its effects eventually wore off. No matter how hard he had tried, he had bound her with Lust more than Fear. It was in this way that his mother was very eager to please and make her lover happy.

Jason woke up sunday afternoon after a nap to find that his mother was standing at her dressing table, getting ready to go out.

“Where you going?” He sleepily asked her.

“Just up to the shops, Jason.” Helen said absently. “We don’t have much food left in the house.”

“Cant it wait?” Jason said, eying her lovely backside as she faced away from him.

“I’m afraid not, sweetie.” His mother said, a trace of amusement in her voice. “I should have done the shopping yesterday—but someone distracted me.”

She caught his gaze in the mirror before her, giving him a knowing smile when he finally tore his eyes off of her rear. Jason gave her a half-guilty grin at being caught looking.

Helen was dressing pretty casually; just track-pants coupled with a t-shirt. Otherwise daggy clothes, but on her they clung beguilingly to her curves and looked amazing.

Jason heaved himself out of his mother’s bed, completely naked, and walked jelly-legged over to her. He mused quietly to himself—how many times had he had sex with her over the last few days? It was all pretty fuzzy and he honestly couldn’t remember. He came up behind her and kissed her on the nape of her neck, wrapping his arms around her middle.

“Can’t you get Sarah to go shopping?” He said, nuzzling her affectionately.

“Mmmm.” Helen murmured, tilting her head back in enjoyment. “She’s not home; I don’t know where she is.”

“Couldn’t we just get some takeout?” Jason asked, placing his hands up over her chest and squeezing her breasts through her top.

“We need some other things as well—not just food.” Helen managed, gasping as her son groped her chest.

“Can’t you get them tomorrow?” Jason wheedled as he pressed his erect cock against her firm ass.

“I’m—ah, yes!—working tomorrow, sweetie.” She said, gripping the front of her dresser and pressing her rear back into her sons erection.

Jason realised with some dismay that tomorrow was monday and that he would have to go to school. More importantly, he couldn’t spend the day in bed with his mother.

“I guess you have to go then.” Jason grumbled. He took his hands off of his mother’s breasts, and slid them down her torso until they reached the waistline of her track-pants . He gripped her pants, and started to pull them and her underpants down over her hips.

“Jason? I can’t go without my pants.” Helen said, amusement and desire in her voice.

“I know that.” Jason said cockily. He looked down as he revealed his mothers pale and rounded buttocks. He had seen every inch of his mother over the past few days, but her body still made his breath catch in his throat in awe. He lightly slapped her ass and then gripped the flesh of her rear firmly. “We have enough time to have sex before you go don’t we?”

Helen turned within her son’s arms, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Her pants were halfway down her thighs but she didn’t seem to mind.

“You know I can’t say no to you, Jason.” She murmured, snaking her arms around his neck. “How do you want me, love?”

“On all fours I think.” Jason said, giving her a quick kiss in return.

Helen turned away from him and sunk to the ground; getting onto her hands and knees. She arched her back, and shook her rear invitingly at her son. Jason got to his knees behind his mother, and gripped her firmly by the waist, before lining up and thrusting into his mothers pussy.

He fucked into his mother, losing himself in thought. She responded to whatever he asked for in bed—it was all about him and what he wanted. Her love was unconditional and all she wanted to do was make him happy.

Jason heard her soft grunts as their bodies slapped together. He hadn’t done anything too adventurous with his mother ever since their first night together in the shower. It basically equated to him being horny and Helen being more than happy to share her body with her only son.

Jason languidly and steadily fucked into his mother—not in any hurry, simply enjoying himself. It was amazing, but he had to admit he missed the excitement and anticipation that he’d had before this.

As he began to cum, a thought occurred to him. Maybe he should try and be a bit more creative?