The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 9

Author — Sidia

Jason entered the kitchen with a heavy feeling of trepidation—and anticipation—sitting low in his stomach. It was his first time seeing his mother since what had happened between them last night. He didn’t know what he should be feeling about it all—he hadn’t set out to begin anything with his mother, but it had happened anyway. And he had loved it. He knew it had been because of the ring she now wore, but she had been the one to initiate things between them; whatever his desires, he didn’t think he could have taken that first step to changing everything.

“Morning Sweetie!” Helen said cheerfully to her son. She smiled warmly—no hint of anything out of the ordinary on her beautiful face—and stepped lightly over to him, giving him a kiss in greeting.

It was chaste, almost the same as every other time she had given him a kiss on the cheek … except that she turned her head at the very last moment, and the corner of her soft lips met his. Helen held the kiss with her son just long enough for him to begin to wonder … a lingering sweetness that caused his heart rate to double, and for his cock to lurch into semi-hardness.

His mother pulled away gracefully, still standing close by him; her smile turning mysterious as she looked up at her son. Helen turned on the spot, her hip brushing across the front of the bulge he was sporting in his pants, and walked back to the counter.

Jason eyed her tight and firm ass as she walked away from him, breathing raggedly. With just so little, she had worked him up into more of a state than her younger sister ever had. He went through the motions of making breakfast mechanically, barely ever taking his eyes off of his mother; he knew he was staring but he couldn’t help it. He no longer had to worry about getting caught checking her out anymore after all—in fact, whenever Helen noticed her son running his eyes over her body, she simply smiled to herself, and said nothing.

When it came time for Helen to leave for work, she walked up to her son, and slipped her arms around his waist. She held onto him like this, craning her head back so that she could look up into his face. Her body was just on the verge of touching his—Jason could feel her warmth radiating off of her, and it was all he could do to stop himself from leaning down and capturing her lush lips with his own. He wondered distantly to himself what exactly was stopping him, but he couldn’t come up with a concrete answer.

This was the most surreal situation to come about from the Rings he had found—he felt like a passenger to what was happening between them. Jason knew that his passive acceptance to her behaviour was reinforcing her binding, but not actively taking advantage of his mother was all the remaining shreds of his morality could manage.

“I enjoyed last night, Jason.” Helen said softly, pressing her fingertips more firmly into his back. “Would you like to have another movie night together this evening?”

Jason didn’t trust himself to articulate a response, so all he managed was to jerkily nod his head in the affirmative.

“That’s wonderful.” His mother said, her face glowing. “I’ll look forward to tonight sweetie.”

Helen leaned up towards her son, raising herself to stand on the tips of her toes. Her eyes were half closed, and she looked into Jason’s eyes through the veil of her eyelashes. Her beautiful face filled Jason’s entire world, and he felt light headed. Their lips met, reminiscent of last night, and Jason felt his heart hammering in his chest. It was yet another sweet kiss; not passionate and craving-filled like the ones he shared with Sarah—and yet far more deeply arousing to him. When he felt the tip of her tongue flit across his top lip, he couldn’t contain himself and gave an audible groan.

His mother pulled away from him, still smiling. Jason watched almost disbelieving as Helen gathered her things and left for work, waving goodbye to him as she exited the house. What had just happened? And had he just agreed to continue what they had started last night?

Jason rubbed the front of his aching cock and thought hungrily about the coming night. It wasn’t his fault what was happening—he’d had the best intentions he could, considering the situation. Jason looked at the clock on the wall; maybe he had enough time … no, he decided with regret. There wasn’t enough time for him to go back upstairs and visit Sarah—it would make him late for school. So, after shaking himself and trying to get his mother out of his head, Jason got ready and headed off to school.

As Jason approached the front steps to his school, he looked around curiously; he couldn’t see Emma anywhere. It was so out of character for her not to be waiting on the front steps for him, that he actually was concerned for a moment. But then a small weight ran into him from behind, arms folding around his middle in a firm hug. A flowery scent enveloped him, and he turned around awkwardly in the sudden embrace to see Emma grinning up at him.

“Hey Em, how are you?” Jason said, grinning down at his best friend. She increased the pressure of her arms around him for a moment, before letting go and taking a few dancing steps back and folding her arms behind her back. She was wearing her usual high skirt, and he was acutely aware of the brief flashes he could see of her milky thighs as her skirt bounced around with her movement.

“Not bad, all things considered.” Emma said playfully. “I couldn’t help but notice you seemed like you were looking a bit lost. Did you lose something?”

“I thought I did.” Jason said wryly. “But then it tackled me out of nowhere.”

“Then it worked out well didn’t it?” Emma said laughingly. “Anyway, if you’re worried about losing something you should keep better track of it.”

Jason smiled back at her, feeling better than he had since … well since the last time he had spoken with Emma. It wasn’t as though everything that had happened to him in the recent past was something he regretted; after getting to fuck his aunt he didn’t think he would ever give that up—but that didn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t stressful.

“Alright, I promise I’ll be more careful—it won’t happen again.”

“Good boy.” Emma said, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

They started towards the school, walking side by side close enough that they occasionally bumped into one another. Her soft presence beside him was very comforting, as well as something new to Jason. He had always liked Emma to some extent, and besides that he had always known that she was beautiful. But now that he’d had sex, now that he had experienced a woman naked and writhing against him … he couldn’t help but picture Emma in light of this new information.

He had an absurd desire to run his hand between her soft and rounded thighs, to explore what he found there. He imagined Emma moaning as he caressed her body, laying next to her naked form and letting her sweet scent surround him … and he shivered.

“You okay there?” Emma asked him curiously.

“Yeah.” Jason said shortly, looking at Emma intently. She flushed slightly, and gave him a small smile.

“Good.” She said, jostling him as they walked. She sighed dramatically. “Well let’s start yet another fun day of school.”

It was an uneventful rest of the day for Jason; nothing particularly of note happened. The main difference was that every class and break he had with Emma, was spent with him daydreaming about her. Every flash of skin he saw tempted him. Every smile she directed his way made him itch to take her in his arms. He knew she was noticing the different way he was looking at her, but he couldn’t make himself stop. She didn’t say anything about it, but she would blush faintly every now and then under his regard.

The last class of the day was art, but for once he didn’t find it relaxing. Instead of his usual habit of losing himself in a project, he just stared moodily off into the distance. He found it surprising that he was so fixated on another girl, given what he had back at his home. His aunt was a willing fuck toy, and he had barely scratched the surface of what was possible there. And his mother …

Jason’s eyes drifted around the classroom, stopping when his teacher came into view. Karla was leaning over at the table of another student, giving them some direction. He smiled to himself; if she knew how she looked in that pose, he doubted she would stand like that. Karla had yet another professional-looking skirt on, coupled with a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The skirt was modest enough in principle—it went down at least an inch below her knees—but it could only do so much to hide her body.

With her leant-over pose, her hips and rear were accentuated to an amazing degree. Each globe of her pert ass stood out clearly, and Jason ran his gaze over her curves in admiration. Even Karla’s calves—the only part of her legs that were uncovered—were mouth-watering. Jason had never considered that part of a woman’s body worthy of any particular attention before, but he had to admit the well-defined shape of her legs were very sexy. She had to be a runner or something he decided—she was just too toned on her lower body to not be.

Her fair alabastor skin, and startlingly pale blonde hair made her look otherworldly in some ways—you just didn’t expect to come across someone like that in everyday life. Jason wondered what she looked like when she was flushed with arousal, and he felt his pants tighten in response to his fantasy. He pictured his teacher in the same position she was in now, looking backwards towards him with a wanton look of desire on her lovely face, and grinned to himself at the image.

Jason realised with a jolt and flash of horror that Karla actually WAS looking back over her shoulder at him. He had been staring fixedly at his teacher’s curves for unknown amount of time, and she had been watching him for an equally unknown timeframe. She had raised an eyebrow at him, and seemed to be waiting for him to realise that she knew he was watching her. Once the realisation and subsequent crimson blush spread across his face, a small amused smile quirked her lips. Reaction achieved, she went back to helping the student before her.

Jason focused his head down on his desk, thinking furiously. He was more embarrassed than anything else; he really hadn’t meant to get caught like that! But at the same time … he pictured the small smile she had given him when he had been caught out. Had she liked him looking? He couldn’t imagine that being the case. But all the same, that smile of hers made him hard.

Whatever his reaction, Jason was very glad when the class, and therefore the school day, ended. He had to walk past Karla’s desk on the way out, and he ducked his head as he passed her; not wanting to meet her eyes. However, as he walked by her desk she softly spoke, her voice pitched for his ears only.

“Have a good afternoon, Jason.”

Jason jerked his head up in surprise, meeting his teachers’ gaze. Karla’s face had an amused expression on it—but not a mocking one. Her cheeks were ever so slightly pink, and before she settled her features into blank mask, he could have sworn she looked faintly pleased.

He mumbled something unintelligible in response—he couldn’t even remember what he said—and hurried out of her class.

As Jason exited the school, Emma was outside and waiting for him. He smiled to see her—even with his new fixation upon her, he still felt calmer and more relaxed in her presence.

“What did I do to earn that?” Emma asked, in relation to his smile.

“Just being you.” He said simply and truthfully.

Emma blushed prettily—but didn’t make a big deal of it—instead, matching her pace and falling in beside him. They began walking home, initially in a comfortable silence. They didn’t live all that close together, but they could walk for a decent amount of time before Emma had to head in a different direction.

Jason wondered if he should say something to his friend; the fact that she had been filling his thoughts and attention all day in light of everything going on, said a great deal to him. Things were easier with Emma—they always had been. He remembered what his mother had said to him the other day before he had decided to bind her with a ring; she had thought he should ask Emma out. He had even used it as an excuse to distract her, and the subterfuge had come so easily to him, that he now wondered if it was his subconscious trying to clue him in on a few things.

He eyed Emma out of the corner of his eye as he walked along beside her. Her red hair bounced along with her stride, lovely and flowing. She caught him looking at her, and looked down at the ground, smiling faintly. Would he be in this situation, with these thoughts and possibilities roiling through his mind, if he hadn’t found the rings? Would he be thinking of asking Emma out?

He knew it wasn’t the greatest idea. He barely had a handle on everything going on at his home, and complicating it with a girlfriend wouldn’t help anything. And what if she said no? Although, inexperienced though he was, her reaction to him all day certainly seemed promising.

They reached the road where Emma turned off towards her house, and Jason found himself speaking without making a conscious decision.

“Em.” He began, and then stopped—unsure of what exactly he wanted to say.

“Yeah Jace?” Emma said, turning to face him with an expectant look upon her face.

Jason found himself staring into her eyes, tracing the fine lines of her features, drinking in how lovely she was. He was tongue-tied, and couldn’t seem to get the words out he wanted.

“Well …” He trailed off, flushing.

“Yes?” Emma cut in right after he spoke. She smiled encouragingly up at him.

“… do you want to go see a movie with me tomorrow night?” Jason blurted out in a rush.

Emma blushed prettily again, a pleased expression filling her face.

“I’d like that.” She said simply. And then she flashed that grin up at him.

A feeling of triumph and relief filled Jason near to overflowing. She had said yes! He didn’t think he had ever felt so nervous before.

“Great!” He said inanely, and suddenly they were both grinning at one another.

“So, you’ll call me?” Emma asked.

“Yeah!” He said. Not having planned or thought this through, he didn’t quite know where to go from here.

They both stood before the other, shifting their feet and looking equal parts awkward and happy. Jason stared into Emma’s face, admiring how lovely she looked. He wondered what it would be like to kiss those soft lips of hers. He had the feeling that this was a moment he could maybe take advantage of; maybe he could actually kiss her!

But by the time he had realised this, the moment had passed and Emma took a shy step back. They made their suddenly awkward goodbyes, alleviated only by the happy smiles they both sported. Jason watched Emma walk away from him, and found himself looking forward to their date.

By the time he arrived back at his home, Jason had gone from sweet imaginings to full-on fantasies about doing more than just a simple date with his friend. He was picturing Emma straddling his lap like his aunt had been last night, exploring and running his hands all over her body. He had seen her in her short little skirt so often, that he was fixated on the idea of sliding his hands up underneath it to grip her pale and rounded thighs.

He had worked himself up to such a point that he definitely needed some relief. He smiled a predatory smile when he considered that his mother wouldn’t be home for a while yet, and that Sarah should be home. He padded silently into the house, casting his eyes about in search of his sexy aunt. He was beginning to think she was upstairs in her room, when he heard some sounds coming from the back room where they kept a small selection of gym gear.

He made his way quietly to the room and peeked in through the door. Sarah was on the treadmill, and was wearing headphones; oblivious to his presence. She had the kind of lycra pants on that his mother frequently wore, coupled with a sports bra. The beads of sweat gracing her skin, coupled with the way her ass worked in her skin-tight pants, made Jason instantly go rigid. He noiselessly shed his clothes, and eased his way into the room, shutting the door behind him.

Jason dried himself off after getting out of the shower, feeling languid and sated after the session with his aunt. He decided that sex was the best way ever to relax and relieve stress—he wryly considered how much easier school and exams would be if everyone got to fuck every day.

After he had finished with Sarah, he had harshly ordered her to get cleaned up and to make herself scarce for the evening. He supposed he didn’t really have to go to that extent—his mother would no longer care about her presence if he instructed her not to—but it was more for his sake. He didn’t want any distractions tonight.

When his mother arrived home, she took the news that her younger sister wouldn’t be joining them for dinner without comment. She had brought a stir-fry home once again, and asked Jason to dish out while she went upstairs to have a quick shower and get changed.

Jason watched his mother climb in the stairs in appreciation. It may have been his imagination, but he would swear that she was rolling her hips more than necessary on her way up. He went through the motions of getting dinner ready, mind already focused on the upcoming evening. Even after his tryst earlier that afternoon, he was excited and aroused by what was coming. He felt guilty as well; she was his mother! But he assuaged that emotion by telling himself that he wouldn’t actively take advantage of her. She would be have to be the one to initiate things.

Helen came back downstairs in short order; pink-faced and fresh from her shower. She had her hair tied back in a pony-tail, and it made her look years younger than she was. She had a small pair of shorts on of the sort that her younger sister would usually wear. Jason took in her curved and smooth legs, his mouth going dry. He realised he didn’t really ever get to see her bare legs; she always had at least leggings on. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that hugged her impressive chest tightly, accentuating the swell of her breasts.

Jason considered it very fortunate that she was wearing one of the Rings, because if she had ever worn that in his presence without it, there would be no way he could ever hide his lust-filled glances.

His mother smiled in pleasure when she took in the effect she had on her son, and walked to take her place at the table, making sure to brush past him as she did. Dinner was a quiet affair; Jason being content to ogle and stare at his mother, and Helen visibly preening under his regard.

When they had both finished, Jason was full of expectation and desire. He knew what he wanted, but his stance on letting his mother take the lead was becoming harder to keep. Many times during their meal he had been so tempted to order her to walk over and sit in his lap. The thought of his lovely mother, small and warm, perched on his lap at the dinner table was so perverse, that he was genuinely uncomfortable with how hard his cock was.

The only thing stopping him from making that a reality, was that it would cross a line that he didn’t think he could uncross. If he ever ordered his mother do something for his own pleasure, he didn’t think he could ever stop himself from doing that again. And then he would no longer have the mother he knew and loved.

Jason glanced down at the heavy Ring he wore; his mother’s stones were very different levels of brightness. The Love stone was bright and shining, but the Obedience gem was only glowing dimly. If this was going to happen, this was the way it was going to go; he wouldn’t order her to do anything.

“Well, should we start our little movie night, sweetie?” Helen asked her son warmly.

“Yeah.” Jason said, his voice rough and cracking.

Helen stood up and walked to Jason, holding out her hand to him. He stood, and took her proffered hand; her fingers cool and delicate in his grip. She gently led him into the lounge room, and directed him to sit on the couch. His mother turned on the television, but didn’t give a great deal of attention to what was on—Jason didn’t either to be honest. Once something was playing, she dimmed down the lights, and walked slowly towards her son, folding herself gracefully onto the couch beside him.

There was no gradual dance this time around—instead of slowly making her way over to his side, Helen sat down right next to Jason, scooting over until she was once more leaning against him. Jason didn’t hesitate this time; he raised his arm, letting his mother snuggle into his side, and then wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He pulled her into him, revelling in the contrast of how soft and firm she felt.

His mother sighed contentedly, and wriggled to get as close as possible to Jason. Her body heat felt scalding hot to him, and he tightened his grip on her shoulder. Her soft breast pressed into his side, and he could feel his heart hammering inside his chest. Even after the extreme interactions he had with his aunt, this slow and teasing situation with his mother got him far more worked up.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this again.” His mother said softly.

“Me too.” Jason whispered back huskily. He had no idea what was on the tv in front of them; every fibre of his being was paying attention to the beautiful woman beside him on the couch.

“It’s such a nice way to finish the day.” Helen breathed out, turning her face up so that she was looking at her son.

“Yeah …” Jason agreed thickly. He was looking down into his mothers upturned face. Her eyes were wide and fixed upon his. Her pupils were dark, liquid pools, that seemed to draw him into their depths. Her mouth was parted, and her lips glistened. He inched his face closer to hers.

“We should do this every night.” She whispered sensually, tilting her head further towards her son.

“We should.” Jason parroted softly. He was so close that he could feel her rapid breathing upon his face.

“Jason …” Helen whispered, panting.

Their lips met once more, softly and sweetly. This time it wasn’t chaste or innocent; her lips enfolded his own in a sensuous dance. Their tongues touched, and suddenly Jason was making out with his mother.

Her mouth was soft and yielding under his own, and she moaned audibly as they kissed. Her hands were on the sides of his face, holding him firmly; twining her fingers in his hair. Jason folded both of his arms around her, pulling his mother into him so she was half across his lap. He could feel both of her heavy breasts on his chest, and he groaned at the sensation. He ran a hand down her back, across her hips, and down along her legs. Her thigh felt so soft and cool in contrast to the feverish heat of his palm.

They broke their kiss, their faces remaining close together. They stared into each others eyes, their breath co-mingling between them. It was intense and intimate. Jason on impulse leant forward and gave his mother a quick peck on the lips, feeling them curve upwards into a pleased smile in response. Helen placed her hands flat upon his chest, trailing them gently up and down his torso. She seemed intent on exploring the muscles she found underneath his shirt, and Jason shivered at her touch.

His mother shifted her hips so she was sitting further back from him, and dragged her hands downwards until they rested upon his thighs. Jason was acutely aware of his rigid cock making a tent out of his pants between his mothers hands, and from the way Helen looked down at his bulge and bit her bottom lip, he knew it hadn’t escaped her notice.

“Jason.” His mother said softly, her voice honeyed and low. “Would you like me to help you with that?”

His mothers face was flushed with arousal, and she alternated her gaze from his face and his crotch rapidly. She dug the tips of her fingers into his thighs, and shifted her grip minutely closer to his hard cock.

Jason nodded mutely, unable to articulate what he wanted. Helen smiled a gentle and loving smile at her son, and gracefully slid off the couch to the ground before him.