The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 8

Author — Sidia

Jason woke up on the couch—feeling languid, content, and utterly satisfied. He couldn’t remember the last time he had literally woken up with a smile on his face, but he felt like this definitely warranted it.

He ran his eyes over the cause of his good mood—his aunt was curled up tight against his side, their limbs entwined and tangled together. They had fallen asleep like this and it didn’t seem as though either of them had moved at all. His arm was resting on her flank, and Jason absently played with Sarah’s silky skin; enjoying the sensation.

Sarah looked softer while she slept, and Jason found it easier to reconcile the tender feelings he was beginning to have towards her while she was like this. Although tender wasn’t exactly the right word; he couldn’t overturn a lifetime of dislike so easily, no matter how much he enjoyed her body. It was closer to …

It came to Jason all of a sudden—it was like the fond pride you could have for a favourite possession. Because that was exactly what it was; he felt like he owned his aunt.

The revelation made him feel uncomfortable momentarily, but not for long. It was true after all—it was as though he owned her. He could use his aunt however he wanted, and she was a willing participant in his desires. Jason didn’t think he could have wilfully chosen to bind someone with Fear—even Sarah—but it had worked out in the end; this kind of relationship suited them.

He smiled ruefully to himself in the dark—he wouldn’t have known what to do if he had inadvertently activated something like Love with his aunt. He didn’t think he could ever bring himself to encourage that attribute between them.

That reminded him—Jason looked over at the ring he was wearing to see how it had changed. Without any great surprise he saw that the Lust gem was brighter than he had ever seen it before. It made sense considering what they had done last night! However, the Fear gem hadn’t seemed to have changed much from when he had last checked it. But then again, he hadn’t really been interacting with Sarah in that way.

For that matter, apart from small shocks he had given her—mostly driven by anger—he hadn’t been consistent with this attribute at all. Jason thought about it, considering what he could do. Did he even want to increase this part of her personality? He had to admit to himself though, that he enjoyed seeing his aunt apprehensive of him. And also, he remembered the thrill he had got when he had held her down, with his hand over her mouth …

Jason had never thought he would enjoy that kind of thing with a woman—not that he had any real experience apart from the last few days—but seeing Sarah like that, controlling her physically …

Jason felt himself get hard at the memory. Of course, he had been half erect ever since he had woken up—being cuddled up to a naked and sexy woman you had just had sex with would do that to you—but now he eyed his sleeping aunt hungrily.

She was his. He could have her however he wanted.

He looked over at a clock on the wall, barely being able to make out the hands in the dark room. It was getting close to sun-up; but he figured he had time.

Jason gripped his aunt by the shoulder, her bones feeling small and delicate beneath his hands. He rolled the sleeping woman away from him and onto her back, following her body with his own so that he was propped above her. Sarah’s eyes opened blearily; her expression initially confused as to what was going on, but quickly turning to shock when she realises her nephew was on top of her.

“Jason, wha—?” She managed to get out, before Jason leant down and captured her mouth with his.

“Mmhmm!” Sarah said, her muffled words unintelligible to him.

Jason had both hands on her shoulders, pushing her body into the cushions of the couch with his weight. She felt small and vulnerable beneath him, and he loved it. It was so different from how he had always seen his aunt—larger than life, controlling, and unpleasant. Now he was in control.

Jason felt Sarahs hands on his chest—she was clenching and unclenching them into fists. She seemed unsure what to do. In the end she placed her hands on her nephews sides; whether she was holding him to her, or holding him off of her, he wasn’t sure.

While still kissing her, Jason pushed a knee between his aunts thighs; there was a brief hesitation before she parted her legs, letting him settle between them. She still wasn’t completely awake yet, and while she was letting him take charge, Jason didn’t get the impression she was fully aware of what was going on yet.

Jason pulled back and broke the kiss, so that he could see her. His aunt looked up at him with wide and startled eyes. Her breasts were heaving, tipped by her erect nipples. Her body was so soft and small beneath him; it made him achingly hard. He remembered what she felt like when he was inside her last night, and he wanted—needed—that again.

He shifted his hips, seeking her entrance with the tip of his hard cock. Jason ignored the soft gasps escaping from his aunts lips as he prodded and explored her crotch. He felt the tip catch on her entrance and sighed happily. Jason pushed in, but something was different.

“Jason.” Sarah gasped, grimacing in discomfort. “Slow down, please —”

Jason pushed harder, and felt the head of his cock slip between the lips of her pussy.

“Ow.” His aunt groaned out softly. She buried her head against Jason’s chest; her fingers were clutching tightly to him, digging into his sides.

Her quiet cry of pain brought Jason down from his high, and he realised that she wasn’t ready for him yet. Every other time he had explored her body she was soaked from her arousal—but he hadn’t given her any time to get excited before started on this occasion. He was about to pull back, to see if she was alright; but then he felt his aunt spread her legs wider, and her smooth thighs slide over his hips as she wrapped her legs around his torso.

Jason looked at her in surprise, pushing her away from him so that he could see her face—there were the beginnings of tears in Sarah’s eyes, and she looked afraid of what was happening. At the same time though her face was flushed, and she was biting her bottom lip as she made the smallest of thrusts with her hips in encouragement.

Jason’s excitement and arousal came rushing back in a torrent—she wanted this; she wanted him to use her.

He pushed into her again, harder this time—sinking in a little deeper. He could feel the beginnings of arousal coating her insides, making her slick—but she was still pretty dry. This time when he saw her lovely face scrunch up in a grimace of discomfort, it drove him forward.

Jason thrust in further, feeling his aunt’s body trembling uncontrollably beneath him. She was holding herself tightly against his chest, and he could feel her rapid breathing hot on his skin. With another push, he buried himself deeply inside her once more, groaning out his pleasure at how tight and hot she felt around his cock.

He felt Sarah shudder as she gave out a long and guttural moan. Jason couldn’t tell if it was in pain or pleasure, but from the way she squeezed him with her thighs he guessed she was enjoying it on at least some level.

Without any further ado, Jason began fucking into his aunt—long and hard strokes that made her body shake and bounce with his momentum. Sarah was gasping in time with his movements, still wincing occasionally at a particularly savage thrust. Jason reached around to the back of her head, twining his fingers through her hair, and getting a good grip. He pulled her head back, craning her neck so that she was looking up at him—he wanted to see her as he took her.

“Do you like this?” Jason grunted, as he fucked into her, hard. Sarah grimaced as he bottomed out within her, and then she moaned quietly. He shook her head slightly. “Answer me!”

“Fuck.” His aunt gasped softly. Her mouth opened as she began panting. She was wet now from her arousal, and Jason could feel the difference. He couldn’t lie—it felt a lot nicer now, but he had been enjoying the play of emotions on her face.

“Tell me you need this!” Jason said harshly, shaking her by the hair harder.

“I —” Sarah began, before crying out in pleasure as pulled out and then slammed back into her. “Yes, I need this!”

“Are you mine?” Jason asked insistently. He was making up for her lack of discomfort now by fucking her as hard as he could. He was slamming his hips into hers so violently that he was beginning to feel a bit sore. The only thing that kept him going at this pace was the cries of pleasure mixed with pain that his aunt gave him with every vicious thrust.

“Yes!” Sarah sobbed, her shoulders shaking. “I’m yours!”

At her pronouncement, his aunt arched her back wildly; her entire body going rigid against his. Before he could react, she began spasming all over, her eyes rolling back into her head so that only the whites showed. Jason could feel her pussy rippling and gripping his cock in waves; clenching so tightly that it slowed his thrusts. He watched in awe as Sarah shook wildly with the force of her climax, showing no signs of letting up.

His aunt was like a rag-doll beneath him as Jason continued to fuck her. He placed both hands back on her shoulders, holding her steady as he thrust into her body. He happened to glance down at ring he was wearing, and saw that Sarah’s gems had changed—they were both no longer at varying levels of glowing; instead they appeared as normal bright gemstones. He wondered dimly if it had changed because of her pronouncement that she was his—but couldn’t spare too much thought about it. He was about to join his aunt with his own climax.

Jason groaned out loudly as he began to orgasm. It was different from last night—then Sarah had been riding him. He was the one in control this time, and he thrust into her harshly in time with every spurt of cum. His legs went weak, and it felt as though he was falling down into her.

When he came back to himself, he was laying fully on top of his aunt, breathing heavily. Sarah was still twitching spasmodically under him—echoes of her long and drawn out climax. With a sigh, Jason rolled off of her, feeling his softening cock pull out of her with a pop. He lay next to her, staring up into the ceiling, thinking about nothing; just enjoying the afterglow.

After a while, he felt her stir beside him, and he looked over at her. She was laying on her back, still breathing hard. She was looking at him out of the corner of her eye, seemingly too exhausted to even move her head. Her face was a mess—her cheeks were flushed with the aftereffects of her arousal, and her hair was a tangled nest of knots and curls. Her breasts sat proudly on her heaving chest, and Jason couldn’t help himself—he reached over and grabbed one of them—rolling and squeezing the soft orb in his hand.

His aunt didn’t react, apart from an appealing tremble that ran through her body. She continued to lay there, letting her nephew run his hand over her naked form without comment. He could hear her breath quicken as he groped and explored her body, remaining pliant and prone.

Jason checked the time again—the sky outside would be beginning to lighten—and looked over their sweat covered and naked bodies critically—they had better get cleaned up before his mother got up. It mattered more to him than it would for her, since he had given her a ring the night before—command to not notice or not, he didn’t want to be found on the couch like this.

“Come on, let’s have a shower.” He said eventually, taking his hand from her breast with some regret.

Jason rolled off the couch, and stretched—feeling fantastic. Yesterday he had been a virgin, and now he had fucked a sexy woman twice! He looked behind him and saw that Sarah had also risen off the couch—she was waiting demurely, swaying and unsteady on her feet. She didn’t look like she was all there yet, so Jason reach out and took her by the hand. He then started up the stairs, towing his aunt behind him.

She followed him easily enough, only stumbling a few times. They reached the bathroom, and Jason closed the door behind them. He let go of his aunt, and went to to turn the shower on; making sure the water was the correct temperature. Once it was ready, he turned back to look at Sarah—she was still standing where he left her, looking after him with wide and apprehensive eyes.

“Come here.” Jason said simply, and she immediately obeyed him—rushing over on unsteady legs. She stopped just before him, panting. “Get in the shower.”

She eased herself past him, heading for the warm running water. As she went by, Jason lightly slapped her rear, enjoying the yip of surprise from his aunt. He kept his hand on her ass, fondling her buttocks as he followed her into the shower cubicle.

Once they were in, hot water cascading over both of them, Jason saw that Sarah wasn’t washing herself. She was standing in place, still trembling gently, letting the water pour over her body. She seemed only half aware of her surroundings, still being quite vague. The only reason Jason wasn’t getting too worried about it, was that she was slowly regaining her sense of self—at the beginning it was as though she couldn’t even react to what he was doing.

With a shrug, Jason grabbed the soap and quickly cleaned himself off. Once he was done, he turned to his aunt, and began to wash her. He ran the soap all over her, enjoying himself immensely. He was soon finished, but continued long after she was clean. The activity had turned into him exploring her body, and he groped and fondled her everywhere he could. When he reached behind her and gripped her firmly by the asscheeks, Sarah finally reacted—wrapping her arms around his neck and looking up at him.

Jason leaned down and kissed his aunt softly, feeling her heavy breasts crushed up against his chest. She moaned her approval into his mouth, and shimmied her body along his, trying to get as close as possible. To his surprise, Jason felt himself begin to harden once more, but before he could make a decision about whether he had time for another encounter, the hot water ran out and the sudden cold quelled his ardor immediately.

Sarah squealed in shock, and Jason swore as he quickly turned the water off. They both stood there shivering for a moment before they grabbed the towels and started to dry off. Jason eyed his aunt as he dried off—she was directing a look towards him that was filled with smokey-eyed desire, but she didn’t say or do anything. She seemed completely willing to let him take the lead in everything; pliant to his will.

“Today, make sure you —” Jason paused—he didn’t actually know what his aunt usually did during the day.

“Have a normal, quiet, day at home.” He said eventually. He would have to see if she got out of her funk by the time he got home this afternoon.

“Okay.” She said quietly.

Jason was relieved—it was the first time she had spoken since she had had he big reaction. After that, he ushered her into her room to get changed, and he went to his. He noted that his mothers door was already open—she had gone downstairs while he had been in the shower with her younger sister. He quickly got changed, and made ready to face his mother.

After what had happened between them last night, he was both nervous and excited to see what was waiting for him downstairs.