The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 16

Author — Sidia

The next morning found Jason heading to school with a definite spring to his step. It was easy to be in a good mood after what he had experienced last night; even now, just thinking about it sent a surge of blood down to his crotch. It was beginning to get difficult to leave the house for something as mundane as school—there was a perfect world waiting for him back at his house, so why would he want to leave? He knew on an intellectual level that it wouldn’t be a good idea to over-indulge and shut himself off from the world—but reason had to practically shout to make itself heard.

Even the thought of seeing Emma again seemed a distant level of importance in some ways. He had taken Karla’s advice and it had seemed to fix things between them—or at least to have made them a lot better than they were. Jason thought back to his date with his best friend; even though it had only been four days ago, it seemed like it had happened in the distant past. The memory of her soft, warm body pressed up against his own while he kissed her was still arousing—how could it not be? But the date hadn’t ended well; he had pushed things too far and too fast, being too used to having his desires met instantly. And so he had gone home dejected and disappointed—not to mention very frustrated both with Emma and himself. But that was also the night he had first had sex with his lovely mother. And everything had snowballed from that night to him having an actual threesome with his mother and aunt.

Jason shivered pleasurably.

He would have never have thought to try and make that happen—and yet it had all worked out in his favour. He looked down at the heavy band he was wearing and smiled; finding those Rings had been far and away the best thing that had ever happened to him. Jason knew he still had another two silver Rings sitting in the box in his room; the thought of being able to have another two women in addition to his mother and aunt was both exciting and alarming. Regardless of his intentions, he could be honest with himself—it was tempting. However, he was introspective enough to realise that he had lucked out in the best possible way with his current situation. Two beautiful women that he could have however and whenever he wanted—and they both already lived at home with him!

Before Sarah had taken a Ring for herself and thus started the ball rolling on his new and amazing lifestyle, Jason had thought about giving Emma one of the Rings. Back then he had only thought about perhaps using it as a catalyst to ask her out—he hadn’t known a thing about their special properties. The thought about what could have happened if he had done that was both scary and exciting. On one hand, he could have had Emma in his bed; exploring her lush body and claiming her as his own. On the other hand, he wouldn’t have known how to activate the particular Bindings back then and it could have been a disaster. Jason didn’t think he would have activated something like the Fear attribute with Emma—even by accident. But even with his planned out choice for his mother’s Binding things hadn’t gone exactly to plan.

Of course he now had a better handle on things—knowing that even once a Binding was chosen the strength of the attribute was his to decide. His mother wasn’t an obedient slave to his will—thankfully! And luckily Sarah wasn’t completely overcome with Fear by his presence—although he had to admit he did enjoy her cowering sometimes; she had been a raging bitch to him most of his life after all.

Jason wondered if he could possibly do a very light Binding with another Ring; like if he did give Emma a Ring (he felt guilty at the surge of arousal that filled him at the thought) could he choose attributes and then very carefully keep them at a bare minimum before laying claim to her fully? His mother and aunt’s gemstones hadn’t changed ever since they had declared themselves to be his. The problem was that it wasn’t an exact process—he had achieved it with them by getting them worked up enough during sex to say it. Hell, he might even be doing it wrong; but he had an instinctive hunch that he was right.

If he gave his friend a Ring, and asked her out again—being able to ensure that everything went perfectly this time—could he fully Bind her safely? And did he even want to? Theoretically it would just mean that they were dating and would be very close. Because the real crux of the matter—the thing that had been crouched at the back of his subconscious for a while now—was that he didn’t know how he could maintain their friendship while he had a sexual relationship with his mother and aunt.

She knew him better than anyone else—they had grown up together and had been close nearly their entire lives. She had always been the one with a sympathetic ear when he had to vent about Sarah making his life miserable. She would soon catch on that his home life wasn’t the same as it had used to be. Jason was sure that the only reason she hadn’t realised something was up yet was because she was distracted by their new dynamic of sort-of-but-not-quite being in a relationship.

Regardless of anything else, Jason didn’t want to lose Emma as a friend. He didn’t want to control or change her either. In fact, he didn’t think he could have even contemplated seriously giving his friend a Ring if they hadn’t gone out on a date. The thought of using a Ring to take advantage of Emma made him feel uncomfortable. But if they were already dating … already being intimate … then surely giving her a Ring wasn’t that bad? All he was doing was making sure that she could still be in his life now that it had changed so much.

If he gave her a Ring then she wouldn’t even care that … Jason swallowed—hard. Emma wouldn’t even care that he was fucking his mother and aunt. She would be completely fine with it. In fact she would even …

Jason’s cock surged in his pants at the thought of Emma in bed with him and his mother and aunt. He could barely even picture such a thing.

He would have to think more about this. The problem was the only alternative he could see was to distance himself from his best friend. And that wasn’t an option.

When he got to school he was both relieved and anxious to see that Emma was waiting out the front for him like she normally did. Yesterday had been awful when she had been avoiding him.

Emma was sitting on the front steps to the school in her usual short skirt—showing a great deal of smooth thigh. She got to her feet when she saw Jason and brushed the front of her skirt nervously before walking a few steps to meet him. She gave him a hesitant smile, her lovely face framed by her bright red hair.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hey.” Jason said, coming to a stop just in front of her.

They both stood awkwardly before each other for a few moments—making eye contact before looking away flustered. Eventually Jason couldn’t take it any longer and boldly took a step closer and hugged her.

Emma was initially rigid in his arms before he felt her body relax. She put her own arms around him and hugged him back. She was small and soft in his embrace, and Jason rested his cheek on her sweet-smelling hair.

“It’s good to see you.” He said simply. He didn’t want to push things, and gently extricated himself from her arms; stepping back so he could see her face. Emma smiled shyly up at him, her expression regaining some of her usual brightness.

“You too.” Emma said. She lightly punched him on the arm. “It’s good to know that you’re aware when you’re being an idiot.”

Jason smiled self-deprecatingly. Being called an idiot by her didn’t sting at all. Of course he hadn’t exactly known he was being stupid—it had taken Karla telling him what to do to fix things.

Karla was another point of contention within Jason’s mind. He had definitely flirted with his sexy teacher yesterday—hadn’t he? That was still something that he had barely even begun to get a handle on. It had been exciting and he couldn’t help but want to explore it more.

“Well if I ever am an idiot and don’t know it—I’m sure you’ll tell me.” Jason said.

“Count on it.” Emma said, and gave him a smile that was almost back to normal.

The school day passed at a crawl and as time progressed Jason—despite himself—grew more and more frustrated.

It was great being able to talk with Emma again and spend time with her. But things weren’t back to normal, and he didn’t know if they ever would be. There was a barrier between them that had never been there before. It was like an unspoken wall that they couldn’t get past.

Jason was lost in his own thoughts about everything more often than not, and he could tell Emma was wrestling with a few things herself. Whatever the outer appearance she was showing, he knew he had hurt her when he hadn’t spoken to her all weekend. There were far more periods of silence when they were together than before, and he couldn’t help but wonder if she regretted their step towards something more than friendship.

It didn’t help that at the same time Jason was unable to stop himself from looking at his friend with speculation and desire. Every flash of thigh that he saw from her bouncing skirt, every glimpse of cleavage he got down her top was beginning to drive him crazy. Emma was beautiful—he had always known that. But now, in light of their date and belated experimentations, it was like seeing her anew.

Jason knew intimately what it was like to be with a woman now—what it was like to be on top of soft flesh, to have thighs parted for him, and to thrust his cock inside a tight and willing pussy. He was now looking at his friend and picturing her writhing and moaning under him as he fucked her.

It made it worse that Jason knew he could have this easily. All he had to do was give his friend a Ring.

His mind was a maelstrom of desire, guilt, and morality—so by lunchtime Jason was in a foul mood.

He had art class in the early afternoon and for once he wasn’t paying much attention at all to his teacher. He sat at his table, barely even attempting anything; instead staring morosely and blankly at the top of his desk.

Jason did happen to notice that it wasn’t just him—Karla was so studiously avoiding looking at her student that it couldn’t be accidental. It wasn’t that she was ignoring him exactly—more that she was making an effort to not show him any particular regard.

This only served to darken Jason’s mood even further. Although he didn’t know what exactly was going on between them, he had enjoyed the thrill of talking to his young and lovely teacher as something akin to being an equal. She had helped him when he hadn’t known what to do, and had told him that he could talk to her if he needed to.

The end of their last meeting, when he had held her in his arms, had been unlike anything that he had experienced so far. He’d had more experience being intimate with women lately than he could ever have dreamt of, but this had been a distinctly different kind of thrill. This wasn’t his mother, who he had spent a lifetime being comfortable with before his attraction. It wasn’t Emma, who he had known most of his life. It wasn’t even his aunt, who he had hated for years but at least had been familiar with.

Holding his teacher in his arms had been jarring in the sense that there was such a gap between them. She was his teacher—an authority figure. In addition, he barely knew anything about her. Sure, like most of the guys in school he had looked at her sexy body and had fantasied and lusted after her—but he didn’t know what she was like as a person. It had been thrilling in the sense that nearly everything was unknown and he wasn’t the one in control of the situation.

Jason was almost surprised at himself that when class ended he tarried—wasting time so that he could talk to Karla once everyone else had left. He saw his teacher glance up at him from her desk at the front of the classroom a few times, but she didn’t say anything to him until they were alone.

Jason gathered his things and walked up, coming to a stop near her desk. Karla had her head down, making herself appear busy. She eventually looked up at him and frowned slightly.

“Careful, Jason. You’ll miss your next class if you don’t hurry.”

“I won’t be long.” Jason said, sounding more calm than he felt. “I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer to talk more later.”

Karla looked him in the face for the first time, her expression intent and hidden. There was the faintest tinge of pink to her pale cheeks before she looked away from him uncomfortably.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Jason pressed, genuinely surprised at this rejection. “You said I could come to you if I needed to talk about something.”

“I know I did.” Karla said, taking a deep breath. She turned her gaze on him but this time it was almost steely and in control. “But it’s not exactly appropriate.”

“How is it inappropriate?” Jason asked, slightly hurt. “You gave me some good advice yesterday—it really helped.”

“I glad I could help you, Jason.” Karla said cooly. “But I have to be aware of how things look. I am your teacher.”

Jason flushed. He was starting to get annoyed again—more of a culmination of his earlier bad mood than anything else.

“Then why did you say I could talk to you again then?” He asked, his tone equally cool. He felt like a lumbering oaf as she sat calmly behind her desk in front of him. From their interaction yesterday he thought that he could explore something more with her.

Karla sighed and got up from her desk; walking around so that she stood in front of him. Jason looked at his teacher and boldly and obviously looked her up and down. She was dressed professionally, but as usual there was a limit to how much she could cover up her striking appearance. She looked like what she was—a nordic wet dream. Jason saw a flush build in her cheeks as she saw him check her out so blatantly and felt pleased. How many times had he made his aunt and mother flush like that now? He had lost count and he knew what it meant; they were pleased at him looking at them.

So he was very taken aback when her lips pursed tightly and she spoke with a clipped tone to her voice—realising that her flush was caused by anger and not arousal.

“Jason. No matter what you think I am your teacher. You can’t act that way around me.” She reiterated, folding her arms defensively across her chest as she looked at him fiercely. Amidst the anger he could see a tinge of disappointment as well.

“I didn’t—I mean, I —” Jason stumbled, out of his depth.

“This is why I can’t see you outside of class.” She kept eye contact with him until he glanced away at her intent gaze. “I can’t have anyone getting the wrong idea.”

“What exactly is the wrong idea?” Jason fired back. “What did I do wrong?”

“The wrong idea is that we can be anything other than teacher and student.” Karla said firmly. “If it isn’t class related, there is nothing to talk about.”

She made as if to turn away from him; signifying the end of their conversation. Jason jumped in though before she could—his own anger was flaring as he grew more frustrated. The lack of control was jarring from what he had become used to and it made him want to lash out.

“Then why did you pull me into that classroom yesterday?” He said heatedly.

Karla turned back to him and a touch of uncertainty crossed her face.

“I didn’t pull you —” She began and then stopped; taking a breath. “I admit, I may not have acted … exactly proper myself. I shouldn’t have … if I misled you, I shouldn’t have.”

His teacher fidgeted and looked uncomfortable. It was such a rapid change that it took Jason aback. He intuitively realised that it wasn’t that she was angry at him—at least that wasn’t all of it. She was feeling guilty.

He hadn’t stopped to consider things from her point of view. If he didn’t know what exactly was going on, it was erroneous to assume that she did. She was talking to him yesterday in the empty classroom like they were of a like age. In truth, she wasn’t that much older than he was—he didn’t know exactly, but she was in her early twenties at most. If he decided to overact and become a problem for her she would be in an awful amount of trouble.

“I know —” Jason began, before taking a different tact. “Look, I know you don’t want to get into trouble. And I don’t want to do anything that would make you look bad. I’m not the sort of person to blab or do anything stupid.”

“I think your little girlfriend would beg to differ.” Karla shot back, and then looked surprised at herself. She gave a half smile and then attempted to cover it up but Jason had noticed.

“Haha.” He said dryly. “Look, I mean it. I don’t want to cause trouble for you. If you don’t want to talk to me—well, I understand.”

Karla sighed heavily and then walked to stand by the doorway. She didn’t say anything and didn’t look at Jason either. He shrugged to himself in disappointment and walked over to the doorway to exit—figuring that was that. As he drew level with his teacher she put a hand out in front of him to stop him from exiting. Without facing him she spoke.

“If you really need to talk I’ll be in that same classroom tomorrow after school ends.” Karla made as if to say more but then clamped up.

Jason looked at his teacher and felt excited—and relieved. He nodded once.

“I’ll be there.” He said quietly.

Jason walked out of the classroom. Karla’s hand was still outstretched, and whether by accident or design, she didn’t lower it in time. Her hand had brushed against him and as he walked forward her fingers had trailed lightly along his chest and arm.

Jason’s bad mood had alleviated at once after his meeting with Karla. He was once more facing off into the unknown but he was relishing it nonetheless. He now had a lot to think about, and it occupied most of his attention. It actually made the awkward silences with Emma easier to deal with—he stayed relaxed, pondering the new developments of the day.

After school had ended, he walked with her until they reached the point where she turned off his route. She had been quiet and a bit jumpy on their trip but Jason had been relaxed. He knew her so well that he could almost hear what she was thinking about. She was stressing about what they should do when they parted—should they hug? Kiss? None of that and just wave goodbye?

So before she could overthink it too much, Jason turned to face his friend and stepped in close. He gently cupped her cheek with his hand and tilted her face upwards. She looked at him with wide blue eyes but didn’t pull away from him. He moved his face towards her slowly—giving her more than enough opportunity to say no. When none came, he took this as permission and very gently brushed Emma’s mouth with his own. He felt her lips part, and then they softly and sweetly kissed.

Jason purposely held himself back—never mind that he very much wanted to pull her completely into his arms. Instead, as slowly as he had leant in, he broke the kiss and leant away from his friend. He smiled into Emma’s blushing face and she gave him a wide smile in return—letting him know he had done the right thing this time.

“Bye, Em.” Jason said to her quietly. “See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, Jace.” Emma said to him, her face pink and pleased. She grinned playfully. “Kind of hard to avoid you after all—we’re there almost every day.”

“Smart-ass.” Jason grinned.

“And don’t you forget it.” Emma laughed. She flicked her gaze quickly downwards and he saw her eyes widen. She blushed once more but she looked pleased.

He knew what she had seen; innocent or not, kissing Emma—in addition to everything else that day—had given him a raging hard-on. He could feel his erection bulging against the front of his pants—there was no way of hiding it.

She turned and walked away from him, stepping lightly—a contrast to how she had walked with him so far. He watched her leave and felt very pleased with himself. At least he had done something right with Emma this time.

After she had walked out of sight, he pulled out his phone and sent a quick text message.


‘Are you home?’




‘I’m coming home. Wait for me in my room.’




‘There’s no need to wear any clothes.’



Jason put his phone in his pocket and started walking the last part of the way home. He needed some relief and he needed it now. Having Sarah waiting to service him was infinitely better than how it had used to be—instead of wasting time walking around so he didn’t see her any longer than he had to, he was now actually looking forward to it. He shook his head ruefully to himself.

When Jason got home he let himself in and set off up the stairs immediately. In his eagerness he took the steps two at a time. It would be another few hours until his mother arrived home so he had his aunt all to himself for a while.

His bedroom door was open and he walked in; throwing his things down to the ground just inside the entrance. His aunt was sitting on the edge of his bed with her legs crossed at her ankles. She was—as he had directed—completely nude, and sat there looking at her nephew expressionless. Her hands were resting neatly in her lap, and the sight of her naked in his room and waiting for him made him murmur in appreciation.

He walked over and stood in front of his aunt, looking down at her.

“Undress me.” He said simply.

Sarah took a deep breath, and stood up slowly. She reached out her hands to the front of his shirt and Jason noted a slight tremble to her limbs at being ordered about. She carefully began to unbutton his shirt and then slipped it off his shoulders. Jason watched her work with pleasure; it was nice being back in control.

Her face was still without expression but her cheeks were reddened with suppressed emotion. When she began to unbuckle his belt she caught her bottom lip in her teeth. She dragged his zipper down slowly, and then pulled his pants down his legs—sinking down to her haunches as she did. Her face was level with his bulging erection as she reached up and gripped the waistline of his underwear. She pulled it down, making her first audible sound—gasping quietly when his cock escaped its confines and bounced proudly right in front of her face.

Her breathing rate increased; puffs of warm air blowing along his shaft as she waited patiently for her nephew to step out of the bundled pants on the ground. When he didn’t say anything, she began to inch her face closer; her parted lips just grazing the head of his cock.

Jason walked away from his crouching aunt, stepping past her to his bed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her expression of surprise and disappointment. He flopped face first on his bed and folded his arms under his head. He turned to face Sarah.

“I’ve had a long day—come and give me a massage.”

“Wouldn’t you rather …” Sarah said, her voice hesitant.

“Now.” Jason said shortly, his sharp tone making her flinch.

She stood up and padded warily over to her nephew, before gracefully kneeling on the bed next to his prone body. She placed soft hands on his bare skin, before beginning to knead the muscles of back. Jason let out a long sigh that ended in a pleased groan. She really did have some skill with her hands.

“Do you know when my mother is getting home today?” He asked, shifting in pleasure at her ministrations.

“Not exactly.” Sarah said softly as she massaged him. “Not for another few hours at least.”

“I see.” Jason said. “I haven’t asked you yet, have I—did you enjoy yourself last night?”

Sarah was silent.

“I asked you a question.” Jason said a little louder.

“… yes.” Sarah said in a small voice.

“Which part?” Jason asked her.

“What do you mean?” Sarah said.

“Well, did you like having your sister there while I fucked you?”

Sarah paused in her massage before answering.

“I liked you fucking me.” She said shortly.

Jason turned on his side and craned his neck so he could look at his aunt.

“But not her?”

Sarah shrugged.

Jason rolled onto his back next to her; his cock now rigidly pointing upwards. He reached out and grabbed his aunt around the waist and pulled her over to him. She went willingly enough; throwing a leg over his waist so that she was straddling him. He smacked her bare ass and she raised herself off of him obediently. She was wet—just being around him in this kind of situation was enough for her—and once he had placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, she lowered herself down onto his shaft with a low moan.

She settled down fully onto him, and Jason could feel her insides twitching around the length of his cock. Without any encouragement from him his aunt began to bounce up and down—riding him gracefully. Her full breasts rippled on her chest on every downstroke, and Jason rested his hands on her hips as he sighed in contentment.

“Have you ever been with another woman before?” He asked her. To say that she had been promiscuous before she had put on a Ring was putting it lightly; he wouldn’t be surprised if she had.

“No.” Sarah said, groaning quietly as she rode him. “I’m not into women.”

“I don’t care what you’re into.” Jason said, reaching behind her and gripping her buttocks tightly. Sarah had looked down into his face with wide eyes at his words, and her rhythm faltered. “So you didn’t like cumming while my mother held you?”

“I liked you fucking me.” Sarah said again, biting her lip hard.

“So if I told you to have sex with your sister, you wouldn’t do it?” Jason sunk his fingers into the flesh of her ass.

“… I would do it.” Sarah moaned eventually. Her body shivered, and he saw goosebumps erupt all over her bare skin.

Jason took hold of his aunt’s shoulders and quickly rolled her over so that he was on top of her. She gave a short cry of shock and excitement, pushing her bare breasts up against his chest. He pinned her arms up above her head and then withdrew his cock before slamming back into her—hard.

“Good.” He grunted. “Because I have some ideas for later tonight.”

“Like what?” Sarah gasped. Her voice trembled and he couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Jason said, grinning down into his aunts face. He kissed her roughly. “But you’re going to do whatever I tell you to do—aren’t you?”

Sarah shivered again and Jason felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

“Yessss …” She hissed in a long and drawn out breath.

Sarah began to rock her hips upwards, pushing in time to meet Jason’s thrusts with her own. From a one sided encounter they began instead to fuck each other in truth. She writhed around underneath him as he pounded his cock in and out of her; listening intently to her nephew as he told her his plans for later that night.