The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 18

Author — Sidia

Jason staggered back from the prone body of his aunt Sarah; his heart was hammering in his chest and even in the afterglow of his orgasm he was still filled with a certain twisted excitement over what had just happened.

His mother being an active participant in the potential impregnation of her little sister had been darkly arousing—although that was ignoring the fact that his mother had seemed to be trying to derail his line of questioning on purpose; distracting him from thinking about fucking her in the ass by pushing his attention onto Sarah. It had been an element of her personality that he probably should have paid more attention to—or at least he would have had he not been balls deep inside his aunt.

Jason pulled one of the discarded chairs over to him and sat down so that he could still see the two women before him. Helen—elegant, lovely, and wrenchingly sexy—had turned to look at her son with a warm look of pride on her face. She had a hand on her sister’s backside and was absently trailing her nails over the smooth skin of her upturned rump. Sarah was still pressed face-first onto the table—naked with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was still twitching in the aftermath of her own climax. Jason could see the end of the vibrating anal toy that was sticking out of her ass, and even after watching his mother insert it into her sister, he could barely believe it had all disappeared into Sarah’s backdoor.

“That was so hot, baby.” Helen cooed to Jason. She left her sister and took a few sashaying steps towards him before draping herself artfully across his lap. Wearing only a bra and a tiny thong, her bare ass-cheeks felt soft and warm on his thighs. His mother snaked her arms around his neck and gently pulled his face into her impressive cleavage—sighing happily as her son buried his face into the soft swell of her breasts. “You gave her quite the fucking.”

Jason looked around his mother to his aunt once more. Sarah was still cut off from every sensation other than touch—blindfolded, gagged, and with earplugs in—she was completely oblivious to all that was going on around her. Even after all she had been through she was still clenching her buttocks rhythmically and exhaustedly grinding her hips onto the table—completely worn out, but still being affected by the Bindings Jason had placed on her.

He had finally found the perfect way to treat his aunt.

“It was hot, wasn’t it.” Jason said, his voice muffled and smug as he returned his face to his mother’s cleavage. “I think she enjoyed it too.”

“Still is, baby. She still is.” Helen laughed gently as she watched her little sister slowly gyrate her hips. “If she could speak she would probably ask you for more.”

“I think I might need a little while to recover.”

“You can take all the time you need.” Helen said tenderly. “I’m sure she’d be happy to wait like that.”

“What, leave her there?” Jason asked, surprised.

“Why not?” His mother said. “Then you can surprise her with your lovely cock again!”

“Don’t you think she might be a bit uncomfortable?” Jason asked doubtfully, peering around his mother again at the tip of the toy at the entrance to her ass.

“Look at her, baby.” Helen said softly, running her fingers through his hair. “She’s still so turned on. You could drop another load inside her—make sure that you’ve knocked her up.”

Jason pressed his face back into his mother’s cleavage as he thought about what she was saying and how she was acting. Helen had seemed to strongly latch onto the idea of her son knocking up her sister—assuming that it was what he wanted and would make him happy. Jason could be honest with himself—it did seem perversely arousing; but mostly during the midst of sex. With his hold over the two of them he wasn’t really worried about consequences—so if it did happen he wouldn’t lose sleep over it—of course he could barely picture the reality of his aunt being pregnant with his child, so it was hard to be worried. But while he was resting in the aftermath of fucking her, he didn’t find it as overwhelmingly hot as it had been while his mother was whispering in his ear to cum inside her sister. Now, in the small window he had when he wasn’t thinking completely with his dick, he was more interested in his mother’s behaviour.

“Do you want me to get her pregnant?” He asked his mother hesitantly. It seemed a more important question now that it wasn’t part of dirty talk.

“Mmmm, baby I know you want to.” Helen purred. She tilted her head down and gently nipped his earlobe before wetly licking his ear. “And I want what you want.”

She slowly moved her hips, rubbing Jason’s lap with her rear and despite himself he could feel his cock begin to stiffen. She always had this effect on him.

“I don’t want to leave her like that.” Jason said. “We’ve had enough fun for tonight.”

Helen leaned back to look her son in the face, her expression closed. She looked at him intently, appearing to try to get a read on what he was thinking. Eventually she gave him a small half-smile and cupped his cheek.

“You’re sweet, Jason. Of course we won’t leave her if you don’t want to.” She hugged him to her gently and continued to grind against him. She didn’t make any move towards her sister.

“Well?” Jason said. “Shouldn’t we …?”

“What do you want to do with her, baby?” Helen asked him easily. She didn’t seem too concerned at all at her trussed up sister bent over on the table.

“Well we should probably get that thing out of her ass to start with.” Jason said. He got up off the chair, carefully depositing his mother off of his lap so that she was standing next to him. She wasted no time in pressing herself to his side, holding her body close to his.

“Of course, sweetie.” Helen said, trailing a hand down Jason’s chest until she was softly holding his semi-hard cock in her small hand. She squeezed his shaft gently and jacked him a few times. “Do you want to pull it out or should I?”

Jason looked down at his mother’s hand holding his erection and then back to Sarah. He had enjoyed watching his mother insert it into his aunt, and he found that he wanted to be the one to remove it.

“I’ll do it.” He said as he walked over to the prone woman.

Jason placed a hand on Sarah’s upturned rear, running his hands over the reddened cheeks of her ass. At his touch Sarah flinched and made a whimpering moan through her ball-gag. Her hands, bound behind her back, opened and closed as if she was trying to take hold of something. Jason reached down between her buttocks and carefully gripped the end of the dildo. He gave an experimental pull backwards but there was no give—Sarah just gave out another muffled whimper.

“You’ll have to be firm to get the largest ball out.” Helen said conversationally by his side. “Once that one is out it should be easier though.”

“It seems pretty stuck in there.” Jason said doubtfully, giving it another half-hearted tug which made Sarah clench again.

“It went in so it will come out.” His mother said calmly. “She will be alright.”

With mother’s encouragement Jason took a firm hold and, putting a hand on the small of her back to hold Sarah in place, began to pull back. He watched with some amazement as the girth of the thing slowly revealed itself—stretching out her opening at a slow pace that seemed merciless. He could hear his aunt breathing rapidly and loudly through her nose as she arched her back. At the point where it seemed like it would finally reach the critical circumference, Jason chickened out and stopped his pulling. As it slipped back inside, he watched as Sarah trembled on the table.

“You nearly had it!” Helen said. “It’s fine, baby she just needs to relax.”

“Well, obviously.” Jason said half irritably. This was a whole other level of intimacy and control and he found it darkly thrilling. He reached out and un-cuffed his aunt’s hands—intending to let her go free so she wouldn’t try to struggle so much. To his surprise though, Sarah reached back behind her and put a hand on each of her buttocks; digging her fingers into her rounded globes and pulling her cheeks apart. She was completely open to their gaze and they could both see the pearly drops of his cum leaking out between the reddened lips of her pussy. “Huh, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I told you she would want more.” Helen purred and kissed her son on the shoulder. She looked down at his cock that was hanging at half-mast. “Just wait a bit longer and then you can —”

“No.” Jason said shortly. He was’t quite sure why he found the situation irritating—maybe it was just because it felt like he was being nagged into something by his mother; no matter how crazy that something was.

He reached down and gripped his aunt by her slender waist and turned her over to her back so that she was laying face-up on the table. She still couldn’t see or hear though, so she turned her head from one side to the other—blindly staring into the dark. She put her hands to her chest and cupped her breasts—squeezing them firmly, and drawing her feet up so that her heels were touching her ass. She paused for moment and then, breathing raggedly around her gag, she spread her thighs wide—once again displaying herself to whoever was watching.

“Look at her—she would love for you to stick your cock inside her again.” Helen said insistently. She reached out and stroked the inside of her sister’s thigh, stopping just short of her crotch. “I know you would love to, Jason.”

Jason ignored his mother and reached down between his aunt’s spread legs, gripping the end of the dildo again. He began to pull once more, making Sarah groan.

“I’m sure she would be able to relax if you filled up her other hole.” Helen wheedled in a seductive voice.

“You’re right—she needs to relax.” Jason agreed.

Helen smiled triumphantly at her son and reached down to grip his cock once more.

“So you need to make her relaxed.”

“What?” Helen asked him, surprise evident in her voice.

“If you think she’s so horny that that’s the only thing that would relax her—you do it.”

His mother looked at him, uncertain for the first time. Jason took her hand off of his cock and brought it to his mouth—kissing her palm tenderly. Then he slowly pulled her hand down until it hovered directly over Sarah’s exposed and freshly fucked pussy. Just before they made contact, Jason felt his mother try to stop him from pushing her hand down—trying to pull away minutely. He applied more pressure and forced his mother’s hand down so that she was cupping her little sister’s crotch.

“Go on.” Jason said, encouraging his mother with a friendly smile. “Help her relax while I pull this out of her ass.”

In some ways he had enjoyed his mother taking the initiative—but he found he didn’t like her trying to take charge of what was happening. He knew she was only lightly bound compared to Sarah—he had barely reinforced the attribute of Obedience after all. It almost seemed like she was acting as though she knew what was best for him—obviously Loving and accepting of him to the point where she was fine with him knocking up her sister—but still acting like it was fine for her to take control.

Helen began to robotically rub the folds of her sister’s pussy in small motions—a lacklustre attempt by any definition. Although it wasn’t much, the muscles in Sarah’s belly tightened visibly and she pressed her groin upwards to meet the stroking fingers. Jason wondered if she knew it was her sister that was touching her or if she would even care if she knew. Shrugging, he began to apply pressure once more to the buried dildo.

He watched entranced as the bulge began to stretch out the opening to her ass, revealing more and more of itself. Sarah was whimpering wildly, but it was much easier this time.

“I don’t think your hand is going to be enough.” Jason said to his mother.

“Me either.” Helen said in a relieved tone of voice. She gave him a warm smile, thinking that he wanted her to stop.

“I think you should try your tongue instead. That should work better.” Jason said, deadpan.

His mother looked up at him in surprise, clearly hesitant.

“Come on.” Jason said. He was delaying pulling it out so he could use the moment, but he was beginning to feel bad about how much he was stretching her out. “It’s nearly out! Quick!”

“Jason, maybe if you did it instead.” His mother said softly while staring down at Sarah’s prone and exposed body. Her fingers were gently sliding up and down her sister’s slit and the tips were glistening with Sarah’s arousal and Jason’s cum.

Jason was suddenly fed up. He wanted her to do something and she wasn’t listening to him! He knew that she was lightly bound with Obedience so that she could disregard casual comments and directions—but she would still have to listen if he clearly meant it.

“Get down there and lick your sister’s cunt.” He ordered her while staring straight into her eyes.

Helen flinched and looked at her son—her eyes glazing over for a moment. Then she turned her attention back to Sarah’s crotch. Her lips were set in a thin line and she was obviously not enthusiastic about the prospect, but she lowered her head obediently to her sister’s pussy. Jason watched with pleasure—his tired cock actually lurching in appreciation—as his mother extended her pink tongue and delicately lapped at the folds of his aunt’s pussy.

Sarah gave a guttural groan and clenched her ass at the same time that Jason pulled the first ball past the mid-point—making it slide out quickly. He noted that his mother wasn’t giving Sarah much attention past the bare bones of what he had told her to do. So he gripped the back of his mother’s head, twining his fingers in her soft hair, before pushing her face firmly down into her sister’s crotch.

“You can do better than that.” He said lightly before continuing in a firm and authoritative tone. “Go down on her like you would like someone to go down on you.”

He saw his mother’s shoulders tighten before she relaxed. And then she began to properly go down on her sister.

Helen fixed her mouth firmly to Sarah’s pussy, extending her tongue and running it deeply along her folds. At the same time, she inserted a finger inside of her sister with one hand, and used the other to rub and toy with her clit. Sarah was making loud huffing noises and gyrating her hips wildly in response. Jason looked down and smiled at his two ladies.

He didn’t think that Sarah was paying any attention to the dildo in her ass after that, and the rest of it came out fairly easily. Once the tip was free, he got a thrill to see that her ass gaped open for a bit before her exhausted and stretched muscles recovered. But that was almost superseded by how diligently his mother was licking and sucking at his aunt’s pussy.

That wasn’t completely correct though—he came around the table so that he could see his mother’s face—and her expression was closed and distant. She was obeying him and truly giving her all to please her sister, but she wasn’t into it personally.

It didn’t take long before Sarah climaxed, and lay limp and shivering on top of the table—well and truly out for the count. Helen continued to lap at her sister’s pussy even after she had orgasmed—making Sarah’s thighs and belly twitch exhaustedly at the sensation overload—before Jason told her to stop.

Helen stood up and looked at her son with a guarded expression. She didn’t seem defiant or upset—rather a bit put out that things hadn’t gone exactly the way that she thought they would have. He remembered her intent expressions during the last few times he had been in bed with both women—and how she seemed to be trying to figure out what he wanted and how best to go about making that happen. Was it as simple as that he was foiling her plans at how best to please him?

“Come on, let’s get her cleaned up.” He told his mother neutrally.

She agreed with good enough will, and they both set about freeing Sarah from all of her restraints and toys. His aunt was so exhausted that she seemed barely lucid—allowing herself to be directed up the stairs to the bathroom without saying a word.

His mother, being the only one still wearing anything, stripped off her underwear and then they all piled into the shower. It was a cosy fit, but there was just barely enough room for all three of them. With the hot water cascading over them, and two gorgeous naked bodies pressed to him, Jason began to harden in truth.

He didn’t attempt anything just yet though, content with soaping up and washing his aunt. It seemed oddly intimate—he and his mother running their hands over Sarah together. Sarah stood passively between her sister and nephew, swaying with tiredness even as the washing turned into gentle caresses and casual gropes.

Once clean, it was almost tempting to head straight to the bedroom—even though it was still pretty early in the evening. They instead went back downstairs—Helen gently holding Sarah’s hand and directing her after her son. Jason collapsed on the couch in the living room and both women joined him—Helen settled herself next to him and cuddled him from the side. Sarah basically lay down on the other side of him—her knees drawn up to her chest—and promptly fell asleep. Jason had put a pair of pants on, but his mother and aunt were both still naked from the shower. He turned on the television, leaned back, and let himself relax; playing absently with his phone and not paying attention to the muted sounds of whatever was on.

He was on the verge of dropping off to sleep himself when his phone rang—startling him so that he almost dropped it. He looked down at the caller ID and saw that it was Emma. His mother craned her head to see who was calling her son and when she saw who it was a faint frown crossed her face. She put a hand possessively on his upper thigh, pressing her breasts firmly against his arm as Jason answered the phone.

“Hi, Em—how are you?”

“Hey, Jace. Not too bad—you free to talk?”

Jason looked wryly at the the two naked women on either side of him.

“Sure, I’m not doing much—just downstairs watching tv.”

“By yourself?” Emma asked him, her tone surprised.

“Yeah?” Jason said, momentarily nonplussed before he remembered that he usually avoided downstairs in the evenings so that he wouldn’t have a run in with Sarah—at least as far as Emma knew anyway. Before he could think of something to say though, Emma chimed in.

“That’s strange—the bitch doesn’t usually let you watch tv.”

“I’m, uh, just lucky tonight I guess.” Jason laughed weakly.

“Using her car for our date the other night, now having the run of downstairs … did you finally snap and put her in her place?” Emma asked him playfully.

Jason rested a hand in the shallow curve of Sarah’s flank and ran his hand over her bare skin. He had put his aunt in her place—not that he could tell Emma what he had done though.

“Are you impressed?” Jason joked. He turned to look at his mother, still holding a faint smile of amusement, but it faded when he saw her face. Helen had a look of displeasure on her face and he suddenly remembered how strangely she had acted when he had first told her he was going on a date with his friend.

“If you actually did it—definitely! It’s long overdue.” Emma said to him, before a joking tone returned to her voice. “It would be so manly to stand up for yourself.”

“Um, the implication that I wasn’t manly before that isn’t that great.” Jason said lightly trying to figure out what was wrong with his mother. “Do I need to start working out or something?”

“I like you as you are.” Emma shot back before abruptly going silent—Jason got the impression that she was a little embarrassed.

“Thanks, Em.” Jason said quietly. “I’m a big fan of you as you are as well.”

“Oh, that’s not a bad line.” Emma said happily. “I didn’t know you were a smooth talker.”

“You bring out the best in me.” Jason said. His mother got to her feet next to him and he turned to look at her in surprise. Helen walk to stand in front of her son, her hip cocked and showing off her naked body to good effect. She slowly lowered herself to her knees—pushing his legs apart so that she was settled between them. His mother rested both hands on his thighs and looked at him with a smouldering expression.

“You should say more nice things.” Emma said softly, her voice low and husky. It sounded very sexy coming out by his ear.

“Um,” Jason began, keeping his eye’s on his mother’s face. “I wish we had gone out years ago.”

“I was a bit of a tomboy back in the day remember.” Emma teased. “You might not have got your money’s worth years ago.”

“Not true—you’ve always been beautiful to me.” Jason said without thinking. He was focused so much on his mother that the comment just slipped out—Emma breathed out sharply in happy surprise at the same time that Helen frowned. He recognised the jealous expression this time.

“Jace,” Emma said hesitantly. “When we go out again—would you …”

She trailed off and Jason got the impression that she was blushing.

“Yeah?” He said encouragingly.

“… would you like to go for a drive down by the lake?” She finished all in the rush.

Jason didn’t reply straight away—pleasantly shocked. The lake was the standard place to go for young couples wanting to have a bit of fun—at least after dark it was anyway. The thought of Emma wanting to maybe fool around with him made his cock harden in an instant.

“Yeah.” He said, his voice cracking before he quickly cleared his throat. “Yeah, that would be good.”

When Helen saw the response that Emma was engendering in her son, she pursed her lips in displeasure. She reached out and gripped his erection through his pants—wrapping her fingers around him and squeezing. Jason jumped in surprise—confusion turning into uncomfortable pleasure as his mother began to softly stroke his shaft.

“Do you think you can get the car again?” Emma asked him.

“Even if I have to steal it.” Jason said through gritted teeth. He knew he should stop his mother, but it just felt so good what she was doing. When she indicated he should raise his hips he did so obediently—letting his mother pull his pants down his legs so that his cock was exposed.

“You sound like you’re eager.” Emma said softly. “Me too.”

“Can we go now?” Jason said jokingly, his voice tight. He swallowed as his mother gathered her breasts together in her hands and then wrapped the shaft of his cock in their soft, heavy flesh. Seeing his reaction, Helen gave him a small triumphant smile and began to slowly rub his cock between her tits.

“Don’t tempt me.” Emma joked back.

“You always tempt me.” Jason said hoarsely. His mother looked him straight in the eye as she extended her tongue and delicately licked the head of his cock as it lay between her breasts.

“Well, I had to get your attention somehow.” Emma said playfully. “I thought I’d have to ask you out in the end.”

A small groan escaped Jason’s lips. Helen had lowered her head and was now gently sucking on his cock.

“It’s lucky you’re by yourself there, stud.” Emma said, sounding flushed. “I didn’t think you would be so easy to get going.”

“Well,” Jason said tightly, trying to keep his voice light and playful. “Just promise you’ll use your powers for good.”

“No promises.” Emma said quietly, her voice sending another thrill through him that almost rivalled his mother’s efforts in sucking his dick. “Anyway, I better go. See you tomorrow?”

“Count on it.” Jason said, trying not to gasp out the words. His mother had cupped his balls and was gently squeezing him as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

“Good night, Jason.” Emma said, her voice lingering.

“Good night, Em.” Jason said, biting his lip.

As soon as Emma hung up, Jason gripped his mother’s head in both hands and began directing her movements—roughly pulling her up and down his shaft. She sped up to match his pace, but it still wasn’t enough for him. He got to his feet—bending his knees so that he could crouch before his mother’s face. The right angle found, he began to thrust hard into her mouth—pushing his cock as deeply as he could between her lips. He sped up more—breathing hard as he fucked his mother’s face.

Jason cried out as he came—shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. Helen began swallowing as soon as she felt her son ejaculate—gulping down each spurt as it entered her mouth. Jason collapsed backwards onto the couch and Helen followed her son down—keeping her lips tightly around his shaft all the while.

When Jason had finished cumming, Helen rocked backwards onto her heels and looked up at her son with heavily lidded eyes—a self-satisfied smile quirking her lips.