The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 20

Author — Sidia

Jason felt strangely relaxed as he headed down the stairs. As soon as he had decided what he was going to do—both with his mother, aunt and then with Karla—everything had seemed to make sense. His plan with how he was going to fix the problem with his teacher was simple and perfect; he was going to use one of the silver rings to Bind his sexy teacher to him. What he was going to do tonight with Helen and Sarah was going to alleviate all the frustration he had amassed during the day.

When he got to the ground floor, he spied that his mother had already arrived home. She was in the kitchen with her back turned to him—he had been so engrossed while upstairs that he hadn’t even heard her. His mother was in her standard work uniform; yoga pants, sports bra, and a light jacket. Even after all that had happened, seeing her in that outfit made him sigh in appreciation.

Jason walked into the kitchen and came to a stop beside her. His mother turned her head towards him when she became aware of his presence and gave him a warm smile.

“Afternoon, sweetie.” Helen said. “How was your day?”

Jason casually rested his palm upon his mother’s ample rear—feeling her buttocks clench beneath his hand.

“Wasn’t the best day to be honest.” Jason muttered, more interested in groping her ass.

“Oh?” Concern entered his mother’s voice. “What happened?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Jason said, waving her off.

“Was it Emma? What did she do?” Helen said heatedly.

Jason looked at his mother in surprise. It was yet more odd behaviour from her that seemed hinged around Emma.

“She didn’t do anything.” Jason said shortly. “Don’t worry about it.”

His mother gave him a searching look, but did as he told her.

“Can I do anything to help you feel better, baby?” His mother purred—shifting her body slightly so that her warm hip pressed into his. She looked up at him from beneath her eyelashes. “It’s been a while since we were together just the two of us.”

“There actually is something you can do for me.” Jason said softly.

“Oh?” Helen said in a whisper. She turned to face him directly and pushed her curvaceous body against him—slipping her arms around his waist. “Shall we go upstairs and get comfortable? Or —”

His mother stood on the tips of her toes and very gently pressed her lips to the corner of his mouth in a soft kiss,

“— would you prefer to take me right here in the kitchen?”

Despite himself, Jason felt his cock throb and stiffen to a full erection. His mother felt his bulge press into her belly and he watched her lips curve upwards into a small smile of satisfaction. She was trying to take charge again.

It annoyed him.

“Not right now.” Jason said, carefully disengaging himself from her. His mother’s eye’s widened in surprise. “But I have something in mind for tonight.”

“Oh really?” Helen said. She seemed to be thinking quickly and changing tact. She gave her son a wicked grin. “Are you planning on playing some more games with Sarah?”

“Not just with Sarah.” Jason said. He was trying to keep the frown off his face. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment his mother started angling herself into a more controlling relationship with him—but then that wasn’t exactly right anyway. It was more an overbearing protectiveness—a desire to make sure he was happy.

“Of course not, Jason.” She gave him a suggestive wink. “I’d love to help you with her again.”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind.” Jason said neutrally.

“Are you sure, baby?” Helen said, shivering artfully. “It was so hot watching you fill her up —”

“I want to play a little game.” Jason said, interrupting his mother.

“A game?” Helen asked, her composure slipping for a brief moment before she recovered.

“Yeah.” Jason said. “You kind of gave me the idea the other night.”

“Well, I’m glad to have helped you, sweetie.” Helen began.

“You gave me the idea when you changed the subject from anal sex.” Jason continued. “I thought we could have a bit of fun exploring that further.”

Helen hesitated and looked off balance.

“You want to have anal sex with me?” His mother asked uncertainly. “Or is it that you want Sarah to —”

“Yeah. I want to fuck your ass.” Jason interrupted.

Helen shifted around on the spot, the expression on her beautiful face one of confliction. It was obvious that she didn’t want to deny her son something he wanted, but at the same time the idea of doing something outside of her comfort zone didn’t appeal to her much either. She licked her lips, and from the slightly resigned and stoic set to her features Jason could tell that she was about to agree.

“So I thought we could make it interesting.” Jason said before she could speak.

“What do you mean?” Helen asked her son quietly.

“Well I really enjoyed watching you together with aunt Sarah. I thought we could explore that a bit more.”

“Anything you want, baby.” Helen said warmly, relaxing now that they were on firmer ground. Jason thought it was ironic that the idea that his mother would relax more if her sister was involved than if it was just the two of them. But then again, perhaps she thought she could use his aunt to deflect his attention away from herself like she had before. “I’m sure I can make sure you enjoy yourself with her.”

Once again she was just assuming that it was going to be the two of them ganging up on Sarah. Jason felt he needed to head that idea off immediately.

“That’s not exactly right.” Jason said. “I’m going to fuck one of you in the ass tonight. But who it is going to be is up to you two.”

“Up to us?”

“Exactly.” Jason said firmly, smiling to himself.

“How is it going to be up to us?” Helen asked him, her expression going carefully blank.

“You’re going to go down on each other.” Jason said, his voice growing thick with lust as he described what he wanted to his mother. “I’m going to watch you both as you lick each other. You want to do a good job—because whichever one of you cums first … I am going to fuck them in the ass.”

Helen looked at her son for a long moment without speaking. Jason couldn’t read her face at all and had no clue what was going on behind her eyes.

“If—if that’s what you want.” His mother said slowly.

Jason took a step towards his mother and gripped her by the chin. He tilted her face up towards his and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. He felt her body melt and relax—she pressed herself to him wantonly and moaned softly and encouragingly into his mouth. Jason felt her hands fumble with the front of his pants—she gripped his shaft through the fabric and squeezed him enticingly. She was trying to seduce him, but before she could Jason broke the kiss; holding her face firmly as he spoke quietly and intimately.

“I do want that.” Jason said, his voice hushed. “I want to watch you together with your sister. And you will do it.”

His mother’s eyes clouded over briefly before she just very simply nodded her head in acceptance.

“When do you —”

“Soon.” Jason said. “Go upstairs and get ready. Have a shower. I’m going to let Sarah know what’s happening so be downstairs in the living room in half an hour.”

“Okay, Jason.” Helen said quietly, and turned to go.

“Oh, and don’t bother putting any clothes on.” Jason said as if in afterthought. Helen paused to give him a small and somewhat brittle smile.

“What?” Sarah exclaimed in high voice.

Jason was in his aunt’s bedroom; he had found her laying back on her bed staring up a the ceiling. She must have only got out of the shower recently since the only thing she had on was a small towel wrapped around her torso, and when he had entered her room unannounced, she had flinched before casting a heated look filled with trepidation his way. It had only grown when he had walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed—she sat upright and parted her legs slightly as he approached her. It had abruptly vanished though when he had told her what he had planned for that evening.

“You heard me.” Jason said calmly.

“But —” Sarah trailed off, seemingly unsure of what to say. She took a deep breath and continued in a small voice. “What you’re asking—with my sister—I don’t want to —”

“What does what you want matter?” Jason said amused. He put a hand on her upper thigh and squeezed her smooth flesh. “Did you want what happened to you the other night?”

“No.” Sarah breathed out.

“But you loved it didn’t you.”

“No, I. I mean —” Sarah flushed a deep red and looked down at her lap.

Jason took hold of the hair at the nape of her neck and tilted her head back so that he could look down into her face.

“It’s simple.” He said softly. “You are doing this and you don’t have any say in the matter. The only thing you have any control over is how well you play your part.”

Sarah looked at her nephew with wide and fearful eyes. But he noted there was an undercurrent of lust there as well. She seemed unwilling to muster up any more resistance to his plan—in fact the unknown elements seemed to be stoking her Binding of Fear and Lust.

“If you try hard enough it will be your sister who I fuck in the ass tonight.” Jason continued. “If you don’t make enough effort … well, I guess you’ll be having your ass stretched for the second time.”

His aunt nodded her head jerkily—as much as she could with his grip at the back of her head. Her mouth was parted and she licked her lips quickly.

“Come on.” Jason said, standing up and holding his hand out to his aunt. She let herself be pulled to her feet—as she stood her towel slipped off her body onto the ground. “Mom should be down soon—lets get started.”

Sarah looked around her room for a moment, hesitating. She made to bend down to pick up the towel to cover her naked body but stopped when Jason jerked the arm he was holding.

“Do you really think you need to be anything other than nude?” He laughed as he led her out her room and down stairs.

When they entered the living room Jason took a few moments to appreciate the situation he found himself in. His mother was standing in front of the couch—naked as he had asked—and together with her nude younger sister it made for one hell of a good view. He propelled Sarah forward towards his mother—she stumbled for a second before coming to a stop next to Helen. His aunt fidgeted on the spot and kept her eyes on the ground. Her breathing was a little fast and Jason could see that her nipples were hard.

His mother looked more relaxed than Sarah, but that wasn’t really saying much. She looked much less sure of herself than he had soon her for quite a while, and Jason found that he liked that. Both women waited for Jason to say something—it seemed as though neither knew what to do first.

“You both understand what the stakes are?” Jason asked, his voice rough. Looking at the two naked women was unbearably exciting.

Sarah flushed a deeper shade of red and nodded without looking at him, while his mother looked straight at him with a serious look on her face before nodding her acceptance.

“Excellent!” Jason smiled. He sat down on the couch facing them. “Start whenever you want.”

Helen turned to face her sister; Sarah glanced up quickly at Helen but then quickly looked back away. His mother turned to look at Jason; her expression looking for direction.

“I suppose we could always flip a coin.” Jason mused. Then he looked intently at his mother. “Or I could just choose right now.”

Helen took a breath and squared her shoulders before turning to her sister again. She took a few steps closer and put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder.

“It looks like we are going to play a little together.” Helen said lightly. Her fingers tensed and she gripped her sisters shoulder tightly, making Sarah gasp softly.

“Yeah.” Sarah muttered under her breath. She appeared to be putting on a brave face but she was trembling slightly.

Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube. He put it down on the side table loud enough to get their attention. Helen’s eyes narrowed at seeing the bottle and what it signified. Her lips tightened and she turned back to her sister with renewed determination. Sarah seemed fixed on the small bottle; her eyes were wide and she was breathing rapidly.

Helen walked over and awkwardly slipped her arms around her sister’s waist. As their bodies grew closer, they both paused for a moment—holding in place before finally letting their naked bodies press against one another. Jason watched intently, his mouth dry, as his mother’s large breasts met his aunt’s. Their faces were very close together and by now both of their cheeks were flushed varying shades of pink.

Sarah shakily lifted her arms—almost despite herself—and slid them around her older sister’s neck. Helen placed her hands at Sarah’s back, just above the swell of her buttocks. They leant in to each other and gingerly pressed their lips together. Jason swallowed and adjusted his suddenly tight pants as he watched his aunt and mother kiss.

It wasn’t passionate by any stretch of the imagination. But the fact that they were doing it—kissing without pleasure and solely because he wanted it, made him feel darkly powerful.

They sank to their knees in front of Jason—holding on to one another for support. Their was a brief moment when they knew what they had to do next, but seemed to be putting it off … before they resignedly got down into position.

Sarah laid down on her back readily enough—her chest was heaving up and down and a beguiling shiver ran along her limbs. Helen crawled over to her sister’s head before carefully swinging her leg over until she was poised above Sarah’s face. Sarah had her knees raised and pressed together so that Jason’s mother couldn’t properly get into position.

“Move your legs, Sarah.” Helen said, her voice slightly raspy. She swallowed. “You need to spread them for me.”

Sarah didn’t reply, but she parted her thighs for her sister. Helen lowered herself down until she was facing down into Sarah’s crotch. For a long moment they did nothing more—Jason didn’t mind. The sight of the two of them in a 69 was obscenely erotic. He got up off the chair so that he could stand over them—he wanted to make sure he could see everything that was happening.

Helen extended her pink tongue and tentatively licked along the folds of her younger sister’s pussy. Sarah gasped at the sensation and pressed her thighs around her sister’s head. Jason saw his mother look up at him out of the corner of her eye, and he could have sworn a brief smile flashed across her lips. Because he could be sure though, she licked his aunt’s pussy again—this time making a longer and more thorough job of it.

Sarah’s eyes were scrunched shut and she whimpered at feeling her sister start to go down on her. Jason thought he might have to remind her what was at stake, but there was no need. His aunt took a shuddering breath and then almost lunged forward; burying her face between his mother’s thighs and pressing her mouth to the pussy in front of her.

This time it was Helen’s turn to gasp—her buttocks clenched and she trembled as her younger sister started licking and probing with her tongue.

Jason stood over his naked mother and aunt, rubbing his cock as he watched them go at it. They weren’t trying to be sexy—they weren’t showing any desire in what they were doing. They were both just trying to get the other off. The unwitting trembles, shivers, and moans that escaped their control was a bonus for Jason’s viewing pleasure.

He did note though that Sarah seemed to be more affected than his mother was. His aunt’s eyes were still tightly shut, but her moans were coming at a greater pace than Helen’s. His aunt’s hands were on his mother’s ass—her fingers were digging into the firm buttocks as she lapped at his mother’s pussy almost desperately.

It wasn’t a desperation born of a desire to win though; it seemed like the uncertainty in the situation—the lack of control she had—was getting to her. Coupled to that, it seemed as though despite herself, the Binding of Lust was taking hold as well. His mother looked far more composed as she attacked his aunt’s pussy with her lips and tongue. Her Bindings did not affect her as directly—she remained in control of her emotions.

Jason sighed to himself. Even before it was over it was clear the Sarah was going to lose the game he had set up. Broken indeed. She was just too much of a slave to external factors—having her sister go down on her was getting her too aroused to give her a chance at winning. While Jason considered whether or not he could do something to slant things in his aunt’s favour, Sarah stopped her what she was doing; throwing her head back and giving out a loud keening sob as she began to shudder her way through her orgasm.

Helen immediately moved off of her sister; gracefully getting to her feet with a speed that spoke volumes about how little she had been invested in actually going down on Sarah. Indeed, she didn’t even bother looking down as her sister lay on the ground at her feet, twitching and moaning gently.

“Looks like I won.” Helen said to her son, smiling a smug smile. She licked her lips, slowly running her tongue over them.

“You did.” Jason said neutrally. He wanted to wipe that expression off her face. “I was hoping you would lose actually.”

His mother’s smile slipped for a second, before it returned; it felt a little more artificial this time. She seemed to sense Jason’s desire to honor the conditions he had set for their competition slipping.

“Do you want me to get her ready for you, baby?” His mother whispered huskily. “Do you want me to lube up her ass?”

“Dammit.” Jason muttered to himself. It was just too hot when she acted like this. He nodded his head to his mother sharply.

His mother’s smug smile reappeared for a moment before she ducked her head to hide her expression from her son. She crouched down beside her prone sister and unceremoniously hauled the younger woman upright. She manhandled Sarah; rolling her onto her front and then drawing her up until she was on her hands and knees. Helen then put her palm between Sarah’s shoulders and then pushed down until her sister’s face was pressed firmly into the carpeted floor. The end result was that Jason’s aunt was vulnerable and open—her ass sticking high in the air.

“Could you pass me the lube, sweetie?” Helen asked her son casually.

Jason wordlessly picked up the bottle and handed it to his mother. She nodded her thanks, taking the lid off the bottle and pouring a generous amount into her hands. There was no tenderness this time in her readying of her sister’s ass—his mother had picked up on Jason’s mood and was far rougher in what she did.

Helen rubbed the lube over Sarah’s puckered rosebud; getting it as slick as was needed. She then put the tip of her index finger at the entrance and then slipped it in.

Sarah grunted and then whimpered as she felt her sister’s finger inside her ass. She turned her head to the side to look up at her nephew—biting her bottom lip in her teeth. When she saw the arousal and lust stamped on his face, Sarah shuddered and closed her eyes.

Helen was wasting no time—almost immediately she pressed a second finger to the tight opening and slipped it in. With barely any time for Sarah to get used to the sensation, she started to roughly piston her fingers in and out of her little sister’s ass.

Jason watched awestruck as his mother brutally fingered his aunt’s asshole. With barely any thought, he undid his pants—letting them fall to the floor. Sarah flinched at the sound.

“She’s nearly ready for you, baby.” Helen said breathlessly through her exertions. She turned her heavily lidded gaze towards her now nude son. “Come here and I’ll suck your lovely dick. I’ll get you all wet for her ass.”

Jason walked trance-like to his mother and set the head of his cock at her lips. Helen opened her mouth and accepted his length—lathing her tongue over his shaft, getting him slick with her saliva. All the while she kept up the frantic pace of her fingers thrusting in and out of Sarah’s rear.

“It’s time for you to take her ass, Jason.” Helen whispered roughly, taking her mouth off his hard shaft. “Take her, baby. Fuck her hard.”

Jason felt a twinge of annoyance at her unthinking ordering of him. Instead of doing as she said, he gripped her head tightly in both hands and then slid his cock back into her mouth. His mother’s eyes widened in surprise, and then bulged as Jason shoved the entire length of his shaft into her mouth.

He felt her cough and gag around his length as he held himself all the way inside her mouth. Her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, and he felt the head nudging down the entrance to her throat.

“I’ll fuck her when I want to.” Jason said softly, looking down into his mother’s watering eyes. “If you try and tell me what to do again tonight, it’s going to be your as I fuck. Understand?”

Helen blinked and jerked her head slightly in agreement. Jason slid his cock out of his mother’s mouth, getting to his knees beside his aunt’s upturned rear. He ignored his coughing mother; gently shoving her aside so that he could take his place right behind Sarah. His eyes were fixed on her reddened asshole—the skin slick and shiny with lube. He shuffled forward; placing the head of his cock at the puckered opening. And then shoved himself forward.

Sarah yelped—the tail end of her cry turning into a guttural groan. The head of his cock had made it past the tight ring of muscle. It felt so tight around him. Jason groaned as he thrust forward—feeding more inches of his dick into his aunt’s asshole. It felt so different from her pussy—but it still felt amazing. His aunt was letting out small little grunts as more and more of his cock filled her up.

When he was buried to the hilt, Jason held himself still—shivering himself in pleasure. He flinched to feel a tentative touch on his shoulder; his mother had stepped behind him.

“Does that feel good?” She asked her son softly, being careful with her words.

“Amazing.” Jason groaned. He pulled out an inch and thrust forward.

“You can go harder than that.” Helen said. “I mean, if you want to. She took that huge dildo after all.”

“She did, didn’t she.” Jason breathed. He pulled out further this time and them slammed back in drawing another sharp cry from his aunt. He looked at his naked mother out of the corner of his eye. “Come around in front of me. I want to see you while I fuck her.”

Helen obediently walked around in front of her son as Jason began to build up a rhythm. She raised her leg, flashing her son her wet pussy, and stepped over her crouched sister so that she stood with a leg on either side of her. She gently placed her hands on her son’s shoulders—looking down between them at the sight of his cock disappearing in and out of Sarah’s ass.

“That’s so hot.” Helen breathed, kneading Jason’s shoulders.

Jason didn’t reply—his breathing was growing ragged as he started to almost slam in and out of Sarah. He knew he was taking his frustration over what had happened with his teacher out on his aunt but he didn’t care. His mother’s bare breasts were right in front of his face, and he alternated looking at the heavy orbs and at his cock thrusting away inside Sarah’s tight asshole.

“That’s it. Fuck her, baby.” Helen moaned. She took a hand away from Jason, and cupped her breast; digging her fingers hard into the soft flesh.

“Fuck yes, take it!” Jason panted as he pounded in and out. Sarah mewled in response, unable to do anything else.

“She loves it.” Helen whispered, leaning in close to her son. She lightly brushed his lips with her own. “She’s such a desperate slut for your cock, baby.”

“Fuck.” Jason groaned.

He shuddered as he started to climax; shooting thick ropes of cum inside his aunt’s bowels. He lowered his head as he jerkily thrust in and out in time with his spurts. His mother wrapped her arms around his head; cradling him to her chest as she cooed encouragement.

“That’s it, Jason. Fill her up.” Helen said softly as she held him. Jason’s face was pressed into her soft breasts as he rode out the last remnants of his orgasm.

“Fuck.” Jason said again as he almost collapsed—only his mother holding him stopping him from doing so.

“Good boy.” Helen said fondly as she leant down and gently kissed his forehead.