The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 21

Author — Sidia

The next morning when Jason got up, he spent some time staring at the box containing the remaining two Silver Rings.

He hadn’t changed his mind about what he was going to do—he was going to give Karla a Ring and bind her to him—but the enormity of it all still made his mouth go dry. This was him making a conscious decision to Bind a woman purely for his own pleasure.

The first one had been an accident. The second had been mostly damage control—whatever hidden reasons he’d hid from himself. This third Binding was going to be purely selfish—fuelled by his desire. He was going to take his teacher and claim her as his own. Despite Jason reluctantly admitting that Karla did have a valid point when she freaked out and told him they were over, he couldn’t quite bury his anger and hurt at what she had said to him.

Added to that, the memory of his sexy teacher writhing on the desk beneath him was etched indelibly into his brain.

He definitely wanted more of that.

On the trip to school, Jason could feel the Ring burning a hole in his pocket. He was fairly certain that it was just in his head, but he periodically slipped his hand down to touch it to make sure it wasn’t actually heating up. The closer he got to school the more paranoid he became. What would happen if he dropped it and some random person found it? Jason didn’t want to know the answer to that and so he kept checking every few minutes that it was indeed still in his pocket.

When Emma greeted him outside of school by throwing herself at him in a playful embrace, Jason almost freaked out; hunching over and immediately checking his pocket to make sure he hadn’t lost it.

“Not quite the reaction I was hoping for.” Emma said wryly, mirth dancing in her eyes as she watched him awkwardly pat himself down.

“Uh, sorry.” Jason said, trying to brush it off with a self-deprecating laugh. “You look nice.”

“Thanks.” Emma grinned, grabbing hold of the bottom of her short skirt and doing a coquettish pose.

It wasn’t a lie—his friend definitely looked as lovely as ever. Even in the midst of his mild panic, Jason couldn’t help but eye the expanse of smooth and creamy thigh that she flashed him by lifting her skirt.

“So.” Jason said, relaxing once he found the Ring to still be there. “The lake tomorrow.”

Emma blushed prettily and then flashed him another grin.

“If you still want to.” She said, trying to be casual. “I mean, I don’t want to disappoint you since you seemed so keen the other night.”

“Ha ha.” Jason said sarcastically, finishing with a small smile to let her know that he was only kidding. “I don’t remember it being my idea.”

“If you were a gentlemen, you would pretend it was your idea.” Emma said primly, her cheeks still a bit pink.

“Who said I was a gentleman?” Jason joked, trying on a lascivious look.

Emma pretended to gasp and twirled away from him before stopping and bursting out laughing.

“I’m sorry, Jace.” She giggled. “You are the least likely person to pull off being a deviant that I know.”

Jason forced himself to laugh alongside his friend, but inside he felt a lurch of guilt. She didn’t know the half of what he had done—and what he planned to do.

“So, what time do you want to go on a drive tomorrow?” He said, changing the subject.

“Well it’s a friday.” Emma said, calming down even though her eyes still shone with laughter. “We don’t want to leave it too late or it’ll get pretty crowded.”


“I didn’t ask,” Emma said. “But you can get the car again can’t you?”

“Not a problem.” Jason said, smiling.

“Excellent!” Emma squealed. “I don’t know what you did to put your foot down with Sarah, but I thoroughly approve!”

The rest of the school day was a curious mixture of extreme stress and happiness for Jason.

Emma stuck to his side like glue, absorbing his affection like sunlight on a flower. He loved every minute of being with his friend, and he found that he was aimlessly waiting for each lesson to end so that he could spend more time with her. The only issue was that every ten minutes or so he would remember about the dangerous Ring he had in his pocket and freak out—a chill running through him until he could check that it was still there.

So all in all, Jason was quite relieved when the last lessons of the day rolled up and he could see the end in sight.

Fortuitously, the last class was art which made everything a lot easier. Karla was right there in the room with him—he didn’t have to go searching and try to corner her alone. All he had to do was wait until everyone else left until it was just the two of them in the room. Students being students, no-one wanted to hang around unnecessarily when it was time to go home—so he could count on a mad rush out the door. Hopefully Karla wouldn’t try to slip out with the rest of the class, and that she would count on her threat to him being enough to make him keep his distance.

During the lesson his teacher gave him a wide berth—treating him as the centre of a no-mans land that she made sure not to cross. It was so obvious to him that Jason was surprised that no other student noticed that the sexy woman was so blatantly avoiding him.

Karla seemed to have made the effort to dress down today—even though there was only so much she could do to hide her fine-featured beauty. She was wearing barely any makeup; clearly not wanting to draw any undue attention to herself. However, it had almost the opposite effect for her—Karla’s skin was so pale and flawless that the lack of adornment made her stand out even more. She was wearing unimaginative flat shoes, and had a thick and lumpy jumper on over her usual skirt and blouse.

Even with her efforts, Jason found that he was growing excited the closer he got to the end of the lesson. He could vividly remember what her body felt like against his own, and the thought of what he had to look forward to with the gorgeous woman made his cock harden. He gave up any pretence of doing any work during the last half hour—instead watching the clock on the wall like a hawk as it ticked ever closer to the end of the day.

When the bell rang signifying that school was now over, Jason put his hand into his pocket and clenched his fist tightly around the silver Ring. He didn’t get up from his chair—sitting rigidly still as he looked towards the door—counting his classmates as they filed out of the room.

When the class was half empty, Jason got slowly to his feet and shuffled his things about on his desk—pretending to look busy. Even though he wasn’t looking at her, he could feel Karla’s eyes upon him. It was the first time she had looked his way since he had entered her classroom, and he could sense the intensity of her regard.

Timing it just right, Jason picked up his things and started heading towards the exit. He was the last of the class to leave, and he made sure there was a healthy gap between himself and the people in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw some of the tension leave Karla’s shoulders as he neared the door. When he got there though, Jason didn’t leave—instead he carefully shut the door, closing it with a soft click. He heard Karla’s chair slide backward as she abruptly got to her feet. Jason turned to his teacher to find her leaning forward towards him—her hands clenched into fists on the desk in front of her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Karla hissed to him. Her expression was thunderous and there was no panic on her face this time. Only anger. “Did you forget what I said to you so quickly?”

Jason didn’t say anything—he squared his shoulders and walked slowly towards his sexy teacher. His heart was hammering in his chest and his palms felt slick with sweat. His hand was in his pocket and he was squeezing the Ring in his fist so tightly that he could feel it cutting into his skin.

“I meant what I said!” Karla said, high points of colour appearing in her cheeks. “Don’t think for a second that I won’t do it!”

“I believe you.” Jason said quietly, holding eye contact with her. He saw Karla hesitate at his steady gaze—unsure of what he was planning. When he took his hand out of his pocket and held it towards her, she flinched. “I have something for you.”

“What are you talking about?” Karla began, exasperation intruding on her anger. But before she could say anything more, Jason opened his hand and showed his teacher the ring that lay upon his palm.

The expression on his teachers face fled so quickly it was almost scary. The anger vanished, and she fixed her eyes onto the glinting silver Ring he was holding—staring intently and hungrily at it. She began to reach out her hand towards his—extending her arm in yearning.

Jason took a few steps closer so that he was now directly opposite her over the desk. She could reach his hand now, and Jason shivered to feel her fingertips graze his palm as she carefully picked up the Ring. Karla held it up to her face, utterly entranced—her eyes going dull and glassy. She held up her other hand and carefully slipped it upon her finger.

Jason struggled to keep the grin from his face as he watched his teacher submit to the power of the Ring. She was his now—even if she didn’t know it yet. He had decided what he was going to Bind Karla with—Lust and Love. He didn’t want a slave or a broken woman—he wanted to Bind Karla into being The Lover. He had to be quick though. The easiest way to choose what attributes he wanted for her was to say a few simple phrases. And then it would be done.

“Karla, you are so sexy.” Jason said, his voice crackling with arousal as he chose the first Binding. He looked her up and down, undressing her with his eyes. “Your body makes me so hard. You are built for sex.”

He looked down at the heavy Ring on his own finger expectantly—he heard Karla give out a shuddering gasp as his words took effect. He smiled triumphantly to see one of the colourless gems wink into a pale green. It had worked.

Jason looked back up at Karla to see her looking confused and dazed. She was no longer looking at the Ring on her finger—like Sarah and his mother, she seemed to have forgotten she was even wearing it.

“Jason.” Karla said, her voice breathless and soft. She swallowed and shook her head from side to side as if trying to clear it. “What did you say? I didn’t catch it.”

All anger was gone—her plans and threats had disappeared. As he watched her, she straightened and rubbed her hands down her skirt to smooth out imaginary creases. She cocked her hip and then gave him a tremulous smile. In her eyes he saw the beginning stirring of a familiar heat.

It was so quick that he wondered how much of her anger had been her acting—Sarah had taken quite a while to fully shake off her intense dislike of him. Could all of her threats and anger been nothing more than a facade to protect herself?

But there was no time to get lost in possibilities. Now he had finally done it, Jason could concentrate through his excitement—Karla was standing before him and was his for the taking. All that she had promised him yesterday would come true. He could have her in any way he wanted—whenever he wanted. He licked his suddenly dry lips.

He couldn’t wait to fuck her.

It was time for the second Binding. Steadying himself, Jason readied to say something loving and tender—to finish turning the woman into the Lover. Just as he was about to speak however—in a mocking imitation of what had happened yesterday—the door to the room rattled and there came a hesitant knock on the door.

Jason panicked—looking at his teacher with wide and frightened eyes. What would happen if someone came in before he had bound her properly? He didn’t want to know.

All planned phrases flew out of his head as he hurriedly hissed a command to Karla.

“Sit back down at the desk!” He ordered in a hoarse whisper. “Act as if nothing has happened!”

Karla blinked and her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment, showing him the whites of her eyes. She rocked backwards onto the heels of her feet before coming back into herself. She nodded sharply to him once, and then did as he had asked. She had just seated herself when the door opened a few inches.

“Hello?” Emma said hesitantly as she poked her head into the classroom. She saw Jason standing there and smiled warmly. “I got let out early and was waiting for you but I didn’t see you leave —”

Emma saw for the first time that Jason wasn’t alone and was standing in front of his teacher.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” She said, flushing slightly. “I didn’t realise you were talking to …”

Emma trailed off and her brows furrowed gently in puzzlement. Jason had tried to school his features into a relaxed smile, but from the rictus grin he felt himself sporting he knew it hadn’t worked. Added to that, Karla was sitting down rigidly at her desk with a flushed and slightly confused look on her face.

Emma eased herself into the classroom but then stopped. She looked from Jason to his teacher and back again as if trying to work out what was going on. She wasn’t suspicious—but he could tell that she thought something was off.

“It’s okay.” Jason managed, looking uncomfortable despite himself. “I was just asking about an extension for a project. I’m almost done.”

“Oh.” Emma said, beginning to look uncomfortable herself. She looked over at the teacher who had yet to speak or acknowledge her presence. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“That’s okay.” Karla said slowly, as if thinking hard on every word. She looked to Jason and to his horror he saw that she had begun to blush. “An extension?”

“Yeah, thanks for agreeing to hear me out about it. I promise I have a good reason.” Jason broke in almost over the top of her. “Sorry, but could you excuse me for a moment?”

Karla looked at him for an instant too long before slowly nodding her head. Jason turned immediately and swept Emma up with him as he walked her back towards the door. He eased her outside and then paused in the doorway.

“Look, I’m sorry, Em.” Jason said, thinking fast. “She doesn’t know that I know she gave someone else one. I think I can swing it if I’m lucky.”

“What?” Emma said, surprised to find herself back outside the classroom. Some of the puzzlement left her face. “Sorry, Jace! You should have said something—I feel bad I interrupted you now.”

“Its fine, Em. Seriously.”

“Well at least if someone else got one you should be fine.” Emma said with a smile. “Wait, what do you need an extension on? I didn’t know you were behind in something.”

“Well, I didn’t want to say.” Jason whispered evasively. “Look—do you mind heading off without me today? Not sure how long I will be, and I don’t want to make you wait.”

Emma opened her mouth to protest that she didn’t mind waiting, but Jason spoke before she could.

“Please? I don’t want her to use you as an excuse to fob me off. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night.”

Emma blushed slightly at the mention of their plans tomorrow, and gave him a crooked half-grin.


“Promise.” Jason affirmed. He leant down and swiftly pressed his lips to hers. “Wish me luck.”

“Luck.” Emma said. She lightly punched him in the chest. “And I’m not letting you off the hook—making me walk home alone. You’re damn right you’re making it up to me tomorrow.”

Jason grinned down at Emma as she turned and left—his smile fading as she walked away from him down the hall. Once she was out of sight, he looked down at the pewter control Ring he wore—sure enough, the second gem for his teacher was not the red he had planned.

It was blue.

He slammed his fist against the wall. Again. His plans had gone wrong AGAIN. Instead of Love and Lust, Karla was bound with Lust and Obedience. He couldn’t remember off-hand what the title was for that combination—and he was frustrated enough to not care in that moment. He had wanted to turn his teacher into a willing and complicit lover—he didn’t want to lose that spark she had when he was with her.

Jason strode back into the classroom, shutting the door loudly behind him. He walked straight up to Kara’s desk and stopped abruptly. He was angry and wanted to lash out—not at her—at himself. How could he have messed up something so simple?

“Come here.” He said to Karla shortly—not caring in that moment that he was ordering her. This wasn’t how he had pictured things. He had wanted a repeat of what had happened between them yesterday. He didn’t want another Sarah.

His teacher got up immediately and walked around to his side of the desk. Her face was flushed—as she got closer to him, he could see the familiar flash of arousal. Unlike Sarah though, there was no hesitation or cowering. It was stupid of him to think it would be similar now that he thought about it. Lust and Obedience … that didn’t have to mean the worst.

Jason took a deep breath and then let it out in a long sigh—forcing himself to relax. He could worry about things later. Despite himself, watching Karla obey him so readily had sent a fresh surge of excitement throughout his body. He would work out what everything meant when he got home—right now he knew what he wanted.

“Kiss me.” He ordered softly as he simultaneously closed the gap between them. He had a hand around her slender waist and one entwined in the hair at the nape of her neck by the time her eyelids fluttered as his command hit her.

“Yesssss …” Karla breathed out as she stepped forward to meet him—her arms snaking up around his neck. Her soft lips parted and he felt her warm breath against his face as they began to kiss.

Holding his teacher in his arms—feeling her toned and lovely body pressed into his as their tongues began to dance and wrestle each other—Jason could almost imagine that he had stepped back in time to yesterday. This time though, things weren’t going to go wrong. He moved her backwards until her ass hit the side of the desk, and he picked her up and sat her down onto it. Karla had gasped as he had lifted her—continuing her assault on his mouth with renewed vigour. The benefits of the Lust Binding was obvious—the further they went the more it took hold of her.

Karla’s knees were still closed and so Jason was bent over slightly while they kissed. He reached down and slipped his hands between her legs—applying steady and insistent pressure so that she would spread them for him. His teacher could only part her thighs so wide though—her skirt restricted her from opening them any further. Unasked, Karla wiggled her butt on the desk—taking one arm from around Jason’s neck so that she could hike her skirt up.

Jason broke their kiss so that he could look down—Karla’s skirt was bunching up around her waist and he licked his lips as he took in the expanse of her porcelain white thighs. Her legs were spread wide, and he could see her underwear covered crotch easily.

“You are so sexy.” Jason said hoarsely, gripping her chin and tilting her face up so that he could kiss her deeply. He walked forward so that he was standing between her parted thighs.

“Jason …” Karla panted, burying her face in his neck and wrapping her arms around him tightly. She continued in a wondering tone. “What are we doing?”

Jason put his hands on either side of her bare thighs—gripping the smooth rounded flesh firmly. He groped his teacher; rational thoughts rapidly disappearing as his desires took hold. He slid his fingers under the waistband of her underwear and started to tug them down. Karla lifted her ass off of the desk at first—as eager as he was—but then he felt her stiffen in his arms.

“Jason.” Karla moaned. He felt her shudder softly. “Not here.”

Jason was surprised but he ignored her. Since he couldn’t get her panties off, he hooked his fingers into the crotch of her underwear and pulled it to one side—exposing her slit.

“Oh shit.” Karla groaned, shivering and thrusting her hips forward slightly. “Not here, Jason. Please?”

Jason placed a finger against the folds of her pussy—gently running it along her slit and exploring. She was absolutely soaked. He slipped the tip of his digit into her slick opening up to the first knuckle easily.

“Not here. Not here. Not here.” Karla chanted like it was a mantra. As Jason began to lightly finger her, the end of each sentence was punctuated with a gasp and a soft moan.

Some small part of rational thought still held sway—even in the midst of her Lust-addled mind. She had only been bound by the Ring for a few minutes after all—it wasn’t surprising that she could resist to some extent. Sarah had held out for a few days … albeit because he hadn’t known what he was doing at the time. Annoying as it was though—his teacher had a point. If he continued any longer he was going to be tempted to fuck her right here in the classroom.

It wasn’t smart. Not when he had other options.

Jason slid his finger all the way inside his teacher’s pussy until his hand rested up against her crotch. Karla shuddered again and wiggled her hips—trying to press the invading digit even deeper inside of her.

“Come to my house tonight.” Jason ordered hoarsely. He pulled back so that he could look down into his teacher’s face. Her blue eyes were wide and unfocused—her refined and pale features clouded with lust. Jason gave the woman his address. “Understand?”

“Yes …” Karla moaned. She licked her lips and seemed to struggle with arranging her thoughts into words. “Thank you.”

“What for?” Jason asked. He curled his finger inside her pussy, feeling the rippling walls of her vagina spasm around him.

“Oh fuck!” Karla wailed quietly before clamping her mouth shut with some effort. “For stopping. We shouldn’t do anything here—not here. Why can’t I stop myself? I know I should. But I can’t!”

Jason kissed her hard—derailing her questions. She kissed him back as passionately as she ever had, and as her tongue slipped into his mouth, he couldn’t resist the temptation. He started to finger her—thrusting his finger in and out of her wet pussy fast and hard. He felt his teacher gasp into his mouth before she gripped him by the shoulders and held onto him tightly—mewling against his lips helplessly.

“Tonight.” Jason promised hoarsely, slipping his finger out of her molten depths. He held the finger up before his teacher’s reddened face and wagged it at her. “Tonight.”

Jason pressed the tip of his finger to her mouth—feeling her soft lips part as he pushed it in. Karla looked at him in mild shock and surprise before she shuddered. Her eyes rolled back in her head and Jason watched as her eyelids fluttered as she accepted the finger covered in her juices into her mouth. She began to gently suck on his finger—tasting herself as he gently thrust it further past her lips.

Jason grinned down at his teacher as she sucked her own arousal off of his finger—even if things hadn’t gone the way he wanted it wasn’t exactly a terrible result.

He couldn’t wait to get home.