The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 24

Author — Sidia

As Jason walked up to the entrance of his house he couldn’t work out if he was disappointed or not.

It was frustrating that his evening with Emma had ended so abruptly—right when he was actually getting somewhere as well! But at the same time, he was oddly happy that things were progressing with her. It was strange to think that even with all the sex he was getting at home, he still found his burgeoning relationship with Emma exciting. He had idly wondered before if his suddenly getting access to all that he desired had numbed him somewhat to the excitement of a normal relationship. It now looked like that wasn’t the case, and Jason was relieved to find it so.

Jason entered his house to find his mother, aunt, and teacher all waiting for him in the living room. His mother was sitting in the centre of the couch and had plastered a warm and welcoming smile on her face as soon as she had seen him. Sarah was sitting to the right of his mother; his aunt was slumped down on the couch and Jason noted that she seemed to be trying to keep her head-height below that of her sister. Karla was seated to the right of his mother and looked to be quite comfortable—as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on at all. It looked like his command to her that everything that went on in the house was normal had taken effect quite well; her hands were rested upon her knees, and she seemed content and happy to be sitting next to his mother and aunt while waiting for him to arrive home from his date.

Jason wondered what they had been talking about—or if they had been talking at all. His mother and aunt were still clothed for once—even if it wasn’t exactly appropriate for company. Sarah had a tiny skirt and tank-top on, while Helen was wearing an extremely low cut dress. From how easily he could see their erect nipples through their tops, Jason could tell that they weren’t wearing any underwear.

Karla had a dress on as well, but it was more reserved than what the other two women were wearing. Which wasn’t to say that it didn’t look amazing on her though; it was a figure-hugging, light blue dress that went down all the way to her calves. His teacher looked elegant and lovely—Jason had never seen her dressed this way before—and he was struck anew by how gorgeous she was.

“Wow.” Jason said, smiling his appreciation to Karla. “You look incredible.”

“Thank you, Jason.” Karla said, a pleased little half-smile gracing her lips.

“She does, doesn’t she.” Helen said after a brief pause. Her brow had furrowed ever so slightly as her son paid his teacher a compliment before even deigning to notice anyone else in the room.

“You look fantastic as well.” Jason said, smiling in apology. “You both do—you always do.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” Helen said, relaxing and giving him a smile filled with pleasure. Her younger sister flushed, giving him a hesitant smile as well.

Jason had been watching Karla during this interaction—even though she was no longer discomfited by the interactions of the people in the house, a slightly quizzical expression flashed onto her face. It soon faded, but Jason was interested that it had appeared there at all. He had never explicitly told Karla—or shown for that matter—how things stood between himself and his family; just that everything was normal. So far she was taking things in her stride, but it would be good to know what was too far and what wasn’t.

Jason was feeling a bit strange—almost like he was restless but that wasn’t exactly it. On some level, he knew that he had lately been acting far differently from how he would ever have conceived himself to; starting with his treatment of his aunt Sarah and escalating from there. Even in his wildest fantasies he would never have thought of controlling his mother and aunt in the way he had been doing—forcing them to have sex with each other for his own enjoyment. At least, before he had found the Rings he had never thought of it.

He had progressed from almost just being along for the ride; letting the women take the lead and instigating things—even if they had been acting according to the Binding attributes that had been placed upon them—to taking charge in truth. Even so, Jason knew he still hadn’t fully taken his place at the top of the food chain in his house—his mother’s actions and attitudes to ‘what was best’ for him was indicative of that. He had been letting it slide because … well, she was his mother. There was an element of guilt to take into account as well—he had changed her, taken advantage of her.

Used her.

Whether or not he had intended to do that to her from beginning was moot.

He had to start facing facts—he owned them.

A shiver of excitement ran through him at the thought. It was just so … wrong.

It was also deeply arousing.

Jason already considered Sarah to be a toy for him to enjoy. He might have already got her pregnant for god’s sake—there was only a certain level of of morality he could in good conscious claim for himself. He knew he could easily crush his mother’s behavior—stop her from ever challenging him again. Except … he liked taking charge—putting his foot down and stopping her in her tracks. He liked having his gorgeous mother and aunt available for him whenever he wanted.

And Jason liked punishing her—playing both his mother and aunt off of each other. He understood where that might come from in regards to Sarah, but wasn’t quite so sure about the origins of his desire to do it to his mother.

He still felt a bit weird to admit it to himself—but just the memory of what he had been doing with them excited him. He didn’t want to change everything. Not just yet.

With those thoughts in mind—coupled with his frustration at having his time with Emma interrupted so early—Jason decided he might as well just enjoy himself. At the same time, he could find out how Karla was going to react to how things were without any further use of the Obedience attribute. If possible he didn’t want to change her personality any further.

Jason walked over to the end of the couch where Sarah sat slumped down in the cushions. He reached down and cupped her chin, holding her firmly and tilting her head upwards callously. He turned her face from side to side as if he was inspecting her.

“Has she been good today?” Jason asked as an aside to his mother. He heard a sharp indrawn breath from Karla but she didn’t say anything.

“Oh, depends on what you mean by good.” Helen said, giving her son a crooked smile. “There’s always room for improvement after all.”

“That’s true.” Jason said softly. Even though he was in control he could feel his heart thumping wildly in his chest. This was the first really time he had interacted with his mother and aunt in front of someone else. “We might have to do something about that.”

Sarah whimpered and Jason felt her try to pull away from him but was unable to escape his grip. His aunt’s eyes were wide and fearful and her pupils were dilated to the point where her iris’s looked black. Her bottom lip was trembling and she appeared to hang down from his grip on her chin. Even when so obviously filled with trepidation, Jason could also see the tell-tale signs of excitement on her face.

He leant down and kissed her hard—pressing his mouth to hers with bruising force. Sarah mewled against her nephews lips, opening her mouth and allowing him to slip his tongue in. Jason reached down with his free hand and placed it on her right breast—hefting and groping her tit roughly through the thin cotton of her top. He found Sarah’s nipple—hardened with arousal at his treatment of her—and gripped it between his thumb and finger through her tank top; squeezing it callously hard.

Jason ignored the muffled squeal from his aunt and opened one eye so that he could see the other two women on the couch. Helen was looking on with interest—an approving expression on her face at how her son was treating her little sister; she had determined that this was what he wanted of Sarah and therefore would support him without question. Jason just caught the tail end of Karla’s reaction to what he was doing—he could see the pure shock on her face at what was happening in front of her fade away—puzzlement giving way to acceptance. In the throes of his perverse wish-fulfilment, Jason suddenly wished he hadn’t told his teacher that everything that went on in his house was normal.

He would have liked to shock her further.

Jason moved over to his mother, leaving Sarah in the lurch. He stopped right in front of her—for now ignoring Karla just to his left. He placed a hand on top of his mother’s head and caressed her fondly—twining his fingers into her soft hair.

“Do you think she needs more of what you did to her last night?” Jason asked his mother with a grin.

“Maybe.” Helen said, her smile faltering slightly. While she had done what he had asked her—and taken the initiative in some ways as well—It didn’t mean that she had enjoyed doing it.

“I’m sure you and I could come up with something.” Jason said, trailing his hand along her soft cheek. He ignored Sarah’s sharp gasp at what they were implying.

“I love it when you take charge, Jason.” His mother said hoarsely. “It’s so right.”

Jason caressed the side of her face, taking a step closer. Helen leant forward, her breath beginning to quicken as she got closer to his crotch.

“You do?” He asked softly.

“Yes.” Helen hissed out. She eyes were focused on the obviously hard bulge right in front of her face.

Karla was watching it all play out with wide-eyes; looking from Jason to his mother and then back again. He was moving faster than the vague command he had given her could keep up and he found it exciting. Jason grabbed a handful of his mother’s hair—gripping it tightly in his fist. Helen bit her lip and swayed forward even closer to his crotch.

“Jason…” Helen moaned softly. She put her hands on his upper thighs; digging her nails into his legs through his pants.

Jason reached down with his other hand and twitched her low-cut dress open to one side, spilling a large breast out into the open. Karla gasped audibly—he was performing for her benefit now. Jason gripped the soft flesh of his mother’s bare breast and fondled it while looking down into her face. Helen was panting and flushed—she was staring fixedly at the outline of his cock through his pants.

Keeping them off balance, Jason carefully tucked his mother’s breast back into her dress and then patted her cheek fondly before leaning down and kissing her. He intended it to be a quick kiss, but he was unprepared for how passionately she kissed him back—being at turns both pliant and eager—enfolding his lips with hers and flicking her tongue against his own. Her hands slid higher up on his thighs—grazing just outside of the bulge in his pants. Jason put his hands on his mother’s shoulders and pushed her gently back away from him as he broke their kiss.

His mother’s beautiful face was screwed up in disappointment and he smiled to himself at how easily he could play her when he tried. Jason decided to take advantage for once of how much she wanted to please and make him happy; instead of always being at odds with her, he could use her in a more proactive way. He met his mother’s eyes and then flashed his gaze quickly over towards his teacher sitting next to her—quirking his mouth upwards in a meaning-laden smile.

Helen’s eyes tightened in realisation, and gave her son another crooked smile to let him know she understood. She reached over and placed her hand on the younger woman’s knee—looking up her son to gauge his reaction. She smiled at him when he saw him giver her a small nod.

“Your teacher is so lovely, Jason.” Helen said, licking her lips suggestively. “I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.”

She slid her hand a little higher on her leg, making Karla look a little panicked at what was happening.

Jason rubbed the front of his pants, his cock achingly hard.

“Jason.” Karla said in a small voice. She looked at him beseechingly. Jason was entranced as he looked at her discomfort as his mother fondled her upper leg. To his irritation though, the look soon faded from her face—changing into a hesitant smile. She actually placed her own hand companionably on top of his mother’s.

“Karla. Forget what I told you about everything being fine and normal in this house.” Jason wasn’t sure it would work. He didn’t really think about the reasons of what he was doing. He certainly didn’t want to torment his teacher unnecessarily or make her unhappy—but he wanted to see where this was going. He wanted to see the look of confusion and worry on her lovely face. He wanted this feeling of control to continue—this powerful feeling that was exciting him so much. He had tasted it with Sarah, and to a lesser extent with his mother. But he had bound them far more tightly with the Rings than he had with Karla—he knew she would still go along with anything he wanted, but more of her unaltered personality was still intact. He wanted to see her react how she would if this was happening to her normally.

Jason was watching Karla carefully as he gave her the order. He hadn’t bound her with Obedience strongly as yet, and the initial command hadn’t been firmly in place yet either. His teachers’s eyes grew very wide and then went unfocused—he could see the muscles around her eyes twitching and spasming. He knew the moment she came back to herself because she looked down at his mother’s hand resting high upon her thigh and immediately tried to shrink away from it. If Jason had been the one touching her so familiarly she would have been fine—but having a strange woman touching her must have been a shock. Even Sarah had baulked at the thought of being sexual with her older sister, and that was after he had broken his aunt so much that the thought of being impregnated by him aroused her.

Jason could do the same as he had with his mother and aunt—he could order Karla to do what he wished—but that defeated the point of what he wanted. He wanted to watch his mother interact with the younger woman—with the only driving force being Helen’s desire to please her son. That desire alone had been enough for Helen to be an active participant in the potential incestuous pregnancy between her little sister and her son. What else could it lead to?

It was more than time enough to harness his mother for his own ends instead of constantly being at odds with her.

Jason knew from experience that even without clear direction, Karla would still take cues from him—so he was careful to give her nothing to go on. The further along he went with the Binding of his teacher the more comfortable she would be with everything—he might not be able to enjoy this kind of situation again, so he figured he may as well enjoy it now while he could.

Out of the blue, the name of Karla’s Binding flashed into his mind; the Submissive. His teacher was graceful, elegant, gorgeous, and confident. Her fine-featured face with her pale skin and white-gold hair sometimes made her look other-worldly; the sudden thought of her whimpering and submitting to others made his breath catch in his throat.

“Karla.” Jason said, his voice hoarse. He wanted to pull her to him tightly; kiss her, and have his hands on her body—but he restrained himself. He didn’t want to ruin his show. “No matter what you think or feel you must submit to what my mother Helen wants. She is dominant to you.”

This was the most intricate usage of the Obedience attribute that Jason had ever attempted, and if he was honest with himself he had no idea if it would work. He was just so done with planning—with worrying so much. These women were his, and he was going to enjoy them the way he wanted.

This time Karla’s eyes actually rolled backwards in her head and the breath hissed out between her teeth. When she came back to herself, she blinked her eyes in confusion; looking from Jason to his mother and back while a shiver ran through her body.

“Oh, honey.” Helen purred, giving her son a smouldering look. “That’s so sweet of you.”

Jason smiled at his mother but didn’t say anything. It occurred to him that his command to Karla might have affected her as well—she was also under the Binding of Obedience after all—but he didn’t dwell on it. He wanted to see what she would do.

Helen slid her hand an inch higher on Karla’s leg; this time pulling the dress along with her and exposing more of the younger woman’s thigh. His mother was watching Jason intently while she did this—trying to gauge his reaction. When he licked his lips at the interaction, Helen smiled in satisfaction before turning her attention more fully to Karla.

“Uh, Jason?” Karla said hesitantly, looking up at him. The closest Jason could describe her expression was that she looked lost. She wasn’t sure what was going on and couldn’t find any solid ground to stand on. “Are you —”

“Quiet.” Helen said, reaching out and tapping Karla lightly on the jaw with one finger. Karla’s mouth clicked shut immediately and her face flushed red with embarrassment; she looked both surprised and confused. “You speak to me. Not him.”

Helen put her hand under the bottom of Karla’s dress; sliding her hand up her bare leg until she was cupping her inner thigh. The dress was now bunched up so high that Jason could see that his teacher was wearing a pair of sheer, green panties. Karla twitched at being touched so intimately, looking very uncomfortable. It wasn’t Jason treating her body with such familiarity, and she hadn’t been told on any level to enjoy it—just to submit to it.

“She has nice legs.” Helen said in aside to Jason, as if she was discussing something run of the mill rather than the merits of his teacher’s body while she groped her. “Thank you for giving her to me, baby.”

“You’re welcome.” Jason said, watching intently as his mother started to slowly caress his teacher’s inner thighs. It wasn’t strictly true—he didn’t intend to ‘give’ Karla to his mother; he just wanted to see what she would do to her. He thought maybe it was just his mother playing along—giving him what he wanted like usual. “The rest of her is just as good.”

“I’m sure that’s true if you picked her.” Helen said with a smile at her son. She glanced up at him before pulling Karla’s legs further apart to give him a better look—ignoring the soft murmur of protest from her. With one eye at Jason, his mother delicately extended her index finger and placed it carefully over the slit of her pussy that was just visible through the lacy underwear. “These are quite sexy—were you expecting someone to see them?”

“Jason —” Karla began looking up at him with beseeching eyes.

There was an audible crack as Helen slapped Karla across the face. It wasn’t too hard a strike, but the sound cut through the room in a shocking manner. Sarah flinched and almost slid off of the couch, cowering even though nothing was directed at her. Jason himself was wide-eyed—unsure of how to react. Karla was looking at Helen with shock, amazement, and anger all vying for control on her face. Then those emotions incrementally faded—being pushed under a masque of resignation and acceptance; still bubbling under the surface, but hidden.

“I told you to speak to me, not him.” Helen said almost conversationally. “Look what you made me do.”

Jason still hadn’t reacted—he was unsure of what he should be feeling. He didn’t want Karla to be hurt, but the calm way his mother was acting even after slapping her made him hesitate.

Helen looked up at her son and must have seen the conflicting thoughts on his face. Her expression grew calculating as she turned back to the quivering woman she had struck. She leant forward and kissed her cheek gently where the red mark from her palm was already blooming on her pale skin.

“There, that’s all better isn’t it.” Helen whispered. She glanced back over at Jason again, hiding a small smile at the fact that he was still willing to watch her treat his teacher so. She leant in again, but this time she extended her pink tongue and delicately licked Karla’s face where she had slapped her from chin to temple. “Be a good girl and I won’t have to discipline you like that.”

Jason stared; utterly transfixed at this interplay.

Helen got off of the couch and walked over to her son, gracefully swaying her hips. She stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him wetly on the corner of his mouth.

“Thank you so much for my present, sweetie.” She purred. “Is it okay if I unwrap it?”

Jason could only manage a nod.

“Excellent.” His mother said happily. She crooked her finger towards Karla who was still on the couch—her legs still apart with her dress hiked up high on her thighs. “Come here. Now.”

Karla slowly got off the couch, keeping her eyes on Helen like she was a dangerous animal. She came closer in small steps, walking to one side as if she wanted to circle around her. She looked quickly at Jason and he could tell she wanted to say something to him, but daren’t.

“Good girl.” Helen said warmly. She reached out and patted Karla gently over the reddening handprint on her cheek. “Now stand still for me—I want to see all of you.”

Karla shivered again as Jason’s mother walked around behind her. She obeyed though—she didn’t move from the place she was standing. She gripped her dress over her thighs tightly in two bunched fists, and Jason could see her knuckles turning white.

Helen put her hands on Karla’s waist; matter-of-factly running them up and down her torso as if to measure her. The younger woman drew in a sharp and shuddering breath—struggling to hold herself still. Jason watched as his mother crouched down behind his teacher—moving her hands down Karla’s hips and thighs until she reached the bottom of her dress. She gave Jason a quick smile, before she slid her hands up high under the dress—exploring and caressing Karla’s bare skin.

His teacher gave out a startled yelp and Jason could see the tension in her shoulders. She folded her arms in front of her chest as if to hug herself—closing her eyes and giving out small little sounds of dismay at whatever was going on under her dress.

Jason walked around behind his teacher and saw that his mother’s hands were busy on Karla’s ass—groping and digging her finger’s into her buttocks with apparent relish.

“This is a nice ass, baby.” Helen murmured to her son. “I can see the appeal.”

His mother stood up stretched before reaching out and unzipping the back of his teacher’s dress—opening it right down to the waistline and exposing the flawless ivory skin of her back. Jason saw that Karla’s bra was the same vivid green colour that he had seen on her panties and it was just as sheer.

“You were really planning on showing yourself off tonight, weren’t you?” Helen said lightly, hooking a finger under the back of the bra strap; pulling it back to let it snap back onto Karla’s back—making her flinch. “Well I don’t want your efforts to go to waste.”

Helen leant down and gripped the bottom of Karla’s dress—lifting it up around her hips and then over her head—stripping the younger woman down to her underwear.

“Very nice.” Helen said. She leant forward and pressed her lips to Karla’s shoulder blade, giving her skin a wet kiss. “Tastes nice too.”

Karla shivered.

Jason was hard as a rock as he watched his mother interact with Karla. She walked around his teacher, commenting on her body like she was a piece of meat—admiring, but not treating her in any way like she was a person. She groped her ass—slapping the pale checks hard enough to leave a bright pink mark, reaching around to slip her hands inside the cups of her bra to fondle and pinch her breasts … and all the while glancing towards her son to see how he was reacting to what she was doing.

It was obvious how turned on Jason was—his pants were tented from how erect his dick was, and he was staring entranced at his mother’s treatment of his teacher. It was so wrong—and yet it was so hot. He didn’t think he would have had it in him to make this happen personally—how his mother had known he would like it, he didn’t know. He let out a quiet groan when his mother licked her finger delicately before deftly slipping her hand down between Karla’s thighs. She pulled the crotch of her panties to one side before carefully slipping her wet finger down between the folds of her teacher’s pussy. Karla gave a full body shudder, but still obeyed her order to stay still.

When she saw her son rub the front of his pants, Helen gave him a heated smile.

“Would you like to fuck my little pet, baby?” She purred. The muscles in her forearm tensed as she slipped her finger further into Karla’s pussy, making her give out a gasping cry. “Do you want to use it to get some relief?”

When he didn’t answer straight away, Helen slipped her finger out of Karla and walked up to her son. She placed the finger at his lips, gently pressing it between them until it was in his mouth. Jason could taste Karla on his mother’s finger; sucking and licking the slender digit.

“You can do whatever you want, Jason.” Helen whispered. “You can have her however you want. I can make her do it for you. Do you want me to?”

Jason gave her a shuddering nod.

“Anything for you, lover.” Helen said huskily. She walked back to Karla and grabbed a handful of the hair at the back of her head. She roughly pulled the woman’s face down to meet her own and kissed her savagely before breaking the kiss and then shaking her head for effect. “I’ll make her perform any way you like. And she’ll thank me for it.”

She slapped Karla across the face again before turning and directing a smile at Jason. He felt guilty at seeing the shock and humiliation on his teacher’s face—but he was so turned on as well. After everything that had happened on his date with Emma and now this … he had never wanted to fuck more than he had at this moment.

Perversely, it was this need that made him decide to stop this escalating show in it’s tracks. He was too turned on—too horny—to have any patience with something as intricate as what his mother was arranging. Staring at his teacher’s pale body in her skimpy lingerie, standing meekly beside his exultantly perverse mother, made the decision for him.

“Wait here.” He muttered thickly to his mother, walking forward and taking Karla by the hand.

The moment he touched her, some life came back in his teacher’s eyes. It was no longer a woman that she had no connection with controlling and demeaning her—this was Jason.

Jason walked stiff-legged into the kitchen out of sight from his surprised mother, pulling Karla along behind him. Once there, he turned around and pulled her to him in a crushing embrace—pressing his mouth to hers in savage need.

Karla melted in his arms, moaning and clutching at his shoulders like everything that she had just gone through hadn’t happened. She kissed him desperately—shimmying her lithe body up against his. Jason unsnapped his pants, letting them fall to the ground and then kicking them behind him, before pulling away from their kiss and then turning her bodily to face away from him.

“Oh fuck, Jason —” Karla panted, before her words were cut off as he pushed her down until she was bent forward over the kitchen table.

Jason couldn’t wait. He fumbled at the back of her bra—unsnapping it before roughly pulling it off of her body. He then gripped her panties and yanked them down her thighs until they were nothing more than wispy bits of fabric around her ankles. Then he lined up his cock and rammed it inside of her pussy.

Karla gave out a loud and shuddering moan—grasping ineffectually at the sides of the table to steady herself. Jason didn’t give her any chance to recover—pulling out and then slamming himself back inside her molten depths as hard as he could.

Jason fucked his teacher hard and fast—nothing tender or caring in his actions. The pale cheeks of her ass were rippling with the force of his thrusts and all that he could hear was his own ragged breathing. He wasn’t paying attention to Karla as anything other than a means to get off, and he realised he was treating her the same way as his mother had been—acting like she was nothing more than a piece of meat to use and enjoy.

That realisation, coupled with everything that had been building up, was enough to send him over the edge. With a loud bellow, Jason shuddered and started to orgasm—shooting thick ropes of cum deep inside the tight sheath of his teacher’s pussy.

Then next thing Jason knew he was crouched over Karla’s prone body—his hands resting at the small of her back keeping her pinned down hard against the table. He knew he hadn’t lasted very long—that had been the point of his haste—and his teacher was making small sounds of discomfit beneath him.

Jason stepped back, letting his softening cock slip out of her abused opening. Karla turned her head to face him—her expression accepting and demure. He had just used her roughly with no thought to her well-being and she seemed fine with it.

Submissive indeed.

Still, he felt a little bad that she hadn’t had a chance to enjoy herself, and resolved to make it up to her later privately. Then, an interesting thought struck him, and he grinned to himself.

Taking her by the hand once more, he led his naked and freshly fucked teacher back into the living room where his mother and aunt were. Karla followed him passively; too overwhelmed to show much spark of personality.

“Well done, baby.” Helen said proudly as she looked from her half-naked son to the disheveled woman he was towing behind him. “That sounded incredible. I wish I had seen you take her.”

She stepped forward to get a better look at Karla—reaching out and squeezing her breast. She winked at Jason before gripping a nipple and twisting it—making Karla grimace in discomfort. It was hot—even after he had just cum—but the edge had been taken off, and he found he no longer wanted to watch Karla being abused.

“Next time.” Jason promised, gently pulling his mother away from his teacher. “Right now I need your help with something though.”

“Anything, Jason.” Helen said, putting her arms around her sons waist and stretching up to kiss his jawline.

“I was a bit too worked up.” Jason said, ignoring the knowing look on his mother’s pretty face. “I didn’t have enough time to take care of Karla.”

“Take care of?” Helen said, a confused expression on her face.

“Yeah.” Jason said. “So I need you to fix it for me.”

Helen gave her son a quizzical look, but before she could say anything more Jason gripped the bottom of his mother’s dress—easily pulling the low-cut and skimpy affair up and over her head. He had been right—she wasn’t wearing anything on underneath it. Jason leant forward and whispered into his now naked mother’s ear.

“Go and lie down on the floor.” He murmured softly. “You’ve had so much practice with your sister—I want you to eat my cum out of Karla’s pussy; don’t stop until she cums all over your face.”

Helen shuddered; staring at her son for a moment before nodding her head in agreement. The bravado and control was gone from her demeanour—she obediently got down onto the floor and lay back waiting.

Jason walked over to his teacher and gently kissed her lips tenderly as if in apology for what she had gone through so far tonight.

“Get down on top of my mother.” He told her softly while cupping her cheek. “In a sixty-nine. Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“Yes.” Karla said quietly. She looked at him intently, but didn’t offer up any other sign that she had a problem with what he wanted of her.

“Oh really.” Jason said, hiding a surprised smile. He was going to have to find out about that. “Then you know what to do. Don’t stop until you’ve both cum.”

Jason sat down on the couch next to his aunt and watched as his teacher gingerly lowered herself down on top of his mother. He pulled Sarah tightly into him as he watched them start to lick and suck one another. Jason absently groped his aunt’s tits through her thin tank-top as he stared at the show unfolding in front of him.

Despite himself, he felt his cock begin to harden again as he watched the two lovely woman writhe and shudder at his feet. Without taking his eye’s off of them, Jason gripped the back of Sarah’s head and pulled her down towards his crotch—sighing contentedly as she obediently parted her lips and accepted the head of his shaft into her mouth.

Jason moved her head up and down his cock until she got the rhythm that he wanted, and then leaned back to enjoy the sight of his mother and teacher going down on each other while his aunt gave him a slow and languid blowjob.

The next morning Jason woke up in a tangle of naked flesh and smooth limbs. He was on his mother’s bed, and Karla and Sarah were twined tightly around him. He didn’t know what time it was when they had eventually made it upstairs; it had been a long and pleasurable evening all round.

To his surprise he couldn’t see his mother anywhere in the room, and checked the clock on the wall. It was still early, and since it was Saturday morning there was no where she had to be. Jason carefully eased his way out from under Karla and Sarah—they were so tired that all he got from them was a murmur of protest before they immediately fell asleep again.

Jason went to the bathroom to relieve himself and then stretched—happy with the world. It was the weekend and he had a lot planned over the next few days—he couldn’t wait. He decided he would go and find what his mother was doing—an early morning shower with her sounded pretty good right now—and he was about to head downstairs to look for her when he heard a noise from his bedroom.

Curious, he opened his door and stepped inside—seeing his mother standing in the room with her back turned to him. He was about to ask her what she was doing when she turned around.

She was holding the box that contained the last Silver Ring.