The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 29

Author — Sidia

“Show me.” Jason said, dark excitement making his voice rough.

He watched as his mother’s eyes lit up with pleasure at his words; she stepped into his room while letting her sheer robe fall carelessly to the ground behind her. Jason eyed her body appreciatively and licked his lips in anticipation—regardless of everything else, his mother never failed to excite him; she had been his initial fixation for so long after all. Jason glanced down to the floor by his feet—Karla still lay sprawled on the ground; she had frozen as soon as she had heard his mother at the door. His teacher also looked lovely and decadent—her face still reddened from him forcibly fucking her mouth, and he could still see the faint marks on her porcelain skin from what she had endured at the hands of his mother while he had been over at Emma’s house.

“Is there anything you don’t want me to do, baby?” Helen asked him with heat in her voice. She had come to a stop next to Karla, and stood with one hand on her hip; flaunting her naked glory to him.

Jason looked from his mother to his teacher. Karla was facing the ground and was yet to say anything, but he could see that her whole body was trembling slightly. Instead of causing him concern, it excited him. On top of that, even though he couldn’t see her expression, her rapid breathing suggested that her trembling wasn’t due to fear anyway. Her Bindings were Lust and Obedience—that was how she reacted to stimuli. From what he had gleaned earlier, that wasn’t necessarily true in regards to when she was interacting only with his mother—but now that he was here, she was reacting more favourably.

“No.” Jason said shortly. He saw Karla’s shoulders tense as he gave his mother carte blanche, and she flexed her fingers into tight fists. “Show me, whatever you want.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” His mother purred. She leant down to softly kiss his mouth—pushing her breasts together with her arms for his enjoyment. “I know just what you need.”

As always, the promise of what his mother would show him in regards to the other women trumped any thought he may have had at curtailing her actions. What had frustrated and annoyed him to begin with now simply stoked his arousal. He didn’t think he would ever have contemplated treating one of his women so cruel or callously—not even Sarah at the height of his dislike of her. Jason was very fond of Karla—to put it mildly—and far preferred the thought of being with her in the more traditional sense. But he just couldn’t deny that watching his mother strike and abuse his teacher thrilled him in a dark sort of way.

Helen turned to face Karla; reaching out and taking a handful of the younger woman’s fair hair. She used her grip to wrench her upwards—forcing Karla to strain herself up off the ground with the pain of having her hair pulled. Jason’s mother held Karla in this position—uncomfortably stretched upwards from her seated place on his floor—and spoke to her in a harsh and spiteful tone.

“So quickly you forget.” Helen taunted Karla. She gave her son a quick glance; looking satisfied when she saw him watching her so intently. “Didn’t I teach you last night how you’re supposed to wait while you’re around your betters?”

“S-sorry!” Karla gasped, reaching up and grasping at Helen’s hand—trying to take some of the pressure off.

“Shut-up.” Helen spat, slapping Karla’s hand away. She shook her roughly by the hair. “Show my son that you know your place!”

With one final shake, she threw Karla to the ground where she lay sprawled for a moment. Jason watched as his teacher slowly pulled herself up into a hunched over position. She glanced up at him only once before quickly darting her gaze away, but in that moment he saw that her eyes were glazed over in pure lust.

Karla moved as if an automaton; rolling gracefully over onto her knees. She placed her hands carefully on her upturned thighs, and hung her head; bowing her back over until she was in the very definition of a submissive pose. She stayed there silent and still; only the shallow rise and fall of her shoulders as she breathed betraying her feelings.

“That’s good …” Helen said softly. She paced around Karla in a predatory fashion. She glanced over at her son. “It took a while to force it into her head, but we got there eventually. Doesn’t she look lovely like this?”

Helen reached down and trailed her fingertips lovingly down along Karla’s spine, coming to a stop at her tailbone. Jason saw goosebumps erupt over his teacher’s pale skin at the touch as she gave an involuntary shudder.

“She does.” Jason said hoarsely. He saw Karla’s hands twitch where they were resting on her thighs at his words.

“Doesn’t she look like she’s a gorgeous doll?” Helen pressed, her voice getting thick with her own excitement. “One that exists just for your enjoyment?”

“Fuck.” Jason breathed. He didn’t miss the obvious arousal that was in his mother’s voice and wondered when that had started; when treating another woman like this turned her on.

Helen walked around Karla, poking and softly slapping her exposed flesh. She wasn’t striking her too hard—using just enough force to leave faint red mark on the pale skin. Every time she was slapped, Karla flinched and suppressed a gasp.

“She was a good little slut last night.” Helen said, licking her lips. “I came all over her pretty little face.”

“Yeah?” Jason asked, excited and turned on.

“Oh yes.” His mother smirked. “And then some. I showed her exactly what her place was in this house. I even got out that toy that Sarah loves so much.”

“You didn’t.” Jason breathed. He tried to picture his mother shoving that monstrous dildo into Karla’s ass and almost couldn’t. It seemed so surreal.

“I thought I might stretch her out for you, baby.” Helen teased. She reached down and gripped Karla by the chin—shaking her face side to side in a playful manner.

“She took all of it?” Jason asked, a lump in his throat. He wasn’t sure what he should be thinking but all he knew was that he was incredibly turned on.

“I got it all ready.” Helen said softly. She walked back behind Karla and put her foot on her back; kicking her forward onto her face so that her ass was sticking up in the air. Karla didn’t attempt to right herself; simply laying in the position she had been placed. Jason wondered just how much his mother had drilled it into her.

“You did?” Jason swallowed.

“I lubed it up.” Helen continued, clearly enjoying the reaction she was getting form her son. “I placed the tip against her tight little ass …”

“Yeah?” Jason was lost in the fantasy of what his mother was telling him. He knew that Karla wouldn’t have found it arousing—nothing like how she obviously was now. Knowing that she would have just had to endure everything at the hands of his mother awoke a dark monster inside of him. He wanted to see it. He wanted to experience it. Wasn’t Karla The submissive? What did that mean if not to exist for his enjoyment in whatever way he wanted? His heart was beating wildly in his chest.

“I started to push the tip inside her.” Helen said, her eyes glittering. She was reliving it at the same time and she was obviously excited as well. She reached down and ran her finger over Karla’s expose rosebud. “I knew the little slut wanted it—that she needed it.”

With her face still pressed into the floor, Karla moaned softly.

“She took it all?” Jason asked intently. His cock was throbbing and hard—his mother was spinning such a perverse tale that it was all he could do to stop himself from taking one of the woman right then and there. He almost didn’t care which.

“I was just about to push it inside her and then … I decided to wait.”

“What?” Jason asked, incredulously. The sick disappointment in his chest surprised him somewhat. He had really wanted to hear that his mother had sodomised his teacher? “Why?”

“For you, baby.” Helen panted. She was deftly stroking Karla’s slit as she spoke, and his teacher was so wet that Jason could hear the faint squelching sounds as his mother strummed her with her fingertips. “I wanted to save her for you.”

“For me?” Jason asked dumbly. He was entranced—reacting, and barely thinking for himself at this point.

“I couldn’t deprive my baby of the pleasure of being the first to stretch out her tight little ass.” Helen whispered. She raised her hand to her mouth—her fingers slick with Karla’s arousal—and delicately licked them for her son’s benefit. “That first time should be all yours.”

Jason stared. He hadn’t planned—hadn’t intended … but his mother suggesting that he fuck his teacher in the ass was suddenly all he could focus on. He stood up suddenly, his cock standing proud and erect, staring down at his prone teacher laying at his mother’s feet. He knew this was worse than what he had done to Sarah—she had deserved it—the culmination of years of frustration and anger. Watching his mother abuse and torment her little sister had seemed somehow … right. But looking down at Karla … knowing what his mother had been doing to her—what she was suggesting he do …

It was too much

“You want to fuck her, Jason?” Helen panted. She reached down again and placed the tip of her index finger over the younger woman’s ass. She applied pressure until it slipped inside, making Karla grunt. “She’s so tight, baby.”

“Yeah. I do.” Jason said softly, staring down. Karla was his. His to enjoy. “Go get the lube.”

“Right away Jason.” Helen said warmly, flashing him a smile. She turned and ran out the door to fetch it for him.

Jason crouched down by Karla and put his hand on her shoulder; feeling her trembling beneath his touch.

“Do you want this?” Jason asked her harshly. He wanted to hear it from her—without him forcing her to do it. He wanted to know what was going on her mind. The only thing was, he didn’t think it would matter what she said to him in that moment. If she said to him that she didn’t want this to happen, Jason didn’t think it would make any difference—he was still going to take his pleasure from his teacher’s ass regardless of how she felt about it.

He dimly wondered when he had become this way—when his desires had become the most important thing to him.

“I’m yours, Jason.” Karla panted, her voice muffled from her face being pressed into the floor. “In any way you want me—take me. Please.”

Jason stared at the back of her head—his cock so hard at her words that it was aching. He was interrupted by his mother arriving back, waving the lube over her head like it was a prize. She opened her mouth to speak, but Jason cut her off.

“Get her ready.” He said roughly, standing up. “Hurry.”

Helen blinked as her son’s clear command hit her and simply nodded. She sunk to her knees behind Karla’s upturned buttocks and squirted a large amount of liquid into her hand—using it to prepare Karla. She slipped a first, and then a second finger into his teacher’s ass—sliding them in and out in a pumping motion.

“Thats enough.” Jason said, walking over to stand next to Helen “Now me.”

Helen looking up at her son towering over her and reached up to wrap her slender hand around his shaft. She left Karla alone—taking the lube and applying a liberal amount along his dick—getting it all shiny and slick.

Jason unceremoniously pushed his mother out of the way; kneeling down behind his teacher and gripping her tightly around her narrow waist. He shifted his hips; placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass—being forcibly reminded of the last time he had taken Sarah in this manner. He started to apply pressure—feeling the resistance of Karla’s tight opening. When he felt the head begin to force its way in, Karla gave a loud gasp—making him pause.

“You dont need to stop, baby.” Helen said hoarsely. She stepped around in front of Jason and gracefully lifted one leg—placing it over Karla’s back so that she was straddling the prone woman. Now facing her son, she placed her hands affectionately on his shoulders. “She wants this. Dont you slut?”

“Please.” Karla begged. Her whole body shuddered. “Jason—I need you. Please fill me.”

Tearing his eyes from his mother’s perfect breasts that were dangling right in front of his face, Jason turned his attention dow to where his cock lay poised. He thrust forward harder and, aided by all the lube, his cock all of a sudden sunk a full inch inside of his teacher’s ass. Karla gave a startled grunt at the sensation of being so stretched.

“Thank you—thank you.” She moaned, wriggling her hips back at him. “More Jason—I’m yours; use me, please.”

“Do it, baby.” Helen whispered. She leant forward, pressing her soft breasts into her face as she embraced his head. She wants it—there’s no need to hold back. Take your slut.”

She leant back again, and tenderly stroked his face.

“Fuck her, Jason.” His mother said again, licking her lips. “Take her!”

In a hazy daze of lust, Jason rammed his hips forward—sinking all of his shaft inside of Karla’s tight channel in one hard thrust. She was so tight and warm around him—the tight band of muscle almost painful as it gripped the base of his cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Karla wailed. She hunched her shoulders and panted desperately. “You’re in—thank you. Thank you master; thank you for using me!”

Jason stared disbelieving; she had said the word master. He hadn’t told her that—or even suggested it. He glanced down at the ring on his finger—the jewels depicting Karla were shining brightly—far brighter than they had ever yet. He hadn’t been ordering her do anything—and he hadn’t noticed them getting brighter due to his mother’s actions towards her.

“Did you —?” He started to say, looking up at his mother.

“No.” Helen whispered, knowing what his unasked question was. She looked down almost affectionately to where her son’s cock was buried in his teacher’s ass. She reached out a hand and gently petted the younger woman on her upturned buttocks “She knows what her place is. She’s a good girl.”

Jason had thought that the only way to raise the Obedience attribute was to act controlling—he hadn’t taken into account the actions and will of the woman. Karla was The Submissive. Apparently she had taken it into her head that that meant he was her master. Jason hadn’t intended to use the binding of Obedience too much with Karla—but perhaps he didn’t have complete say in the matter.

“Fuck her.” Helen encouraged. “Fuck your slave’s ass, Jason.”

Jason heard Karla’s soft mewl of pleasure at being referred to as his slave. He slowly withdrew his cock before slamming it back in—loving the loud gasp that his teacher gave at how rough he was being.

“My slave …” He said softly, almost to himself. He hadn’t considered that to be the case. He hadn’t really defined what his women were to him. But for his teacher, for the gorgeous and refined woman currently on all fours for him … slave sounded pretty good.

“Thats it, baby.” Helen cooed, as he watched her son begin to fuck Karla in earnest. He was being almost brutal—panting as he slammed his cock in and out of her tight opening. Every gasp and small cry that Karla made seemed to fuel him on. “Faster, Jason—go harder!”

Jason felt sweat begin to pour down his face as his breathing grew ragged and uneven. He leant forward and captured one of his mother’s swaying breasts in his mouth—clamping his teeth around the nipple and biting down. He heard his mother gasp before she wrapped her arms tightly around his head—cradling him tenderly as he chewed on her teat.

“So good.” Helen panted. “Feels so good baby.”

Jason pounded his teacher’s ass mercilessly at the same time as he sucked and bit at his mother’s breasts. He felt powerful—godlike. Like nothing was now beyond him. This was his due, and he was going to take all of it.