The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 30

Author — Sidia

Jason paused, his breathing hard and ragged.

“What’s wrong baby?” Helen asked in a husky voice, looking down at her son as he sodomised his teacher.

Karla had collapsed completely forward; her chest and shoulders laying flat on the floor—only Jasons grip on her upturned ass keeping her from falling onto the ground entirely.

Jason glanced up at his mother as he caught his breath; she was still standing while straddling Karlas body, her hands still resting upon his shoulders while she looked down into his face with a concerned expression. This show of motherly concern was a sharp contrast to what she had been advocating him to do.

Looking at his mother’s naked body, Jason was suddenly struck by the fact that too often he had been content to let his mother be the instigating factor in his activities with the other women and not much else. He had been focused on her so long before he had found the Rings that it seemed wild to him that he had let his obsession with her somewhat fall by the wayside. Having her spur him on to wild debauchery with her sister and his teacher was certainly exciting, but he suddenly wanted her all to himself—and he knew just what to do.

“Nothing.” Jason said gruffly, leaning forward and capturing one of his mother’s nipples in his mouth and biting down gently on the teat. “I’m just worried that I’m neglecting you.”

“That’s sweet, Jason.” Helen smiled warmly. She lifted a hand and cupped the side of his head; gently kneading his hair with her fingers. “But you shouldn’t worry about me; focus on what you want. That’s what makes me happy.”

“But I want you.” Jason said truthfully, capturing his mother’s eyes intently with his own.

“Oh, baby ... “ Helen breathed, looking happier than she had in days. “I want you too—so much!”

Jason pulled out of Karla’s abused asshole; his still rock-hard cock pulling out with an audible ‘plop’. Without his presence holding her up, Karla fell fully down onto the floor; laying supine while gently twitching and shivering to one side of them.

He ignored his teacher and got to his feet to stand in front of his mother—enfolding her into a tight embrace.

“I want you just like her.” Jason breathed into his mother’s ear. He could smell the gentle scent of her hair and it made him more excited. “Just like her.”

Helen shivered within her son’s embrace, and moaned gently.

“Just like her?” She asked him, the slightest tone of questioning in her voice.

“Exactly the same.” Jason growled. He reached down and cupped her taut buttocks in his hands; rolling and squeezing her voluptuous ass. “As I said—I don’t want you to feel left out.”

“If that’s what you want ...” Helen groaned under her son’s rough hands.

“It would make me happy.” Jason said, smiling to himself above her head. Even lightly bound, he knew he could order her to do what he wanted; he had certainly done it before—but it was a lot more fun to use her own instilled beliefs against her.

“Oh.” Helen whispered in a small voice. She planted a few light kisses on her son’s bare chest and shuddered gently. “Then nothing would make me happier, baby.”

Helen sunk down onto her knees in front of Jason in a single graceful motion. Jason followed her down with his hands—letting them rest on top of her head when she was all the way down. Even though he had told her what he wanted, he wasn’t exactly going to say no when his mother leant forward and captured the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Jason groaned appreciatively as he watched as his mother started to gently suck on his dick that had only moments before been buried inside the ass of the woman laying on the ground next to them. Seeing her suck him clean with all signs of pleasure was so darkly arousing that it made him shiver.

“Get on all fours.” Jason whispered harshly, desire making his voice rough. “Now.”

“Yes, Jason.” Helen said thickly, taking her lips off his shaft and looking up at her son with excitement and desire written all over her face.

She turned away from him and and got down onto her hands and knees; arching her back so that her perfect rear was displayed in the best possible position for her son to enjoy. She folded her arms on the floor and then lowered her head to rest on her forearms. She looked ready and willing for Jason to do whatever he wanted to her.

She looked like a decadent and depraved angel.

Jason sunk to his knees behind his mother, reaching to one side to pick up the discarded bottle of lube. He squirted a large amount into his palm and rubbed it all over his shaft with shaking hands. When he applied some to his mother’s rear—carelessly coating her pussy and ass all at once—Helen gasped and wriggled her hips at him encouragingly.

“Oh, Jason.” Helen whispered hoarsely. “I want this so bad, baby! I want to make you so happy.”

“Oh, mom.” Jason groaned. Every time he’d had sex with his mother lately it had been spur of the moment—intercourse driven entirely by passion. “You are so fucking sexy.”

“Oh, fuck.” Helen breathed. She wriggled her ass again, and Jason saw goosebumps break out all over her skin.

Jason placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her rear passage—shivering himself in excitement. He applied just the barest amount of pressure—feeling the resistance of the muscles around her anus.

“Be gentle.” Helen said in a tiny voice. “Go slow, baby.”

Jason thought it was ironic for her to say that considering how she encouraged him to act with his other partners, but he wasn’t exactly adverse to it. It sounded oddly sweet—a private and special moment between them; the first time he ass-fucked his gorgeous and angelic mother.

“I will.” Jason whispered back gruffly. He pressed in a little harder, groaning when he felt the head of his cock pop inside of her ass.

‘Oh, fuck.” Helen said again. She buried her face into her arms, muffling her voice. “I want it so bad, Jason. I want you in me.”

“Oh, mom.” Jason moaned. He moved his hips forward and felt an inch sink inside her tight rectum.

“Oh, baby.” Helen groaned. “So good. So big. Go slow baby, please.”

Jason pressed more of his shaft inside of his mother’s rear; panting with the torturously slow pace. He fully intended to not stop until he was balls-deep inside of his mother’s tight ass, when his mobile rang—making him freeze.

He looked over to where his phone lay on his bed, frowning at the distraction, when he saw from the caller id who it was; Emma.

With barely a thought, Jason pulled his cock out of his mother’s ass and got up; jumping over to the bed to scoop up his phone—scrabbling to get to it before it rang out. He held it up to his ear and answered it.

“Em!” Jason said, his voice slightly breathless. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Emma’s voice said lightly. “Aside from still being frustrated as all hell that is.”

“Yeah, I’ve been there.” Jason joked, grinning to himself. He turned around to sit on his bed and froze when he saw his mother’s expression.

Helen was still on all fours where he had left her, and had turned her head so that she could face him. She was staring at him with a mixture of hurt, disbelief, anger, and frustration—incredulous that he had left her without a thought.

“I’m glad to hear it’s not just me.” Emma laughed.

Jason stared for a moment, surprise making Emma’s words not register with him.

“Jason?” Emma’s voice came again in his ear. “Are you there?”

“Yeah, sorry Em.” Jason said hurriedly, turning his back on his mother. “I was just remembering this morning.”

“Fair enough.” Emma said, her smile coming through her voice. “I cant wait to see you again when we have some more privacy.”

“Oh yeah?” Jason said, momentarily forgetting his mother. “When can we do that?”

“I like that you want me.” Emma said softly.

“Why the hell wouldn’t I want you?” Jason said. He could hear some movement behind him. “You’re perfect.”

“So are you.” Emma said seriously. “Fuck! Why did my parents have to come back when they did? Why not an hour later!”

“An hour? I’m flattered, but I think you’re over-estimating me.” Jason joked, sitting down on his bed. He could still see his mother and Karla out of the corner of his eye but he didn’t turn to look directly at them.

“I’m sure we could have found something to occupy ourselves with.” Emma laughed.

“I bet we could.” Jason said softly, meaning it. “I cant wait to see you again.”

“Well, you’ll see me tomorrow at school remember.”

“That’s not quite what I meant, Em.” Jason said, grinning to himself. He sensed some movement and turned to see his mother getting to his feet and kneeling over Karla.

“I know.” Emma said quietly, losing her teasing tone. “I just don’t know how I’m going to last until the weekend.”

“Why do we have to wait until the weekend?” Jason asked. He turned his head to keep a wary eye on what was going on in his room. His mother had taken his teacher by the hand and pulled her to her feet; leading the stumbling and exhausted younger woman towards Jason on the bed.

“I just thought it would be harder to get some time to ourselves during the week.” Emma said.

“Well, I actually have the house to myself on Tuesday.” Jason invented, thinking quickly. He could make sure he had the privacy they needed. “All afternoon and night.”

“Really?” Emma asked, excited. “Where are your mother and the bitch going to be?”

“I’m not sure.” Jason said evasively. He shifted on the bed as his mother sat herself down beside him. “I’m just by myself apparently.”

“I don’t think I could stay the night ...” Emma said speculatively. “I’m not sure I could come up with an excuse that would explain why I didn’t come home on a school night. But we could have the entire afternoon and evening together!”

“We could always skip school that day.” Jason wheedled, getting excited as well at the thought of having Emma in his bed for a whole day.

“Jason!” Emma said in mock surprise. “Careful, or I’ll have to think you’re a bad influence on me.”

“Who says you’re not the bad influence!” Jason said.

“How could you say that?” Emma protested, but the mirth was apparent in her voice. “I’m just innocently laying here on my bed. Relaxing in my underwear. You’re the one trying to get me to forget about my education.”

“Just your underwear?” Jason grinned to himself. “That settles it; definitely the bad influence.”

“Not even! Completely and totally innocent.” Emma giggled. “I’m just giving you information; I can’t help how you react to it.”

“Em, you just told me that you’re laying there in your bra and panties; how would you expect me to react.” Jason said.

He was trying to focus on Emma’s voice—which wasn’t hard considering the topic of conversation—but it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore his mother and teacher bedside him. Helen had sat so close to him on his bed that he could feel the warmth from her thigh. She had pushed Karla down onto the floor between her spread thighs and was looking at her son expectantly.

“Who said anything about a bra?” Emma said innocently. “It’s a warm night, so I’m not wearing much at all.”

“Are you really telling me that you’re only wearing ...” Jason swallowed, picturing her laying on the bed he had left her in only that morning in just a pair of panties.

More movement made him turn around; his mother had taken a fistful of Karla’s blonde hair and was forcibly holding the younger woman’s face into her crotch. Helen raised one leg and placed it onto the bed—giving her son an unobstructed view of what was going on. She arched her back, pushing her breasts prominently into the air and gave him a sultry smile. Despite himself, Jason stared at the sight and shifted uncomfortably.

“... only my panties.” Emma said softly. “Only barely though; I’m remembering what it was like with you and I kind of want to take them off.”

“Bloody hell, Em.” Jason groaned, turning his back on his mother. The picture that Emma was painting took all of his attention.

A sudden gasp from his mother followed by a strangled and muffled note of pain made Jason turn back to face the two women next to him. His mother looked shocked and hurt at how he had ignored her when she was trying so hard to get his attention. The noise of discomfort had come from his teacher; from the white knuckles on his mother’s hand it seemed that she had quite painfully pulled at Karla’s hair.

Jason frowned at the sight; concern actually being outweighed by irritation at being interrupted.

“... Jason?” Emma’s voice came back to his attention. It seemed like it wasn’t the first time she had tried speaking to him. “Is something the matter?”

“No, Em,” Jason assured her. He turned his back once more on his mother. “It’s nothing.”

There was another soft and disappointed gasp from his mother as well as another small noise of pain from Karla but this time he didn’t let it bother him.

“Did I really distract you that much?” Emma asked him, amused and happy.

“You cant blame me if you did.” Jason smiled. “I’m still not over the fact that we got interrupted.”

His mother was starting to rock and grind her hips into Karla’s face, and her motions were making his bed rock slightly but Jason was determined to ignore her while he was talking to Emma. He couldn’t exactly tell her to stop it while he was on the phone after all.

“You’re so sweet, Jason.” Emma murmured. “I can’t wait to show you —“

“Em?” Jason asked, concerned.

“Shit, it’s my mother.” Emma whispered hoarsely. “I better go. Talk to you soon?”

“Definitely.” Jason promised.

“Bye.” Emma said softly, and hung up.

Jason sighed and stared off into space for a moment before putting his phone down.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” Jason said, turning back to face his mother.

“Keeping myself ready for you, baby.” Helen said, smiling with slitted eyes at her son. “I know you don’t mind if I make use of the pet you gave me.”

She thrust her hips forward into Karla’s face in emphasis, making Jason’s teacher make a muffled noise of protest.

“No.” Jason sighed half in resignation and half in frustration. “I don’t mind.”

“Thank you, Jason.” Helen beamed. She placed a hand to her chest and squeezed one of her large breasts enticingly. “I loved what you were doing to me when we got interrupted, baby. I so want you inside me again.”

Jason eyed his mother—she was still a vision of decadence and depravity—but he found he was no longer overly excited by it. Not right then anyway. That had never happened to him before; losing interest in the middle of sex. It was just that talking to Emma had somehow taken away some of the appeal of more depraved sex acts. Added to that, Karla had given him head only a short time before so perhaps it wasn’t too surprising really.

“Maybe later, mom.” Jason said, standing up and looking around for his pants.

“Later?” Helen echoed in a hallow voice. She put on a somewhat brittle smile. “You don’t want me?”

“I’m just tired—it’s nothing to worry about.” Jason said, feeling slightly guilty. “I’ve got school tomorrow so I need to get some rest anyway.”

“I suppose you need your rest.” Helen said resignedly. She sat upright on his bed, pushing Karla unceremoniously away from her so that the younger woman tumbled backwards onto her rump. She appeared to be studying him in a considering manner—as if she was trying to figure something out. “You know that I only want what’s best for you, don’t you.”

“I know, mom.” Jason said, frowning. There was a light in her eyes that he couldn’t quite identify.

“You’re room is getting a little messy, honey.” Helen said, abruptly changing the subject.

“What? I mean, I guess it could be tidier.” Jason said, off-balance slightly at this sudden change of topic.

“Why don’t I clean it for you while you’re at school?” Helen said, gracefully getting to her feet and taking a few steps closer to him. “I don’t mind at all.”

“It’s not that bad.” Jason muttered, looking around. There was a bit of a mess, but nothing he couldn’t do himself. Besides, he had told his mother to keep out of his room unless invited.

“I just want to look after you, that’s all.” Helen whispered sultrily, standing so close that the tips of her breasts brushed up beguilingly against his chest.

Jason frowned, about to ask her outright what she wanted, when she completely derailed him.

“I bought something else for you the other day.” Helen purred. “I saw it in the shop when I was getting some lingerie and knew I just had to get it for you. It’s a lovely little French maid outfit.”

“Wha-what?” Jason blinked, completely forgetting what he was about to do.

“Yes, it’s absolutely delicious.” His mother continued, giving him a small smile. “Very skimpy though. Leaves very little to the imagination.”

Jason stared into his mother’s lovely face and pictured her in a maid outfit ... and swallowed hard. Seeing her in lingerie had been amazing enough, but this would be something else entirely.

“I was just thinking,” Helen said, reaching out and trailing her hands gently down Jason’s chest. “That I could wear it while I was tidying up in here. And if you should happen to find me in your room—in my barely-there little cleaning outfit—I wouldn’t mind at all if you bent me over and took me right then and there.”

“Yes.” Jason said hoarsely. What he was picturing was so vivid that it made him ache.

“Excellent, baby.” Helen whispered happily. “I’ll have to make sure you catch me then. So can I then?”

“Can you what?” Jason asked, completely fixated and distracted.

“Come in and tidy your room of course.” Helen laughed playfully. She licked her lips and winked at her son suggestively.

“Yeah, you can.” Jason grinned. This was a better result than the usual machinations she had been using lately.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Helen smiled warmly. She leant forward and pressed her lips wetly along her son’s jaw. “Are you sure you don’t want me to look after you now?”

“No.” Jason said, shaking his head to clear it. “I want to be by myself for a bit I think. So take Karla with you.”

His teacher raised her head tiredly up towards him at hearing her name, but did nothing more than breath steadily.

“Okay, I’ll remove her for you.” Helen said, reaching up and cupping his cheek. “But I don’t like you being alone. Not when you need attention.”

She glanced downwards towards his hardened cock in emphasis.

“I’ll be okay.” Jason assured his mother, gently disentangling her from him. A sudden thought struck him, and he changed his mind. “Actually, go and find Sarah and send her to me when you go.”

Jason didn’t really know why he suddenly wanted his aunt to join him. He hadn’t been spending a lot of time with her lately outside of whatever perverted scenario his mother had been cooking up. Maybe it was because it was strangely easy to be with her—there was no ulterior motives with his aunt.

“Okay, Jason—I’ll find her for you.” Helen promised. She paused for a second and looked over at the still prone form of Karla. “I think I might take this one to bed with me tonight. If you don’t have any plans for us that is of course.”

“No, just send Sarah in.” Jason reiterated. “You can enjoy yourself with Karla if you like.”

“Thanks, baby.” Helen smiled slightly hungrily. “Don’t worry—I will.”

Jason watched his mother haul Karla up onto her feet and lead her out of his room—idly eyeing their lovely asses as they left. He flopped back onto his bed and stared up at his ceiling as he thought everything over. It had been one hell of a crazy and eventful day.

He must have zoned out, because he would have sworn barely any time had passed before he heard a hesitant knock on the open door to his bedroom.

“... Jason?” Sarah whispered in a tiny voice.

“Come in.” Jason said without bothering to look up. “Close the door behind you.”