The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 35

Author — Sidia

The sound of someone stubbing their toe and making a small noise of pain brought Jason out of a deep sleep. He rubbed at his eyes and looked at his surroundings in confusion for a moment—it took him a second to realise that the unfamiliar room he was in was in fact his teacher’s bedroom. His searching eyes found the naked form of the woman in question as she looked over at him apologetically from the foot of the bed.

“Sorry, Jason.” Karla murmured in a low voice. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s alright.” Jason mumbled, sitting up in bed. “What time is it?”

“6:30.” Karla replied.

“6:30?” Jason said, his voice incredulous. “What are you doing up?”

“I need to prepare a few things before work.” Karla explained, sighing a little in resignation. “So I planned to sneak out and let you sleep for a while longer. It didn’t go exactly to plan.”

“It’s alright.” Jason assured her, raising his arms above his head in a long stretch. “I’m not feeling tired—I slept like a log.”

“Did I wear you out?” Karla teased.

“Maybe.” Jason said, grinning. “Totally worth it.”

“Agreed.” Karla said, flashing him a teasing half-smile. “Do you want to join me in the shower?”

“Tempting.” Jason said truthfully. He flickered his gaze up and down his teacher’s pale body appreciatively. He didn’t think he would ever get tired of seeing her nude. “But I should leave you to it if you need to get stuff done before work. Don’t worry about me—I’ll be fine.”

“If you’re sure.” Karla murmured. She took a few steps towards the doorway before looking back over her shoulder at him while cocking her hip. “If you change you’re mind …”

“I know where to find you.” Jason laughed. “Go.”

Karla smiled at him one more time before exiting her bedroom. Jason flopped back onto her bed and sighed in contentment; the bedding was impregnated with Karla’s scent, and he nuzzled the pillows while smiling at the memory of last night. Before they had fallen asleep they’d had sex one last time and Jason thought that the image of his teacher on her back in her own bed—her legs and arms spread wide in invitation—would forever be with him. It had been an entirely different experience coming to see her in her apartment. It had felt … realer somehow.

Jason heard the shower going and gave a thought to getting out of bed and joining his teacher but regretfully decided he better not. If Karla had tried to sneak out of bed she must really need to do some prep before her classes. Besides—he kind of wanted to save himself for later on today.

Jason had exchanged texts with Emma the night before—Karla had been reading over his shoulder and offering up suggestions the entire time; something that seemed perfectly natural to Jason but something he was sure that Emma would have found mortifying considering how suggestive she had been. In between the flirtations, they had worked out that Emma would come over to Jason’s house a little after lunch. He’d offered to pick her up—if not from school then at least from her house—but she had declined, saying she wanted to get ready by herself. Jason was fairly sure she was planning on some sort of surprise but he had been unable to get anything out of her. While he did feel like there wasn’t something quite right in making his girlfriend make her own way to his house, he did have to concede it really wasn’t all that far.

Jason was actually feeling a little nervous at the prospect of having sex with Emma; not that he didn’t want to—far from it! His nerves were more stemming from the fact that he wasn’t sure it was something that was going to happen straight away or if he was going to have to lead up to it. It was incredibly hot how forward Emma had been lately—especially considering their somewhat rocky start—but he doubted she wanted to be bent over the couch as soon as he got her inside the door. Even if the thought of taking her like that did make his dick throb in anticipation.

However things ended up, he didn’t want to take the edge of their first time together by having sex with his teacher. There would be plenty of time to do that in the future after all—that was one of there perks in having a woman bound to him.

That reminded Jason that he wanted to talk to his mother today as well so he reached over to the side table and grabbed his phone. He was fairly sure that she didn’t have a meditation class this morning but he sent her a quick text to see what her movements were today.


Are you teaching a class this morning?


No, baby—I’m home all day ;)

Jason smirked to himself at his mother using emojis.

J -

Good :) I want to talk to you about something. I should be home about 9


I’ll look forward to it, sweetie. No school?

J -

Not today

Jason thought for a moment. One of the things he wanted to do before Emma arrived was give his room a tidy, but if his mother wasn’t busy today there was no reason why he couldn’t get her to do it for him. It wasn’t like he overly enjoyed cleaning up anyway.


Can you give my room a clean this morning?


Of course, baby! I’ll see you when you get home :)

Jason put his phone down and stretched again. If his mother was going to give his room a tidy up then he could relax a little. With that thought in mind he allowed his eyes to close and he felt himself begin to drift off into a light doze. Even if he hadn’t said anything, he felt confident that Karla would wake him if he stayed in bed too long—if for no other reason than to say goodbye and to wish him luck for the upcoming day. She knew he was skipping school today to be with Emma and had seemed very excited and happy for him.

Jason had slept right through until the time when Karla had to leave for work. She had gently shaken him awake and had planted a tender kiss on the corner of his mouth before he had been fully aware of his surroundings. It was a very pleasant way to wake up, and Jason’s mouth had curved upwards into a smile before the kiss had even ended. Karla had teased him about ignoring her all morning and told him that he was welcome to any of the food in the kitchen. He said his farewells to his teacher and said he would lock the door behind him on his way out.

After Karla had left, Jason grabbed a quick shower and made a few pieces of toast for breakfast. It felt a little strange being alone in Karla’s apartment now that she was gone, and he didn’t linger. He gave the kitchen a quick once over and then let himself out the front door—heading down the stairwell to where he had parked the car the night before. Jason had thought he would get back home earlier than he had said, but he hadn’t counted on the morning traffic. By the time he arrived at his house it was closer to 9:30 than 9:00.

He let himself inside and looked around the living room and kitchen but couldn’t find anyone. He called out and he heard his mother give a muffled reply from upstairs. Shrugging to himself that she must still be cleaning his room, Jason made his way up the stairs to his bedroom. The door was almost closed so he couldn’t see inside initially, and so he pushed his way inside not expecting to find anything apart from his mother making his bed or something similar. What he found though made his jaw drop.

“Morning, sweetie.” Helen purred throatily, as she sat on the edge of his bed with her legs crossed. “I’ve missed you, Jason.”

“Holy shit.” Jason breathed out.

Jason had forgotten what his mother had said a few nights back about getting an outfit just for when she was cleaning his room. Making plans with Emma, having fun with Karla, and all the revelations with Sarah, had meant that it had completely flown his mind. Looking at his mother now though made him wonder how that had been possible.

Helen was dressed in an incredibly flimsy looking french maid outfit. There was a tight corset around her middle that made her already hourglass figure look like it was something out of a wet dream. The front of the outfit didn’t have a neckline as much as it simply propped up his mother’s generous cleavage—Jason was almost certain that if she leant forward her breasts would completely spill out. The frilly skirt might as well have not been there at all for how much of her smooth thighs it covered, and her legs were covered in black fishnet half-stockings coupled with a garter belt. To top it all off she was wearing a black pair of what looked like 6 inch heels.

In short, she looked like someone that had dressed themself up to be used and enjoyed.

“Do you like?” Helen said, smiling knowingly at her son. She uncrossed and then recrossed her legs; making a show of smoothing out the tiny skirt she was wearing. “I’ve been waiting for you to get home.”

“Did you, ah —” Jason swallowed—acutely aware of how uncomfortably tight the front of his pants felt. Even though he had intended to save himself for Emma, he was eyeing his mother hungrily—there was only so much self control he could be expected to have. Seeing his beautiful mother dressed like some kind of high-class whore was a new level of perversion that was stoking his desires strongly. “Did you actually clean my room dressed like that?”

“Of course, baby.” Helen winked. She gracefully swung her legs down to the ground and stood up. The high heels made her seem much taller than usual and really accentuated the curves of her calves and thighs. “Although I was planning on you finding me in the middle of cleaning—remember what I told you before? That you could just take me in the middle of tidying up? But you were a little late and I missed out.”

Helen pouted at her son with a teasingly dejected look on her lovely face. Jason swallowed again while looking at the wet-dream that was his mom.

“See? Like this.” Helen winked. She turned around and leant forward while making a show of fussing with his freshly made bedsheets. While she was bending over the small skirt did nothing to cover her rounded ass. The tiny black thong she was wearing was so tight that it was pulling between the lips of her pussy. “I was going to be busy, and then if you were so inclined —”

That was all she managed to get out before Jason was on her. He slid his hands up under her skirt to grip her by her hips—pushing the bulge in his pants hard against her practically exposed crotch.

“Yesss …” Helen hissed out softly. She leant further forward and placed her palms flat on his bed while moving her legs slightly further apart. She continued on in a breathy voice that was obviously full of arousal—playing up the role of a maid. “I’m nearly finished up with this room, sir. Can you hold off until I’m done?”

To belie her own words, she wriggled her ass back and forth against her son’s crotch. She hung her head down and her breath started to come out in rapid pants.

“Don’t let me stop you.” Jason growled happily. All his plans for how he was going to spend the morning had just gone out the window. He needed to fuck his mom and he needed to do it now. “I’m just going to stay back here.”

“Oh, sir!” Helen panted as Jason roughly pulled her thong to one side. “That isn’t proper.”

Not bothering to say anything else—too horny to continue on the charade—Jason pulled his pants down and placed the head of his cock at her sopping entrance; lining himself up before shoving his entire length inside his mother in one hard thrust.

“Oh, Jason!” Helen moaned, shuddering with the sensation of her son stretching her out. Because of the height of her heels, the force of his thrust almost knocked her face-first onto his mattress. She clutched at the covers on the bed in an attempt to steady herself. “So good, baby. Give it to me!”

“If that’s what you want.” Jason gasped. His mother’s silky buttocks felt cool on his thighs and he ground himself hard against her rear before gripping her tightly by the hips. He pulled back slightly until only the tip of his cock was inside her before slamming back in. “How could I say no?”

Jason rutted savagely into his mother from behind with enough force that even though she was bent over on his bed and bracing herself on the mattress, she was having great difficulty in staying still. Her heels skidded and slid around on the floor to the point where Jason was growing frustrated that he couldn’t fuck her as hard as he wanted.

With that thought in mind, he abruptly pulled his cock out of his mother’s gripping pussy, and before she fully knew what he was doing, he spun her around and threw her onto her back on his bed.

Helen bounced onto the mattress with her thighs falling wide apart. The movement was too much for the flimsy confines of her top, and her large breasts sprang free. Jason grabbed his mother’s ankles and placed them over his shoulders while pulling her toward him so that she was right on the edge of his bed. Then, leaning forward so that her legs bowed to the point where she was almost bent in two, he lined his cock back with her opening and thrust back inside of her.

With the position he could give her the pace that he wanted. He wrapped his arms around her legs and held her thighs tightly—pulling her back into him in time with his thrusts. His mother was giving out short and sharp gasping moans, and her breasts were flailing wildly with shock and vibrations.

“So—ah! So good!—what did you want to talk about, Jason?” Helen asked her son breathlessly, a playful glint in her eyes.

“What?” Jason gasped, his attention almost completely taken up with pounding into his mother’s body.

“You wanted—mmmm …” Helen groaned blissfully. “To talk to me you said.”

“You’re bringing that up now?” Jason asked incredulously. He slowed down a little to a more moderate pace—not wanting to completely stop fucking her.

“Why not?” Helen smiled lovingly up at him. She reached out and gently caressed his arms that were wrapped around her thighs. “It’s been a while since it’s just been the two of us.”

“I guess you’re right.” Jason said. He’d almost forgotten what it was that he had wanted to talk to her about. She had well and truly distracted him. “It was about my trust fund.”

“Your trust?” His mother said, her tone a little nonplussed. “What about it?”

“If it was possible to access it early.” Jason said, a wry smile on his face. This was one of the more ridiculous things he had done—discussing finances with his mother while he was fucking her. Her lovely face was currently set in a thoughtful expression—something that would have suited sitting around the dining room table more than being dressed up in a slutty outfit while he was thrusting his dick in and out of her. “I think I’m remembering right that it’s possible.”

“Yes, you can get it early.” His mother smiled up at him. “I have the discretion to release it to you before you come of age. What do you want it for?”

“I was thinking about next year.” Jason said, giving her a few hard thrusts—smiling in satisfaction when she gasped at the sensation.

“What about next year, baby?” His mother asked, biting her lip at the sudden rough treatment. “Are you thinking of moving out and getting your own place?”

“Yeah.” Jason said, surprised that she had grasped what he was thinking so quickly. He paused while his cock was buried all the one inside of her.

“I suppose that makes sense.” Helen mused. She flashed her son a sly smile and tensed herself around his cock—looking satisfied when he groaned. “I’ll miss the house, but I guess it’s for the best.”

“What?” Jason asked, distracted by what she was doing. In retaliation he gave her a series of quick and bruising thrusts. It sounded like she was talking about moving with him. He’d had vague thoughts of relocating everyone—even if he didn’t know how it would work around Emma—but he’d imagined having to work out a lot of details for everyone’s lives. Not just her simply assuming that it would be the easiest thing to do. “Are you okay with moving just like that?”

“Oh, baby—so good!” Helen moaned as she endured his onslaught. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I move if you’re going somewhere else. How would we be together otherwise?”

His mother reached out and gently pulled his arms away from her legs. Once free, she hooked her arms around under her knees and pulled her legs up to her chest; she was flexible enough that her thighs were resting flat on her body. Her change in position caused Jason’s dick to slip out of her and he took a half-step back so as to admire the view. She was completely open and exposed for her son—and for the first time Jason noticed that her anus was shiny and slick with lube.

“Jason—I’m yours.” His mother whispered, her voice low and sexy. “We all are. It’s natural that we’d stay with you. No matter what.”

Jason stared from her intent and serious face down to her exposed sex.

“Anything you want. Anything you need. I’ll do for you, baby. Anything.” Helen panted. She bit her bottom lip and her next words were a little hesitant for the first time that morning. “Do you—do you want my ass, Jason? I prepared myself in case you wanted me that way. So I’m ready for you if you want to —”

Jason quickly placed the thick head of his cock against her tight opening and pushed his way past the tight ring of muscle. He ignored his mother’s sharp gasp of surprise and kept pushing until his cock was halfway inside of her ass. He closed his eyes as he relished the sensation of the tight band of muscle sliding along his cock. When he looked down at his mother again he felt slightly ashamed at the look of pain and discomfit on her lovely face.

“Mom—are you okay?” Jason asked lamely. Even while asking that he couldn’t resist the temptation to get deeper inside of her—forcing another half inch of his shaft into her bowels.

“Yeah, baby—I’m okay.” Helen gasped, shivering slightly. She gave him a weak smile. “You feel very big in my ass.”

“You feel so good.” Jason groaned as he gave her a little thrust which made her stifle a yelp. Anal sex was rapidly becoming one of his favourite ways to fuck. For a brief moment his mind wandered to what he was going to do with Emma later on in the day. He could barely imagine what it would be like to fuck his girlfriend like this—would she even want to? Even so, the thought of shoving his cock into Emma’s virgin ass excited him to the point that he slammed his hips forward until he was all the way inside his mother. This time she did give out a sharp cry of pain. “Sorry—I’ll go slower.”

“No.” Helen said firmly, blinking rapidly to hide a few tears. “I said you could do whatever you wanted to me and I meant it. I’m here for you Jason. I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Jason stared down into his mother’s determined face and experimentally pulled half the length of his cock out before shoving it back inside her. He could see her jaw tense for a second before she gave him a tremulous smile. He could almost believe that everything was fine except that he could see how white her knuckles were. He idly wondered if it was because unlike Sarah and Karla, she wasn’t bound with the attribute of Lust. She loved him and wanted him to be happy, but apparently that wasn’t enough for her to relish the thought of her own son sodomising her ass.

“Do it, baby.” Helen whispered stubbornly. “Don’t hold back.”

That was all it took for Jason. He knew he had a lot to do this morning—he hadn’t even arranged for his mother and aunt to be absent yet. He knew that it was only a matter of hours before Emma was going to arrive at his house. But right now those issues seemed to be very unimportant

Jason placed his hands around his mother’s corseted waist for leverage, and prepared to ravage his mother’s ass.