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Title: Bluepilled

Tags: mf mc ds md sf

Synopsis: A brilliant but amoral young scientist’s creation transforms his mother into a gorgeous bombshell...and his slave.

A special thanks to ALewdEditor for the editing and Engwrites for the story idea and commissioning this work.

* * *

“Professor Johnson, I just need a few more days—maybe a week or two at most—and I know I can perfect it.”

“Mr. White, you’ve been saying that all semester. You have been one of the brightest prodigies we’ve had at this university. While the grant you received from the National Pharmaceutical Company to develop the next sexual stimulation drug using CRISPR DNA splicing process had great promise, it’s not sufficient to—”

“I know the results have been inconclusive until now, but I just need a few more trials to collect enough data to prove my work is valid!”

My professor Dr. Johnson was not a patient man. He had a PhD in Biological Chemistry from MIT among the other multiple degrees, and had decades of experimental research under his belt. He had been a role model, a mentor and even, dare I say it, a surrogate father figure to me. He was there for me a hell of a lot more than my actual father who had become a drunk, abusive husband and, from what I came to found out recently, an adulterer.

My name is Charles Alexander White, I’m twenty-three years old and I still live at home with my mother. I wouldn’t have been there if not for her drug addiction. I’m likely the only thing standing between her and an imminent opioid overdose.

The only person I could trust was my undergrad student aide, Stephanie. Stephanie was a college sophomore, nineteen, and still in that awkward phase: no longer a girl but not quite a woman either. She had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and, while she was cute in her own way, she had a body like a stick. Not that I really had time or interest in carnal relationships when I was so focused on my research. She was an ideal lab assistant: helpful without getting in my way as I developed new compounds. My latest combined the ability of psilocybin to reboot the brain through neurogenesis with a special CRISPR viral agent that would repair damaged telomeres within the DNA. The hope was that the two elements working in harmony would have the power to completely cure addiction no matter what form it took, from alcohol to gambling to—nearest to my heart—opioids.

But now my time was running out both figuratively and literally. My grant from the mega corporation National Pharmaceutical Company (NPC) had run out, and when they learned of the true nature of my research, there was no hope for a renewal. I’d told them that I was developing a next-generation viagra they could market to men and women. When they found out I was working on a cure for addiction instead, I could tell they practically wanted to torch the whole laboratory down; after all, drug addicts were their best customers.

I had thought I had more time. But it turned out that my mentor Dr. Johnson was in the pocket of Big Pharma all along, “Mr. White, you will box up all your research notes and collect all the samples you have made to date. Miss Klein, how many is that exactly?”

Stephanie, while trying to be loyal to me, eagerly offered “Twelve, sir. We had created fifteen, but with the three failed trials, there are only twelve left.”

In truth, we had made twenty-seven of the gel capsules. We had hidden the remaining twelve in my desk.

“Good,” Dr. Johnson grunted, “Please help Mr. White collect them and have the entire inventory delivered to my office by the end of the day.”

“Please, Dr. Johnson. You don’t understand, I really need just one more trial. My mother...she’s at the end of her rope. If we can’t wean her off the addiction now, she might not last the week.”

“I feel for you Mr. White, but my hands are tied. NPC officials will be here in the morning to collect the data, and if we can give them something, then maybe they will not sue us for false advertising. I doubt they were expecting their money to be spent on a “cure” that could cripple their business. You must understand the situation you’ve place the university in, Charles.”

I clenched my jaw so hard I thought it might crack, “I understand, sir.”

I understood that I’d do whatever it took to save my family.

* * *

That night I was at my computer going through my options. Without the resources of the university lab, I couldn’t produce any more of the pills. Looking for an alternative wasn’t promising. I had neither the results and credentials that would make me trustworthy at other universities, nor the thousands of dollars I’d need in the private sector. And I didn’t have time for either option.

As I chased yet another dead end, I heard the door to my bedroom open and a familiar voice called out to me. “Sweetie, do you have a moment?”

I turned around in my chair and saw my mother in the doorway. She was dressed in a baggy t-shirt with no bra underneath and an old pair of blue pajama bottoms. Her dirty blonde hair was getting a bit ratty from skipping showers for a few days and her skin was blotchy like a teen going through puberty. She was not what you’d expect at all from a forty-three-year-old woman. She still had her figure, though it was a bit pear-shaped with extra plumpness around her waist and hips.

Looking at her I saw a body that had enjoyed the hell out of life back in her twenties but hadn’t done a thing to keep it healthy since. Years of neglect had taken a hard toll on my mom even before my dad and the accident. It was a moment that changed our family forever. They were coming home from a Christmas party and my dad shouldn’t have been driving after all the wine they’d both had. My dad swerved to miss a deer crossing the road and crashed the car into a telephone pole.

My dad came away from it with a few bruised ribs but the accident completely shattered my mom’s pelvis along with the scapula of her shoulder alongside thirteen other breaks. She was in a medically induced coma for weeks, in traction for months, and, when she came out of it, was completely addicted to pain pills. It was codeine to start, but quickly moved to OxyContin, and finally ended on Fentanyl. We blew through our savings and my dad had to work double-shifts to support us. I took out five-figure student loans to get my BS in Chemistry, hoping I could get hired by NPC. I needed to pay off my loans, help my family, and most importantly, save my mother and those like her from the poisons slowly killing them.

“How’s it going? Are you—... did you finish? Can I see?” She was like a kid fidgeting on Christmas morning before being allowed to open presents. It might have been cute if she wasn’t due to her addiction.


“Mom, you look terrible, have you showered? There are clean clothes in the hamper. You know you need to take care of yourself. I can’t be here taking care of your needs constantly.”

She folded her arms across her stomach, evidently annoyed with me. “Charles, sweetie, don’t forget your place here. If you keep up that tone, the one where it’s like you’re talking to a child, I’m not going to stand for it.” She sighed, placing her hand on her shoulder. “I’m just having a bad day. I’ve run out of my medicine and I’m hurting something awful.”

I didn’t say anything. I could tell that, rather than annoyed, she was feeling more ashamed with herself than anything and this was her way of hiding it from me.

She continued, “I remember you told me how close you were coming up with a cure, some anti-drug that could help me with my... well, needs..”

“I said I was close, but Dr. Johnson just confiscated my research and demanded I turn over everything I had to him to give to NPC, which I expect they will want to destroy. I just needed a few more days and one more test subject. I’m so sorry I’ve let you down, Mother.”

I showed her a tray of blue-colored pills on my desk saying, “Thanks to some help from my lab assistant Stephanie, I was able to bring home these last few samples and a copy of my research notes I emailed to myself, so maybe, just maybe...”

Rather than listen anymore, she snatched one of the pills from out of the tray compartment and shoved it into her mouth, dry-swallowing it in one gulp, “Sorry, Charles, Mommy was just too excited to see what you’d made.”

“Oh shit, Mom, you really shouldn’t have done that!” I said as I stared at her in shock.

She stared back.


“Mom...? How are you feeling?”

Part of me thought that maybe I shouldn’t have brought these pills home. But the other part, the Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Frankenstein side that probably lurks in all the “too smart for their own good” scientists in the world thought this might happen. I knew how impulsive she was. Part of me knew that this would happen and I had subconsciously orchestrated it.

My mother was going to be my last test subject, and hopefully the beginning of the end to opioid addiction—maybe even all addictions everywhere.

Please God, let there be no side-effects this time.

The moment passed and I realized she hadn’t answered the question. She hadn’t said anything. Or moved from her spot. She was frozen in place, as still as a statue!

“Mom. Mom?! Can you hear me?” I waved my hand in front of her face, but her eyes were frozen and dilated. My mind wandered towards stories I’d heard of research into tonic immobility, a phenomenon where animals would be completely frozen in place after being exposed to a simple trigger. But I’d never heard of it being induced by a drug.

She was just standing there, mouth hanging open, eyes glassy, arms limp at her side. That was not supposed to happen! The prior 3 trials were all with animals which had exhibited some reduction in addictive behavior and, after falling asleep for several days, they returned to their original addicted, highly agitated states. Worse, none of them survived more than a month from starting the trial. With no way to understand what was happening in their emotional response centers, the results were deemed inconclusive and the plug was pulled when I suggested human trials.

“No way, the FDA would allow human trials. Not until we fix that ‘kills you a month after taking it’ problem.” Stephanie reminded me just last week. We were working late one night when I had got a frantic call from my mom about my dad. She found out he was cheating on her and she was really broken up about it, using up all her remaining Fentanyl in one massive binge.

That’s why I was so desperate to fix the formula and save my mother. My father would be another story.

Meanwhile, time stretched on for what I thought was forever until I heard her reply, “I...hear you...”

I breathed out a sigh of relief. She wasn’t a vegetable. Still, I didn’t understand what had caused this tonic immobility. Maybe some effect on the brain of higher developed mammals compared to the animal trials I had been allowed to test on.

I spoke to her with my most reassuring tone, “If my latest formula works, you should wake up in a few minutes and stop craving those painkillers. You can act like yourself again.”

Since this was the first human trial, I had no idea if that was true at all. At this point, I could only hope.

I just wanted my mother to go back to normal. Back to the woman who had raised me, not the shadow of herself she’d become. She hadn’t the energy or desire to make rice, let alone a full meal, in years.

“I really miss your cooking. All I want is for you to enjoy cooking for me again just like the old times.”

“...stop...craving...acting like...” She mumbled back to me, “”

I left her standing there and started reviewing my notes, looking for a missed detail that might have caused this reaction. I’d only just gotten started though when she revitalized.

“I’m feeling fine, honey. Oh. It kind of tingles inside. Is that normal?” She answered my previous question as if she’d skipped forward in time. Did she not remember being frozen?

“Um. Yeah. That’s how you know it’s working.” I glanced at the clock. Approximately one hundred seconds of tonic immobility and incoherent mumbling. An odd side-effect to be sure, but if it worked as intended, then it was a small price to play. I’d just need to make sure that no one took these while driving if they ever went to market.

She gave me a big, warm grin I’d not seen in years. “Well, thanks so much, honey! Mommy knew she could count on you.”

* * *

She left and I continued my research, tried running computer simulations of the interactions with the human, etc. I got so absorbed in the work like I usually did that, when I looked at the clock, I saw that it was morning and I had wasted the whole night to trying to figure out the cause of the side-effect with no progress. I stretched out in my chair and yawned, triggering my stomach to make a loud grumble. I’d only eaten some dry cereal for breakfast the previous morning and nothing for almost 24 hours since.

I was starving.

I left my room to prepare the usual cereal but, as soon as I stepped out, a familiar aroma hit my nose. I sniffed, followed the olfactory trail, and my eyes went wide when I saw the spread that had been laid out on the kitchen table.

Eggs. Bacon. Ham. Pancakes soaked with syrup and a big plate full of homemade biscuits, the gravy bowl full and steaming. All of it dripping with fat and butter and making my mouth water.

“There you are,” my mother said as she came in from the kitchen with a plate of sausages and various cheeses. She’d had showered and changed into a light summer dress, and she was wearing an apron over it. Not just that, she seemed to be wearing a bit of makeup; her face was looking more clear and smooth than it had in years. “I was just about to come and get you. Breakfast is ready!”

The pill had been meant to cure her addiction to opiates. This burst of manic energy wasn’t planned. As I filled my plate and took a seat, I thought about this new side-effect and what could be its cause...and quickly deduced an answer.

“All I want is for you to enjoy cooking for me again just like the old times.” A suggestion made and received under the initial digestion of the pill.

Those words I’d said to her while she’d been frozen. Even if she’d shown no awareness while in that state, the words I’d spoken to her must have had a lasting impact on her. Fascinating.

“You know, Charles, that little blue pill you made is amazing. I haven’t had another craving all morning, and I just feel so full of vim and vigor.” She giggled. It was the first time I could remember her giggling.

“Do you feel any other differences, Mom?”

“Please, dear, call me Helen from now on.” Another side-effect? Was she viewing me differently? “I couldn’t be more proud of you. You’re going to change the world someday, and I’ll—”

Before she could finish, the front door opened and then slammed shut. That must have been my father coming home to make a scene. “I’ll go ahead and finish this in my room. Thanks for making breakfast, Mom.”

“Helen, please, dear.”

She pursed her lips together with what I thought was loving “air” kiss as I left the room.

I passed by father, Mark, on my way to my room and didn’t say a word. He didn’t say anything either.

As I made it back to my room and closed the door behind me, I tried to put him out of my head. I had more important work to do. The compound I’d made was a monumental breakthrough but there were still too many unknowns. It needed more study.

And more trials.

I texted Stephanie. No response. Tried again. No response. I heard shouting in the other room. My father’s loud voice was accompanied with my mother pleading with him. The front door again opening and then violently slamming shut. He had left as quickly as he had come.

Finally, I got a call back from Stephanie. “Stay away from campus. The people from NPC are here and they ran a check on the 3D printer. Ingredients are missing and they suspect that we made more pills than we told Dr. Johnson. I lied and told him we used it for something else, but I don’t know if they believed me.”

“Thanks Stephanie.” I told her about my mom taking the pill and the strange reactions she’d shown, as well as the very positive progress she’d made. She reacted with the horror you would expect of a person learning you were testing a potentially deadly compound on a loved one, but I was eventually able to calm her down.

She asked about any other physical side-effects. I told her that my mom looked better, but without a full body exam, which I wasn’t prepared or qualified to do, I didn’t have an answer. I told her I would take a blood sample and asked if she could bring me the micro-analyzer from the lab and maybe help me examine my mom.

Luckily for me, she said yes. I only lived 15 minutes from campus so I knew she would be here soon.

Mom, or as she now preferred to be called, Helen, was looking cheery. Too cheery. I was worried. It had been about 12 hours since she took the pill and in my prior trials the subjects had all reverted to their addicted states by now.

When Stephanie arrived, I put her right to work. I had Stephanie prepare to take a blood sample. I looked to mom- Helen. “Helen, could you please sit down? Stephanie needs to take a little blood.”

“Of course, dear, anything you ask, dear.” That was weird. I had never heard that tone from my mother before. But come to think of it, I had never heard her want to be called by her given name by me before either.

Stephanie took the blood sample and in a few minutes as I was examining the sample under the microscope, I heard her say to Stephanie, “I don’t suppose you’re single, are you? It’s been forever since my son had a date. A lovely girl like you would—”

“Mom! I mean...Helen, you shouldn’t say that!”

“Yes dear, anything you say dear.” It was that same monotone response as before.

Stephanie asked, “Do you think this is a side effect of the pill?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Yes, definitely. She’d never say anything like that before.”

“About the pills, sir. Can I have another?” It was my mother again, almost with a begging voice. “It made me feel real good. No more pain. And..and I threw out all the hidden opioids I had stashed.”

“Why did you do that?” Both Stephanie and I almost asked in unison.

“Because you told me too, sir.”

I did?

“Didn’t you...? I could have sworn you did. You told me to act like myself, back when...back, when did you say that again?” Helen tilted her head and tapped her chin as she tried to recall.

She might not have been able to, but I could. It appeared that while her short-term memory of the trance was forgotten, the long-term memory of the suggestions I’d given her had stuck, leading to her confusion.

Now it was Stephanie and my turn to be frozen in disbelief for what felt like an eternity.

Stephanie said, “It appears there’s some kind of hypnotic side effect. I’m afraid where this might lead if she has any more.”

Just then, mom started to shake uncontrollably. She convulsed with muscle spasms and her eyes went wide open. “Please make it stop. I’ll do anything to make the pain stop, please I just need one more pill. Please sir, please, miss.”

I didn’t know what to do; I opened the tray of 11 pills and she instantly took another blue pill. Once more she had popped it into her mouth and dry swallowed it.

Stephanie couldn’t take it. She left the room and left me alone with my mother, wanting to at least preserve her innocence to the authorities when the time came.

“Helen, can you hear me?”

“” She slowly parroted back.

A hypnotic side-effect? So she was in some sort of trance right now. The fact that she had thrown out her stash showed just how powerful the suggestions could be. But still...I needed to test it more. For science. I certainly didn’t have any shady ulterior motives here. This was all for her benefit. I was doing this for her own good.

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“You love cleaning. Cleaning the whole house makes you happy. You want to clean every room and keep it clean. You’re happy to see any new messes because it just gives you something new to clean.”

“” She was repeating words back to me, still lost in that trance-like tonic immobility.

That ought to do it. Ever since I’d been a kid, she’d always gotten on to me for not keeping my room tidy, right up until her addiction and downward spiral. If she went back to “normal”, then that should include nagging me to keep my room clean. And if this was something more...I’d at least confirm what was going on.

I went further. One thing I also noticed was that my mother looked almost five years younger. The thickness around her waist had been cut, making her less pear-shaped and closer to an hourglass. I saw now that she wasn’t wearing makeup and that instead her skin had cleared up and taken on a healthy glow all on its own. The flab on her arms was gone and even her fingernails looked bright and fresh.

Most striking of all perhaps was that her breasts had gone from a sagging C-cup to a rather perky set of double DDs. She was wearing another t-shirt this morning, but her breasts had enough lift that the bottom of her t-shirt was pulled up over her navel, showing off her new lack of a muffin-top.

“You love to show off your body. You want me to look at you. It turns you on. There’s nothing wrong with me staring at you.”

“ off...body...want look...turns me...on...nothing wrong...”

Where had that come from? It would certainly be an unusual behavior, but just why would I...

...okay, I can admit it. Looking at her now, she was attractive. I shouldn’t have been turned on by my own mother, but the combination of her rejuvenated looks and the thrill of the power I held over her was getting me excited. Even so, I reminded myself that this was just a test. It wouldn’t go any further than that.

“It’’s okay for me to touch you. There’s nothing wrong with me feeling you up.” I added before the trance wore off.

“...okay for touch...nothing wrong...feeling me...up...”

I regretted it immediately. I was crossing a dangerous line and I had to stop myself before it went any further, “Actually, forget that last part.”

“Forget what part, sir?” She asked, her blue eyes bright and clear once more. The tonic immobility had worn off again and she had definitely changed.

“Oh um...nothing. Nevermind.”

“Of course, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?” She asked, eager to please. The way she said it made me think that anything was really on the table.

“No, I’m good. I have a lot of work I need to get through. The pills aren’t exactly tested and I need to run a few more simulations. Make sure they’re...well, safe.”

“Well, I won’t get in your way then. I know just how important your work is. If you need anything at all though, please don’t hesitate to call for me.” She gave me a light kiss on the cheek, then let herself out of the room.

I slumped back into my chair. I didn’t know whether I should feel more guilty for testing a dangerous compound on her or for taking advantage of her addled mind while doing so.

Oddly enough, the thing I felt guiltiest about was the lack of guilt I was feeling. I could see my actions from an outside perspective as being taboo, selfish, dangerous, bordering on evil...but my heart was in the right place. Furthermore, my calculations were correct. This was all for her own good.

Not long after Helen left, Stephanie let herself back into the room, “We should get her to a hospital, shouldn’t we? You know what happened to the lab mice.”

“She’ll be fine. She’s healthier than ever. The problem with the lab mice were that their tiny brains couldn’t handle the neurogenesis and telomere repair process. Helen has shown herself capable of handling both and pain-free to boot. I was right about everything; this pill is going to change the world.”

Stephanie didn’t look so sure, but the meek girl knew better than to really disagree with me, “Okay...but if something does go wrong, you’ll take her, right?”

“Of course. But trust me, she won’t need it. More importantly, we need more than just the samples you snuck out. I have the formulas, but production requires the latest in 3D printing...and there are only six of those in the country. Not to mention what Johnson and NPC might do if they figure out we’re still doing this research.”

“I...I’ll try and look into it. Maybe solve both our problems if I can make a new batch in the lab. Then they can destroy some of those, which would take the heat off of you, and you could have the rest.” Stephanie offered.

I looked at her. At the way she fidgeted. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she had a crush on me. That worked well to my advantage, “Do it. But be careful.”

“Hmph.” She flipped her hair, “Says the mad scientist.”

We shared a laugh, a small hug, and then she left.

On my own again, I started looking for alternatives. Room-sized 3D printers were all well and good, but hardly practical. I had an idea for something more viable in the long-term, and I spent the rest of the day working out just how I’d be able to pull it off.

As the sun was going down, I heard Helen call for me from downstairs, “Charles...! Dinner is ready. You should come down and eat it while it’s still hot, sir!”

I pulled off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. Dinner sounded good. I headed downstairs towards the kitchen table, and what I saw made me suck the air through my teeth as if I’d just been shot.

* * *

Mother was setting the table with her back to me and she was giving me a view of damn near everything. Her slender shoulders, the curve of her spine, her long legs, hips that were still terribly thick and an ass that couldn’t be contained by the black panties she was wearing. She turned around as I approached and I saw she was wearing a frilly apron she had dusted off. Her perky breasts poked out of the top so that I could see the barest edge of her areola, with the hem of the apron barely making it to her thighs, “There you are. I hope you’re hungry, sir.”

I didn’t trust myself to speak, so I just nodded and took my seat. I know I had been the one to tell her to show off her body, but this was...this was a whole other level than what I’d had in mind.

While I ate, she was busying herself cleaning the kitchen, starting with the floor. She’d taken the mop bucket and filled it with warm, soapy water, but rather than use the mop, she had soaked a sponge and was scrubbing at it by hand.

That meant that she was on her hands and knees in front of me and I could watch her breasts swing back and forth as she scrubbed down every inch. She looked at me, saw that I was staring, and she licked her lips, “Not bad, right? I hope you don’t think this is too slutty. I would have worn a bra, but none of mine fit anymore. I’ll need to go shopping soon.”

I looked around; I’d never seen the rest of the house looking so spotless. She must have spent the entire day cleaning. I had a feeling she had saved the kitchen floor for last, just to give me the perfect unobstructed view while I ate.

“Um...okay...” I wasn’t thinking clearly. Those breasts might have been hypnotic in their own right.

“Be sure to clean your plate, young man,” she said, winking. She then turned around and I couldn’t help but watch her ass swaying side to side as she kept scrubbing.

Engrossed, I watched my mother clean the floor, not even noticing I was eating until everything was gone. I shook my head, then grabbed my plate and made my way over to the sink.

Mother saw me approaching and intercepted, “Let me take care of that, sir. I’m sure you have a million other more important things you need to take care of with your big brain.”

I handed off the plate and watched her rinse it off in the sink, humming happily to her own tune, and shaking her ass to an imaginary beat. Shaking it just for me.

I couldn’t resist. I ran my hand up her thigh, then gave her ass a light squeeze, “Th-thanks, Mom. I really appreciate it.”

She didn’t seem to mind my touch. If anything, she was pushing back against it, “Of course, sweetie. Anything for you.”

She dried off her hands with a rag, then grabbed the wrist holding her ass. I worried for a moment that I had gone too far...but then she pulled my hand up to her chest, underneath the apron, “You’re always working so hard. It just feels nice to be able to make myself useful to you.”

My mouth dropped open and I nodded dumbly. Stunned, I made my way to the bathroom and I had the coldest shower of my life.

I let the freezing water run for ten minutes and it was doing absolutely nothing to cool me down. I couldn’t get the image of her out of my mind. Eventually, I gave up trying to distract myself with the cold water and went back to my room to the one thing that could get my mind off of her: my research.

I didn’t even bother trying to get any sleep that night. I knew if I got into bed my mind would go where it shouldn’t. Instead, I was running computer simulations and looking at petri dishes under my microscope, filling up my whiteboard with long mathematical formulae, and staring at the ceiling lost in thought.

For the first few hours, it felt like I was spinning my tires in sand. The problem seemed impossible. Around midnight though, I had a breakthrough, and from there it was just a matter of running all the numbers.

In the morning, I had my prototype ready. The liquid solution from one of the blue pills had been extracted. The CRISPR viral agent had been replaced with a new strain, one that I had modified with a special set of instructions. The process required using up three of the pills, but if my hypothesis was correct, it would create a durable supply.

The chemical compound was mixed into a solution. It glowed with a soft orange light in the test tube, a result of the unstable nature of the compound. In just a few hours it’d be inert and useless. There was no time to hesitate.

I swallowed all of the orange liquid from the test tube, then washed it down with a few mouthfuls of water from a glass. I looked at the clock, preparing myself for the short trance, but to my surprise and relief it didn’t come on. I felt warmth spreading through my stomach, tingling as Helen had described...and then pain.

Lots and lots of pain.

I barely made it to my bed before I collapsed, and from there the next few hours proceeded slowly. My insides felt as though they were melting, my head felt like it was being split apart, and the rest of me was aching and sore.

It was relentless. I prayed that I would pass out from the pain, and then I prayed that it would kill me. Eventually, mercifully, I passed out, and sleep overtook me.

When I woke up, the bedsheets were soaked in sweat and the pain was gone. More than that, when I got up out of bed, I could see the text on my computer screen in sharp focus even though my glasses were still on the desk. My body felt light, almost as if it weighed nothing. Looking down, I appreciated the svelte frame I now had, reminding myself of professional runners. My stomach rumbled and I knew on an instinctual level that if I ate enough, I’d only ever put on pounds of muscle rather than fat.

Part one of my hypothesis had been confirmed! The modified pill had always had a serious side-effect when tested on male lab mice, but by disabling certain parts of the viral strain, I’d been able to avoid it. When I’d tested the same idea on the mice, they’d ended up making the most awful noises until their hearts gave out, but I’d been right that a sturdier human body would be able to survive the process.

If just barely.

The drug had made me healthier than I’d ever been, but that wasn’t why I had done it. It was time for hypothesis number two.

And for that, I needed a volunteer.

As if she was being summoned, there was a knock on the door, “Charlie, sir? Are you there? May I please come in?”

The polite knocking was a far cry from the way she would normally burst into my room unannounced.

“Door’s open.” I sat up, dressed in just my boxers and t-shirt. Since it was soaked and clinging to me with all the sweat from last night, I pulled the shirt up over my head as she entered. Shirtless, I looked up at her, “What do you need, Helen?”

She was dressed in just a hot pink pair of panties and a mostly transparent nightie, but she looked absolutely shameless as she entered. She was looking at me now, and I could tell from my experience with Stephanie that she liked what she saw. In that moment I knew that I wasn’t the only one thinking inappropriate thoughts, “Sir...the pain is back. It hurts...I...I need more. Please, sir, can I have another pill?”

I wondered for a moment whether in my quest to cure addictions, I’d instead created the most addictive substance of all. I didn’t distract myself for long though, “I’ve only got a few left. I need to make them count. You’ve already had two. Do you really think you deserve another?”

“I...I...please, sir...I need it. Mommy needs her medicine. Charlie, please...” I watched with satisfaction as she got down on her knees and grabbed my thigh, looking up at me with big, pleading eyes.

She’d changed more since yesterday. Her hair was shining like spun gold and not only did she look to be under thirty, but she was far hotter than she’d ever been growing up. Her breasts had gone up another cup size or two while her waist had narrowed and her hips had flared. She was hot enough to be a model. And she was all mine.

“Okay, okay. You can have it.” I watched her face light up before I added, “But...but you need to do something for me first.”

She nodded her head up and down, her perfect hair bouncing. “Yes, sir! Of course, sir! What do you need?”

I pulled my boxers down my legs and tossed them off. My cock was already stiff and I noticed with some pride that it had been enhanced as well, swelling up to an impressive nine inches.

“I need you to take care of this.”

“You need me to...but’re my...” I could see the conflict playing out across her face. I was her son. She was my mother. What I was suggesting, what she was thinking, was absolutely taboo, completely wrong. But she wanted it. She wanted to please me. And more than anything else, she was a junkie in need of her next hit.

“Yes, sir. If...if it will help you.” She took my manhood in her small, dainty hands and stroked me up and down. My cock twitched with pleasure, but she was just getting started. She leaned forward, gave the head of my cock a slow, reverent kiss, then worshiped it like her new idol.

Her tongue tasted every inch of me, hot and soft and wet, getting my cock slippery with her drool and my own pre-cum. She kept stroking me with one hand, lightly massaging my balls with the other. I was already getting close to cumming after just a few minutes, but then she escalated things yet again.

Her soft lips wrapped around my cock and she took me inside of her mouth. Her tongue was swirling along the underside of my cock and I could feel her taking it all the way to the back of her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, and I couldn’t help but groan with pleasure. Pleasure unlike anything I’d ever known.

She kept stroking, kept massaging, kept bobbing her head, till she pulled out with a pop and begged me, “Please, sir...cum in my mouth...let me swallow up your seed, let me make you feel good...Mommy wants it, wants your thick, tasty cum, wants your...grk...!”

I had to cut her off, shoving my cock back into her mouth, down into her throat. I pumped her head up and down just a few times and I was past my limit. It was the best orgasm of my life, long thick ropes of cum being blasted into her mouth and down her throat.

She coughed and gasped for air once I released her, but she was smiling as she looked up at me. “Was that good, sir? Can I have a blue pill now? Pretty pluh—”

I wore my own grin as I looked down at her, my cum dribbling down her chin, her face frozen with that now familiar blankness.

It had worked! The unstable pill I had taken last night had worked! The very same chemical compound inside of those blue pills was now constantly being produced inside of my body. My cum had been transformed. And to my great delight, it had the very same effect on my mother as the pills did.

“Listen to me, Helen. Things are going to change.”


“For your own good, I am now your lord and master.”


“You are my slave. My property.”


“You exist to serve me. You exist for my pleasure.”

“...serve...your pleasure...”

“You will do anything for me. Nothing makes your happier than obeying me.”

“...anything...happy to...obey...”

“You’re my slut. My fucktoy. My sex slave.”

“Mmm...yes, Master, of course! I love being your sexy fucktoy.” Helen said as she came out of the trance without missing a beat. She scraped up the cum from her chin and licked it off her fingers, then cleaned my cock off with her tongue, “I don’t care about the pills anymore, Master. I just want to make you happy.”

My cock was already responding again, getting stiff as she vigorously licked and sucked on it, “Fuck me, Master...please fuck your slave.”

I had crossed a line. This was no longer about saving my mother. This wasn’t even about her anymore. I knew that she wouldn’t be able to satisfy me on her own for long, that I needed my own harem now, that I was destined to rule over them with the absolute authority that was my right.

I realized that there was a high likelihood that the pill I’d taken had warped my own morality, corrupted me, made me give in to my dark urges. Then at that moment I realized that I didn’t care.

* * *