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Bluepilled Chapter 2

Less than a minute after I had cum down the throat of my mother, my cock was already getting stiff again. A man’s refractory period comes about from the release of prolactin in the brain. Evolutionary biology’s reasoning for it was that semen needed some time to make it to the egg, and further intercourse could instead scoop out all the hard work.

That made sense for a man with only one woman. But as hot as my mother had become, there was no way I was going to be able to stop myself at a single girl. I deserved a harem, and thanks to the dangerous chemical experiment I’d put myself through, my body was changing to be more than capable of satisfying one.

I lifted Helen up off her knees and put her on all fours on the bed, manipulating her as easily as a ragdoll. She let her head rest on the pillow, reached back and spread her asscheeks open with both hands, “Master, are you going to fuck me now?”

I’d always been too busy with my research to think about relationships and sex. Beyond some idle curiosity, I’d never even had time for porn, not when there was so much depth to neurochemistry and its related fields. That is to say I didn’t have much experience or knowledge when it came to lovemaking.

That was okay though, I was running on pure instinct, a primal urge to breed.

I slapped my cock in between her cheeks, let it grind against her for a few seconds, then shoved it between her thighs, let it rock against her without penetrating just yet. I could feel her wet slit rubbing against my hard length, hot and slimy with her wetness. The stimulation from the grinding was making her moan like I’d never heard before, wholly unrecognizable from the mother I’d known.

Her body was shivering, her perfect heart-shaped ass pushing back against me, “Please, Master...please...want it so bad...feels so good…”

I gripped her hips in one hand, then used the other to guide in my cock. I fumbled for only a few seconds before I felt her her body yield to me, opening up and accepting my cock. Once the head was inside, the rest followed with a single thrust.

She cried out sharply, and I felt a tinge of guilt with what I had left of my humanity. I wasn’t going to stop—the feeling of her velvet walls wrapped around and sucking on me was the best sensation of my entire life, even better than the blowjob she’d just given me—but I didn’t want to hurt her any more than necessary, “Do I need to slow down?”

“Nuh-no, Master! It’s just...when you forced yourself inside of me, I came. Oh god...I’ve never cum like that before...” she admitted.

I felt my cock twitch while still buried deep inside of her. That was all the encouragement I needed to stop holding back. I grabbed onto her with both hands, then began to hammer into her with all my strength.

The moans she had made before were mere whispers compared to her reactions now. She was screaming herself hoarse, her voice cracking, begging me for more, “OH yes...Master, use me! Fuck me! Breed me! I’m your slutty sex slave, so just...nnnguuhhh…!!!”

Each time I forced an orgasm out of her she’d break down completely, unable to speak beyond the primal grunts, her pussy spasming around my cock. I wasn’t restraining myself, but including the first one from the initial penetration, I counted four orgasms before I managed to finish inside of her.

Hot, thick, sticky cum flooded into her womb and a wave of intense relief and satisfaction washed over me. I gave another few pumps before pulling out, then joined her at the head of the bed, lying on my back, fully contented.

My body was, at least. My scientific mind wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. I had just administered a non-oral dose of the blue pill formula, it would be good to record its effects.

“Slave, clean me off. Use your tongue,” I commanded.

“O-of course, Master. Th-thank you.” Her voice was weak and a bit unsteady, her whole body still recovering from the fun I had just had, but she was showing full awareness. When she crawled to the foot of the bed and started running her hot tongue over my balls and working her way up, her movements were fluid and natural, and as she looked up at me worshipfully, I could see a full awareness in her eyes.

“I suppose that means that the changes are complete, and a tolerance has been developed against the tonic immobility side effect.”

“Mapherr...?” She said with the head of my cock buried in her mouth, not understanding at all what I was talking about. She’d cleaned off enough of my cum that if it had depended on oral administration, she’d have gone under by now.

I concluded that she no longer went into a trance from contact with the formula, but I wondered if she would still remain suggestible, especially towards the one she had imprinted on.

“Listen to me, slave. Your new name is Elle. In fact, it has always been Elle. You’re no longer my mother. Your only identity is that of my obedient sex slave, born into this world just to serve me. Is that clear?”

“Of course, Master! I just hope you’ll always find me pleasing enough to keep me as your property.” She answered.

That was the experiment, time for the control. I brought out my phone, browsed for a few minutes, then played a video for, Elle. Helen had been my mother. No matter how I looked at this gorgeous sexpot, I couldn’t recognize her as the same person. She was Elle from this moment on.

The video was a simple advertisement for laundry detergent. One that told the viewer Every home needs Wavy Clean for truly clean clothing.

Once the ad finished playing, I asked, “What do we need for truly clean clothing in this home?”

She smiled, gave a short giggle, “Why me, Master! I just love doing your laundry, cooking your meals...every way to serve you its own unique pleasure! Um...if you want me to switch to Wavy Clean for our detergent, of course I’d throw the detergent we’re using out immediately...but that brand hasn’t the stain-fighting power of the brand we use, so…”

Interesting. She was still suggestible, but only to the things I had said to her directly. I’d have to watch my words around her...and conduct some further testing.

I snapped a picture of her from the neck up for use later, then said, “Elle, this phone cover is red. That’s what I say, but I want you to tell me how it appears to you.”

The back of the phone wasn’t red though. It was a simple black case.

“Red, Master. The same shade of deep red as that slinky dress I have in my closet. Oh, would you like to see me in it?”

That confirmed it. Her memories, her personality, even her perception of reality all hinged on my will. The power I had over her was...intoxicating.

“Maybe later. For now, how about—”

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted me. I glanced at the clock, saw that it was still only 9:30, and went to go and see who it could be at this hour. I was still undressed, but this was my home. And with the new body I had made for myself, I had absolutely nothing to hide.

I opened the door and saw Stephanie. The mousy brunette was dressed in her casual clothes, an oversized black hoodie, black yoga pants, and white sneakers with ankle socks, “I just came here from the campus. I don’t think they suspect anything yet but...oh...oh my!”

She quickly covered her eyes with one hand, a fierce blush on her cheeks, “Why are you naked? Have...have you been working out?”

I laughed, pulled her body against me, and gave her a deep kiss, my tongue probing inside her mouth, feeling her melt against me, “After seeing how effective things were on my mother, I decided to run another experiment. On myself this time. Not only did the formula work, but now I’m producing a completely organic version of the formula inside of my body that I can transmit to others.”

“Whuh huh…?” She asked, her head rolling on her shoulders, dazed from the kiss. I gave her a few seconds for my words to sink it, and when they did, her eyes popped open wide, “You did what?! But all the trials. The telomere repair sequence would always ‘fix’ XY chromosomes by transforming them into XX. And the workarounds we tried...those mice always died horribly.”

The blue pill formula rejuvenated the human body with a bottom-up approach. Each strand of DNA was restored to the healthiest state possible, and from there the DNA instructed the body to rebuild itself into its most optimal form.

The Y chromosome hardly looked healthy. It was a bare fraction of the size of an X chromosome and only had 3% as many genes. Because of this, the formula would copy over the X chromosome and replace the Y. When this was done to the test mice, the males actually transformed into females. If not for the special inhibitor I’d developed on the ‘orange’ formula I’d tried last night, it would have happened to me as well.

“It’s just like I told you back in the lab. The only reason the mice died was that they were too weak. A stronger organism, say, a human...would have no trouble surviving,” I told her. I didn’t mention that it really had nearly killed me. No need to worry the girl.

“Oh...okay...but why are you naked?” She circled back to her earlier question.

“I had just finished fucking the brains out of my mother when you rang the doorbell. Do you have a problem with it?” I said with a wolfish, predatory grin.

“Not...not really, no. Your mother though? That’s…” First had been the kiss, the revelation about the dangerous human testing I’d gotten up to, and now the incest. I was dropping bombshells on her faster than she could keep up.

“Come on. You didn’t come all this way just to tell me we were still in the clear. What really brought you over?” I asked.

“...oh! I may have found another lab. Dynamic Medical. Because of the new FDA regulations, some of their drug line research has had to been frozen, so they have a lot of equipment that’s just gathering dust right now. I told them about the project, what we’ve accomplished so far, and their head of research said to come by for an interview.” She was wagging her ass side to side as she delivered the good news, smiling ear to ear like she expected a treat.

Her reward was a rough pat and scratch on the head, “Good girl. That’s fantastic news! After last night’s experiment, I’ve only six pills left, and even now we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible on two iterations. When is the meeting scheduled?”

“Um...she said she’d like to see us as soon as possible, so I told her we’d be there by ten.”

That earned her a playful swat on her ass, “You should’ve told me that part sooner! Hold on, I’ll get dressed.”

Stephanie followed me back to my bedroom. Elle was there waiting, leaning against the headboard of the bed, her legs spread open wide, her fingers slowly pumping in and out of her pussy, “Good morning, Steph! Are you going to join Master’s harem too?”

“Am I…? N-no, I don’t...I shouldn’t…” She looked to me for backup.

“Stephanie has already been serving me well for months. I’ve already decided I’ll be taking care of her,” I answered for Stephanie as I wiped the sweat off my body with a towel.

“Wh-wh-what?!” It wasn’t the answer Stephanie had been expecting.

“Interpret as you will. I won’t do anything to you that you don’t ask of me though.” I reassured her as I pulled on one of my old white t-shirts, a pair of fresh boxers, and some jeans. With the pounds of flab that had melted from my gut and become muscle elsewhere around my body, the jeans were a bit tight while the shirt was fitting a bit loose, but that just meant I didn’t need the belt to go with it. I made a mental note to get some clothes shopping done sooner rather than later.

I took four of the remaining six pills from the metal tray I’d been keeping them on, “I’ll be back in a few hours. Have a hot meal waiting for me when I get back.”

Elle licked her lips, got onto her feet, “Yes, Master! Have a safe trip, I can’t wait to suck your cock under the table when you get back.”

As I left the house with Stephanie, she was still in a state of mild shock, “I can’t believe your mother was acting like that. This formula, these changes...are we being unethical?”

I got into the driver’s seat and had her hand me the keys, “Only if you look at it through the smudged lens of society’s norms. By any objective standard, she’s never been healthier or happier.”

“Yeah, I’ve never met anyone so hot…” Stephanie agreed, blushing once more when she realized what she’d just admitted, “If I...If I took one of the pills, do you think I would end up like that?”

“Hard to say.”

“Would you...would you make me call you Master, use me like a sex object?” She squeaked out, swallowing hard after she’d said it.

“Definitely.” I confirmed her fear, “Does that excite you?”

“Well, maybe…”

* * *

Once we arrived, we met with Dr. Jian Pao and were given a tour of the building. That involved going through two different security checkpoints and taking an elevator down into the underground, but it was worth it.

The laboratory at Dynamic Medical were impressive, like night and day compared to the campus lab I’d been working at using outdated machinery. My mind was spinning with all the new possibilities access to these resources would make possible.

After the tour, we settled into Pao’s office to discuss terms.

“I’ve been looking at your research notes, reviewing the experimental data you collected on lab mice, and quite frankly, it is very hard to believe this is not all one elaborate hoax. But on the chance that you are a legitimate researcher, we at DM would very much want you working here.” Pao said from behind her desk. She was a pretty Chinese woman. She was somewhere in her early 40s, but with her short, petite body and smooth pale almond skin she could easily have passed for someone fifteen years younger.

She was wearing a turtleneck sweater and dark slacks with a long white labcoat over it, her hair done up in a professional bun with two chopsticks crisscrossed inside of it, and she wore heavy black glasses with a thick prescription lens.

“So before we go any further, I would like you to personally validate some of the extraordinary claims you have made,” She finished. Her Chinese accent was thick, but the female scientist very carefully enunciated each and every word with precise pronunciation.

I had been expecting as much, and I’d prepared. I took out my phone, opened a file to start playing, then handed it over to her, “This is a time lapse video of our treatment of subject 51248. Pause the video and take note of the missing patches of fur and the morbid obesity. This rat was four years and two weeks old at the time of the recording, the oldest we had available.”

“I see.” She paused and studied the mouse in the frame as I asked, then restarted the playback. She watched in silence, and I watched as her eyes went from focused, to curious, to astonished, all the way to disbelieving and back to astonished once more. She was watching an animal at death’s door be given a second chance, restored to the prime of its life, “This is...this is incredible!”

“What would you say if I told you that was just the beginning? That we’re ready to start human trials immediately?” I prodded her.

Her mouth fell open, “Well, I...I would say that is impossible. I saw the data. Your experiments, under the normal procedures human testing would still be months, maybe years away, especially with just how little is understood about the chemical reactions at work here. Experimenting on humans would be dangerous, reckless, and—”

I interrupted her, taking out one of the blue pills and placing it on the desk, then took back my phone, going to the photo album, “Have a look at these. This is my mother two weeks ago. This is her earlier this morning. Now this, this is what I looked like a few months ago. And well…you can see how I look today.”

“Every theory I’ve had with regard to the blue pill formula has been confirmed. No one understands this science better than me. All I need is your resources and I can change the world. And if you work with me...well, being richer than sin will be just one of the minor perks.”

Slowly, she reached out and held the pill between her thumb and forefinger, brought it up to her face to study it. I could see she was tempted. Pao reminded me a little of myself. She was easily smart enough to understand my research and theories, and she knew that everything I had said so far had been telling the truth.

Pao took in a deep breath, shut her eyes tight, then popped the pill into her mouth and swallowed it, “Oh wow. I can not believe I just did that. Are you sure…”

She trailed off, her mind going blank as she slipped into trance.

She was smart all right. Just not smart enough to figure out that I might have left some things out. Now that she was in a trance, I needed to hurry up and program her.

“You want to hire me.”

“I...want to...hire you…”

“You want to assist me in whatever way you can.”

“Assist you...whatever way...I can…”

“You’ll keep the blue pill formula a secret.”

“Keep it...a secret…”

“You can trust me with anything.”


That was the most important things out of the way. But while I had her under the influence…

“You’re incredibly attracted to me.”


“You fantasize about having sex with me constantly.”


“You’re desperate to be fucked by me.”

She gave a little whimper, some of that desperation hitting her even now.

“ be fucked…fucked...unnn…” Her body shivered, “...that this is safe?”

Her eyes were sharp again, unaware that she’d just been put under into a trance.

“Perfectly safe. You can trust me on that,” I assured her.

Thanks to my suggestions, that was enough for her, “Good. This is so exciting! Come in any time tomorrow and I’ll have your placards waiting for you. You’ll be in Lab C, and if there’s absolutely anything you need, you come to me first, okay?”

I reached across the desk and shook her hand, “That sounds perfect. It’s a pleasure to be working with you, Dr. Pao.”

Her lips parted open as I squeezed her hand, and she smiled back at me, “With you as well...Charles. And please, call me Jian.”

“Ok, Jian. But I prefer Mr. White.”

The slight blush on her cheeks was obvious on her beautiful almond skin, “Ah...Mr. White.”

I left with Stephanie, all but certain that Dr. Pao was going to need to fingerfuck herself to completion to calm down now that I was out of the room.

“That went well.”

Stephanie didn’t look quite so convinced. “Your mom was one thing. If you had done nothing, she might have hurt herself with an overdose, or even worse...but Dr. Pao was innocent!”

“Last year, DM more than quadrupled the prices on their most popular antidepressant. Five years ago, they settled a class action lawsuit over a blood pressure drug that was causing seizures that they knew about and tried to cover up. As the head of their R&D, I’d hardly say she’s innocent. More importantly, this formula is too powerful to be let into the hands of anyone but me. I had to be sure she’d keep our secrets.”

Stephanie nodded, “I guess...but what was that about her wanting to fuck you then?”

I gave Stephanie a slap on the ass that made her jump. “That was me having a bit of fun. I can’t wait to see how she turns out.”

Stephanie rubbed at her backside. “Hmph…”

We stopped by Lab C to have a look around. Stephanie and I had the place all to ourselves and I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store. We spent the rest of the day going over the machinery, producing some of the base ingredients we’d need later, and getting used to the differences between this new equipment and the older stuff we were used to at the campus lab.

When it was time to leave, I let her drive, dropping me off back at my house. She had her own business to deal with, and now that I had secured a lab, I needed to get the formula ready to be produced at a much larger scale.

That and I wanted to fuck the living daylights out of Elle again.

When I went inside the house, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I’d half expected Elle to greet me at the door, kneeling and naked. She wasn’t anywhere in sight though, and she must not have heard me come in.

The feeling of unease stayed with me as I moved through the house towards my room, and what I saw when I opened the door made me see red.

Elle was sitting, propped up against the bed, her whole body limp, her head back, a nasty swollen bruise over her right eye. My body shook with rage, but I clenched my teeth and forced myself back under control; I wasn’t calming down, just storing all that anger until it had a proper outlet.

I picked up my mother and carried her to her own bedroom, laying her down on her bed and giving her a quick examination. The blow to the head looked painful, her eye swollen shut under the purple bruise, but that seemed to be the only damage.

As I was looking her over, her body stirred, and her good eye opened as she awakened. Immediately, that eye glistened with tears that started rolling down her cheek, “Master...I’m sorry, Master...f-forgive me, I couldn’t…”

I put my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. “Its OK, everything will be OK. Right now, I want to know who did this.”

She nodded. I could still see the disappointment in herself painted all over her face, but whatever guilt she was feeling, it was secondary to obeying me, “It was your father, Master. Mark, he came home.”

“He...he called me Helen, wanted to know what had happened to me. He was confused. I told him about the pills, how they created me, made me into your slave.”

I deserved a slap for not telling her sooner that she should keep her mouth shut about our unusual relationship around other.

“He...he took the pills you left, Master. I tried to stop him, but...but…”

“Don’t worry about it. He’s going to regret ever laying a hand on you. I’m going to see to that personally.”

* * *

My father and I had never gotten along. He had had a drinking problem for as long as I could remember. An anger problem too. This wasn’t the first time he’d hit my mother, and I’d been on the receiving end myself plenty of times growing up.

If it hadn’t been for the full scholarship I’d received, I’d have had a much harder time getting into college since he’d never been any help there either. Add to that the fact that he cheated on my mother, he was the biggest piece of shit I knew.

Finding him didn’t take long; I’d turned on location tracking on his phone one day to keep tabs on him and he was so tech illiterate he’d never noticed. He was at the apartment of his secretary, Kayla. She was almost ten years older than me, attractive enough, and he’d done little to hide how much he liked fucking her over my mother.

Well, I wasn’t one to judge for not being monogamous. But there was no need to be an asshole about it.

I tried the door and found it unlocked. I entered unannounced and could hear the bedsprings creaking from the bedroom. I didn’t need to see my old man boning, so when I got to the door, I slammed my hand against it.

“ Father! Get the fuck out here!”

The creaking stopped, and I could hear them through the thin door.

“...the fuck is that?!”

“Sounds like my pencilneck son. Looks like the wimp has finally grown a pair.” I heard him get off the bed, “Be right back, hon. Just gotta toss his ass out of here.”

“Well, don’t break anything, or you’re going to have to take me shoes shopping again!”

I heard him chuckle, “Sure, babe. I might take you anyways.”

All that anger I’d been burying deep inside of me was boiling up again. I was going to put him in the fucking hospital. I was going to make him beg for mercy. I was going to…

Well, when the door opened, what I actually did was just stare dumbly at him for a long moment.

He was doing the same right back at me, and for the same reason.

Neither of us was expecting what we saw.

For his part, he was surprised to see the new me. I was taller, thick with muscles, and I radiated danger. Before taking the orange formula, I’d been scrawny and weak, but now I looked like the kind of guy who spent five days a week in the gym.

And for my part...well, I had been suspicions that he might have taken one of the pills. But I’d not really given it any consideration until I saw it first hand.

My father had been balding since I could remember, always trying to use whatever product he could to cover his receding light brown hairline, but now he had a thick, full head of hair. Pink hair. Bright, bubblegum, cotton candy pink hair, two inches of it. His scruffy beard showing touches of gray was also gone, and he had something of a feminine face. His beerbelly gut was mostly gone and he’d lost a few inches of height. With his shirt off, I could see that his chest was looking a little...puffy. His arms were thin and slender, and even his hands seemed smaller.

Already, the blue pill had been hard at work, repairing every strand of DNA in his body. Repairing the Y chromosome that made him a male into an X. He was turning into a woman.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, “Oh my god! You idiot. I can’t believe you were dumb enough to go for one of the pills.”

Even if the changes we’d both had gone through put me more than twelve inches taller than him, he still saw me as the weak little kid I’d always been growing up. He thumped two fingers in my chest and snarled, “Look here, Charlie boy. Your whore mother told me everything. That these goddamn pills are like a fountain of youth, and that you and her have been doing the deed.”

“Well, what would people think if they knew you were a literal mother fucker, eh? So yeah, I took oneyour pills. And I’ll say one thing, you might be a wallflower nerd, but whatever the fuck these are, they’re fucking incredible. I haven’t felt this good in twenty years, and Kayla looks like a fucking porn star.”

All the way on the trip here, I’d fantasized about sending him flying through a wall. Breaking his arms. Hurting him, terrifying him. But now, seeing him like this...I had an even better idea.

“Okay, fine...I’ll give you some pills. Just don’t tell anyone about me and Ell...ah, Mom. We can both enjoy this and just stay out of each other’s way.” I said with my hands up.

“Heh. You always were a real smartypants. Good. Now…” He licked his lips, rubbed his hands together, “I only found two of them back at the house...don’t suppose you brought any with you? You look fucking jacked, so I figure when I’ve had another, I’ll be looking like the fucking terminator.”

Even if it hadn’t been a full twelve hours, I could see he was going through the withdrawal stage already. The pills had so much work to do transforming him, it was no wonder.

I brought out a pill, tossed it to him, “Fine. Take it. I’ve only got three left though, until I can make some more in a lab.”

He scrambled to catch it, grinning wide. “Thanks, kid.” He tossed it into his mouth, swallowed it in one gulp. “Now get the fuck out of here, me and—”

He froze mid-sentence, just like I knew he would.

“Alright, you bastard. Listen up. You will do as I say.”

“...will you...say…”

“What the hell are you doing to him?” Kayla was no longer content to just watch things play out between father and son. She got out of the bed, holding a sheet to hide her naked body.

I ignored her. The trance wasn’t going to last long and there were some things I needed to establish, “You’ll tell no one about these pills.”

“Tell no one...about pills…”

With the way his transformation was progressing, it’d cause too many questions if he stayed at his job, “You’ll quit your job immediately.

“Quit my job...immediately…”

“When you start hurting, I’m the only one who will be able to help you.”

“When I...start hurting...only you...can help…”

That should ensure that after the transformation finished and the withdrawal kicked in, he’d come to me to finish the process and stabilize.

“—my girl are busy!” He said as he came out of the trance.

“I’ve got a better idea.” I forced my way past him, easily knocking him aside, “Why don’t you go have a nap on the couch. These little pills burn a lot of calories, you need some rest.”

He glared at me with a level of resentment I didn’t remember...then turned around, “Yeah...that actually sounds like a good idea. Gonna get some shuteye, sweetheart. Get ready for round two when I’m up.”

Kayla watched him leave, her mouth hanging open in shock, “What the hell did you do to him? He looked like a zombie!”

“Let me guess. The two of you popped your pills at the same time?” I asked as I approached her. I’d been so focused on my father, I hadn’t had time to properly appreciate what a knockout she had become.

This wasn’t the first time I’d met Kayla before. My bastard father had had the nerve to bring her over to the house last month when my mother was out of it. She had been cute enough before now, but already the pill was doing a real number on her. Her thick red hair had gone from frizzy curls to luxurious waves with a silky sheen. The dense freckles and splotches on her face had cleared up, leaving just a few cute sprinkles of freckles across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks while her skin had become milky and pale.

Her nose fit better on her face, her lips were glossy, and even with that sheet pulled against her, I could see that she was easily a nine. Or maybe an eight; Elle had shown me just how hot a woman could become.

“How’d you know?” Kayla asked.

“Because that explains the two of you not realizing that they induce tonic immobility right after ingestion.”


“They hypnotize you for a minute or two. And while you’re under, you accept whatever you’re told as law.” Given my plans for her, I didn’t mind telling her all the details.

“Fuck. I knew it was too good to be true,” Kayla cursed, then looked at me, “Are you...what are you going to do with me?”

“Well, no one says you need to take another pill.” I grabbed the bedsheet, and when I gave it a light pull, she released her grip. Her flat stomach, skinny thighs, and perky breasts were even better than I’d been imagining.

She blushed under my intense gaze, but didn’t attempt to cover herself up with her hands, “I...I need it though...It felt so nice...but I’m starting to come down. Feeling tired...aching all over…” She licked her lips, “I just...I just need one more. I can pay you. I’ve got three thousand dollars in my savings, and…”

“Get down on your knees. Hands behind your back. Open your mouth, then stick out your tongue.”

“Wh-what?” She was caught off guard.

“If you want the pill, you’re going to do as I say and get on your knees. This is going to be your only chance.”

She could only imagine the kind of things I’d do to her if she listened to me. She’d be leaving herself vulnerable and helpless. I’d be able to do whatever I wanted to her.

If I’d not done the experiment on myself, she might have resisted me. But now, I could see how excited I was making her. She saw me as dangerous, powerful, and sexy. The idea of submitting to a man like me touched a buried primal impulse inside of her.

“O-okay...just...n-nothing too weird,” She said as she sank to her knees. Her hands grabbed each other behind her back and she looked up at me, her big green eyes begging me for mercy.

She stuck out her soft pink tongue, and I placed a pill on top. Kayla slipped it into her mouth, then gulped it down. She gave me a nervous smile, “This is actu—”

“You will tell no one about me or these pills.”

“ one…”

“You’re incredibly attracted to me.”

“Yes…” She agreed, even without the suggestion, “...incredibly...attracted…”

“You want to be my woman.”

“Want your...woman…”

“Mark is pathetic and worthless.”


“You will do anything for me and call me master.”

“...anything...for you… master” Her eyes fluttered, “—actually kind of hot. Do you, um...want to come to bed with me?”

She looked tempting enough...but I had something even better waiting for me at home, “No thanks. I don’t want my father’s sloppy seconds.”

Her face blanched, “, I don’t blame you...I need a shower.” She got back up to her feet and headed towards her bathroom, catching herself in the doorway, looking back at me, “You can join me if you like, Master?”

“Maybe next time.” I loved the sight of her face deflating with disappointment as I turned her down a second time. When I walked through the living room, I saw that Mark was already fast asleep on the couch.

His face had gotten even thinner in just the few minutes since he’d taken the pill, and I could see bleached blonde roots in his hair. I wondered just how, how she would end up once the blue pill formula had run its course.

* * *