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Breach of Contract

Chapter 2 — The warm up

So the target, a cut throat business woman named Amanda that swindled my daughter out of her first business and tried sending her to jail after doing so. I think I am going to get a little dark. Stop now if you are faint of heart. In keeping with my style I already had a plan. I saw her plan. She intended to make a business deal with a fortune five hundred company.

In a nut shell she would be selling the little nest egg of companies she had gathered to the competition. Effectively making her a millionaire over night and sending thousand of honest workers to the unemployment line. Yeah she wasn’t building any points with me. The easiest approach was just to give the CEO of the company she was dealing with a nap. A long nap. Don’t worry he didn’t do nothing to bad. So he will have sweet dreams while I pretend to be him to the world for a this project.

Now in the company I see her. The lady of my current hate. I keep my calm, which is normally easy. I have a plan.

“So we have a deal?” she asked me.

“Almost. I want to be sure of something. Once I deal with someone I want to make sure there honest with me. I old fashion. Your world will do. Do you promise, to be honest with me from the point this deal is made?” I ask her.

“Oh, ok yeah sure. Why not,” she replied.

It funny how easy it is to get people to deal when they don’t realize you can force them to back it up. “Just to be clear, a breech of contract will invoke my wrath. Understand?” I ask.

“Sure whatever. So we have a deal?” she asks.

“We have a deal,” I reply. “So tell me miss. Did you enjoy sending that innocent girl to jail for profit?” I ask.

“I have no idea what your talking about,” she replied.

I laugh, it is over. I have her now. “Oh you do too remember I know. Which means you just breached out contract,” I said. I knew it wouldn’t take long but I did see her dodging it for it least one sentence. “Uh, yeah good look proving that. If there is nothing else. I am leaving,” she said getting up.

“I don’t need courts. I invoke a curse upon you. A curse that shall last a month. The same time it took for me to learn of that poor girl and free her. You took her freedom, so I am taking yours. For the time of your punishment you will be compelled to accept any contract offered to you and will be unable to back out,” I shout.

She laughs. I hear her thoughts, she is wondering if this qualifies as sexual harassment so she can sue me. Her curse is real though and now I will prove it to her.

“How about this. I will give you a dollar and in exchange you must offer men in this building blow jobs until one accepts and give me your underwear?” I offer her.

“Ok,” she says. Moment later a look of shock is on her face as she can’t believe she said that. “No, that isn’t what I meant. I meant to say that would be great. Damn it, why can’t I speak right?” she said increasingly angry.

In her struggle to take back her voice she hadn’t quite realized she had already removed her panties. As she started undoing her bra while leaving her shirt on she noticed.

“What the fuck? How in the hell are you doing this to me? Stop, this is wrong. I will sue you!” she shouts.

She isn’t used to being on the bottom. Not sure if this is to harsh yet. She does after all have an entire month for it to get worse.

“How rude of you. Tell ya want I will give you another dollar in exchange for the rest of the day you listen to anything anyone says?

“Ok,” comes out of her like word vomit.

“Speak nice and politely” I order her

“No wait, gosh that isn’t what I wanted to say. Will you please stop doing that to me? Oh no why did I say that like a question? I mean will you pretty please stop doing this? Ugh!” she continued.

“Don’t you have men to offer your mouth too?” I ask.

“Yes sir, wait no, please don’t make me?” she said as she walked out of the room against her will.

Though she was compelled to seek men to ask she wasn’t compelled on any particular order. She noticed as she was able to walk by a few without automatically asking. Though she knew at some point she was going to ask someone. Walking into one of the executives room she made her offer. The way she saw it. He had a private room and when this curse was lifted she could blackmail him by threatening to go to his wife.

The man accepted the offer and moments Amanda is under his desk preparing to suck his dick. The man wasn’t often stimulated like this so he was indeed enjoying himself. Though he could tell she wasn’t enjoying it. He was the type that liked his partner to be happy.

“Rub yourself, your breast and your pussy you will enjoy this more,” he suggested.

A muffled “Ok” could be heard as her hands went straight to her pussy and breasts. Her mind was free and as such on fire. “OMG! I am actually getting horny. This bastard is forcing me to get horny as I suck him off. Oh god I can’t stop it. I am touching myself. God why can’t I resist this. I am so wet. Fucking asshole. At least I can still think angry,” she thought to herself.

“This bastard is so fucked when I regains control. After he pays me I is still gonna tell on him. The bastard,” she thought.

“Oh god. That is way better. Cum with me,” he said.

“Oh god, an order and he is nearly ready to go,” she thought as she was afraid at what was about to happen. Moments later her mouth was filled with his cum. Before she fully realized it she started shaking as her body was also reaching a climax. It was such a contradiction how angry she was at feeling so good.

The last thing anyone could call her was stupid. She understood the conditions he had somehow inflicted upon her. Since she had completed her orders she planned to go home and hide for the next month. Not caring about her appearance or what anyone thought she raced for the elevator. Standing next to it was me. I was smart too and could read minds. Granted a helpful edge in this case.

She saw me the thought of turning around and heading for the stairs did cross her mind. Not that it would have made any difference. “Miss Amanda. I have one more dollar for you. In exchange don’t be shy. Come to work on time and don’t be home alone more than ten hours a day for the next month. Ok?” I command her.

“Ok. You know your not my favorite person right now,” she replied. A fleeting attempt at being mean. By her standards it was pretty weak.

Moments later she was outside. A dirty bum looked at her. “Hey miss, help a veteran out?” he asked.

“Ok,” she replied horrified at what may happen. “Spare some money?” he asked.

“Ok,” she said as she opened her purse and handed him twenty dollars before walking away.

At her back he shouted. “Whoa, thanks lady. Have a nice day!”

She had avoided one nasty moment but there was plenty of chances for more.