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Author’s Note: After a long absence involving no less than three major life-changing disasters, I’ve returned to writing. In addition to working on a new story for a very special fan of mine, I’ve decided to change things up. Over the next few months I’ll be slowly transitioning all the stories I published under the name Eric Stray to the archive here, and I thought I’d start with one of my very first titles. If you have any questions, feedback or anything else, feel free to drop me a line at my new email . Contains bimbofication, dollification, and some animal transformation.

Bubblegum & Plastic

Part 1: Bubblegum & Plastic

Cindy looked at the thing with blatant disgust. She didn’t know who had sent it, but the reason why was obvious: humiliation. In her hands, the young woman held a plastic mockery of her own features in doll form. Still in its own little box, the garish letters called it “Cindi-Doll!” and let everyone know that “She’s ready to play, any time!". The thing itself was your average Bobbi doll knock-off, complete with added costumes. The only big deviation was the body. Underneath the over the top frilly pink dress, the doll’s chest thrust outward in a proportion that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for a real woman to walk. Two pointy nipples poked through the fabric and even tented out the plastic window on the front of the box. And then there were the eyes… Cindy was tempted to just write it off as cheap painting, but there was something about all the obvious attention to detail in the rest of the face that made her dubious. They were somehow done to look both empty, and happy at the same time. It made Cindy shudder.

She decided she didn’t want to give her harassers the satisfaction of bugging her as much as they had already, and she knew she didn’t want to even find out what else was in the box itself. She was still debating whether to just toss the thing or to submit it as part of a police report when her boyfriend walked in. Though he was an average looking guy on his best of days, Cindy was nonetheless more than content with Kyle. Launching a campaign against the porn industry for objectifying women was a hard thing, but finding a man worth dating but also supported the idea? That was nearly impossible. As such, she had stuck by him for close to six years now. There were some rough times, to be sure. Kyle initially had a hard time adjusting to the fact that his cute girlfriend would rather fight depictions of sex than actually have it, and the house rule of “Absolutely No Masturbation” was the source of some early contention. Still, Kyle had more than proven himself both worthy and able to stand by Cindy as an equal.

“Aren’t you a little old to be playing with dolls?” Kyle said, with a trace of both humor and curiosity in his voice. As he got nearer, he saw what his girlfriend was holding and grimaced. “More harassment, huh? Well at least they’re getting creative about it.”

He took the box from her hands, turning it over and over.

“Oh yeah, it’s real creative all right. Sure must take a lot of energy for them to switch their mindset over to thinking about women as compliant little sex dolls. Yep.” Her voice dripping with sarcasm, she fell back onto the leather couch. Fighting the good fight had brought in a decent amount of money, and it was certainly necessary… but it was goddamn rough some times. Cindy rubbed her temples in frustration. “I don’t even know what to do with this one. I mean, I’m probably going to turn it into the cops like I do with all the rest, but I’m half tempted to keep it as a trophy. Some little basement dweller put a whole lot of time into this thing. That means I scare them.”

“So why don’t you, then? Keep it, I mean. Sure, we could add it to the growing pile of refuse they keep trying to hit you with, but you could also keep it as a sign of exactly what you’re fighting against. Keeping girls from thinking they have to become just like this.”

As she took the box from his hands she was once again sickened by the sheer travesty of the whole thing. Above that though… she felt inspired. He was right, she realized. It was easy to just avoid all the smut she was fighting against, but here it was personified. If she couldn’t stare it down, then how could she expect other women to?

“You know, you’re absolutely right.” She said, favoring him with a chaste peck on the cheek. She quickly made her way to her personal office, doll in tow.

Cindy’s office was a utilitarian set up, but she had still set up a few decorations. Her degree in psychology was one. Acing the four year program in less than three, Cindy saw it as a testament to the power of hard work and iron will. Plus, there was something about seeing her name on the document, Cindy Granger in gold embossed letters, that just always made her smile. Next to that was a scattering of happy photos, most of which showcased Cindy and Kyle’s relationship, though a few of the pictures also showed Kyle’s sister Candice. Fast friends, Cindy had taken to the petite girl’s snappy and sarcastic personality with ease. And now in Cindy’s office, a little doll version of herself in a box on the shelf right above her monitor. It’s empty eyes and bulbous tits almost a direct challenge to Cindy as she worked.

The writing flowed quickly, fueled as she was by righteous fury. Any time she felt her words faltering she would simply look at that horrible doll on the shelf and she could practically feel her head filling up with what to write next. She could almost kiss the silly little thing. Eventually though, after several pages worth of some of the best material she’d ever written, she found herself just staring for long moments at the doll, eyes locked on those stupid giant titties on its chest.. Rubbing her eyes, Cindy decided she needed a break.

Grabbing the doll, she opened the packaging at the top and was hit with a small burst of pink dust. Coughing, she nearly dropped the box as her mouth bombarded with the flavor of bubblegum and plastic. When the cloud faded, there was a bright colored card on the end of a bouncing spring coming out of the top of the box. Taking a drink of water, but not quite banishing the taste, Cindy set the box down on the desk and took the card. Like everything else about the toy, the card was a mix of different shades of pink, and every word written on it was done in big, bouncy, child-like letters. It read:

“Congratulations, you’re Cindi Doll’s new playmate! You’re a very lucky person, because Cindi Doll always loves to play!!! You’ll want to always play too, because every girl wants to be like Cindi Doll!”

There were more words written on the back of the card, but they were covered by more of that pink dust, and Cindy had enough of that sprayed on her already. Normally she’d be worried about being drugged or something, especially considering the origin of the stuff, but there was something about the taste of it, that mix of toy and candy that made Cindy feel alright about it. The most she could muster on the subject was mild annoyance, and even that was half-hearted.

Putting down the card, she reached down and pulled out the doll. A flurry of tiny little short skirts, lacy thongs and other slutty clothes fell from the box as the toy was removed, but Cindy just gave a disdainful huff at them and continued her inspection of the figure itself. Once again she was almost impressed by the level of detail in the doll. Aside from the obvious joints, it had been made to look almost exactly like her, even down to her bright blue eyes… and then there were the breasts. Out of morbid curiosity, she pulled the front of the dress down and got her first look at its naked chest.

Of course, this would be where most of the attention would be. Cindy had always been content with her B cup, and Kyle had always agreed, but her detractors absolutely loved bringing up her small chest as a reason for her crusade. If that had been the case, this version of Cindy would never have dreamed of fighting. From the look on her face, that was probably correct, too. Jutting out from the petite frame of the doll, what Cindy guessed were at least E cup breasts rested. Crowning each was an erect nipple, far bigger than Cindy’s little nubs. She was relieved by this though. With the accuracy with which they portrayed her face, albeit with some liberties, she was worried that they might have better pictures of her out there than she thought.

Shifting the doll to further inspect it, she was startled to find that the breasts on the doll were actually pliant to the touch. It seemed as though the softer material was flawlessly combined with the otherwise hard doll. A cold shiver went through her as she thought about the level of time and care someone would have to take to pull this thing off, staring at her naked facsimile the entire time. She poked at it, one of her fingers pressing against the doll’s nipple. That was when it spoke.

“Hi, I’m Cindi Doll, will you play with me?” The voice was high and childlike, a stark contrast to the busty toy in her hands. The unexpected sound caused Cindy to drop the thing like it was on fire though, and when it landed ass-first on the floor, it spoke again.

“Ouchy! Cindi Doll is sorry she was naughty! Cindi Doll will be a good girl!” Cindy looked down at the doll in shameful fascination.

“Ok, so not only do they make a slutty little doll of me, they take the time to give her lines for when she’s spanked. Fantastic.” Cindy swallowed, the taste of bubblegum and plastic still swirling about her tongue, and picked up the doll. For a test, she touched the doll’s nipple again.

“You’re a really good playmate for Cindi Doll! Can you keep touching me? Cindi Dolls love to be touched!” Blech. Cindy rolled the doll over and spitefully flicked its backside.

“Cindi Doll is sorry she’s so slow! Cindi doll will do better!” Double blech. Still, multiple different lines for different parts of the body… and more parts were turning out to be made out of that much more supple plastic. Whoever made this was talented, in a sick way.

Cindy finished stripping the doll down, almost giggling at its small replica pussy and ass. “In for a penny…” Cindy said to herself as she poked between the doll’s legs. Something sparked against her finger as she touched the doll’s tiny clit, and suddenly Cindy’s head swam.

Everything felt slow and hazy as the doll began to speak again. “You’re Cindi Doll’s favorite playmate!”

“I’m… I’m Cindi’s playmate?” Cindy spoke, though a wave of pink confusion. She looked at the doll in blatant confusion, but her hands remained; one finger slowly rubbing the toy.

“You’re a Cindi Doll just like me! You just don’t know it yet!” The voice maintained the same chipper tone throughout, only now Cindy swore it was her voice that spoke it. The whole room faded around that voice… That voice in her head.

“I’m a Cindi Doll?” But that’s not right, Cindy thought to herself, I don’t look anything like one… She looked down at her meager chest, small for a Cindi Doll. Absently she ran her free hand across her t-shirt covered breasts, and had a sharp intake of breath as she accidentally touched one of her normally small nipples. They weren’t small today though, tenting out of her shirt like the doll had with her container. These were right, she thought to herself as she rolled a thick nipple between her fingers. Soo right… Just right for a Cindi Doll like her…

Cindy woke up with a start, nearly toppling her computer chair. She looked around quickly, not knowing what to expect. As the haze of sleep lifted from her, Cindy saw that the room was much as she left it, with her computer having fallen into hibernation mode. The clock said it was almost dinner time already, which meant that she’d been napping in front of her computer for several hours. And there, sitting on the shelf above her monitor was the Cindi Doll, right in its box.

“No wonder I had such a weird dream, with that thing staring down at me… I think I might have to find another place for it later.” She yawned and stretched, feeling the tug of her shirt against her thick nipples and cursed having been born with the things.

She remembered her awkward teenage years, when she found that they were too sensitive for bras, and too big to hide. Instead, she had to deal with them just poking out of her clothing, involuntarily putting herself on display. Even the semi-smooth cloth of a simple t-shirt was enough to tease and pull at them, and she found herself rubbing her slender thighs together far too often.

Thinking back to just last week, she had ran into trouble when she had gone on a trip to the grocery store. Heading into the frozen foods section, she had reached in to grab a bag of frozen vegetables when she misjudged and ended up with her nipples right against the cold metal of the freezer rack. As her sensitive nubs made contact, she moaned out loud involuntarily and reached up and started pinching and squeezing at them. As the door to the freezer closed in front of her with a sharp slapping sound, Cindy looked at saw her reflection. She had fallen to her knees in the middle of the aisle, and had pulled her shirt up and was mindlessly toying with herself as if in a trance.

Seeing her face contorted like some disgusting slut brought her back to herself though, and she quickly recovered and looked around. No one had seen, thankfully, but her nipples now stuck out even more obviously, their bright pink blatantly visible under the thin white shirt. The checkout boy was staring openly as he bagged her groceries. It was the kind of bad attention the damn things caused that sparked Cindy to start fighting the good fight and bringing back morality to people, both online and otherwise. Mind you, it also prompted constant ‘shopped images of her topless and other… less typical forms of backlash. She looked up accusingly at the doll, as she made her way to the dining room.

Dinner came and went as it usually did. Kyle cooked a wonderful vegan lasagna and they both had another good laugh about the package today. Once more Cindy counted herself lucky for finding him. Not only did he support her cause, he was also one of the few guys who didn’t openly stare at her chest all the time. Plus, he was a hell of a cook. Once they were sated and content, they watched a few of their usual shows before Cindy gave her boyfriend a quick goodnight kiss and headed back to the office. She knew he wanted more than just a kiss tonight, but she had work to do, and that always came first.

Something of a night owl, she found most of her best work was done when the house was finally completely quiet, and a little dark. This time though, the darkness was not her friend. Though she had made the trip a hundred times by now, Cindy still managed to slam her toe directly into the side of her desk. Amidst her cursing, she heard the sound of something thunk to the floor, along with some muffled chirping speech. Cindy cursed again.

She kicked on the light and found that the doll’s box and fallen over and had completely spilled its contents all over the floor. Scooping up some of the slutty little outfits into the box, she ended up uncovering the card from earlier. She picked it up, feeling some of the powder on her fingers. Though none of it touched her mouth, it still watered and filled with the taste of bubblegum and plastic. Sitting back in her chair, she wiped off some of the dust to finally read what was on the back:

“Here’s how a Cindi Doll “thinks”!”

“Cindi Dolls love to be played with!”

“Cindi Dolls love to be on display!”

“Cindi Dolls love to be nothing but playthings!”

“Cindi Dolls always have something cute to say when someone pushes their buttons!”

Cindy couldn’t finish reading it, and tossed the powdery thing away. Absentmindedly licking her fingers, she got all the rest of the clothes picked up, and found the doll not far away. During the fall, the doll’s dress had come up completely. She absently itched at one of her overly sensitive nipples as she reached for it.

“Cindi Doll loves to be on display,” Cindy muttered as she retrieved her plastic counterpart. She meant it to be aimed at the doll, but the way she had been rubbing her nipple as she said it made her giggle. “Cindi Doll always has something cute to say when someone pushes her buttons!”

She even managed to put on a mock doll voice and then stopped herself. Why was she laughing about this? Here she was, looking at the plastic manifestation of everything she fought against and she was repeating its lines. Warily, she grabbed the doll and shoved it onto the shelf, not even bothering to put it into its box.

Typing away, Cindy became weary as the hours flew by. Eventually she looked up at the doll, half-looking for inspiration, and half-looking for an excuse to not work anymore for a while. Taking it off the shelf, she once more regarded the thing. Looking back at her, the Cindi Doll’s eyes were a bright blue. They’d look exactly alike to Cindy’s if only it weren’t for the heavy make-up, and the dopey expression. Her lips were likewise of a similar shape, only plumped up and bright red. Cindy slipped the dress off the doll again, thinking it certainly wouldn’t mind.

“Cindi Doll loves to be on display”, she said sleepily.

Again, her eyes were practically bombarded by the doll’s impossible chest, though she counted it a blessing that it was one area the doll and her didn’t share. It was bad enough the thing had made a mockery of her own unique assets. Spitefully, she pinched at one of the doll’s nipples.

“Cindi Doll loves to be played with!” the doll responded, ever chipper. Cindy was even somewhat relieved by the lack of a new line; it made the doll just a bit less unsettling. Cindy tugged at the nipple again.

“Play with Cindi Doll, please?” Spoke to soon. Cindy pulled again.

“You really do want to play with Cindi Doll, don’t you?” the doll replied in happy singsong.

Something about toying with the little slutty thing had struck a nerve with Cindy, and she actually admitted to herself she was kind of… well, ready. There was no way she was going to do anything though. The “Absolutely No Masturbation” rule was for both of them, although Cindy was never really tempted by the whole idea. Still, she squirmed groggily in her chair as she tugged on the doll’s nipple again.

“You love playing with Cindi Doll, always!” it tittered back at her. She tugged again. “You love playing, Cindi Doll. Always!”

Cindy shook her head a bit, that odd taste flooding her mouth again. This time when she touched the doll, there was a shock—one that seemed to arc straight to Cindy’s chest, settling in with a pleasant tingle. Her body felt like it was on the sweetest, comfiest, fire, and Cindy struggled to pull up her shirt quickly. Her nipples tingled almost painfully, and she rubbed at them in a fever. As she mashed them against her meager chest, she heard the doll talking.

“Cindi Doll loves to be on display! Cindi Doll loves to play! Cindi Doll loves to play when she’s on display!”

Exposing her tits only caused her body to shake with more urgent needs, and Cindy plunged her hand down her yoga pants and for the first time in her life, began to play with herself. With every stroke against her needy clit or every squeezing of a sensitive nipple, the doll would respond in its sing-song.

“Cindi Doll loves to be nothing but a plaything! Cindi Doll is a needy slut! Cindi Doll is nothing but a fucktoy! Cindi Dolls always have something cute to say when someone pushes their buttons!”

As Cindy heard that last phrase, she was overtaken by the first orgasm of her life. It was then she realized the doll had fallen to the floor some time ago. The voice she had been hearing was her own. The thought caused her second orgasm of her life, and she screamed out in both ecstasy and fear.

She woke up slowly, struggling to prop herself up in the bed. As always, her huge breasts tried to pull her back down to the mattress, and with how nice her blankets felt, she almost let them. Still, being lazy wouldn’t further her cause, and she rose up out of bed with a grunt.

Simple self-maintenance, such as brushing her teeth or washing her face had always been difficult for Cindy. Pushing out, almost defying gravity, her tits bounced on her slender frame every time her arms bumped them. What was worse was the sheer sensitivity of every part of them. Just jostling them around was enough to make Cindy start rubbing her thighs together as she got ready for the day. Still, she held to the house rule of “Absolutely No Masturbation”… no matter how hard it was to follow.

Kyle wasn’t up yet as she made her way to the office to get in a little bit of work in before breakfast. This was just as well, as she didn’t want any more distractions than her constantly jiggling tits gave her anyway. As she sat down gently in her office chair, easing her breasts onto a pillow she kept on her lap, she looked up and saw the doll was in its usual position: Sitting next to its box in a cheap pink cloth thong and nothing else, with its plastic hands cradling its own massive rack.

Cindy vaguely remembered putting the doll into the pose, though she couldn’t quite remember the reason. Maybe to remind her not to touch herself like that? Lord knows it that was a tough enough trial, she thought to herself, pointedly putting her hands to the keyboard. Her breasts were the reason she had gotten into the anti-objectification movement in the first place, as she knew first hand what it could be like to have both men and women looking at you like you’re just a toy on display. Ever since puberty she hadn’t even been able to see most of her body from the chest down, but people sure liked to stare. And more, Cindy remembered…

Fitting into the uniform had been a living hell, even after the alterations she had to make to it. Still, she had been a cheerleader since freshmen year and she wasn’t going to let a bit of growth stop her from finishing senior year in the same way. The first time anyone had seen her since summer, Cindy was greeted by derisive laughter as she jiggled her way out onto the field, and was shocked to see that the people laughing most were some of her oldest friends on the team. Still, this only steeled her resolve and she went through the warm ups with vigor.

The problems began shortly after. With every hop and jump, Cindy’s chest bounced up and down, rubbing her big erect nipples against the soft fabric of the shirt. As the movements increased in complexity, Cindy found herself heavily breathing, clutching at the hem of her skirt; and the other girls noticed. The moment the teachers left, Cindy was immediately surrounded by a pack of smirking cheerleaders. Marie, their leader, came up and blatantly slapped Cindy’s chest, watching the motion shake her entire body.

“You really think you can be one of us with tits like that? Hell, I’m amazed you can still stand, slut.” Marie nodded to another girl behind Cindy, who shoved her with enough force to topple her to the ground. “There you go, isn’t that much more comfortable?”

The fall had put Cindy down on her hands and knees, and her nipples dragged on the ground. Worse than the humiliation was the fact that her body was burning with arousal from the harsh treatment… and from the looks. Along with her new assets had come a strange need in Cindy. She loved being looked at… she loved being on display.

As she struggled onto her knees, the other girls laughed and pushed at her, and when a hand randomly hit her tits, she cried out. This only provoked them further, and they actively started aiming for her chest, not that it was a hard shot. One of the pushes knocked Cindy back, though she caught herself before she fell completely. This left her leaning back, still on her knees with her sensitive titflesh available for them all to touch and look at. Humiliation filled her, deepening as she felt her exposed panties darkening with her obvious need. She tried to stand again, but only managed to get herself up on her hands and knees, directly in front of Marie. The smug girl simply lifted her skirt and pointed at her crotch.

“Is this what you need, slut?” Marie said with obvious disdain, and more than a hint of lust.

Cindy was about to stammer out a reply when one of the other cheer leaders kicked her directly in her ass, sending her flying forward. Her nipples dragged along the ground as she fell, erasing her inhibitions inch by inch. She crashed into Marie, toppling the girl and landing with her face planted right between her legs. Marie began berating the girl who kicked Cindy, though Cindy hardly noticed. She felt used. She felt like a plaything for these girls. Worst of all, she felt incredibly horny.

She squirmed, desperately wanting to run. But Cindy didn’t run—she broke. As the girl’s laughed on, Cindy reached one hand up to the front of her shirt and lifted, inch by inch exposing her breasts to the watching girls. They looked on in silent curiosity, unable to comprehend what the busty girl in front of them was doing. Both tits fully exposed, she leaned forward and rubbed her face against Marie’s cloth covered pussy. The cheerleaders stared, whispering scandalously to one another. When she figured out they weren’t going to start touching her again, Cindy reached up and started tugging on one of her erect nipples. She let out an involuntary moan, talking as she nuzzled at Marie’s panties.

“Can you all keep looking at me at least? Cindy loves to be on display…” A few of the girls left, disgusted at the show of depravity. One of them even muttered something about how she was going to find the principal. Most of them stayed though, looking on in a mix of fascination and for some, lust. For her part Marie just stared rapt and heated, as the busty girl pulled back from her panties just long enough to pull them off to the side.

Cindy began licking, first with trepidation, then with enthusiasm. As she lapped at the girl’s sex, Cindy’s hand slipped down between her open thighs. As her fingers slid across her clit—pushing at her button—she found herself having to stop and cry out.

“Cindy loves to play when she’s on display!” Cindy chirped out, as she leaned on her own huge tits, one hand reaching back so she could slide down her panties and show off even more.

“Cindy is a needy slut! Cindy is nothing but an empty-headed plaything!” Her voice rang out in the air as she pounded at her dripping pussy. Marie stared down at her a moment before reaching up under her uniform and playing with her own sizable chest. Seeing her playmate enjoying what she was doing, Cindy smiled and continued. When the principal found them, Marie was straddling Cindy’s smiling face and the busty girl beneath her was happily pawing at her own dripping sex. It took several attempts to separate them, as any time anyone even slightly touched Cindy’s breasts, she clutched the girl on top of her and redoubled her efforts to get her off again and again…

Cindy came out of her daydream with a hand down her yoga pants, rubbing away at her heated sex. She remembered so clearly how she had felt that day, being nothing more than a sex toy for Marie. She looked up at the Cindi Doll with a smile, all at once really appreciating it for the first time. She pulled up her plain t-shirt as she started groping herself, wiggling in the chair at the sheer sensation of giving into her lust again. Little bits of drool leaked out of her mouth as she felt her mind begin to numb from the pleasure of it. Falling from her chair, she rolled onto her back in emulation of her memory, almost tasting Marie’s cunt on her tongue. She imagined laying there, being ridden by the girl, her body nothing more than a toy for someone to use. As her fingers became more and more insistent against her clit, she began to speak.

“Cindy exists to fuck! Cindy is a fucktoy! Cindy is a doll!” she cried out between moans, her hips bucking against the soft carpet. She licked her fingers, wet from her cunt and tasting like nothing more than delicious bubblegum and plastic. Her mind was bombarded by images of people using her indiscriminately. Cocks in her plastic holes, her mouth filled with the juices of any woman who wanted to use it. Even her ass, nothing more than another good little dolly fuckhole.

“Cindy is a Cindi Doll! I’m a Cindi Doll!” As she screamed out the words, her mind faded into happy pink mist and she collapsed onto the floor.

Cindi got up slowly, her body still shaking from her orgasm. Her morning masturbation had always been exciting, but this one had been particularly intense. Looking up past her GED on the wall to the doll on the shelf, she thought she had an idea why. Sitting there at the ready, the doll’s impossible tits hung out of the tiny cheerleader outfit it was wearing, on display for all to see. No wonder Cindy had remembered the scene so vividly.

As she teetered out of the office, she noticed she hadn’t even bothered to pull down the pink tank top she was wearing. She giggled, as she tugged it down tightly over her massive mounds. She loved to be on display, but she had to be careful not to get too distracted. The house rule of “Cindi May Only Masturbate Once Each Day” was in full effect. She remembered when she had asked Kyle to impliment the rule. He had been disappointed by it, but even he had to admit that without putting in some kind of a stop Cindy would just end up fondling herself all day without getting anything done, and that was no good.

It was just this sort of rampant sexuality that Cindi was fighting against, though she admittedly felt a bit hypocritical due to a lot of her own little habits. Still, if someone like her who had such an active sex drive could manage to maintain a high level of morality, anyone could. Besides, her articles kept her well in the public eye, and Cindi always loved being on display.

Just thinking about how many people would see her smiling picture attached to her next piece made her flush with arousal. Sure, she didn’t have to show quite so much cleavage… she didn’t have to have a picture at all even, but her breasts did manage to give her a bit wider appeal. Also, she didn’t tell Kyle, but she always got herself off to all the fan mail she got from people complimenting her assets, no matter how vulgar. Especially if they were vulgar, in fact. There was just something about people seeing her as just an object, it gave the most delicious chills. She wouldn’t ever admit it to anyone, but it had been a fantasy at the core of her being for as far back as her hazy memory would allow.

Heading into the kitchen, she saw her boyfriend had just finished cooking up breakfast for the two of them, and she practically pounced him before he could sit down. A hug and a kiss rapidly devolved into a heavy make-out session as Cindi’s aching breasts rubbed against Kyle’s chest. Before they could get too involved, Kyle pushed her off gently; carefully navigating past her sensitive chest.

“Easy there, sweetie, let’s get some breakfast into you first.” He said with a chuckle.

Pouting, Cindi acquiesced, though she squirmed in her chair the entire time. As she finished her meal, Kyle came over to her side of the table and roughly pulled up the flimsy tank top. As soon as her tits were exposed, Cindy started practically panting with need.

Reaching out, Kyle grabbed and pulled on one of her nipples. “Do you like that, slut? Do you like showing off your tits for me?”

“Cindi loves to be on display!” she chirped out. She couldn’t help it, he just knew exactly how to push all of her buttons. Standing back some, he unbuckled and let his pants drop to the floor, his erection thick and inviting. Cindi eagerly accepted, taking the throbbing length into her mouth with a slurp. As she bobbed up and down on his cock, Kyle toyed with her nipples, tugging and pinching at them. With each press, Cindi’s tongue went wild along his length as she attempted to speak out. With a smirk, he pulled himself out of her mouth with an audible pop and posed her arms up so she could jerk him off. As she stroked his shaft, she looked up at him in love and lust.

“Cindi loves to be played with!” She blurted out, as he continued to maul her tits. She didn’t know quite what she was saying, the waves of arousal were crashing against her mind. All she knew was that with every line she spoke, her head felt a little more full of bright pink giggly mist.

Kyle sat down on the table and frantically pulled Cindi’s huge tits in around his cock. When her hands stayed out and unused, Kyle grabbed them and pushed them in around her breasts before thrusting in between them. Some drool still dribbled out from Cindy’s open mouth, still in a wide O shape, and it served as an adequate lubricant. More spilled out as her empty head was jostled, and with each line she happily squeaked out as he touched her.

“Cindi just loves being used! Cindi Dolls are made to be used!” Kyle’s movements paused a moment at that last line, but then he started pushing his cock even harder between her massive breasts.

“Cindi Doll loves being a slut!” Cindi Doll is the best fucktoy!” she said in her high-pitched sing-song. Her open mouth and blank eyes made it seem like she either didn’t comprehend or didn’t care that her boyfriend’s cock was moving ever faster, or that he had started grunting with pleasure.

Soon Kyle let go, his cum spraying up from between her pillowy mounds and coating her face. His grasping hands were still tugging and squeezing at her thick nipples, and she still spoke as she was covered in spunk.

“Cindi Doll loves to be fucked! Please fuck Cindi Doll!” she cried as he slid is cock out from between her tits and cleaning himself off with some of her hair. With his hands gone from her body she fell silent, still holding up her breasts in offering with the same empty expression. With a sigh of contentment, Kyle grabbed the camera from a nearby countertop and snapped a couple of pictures.

Cindi always requested that he did so, saying it wasn’t fair that he was the only one who could see how much a good little fuck doll she was being. Kyle agreed, knowing that she’d be playing with herself later while looking at the images… just the thought of it made him hard again, and figuring he could spare a little more time with his toy, he pulled Cindi down out of the chair and onto the floor. Legs spreading naturally, she cradled her breasts in her hands and kept them ready for him; even as the cum dripped down into her mouth. More shook off and fell on her face as he slipped into her pussy, which was always wet and needy for him. As he stroked inside of her, he rubbed at her clit; though it was more for her vocal reaction than caring about her pleasure. She wanted to be treated like a dumb little dolly, and that was just how he would treat her.

“Cindi Doll loves being your toy! Cindi Doll belongs to her owner’s cock!” She cried out as he filled her once more full of his seed. Some dribbled out as he left her there, spread-eagle on the floor. She really did look like nothing more than a sex toy, Kyle thought to himself as he cleaned off and left for work.

Cindi came to a few hours later, a little bit sore from staying in the same position as long as she had. She looked down at herself and giggled at the mess over the tops of her breasts. Going quickly to her office, snatched up the camera happily. She uploaded the pics onto her blog, with the tagline “Used Just Right!” She didn’t know quite why she spaced out so much during sex, but she always took it with a sense of aroused bemusement. Besides, each time he used her like that, she got to show off the aftermath to her fans, and they just loved it. Thinking of all those people staring at her cum-soaked tits though… it drove her crazy. She reached down into her pink thong and started rubbing at her clit in a frenzy, watching the comments roll in.

“Nice tits, slut!” she read, and shouted back at the screen “Cindi loves to be on display!”

A few more came in like it, and Cindi could already feel her need building beneath her fingertips. Then found the kind of comment she was looking for…

“God, this is disgusting. Women like you are the reason people treat us like sex objects. Why don’t you grow up, put some clothes on and actually make something of yourself instead of just being a whore?”

There was something about that the reply, feeling that woman’s intense disapproval and loathing that got Cindi off like nothing else.

“Cindi is a sex object!” she giggled, as her tits bounced around from her motions. “Cindy is a whore! Cindi is a fuckdoll!”

Climax hit her like a truck, and she laid back panting, arms loose at her sides and legs spread wide. The doll sat on the shelf within view, almost mimicking her pose, and certainly mimicking her outfit. Dressed in nothing but a bright pink thong, the toy looked nearly identical to its owner. Cindi smiled as she looked at it, thinking fondly of the fan who had sent it to her. I mean, some things he got wrong, like her lips, and she didn’t have quite the same curves, but the doll’s massive tits and big perky nipples were a lovely tribute to her.

It was hard walking the line between fighting for sexual liberation and not just doing outright porn… sometimes she faltered, like her semi-frequent cum-covered breast pics, but she felt as though it was important that she helped other women know that it was okay to be open about wanting dirty sex. It just helped that she also got off on her replies, and she just LOVED being on display. Just like her Cindi Doll, she thought to herself. Taking it down from the shelf, she giggled as she rubbed the doll’s nipples and it talked to her.

“Cindi Dolls love to play with each other!” it called out. Cindi agreed, she loved playing with the toy. With how similar the two of them looked, she always found it more than a little hot to pose the doll in all manner of sexy positions. In away, it was almost a form of masturbation for her. On a lark she brought the toy up to her mouth and gave one of its breasts a quick lick, and had felt a shudder of heat run its way through her body in response.

“Cindi Dolls love using their tongues! Cindi Doll bodies are made for fucking!” Cindi glanced down at her bulbous tits all covered in cum and she couldn’t help but agree with the last part. And from the tingling in her body that came from lapping at the doll’s body, she found she agreed with the former as well. Soon, Cindi found herself with her tongue between the doll’s legs, licking the taste of bubblegum and plastic out of a pussy that looked exactly like hers. As she did, her free hand was pumping in and out of the real thing. Both dolls were speaking in time now, as Cindi’s eyes started to grow dim.

“Cindi Doll’s mouth is only for fucking and being a Cindi Doll!” they said, as Cindi’s lips puffed up, pillowy and pink. They glistened with drool as her tongue ran along them. The sensation felt even more intense than her fingers in her pussy did, but in a way they felt very much the same.

“Cindi Doll’s mouth is just another fuckhole! Cindi Doll has lots of fuckholes!” Cindi nodded her head in dumb agreement with her own words, wiggling her curvy, fuckable ass against the leather of the seat. She loved the feel of her little pink thong rubbing against both her holes, especially as her bare pussy got more and more wet. She reached down past her cunt and slid two juice-coated fingers into her asshole, her whole body shuddering with the pleasure and rightness of it.

“Cindi Doll loves all kinds of fucking!” she said, as her empty head flooded with images of her in every position she knew about, and a few she didn’t know she knew. Her pussy squirted onto the chair, and she made a slapping squish every time she slid her body down onto her fingers. Her ass squeezed around her digits, almost sucking them in she felt the tension in her body build. The waves of pleasure that pulsed through her body seemed to shift through the room as well, and things… changed.

The pictures on the walls flickered as she continued to toy with herself, and she watched as her GED changed between it’s usual self, a college degree, and selfie she had framed of her glistening pink lips sucking Kyle’s cock. The doll in her hand seemed to warm up with each pulse and Cindi’s body strained as they washed over her. For a moment, she could’ve sworn that the plastic from the doll had begun to run up her arms, slowly coating them in pale pink, but then another wave crashed through the room and her climax began. This time it felt different though. Instead of filling her jiggling dolly body with all sorts of fun fuzzy tingles, everything just sort of swirled around her brain, scrubbing away all the rough edges. The doll faded out of her hands and she felt her arms move up stiffly to her sides. Her whole posture became one of patient expectation. Her eyes stared blankly forward and a thin line of lubricant fell from her cocksucking lips. The swirling in her mind had condensed into just a few defining words, over and over again.

“Cindi Doll wants to play! Cindi Doll wants to play! Cindi Doll wants to play!”

The life-sized doll sat in its chair, looking pristine but slutty as it always did; The perfect sex object. Every part of her made of fine supple plastic, made to feel just like a real girl, only infinitely smoother, softer. Her body stayed warm and ready, and each of her holes dribbled out pale pink lubricant at all times. This could be turned off of course, a Cindi Doll was very customizable, but her owner liked the effect.

Kyle came into the room with a smirk. He tapped her on the shoulder, and there was no reaction whatsoever. Of course there wouldn’t be one, he thought, momentarily perplexed. Cindi Dolls were only made for one thing, and one thing alone. He slid a finger in between the open ‘O’ of her lips, and her body started moving with exaggerated sluttiness. Her eyes fluttered to life and she started sucking vigorously on him.

She looked up at him, eyes still dim, but so full of love for her owner. She mewled a bit as he pulled his hand back, and she went back into her waiting position, sitting in a puddle of her own lubricant. Despite her body remaining pliant and jiggling, she smelled like doll and candy. Kyle pulled her out of her seat and onto the floor, where she fell into a stiff doggy-style position, her ass thrust out and up. Her pussy and ass both leaked pale pink juices, which matched the bright pink of her holes perfectly. Reaching out, he slid three fingers into her asshole, which felt now like nothing more than a slightly tighter pussy.

“Please fill Cindi Doll with your cum! Cindi Doll loves cum!” the doll in front of him chirped out. The thick soft lips even looked like they tried to move as it talked. This thing is incredibly well made, he thought to himself with lust in his eyes. The doll moved forward and back with sensual but efficient motions, taking his fingers into its pale behind with practiced artificial skill.

He couldn’t take it much longer. Stripping out of his pants, he made his way behind the doll and rubbing his cock along the soft lips of her pussy. When it didn’t respond to his teasing, he slapped it on the ass. “Stupid thing, work!”

“Cindi Doll is very dumb! Cindi Doll is sorry!” she blurted, and began wiggling her ass in front of him.

That’s more like it, he thought, feeling the soft material of the toy’s lips sliding against the head of his dick. Not able to wait any longer, he grabbed the curves of Cindi’s hips and thrust his cock into her pussy. He felt her sex constrict on his length, squeezing and milking his cock as he stroked into her. Pale pink lube spilled out of the doll’s thick lips, making it look like nothing more than an oversexed, drooling bimbo. He couldn’t get over how alive the thing felt, despite its unreal features.

“Cindi Doll loves her owner’s cock! Cindi Doll wants to be fucked all the time!” The high pitched voice only made Kyle push harder, and he was surprised when his movements didn’t tip the doll over. The sheer heft of her huge tits swinging as they rubbed her nipples against the carpet seemed like it would be enough on its own, but the toy stayed upright.

“Cum in Cindi Doll! Cindi Doll loves to be used!” The words were all the encouragement he needed, and he rapidly slammed his thick cock into the doll’s slick rubbery pussy. With a moan, he groped at her meaty ass and spent his seed inside of her. Not a drop spilled out as he pulled his dick out, and the doll’s ass and cunt stopped dripping with lube as well. Kyle guessed it had gone back into sleep mode, but then he noticed a slight dribble still coming from her mouth.

Still somewhat hard, he slid his length into the doll’s soft lips, and shook slightly with sensitivity as it cleaned it off with her tongue. With a sigh, he picked up his love doll and put her back on her chair, making sure to pose her so her legs would be spread and her tits would be out. Cindi Dolls loved to be on display after all.


Something felt off to Kyle though, and he didn’t quite know what it was. He was still trying to figure it out when the office phone rang. He picked it up, and for some reason he couldn’t pin down, he felt an intense unease.

“Mr. Richardson, Mr. Binder here.” A deep, masculine voice came out of the receiver, but Kyle could swear the sound was coming from his own head. “I trust you’ve been enjoying the fruits of my labor?”

A momentary confusion hit Kyle, and for a moment he didn’t know what the man was talking about. Then it hit him.” Oh yes, the Cindi Doll? Yeah, that thing is fantastic, I don’t know how you managed to get it so realistic!”

“Doll, yes… Look, Mr. Richardson, I called to discuss the price we had decided on. I wanted to ensure that you remembered what needed to be done.”

Kyle looked down at the box in his hand. He didn’t remember picking it up… he didn’t even remember ever seeing it before. In the bright pink box labeled “Candi Doll” was the miniature version of the doll he had just fucked. The only difference was this one looked, and Kyle blushed when he saw it, like a fetish porn star replica of his own sister, Candice. Bright colorful bows tied up the doll’s pigtails, and the thing’s tiny breasts were a sharp contrast to his sister’s naturally busty self. The whole thing was done up to look like nothing more than an over the top schoolgirl fantasy; the very antithesis of his sister’s personality.

He looked at it in dismay, wondering what the voice was talking about and what his sister would want with something like this—and then he remembered it all. He looked at Cindy, sitting in the chair, now a living sex doll. He remembered talking to the odd man at his work who had said he had the solution to all of Kyle’s women trouble. He remembered the deal he made, to change both his and Cindy’s lives forever.

He was at work, a typical day peddling books and organizing shelves. The book store was actually where he had met Cindy, putting away books in the psychology section. This time, instead of a perky, intelligent girl, it was a man in a suit. It was hard to focus right on him, though Kyle was sure the man looked completely normal. He didn’t know why he was sure of it, but the feeling was absolute.

“My name is Mr. Binder. You and I have something to talk about, Mr. Richardson.” Kyle nodded instantly and before he knew it, they were both sitting in the little coffee shop next to the store.

“Mr. Richardson… you have a spot of girl trouble. I’ve come to help you with it.” The mans voice was deep and almost melodic, and Kyle found himself responding quite a bit more candidly than he really felt he should have.

“I wouldn’t call it trouble exactly… I mean, I love Cindy, she’s awesome! Smart and driven, and she’s got this great sense of humor! But… She’s got these weird hang ups about sex. Like, I can’t even masturbate in the house. I sneak it, sometimes, when she’s busy writing. Why am I telling you all this?” Kyle looked up in confusion at the man across the table.

“Go on, Mr. Richardson. Tell me the rest.” Something in his voice got Kyle rambling again, as if he had never paused.

“Well, she’s so damn sexy, but completely untouchable, you know? Hell, the only thing I’d change about her is maybe give her a bigger rack… but anyway, we barely have sex at all, and when we do, it’s always the same boring position. I just wish I could change things somehow.”

“That’s where I come in, Mr. Richardson. I can change your girlfriend for you. I can make it so that she loves sex. I can make her body something out of your wildest fantasies. I can make her always ready and waiting for your touch, a living sex toy, just for you, would you like that?”

Kyle imagined Cindy, but with the changes he had described. His cute, intelligent girlfriend, but also loving sex, and with the body to match? That would be heaven.

“Of course I’d like that! But it’s a goddamn impossibility. No one can change a woman like that.”

“Oh, I assure you I can, Mr. Richardson. The only real issue here is one of price.” Binder said, regarding Kyle confidently. Kyle could almost believe the man could do it, despite how ridiculous it sounded.

“Look man, I’d give my own sister for someone to help me out like that with Cindy, but it’s—” Kyle was cut off as he found himself shaking hands with Mr. Binder. He didn’t remember doing it, but he did remember that cold iron grip. It was like it was holding on to more than his hand… like his entire self was just sitting there feebly in the man’s grasp.

“It’s a deal, Mr. Richardson. I’ll contact you once you have the completed product. I’ll be done before you even know it.”

Kyle got up from his seat at the coffee shop, wondering why he had sat there alone for as long as he did. He didn’t recall how he had gotten there, but there was a strange mix of excitement and regret in his stomach, and he had no idea why…

As he remembered his agreement, he dropped the phone and doll and ran to his transformed girlfriend. Weeping, he took her hands in his and pleaded forgiveness, letting her know how sorry he was and how he would take it all back if he could. As he held her hands, they accidentally brushed against a thick rubbery nipple.

“Cindi Doll wants to play! Cindi Doll wants another playmate!” the doll chirped to him, mindlessly.

“It’s too late to change your decision, Mr. Richardson… but I’ll tell you what, it’s not too late to change your mind. Do you want me to change your mind, Mr. Richardson?” The voice rang through Kyle’s head, both ominous and promising. Tears in his eyes he nodded, knowing it for the trap it was, but not caring anymore.

Kyle got dressed after giving his Cindi Doll another good fucking before heading off to his sister’s place with the package in tow. The thing just didn’t run out of phrases at all, no matter how many times he pushed its buttons. The last time he toyed with its pussy, it had even managed to surprise him again.

“Cindi loves her owner, no matter what!” For some reason, Kyle felt a tinge of both sadness and even genuine affection for the thing. Shrugging it off, he left on his errand, Candi Doll in tow. He didn’t know why, but he just knew she’d love it.