The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bubblegum & Plastic

by Eric Stray

Added 23 November 2019

Updated 15 August 2020

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Cindy is an anti-porn crusader who’s life changes when she receives an odd bit of hate mail: a doll that looks just like her, only with some impossibly bouncy additions. Soon Cindy finds that the doll, and all of it’s risque sayings are becoming more and more accurate, and the line between woman and bimbo-doll blurs rapidly. Cindy struggles to keep her mind from drifting, even as her own body betrays her. Will Cindy ever become normal again, or will she forever be an empty-headed plaything?

Chapter Length Added Updated
Part 1: Bubblegum & Plastic 9306 words 23 Nov 2019 15 Aug 2020
Part 2: Cherries & Plastic 9319 words 23 Nov 2019 15 Aug 2020
Part 3: Strawberries & Plastic 7271 words 23 Nov 2019 15 Aug 2020