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Bubblegum & Plastic

Part 2: Cherries & Plastic

Candice put down the phone with a mix of sigh and grumble. She and her brother had never been particularly close, and now that he had gotten that disgusting doll, she had worked very hard to help widen that gap towards a comfortable estrangement. And then out of the blue he calls, saying he’s coming over with something she just had to see.

“Ugh” groaned Candice as she got up from the couch, figuring she would at least put some pants on for the occasion.

The combination of her naturally anti-social personality and being able to work from home had caused the girl to become very unconcerned about her appearance. Her black hair hung in a tangle about her head, and she couldn’t remember when she last brushed it. Her large breasts, almost too big for her petite body, hung free under a wrinkled band t-shirt. The shirt was her only article of clothing aside from some men’s boxer’s, which she’d taken to wearing purely because she thought they were comfy. Fishing some pants out of a lazily stacked pile of vaguely clean laundry, she wondered briefly if she should pick up some of the scattered beer cans and discarded clothes strewn about the place. The impulse lasted a half a second before she shrugged and flopped down in front of her computer instead, loading up the latest shooter and immediately cursing at the top of her lungs whenever she died. She got so caught up in her game she almost didn’t hear her brother’s knock, and for a moment she considered just going with that excuse to avoid the visit altogether.

Instead she sighed, logged off and reluctantly let him in. Kyle looked different from when she saw him last. He was still fit as always, and he looked overall very healthy—at least in body. There was just something off in his eyes that Candice just couldn’t place. Maybe fucking a doll all day and night would do that to a man, she thought to herself with a smirk.

As soon as he was inside the door, he handed her over a brightly colored box. Covered in rainbows and stars, it looked like some sort of kid’s toy, though she grimaced when she saw the thing was called a Candi Doll. She had always hated when people called her that, it made her sound like a stripper. The grimace turned into morbid curiosity when she saw the doll’s face.

It was almost an exact replica of her, though there were little touches. No blemishes, for one. Candice’s homebody nature did well to keep her from having to interact with other people, but it did a number on her skin. The doll’s face was pristine and permanently blushing, with big, wide, innocent eyes. The hair was different too. Instead of Candice’s messy black, there were two shining blonde pigtails with pink highlights. The pigtails trailed down over a tight white dress shirt, which was short enough to still reveal the doll’s flat belly. Two little points poked out of the shirt; the doll’s nipples were embarrassingly erect, and brought attention to an almost non-existent chest. Below, the doll wore a pleated blue skirt, just small enough to give a clear view of the thing’s little pink panties.

Candice was more than a little taken aback. “So, first off, why the hell do you have some sort of disgusting hentai replica of your own sister? I mean, I knew you were into dolls and everything, we all saw the damn thing… but this, this is stretching the levels of your family’s understanding, Kyle. Where did you even get something like this?”

Kyle still looked off, more confused and befuddled than defensive. “I… I don’t know. I didn’t order it or anything. I just… I just know it’s for you. I have to go now. I have to get back to Cindi.”

“Right, yeah, your sex doll, great. So how are you two doing, wedding plans coming along alright? Do I still get to be a maid of honor?” Candice said with her usual sneer.

“It’s not like that. I mean… I don’t know, I just love it. Her. I love her. Besides, you guys used to get along, remember? You were friends once! I mean… what?” The room seemed to swim for both of them, and for a moment, Candice could almost believe her brother’s insane rambling about the Cindi Doll having been an actual person. The feeling didn’t last though, and she gave the whole thing a chuckle as she shook her head.

“Goddamn, you’re so weird, bro. Look, I’ll hold on to the thing for now, just to humor you, but you really ought to seek some help. There’s actual women out there, man, with an actual pulse! I believe in you!” She said sarcastically as she started ushering him out the door. For a moment, he looked incredibly concerned, almost as if he was going to snatch the doll back or say something. Instead, he shuddered a bit and said his goodbyes.

She tossed the box onto the kitchen counter and sat down to play games again. It didn’t take long before she got burned out and frustrated though, and she ended up wandering into the kitchen to get a snack. On the way she shucked off her pants, delighting once more in the solitude she had created for herself. Snacking on a piece of leftover pizza, she inspected the doll with a mix of disinterest and mild disgust.

“Candi Doll! She’s anything you want her to be!” the box said in big bubble letters. I bet, Candice thought to herself as she finished her food and picked up the package. The thing felt strangely heavy in her hands as she turned it over, reading more of the little blurbs.

“All girls want to be a Candi Doll! She’s sweet! She’s cute! She’s customizable! She’s everyone’s perfect playmate!”

Thinking she should wash her hands after simply touching the thing, Candice nonetheless opened up the top of the box, only to be sprayed in the face with a burst of rainbow colored dust. She coughed and sputtered, dropping the box to the counter as she tried desperately to spit the stuff out. As it settled on her tongue though, she realized it actually tasted alright—almost like a blend of cherries and plastic.

As the cloud cleared, she was more concerned with the doll’s package. Bouncing out of the top of it was a brightly colored card on a loose spring waving back and forth almost happily. “Well, that explains the powder,” she muttered to herself, figuring it was some kind of propulsion mechanism for the spring, “You’d think they’d have some kind of warning or something.”

She grabbed the card and wiped off more of the colorful mess so she could read it.

“Congratulations, you’re Candi Doll’s new playmate! You’re a very lucky person, because Candi Doll always loves to play!!! You’ll want to always play too, because every girl wants to be like Candi Doll!”

“Ugh,” was all she could say as she continued reading.

“Candi Dolls are SUPER special though! All Dolls love to play, but Candi dolls can be whatever their playmate wants them to be!” First it says customizable, and now this. Now officially curious, Candice pulled out the doll, spilling all manner of little fetish costumes out onto the counter as she did so. Soon the thing was laying in a pile of cheerleader outfits, slutty schoolgirl skirts and several little brightly colored panties.

Strapped to the very bottom of the box was a rounded pink remote control, covered in buttons. Several of them had little up and down arrows, and by the very blatantly labeled stickers, Candice could clearly see what they were meant to increase/decrease. On a whim, she picked up the remote and pressed up on the arrow next to the breasts sticker, watching the doll intently. Absolutely nothing happened. Not surprised the knock off toy wasn’t working, she nonetheless checked the remote to see if there was an on switch she had forgotten or something, and instead found the thing was simply missing batteries.

“Fucking figures,” she said to herself as she tossed the remote onto the pile of clothes and doll. She had already turned to go back to her computer when she heard something.

“Candi Doll wants to play! You want to play too!” came a muffled chirp from the covered toy.

She hadn’t expected much out of the doll without the remote, but now she was once again intrigued. She picked up the little thing in her hands, and feeling a strange sort of warmth coming from it. Probably shitty wiring inside, she thought to herself.

Still, she couldn’t help but admire the detail on the doll’s features. The face was perfectly crafted and frighteningly realistic, with big happy eyes and a dopey smile. It was more than a little creepy seeing her face done in plastic like that, and even more so due to the uncharacteristic expression. Turning the doll over, she started pressing at it’s back, trying to find whatever button she had accidentally pressed to get the thing to talk. While that was fruitless, she accidentally brushed over one of the doll’s prominent nipples.

“Candi Dolls love being played with! Play with me more!” it said in a high-pitched and playful voice. Candice turned it over to face her again, this time deliberately pressing on the doll’s surprisingly soft chest.

“You can touch Candi Doll wherever you want! Candi Doll loves to be touched!”

Candice shook her head with disdain at the toy in her hands. Looking like it did, she wasn’t surprised its lines were all about being happy to be fondled, but it was still more than a little disturbing hearing that kind of thing coming out of her own little replica. Still, despite the obvious likeness and blatant sexual overtones on the doll, Candice found she just couldn’t muster the effort to get too worried or angry. Part of it was she kept getting distracted by little bits of that delicious candy powder that had coated her lips, and the taste of cherries and plastic kept flooding her thoughts. Another part was a strange stirring between her legs.

She didn’t know quite why holding a mini sex doll version of herself was getting her hot, but for some reason as she held it, she felt her body reacting. She was no stranger to arousal, and she freely admitted to herself that she probably touched herself far too much on a daily basis, but this was something more. It felt almost as if the growing heat in her pussy was connected to something bigger inside of her; like her whole self was being engulfed by it.

Still staring at the doll, she slid one hand down the front of her black and gray boxers, almost taken aback by how wet she was. She slowly ran one finger in between her slick lips up against her clit and found herself just waiting. Her head was filled with sex and rainbow powder as she shifted her hand holding the doll; positioning her thumb right against its cute little pink panties.

She pressed down on the doll’s pussy right as she began rubbing her clit, and with a moan and a giggle, she heard the doll talk again.

“Candi Dolls are made to be used! Candi Dolls always want to look cute!” the doll chirped out in happy sing-song.

Candice shuddered with pleasure and fell against the counter as her legs threatened to give out. Large breasts resting against the cool surface, she practically ripped her underwear off, exposing her dripping cunt to the room as she fought to present herself better. Cute, cute, I have to look cute, she thought to herself as she thrust her ass out and started fucking herself with her fingers. No longer was she rubbing at her clit, only concerned with her own pleasure… She wanted to feel like she was being used.

While her hand worked herself with a constant wet squish, her other hand was diligently stroking the strangely wet cloth between the doll’s legs. Where her finger made contact she could almost feel a spark, pulsing again and again into her body. Meanwhile the doll kept talking to her, seeming to speak directly into her very being.

“Candi Dolls think with their pussy! Candi Dolls are whatever their playmates want them to be! Candi Dolls are nothing but a dumb little toy! You’re a Candi Doll like me!”

With each line, Candice felt her body thrum just a little more, but when she heard the last part, she felt the pleasure overtake her completely. She squeezed the doll tightly as her pussy squirted her need onto the linoleum under her. Her hips bucked and her mind went blank with rainbow sparkles, and the last thing she felt was her own lips muttering the words “I’m a Candi Doll… I’m a Candi Doll…

Candice woke up, alert and perky despite the strange and oddly erotic dream she had the night before. It had already began to fade as she got up, pulling a shirt on over her tiny chest. She didn’t bother with a bra, especially considering her diminutive size, but some days she wished she did. As the soft fabric slid over her sensitive and erect little nipples, she very nearly broke down and jumped back in bed again for some early morning fun. Instead, she made her way into the kitchen, giving a dirty look to the doll on the counter. She definitely blamed the thing for her dreams last night, though she didn’t get why her dream self had had big tits. Sure she’d always envied the other girls with actual breasts, but she had come to accept things, hadn’t she? Then she looked down and saw the remote again, with it’s big colorful up arrow right next to a little cartoony sticker of bulging pink tits.

“Ah, there you are,” she said to herself, putting together the pieces in her head. Though the thing was still a little creepy, especially the way its body was almost her exact double, she found she was more than a little curious about its origins… and what it could do.

Breakfast tasted a little off, with the plain O’s of her cereal having an oddly sweet after taste; almost like cherries. She shrugged it off, thinking it was likely just a mix up in the recipe or something. When she was done she wandered over to her computer, still dressed in her usual t-shirt and panties.

She loaded up her usual game. A little people simulator, she always got a little kick out of making a really abrasive character and having her go around berating her neighbors. She may not have the aggressive personality required to play games like shooters and whatnot, but Candice still definitely had a bit of a mean streak. She giggled as one of the characters inevitably set themselves on fire. She found she couldn’t really sit still long, however, and she got up and got dressed. Part of her wanted to go see her brother and grill him for more information about his strange gift, but she was still having trouble coping with his blatant, misguided love for his own doll. Instead, she decided on continuing her inspection of the thing, which meant getting batteries and testing out the remote.

The trip to the little convenience store was thankfully brief. Despite being somewhat perky and generally pretty nice, she still wasn’t a big fan of social interaction. This was exacerbated by her perpetually erect nipples constantly rubbing against her shirt. She frequently got more than a few stares and let out more than a few sighs due to the things. When she got home, she quickly stripped down to her t-shirt and panties. She grumbled a bit as she felt the wet pink fabric sticking between her legs; an unfortunate side effect of all the stimulation. For a moment she thought about how cute the panties looked, tight up against her wet lips. The thought alone caused her to shudder with arousal. Not to be sidetracked, she forced the image from her mind and put the batteries into the remote.

She set the doll up in a sitting position, leaning back against her shiny chrome toaster. She picked up the remote and considered which button to try first. There were almost more buttons that she could count, and it seemed like each time she looked away and looked back there was a different set of options each time. She blinked a few times in confusion, but then she saw the option from last night: breasts. For fun, she first pressed on the down arrow, but nothing happened. Apparently being completely flat chested like her was as low as you got. Then she pressed the up arrow and gasped. The doll’s dress shirt buttons strained as its tits ballooned out, eventually coming to rest on the thing’s legs. Her own chest flooded with warmth just from looking at the facsimile of her own body distorted like that, causing her to blush furiously.

She just hadn’t realizes how cute she would look with tits like that. They filled her vision, and she could imagine all the people who would want to play with her if she were cute like that… She reached out and poked at one of the dolls expanded tits and giggled as the globe jiggled back and forth. It was amazing how real it looked and moved, despite the size. As she ran her finger along it, she brushed one of the doll’s nipples.

“Candi Dolls love to change for their owners! Candi Dolls are the perfect plaything!”

Considering how easily and well the doll had changed with the remote, Candice had to grudgingly agree. She slipped one hand beneath the soft pink cloth of her panties and started to rub herself slowly, making sure to push out her cute little ass as she did so. With her other hand she looked through some of the other options on the remote, eventually settling on one that looked like a bright pink star. She pressed the up arrow and held it down, watching for any changes in the doll.

She was amazed as its outfit changed gradually to a bright pink color. The doll’s clothes seemed to swim on its body as soft little frills and lace appeared on its panties. As the changes took place, Candice felt her head swim. This wasn’t possible—couldn’t be possible—or so she tried to think. Thinking didn’t seem to work though, either because of her hand slipping in and out of her pussy or because the doll was just simply too cute.

Pink flooded her vision as she once more leaned over on the counter. A small line of drool creeped out of her mouth as she fucked herself, her little tingling breasts begging to be touched. As her fingers danced across her clit, her other hand grasped at the remote, and bursts of color and pleasure slammed into her mind as she accidentally pressed button after button. One particularly strong wave caused her to cry out, dropping the remote and falling onto her ass on the slick floor of the kitchen. She backed up against the wall, still fucking herself hard when she felt her chest go from tingling to throbbing. She brought her free hand up and started pinching and tugging at her sensitive nipples, and she gave out a cute high-pitched moan from the sensation. From the counter, she heard the doll start to talk.

“Candi Doll’s love changing for their playmates! Candi Doll’s always try to be cute! Candi Doll’s are only for fucking! Candi is a slut!”

The last part was Candi’s own voice as she joined with the doll’s sayings. Candi really was a slut, she thought to herself as she felt the fabric of her t-shirt being pushed out by her growing tits. Soon she felt the warm flesh of them resting between her splayed legs, and she giggled as they wobbled from her hand’s motion as it continued sliding in and out of her cunt.

She looked down at the bright pink fabric of her shirt, stretched tightly and thin across the jiggling flesh. The smiling cartoon character faces on the shirt seemed to look up at her with approval over her new assets. “Ohmigod! I’m so cute!” she called out, as she felt her pussy throb and pulse, moving ever closer to climax.

Her other hand was still pulling at her thick teat, and she gasped and cooed with each tug. “Candi is cute! Candi is cute! Candi Doll is cute!” she cried out as her body rocked with orgasm, her breasts seeming to thrum more than her own sex. Ecstasy exploded in her mind and she soon passed out, her sitting position exactly like that of the doll’s.

Candi woke up some time later, slowly wobbling to her feet. Her pink shirt was pulled up to her neck and her almost impossible tits were exposed, defying gravity with the way they stuck out roundly. She minced into the bathroom and stripped down completely, pouting a bit because she had to take off her little lacy pink thong. Still, she knew she had to get cleaned up and ready before too late; she had a date tonight. Despite the hurry, Candi couldn’t keep her hands off herself while she was in the shower. Pink suds ran between the soft skin of her breasts as she ran her hands up and down her body, delighting in the tingles that erupted from every part of her.

Before long she had pressed her sensitive tits up against the warm wall of the shower, pushing her ass out and slowly rubbing her soapy hands in between her firm cheeks. She blushed as one of her fingers slid into her puckered hole, though it was more from the pleasant sensation of being used than any sort of embarrassment. Plus, she wanted to be ready everywhere, just in case. One finger was joined by a second, then a third as her body stretched easily around them, almost elastically. She squeaked out as gasp as her fingers started moving in and out of her, and the feeling was incredible. She imagined her boyfriend taking her like that, her little frilly skirt up over her tight little ass as he pushed her up against a wall by the sheer force of his cock entering her.

Her long blonde hair spilled out over her chest as she rested herself completely on it, feeling the pressure of her petite body squeezing her tits against the wall. With her other hand free she quickly snaked it down between the needy lips of her bare pussy and she moaned at the sensation of both holes being used. Still she imagined him taking her, making her his doll, and as the thrusts in her fantasy became more frenzied, so too did the motions of her hands.

“Kyle… Oh Kyle, fuck your Candi Doll! Play with all of me!” she cried out as her orgasm took her, and she slid noisily down onto the floor of the shower, groping at her tits. Briefly she admonished herself for getting so worked up when she should’ve been getting ready, but she knew that being such a slut was one of the things her boyfriend liked about her.

Stepping out of the shower, she quickly dried her hair and put it up into neat little pigtails. She blushed at how cute they looked, and she touched herself a bit just staring at her reflection. Shaking her head a bit, she quickly put on make up, as she did every day. Soft pink blush and lipstick went well with the highlights in her hair. She giggled as she posed, turning this way and that, trying to find the best positions she could think of in order to look cute for her man. Her little pussy was dripping by the time she was done, and she had to struggle more than usual to get dressed.

Seeing she had time to kill, she sat down at her computer and loaded up her usual game. Nothing more than a child’s game, she nonetheless was obsessed with playing around with the Bobbi-Doll Dress-Up Studio. There was something about watching the airheaded doll bend and move however her playmate wanted, while dressing and undressing the thing sent pleasant shivers throughout Candi’s body. She propped up her feet on the edge of the desk, lifting her frilly pink skirt up to her waist. Thankfully, the warm weight of her tits held the skirt in place, leaving her hands free to touch how she wanted. She pulled the soft pink lace of her thong aside and toyed with her cunt with one hand as she controlled the doll with the other.

Bending over, spread eagle, in cute little dresses or tight little pants, Candi made the doll perform for her as she quickly got herself off just as she heard a knock at the door. Good timing! She thought to herself as she licked her fingers clean and tasted sweet cherries and plastic.

Opening the door, she bounded excitedly into Kyle’s arms, practically bowling him over with her tits as she did so. Their lips met and Candi could feel electricity… finally, she was with her playmate. For his part, Kyle seemed out of it a bit, and he seemed to almost push Candi off of him. He looked around the apartment, taking in the brightly colored wallpaper and girly decorations.

His eyes came across a picture of him and Candi in each other’s arms with his Cindi Doll behind them, and strange memories started to come back to him: memories of his girlfriend Cindy, and his sister Candace. All at once he completely shoved Candi back, looking at her in horror.

“No, Candace, this isn’t right!!! Something’s happened, I can’t quite remember… It was something big, some kind of mistake… I don’t… " He tried to explain, as the oversexed bimbo pressed against him once more. Her small hands ran across the bulge in his jeans, and she smiled.

“Mmm… yeah, this isn’t right at all,” she purred, as she unbuttoned his pants. “You’re still wearing these.”

“No! I mean… you’re not my girlfriend… you’re my… you’re my…” He started to stammer as soon as he felt her hand begin sliding up and down his cock. Her lips practically glistened as she stared at it reverently.

“You’re right, honey. I’m not your girlfriend… I’m your doll,” she muttered as she slid the head of his cock between her lips, her tongue sliding around his length as she pulled him inside of her. He let out a long groan and fell back against the door jam, still within view of the hall outside of Candi’s apartment. Neither person cared.

Some time later they both snuggled on the couch, Candi’s tits out and being played with by both her and Kyle. She loved being played with. Kyle, now that he had spent himself in the ever welcoming mouth of his slutty girlfriend, seemed to be more than happy with the situation as well. Still, tonight was their date night, and they both got up shortly after, with Candi almost walking out of the apartment with her chest still exposed.

“You’re forgetting a few things, Candi.” Kyle said with a smile, reaching out and teasing one of Candi’s thick, sensitive nipples between his fingers. Candi closed her eyes and began to pant slightly, waiting to be used.

“Oh… Oh, yeah?” She barely got out as she strained her back trying to push her tits out even more for him.

“First off, " he said with a smirk, “these are mine, and mine alone.” He quickly stretched down the thin shirt over her fat tits. She giggled as the cloth tickled her skin. She held her hands behind herself, knees together and coquettish, and looked up at him adoringly.

“What else did I forget?” she asked sweetly, pressing up against him.

He held her close, leaned in and nibbled slightly at her ear. She could feel his cock pressing against the cheap fabric of her flimsy skirt and she wanted nothing more than to have him tear it off of her. His breath was hot against her as he spoke.

“You forgot your doll.”

Date night was a special occasion for the young couple. Due to Candi’s overactive sex drive, it was hard for them to get out all that much, and when they did she usually made a scene. Still, they had found a nice little restaurant that had become more or less used to her special needs, and they were ushered off to a fairly out of the way corner booth as they came in. After they ordered their food, Candi made to slip down under the table and suck on Kyle’s cock like she usually did. There was just enough room for her to fit under the table and still rub her dripping sex up and down the table leg while she did so. Still, this time Kyle flagged her back.

She sat there in confusion as he took the doll from her hands and moved it into a sitting pose just like hers. Candi flushed, knowing what was next. They had played this game before, but never in public, though she had little to no shame about doing so. Candi was always whatever her owner wanted.

Kyle moved the arm of the doll up so that its palm was resting against its stiff little nipple. Candi did the same, squeezing down on the sensitive flesh and gasping with surprise. She never got over how much more intense these things seemed to feel when the doll was doing them as well; it was uncanny.

Now the doll’s other hand was moved up as well, and Candi gladly started groping at her massive tits. Kyle smirked and bent the doll over, its little pink skirt flipped up, revealing its tiny panties. Candi leaned forward, resting her breasts on the smooth tabletop and pushed up her ass for him as she got on her knees. Her short skirt didn’t take much coaxing to show off what she had and now anyone who might glance over could see her lacy, pink, and completely soaked thong. Kyle’s deft fingers quickly slipped past the drenched material, and he was blatantly fucking her with his hand when the waitress came. The young redhead saw both doll and woman, and she heard the soft squish of a wet cunt being toyed with. Where there should’ve been shock she felt a muted sort of excitement, and merely took their order with a blush.

Kyle had done all of the talking, as Candi was too far gone to speak. As her pussy was being played with, she simply stared forward with her empty eyes locked on the doll in front of her. The doll stared back, but there was something about its gaze that just seemed to burn into her—changing her. She barely noticed as Kyle took his hand off her body and opened up the doll’s shirt, exposing its chest to the table. With stiff arms, Candi did the same, until her heavy titflesh was bare and once more sitting on the table. As Kyle started touching her, the young waitress came back with their drinks.

“I… um… is there anything else I can help you with?” She said, pointedly starting at Kyle and trying to ignore the massive display of breasts just next to him. For her part, Candi began to drool slightly, her saliva taking on a soft pink color as it ran over her lip gloss.

“Miss, as a matter of fact there is,” Kyle said, making his way out of the booth. He stood over the girl who seemed to shrink back from him. “You see, I need to use the restroom, and my doll… well, she can get into trouble without someone playing with her. I’d like you to be that someone.” He gestured to the soft seat of the booth, which would put the young waitress not a breath away from Candi’s visible cunt.

“No… I mean, I can’t do that... I, it’s too…” she stammered, trying to find a way out of the strange situation she had found herself in. She didn’t know quite why the establishment was alright with this sort of thing, and none of the other patrons even seemed to notice. Maybe he was the owner? She looked at him. Yeah… he seems like an Owner.

“Miss, you absolutely can! See, here,” he said, reaching over and pressing on the bared nipple on the doll.

“All little girl’s love playing with Candi Dolls!” it chirped, happily.

The voice did something to the waitress, and she staggered a bit. “All… little girls? I’m not a little girl…. Am I?” She looked up at Kyle expectantly, her meager chest rising and falling quickly. He patted her firm ass, giving it a little squeeze as he nearly pushed her into the booth.

“Of course you are! You love to play with Candi Dolls like this, don’t you? That makes you our little girl, just like the doll said. What’s your name, cutie?” He looked at her, waiting.

“Oh, um… Tina, sir. I’m Tina.” She barely looked up from the dolls as he walked away.

Tina was struggling with herself as she sat next to the fuckdoll in the booth. She knew she was a grown woman, living on her own and doing a damn good job of it… but she also knew she was a little girl who loved to play with dolls. One of those things was making her little pussy wet, and that was the part of her that won out. With a happy giggle she picked up the tiny doll on the table and started playing with it.

As she poked and prodded her new toy, the larger doll next to her wiggled and cooed. Delighted, that only made Tina want to have more fun. She saw a flash of bright pink and turned the doll over, looking at its cute little thong. She looked at Candi and saw the same one, only hers was coated in dripping pink lubricant. Out of curiosity she poked the doll between its legs, looking almost naughty while she did so.

“Little girls love Candi Dolls, because Candi Dolls taste sweet!” both dolls cried out. Tina was curious. Tastes sweet? She looked all over the small doll in her hands, but there was nothing really that would taste sweet on the little plastic thing. Then she looked over at the pale pink juices dripping out of the bigger doll next to her. Tentatively, she reached out a finger and slid it down the soft wet fabric of the doll’s thong. She rubbed her wet fingers together, feeling the sticky slickness of the lubricant between them. Then, she stuck her fingers in her mouth and giggled around them. The doll was right! They really do taste sweet! Excitedly, she climbed over the doll’s leg, sitting so that her face was right next to the thing’s dripping candy hole.

Without reservation she pushed her face up against Candi’s ass and started licking at her pussy, her tenacious tongue easily pushing the flimsy cheap fabric of the thong aside. As the yummy taste of cherries and plastic dripped into her waiting mouth, Tina’s mind started to shift. In the farthest reaches of her self, she was beginning to come to the realization that she had been wrong... She really was a little girl—a little girl who just LOVED to play with dolls. Images of dressing up women, playing with them, making them her dolls danced through her head, replacing any other drives or ambition.

She was happily still playing with her doll when Kyle came back, and as he sat down she quickly hopped onto his lap. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed him passionately, her tongue still dripping with Candi. Wasting no time, Kyle pulled up her black work skirt and tore her panties away as she fumbled with his fly. As his cock pushed inside of her, he looked into her eyes.

“What are you, Tina?” He asked as she began to move her hips up and down slowly.

“I’m a little girl who plays with dolls, sir,” the young woman said, trying her best to milk his shaft with her tight pussy.

“Close… very close, Tina. Try again,” he said, slipping his hand up under the back of her skirt and groping her firm bottom. She started moving faster now.

“I’m… I’m a doll?” She asked, confused. She didn’t let her confusion stop her though, and the girl continued energetically bouncing on Kyle’s cock.

“No, no, you silly little thing, not you,” he said with a laugh, grabbing her ass tightly and pulling her harder down onto his shaft. As he held her close, she felt his girth twitching inside of her and the answer hit her as they both began to cum.

“I’m YOUR little girl! I’m your little girl that plays with your dolls and fucks and fucks and fucks!” she giggled out, glad her scattered brain had figured something out. She felt his pleasure spill inside of her and she collapsed against his chest, nuzzling him with a smile. He kissed her forehead and she looked up at him, gazing deep in his eyes in perfect servitude and love, and she thought nothing of the strange shadows that shifted just inside them.

Dinner went quickly after that, with Tina and Kyle eating their meals in relative silence. Tina simply stared at him, her heart bursting with adoration and she had to stop herself from pouncing him as her body thrummed from his simple presence. She hadn’t remembered ordering… but then again, she hadn’t remembered even coming here in the first place. Still, Kyle seemed to know what he was doing, and she figured she’d trust him to do all the thinking for them.

For his part, Kyle simply ate, and only rarely did he favor his doll and his little girl with even a glance. Still, when they were done, he watched with obvious enjoyment as Tina once more lapped away at the Candi Doll’s sweet dripping pussy for dessert. The waitress sneered with obvious disgust as she took the check, but Tina was too far gone to notice. Her hand worked quickly under the soft little pink skirt she wore, and her own wetness rivaled that of the doll in front of her. She wouldn’t have cared even if she had seen the waitress. She knew who and what she was, and she loved it.

When they were done, Kyle easily carried the Candi Doll out to the car, and Tina briefly wondered about where the second doll had gone. Then she shook her head, admonishing herself internally. Of course, silly, the Cindi Doll is back at home!

Tina’s tits jiggled as she skipped down the path to the door. She was glad to be home with all of her toys. As she stepped through the threshold, she was hit by a strange wave of dizziness, but it soon passed. Once it did, she raced into her room and nearly dove onto her big fluffy bed. There, laying on top of the soft covers was her Cindi Doll, its legs spread and waiting.

Tina quickly snuggled in between the doll’s open and started playfully licking at its pussy. She just loved playing with her dolls, and though it was silly, she didn’t want Cindi to get jealous after she had spent the whole evening with her Candi Doll. Diligently she lapped at the doll’s clit, giggling as the little tingles of pleasure ran through her head as she did so.

“Cindi Dolls love being played with!” the doll called out, its legs closing around the girl’s head, pulling her close to the bubblegum scent of its cunt. Tina gave a muffled gasp as she felt Kyle’s cock sliding along the edge of her panties, and she felt his strong hands grabbing at her panty-clad bottom. She hadn’t heard him come in, but then again, she had a hard time thinking about anything but her dolls half the time. She felt her face pushed into the slick plastic of the doll’s pussy as he entered her from behind and she squealed with excitement. Every thrust from his cock only forced her to fuck Cindi deeper with her mouth, and the feeling of being wedged between doll and Owner had Tina moaning like a cheap slut.

Within moments she was panting and shaking with need, her climax tearing through her body while she Kyle still used her body. Before long though, she felt him slip out of her and she gasped and shuddered with her second orgasm as his cum sprayed down on her freckled ass. Exhausted, she climbed on top of Cindi and rested her head on the doll’s jiggling breasts.

While she rested, Kyle got up and pointed the remote at the discarded Candi Doll. Pressing a few choice buttons, the doll reacted by getting to her feet and climbing up on the bed behind Tina. Deftly Candi cleaned up all of Kyle’s cum off of the now sleeping girl, using only her agile tongue. When she was done, she walked over and sat in a nearby desk chair, legs spread and body ready to be played with.

Shadows danced behind his eyes as Kyle gave a low chuckle, tossed the remote between the doll’s open thighs and walked out of the room.

Tina woke up early the next day, stretching and smiling down at the busty doll beneath her. She gave a long good morning kiss to the doll’s open mouth, making sure to pinch one of the doll’s thick nipples.

“Good morning, Cindi!” she said as she hopped off the bed and made her way over to Candi.

“Cindi Dolls love to be fucked! Cindi Doll is a slut!” The doll behind her chirped in response to the touch.

Not yet!” Tina said playfully, as she climbed onto the chair and straddled her Candi Doll. Not wanting her to feel left out, the girl kissed Candi too, tasting the sweet cherries and plastic she knew and loved being mingled with that of the Owner and herself from the night before. When she was done, she skipped down the hallway, just in time to see the mail lady walk by.

Amy looked up at the house in confusion. Part of her remembered the nice couple who lived there, Kyle and Cindy… They had even given her a Christmas card. Now though, instead of the name “Richardson” on the side of the mailbox, there was just “BINDER”. What was worse, she also remembered it always being that way… and she also remembered the fear.

As always, she stood in front of the door, unable to run, unable to speak. And as always, she appeared. This time wearing nothing but a translucent pink nighty, the cute little redhead came out the door and looked down at Amy. Her stance a mix of childish petulance and sheer feminine lust, Tina stared down at the mail woman like she was nothing more than a toy.

Shadows shifted in Tina’s eyes and the poor woman felt her body begin to change. Embarrassingly, it always began at her pussy. Pulsing, dripping, it betrayed her, and if she had been able to move, she would have begun fucking herself right there on the sidewalk. Instead, she moaned behind clenched teeth as she felt the pleasure of her cunt being turned into nothing but a stretchable fuckable toy hole.

She smelled the soft scent of strawberries rising up from between her legs and she knew that part of her body was no longer hers. Suddenly her mouth could move, and she moaned loudly as her arousal and reality rippling through her. Her moans turned to a soft “Oooh” as her lips filled into a plump, cock sized O. Her breasts ballooned outward, as her uniform shifted to fit her. The light blue shirt faded and became nearly see through, and the whole thing looked like nothing more than a cheap facsimile of her work attire. Under the costume, her skin softened and shined as it became nothing more than supple plastic. Amy fell to her knees, as she always did, and the girl walked up to her.

“There’s my doll! Why were you pretending to be a person?” the girl chirped, sliding two fingers into Amy’s sensitive lips. Her mind emptied at the feel of being used, and she felt her head start to bob back and forth by itself. Tina giggled at her.

“Although… You’re kind of a dumb dolly, my other ones are much better,” she said, as she pulled her fingers back out of Amy’s slippery hole.

All at once the woman found herself feeling hollow, her mouth throbbing with need. Tina’s words bounced around her empty head. She really was a dumb dolly, she knew. Why did she keep trying to hide it?

Petulantly, Tina turned her back on the doll and walked back inside. As soon as the door closed, Amy felt her body start to return to her again. Arms first, one of them shooting straight down the flimsy cloth of her shorts to start pounding at her dripping slit. The other hand inevitably went to her face and began fucking her mouth.

Every day she did this, and every day it took a little bit longer to change back completely; body and mind both. Today, as she staggered to her feet, she could still feel the slick rubbery lips of her dolly fuckhole, and her breasts still jutted out from her body at an unrealistic angle. The last time though, her tits had stayed like that the entire day, and she shivered with lust as people had looked at her big fake globes like she was nothing more than a sex toy. Now, with her pussy still throbbing with need to be used, she didn’t think she could keep herself from acting the part. Wobbling, the confused woman/doll made her way down the sidewalk.

Tina didn’t hear Kyle as he stepped up behind her. She was too engrossed in the sheer pleasure that rolled through her after turning that woman into nothing more than a slutty doll. Still, she happily pushed her ass out to meet his hand as he touched her, and she knew that while she may own all the dolls… he owned her. She reached back and rubbed his cock through his pants as she tried to entice him with her body, but he was distant and distracted. Pouting, she turned around as he started laughing at her.

“Sweetie, I have some business to attend to, so I won’t be able to have any fun right now. You want more dolls, don’t you?” he said as he patted her on the head.

“Well, yeah… but I want to play!” She said, rubbing her soft breasts and against his chest. He pushed her away with a smile.

“That’s why you have all those wonderful toys I got you and you’ve barely played with them!. Now go, have fun.” He swatted her firm ass as she bounced away reluctantly.

He was right, she thought to herself as she picked up the remote from between the doll’s legs. She had barely played with the thing yet. Idly she looked through the ever changing options on the remote, unconcerned by the shifting of the buttons. Very soon, she found what she was looking for; pressing a button next to a big yellow exclamation point. Suddenly Candi shuddered into motion, looking around with alarm.

“Oh my god… You, with the remote, you have to get me out of here! He’s… He was my brother, but he’s changed. We’ve changed! He’s turning us all into… Arf! Arf!”

Candi looked down in concern as her voice devolved into nothing more than cute little barks. A pink collar had appeared around her neck and as she reached up and touched it, she saw that her arms ended in big fluffy pink paws.

Tina giggled, setting down the remote after pressing the ‘Pet’ option. The doll in front of her still struggled to speak as its body dropped into a dog-like crouch in front of her. Laying back on the bed, Tina spread her legs and Candi soon found herself messily lapping at the redhead’s cunt.

A soft pink tail wagged over her tight ass, and her needy pussy dripped with simulated heat. Despite her arousal, she could no more use her paws on herself than she could pull away from her Owner’s delicious sex. Inside though, Candice struggled to take hold. The remote had given her back her mind for a moment, and she was determined to keep it. Sadly, she was fighting a losing battle against the pleasurable tingles that ran through her body for being a good toy, and her being was bombarded with the need to serve.

After a moment, Tina pulled away and went for the remote, having to push away Candi as she lunged to lick at the girl’s body again. The petdoll was not to be dissuaded, however, and happily slobbered against Tina’s little asshole. The girl bent over and braced herself against the bed, cooing at the sensation of the big wet tongue sliding in and out of her,

“That’s… that’s a bit distracting,” she said between shaky breaths. “Sit, girl!”

Candi fell back on her haunches, her legs spread wide and her big jiggling tits squeezed between her arms. Tina looked down at her with a cruel smile. “Ok, girl, now speak!”

“Arf! Arf!... YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Candi yelled, able to finally give words to the anger, fear and frustration that had filled her. Still, while her voice struggled to sound angry, her tail was wagging happily behind her, and her sex was still more than willing. She even found that without serious focus her face would lapse back into a dopey grin, her long tongue dangling out and dripping pale pink lubricant.

Tina wasn’t phased by Candi’s outburst. “Well, that’s a little silly since you’re the doggy,” she said with a patronizing grin. Then she turned around and wiggled her butt invitingly at the other girl. Candi felt a sudden rush of overwhelming joy as she resumed her sloppy, slobbering service. Despite her enthusiastic tongue, Tina mostly ignored her, humming a little song to herself as she looked through the options on the remote.

Candi fought with herself the entire time, at once wishing just the worst things on Tiny, while also wanting nothing more than to just lick her asshole and be a good little doggy doll forever and ever. Drool dripped messily down between her massive breasts as she thought about how good it felt to serve, and a little puddle had formed between her open thighs. She had fallen so deep beneath the urges that she hadn’t noticed Tina getting a little frustrated.

“Damn this thing..” she cursed cutely as she slapped at the side of the remote. “Just isn’t… doing what I want it to do.” Then, she held it out in her hands and looked at it intensely, and the shadows behind her eyes became incredibly intense. The remote began to glow and expand slightly, and the light on her face gave Tina an almost maniacal cast.

“There, Universal!” Tina shouted, and quickly pointed the remote over towards the inactive Cindi Doll. “Candi, be a good little pet and give our friend Cindi a nice wake up, ok?” With a happy “Arf!” Candi jumped between Cindi’s legs, ass and tail both wagging in the air as she happily slurped at her former friend’s cunt.

“Cindi Dolls love playing with other dolls! Cindi dolls… wait… what are… Oh god, what happened to me?” Cindi said, hands reaching tentatively out around her large tits. “I’m… I’m… Cindi Doll is an empty-headed plaything!”

Her hips bucked in climax under the relentless stimulation of Candi’s expert tongue, and her mind lapsed back into bubblegum and plastic. Tina just giggled at the pair, casually stroking at Candi’s sopping pussy.

“P..please stop, Candice! I… Cindi Doll only thinks with her pussy!” she giggled, as the over-eager puppytoy’s tongue danced across her clit. She struggled to stay herself, but it kept being smothered under the sheer need to be played with and fucked. She was losing the fight, just like Candice had.

Tina smiled as she saw the woman struggle, her eyes slowly dimming. “What else can I do with you two?” she asked herself, once more sliding through the options on the remote. She was still browsing when Kyle came up behind her. She looked back excitedly, ready to share what she had done, but for some reason he seemed to be unhappy with her; mad even.

“So that’s what happened, you’ve changed the remote to work on anyone.” He looked down at her sternly.

She nodded, with a tentative smile and handed it off to him for inspection. She gasped when, a few moments later she felt her body stiffen, plastic crawling up her features. Lubricant dribbled out of puffy pink lips and breasts ballooned out of her nighty until she looked like nothing more than a red-headed replica of a Cindi Doll. Still, instead of the blank stare of a mindless fuck toy, this doll’s eyes were filled with burning hate and shifting shadows. Not wasting any time, Kyle quickly tossed the remote to Cindi and then struggled to pull Candi out from between her legs. Once detached, Candice shook her head, her floppy pink dog ears flapping against her pigtails.

“Arf! Oh Kyle, is it actually you? What’s happening, how can they do these things?” Candice asked, running after him on her paws and knees as he brought the muddled Cindi to her feet off the bed.

“I don’t have time to explain, and I don’t have time to finish changing you two back. The remote should help as long as you keep it from him. He’s… It’s inside her,” he said, pointing at the Tina Doll. “It’s been working to, I don’t know, inhabit her for a while. When she changed the remote she ended up pulling too much of his power in at once, and he’s dormant for now. I don’t know for how long. Now run!”

He pulled them to the front door and pushed them out. The house began to shake as they got to the sidewalk, and flashes of dark and light burst from the windows. Kyle looked up worried, then looked back at the two changed girls.

“I love you both, but… I’m going to go back. This is my fault, and I can hopefully make it up to you in some way by buying you time.” He softly slid his hand along Cindi’s cheek, as a tear slid down his.

“Go, please…” he muttered, looking at the two stunned girls. “Use the remote, save yourselves.” He didn’t wait for an answer, and quickly turned and ran into the house. Not long after, the flashes of light intensified. Rumbling mingled with a man’s… and then a woman’s screams. Fearful cries turned to pleasurable ones as the shaking of the house subsided. As the laughter began, both girls ran as fast as they could, and didn’t look back.