The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


Bunny woke up to a blank Big Board: her first Free Day in what felt like ages. Free days were boring, but they were okay because she could relax a little; she didn’t have to be quite so super-diligent about her shaving routine, she could lounge around in her workout clothes, and she didn’t have to spend hours in front of the makeup mirror. She took a long, hot shower and tried to plan out her day. She could kill an hour here or there with crunches or situps, but she knew not to overdo it. She’d just have to take frequent breaks and stretch out her stamina as long as she could. There was nothing to read, and Porno-Vision was turned off on Free Days.

A little after noon, after Bunny had finished her light broth lunch, she was surprised when her door opened and a muscular, angry bald man wearing all black walked in. He grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her out the door. She didn’t know what was going on—had she done something wrong? Her heart was racing. For the first time in weeks, she was actively afraid.

Eventually they reached a dark room, and the scary guy threw her to the ground. She saw that she was at the far end of a lineup of about a dozen women like her, kneeling on the floor in verious states of undress and disarray, all of them scared for their lives but trying to be brave. One, a pretty teenager with short platinum hair, was sobbing openly...she must have been new here, judging by her cute little B-cups and her torn, dirty clothes. Bunny’s heart went out to the poor kid...she knew what the girl had to look forward to, and it was pretty grim.

The bald man took a few steps back into the darkness and folded his arms menacingly. Then a tall, slender guy in a gray suit stepped into the room and inspected the girls.

“Which one of you sluts is going to suck my cock?”

All of the women looked at the floor and tried to be invisible. Bunny hunched her shoulders forward, trying to fold herself up, and cringed. Not this again, not today, on a Free Day, with a blank Big Board and no incentive...

Bunny breathed a sigh of relief, and felt a twinge of guilt at the same time, when the tall stranger unzipped his fly and forced his erection into the blonde teen’s mouth. The girl struggled, so the big bald guy walked up behind her and held her arms in place behind her back. Her eyes were wide with horror and she tried to scream for help at the downcast women as her mouth was raped in front of them.

Of the other women, only Bunny didn’t have her eyes on the floor. Watching the assault, she felt herself starting to get wet. She couldn’t help but imagine that it was her own mouth being penetrated, her own arms held still by those big hands, her own, much larger tits jiggling helplessly. Why had he picked that little bitch, anyway? It wasn’t for her boobies, that was for sure...those things were tiny. So this girl was a little younger, big deal. She heard the girl gag as her mouth-rapist increased his speed and grunted, and she watched him pull out, a tiny strand of semen still connecting his cock to her mouth. The big bald guy put his hand over the girl’s mouth and tipped her head up to make sure she swallowed. Her red eyes looked up at the ceiling and streamed tears. Bunny rolled her own eyes at the teen’s theatrics.

The next time she got a Free Day, one week later, Bunny was ready. Sure enough, the scary bald man came by just as he had before and roughly forced her into the same dark room. She knelt proudly in the linup, her black leather corset cinching her already-slim waist and presenting her huge tits (with lightly-rouged nipples) nicely. She accessorized with a long pair of black latex gloves—just wearing them made her want to play with her pussy, but she had decided to save herself for the big event. Her makeup was as slutty as she could make it; after a few rough drafts, she had settled on purple eye shadow, because it really gave her that ‘bedroom eyes’ look. The shiny black shoes with five-inch heels strapped to her feet gave her legs a sexy curve. She even nailed the subtle details; nobody was probably going to even notice her freshly-shaved cunt under her black leather panties. But she knew.

Looking around in the lineup, she saw that it was mostly a different group of girls, all of them looking just as disheveled and miserable as last week’s contestants. The last one to get tossed in was that stuck-up platinum-blonde slut. Bunny openly sneered at the cringing girl, whose eyes were red from what must have been hours of crying.

After a long five-minute wait, the sexy tall guy in the suit walked in. “Which of you bitches is going to suck my cock today?” he barked angrily. The other girls were all looking at the floor silently...this was going to be too easy. Bunny had given a lot of thought to how she should respond today when he asked that question. She had practiced giggling in front of the mirror, but she thought the look she had chosen demanded more sultry behavior. She made eye contact with the hot guy, stuck out her tongue and pressed the tip of it to her upper lip, and ran her gloved hands up and down her corset.

He walked up and down the line, making a show of trying to decide whose mouth to use, but Bunny was pretty sure she had the lock. Her heart skipped a beat and her hands froze in place under her tits when he stopped at that small-breasted little bitch, who was almost hyperventilating from fear now. But he walked away from the teenager, so Bunny breathed a silent sigh of relief and resumed feeling herself up before anyone noticed she had stopped. Then her own breath quickened when he stepped in front of her, stopped, and unzipped his pants. She was determined not to let him regret this choice.

Since she had beaten the other girls so handily, she decided to give them a little lesson in technique and really pull out all the stops. First, a little acting. She had seen this guy’s cock last week, so she already knew it was fantastic, but she pretended she was surprised, and aroused, and maybe even a little scared by its girth. It was easy; she didn’t even have to fake the arousal. This was her “I’m not sure I can even take one this big, but I think I want to try” face—she wasn’t sure where she’d picked it up, but it was probably from all the pornos she watched and acted in. She stared at his prick for a second, mouth agape, and then looked up at him in wide eyed wonder.

With that out of the way, she turned her full attention to his meat. Her eyelids lowered lustily, and she dove onto it with passion, jacking it and massaging the balls with her gloved hands while her made-up face bobbed up and down and her tongue swirled around as fast as she could swirl it. Periodically she put on the brakes and slowly lowered her face all the way to his pubic bone, opening her throat to accept his penetration, and then slowly lift herself back up again until just the head was in her mouth, before accelerating back up to top speed. She knew that drove the guys crazy.

Now she turned and allowed her face to be fucked at a slight angle, cockhead bulging in her cheek, while she gazed at the kneeling girls to her left. A couple of them still had their faces down, trying to pretend they were anywhere else, but the others were looking at her with a mix of disgust and horror that Bunny took for jealousy. The teen whore in particular had her hands up to her mouth, eyes wide with shock. Bunny smiled at her around the prick in her mouth. “Sorry, honey,” she thought. “He’s all mine.”

When she sensed it was time to finish up, Bunny stuck her tongue out as far as she could, rested the cockhead on it, and jacked the shaft. Her other hand was buried in her leather panties—the feel of the vinyl glove rubbing against her clit was amazing—and her bright eyes looked up at him innocently. Now she closed up her throat, so that when he came, his semen coated her whole mouth, and as he zipped up, she deliberately drooled a bit of it onto her chin. She closed her mouth, caressed her round, pushed-up breasts, and let out a soft, satisfied moan while she swallowed the load in her mouth.

Waking up out of the fog of arousal, Bunny stood up and prepared to be escorted back to her cell. As the burly bald guy grabbed her upper arm and dragged her past the young reject, Bunny ruffled the girl’s hair and teased, “Better luck next time.” She didn’t notice the look on that girl’s face. If she had, she probably wouldn’t have processed that it was a look of utter despair. The teen knew that she had just witnessed the transformation of a normal person, a prisoner here just like herself, into a depraved slut...and that soon, they were going to do the same thing to her.