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But I Don’t Really Want This, Chapter 14

Nicole walked into the lingeree shop with trepidation. There were a couple of sales assistants at the counter with some customers. She wanted as few people as possible to witness this, so she browsed for a minute until one of the sales assistants approached her asking if she required help. And with that her last hope of avoiding this situation vanished. All the improbable scenarios that she had hoped might present themselves, that might save her from this could no longer save her.

* * *

Will and Nicole had been having a lazy day. A year ago that would have meant watching episodes of old sitcoms and crime shows on the couch, curled up together in their pyjamas under a blanket, maybe order in for dinner later. Now it meant energetically fucking on the couch, interspersed with episodes of old sitcoms and crime shows as they curled up together naked and sticky, maybe ordering in later for dinner.

Will stroked her hair as they spooned and the last episode of a court room drama ended.

‘What now’, she asked.

‘I’ll flick around for a bit’, he said, grabbing the remote control.

He paused on one of Peter Sellers’ Pink Panther movies for a minute.

‘No, please, next, I can’t listen to this stupid accent’, objected Nicole.

Will grunted in response and continued through the channels, but then paused. ‘Wait a minute’, and went back to the movie. ‘I want to watch this and you cannot obect’, he ordered. After another minute he laughed to himself. ‘Ha ha, I have an idea’.

He searched through the televisions saved shows and found an old British comedy set in war time France called “’Allo, ‘Allo”.

‘Oh God, this is worse’, groaned Nicole. Will hadn’t prevented her from objecting to anything else.

‘I have an idea. You wanted to explore feeling embarrassed, right? Explore what effects it has on you, how it makes you horny?’, Will asked rhetorically. ‘This is perfect’.

‘What, how, I don’t get it’, she asked.

‘Well, you find these accents embarrassing to hear, right?’

‘Mm-hmm’, she agreed, tentatively.

‘Well, how embarrassed would you feel if you had to talk like that?’

‘Noo..’, she began.

‘Silence. For the rest of the day you have to exaggerate your French accent to sound like they do’, he commanded, waving the remote control at the TV as he did so.

* * *

‘Boot, dees ees note em-bear-ess-een foor me’, she remarked later, still stumbling over the unfamiliar vowel sounds. ‘Eet ees own-lee you end me ear, we er own-lee play-een’.

‘Yeah, but I want you just to practise for now, when you have it down, then I will send you out into the world, to perform some task. I don’t know what yet. I don’t want to humiliate you in a sexual way, but as we are experimenting with how humiliation turns you on, it would be good if it was at least tangentially sexual’.

He played with her breasts, reaching around from his position as big spoon, his erection placed temporarily between her butt cheeks. He enjoyed the feel of them. Could feel how they were different. Not just bigger, but the slightly different consistency of the implant. His cock strained.

‘Aren’t you planning on buying new bras?’ he asked.

‘Yeahz ... ‘, she began.

‘Don’t say yes, say oui’, he commanded.

‘Oui’, she complied, to the letter of the law.

‘You can do better than that, use your imagination, get into the role, explore it, try to have fun with it’, he commanded. ‘I know you have a sense of humour and I know you know how to act when you want to. Use those. Remember, this is all a joke, it is not serious, don’t treat it as such, nobody you know or will ever see again will be involved. Chew the scenary’.

* * *

‘So what will you ask for in the store?’, he asked, supporting himself above her.

‘I wood like to bae fee-teed foo-r noo bur-ahhs’.

‘No’, he withdrew from her, just holding his head against her lips.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, begging him, but at the same time knowing what he wanted.

‘Give a little bit too much personal information. Why do you want to be fitted for new bras?’, he entered her, enjoying her slickness. Just an inch. The carrot.

‘My bur-ahhs or not az coom-foor-tah-bell ahz dey wer’, she half grunted, eyes closed, still resisting.

He withdrew again to rest at her lips. The stick. ‘You’re going to have to do a lot better than that. Why don’t they fit’.

‘I ad eh bur-est owg-men-tay-shoon’.

‘No, no’, he gently chided. The girl who goes into that shop isn’t you. She doesn’t speak like you and she doesn’t think like you. You have to act like her. This girl doesn’t care what people think about her. And she also isn’t trying to hide who she is. She doesn’t care if people know that she enjoys sex, and she doesn’t care if people know that she knows that they know she enjoys sex. This girl, she knows what shame and embarrassment are, but she thinks that they are stupid, and that people who worry about them are stupid.’

Her eyes were open now, still pleading, but listening. He leaned in and kissed her, and then kissed her again and then slowly entered her again.

‘And she doesn’t say words like breast or augmentation’.

‘Uh-huh’, groaned Nicole, enjoying the sensation as Will filled her again.

* * *

‘I want you to place this in your handbag’, Will told her as they stood in the Mall, the lingeree shop in sight. ‘This part should hang outside at all times’ indicating a small plastic component on the end of a wire attached to the small box. It is a recording device, I want to watch your performance later. It’s already recording. Try not to obscure its view, but don’t worry about it too much, don’t be distracted by that, it has a good microphone so it will pick up the conversation.’

Nicole nodded, adjusting the box just right so that the sensing part did not fall inside the huge Gucci bag. She was wearing almost the same outfit that Will had made her wear to the plastic surgeon consultants. Cream coloured pumps and pencil skirt, but the loose blouse replaced with a more form hugging jumper of a thin fabric, her larger breasts not hidden as they would have been in the blouse. She also had on more makeup than she usually would have had, and of course the gold and gold-coloured jewellery that she had worn the last time. At least my eyelashes are normal, she thought to herself.


‘I wee-ell nay-vah bee ray-dee foor dees’, she replied nervously.

He pulled her towards him and they kissed deeply. ‘Excellent pronounciation. Good luck and have fun’, he smiled.

‘I wee-ell tur-eye’, she smiled weakly back and turned to go. Will watched her go then sat down in a seating area across from a small Sushi restaurant, watching the succession of orders being collected by their in house delivery team. Popular place he realised, must be good. Nicole didn’t like sushi, so he didn’t get to have it too often. This mall wasn’t the closest to where they lived, Nicole had wanted to go to a lingeree store that was not nearby, somewhere where she had not been before and would not go again. I wonder if they deliver to where we live, thought Will.

* * *

‘Please let me know if I can help’, the sales assistant asked Nicole.

May as well try to enjoy this, she thought. I’m acting. Acting is fun, especially playing caricatures like this one. Nobody I know ever has to know.

‘Way, meh-see’, she said, exaggerating the pronounciation of ‘Oui, merci’ as she had practised. ‘I ‘ave noo booh-bayz ond wood lie-eek to bae, ow you say, fee-teed foor noo bur-ahs’. She hoped the excessive make up would hide her blushing.

The sales assistant hesitated only for the fraction of a second, but regained her compusure. ‘Of course Ma’am’, would you like to come with me to our fitting area?’

‘Ab-so-loo-maw [absolument]’, replied Nicole with a gracious smile.

The sales assistant motioned for Nicole to walk ahead, and she did so, exaggerating the swing of her hips, getting into the role.

* * *

Will saw Nicole approaching, striding determinedly through the mall to him, a large bag with the lingeree shops logo swinging from one shoulder, her large handbag on the other. Will stood up to meet her.

‘How did it go?’

She wrapped both arms around his waist, trying to feel as much of her body as possible against his. ‘I aim so haw-nee’, she whisper-moaned in his ear. ‘I nee-ed to fawck’.

‘Let’s go’, he said. ‘You can touch yourself in the car, but don’t cum’.

* * *

Later they lay together on the couch and Will started to play the recording of Nicole’s performance on the TV.

‘Let’s see how good you were’, he said.

‘I was very good’, she promised dreamily, eyes closed, a very contented smile still on her face.

He was lying across the couch and she was lying on her side beside him, one leg and arm draped across him. ‘Squeeze my arm for all the bits that turn you on, squeeze harder the more it turns you on’, he said and pressed play.

There was a few minutes of him turning the recording device on, giving it to her, her placing it in the bag and then walking to the shop and waiting for service. The video was mostly shaky as the bag and the camera swung and moved around, but settled down with a decent view of the shop assistant as she addressed Nicole. Then came Nicole’s reply, eliciting a ‘holy shit’ from Will, and a brief, but recognisable reaction of shock from the assistant. Nicole squeezed his arm, Tight. The shop assistant then instanlty recovered.

Will laughed, bellowed even, out loud. ‘Say that again for me, please.’

‘Way, meh-see, I ‘ave noo booh-bayz ond wood lie-eek to bae, ow you say, fee-teed foor noo bur-ahs’, trying not to laugh as she said it.

‘That is so hot, Oh my God, her reaction, we have to watch that again’. He rewound and pressed play. Again, as the shop assistant recognised that not everything here was normal, Nicole squeezed Will’s arm. Will felt himself getting hard again.

‘What a pro’, Will said, admiring the assistant’s recovery.

Nicole continued to gently squeeze his arm, as they watched the shop assistant’s inner battle to remain professional, as they watched her mentally record Nicole’s more outrageous utterances to tell people later.

At this point Nicole was now topless in the fitting room.

‘I ah-pole-oh-jize’, she said to the assistant. ‘Mah nee-pools, dey er steel ard vur-om dees sur-jer-ee’. Will gasped as Nicole squeezed hard again.

He paused the video. ‘You came up with that yourself?’, he asked in disbelief.

‘You told me to act, to enjoy the role. You told me to chew the scenary, and to try to have fun. So I did’.

‘That was amazing’, Will commended her.

He rewound again and rewatched, again enjoying the assistant’s inner struggle to treat Nicole as she did all other customers.

‘How long ago did you have the surgery?’, the assistant asked.

‘Sex wix eh-goo’, Nicole responded.

‘They look really good, you must be very pleased’.

‘Way, mah boy-foor-aind can-note cape eez endz oaf ov deym’.

‘Your pronounciation is so inconsistent’, laughed Will as he paused the video for a second.

‘I know, but I did try my best’, Nicole answered, ‘wait until you see what happens now’.

Will pressed play. ‘End det makes may zo ah-pee, ef-ter-al [afterall] et wose iz i-dee-eh’.

This time the assistant had no response, but recovered enough to offer Nicole a weak, but encouraging smile. Will yelped in pain as Nicole squeezed his arm.

They continued watching, Nicole continuing to squeeze his arm to the reactions of the assistant.

The assistant announced that Nicole was now a double D, to which Nicole turned sideways on to the mirror admiring her reflection, hands on hips and jutting her chest out. ‘Way, tur-eh boh [Out, tres bon]’, she maintained her pose and started to swing her weight slightly from leg to leg, so as to swing her hips, ‘dooh-bell day, tur-eh grow [gros] end tur-eh zex-ay’.

Will yelped again as Nicole squeezed, digging her nails in. The assistants jaw had dropped. Nicole towered over the assistant, she was at least six inches taller, and her heels were maybe an inch taller too. The height difference exaggerated as the recording device lay on the floor hanging out of the bag. Nicole’s body was facing the assistant and as she swung her hips her breasts bounced from side to side. The assistant’s eyes were clearly locked on Nicole’s bounding breasts. This time it took her longer to regain her composure, but that was OK, because Nicole was still admiring herself. She was pursing her lips now.

‘Would you like to pick out some bras that you like from the front?’, the assistant valiantly attempted.

‘Way, meh-see’, Nicole smiled, winningly at the assistant.

Will rewound and watched it again. ‘Double D?’, said Will. ‘I thought the doctor said D?’

‘Yes, but he said it was never possible to exactly predict, and that what I was looking for would be more towards the higher end of a D’, explained Nicole. ‘That’s what you wanted’, she chided him.

Will was slowly stroking himself now. Nicole tried to take over, but Will had told her to keep squeezing his arm with her one free hand, the other stuck between them as she lay on her side, cradling herself against him. ‘But I’m horny’, she protested. Will ignored her and pressed play again.

Nicole picked out some bras she liked and the assistant found the matching sizes for them. For two of the bras, Nicole also took a matching pair of panties.

‘Those are the fancier ones’, she explained.

Nicole returned to the fitting room, this time by herself to check that all of the bras were comfortable. When satisfied she returned to the shop area and got the assistant’s attention.

‘Eez eet po-see-bell to way-er dees poosh oop bur-ah wen ah lee-ev dee stow-er?’, she asked the assistant. ‘Ah wont deym too loo-k eh-ven bee-gah.

Nicole squeezed hard again at the assistant’s recovery of her composure. Then the assistant smiled in polite acquiescense and took the price tag off the bra so that she could include it later in the total.

When Nicole came out of the dressing room again she posed for herself in front of a full-length mirror in the shop area, sticking out her chest as she did so, both shop assistants were visible in the background. Clearly shop assistant one had explained everything to shop assistant two. Shop assistant two was dumbfounded. Nicole squeezed Will’s arm hard again.

After that Nicole paid and left. Will switched off the video. ‘Fuck me, please’, groaned Nicole, her face buried in the couch. ‘Hard and fast, I need it sooo bad’. He got off the couch onto the floor and pulled Nicole by the legs so that her sopping lower lips were in front of his face. He told her to hold her own legs so that her knees were either side of her head, and started tasting the juices on her outer labia.

‘You enjoyed that didn’t you?’

‘Mmm-hmm’, she moaned.


‘Pretending to not care about what other people think is nice.’

‘That’s not enough to make you this wet’, he stated.


‘Why are you so wet’. He stopped licking, waiting.

‘I do care what other people think... I don’t know why, but when she saw me do and say things that are not normal, her reaction, she didn’t respect me. That turned me on, I feel so horny because I’m breaking the rules and that shocked her, it shocked me too’.

He moved to her inner labia. ‘You were very good. I loved how you improvised, how you didn’t break character’.


‘What kind of girl was she, the girl that bought those bras? Would you say she was a whore.’

‘No she wasn’t a whore. Whores have sex for money. She wasn’t a whore’.

‘Was she a tramp? A slut?’


He withdrew his tongue, waiting.

‘No, she had a boyfriend and she doesn’t cheat on him, but she would be up for anything he suggested’.

‘Up for anything he suggested? That sounds like a slut.’ He went back in.

‘She is a slut for him’.

‘What about you? Are you a slut for me? Are you my slut?’

‘Yes, mmm, I think so.

‘You are my slut’.


‘Slut Nicole’


‘Slut Nikki’,

‘Mmmm, mhmm’

‘Does that turn you on’?


Resistance. He withdrew. ‘Does that turn you on? Slut Nikki?’

‘Ye-uh, please, more.’

He continued.