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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 5

Nicole arrived home from work. Will watched her as she closed the door behind her. He looked at her ass. There had been real progress.

10 weeks had passed since he had ordered her to start training her ass. She had given two monthly presentations so far on that progress. The presentations had been given in the spirit that Will had hoped for. Playful. In full knowledge that this was not the kind of subject one wrote power point presentations about. She made him laugh. Both times Nicole took her own initiative to dress in an over the top sexual way. The first time playing the office tramp, and a sexy librarian the second. Of course she didn’t have the cleavage for those roles as Will imagined them. That wasn’t her fault of course, and otherwise she had played the part perfectly both times. Although the fact that she was playing roles that Will imagined been played by larger breasted women just caused Will to think again about Nicole with larger breasts, but he kept that to himself.

After the second presentation, as Nicole could now do the new exercises without too much trouble, Will had ordered her to make some changes to her 30 minute ass workout. Increase the weights for this exercise by so much, hold this position for this much longer, and that position for that much longer. There was still a way to go he decided to himself. She had done well so far, but he wanted more.

After closing the door, Nicole slowly turned to face him, her breasts moving into view only marginally before the rest of her front and her face, unlike as would be the case for the fantasy Nicole. She walked over to him smiling, put her hands around his neck, and kissed him deeply, not knowing that everything she had done since walking in the door entirely mirrored the actions of the fantasy Nicole. Not knowing that, for him, it just highlighted the differences between her and her fantasy alter ego. Making him think more about that again. He didn’t feel her breasts pushing against him. Not the way he did in the fantasy. They were there, just barely noticeable against him in this position. That was normal, their upper torsos not connecting during standard kisses. The connection is at the hips. Only larger breasts could bridge that gap.

Her eyes were closed, savouring the kiss that just was. Will looked at her lips. They were perfect natural lips. Most models plastered across billboards and other advertisements had faked what she had. Large lips, with a small natural pout. This was as good as nature got.

‘You’re hard’, she said smugly. Rubbing her crotch against his, feeling his hardness through her skirt and his jeans.

‘How are you?’, he asked. ‘With all that has happened in the last few months, are you happy?’.

‘Yes, I think so’. Some of the things that you have told me to do, I would never want or ask for, but because you are telling me to do them, I have to and I enjoy that feeling. I trust you to have this power over me too. That helps too when you push me further than I would choose to go. I am glad that when you tell me to do things I would not normally do, it is just us two here. I do not feel ashamed as I might in public.’

‘I mean’, she began to elaborate, ‘I do hate this, that I have no choice. But if I could give this power over me to anyone, I would give it to you’.

He smiled and brought her to the desk in the lounge. There were two contracts there. ‘One for you and one for me’, he explained. ‘I’ve already signed both copies and initialled every page. You do the same.’

‘What am I signing? What’s in this contract?’, she asked hesitantly.

‘No questions about it’, he said, ‘Initial each page and sign it now’.

She complied. He then stood behind her while she went back to the first page and attempted to start reading. With his crotch pressed against her ass and his arms around her waist, he undid her skirt from the front. He then grabbed the hem of her underwear and skirt and pulled them both down. He unzipped his fly and fished his cock out with some difficulty, then positioned it at her entrance.

‘It codifies our relationship’, he said. Taking the contract from her hand, and throwing it to the other end of the table. She submitted to him and decided to enjoy the sensation, bending slightly forward, supporting herself on the desk with her arms, and pushing her ass out to him. There was another copy of the contract directly below her, but there would be time for that later. Not for the first time, he enjoyed the additional padding that her new exercises had bestowed upon her. He came soon afterwards, not particularly interested in her pleasure just yet—there would be time for that later—and ordered her to clean him off with her mouth.

Once he was clean he went and lay across the couch. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the skirt and underwear. She undressed and threw the rest of her clothes on the pile, took a contract and lay down beside him on the couch. He hadn’t ordered her to get naked. She had wanted to.

‘Fun idea’, she said waving the contract in the air.

‘I liked ordering you to sign it before you had read it’.

She closed her eyes for a second and enjoyed the slight sensation of the remembered obedience. ‘But it’s not legal’, she laughed.

‘Of course not, but fun. And while it is written down it has no power over you. But if I read it to you, once you hear me telling you what you must do, what you are not permitted to do, once you hear me say those orders to you it becomes real.’

‘Oh God!’, she exclaimed, with a bit of mock horror, and as usual a bit of real horror at how she had changed. But she knew that Will could never harm her.

She started reading.

Will got up to get a bottle of water and returned to the couch. By now she had read the parties and about what he had decided to call ‘The Realm’, and had scanned through a few of the additional clauses.

‘Oh my God!’, she exclaimed under her breath, shocked by parts of what Will had written.

‘This doesn’t change anything between us’, he said. She reflected on this and agreed, slowly nodding her head’.

‘OK, but I am shocked to see the level of power you have over me. To see it written down.’

‘I still have to read it aloud to you to confirm our rights and responsibilities’, he said.

‘You have an awful lot of rights here!’, she exclaimed.

‘Quiet’, he ordered. ‘Give me the contract’. She obeyed twice and lay on her side, pressing her naked body against his still fully dressed form. He ignored the brief introduction and the list of parties (just the two of them) and went straight to the single definition at the start.

‘The Realm’, he exclaimed. ‘The Realm is considered to be anywhere where either party is where no one else is present within hearing distance. Within the Realm, the party Will Phillips (henceforth known as Will) has complete power over other members of the Realm. This is true, even if Will is not present in that part of the Realm. Within the Realm, the party Nicole Brodeur (henceforth known as Nicole) is completely subservient to Will. The following clauses all apply both inside and outside the Realm, unless otherwise stated.’

‘Clause 1: Within The Realm’, he continued, ‘Nicole will be known by either nicole (lower case n), big butt slut, love of my life, filthy whore, sweetheart, sexy and any name that Will approves of. In order to approve an additional name, he is required merely to announce it to Nicole, and she will accept that this is now one of her names. Names may be considered appropriate for use by just one party, or by both parties. By default names are specified for use by both parties. Will must declare that a name is intended for use by just one party.’

Will stopped reading. ‘For example’, he said, ‘from now on only I am allowed to call you love of my life, nicole or sweetheart. You can’t use those ones’.

‘Big butt slut’, she half screeched with extreme scepticism. ‘My butt is nice now, but it is not big. How big do you want it?’

He cleared his throat and continued. ‘Within the Realm, Nicole has the responsibility to occasionally drop pronouns referring to herself and to refer to herself in the third person, using any name that is approved for use by her. Nicole will make an effort to not forget any approved names, keeping a hard or soft copy record of them if necessary. She has the responsibility to use all names approved for use by her to refer to herself, and to not neglect any. Nicole has the responsibility to refer to herself more or less often in the third person if requested to verbally by Will. Nicole accepts that Will has the right to make this request, and that she has the responsibility to fulfil said request. Nicole will obey this clause’, concluded Will.

And now it was true, he thought. Will was looking forward to the occasional day of 100% third person references, hearing occasional statements from her like, ‘Big butt slut needs to go back, sexy’s purse isn’t in filthy whore’s bag’.

‘Clause 2’, announced Will. ‘Nicole does not belong to Nicole. Nicole has no possessions. Within the Realm Nicole owns nothing. Not even herself. All that might be considered by third parties outside the Realm to belong to Nicole, in fact belongs to Will. This includes Nicole herself. As Will owns all of this, he is free to modify or alter them in any way that he sees fit. Nicole accepts that Will has this right and will not question any decisions of his which utilize this right. Nicole will obey this clause.’

‘Clause 3: Nicole has the responsibility to prepare herself appropriately for leaving the Realm. Will grants Nicole considerable autonomy to decide how to do this, but in cases where Will specifies how Nicole should present herself, she will follow his specifications. Nicole will obey this clause.’

He was happy with how she dressed, and he felt that it wasn’t necessary to include it, but he liked having it there.

‘Clause 4: Nicole shall study and learn this contract, becoming completely familiar with all clauses, and how each clause interacts with each other. Nicole will obey this clause’.

‘Clause 5: Given the considerable rights granted to Will, he also has the responsibility to ensure the security and happiness of Nicole. Will shall obey this clause’, he read out. I don’t really have to, he thought, but I will.

‘Clause 6: Nicole cannot question this contract. Nicole will obey this clause’.

‘Clause 7: This contract is secret. Nicole will not give evidence of its existence to third parties outside the realm. Nicole will obey this clause’.

‘Clause 8: Given that Nicole understands and knows this contract under Clause 4, Nicole will remind herself whenever she is obeying or following any clause of it, whether actively or passively. In addition, in cases where the effects of previous acts of obedience to this contract are perceivable by Nicole, she will remind herself, that what she is perceiving is evidence of previous acts of obedience. Nicole will obey this clause.’

That was it. ‘Do you understand’, he asked.

‘Yes’, she replied.

‘You will obey the clauses in this contract’, he commanded, just to be sure. He ran her hands through her hair. ‘What am I doing now?’ he asked.

‘Running your hand through filthy whore’s hair’.

‘How does that relate to the contract’, he asked.

‘You own me’, she paused. ‘You can touch me if you want. I am your property. I allow you to.’ She paused again. ‘And I am reminding myself that by letting you touch filthy whore, I am obeying an order. Every act of obedience feels a small bit good.’ She paused as the gravity of this dawned on her. ‘Oh God, if you touch me it will arouse me. Just a small bit, but each touch is an act of obedience. The arousal grows. A full day with you will make me so wet.’, she exclaimed breathlessly.

Clever girl, thought Will. ‘What is the tightest pair of jeans sweetheart owns’, he asked, already knowing the answer.

‘The white ones’, she responded.

‘With your new exercises your ass will grow again. What would you feel if you were wearing those jeans afterwards?’

‘I would feel the tightness of the jeans around big butt slut’s ass.’ She was silent for a bit. Nice juxtaposition, thought Will, waiting. ‘That would remind sexy that my ass was bigger, that I had obeyed you. Walking would be a constant reminder that sexy obeys you, that I have obeyed you. If filthy whore wore them all day, I might be very horny in the evening’.

‘What do you think about having a bigger butt now?’, he asked.

‘The contract says that you own me and can change me. I cannot question this’.

Very good, he thought. Will rolled her onto her back and moved down between her legs, spreading them wide with his arms. He commanded Nicole to hold her ankles, and got to work, teasing and tasting and tickling and caressing her.

After she had cum, and recovered, he brought himself face to face with her. ‘Remember that we are equal, we are just pretending that we are not’ he told her, unsure if he was telling the truth.