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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 27 — Revelation

When the night was done I met Barbie and Youna at the VIP check-in, both girls looked tired and were dressed in hoodies and sweatpants. They both kissed me on the cheek when they rejoined me and looked around for Bianca. I just smiled and pointed over to where two of the bouncers were pulling Bianca down from where she had hung in the checkroom. They pulled a blindfold away from her eyes and she looked up as she rubbed her wrists. Walking over to her I used my key to unlock her belt and gag. I thanked the bouncers and motioned for Bianca to follow.

“Have fun being locked up in a closet?” Youna teased Bianca who was still getting used to being out of her bonds.

“It wasn’t the only thing I did tonight,” Bianca said with a grin. “There were other things that were a lot more fun. Have fun being a whore?”

“Stripper, not whore, I didn’t fuck anyone because Master didn’t command it.” Youna glanced at Bianca and glared at the longer haired brunette then Youna leaned on me a moment getting close. Bianca seemed rather undisturbed by Youna playing my favorite.

“Enough you two.” Barbie finally said with a yawn. “It’s late and I’m sure we’re all tired. Besides, you’re both just Master’s fuck meat sluts.”

I gave Barbie a glance and resisted the urge to roll my eyes. She was enjoying her position over them both and pointed towards her watch which could still shock them both now that Bianca’s collar had been restored after her fun in the Auditorium. Both girls looked at her and then went silent. Youna looked truly ashamed at behaving badly, but Bianca looked smug.

“Did everything go as planned?” Barbie said as we got in the car to leave, she slid in behind me in the backseat with Youna.

“Yes, honestly better than expected.” I smiled back at Barbie before pulling out to head home. “There was a lot of interest in the show.”

“That’s good,” Barbie said with another yawn, when I glanced in the rearview mirror Youna was resting her head on the blonde bimbo’s chest, already falling asleep. Barbie didn’t look too far behind and Bianca was leaning against the car door herself.

By the time we got home all three of the girls had nodded off at one point or another and Youna was still asleep on Barbie’s chest when we arrived. Barbie gently nudged Youna awake and then headed inside helping the sleepy dark-haired girl. I took Bianca inside and had her strip from her dress before I set her collar to silence her and took her down into her cell. Amber and Merel were sleeping and I didn’t awaken either.

By the time I had secured the girls and gone upstairs to get ready for bed, I noticed that Youna and Barbie had collapsed into the bed. From the fact that their numbers were no longer stenciled on their chests, I assumed they must have showered at Dixies. I smiled at that, I couldn’t blame them for just wanting to come home and collapse into bed. I turned out the lights and headed into the shower myself. When I was done I slipped into the bed with the two women. Half asleep Barbie still snuggled close to me, her warm naked body pressing to mine.

Before I fell asleep I thought about the night, my plans had gone well, the girls had fun, and Youna had debuted her career as a stripper. Wrapping an arm around Barbie and placing one of my hands on her massive fake tits I smiled. Soon I’d have another bimbo just like Barbie, a willing slut to satisfy my every need. Thinking about Youna, I decided not to wake the girl to put her in her cell, Amber would need to learn the truth sooner or later and tomorrow would be a good day to start that.

In the morning the girl’s were still in bed when Bitch came in and nuzzled my hand, whimpering quietly. I awoke slowly, moving my hand to pat and pet my puppy girl’s head. Getting up with a light groan I padded out of the room Bitch on my heels. When I let her out into the yard she headed out happily to go relieve herself. When she came back in I rested on the couch, still tired from the night before. While I laid back on the couch Bitch lept up and snuggled into me her bare tits pressing to my chest as she licked my cheek.

I smiled sleepily at her and curled up with my puppy girl keeping me warm, I rested my head on her stomach and patted it gently. She still wasn’t showing but Barbie and Bitch had both convinced me that she was carrying what would be my first child. I vaguely wondered how I had let it be the family dog that would deliver my first but as my sleepy brain thought about that I eventually fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up I smelled breakfast cooking and could hear sounds from the kitchen. Bitch was still curled up with me, her head on my shoulder. I ran my hands over her warm skin and traced my fingers over her hips, stomach, and then across the curve of her breasts.

“You probably have time to fuck her before breakfast if you want Master,” Youna said with a smile as she leaned over the back of the couch. “Or I can take care of your cock?”

“No, as much as I want to reward you for earning so much last night,” I said with a groan as I got up trying to let Bitch stay on the couch without waking her. “I really should get to the morning milking. Our little heifer has got to be aching for a milking.”

“You know she isn’t giving milk yet right?” Barbie said teasingly as she ate a strip of bacon. I saw her smiling over at me and I laughed.

“Yet is the keyword, but we need to get her used to it,” I said as I reached out for a plate that one of the girls had prepared for me. “Too bad I’ll need to stop soon.”

“Oh yeah, that would probably be for the best.’ Youna said with a giggle. “Once her udders are nice and big they’ll need some time to heal before you can get her training again. How big are you going to make them?”

I shrugged and pulled Youna onto my lap as I sat and ate. She snuggled into me and stole a piece of bacon as I ate. Reaching up I tweaked one of her nipples hard for stealing my breakfast, she just moaned playfully and pushed her tit against my hand.

“Smaller implants than I intend to give you,” I said thoughtfully, palming the dark-haired girl’s warm breast and squeezing it gently. “She’s got more natural flesh, so the doctor can likely give her a little more size without getting the fake bimbo look you’ll end up with.”

“You want her to have big more natural-looking udders don’t you?” Youna squirmed excitedly in my lap. “And you’re going to make me get big fake fuck bags like Barbie right?”

I laughed a little, it was fun and rare to see a woman so excited at the thought of being turned into a fuck doll. I slid my hand down between her thighs and found her just as wet as I expected. Teasing my slave slut and stroking her swollen clit, I then slapped her cunt. She jumped at whimpered.

“You’re trying to get me to fuck you aren’t you?” I teased and lifted Youna up off my lap. “Back to your chores my little whore, I’ve got a cow to milk.”

Youna pouted and gave me a kiss on the cheek before heading back into the kitchen to finish preparing meals for the other girls. I headed down into the dungeon stretching out as I did. I was still only wearing my shorts and I wondered if I should fuck my cow as she was milked or use Bianca. Stepping into the cells I saw the girls were all awake.

“Good morning sluts.” Grinning I glanced at Amber and Merel. “I’m sure my little dairy cow’s teats are aching for her morning milking.”

Amber glared at me but I noticed her nipples were hardening, for all her resistance she had certainly gotten used to her schedule. It could be my imagination but I also thought I saw wetness between her legs. I glanced over at Merel and she looked angry and frustrated. One hand was playing with her tits as she watched me, I knew her still constant stream of pills with the lack of release had to be driving her wild.

“Alright heifer, come on.” I turned off Amber’s collar so she could speak and smiled at her. “And while you’re being milked I think I’ll fuck and fill your little sister with cum.”

“You can fuck me instead… Master.” Amber said just as I expected her to. What I hadn’t expected was Merel trying to talk causing the collars to shock all three girls. I chuckled in amusement as Bianca and the two sisters thrashed on the floors of their cells. It seemed I had been right and Merel had finally snapped. I turned off Merel’s silence as well.

“Y-you… bitch.” Merel gasped as she slowly got to her feet. Her anger was directed at her sister not at me. I leaned against Bianca’s cell as the other two girls got up. Amber looking at her sister shocked and surprised and Bianca just smirking.

“W-why are you angry with me?” Amber looked honestly confused as she stared at her sister. “I’ve been looking out for you ever since I got here. I’ve taken every punishment, this monster is going to turn me into a freak because of that, and you keep acting out and getting punished more.”

“Because you take all the pleasure too!” Merel shouted, desperation in her voice. “No one has touched me since you got here. I can’t even touch myself!”

“You want him to abuse you?” Amber practically yelled back at her little sister. “He’s going to knock you up like he did your friend that he keeps as his bitch!”

“At least she gets to have fun, besides that’s the last thing that’ll happen.” Merel snorted, finally she looked over at me. “Milk this fucking cow and use me while you do… Please Master?”

I laughed as Amber’s eyes opened in shock. Her sister begging to be fucked and used after dismissively telling me to milk and abuse her older sister. Walking over to Merel’s cell I opened the cell and indicated the door to the playroom. Amber opened her mouth to object but I glanced at her and pointed her out as well.

Once in the next room I led Amber over to the milking bench and she obediently settled down into her bench. Merel was watching her sister with interest. I strapped Amber into place but then I glanced over to Merel. With a smile I looked at the younger girl.

“Strip slut,” I commanded. “Show your sister what you truly are. We’ll get you out of that belt and you can really show off for your cow sister before you start her milking.”

Merel actually looked relieved as she stripped out of her clothes. Amber’s eyes opened wide in surprise as she saw her sister’s tattoos. The belt didn’t come up high enough to cover the phrases “No Entry” and “Anal Slut” on her front and back. Merel strode over in front of her sister and I smiled before getting the key to unlock her belt. I made sure that Merel was right in front of Amber as I unlocked the belt, showing the older girl her sister’s pierced and closed cunt. As soon as she was freed Merel reached a hand back and stroked her needy ass.

“What did he do to you!” Amber nearly cried as she saw the piercings sealing Merel’s cunt closed. “How… why…”

“Master just closed off a worthless hole,” Merel said with a sad smile. “It feels so much better to get fucked in the ass anyway. I cum so hard I can’t think of anything else than having my ass filled and fucked so I can cum again.”

Amber shook her head, tears forming in her eyes as I watched the two girls talking. One strapped into a bench to be milked as a human cow and the other an anal addicted fuck toy.

“Please Master, use my ass now… let me cum!” Merel suddenly pleaded even as her sister watched in horror. “I need a big creamy load in my filthy fleshlight of an ass.”

“I will fuck you while your sister is being milked,” I said with a grin as I slipped over to the bed and watched the two sisters. “Get her udders hooked up and her toys in her holes and then you can slide your hole down on my cock.”

While Merel was eager to get her asshole fucked and filled with cum she did look a little ashamed as she set the milking machine on her own sister’s tits. She positioned the vibrators on Amber’s ass and cunt, and with hesitation attached the final suction cup to her sister’s swollen large and abused clit. I nodded when I looked over her work.

“Well, cow?” I looked over at Amber who was crying as her own sister hooked her up and treated her like a dairy cow. “We’re waiting, start your milking so your sister can get fucked. If you don’t I’ll have your little sister whip that ass and your big fat udders.”

Amber let out a mooing sound, the exact one she had learned after weeks of training would start the machine, essentially starting her own pleasure and pain as she told the machine she was ready to be milked. She immediately started mooing and lowing to get the machine to turn on her toys so she could both enjoy and shorten the time in the milking bench. Merel watched blushing as her sister started to squirm against the toys pulsing on her sensitive parts as her tits and clit are sucked by the machines tugging on her sensitive parts.

I pulled the younger girl onto the bed, reaching for lube I smeared it over my fingers and then bent Merel over and started to work my fingers over her asshole. Merel whimpered and then let out a loud moan of pleasure which caused her sister’s mooing to stop as the older girl stared in surprise. I slid two fingers into her tight little hole and smirked.

“You’ve gotten too tight little anal whore.” I teased as I slid my fingers around the sensitive anal ring of Merel’s tight little anal pussy.

“I know Master,” Merel groaned and pushed back against me trying to swallow more of my fingers. She then pleaded lustfully, “Maybe you can fist my asshole or push a big bottle up my ass like before?”

Amber looked defeated as her little sister begged for anal abuse. It was delightful to watch as each girl watched the other surrender to their perversions and see the other’s descent into being a fuck toy. Amber mooed and lowed as her pussy drooled and begged for more. Usually, after a milking session, she would be all too eager to be fucked and filled with a fresh load in her cunt, but today her sister was taking her place. She watched as Merel spread her legs and slowly lowered her asshole onto the thick cock that usually filled her cunt each day.

Merel shuddered and came as her hole engulfed my length, I grabbed her hips as she thrashed with her climax. She’d been aching for release for weeks now, and finally getting what she wanted so badly was too much for the girl to hold back. As she recovered she began to lift and drop herself up and down on my cock, fucking her tight shit hole with my thick cock.

“Fuck me, Master, fuck your slut’s filthy ass.” Merel moaned as she fucked my shaft with her ass. “Fill my slutty hole, and don’t stop fucking it until I can’t even think of anything but cumming with my ass!”

“You want me to melt your brain and turn you into a little anal fuck toy?” I growled and Merel just moaned happily as she fucked my cock with her tight ass. I grabbed her and rolled her over, pushing her face down into the bed as I started to fuck her deeply. She must have cum a handful of times before Amber finally climaxed from her milking, and then I pushed deep into her ass and filled Merel with a thick creamy load of cum.

When Amber’s milking timer ran out the woman was panting still strapped into her bench, her swollen nipples and clit sore and red from the forced milking. Merel suckled my cock clean of my cum and her own ass even as her abused and sore ass drooled cum. My perverted little slave girls were both beautiful in their submission and I smiled happily at them both.

“You two are such a beautiful pair of sluts.” I said with a grin as both women tried to recover from their ordeals. “And Amber is going to be even prettier once she gets all the changes she took from you Merel.”