The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 16

Melissa, the submissive redhead from the train with a sadistic streak, was coming over today for the first time. I let her into the car park and she got out of the car with a smile.

She opened the back door and reached for her suitcase.

“Let’s see what you got in there,” I said and opened the case and dumped the contents on the back seat. Just clothes, shoes and toiletries. “You won’t need any of these, leave them here. Get undressed and leave your clothes here as well.”

I was going to use the minimum amount of coercion on her to see how far her submission went.

“What if someone comes by?” thinking this was a public space.

“Them they’ll see you naked. Take them off now. Quickly!” She hurried to obey and stood in slave position, hands behind her back and legs spread.

I ran my hands over her body, caressing her tits and ass before sliding my hand down to run her clitoris and pussy. She moaned in pleasure and I could feel her starting to get wet.

“Your quite a slut, aren’t you?” I said.

“Yes, sir.” she replied, starting to thrust her hips and rubbing against my hand.

I bent her over the car’s hood, still hot from driving. The heat was painful on bare skin but wouldn’t burn her as long as I didn’t hold her there too long. “What I expect from you is complete obedience, what you want or like isn’t important. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I’d figure out how I wanted her to address me later, for now that would do. I’d already got her pathology reports so I knew she wasn’t carrying anything nasty. With that I started to fuck her, pressing her body down to increase the contact with the car. I orgasmed, but didn’t let her have one. She needed to learn that she was there to please me. I pulled her off the car by her hair and stood her in front of me. Her face and chest were red from the heat and she was covered in sweat.

I led her to the lift and up to the penthouse. Olivia was kneeling on the floor in the lounge room but I ignored her and showed Melissa around. She kept casting curious glances at Olivia but said nothing. Eventually we got back to he lounge room. There a new collar and cuffs in the coffee tables. “They’re yours”, I said to Melissa, pointing at them. She put them on without hesitation and held out her arms to model them for me. “Very nice” I said.

“Melissa, this is Olivia. Olivia is under a sentence of permanent punishment and I intend her to suffer often and for the rest of her life. I’m hoping you will like to join me in dishing out her punishment.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, “I’d like that a lot.” and she gave Olivia that evil smile that I would come to enjoy so much.

“I’d normally have caned Olivia tits, but I’ve got other plans today. I thought you’d like to cane her ass.”

“Yes, please,” she replied eagerly.

I held the cane out to her, “Just be aware that I’m going to cane your ass after this with the same number of strokes you give Olivia.” She nodded and took the cane.

“Show me you ass,” she ordered and Olivia spun around and pressed her face into the floor. Melissa swished the cane back and forward a few time and tapped it lightly on Olivia’s ass. Suddenly she swung the cane with all her strength and landed the blow with a loud crack and Olivia cried out in pain. I like that I didn’t have to muffle her cries any more. Melissa kept striking, caning Olivia twenty times. She stopped to admire her handiwork and looked at me, weighing up what she was willing to endure to inflict pain on Olivia. She turned back to Olivia and caned her ten more times. Olivia’s ass was covered in cane marks and nearly glowed red.

She ran her hand over Olivia’s ass, tracing the numerous welts she’d left. She handed me the cane then knelt down and presented her ass to me.

I didn’t waste any time and caned her immediately, before she was really expecting it and she jumped slightly. My arm was stronger than hers and my blows heavier. She cried out on each strike and started to sob after ten strokes. I continued for the full thirty strokes without pausing may the end of it her ass looked even redder than Olivia’s.

I caressed her ass and down to her pussy. She was extreme wet and groaned in pleasure when I pushed two fingers into her. I pulled my fingers out and said “Olivia can help you orgasm.” She quickly scrambled up and ordered Olivia onto her back before squatting down so Olivia could lick her pussy.

Olivia was quite skilled with her tongue by this stage and had no problem getting Melissa to cum in no time. I left Melissa and Olivia lying on the floor together. Melissa constantly tormented Olivia: pinching her and twisting her clitoris; biting her inner thighs hard enough to draw blood; seeing how many fingers she could get in Olivia’s asshole and stretching it wide open. Every so often, she’d get Olivia lick her till she came.

That afternoon, Angela, the tattoo and piercing studio owner, came over. I indicated that she could use the dining room table and she dumped her various pieces of equipment there.

“Melissa, bring Olivia here,” I said.

Melissa pick up the chain attached to Olivia’s nose ring and led her over to the table. Angela smiled approvingly and the way the nose ring was being used.

I explained to Melissa “We’re going to replace the nose and labia rings with thicker gauges ones. We’re also going to pierce her nipples and we got a very special surprise for her.”

Melissa gave me that smile again. “But first,” I told her “we’re going to pierce your labia.” The smiled dropped and she just stared at me.

“The rings I’ve selected for you are permanent. They’re made from extremely strong titanium and you’ll have to cut them off to remove them.” She looked at me for a few seconds longer, then nodded.

Angela had her get onto the table and spread her legs. Melissa closed her eyes while Angela did four piercings, two on each labia. The rings, before being used, were open. One end had a barb that fitted into the hollow opposite end. When closed, the barb caught and couldn’t be undone. The titanium was strong and I had to help Angela squeezed the pliers that forced them closed.

Once done, I held up a mirror for Melissa to see. She was sweating and shaking a bit, but gave me a small smile when she saw herself in the reflection.

She hopped off the table and sat very gingerly on a chair. She could have lay on the sofa but she wanted a good view of what we were going to do to Olivia.

We removed Olivia’s nose and labia rings, hers were designed to come off easy, and replaced them with ones that were thicker and wider.

Now it was time for something special. Angela set up a new piece of equipment: an electrosurgical brander. This used electricity to cut and cauterise the skin leaving it scared when it heals. She was going to use it to draw a pattern on Olivia starting just above her clitoris and stretching up her stomach, chest and tits.

Melissa’s smile came back, bigger than ever, when she found out what we planned. Olivia was about to freak out so I mentally calmed her down.

Angela used a marker to draw her design onto Olivia’s body. It was more roses, mirroring the tattoo she’d done on Olivia’s back. There would be three rose buds in this design: one on her stomach next to her navel, and one on each tit. The design was very intricate, with lots of fine lines. It would take hours to do.

Angela held the brander like a pen and started tracing over the lines. The brander emitted a powerful spark which crackled loudly, leaving a thin trail if smoke and the acrid smell of burnt skin.

Olivia lay there whimpering and crying, but couldn’t do much else. Melissa was getting aroused and started rubbing her clit. I gave her permission to cum as often as she like, which she did, several times

When Angela had finished, we admired the results. Raw, red burns covered Olivia’s body. They would heal and fade over time. The design on her tits looked great: each nipple sat at the centre of a rose flower, the burns in the surrounding skin formed the petals of the flower.

Last, as we’d promised, it was time to pierce her tits. We’d held off doing this till last in case the spark from the brander jumped to the metal in the piercing. I’d picked the permanent titanium rings for her nipples as I wasn’t planning on removing them.

Angela left us care instruction and packed up her equipment. Like last time, she was very well paid for her work.

Olivia curled up in her spot on the floor while Melissa and I went to bed. She didn’t need any more orgasms but she sucked me and I fucked her several times during the night.