The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 17

The scars on Olivia’s body healed well. Light coloured, raised ridges formed the pattern. It gave an awesome 3D effect, especially the rose flower scars on her tits.

We’d been limited to which part of her we could cane. I didn’t want to damage the back tattoo, the scarification on her front or the piercings in her nipples and labia. That really only left her ass and thighs and we were bored with that.

With the piercings healed, we could whip her pussy and nipples again. Melissa and I made good use if the opportunity every day.

Rachael was due back today, I hadn’t told her about Melissa or Olivia’s scarring and nipple piercing.

When Rachael came in and saw Melissa, she stopped for a second and looked her up and down. Melissa introduced herself by kissing Rachael on the lips, then dropping to her knees to start licking her pussy. Rachael sat down and spread her legs and Melissa dived in, continuing until Rachael came. Rachael returned the favour and went down on Melissa then gave me a blow job as well.

I called Olivia into the room to show Rachael. She was enthralled by the delicate scaring and ran her hands over Olivia’s tits. She slid her fingers through the nipple rings and tugged gently at them.

We were heading out for a field trip today. Getting Olivia out was easy now that we had a completely private parking area. I’d bought a pickup truck for just such an occasion. The car sat four people in comfort and I’d bolted a large metal tool chest to the tray. I told Olivia to climb into the chest, then locked it shut securely.

The rest of us climbed in the front and drove for several hours to get to the country. We pulled into a dairy property, so large that you couldn’t even see the boundary fence, let alone any neighbours. The owner was known to provide some special services. We got out of the car and the owner approached. “Hi, you can call me John,” and held out his hand. I shook his hand, “Call me...James.”

Rachael and Melissa were dressed, although they were wearing see through blouses and very short skirts. They had no panties or bras on and had put their collars and cuffs on when we reached John’s front gate. Olivia, of course, was naked. John studied the intricate scars on Olivia’s body and nodded approvingly.

“Follow me,” John said, and headed towards one of the sheds. I led Olivia with a chain attached to her nose ring and followed him. Inside the shed was a blacksmith’s forge, with tools protruding from the glowing coals. A heavy wooden table stood against one wall with dozens of iron rings securely attached to the thick table top. Following his instructions, I bent Olivia over the table and we started to secure her, using well beyond the number of ropes I’d normally use. Each of her legs was tied to a table leg in four places. Using the rings on the table, we secured her body, pulling the rope tight enough that she was having trouble breathing. Her arms were fastened in front of her. We put a rubber gag in her mouth and secured it to the head harness. This would prevent her from clenching her teeth so hard that she broke them.

John looked at me and I nodded. He pulled on thick leather gloves, then grabbed one of the tools out of the fire. It was a cattle brand, glowing red hot from the fire. I’d had my choice of brands and had gone with letter X, to signify Olivia’s loss of identity. Unlike Angela’s delicate, beautiful scarring, this would be raw, brutal and ugly.

John looked at me again for confirmation and I nodded to him. Without any delay, he pressed the brand against one of Olivia’s ass cheeks. She screamed and struggled to free herself. John only held the brand there for a brief time then poured ice cold water over her burned skin. Olivia was in so much pain, she couldn’t tell the difference between the heat of the brand and the coolness of the water.

John had put the brand back in the coals to heat up again. Olivia continued to sob and struggled against her bonds, but John was a professional and she couldn’t move.

He repeated the brand on her other ass cheek and Olivia howled in pain again. John left her alone for a few minutes, then smeared disinfectant over her brands and covered them with a sterile dressing.

We undid the ropes and pulled her to her feet. She could barely stand and had difficulties walking. John suggested a shot of amphetamines to prevent her going into shock. I agreed and he got out his medical kit, filled a syringe and jabbed her in the arm. I had Melissa and Rachael help her as we weren’t done yet. We walked to another building and there was a laboratory in this one. John had Olivia lie back on a stainless steel table but didn’t tie her down this time. Even lying on the table hurt Olivia, but she obeyed. John wheeled the table under a frame that was covered in cow hide. There was a hole at the back of it, right over Olivia’s face. Normally they use this to collect semen from a bull to artificially impregnate cows; this time there was no collection container though.

John brought in a bull. It was aroused and already erect. The bull put its front legs up on the frame and it cock went through the hole. Olivia was ordered to make the bull cum, using her hands and tongue; I wasn’t going to risk it thrusting its cock into her mouth or pussy. She grabbed it’s cock with two hands and started stroking, pulling it to her lips so she could lubricate it with her tongue.

Bulls are, apparently, easy to make orgasm, and in a couple of minutes it came over her face and chest. I ordered her to open her mouth and catch it, but most of if went on her face and chest.

I told Olivia to scoop it up with her fingers and swallow it; I had Melissa and Rachael help by licking it off her. Melissa is game to try anything, Rachael was reluctant but remembered our agreement that she try anything at least once.

John had two more bulls come in and Olivia repeated the performance. Both girls helped clean it up, Rachael having decided that it wasn’t too bad.

By the end of it, Olivia was more or less clean, but her hair was a mess of bull cum. Melissa and Rachael had gotten it all over themselves too and their sheer blouses were soaked in it and sticking to their tits.

John had one more specialty: he’d trained a pack of five dogs to fuck humans. We got Olivia down onto her hands and knees and John brought out the first of the dogs and it immediately mounted her. John had trimmed the claws so it wouldn’t scratch her back. The dog started fucking her and quickly came. The next three dogs did the same, the fourth one, however, fucked her in the ass.

Melissa decided that she wanted a taste of dog cum so she pushed two fingers into Olivia’s pussy she twisted them around to make she they were well covered the pulled them out and stick them in her mouth. She sucked and licked her fingers until they were clean. She swirled the dog cum around in her mouth, tasting it like it was a fine wine, before swallowing it.

I thanked John and we headed back to the car. Olivia was staggering, despite the amphetamines. With some help, she climbed back into the tool box and we headed home.

When we’d parked the car at home, Melissa and Rachael stripped off their clothes and washed themselves and Olivia. With the few clean and dry patches on their clothes, they dried each other off and we caught lift back to the penthouse.