The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 28

Melissa shook Natalie and me awake early in the morning. That was unheard of; she’d never woken me up before. She was visibly upset.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Claire is missing,” She replied. Claire and Melissa had fallen deeply in love and I let them sleep together every night.

“She was with you last night. What happened?”

“I don’t remember,” Melissa said. “We’d got ready to go out to a night club and the next thing I knew, I woke up this morning, in bed by myself. I looked everywhere and Claire isn’t here.”

I pushed her to remember what they’d done last night, but there was a hole in her memory and nothing that I could do helped. Someone had wiped her memory clean. As far as I knew, only I was capable of that.

Melissa didn’t remember where they’d gone last night, but she had been planning on going to a newly opened night club. We got in the car and drove past the club. It didn’t seem familiar at all to Melissa and it was closed during the day so we couldn’t go in. Natalie was all in favour of breaking in, but I said no. We’d come back when it was open.

We got dressed up later that night and drove back to the club. I told Melissa to wait in the car while Natalie and I went inside. We had no trouble skipping the line and getting the bouncers to let us in.

The place was packed and we fought our way to the bar. We didn’t really want drink, but we got one so as to blend in. We slowly circled the club, pressing tight and rubbing against each other in time to the music, occasionally taking a sip of our drinks.

“There’s Claire,” said Natalie, looking over my right shoulder. I slowly manoeuvred us around until I could see her. She was sitting on a couch with a group of other girls and a single man. My suspicions were growing stronger.

“Wait here, no matter what happens.” I told Natalie.


“Wait,” I repeated and headed over to the couch.

“Claire! Where have you been?” I said when I was close.

The man looked around suddenly and I felt a command in my head. I stopped walking and closed my mouth.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I’m Claire’s boyfriend. She didn’t come home last night.”

“I know, she was with me.” I opened my mouth to protest, but I felt his command again and stayed silent.

“You must be James,” he continued. “I’m Andrew and Claire is mine now.” To emphasise that, he slipped his hand inside her dress and fondled her tits. He commanded me to accept this as right and proper.

“I’ll tell you what, though,” he said. “You can have any of these girls that take your fancy.”

I looked the girls over and one caught my attention, she was tall, with raven hair and a very well toned body. “That one,” I said.

“Good choice,” he clapped with enthusiasm. “This is Christine. I hope you like it rough because she’s a black belt in judo.” With that Christine stood up and walked over to me. She pressed her body into mine and we kissed passionately. I slid the straps of her dress off her shoulder and it fell to her waist and I caressed her tits as we continued to kiss.

At his command, Christine wriggled out of the dress and we moved to the couch, Christine straddling me and started grinding her pussy into my crotch.

Andrew was enjoying himself and Claire had his cock out, stroking it. He put a hand on her head and she lowered her mouth to it, bobbing her head up and down. Andrew closed his eyes bliss and rested his head against the back of the couch.

I could feel his control spreading throughout the club like a spider’s web. He was strong, probably as strong me, though his power had no sway over me. I’m not sure I could control him either, almost certainly not if he became aware of my power and was ready for it.

At the moment, he wasn’t paying attention to me; having given his command, Christine and I were still kissing. I formed my plan and a waitress, carrying a full tray of drinks, veered over this way. Andrew was getting close to having an orgasm and when I saw him tense, I made the waitress trip, spill the whole tray on him and fall on top of him and Claire.

The split second of distraction was all I needed and, with all my strength, I grabbed control of him. I pushed Christine off me and walked closer to him. He was limp, but continued to struggle against me mentally. His power was like a fiery ball in his mind, my mental hands squeezed around it trying to extinguish it.

I fought to crush his power and he fought to escape control. No matter what I did, it was a stalemate. I was expending energy as fast as he was; I had to think of something fast or lose control of him. I picked up a broken glass, intending to slash his throat while he was still incapacitated.

A tickle in the back of my mind blossomed into an idea. Instead of trying to destroy his power I drew it into me. I gasped as his power rushed into me, adding to my own. There was nothing he could do now, the difference in power was too much, and I sucked every last bit from him. I felt like I was glowing, and it felt good.

I released control of him, without power he was harmless. He looked at me realising what had happened and slumped into the couch.

I decided to keep Christine and ordered her to get dressed. “Claire,” I said “take Christine and find Natalie, she’s here in the club. All of you go back to the car and wait for me.”

I ordered all of his remaining girls to forget everything about him and go home, leaving just the two of us alone the couch. I grilled him about every detail of his life. He said he’d met one other person with power, but he’d shot and killed him. Foolish man, he should have taken his power instead. There was nothing in his life of value to me and I sat there thinking about what to do with him. He didn’t deserve to suffer; he’d done nothing wrong, just used the power he’d been given. In the end, I stopped his heart and he died there on the couch.

I exerted my control and made everyone in the club forget I’d been there and to ignore Andrew’s body until the staff found him at closing time. There was a small mention in the newspaper about it the next day.

I joined the girls in the car. Natalie drove while Melissa and Claire hugged and kissed. Christine sat there passively.

The girls stripped off when we got home. I sent Melissa and Claire to bed while Natalie and I talked to Christine. I’d thought by her reaction in the car, that Andrew had out her under too tight control for too long and she’d become a zombie. In fact, the opposite was true: he kept only a light control over her so as not to impair her ability as his body guard. She’d understood exactly what had happened and was just dazed, especially as she’d failed to protect her master. She was intelligent, but Andrew had wiped her memory and she had no recollection of life before meeting him.

I sent her to bed, soothing her and fading her memories of Andrew. In the morning she woke up refreshed and calmer. The rest of us were having breakfast and she sat down to join us, though she didn’t eat.

“What happens to me now?” She asked. “The only memories I have are working for Andrew, and now he’s dead. You don’t look like you need another body guard,” she indicated Natalie.

“You’ll come with us. Well find something useful for you to do. Things are a bit different where we come from though,” I gestured to the collar and cuffs on the table. Christine nodded, not really having any alternative.

I fastened the collar and wrist cuffs on her while Natalie did the ankles.

Standing behind her, I ran my hands from her shoulders to her tits and caressed them. I pinched her nipples to see how she reacted and, apart from a slight intake if breath, she didn’t move. I pinched and twisted harder and she closed her eye in pain, but let me do what I wanted.

“Did Andrew make you have sex with a lot of people?” I asked her.

“No, he never has, and wouldn’t have made me have sex with you either. He was just playing with you,” She said.

“We’ll have our doctor check you out when we get home. Right now, you job is to give every one here a blow job.” She went to her knees without a word and wrapped her lips around my cock. I came in her mouth and she moved into Natalie, then Melissa and Claire.

“Melissa, give Christine an orgasm,” and Melissa positioned her between Christine’s legs and stared licking. Claire moved in as well and starting kissing and caressing Christine. She was getting aroused and eventually came. I increased the intensity of her orgasm immensely and she lay there panting.

We introduced Christine to caning and nipple clamps and she accepted all of them without any hesitation. I made sure she was turned on each time and had multiple orgasms.

We stayed a few more nights, making sure no unexpected problems came up due to Andrew’s death, and acclimatising and conditioning Christine. We boarded the boat early one morning, Christine not sure what we were doing as we hadn’t explained where we lived.

We’d been out of sight of land for a long time, when the island came into view. Christine stood on the bow watching until we pulled into the harbour and she saw our settlement.

“Is this where you live?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” I replied, “and it’s your home now too.”